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February 2010

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call Number Title/Author
NO CALL NUMBER American sociological review.
NO CALL NUMBER Asian affairs, an American review.
NO CALL NUMBER Journal of motor behavior.
NO CALL NUMBER Journal of the American Statistical Association.
NO CALL NUMBER The American statistician [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBER The Journal of psychology.
NO CALL NUMBER The Social studies.

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Location: General Collection Browsing

Call Number Title/Author
BT921.3 .D76 2009 Life after death : the evidence / Dinesh D'Souza.
HF5384 .M33 2010 Career comeback : repackage yourself to get the job you want / Lisa Johnson Mandell.
PS3552.O495 S43 2010 Secrets of Eden : a novel / Chris Bohjalian.
PS3552.U745 Z477 2006 Running with scissors : a memoir / Augusten Burroughs.
PS3555.R42 S53 2010 Shadow tag / Louise Erdrich.
PS3556.E66 O54 1998 One thousand white women : the journals of May Dodd / Jim Fergus.
PS3557.O315 U54 2009 Unfinished desires : a novel / Gail Godwin.
PS3563.E163 R67 2010 Roses / Leila Meacham.
PS3565.B75 T48 1998B The things they carried : a work of fiction / by Tim O'Brien.
PS3565.B75 T48 1998B The things they carried : a work of fiction / by Tim O'Brien.
PS3566.A6863 I76 2010 Iron river / T. Jefferson Parker.
PS3566.A822 W673 2010 Worst case : a novel / James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.
RA645.D5 H87 2010 Diabetes rising : how a rare disease became a modern pandemic, and what to do about it / Dan Hurley foreword by Zachary T. Bloomgarden.
RM222.2 .Z562 2010 Cook this, not that! : kitchen survival guide / by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding.

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Location: General Collection

Call Number Title/Author
BD646 .A85 2009 Atomism in late medieval philosophy and theology / edited by Christophe Grellard and Aurélien Robert.
BF1576 .A33 2008 The specter of Salem : remembering the witch trials in nineteenth-century America / Gretchen A. Adams.
BF481 .C34 2008 The Cambridge companion to performance studies / edited by Tracy C. Davis.
BL256 .R584 2007 Religion, anthropology, and cognitive science / edited by Harvey Whitehouse, James Laidlaw.
BL619.P5 S574 2008 Shrines and pilgrimage in the modern world : new itineraries into the sacred / edited by Peter Jan Margry.
BP161.3 .I722 2009 Islam / David M. Haugen, Susan Musser, & Kacy Lovelace, book editors.
BQ946.O756 D54 2007 When a woman becomes a religious dynasty : the Samding Dorje Phagmo of Tibet / Hildegard Diemberger.
BR1642.U5 L34 2007 Millennial dreams and apocalyptic nightmares : the Cold War origins of political evangelicalism / Angela M. Lahr.
BT652.I73 H95 2008 Knock : the Virgin's apparition in nineteenth-century Ireland / Eugene Hynes.
BX2220 .L36 2009 On the body and blood of the Lord / Lanfranc of Canterbury. On the truth of the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist / Guitmund of Aversa translated by Mark G. Vaillancourt.
BX2465 .P7 1965 Frühes Mönchtum im Frankenreich. : Kultur und Gesellschaft in Gallien, den Rheinlanden und Bayern am Beispiel der monastischen Entwicklung (4. bis 8. Jahrhundert) Mit einem Kartenanhang.
BX320.3 .B4613 2009 The Eastern Orthodox Church : its thought and life / Ernst Benz.
BX4705.P6593 P67 2009 Pounde's challenge : a recusant poem of 1582 / by Wayne Pounds.
CT1828.Y55 A3 2009 Voices carry : behind bars and backstage during China's Revolution and reform / Ying Ruocheng and Claire Conceison.
CT275.R716 A3 2008 Earth, air, fire, and water : a memoir of the Sixties and beyond / Mary Susannah Robbins.
D115 .G66 2008 Four queens : the Provençal sisters who ruled Europe / Nancy Goldstone.
D21.3 .U54 2006 Unmaking the West : what-if scenarios that rewrite world history / Philip E. Tetlock, Richard Ned Lebow, & Geoffrey Parker, editors.
D210 .A78 2007 The Atlantic world : a history, 1400-1888 / Douglas R. Egerton ... [et al.].
D246 .K25 2001 Europe in crisis, 1598-1648 / Geoffrey Parker.
D769.8.A6 R64 2009 A tragedy of democracy : Japanese confinement in North America / Greg Robinson.
D769.85.I8 O86 2009 The home fronts of Iowa, 1939-1945 / Lisa L. Ossian.
