TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Map Collection

The Library has a collection of more than 500 maps in a cabinet on the west side of first floor.  These are listed in the Library Catalog.  Included are highway maps for each state, and many country maps made by the CIA and other governmental agencies.  They may be checked out to students, faculty, and staff for two weeks.  A good way to search for maps is to use a keyword search with s:maps. 
                               Examples:  iraq and s:maps
                                                   arizona and s:maps

While the above searches will also retrieve atlases, it will find individual maps. 
Another way to find maps and atlases is to do a keyword search using the phrase:  cartographic material.
                                Example:  middle east and cartographic material
                                                  china and cartographic material

The Library Catalog record for Individual maps will have the location Truman Maps (see below).  These are in the Map Cabinet.

TRUMAN Maps  G7610 2003 .U52    AVAILABLE


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