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Interlibrary Loan for MAE Interns


When the library at Truman State does not have the books or articles you need, there are several different ways to obtain them.

For books, first try MOBIUS.  You may borrow books directly from other academic libraries in Missouri, either through the  MOBIUS catalog or by visiting any of the MOBIUS member libraries.  If a MOBIUS library does not have what you need you may look in WorldCat to see if it is available from other libraries in the U.S.  You may place your order directly through the system.

How do I request an item on ILL?
For MOBIUS books, use the REQUEST THIS ITEM option when you've found the item you want in the MOBIUS Catalog.  You may request it online.  For other material, Log on to the Interlibrary Loan Services page and use the book or article form there or you can use the Interlibrary Loan button in WorldCat or other FirstSearch databases or the Interlibrary Loan link in the EBSCOhost databases.

2.  Where do I pick up and return ILL materials?
If you are unable to pick the books up at Pickler Library, we will mail them to you.
You may return them to Pickler Library by mail also.
Articles will be delivered electronically to a Web server. Log on to the Interlibrary Loan Services page to track your ILL requests and view articles.

3.  How long can I keep the books?
For books requested through MOBIUS, the loan period is 21 days, with two renewals for 21 days if the item is not needed elsewhere. See below for more information about MOBIUS.

For other items, please remember we are borrowing from other institutions, therefore the material will be subject to their loan dates and polices.  It will vary with each library.  Be sure to check the due date slip in the book.  If material is not returned promptly you will receive a bill for $120 (minimum) for replacement costs. 

4.  Tell me more about MOBIUS.
Statewide borrowing through MOBIUS is available now.  The state is divided into regional clusters.  Truman State is a member of the LANCE cluster.  When you place your order online, you will be asked to select which library to have your books delivered to by first selecting a Pickup Cluster and then a Pick Up Location.  You may select the library nearest you. If you do not know what Cluster the library nearest you belongs to, click on the "What's My Cluster?" link.

There are specific limits through the MOBIUS agreement. Graduate students are permitted to have 20 MOBIUS items checked out any given time.              

If books are not returned promptly, the user will be billed $120 (minimum) for replacement costs.

    For more information contact:
 Janet Romine at 660-785-7418, or email

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