DC83.3 .P45 2008 A most holy war : the Albigensian Crusade and the battle for Christendom / Mark Gregory Pegg.
DC943.G7 S69 2009 High society : the life of Grace Kelly / Donald Spoto.
DJK48.5 .W43 2008 The Routledge companion to Central and Eastern Europe since 1919 / Adrian Webb.
DK266 .K354 2009 The Soviet Union : 1917-1991 / Aron J. Katsenelinboigen.
DK288 .G6635 2009 The Gorbachev regime : consolidation to reform / Peter Juviler and Hiroshi Kimura, editors.
DK601.2 .F7 2009 The three Romes : Moscow, Constantinople, and Rome / Russell Fraser with a new introduction by the author.
DS258 .S23 2009 Twelve days in Persia : across the mountains with the Bakhtiari tribe / Vita Sackville-West.
DS328 .K89 2008 The prehistory of the Silk Road / E.E. Kuzmina edited by Victor H. Mair.
DS407 .I4456 2009 India / Jamuna Carroll, book editor.
DS422.C3 D58 2001 Castes of mind : colonialism and the making of modern India / Nicholas B. Dirks.
DS559.62.U6 D437 2008 Dear Senator Smith : small-town Maine writes to Senator Margaret Chase Smith about the Vietnam War, 1967-1971 / edited by Eric R. Crouse.
DS559.8.S6 H86 2009 Vietnam's southern revolution : from peasant insurrection to total war / David Hunt.
DS595.2.B38 E53 2008 The headman was a woman : the gender egalitarian Batek of Malaysia / Kirk M. Endicott, Karen L. Endicott.
DS891 .J349 2009 Japan / Karen Miller, book editor.
DT62.M7 W65 2009 Mummies in nineteenth century America : ancient Egyptians as artifacts / S.J. Wolfe, with Robert Singerman foreword by Bob Brier.
DU744.35.M32 B37 2008 Ancestral lines : the Maisin of Papua New Guinea and the fate of the rainforest / John Barker.
E164 .W63 2009 Empire of liberty : a history of the early Republic, 1789-1815 / Gordon S. Wood.
E169.1 .P38 2009 The new American exceptionalism / Donald E. Pease.
E175.7 .D43 2007 Decentering America / edited by Jessica C.E. Gienow-Hecht.
E183.8.P2 M87 1995 The Noriega mess : the drugs, the canal, and why America invaded / Luis E. Murillo.
E185.97.R93 P63 2009 Bayard Rustin : American dreamer / Jerald Podair.
E185.97.W6 D95 2008 Walter White : the dilemma of Black identity in America / Thomas Dyja.
E445.V8 R66 2008 All honor to Jefferson? : the Virginia slavery debates and the positive good thesis / Erik S. Root.
E446 .K76 2010 Slavery and sectional strife in the early American republic, 1776-1821 / Gary J. Kornblith.
E457.2 .K69 2008 Vindicating Lincoln : defending the politics of our greatest president / Thomas L. Krannawitter.
E661 .P67 2009 The populist vision / Charles Postel.
E668 .M37 2007 Carpetbaggers, cavalry, and the Ku Klux Klan : exposing the invisible empire during Reconstruction / J. Michael Martinez.
E757 .R34 2008 American ideal : Theodore Roosevelt's search for American individualism / Paul M. Rego.
E767 .C695 2009 Woodrow Wilson : a biography / John Milton Cooper, Jr.
E78.F6 P86 2008 Florida's people during the last ice age / Barbara A. Purdy foreword by James S. Dunbar.
E840.8.K58 H67 2009 Kissinger : 1973, the crucial year / Alistair Horne.
E840.8.R67 M55 2008 America's Rasputin : Walt Rostow and the Vietnam War / David Milne.
E85 .T68 2007 The captive's position : female narrative, male identity, and royal authority in colonial New England / Teresa A. Toulouse.
E99.C815 T56 2007 Chumash ethnobotany : plant knowledge among the Chumash people of southern California / Jan Timbrook botanical watercolors by Chris Chapman.
E99.T6 T55 2008 Being and place among the Tlingit / Thomas F. Thornton.
F128.9.E28 P75 2007 La chulla vida : gender, migration, and the family in Andean Ecuador and New York City / Jason Pribilsky.
F1408.2 .L385 2009 Latin America / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
F1565.2.C8 P4713 1999 Magnificent molas : the art of the Kuna Indians : Tule omegan weliwar itogedi = In homage to Kuna women / Michel Perrin translated from the French by Deke Dusinberre.
F1576.P2 E18 2007 The sack of Panamá : Captain Morgan and the battle for the Caribbean / Peter Earle.
