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EBSCOhost Journal Alerts

You may select journal titles from the various EBSCOhost databases to receive e-mail alerts when new issues are added to the database.  If the journals are available full-text, you will be able to click to get the articles.  Here's how to set it up:

1.  Get into EBSCOhost.   At the Choose Database screen, locate the database you are interested in.  Click on Publications underneath the database information.

2.  Locate the journal title you are interested in and click on it.  This will bring you the Publication Details screen.  In the upper right corner of the box, click the Journal Alert link.

(If you have not already logged into your personal account, you will be prompted to log in.  If do not have a personal account, click on  I'm a new user to set up your account.)

3.  Select how long the journal should run--one month, two months, six months, or one year.

4.  Type your e-mail address.

5.  Type the subject which will show up in the subject line of your e-mail. (The title of the periodical is a good choice :)

6.  Select the e-mail format you wish to receive -- choose HTML as it will come in a format that is much easier to read.

7.  Select whether you want the e-mail to include a link  to the journal table of contents or links to individual articles.

8.  When you have finished, click Save.  You will be returned to the Publication Overview Screen.  A message is displayed that indicates a journal alert has been set for the publication.  You will receive an e-mail message confirming your new alert.

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