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EBSCO Search Alerts

EBSCO databases (click here for a complete list) allow you to store your favorite searches
and then notify you by e-mail when articles that meet your search criteria are added
to the database. Here's how to set it up:

1.  Using a computer on campus, or logged into the proxy server at home, bring up the
EBSCO databases.  Choose your database. 

1.Select Advanced Search ,  type in your terms. click on

2.  Click on

3.  Click the 

4.  If you have not already logged in to your personal account, you will be prompted to do so.  Enter your user name and password and click Login.  If you have not yet created a user name and password, click the "I'm a new user" link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Name   Create a file name
Date Created 1/26/2004
Database: Academic Search Elite
Save Search As


5.  Click on the Alert radial button to bring up the rest of the form.  Fill it in.

You can save the search in different databases.  Select from the drop-down box.
Save Search As



Choose from the drop-down boxes but note that you don't want to use No Limit because it will include EVERYTHING!

Articles published within the last
Run Alert for:
E-mail Properties

Be sure to fill in your e-mail address.

This is what will appear as the subject line in your message.

Choose HTML--It will format in an easier to read manner.

E-mail notification
E-mail Address (please separate e-mail addresses with a semicolon)
E-mail format

6.  You will get this screen to say that your search alert has been created.


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