F596.2 .B37 2007 From all points : America's immigrant West, 1870s-1952 / Elliott Robert Barkan.
F596.3.J5 E57 2008 The first to cry down injustice? : Western Jews and Japanese removal during WWII / Ellen M. Eisenberg.
F718 .P66 2008 The American Far West in the twentieth century / Earl Pomeroy edited by Richard W. Etulain foreword by Howard R. Lamar.
F819.T6 L83 2004 Murder in Tombstone : the forgotten trial of Wyatt Earp / Steven Lubet.
F868 .N5 R37 2008 Desperate passage : the Donner Party's perilous journey West / Ethan Rarick.
G587 .N63 2010 The North and South poles / Diane Andrews Henningfeld, book editor.
GB2405 .P55 2009 A world without ice / Henry Pollack.
GE180 .E546 2010 Environmental policy : new directions for the twenty-first century / edited by Norman J. Vig, Michael E. Kraft.
GF503 .A64 2007 American wilderness : a new history / edited by Michael Lewis.
GN17 .N49 2008 A new history of anthropology / edited by Henrika Kuklick.
GN269 .R48 2008 Revisiting race in a genomic age / edited by Barbara A. Koenig, Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, and Sarah S. Richardson.
GN281 .T375 2008 The world from beginnings to 4000 BCE / Ian Tattersall.
GN33 .Q84 2007 Questions of anthropology / edited by Rita Astuti, Jonathan Parry and Charles Stafford.
GN33 .R26 2008 Marking time : on the anthropology of the contemporary / Paul Rabinow.
GN784 .H86 2008 Human impacts on ancient marine ecosystems : a global perspective / edited by Torben C. Rick and Jon M. Erlandson.
GV1469.3 .V526 2010 Video games / Laurie Willis, book editor.
GV1624.5.N4 G56 2008 Satan in the dance hall : Rev. John Roach Straton, social dancing, and morality in 1920s New York City / Ralph G. Giordano.
GV1624.7.A34 K73 2008 Choreographing the folk : the dance stagings of Zora Neale Hurston / Anthea Kraut.
GV1781 .B35 2009 Ballroom, boogie, shimmy sham, shake : a social and popular dance reader / edited by Julie Malnig.
GV709 .G26 2010 Girls and sports / Karen Miller, book editor.
GV722 1968 .H64 2009 Something in the air : American passion and defiance in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics / Richard Hoffer.
GV75 .F52 2006 Consuming passions : leisure and pleasure in Victorian Britain / Judith Flanders.
GV875.6 .F69 2009 Under the March sun : the story of spring training / Charles Fountain.
HB801 .C62824 2010 Consumerism / Roman Espejo, editor.
HC110.C6 L393 1993 Pursuing happiness : American consumers in the twentieth century / Stanley Lebergott.
HC260.C6 N55 2008 The nineteenth-century child and consumer culture / [edited by] Dennis Denisoff.
HC60 .Z535 2009 Tournament approaches to policy reform : making development assistance more effective / Clifford F. Zinnes.
HC800 .P65 2008 The political economy of economic growth in Africa, 1960-2000 / edited by Benno J. Ndulu ... [et al.].
HD1415 .A3223 2010 Agricultural subsidies / Noël Merino, book editor.
HD6509.H84 D65 2008 A Dolores Huerta reader / edited by Mario T. Garcí­a.
HD9502.U52 A28 2009 Acting in time on energy policy / Kelly Sims Gallagher, editor.
HD9685.U6 T437 2009 Electricity restructuring : the Texas story / L. Lynne Kiesling and Andrew N. Kleit, editors.
HD9940.A2 F368 2010 The fashion industry / Roman Espejo, book editor.
HF1101 .N27 no.47 Economics and personal finance education / editor, William J. Wilhelm associate editor, Allen D. Truell.
HF1359 .C524 2004 World on fire : how exporting free market democracy breeds ethnic hatred and global instability / Amy Chua.
HG1666 .A87 2009 Automatic : changing the way America saves / William G. Gale ... [et al.], editors.
HG1710 .M68 2009 Moving money : the future of consumer payments / Robert E. Litan, Martin Neil Baily, editors.
HG3756.U54 D43 2010 Debt / Christina Fisanick, book editor.
HG4028.A84 P78 2009 Prudent lending restored : securitization after the mortgage meltdown / Yasuyuki Fuchita, Richard J. Herring, Robert E. Litan, editors.
HG8535 .F88 2009 The future of insurance regulation in the United States / Martin F. Grace, Robert W. Klein, editors.
HM511 .C67 2004 Sociology and mass culture : Durkheim, Mills and Baudrillard / Patricia Cormack.
