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Information for People with Disabilities

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General Information

Staff  of Pickler Memorial Library are happy to provide additional services for the research and personal information needs of patrons with disabilities. You may want to call the Reference Department at 660-785-4051. Before beginning in-dept research, patrons should contact a Subject Specialist to ensure uninterrupted assistance.

Assistive Technology Laboratory

The Assistive Technology Laboratory, located on the first floor near the Current Periodicals, has several adaptive devices which can help  visually impaired users gain access to print and electronic library materials.  Patrons who would like to use the Assistive Technology Laboratory should contact Carol Lockhart at 660-785-7417.

Equipment in the Assistive Technology Laboratory :

2 Computers: both are Dells with 1 gig ram 3.4  GHz.  Windows XP Professional

Scanner: Fujitsu fi-422C2 flatbed scanner, has an automatic document feeder for large volumes of text.

Hint: for using scanner for large batches when you are using the document feeder. Change the settings in OpenBook to large batch. Under Advanced, Scanner Selection in OpenBook, select "unknown Twain using Fujitsu - Must close TWAIN after each scan." Put the paper in the document feeder with the writing upside down and facing away from you.  When you want to scan the other side of the page, turn the paper over, load it in the document feeder upside down and facing away from you.  Choose "Turn Pages Over" in Open Book. It will scan them in order but watch out for problems like mixed up columns of text.   Don't put more than 20 pages in the document feeder at a time.

Printer:  Juliet Interpoint Braille Embosser

Monitor:  20" LCD with 800x 600; 1024x 768; and 1600 x1200 magnification modes.  Portrait
             modes are also available. 

Refreshable Braille Display:  Power Braille 40 with ScreenPower for DOS

A braille display that attaches to the computer that allows a braille reader to access the screen. As the user moves around the computer screen, tiny pins on the display raise and lower to form the braille characters of each line.

Software in the Assistive Technology Laboratory:

Reading software:   Open Book Unbound 8.0
          Reading software captures images from the scanner and converts it to ASCI text.

Screen Review Software:  JAWS for Windows 9.0
          Screen review software reads a computer screen aloud.

Hint for using JAWS: If you are sighted and want to type in the Google box, press Insert and F4. 
         That will turn JAWS off.  If you are blind, press enter before you type in the Google box.

Braille Translation Software:  Duxbury for Windows 10.6
         Translates text into Braille.

Speech Recognition Software:  Dragon Naturally Speaking 11
          Allows a person to control a PC with speech instead of a keyboard or mouse. 

Computer Software: Microsoft Office Professional 2003

All of the student network software found in the student computing labs  is available on the Assistive Technology computers.                                   

Low Vision Equipment:

Computer:  Dell with 1 gig ram 3.4  GHz.  Windows XP Professional.  Windows XP Professional

Monitor:  20" LCD with 800x 600; 1024x 768; and 1600 x1200 magnification modes.  Portrait modes are also available. 

Scanner: Fujitsu fi-422C2 flatbed scanner, has an automatic document feeder for large volumes of text.

Optilec - magnifies print

Access to Parking and Buildings

Phone: 660-785-4051
Parking: Handicapped Spaces.

"Handicapped parking decals may be obtained for individuals with existing physical or medical disabilities for short or long term parking. Long term handicapped parking will require a state issued placard.  A certificate for medical need for parking must be completed by the physician and presented to the Truman DPS Parking Service Coordinator with a red, blue or green paid parking decal for any type of handicapped permit to be issued. (Truman Department of Public Safety)

Visitor Parking.

Visitors are those individuals who are not employed or who are not enrolled in classes or designated guest at Truman State University. Visitors who wish to park their vehicles on the University campus are asked to obtain permission for parking at the Department of Public Safety, Parking Services." Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. 660-785-7400. (Truman Department of Public Safety)

Library Entrance:

The Library entrance has  handicapped automatically opening doors.  You need to push the large flat button for them to open. 

Internal Access: There are two elevators.

Restrooms: 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.  One stall with grab bar at each location.

Public Telephone: 1st floor near bathrooms. Push button free phone for local calls (34" from the floor).

Outside Book Drop

There is a drive-up 24 hour book drop in the parking lot between the Student Union Building and McClain Hall.


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