TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Building Services for Alumni and Visitors

Die Cut Press                               

  Located in Printer/Photocopier area on the first floor.
  There is no charge to use it.  Make colorful cut-outs. 
  A variety of patterns are available.
  Paper is not supplied. 



Hole Punch

A 3-hole punch is located in Printer/Photocopier area on the first floor.

Microform Readers &  Printers

Located on the north end, west side of the first floor.  The library has 7 microfilm/fiche  reader/printers and 2 microfilm-only readers available during the library's open hours.  Paper copies from microfilm/fiche are 10 cents a page. The library also has 4 microfilm/fiche readers which allow you to view, scan, digitize and store or print filmed images from a desktop computer.

Paper Cutter

A paper cutter is located in the in Printer/Photocopier area on the first floor.


Photocopiers are located on the first floor (east side of atrium)  just past the circular staircase.   This area includes 2 regular copiers (10 cents per page) and 1 color photocopier (50 cents per page). A change machine is located in the hallway south of the Reference Offices (west side of atrium).  

Copiers make both single and double-sided copies. 

Transparencies can be made on the color copier--see the information on Transparencies below.


You will need  to use the color photocopier on first floor.  Purchase the transparencies at the Library Service Desk for 50 cents each.  Use the color copier on first floor (50 cents each).  It is important to only use the color copier because transparencies will jam the black/white copiers.


The Library has an electric typewriter available for public use.  It is located on the first floor near the circular staircase.

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