HM636 .U55 2009 Un/knowing bodies / edited by Joanna Elizabeth Latimer and Michael W.J. Schillmeier.
HN90.S65 H35 2009 Creating an opportunity society / Ron Haskins, Isabel Sawhill.
HQ1075 .M355 2010 Male/female roles : opposing viewpoints / Karen Miller, book editor.
HQ1075.5.U6 R93 2006 Mysteries of sex : tracing women and men through American history / Mary P. Ryan.
HQ1219 .C83 2010 The culture of beauty / Roman Espejo, book editor.
HQ1413.S67 E55 2007 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, feminist as thinker : a reader in documents and essays / edited by Ellen Carol DuBois and Richard Cándida Smith.
HQ767.5.U5 M86 2008 The making of pro-life activists : how social movement mobilization works / Ziad W. Munson.
HQ799.E9 B47 2007 Between Marx and Coca-Cola : youth cultures in changing European societies, 1960-1980 / edited by Axel Schildt and Detlef Siegfried.
HT123 .B76 2009 Brookings-Wharton papers on urban affairs 2009 / Gary Burtless and Janet Rothenberg Pack, editors
HT151 .U65 2008 Urban and regional policy and its effects / Margery Austin Turner, Howard Wial, Harold Wolman, editors.
HV1559.G3 P66 2007 Disability in twentieth-century German culture / Carol Poore.
HV3011 .R48 2003 Rethinking disability : the emergence of new definitions, concepts and communities / Patrick Devlieger, Frank Rusch & David Pfeiffer (eds.).
HV6197.S8 W5513 2003 In honor of Fadime : murder and shame / Unni Wikan translated by Anna Paterson.
HV6439.U5 G3586 2009 Gangs / Adela Soliz, book editor.
HV6457 .W347 2009 African Americans confront lynching : strategies of resistance from the Civil War to the civil rights era / Christopher Waldrep.
HV6769 .W46 2009 White-collar crime / Kelly Wand, book editor.
HV6789 .C6887 2010 Crime and criminals : opposing viewpoints / Christina Fisanick, book editor.
HV8699.U5 A725 2008 Race, class, and the death penalty : capital punishment in American history / Howard W. Allen and Jerome M. Clubb with the assistance of Vincent A. Lacey.
HV95 .U25 2009 U.S. national debate topic 2009-2010 : social services for the poor / edited by Margaret Roush.
JC251.A74 .A739 2000 The portable Hannah Arendt / edited with an introduction by Peter Baehr.
JC573.2.U6 S352 2009 The conservative century : from reaction to revolution / Gregory L. Schneider.
JF1081 .C6733 2009 Corruption, global security, and world order / Robert I. Rotberg, editor.
JK1896 .S64 2008 Suffragists in an imperial age : U.S. expansion and the woman question, 1870-1929 / Allison L. Sneider.
JK2281 .P65 2010 Political campaigns / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
JK521 .K36 2009 Primary politics : how presidential candidates have shaped the modern nominating system / Elaine C. Kamarck.
JN40 .C571 2009 Citizenship in America and Europe : beyond the nation-state? / editors, Michael S. Greve and Michael Zöller.
JV6346.R4 R424 2010 Refugees / Margaret Haerens, book editor.
JV6465 .I4595 2009 Immigration in the United States / edited by William Dvorak.
JV6465 .I4715 2009 Immigration / David M. Haugen, Susan Musser and Kacy Lovelace, book editors.
JZ1318 .G5786223 2010 Globalization / David Haugen and Rachael Mach, book editors.
JZ1480.A57 I72 2009 Which path to Persia? : options for a new American strategy toward Iran / Kenneth M. Pollack ... [et al.].
KF2750 .T73 2010 The law of journalism and mass communication / Robert Trager, Joseph Russomanno, Susan Dente Ross.
KF320.R42 C86 2006 The lawyer's guide to records management and retention / George C. Cunningham, John C. Montaña.
KF4119 .F76 2009 From schoolhouse to courthouse : the judiciary's role in American education / Joshua M. Dunn and Martin R. West, editors.
KF4527 .A56 2009 The annotated U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence / edited by Jack N. Rakove.
KF8742 .U18 2010 The U.S. Supreme Court / Margaret Haerens, book editor.
KF8776 .B56 2009 Advice & dissent : the struggle to shape the federal judiciary / Sarah A. Binder and Forrest Maltzman.
LA227.4 .H8 2008 Reinventing undergraduate education : engaging college students in research and creative activities / Shouping Hu, Kathyrine Scheuch, Robert Schwartz, Joy Gaston Gayles, Shaoqing Li.
LA229 .A36 2008 Adolescents at school : perspectives on youth, identity, and education / edited by Michael Sadowski foreword by Deborah Meier.
LB1027.3 .P64 2009 Teaching content outrageously : how to captivate all students and accelerate learning, grades 4-12 / Stanley Pogrow.
LB1032 .C6 2009 Cooperative learning in the social studies classroom / edited by Robert J. Stahl, Ronald L. VanSickle and Nancy N. Stahl.
LB1048 .V37 2009 Rethinking homework : best practices that support diverse needs / by Cathy Vatterott.
LB1060 .P448 2009 Making learning whole : how seven principles of teaching can transform education / David N. Perkins.
LB1060 .W5435 2009 Why don't students like school? : a cognitive scientist answers questions about how the mind works and what it means for your classroom / Daniel T. Willingham.
LB1139.23 .P49 2008 Philosophy of early childhood education : transforming narratives / edited by Sandy Farquhar and Peter Fitzsimons.
LB1139.25 .L49 2008 Powerful children : understanding how to teach and learn using the Reggio approach / Ann Lewin-Benham foreword by Howard Gardner.
LB1632 .S53 2009 Adolescent literacy at risk? : the impact of standards / Rebecca Bowers Sipe.
LB1900 .K6 no.1319 Rejecting journalistic slant and artistic misrepresentations : aesthetics of violence in Pat Barker's Double vision / by Elizabeth Bauer.
LB1900 .K6 no.1320 Reversed polarity : meditations on disability / by Joseph Baumann.
LB1900 .K6 no.1323 Rounding corners / by Julie Limbaugh.
LB1900 .K6 no.1324 Musical excerpts from Rahab / by Deborah L. JoAnne Pounds.
LB1900 .K6 no.1325 An analytical and personal vision of art and life in Willa Cather's fiction / by Amy Schweizer.
LB2842.22 .P47 2009 Performance incentives : their growing impact on American K-12 education / Matthew G. Springer, editor.
LB3013 .S287 2009 Approaches to behavior and classroom management : integrating discipline and care / W. George Scarlett, Iris Chin Ponte, Jay P. Singh.
LB3013.33.C6 C84 2009 Columbine / Dave Cullen.
LB3051 .B67 2009 Education hell : rhetoric vs. reality / Gerald W. Bracey.
LB3497.3 .P74 2007 Student bodies : the influence of student health services in American society & medicine / Heather Munro Prescott.
LC3993.23 .W55 2009 Inspiring middle school minds : gifted, creative, and challenging : brain- and research-based strategies to enhance learning for gifted students / Judy A. Willis.
LC4802 .C73 2008 Reaching and teaching children who hurt : strategies for your classroom / by Susan E. Craig.
LC66 .Z47 2009 Catching up or leading the way : American education in the age of globalization / Yong Zhao.
ML1700 .K46 2008 Opera : the great composers and their masterworks / Joyce Bourne preface by Lord Harewood foreword by Bryn Terfel.
ML1711 .S46 2009 Beyond Lift every voice and sing : the culture of uplift, identity, and politics in black musical theater / Paula Marie Seniors.
ML3518 .H68 2009 Ellington uptown : Duke Ellington, James P. Johnson, & the birth of concert jazz / John Howland.
ML3524 .N43 2009 The songs of Jimmie Rodgers : a legacy in country music / Jocelyn R. Neal.
ML419.A75 T43 2009 Pops : a life of Louis Armstrong / Terry Teachout.
ML420.S77 M37 2009 Runaway dream : Born to run and Bruce Springsteen's American vision / Louis P. Masur.
ML421.M387 A3 1998 The long hard road out of hell / Marilyn Manson with Neil Strauss.
ML678.3 .G66 2009 Mr. Langshaw's square piano : the story of the first pianos and how they caused a cultural revolution / Madeline Goold.
MT18 .C66 2009 Teaching music in higher education / Colleen M. Conway, Thomas M. Hodgman.
N7265.3.C667 2009 Contemporary art in the Middle East / [edited by Paul Sloman].
N7314 .T46 2009 Arts of ancient Viet Nam : from river plain to open sea / Nancy Tingley with essays by Andreas Reinecke ... [et al.].
NC765 .H19 2009 Figure it out! : the beginner's guide to drawing people / Chris Hart.
ND1535 .G37 2009 Painting for the absolute and utter beginner / Claire Watson Garcia.
ND2420 .H67 2009 Watercolor : a beginner's guide / Elizabeth Horowitz.
ND497.Y4 A8 2009 The only art of Jack B. Yeats : letters & essays / edited by Declan J. Foley.
NK7310.3.A78 B5513 2009 Art deco jewelry : modernist masterworks and their makers / edited by Laurence Mouillefarine and Evelyne Possémé.
NX180.R4 R46 2009 Religion as art : Guadalupe, Orishas, and Sufi / edited by Steven Loza.
P71 .E77 2008 Linguistics in a colonial world : a story of language, meaning, and power / Joseph Errington.
P87.25 .M37 2010 Mass media / Roman Espejo, book editor.
P90 .B4128 2006 50 ways to understand communication : a guided tour of key ideas and theorists in communication, media, and culture / Arthur Asa Berger with illustrations by the author.
P90 .C6292 2006 Communication as-- : perspectives on theory / edited by Gregory J. Shepherd, Jeffrey St. John, Ted Striphas.
PA3622 .H45 2009 Hellenistic collection : Philitas, Alexander of Aetolia, Hermesianax, Euphorion, Parthenius / edited and translated by J.L. Lightfoot.
PA6280 .A1 2009 Philippics / Cicero edited and translated by D.R. Shackleton Bailey revised by John T. Ramsey and Gesine Manuwald.
PE1404 .W37 2009 Teaching writing online : how and why / Scott Warnock.
PK2198.G43 T3713 2007 The adventures of Amir Hamza : lord of the auspicious planetary conjunction / Ghalib Lakhnavi and Abdullah Bilgrami a complete and unabridged translation by Musharraf Ali Farooqi introduction by Hamid Dabashi.
PL3705 .M626 2008 Modern Tibetan literature and social change / edited by Lauran R. Hartley and Patricia Schiaffini-Vedani foreword by Matthew T. Kapstein.
PL984.E3 O73 2006 The book of Korean poetry : songs of Shilla and Koryo / translated & annotated by Kevin O'Rourke.
PN1992.8.R43 T83 2010 The tube has spoken : reality TV & history / edited by Julie Anne Taddeo and Ken Dvorak.
PN1993.5.I88 L39 2008 Stardom, Italian style : screen performance and personality in Italian cinema / Marcia Landy.
PN1993.5.U6 T79 2009 Reinventing cinema : movies in the age of media convergence / Chuck Tryon.
PN1995.2 .H57 2009 The history on film reader / edited by Marnie Hughes-Warrington.
PN1995.7 C4513 2009 Film, a sound art / Michel Chion translated by Claudia Gorbman.
PN1995.9.J38 M34 2009 Some liked it hot : jazz women in film and television, 1928-1959 / Kristin A. McGee.
PN1995.9.W4 C6627 2009 10,000 ways to die : a director's take on the Spaghetti Western / Alex Cox.
PN1997.Q37 S25 2009 In excess : Sergei Eisenstein's Mexico / Masha Salazkina.
PN1998.3.A45 H67 2007 Woody Allen : an essay on the nature of the comical / Vittorio Hösle.
PN1998.3.E325 C67 2009 Clint Eastwood and issues of American masculinity / Drucilla Cornell.
PN1998.3.T467 V547 2010 Irving Thalberg : boy wonder to producer prince / Mark A. Vieira.
PN2071.M6 A37 2008 Actor training the Laban way : an integrated approach to voice, speech, and movement / Barbara Adrian illustrations by Chelsea Clarke.
PN2287.L29 F73 2009 Stripping Gypsy : the life of Gypsy Rose Lee / Noralee Frankel.
PQ3980.5 .F75 2008 The Black renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean literatures / Martial K. Frindéthié.
PQ7519.2.B44 W37 2006 Waslala : memorial del futuro : [la búsqueda de una civilización perdida] / Gioconda Belli.
PQ8097 .N4 A85 2004 Arte de pájaros : Una casa en la arena / Pablo Neruda [edición, prólogo y notas de Hernán Loyola].
PQ8097.N4 C17 1990 Canto general / Pablo Neruda edición de Enrico Mario Santí­.
PQ8180.17.A73 C535 2009 Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez's One hundred years of solitude / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PQ9281 A66 .C3833 2009 El cuaderno/ The Notebook.
PQ9281.A66 E913 2006 El Evangelio según Jesucristo / José Saramago [traducción, Basilio Losada].
PQ9281.A66 H66134 2007 El hombre duplicado José Saramago traducción de Pilar del Rí­o.
PQ9281.A66 E557 2009 Ensayo sobre la ceguera / José Saramago traducción de Basilio Losada.
PQ9281.A66 L448 2007 Levantado del suelo / José Saramago traducción de Basilio Losada.
PR2894 .B385 2009 Soul of the age : a biography of the mind of William Shakespeare / Jonathan Bate.
PR2982 .B388 2009 Christian irony in Shakespeare's Histories by Roy Battenhouse edited by Peter Milward.
PR2987 .D35 2009 Reading Shakespeare with young adults / Mary Ellen Dakin.
PR2992.M28 M33 2007 Male friendship in Shakespeare and his contemporaries / Tom MacFaul.
PR6056.A75 Z48 2009 J.G. Farrell in his own words : selected letters and diaries / edited by Lavinia Greacen.
PR698.R34 T48 2008 Performing race and torture on the early modern stage / Ayanna Thompson.
PR830.D4 J36 2009 Talking about detective fiction / P.D. James.
PR878.C5 F54 2009 Conceptualizing cruelty to children in nineteenth-century England : literature, representation, and the NSPCC / Monica Flegel.
PR9084 .A56 2010 Postnational feminisms : postcolonial identities and cosmopolitanism in the works of Kamala Markandaya, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Ama Ata Aidoo, and Anita Desai / Hena Ahmad.
PR9387.9 A3 N6 2008 No longer at ease / Chinua Achebe introduction by Simon E. Gikandi.
PR9614.5.A94 A57 2008 Anthology of Australian Aboriginal literature / edited by Anita Heiss and Peter Minter general editor, Nicholas Jose.
PS153.A84 A84 2009 Asian-American writers / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PS153.I52 S38 2008 Listening to the land : Native American literary responses to the landscape / Lee Schweninger.
PS153.N5 B526 2007 Free within ourselves : the development of African American children's literature / Rudine Sims Bishop.
PS338.H66 W49 2008 We will be citizens : new essays on gay and lesbian theatre / edited by James Fisher.
PS3501.S475 P53 2009 Planisphere : new poems / John Ashbery.
PS3535.A547 Z68 2009 Ayn Rand and the world she made / Anne C. Heller.
PS3557.R333 Z64 2008 Spalding Gray's America / William W. Demastes.
PS3558.A67 F33 2010 The farmer's daughter / Jim Harrison.
PS3560.I6 G66 2009 A good fall : [stories] / Ha Jin.
PS3562.E353 T63344 2009 To kill a mockingbird in the classroom : walking in someone else's shoes / Louel C. Gibbons.
PS3563.O8749 B4378 2009 Toni Morrison's Beloved / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PS3572.O5 Z7534 2009 Kurt Vonnegut / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.
PS374.C48 G75 2009 Writing the rapture : prophecy fiction in evangelical America / Crawford Gribben.
PS374.D4 H69 2008 It didn't mean anything : a psychoanalytic reading of American detective fiction / Alexander N. Howe.
PS508.I45 V57 2008 Visions and divisions : American immigration literature, 1870-1930 / edited and with an introduction by Tim Prchal and Tony Trigilio.
PT2617 E85 S523 2005 Siddhartha : bilingual edition German & English / by Hermann Hesse.
PT2635.I65 S63813 2004 Sonnets to Orpheus / Rainer Maria Rilke translated and with an introduction by Willis Barnstone.
QA3 .A57 no.942 Noncommutative curves of genus zero : related to finite dimensional algebras / Dirk Kussin.
QA3 .A57 no.953 Mixed-norm inequalities and operator space Lp embedding theory / Marius Junge, Javier Parcet.
QA3 .A57 no. 937 Cohomological invariants : exceptional groups and spin groups / Skip Garibaldi with an appendix by Detlev W. Hoffmann.
QA3 .A57 no.936 Twisted pseudodifferential calculus and application to the quantum evolution of molecules / André Martinez, Vania Sordoni.
QA3 .A57 no.938 Uniqueness and stability in determining a rigid inclusion in an elastic body / Antonino Morassi, Edi Rosset.
QA3 .A57 no.939 The minimal polynomials of unipotent elements in irreducible representations of the classical groups in odd characteristic / I.D. Suprunenko.
QA3 .A57 no.940 Small divisor problem in the theory of three-dimensional water gravity waves / Gérard Iooss, Pavel I. Plotnikov.
QA3 .A57 no.941 Unitary invariants in multivariable operator theory / Gelu Popescu.
QA3 .A57 no.943 On the convergence of [summation symbol]c[subscript k]f(n[subscript k]x) / István Berkes, Michel Weber.
QA3 .A57 no.944 Large deviations and adiabatic transitions for dynamical systems and Markov processes in fully coupled averaging / Yuri Kifer.
QA3 .A57 no.945 The creation of strange non-chaotic attractors in non-smooth saddle-node bifurcations / Tobias H. Jäger.
QA3 .A57 no.946 Heat Eisenstein series on SL[subscript n](C) / Jay Jorgenson, Serge Lang.
QA3 .A57 no.947 Rock blocks / W. Turner.
QA3 .A57 no.948 Yang-Mills connections on orientable and nonorientable surfaces / Nan-Kuo Ho, Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu.
QA3 .A57 no.952 Regular subgroups of primitive permutation groups / Martin W. Liebeck, Cheryl E. Praeger, Jan Saxl.
QA3 .A57 no.954 Thermodynamical formalism and multifractal analysis for meromorphic functions of finite order / Volker Mayer, Mariusz Urbanski.
QA3 .A57 no.955 The quadratic isoperimetric inequality for mapping tori of free group automorphisms / Martin R. Bridson, Daniel Groves.
QA3 .A57 no.956 Points and curves in the Monster tower / Richard Montgomery, Michail Zhitomirskii.
QA76.76.D47 M3653 2006 Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion / Mike Mason.
QB7 .C43 2009 The astronomical tables of Giovanni Bianchini / by José Chabás and Bernard R. Goldstein.
QC16.D57 F37 2009B The strangest man : the hidden life of Paul Dirac, mystic of the atom / Graham Farmelo.
QC903 .C545 2009 Climate change and global poverty : a billion lives in the balance? / Lael Brainard, Abigail Jones, Nigel Purvis, editors.
QC981.8.G56 G578 2010 Global warming / David Haugen, Susan Musser, and Kacy Lovelace, book editors.
QD40 .N53 2008 Teaching general chemistry : a history and philosophy of science approach / Mansoor Niaz.
QE431.6.W38 T48 2009 Thermodynamics and kinetics of water-rock interaction / editors, Eric H. Oelkers and Jacques Schott.
QH361 .H64 2007 The evolutionists : American thinkers confront Charles Darwin, 1860-1920 / J. David Hoeveler.
QK495.O64 L94 v.30 Lepanthes of Jamaica Systematics of Stelis : Stelis of Ecuador. Part four Addenda, systematics of Masdevallia : new species of Lepanthes from Ecuador, and miscellaneous new combinations / Carlyle A. Luer.
QL696.C4 R672 2004 Photographic guide to the waders of the world / David Rosair, David Cottridge.
QP310.D35 L388 2008 Physics and the art of dance : understanding movement / Kenneth Laws with Arleen Sugano photographs by Martha Swope & Gene Schiavone.
RA445 .H335 2009 Health / Diane Andrews Henningfeld, book editor.
RC628 .T6813 2009 Globesity : a planet out of control? / Francis Delpeuch ... [et al.].
RJ506.B44 B435 2010 Behavioral disorders / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
RT86.73 .B84 2009 The future of the nursing workforce in the United States : data, trends, and implications / Peter I. Buerhaus, Douglas O. Staiger, David I. Auerbach.
SB453.5 .G54 2008 The truth about organic gardening : benefits, drawbacks, and the bottom line / Jeff Gillman.
SB482.U6 L68 2009 Repairing paradise : the restoration of nature in America's national parks / William R. Lowry.
SF140.S72 K37 2004 Biostatistics for animal science / by Miroslav Kaps and William R Lamberson.
T174.7 .N3684 2010 Nanotechnology / Jacqueline Langwith, book editor.
TD348 .W377 2010 Water / Jacqueline Langwith, book editor.
TK18 .N434 2009 Dawn of the electronic age : electrical technologies in the shaping of the modern world, 1914 to 1945 / Frederik Nebeker.
TT715 .G67 2009 Make it yourself : home sewing, gender, and culture, 1890-1930 / Sarah A. Gordon.
TT820 .G74 2009 99 yarns and counting : more designs from the green mountain spinnery / The Green Mountain Spinnery Cooperative photography by Marti Stone.
UA23 .O385 2009 Budgeting for hard power : defense and security spending under Barack Obama / Michael E. O'Hanlon.
UB256.U6 A53 2009 The secret sentry : the untold history of the National Security Agency / Matthew M. Aid.
Z465.3 .C87 2008 Africa writes back : the African writers series & the launch of African literature / James Currey portraits and other photographs by George Hallett.
Z657 .C3935 2010 Censorship / Scott Barbour, book editor.
Z692.G7 G655 2010 The readers' advisory guide to graphic novels / Francisca Goldsmith.
Z711.2 .N37 2008 Moving targets: understanding our changing landscapes : Thirty-fourth National LOEX Library Instruction Conference proceedings, College Park, Maryland, May 4-6, 2006 / edited by Theresa Valko, Brad Sietz.
Z711.2 .N37 2009 Uncharted waters: tapping the depths of our community to enhance learning : Thirty-fifth National LOEX Library Instruction Conference proceedings, San Diego, California, May 3-5, 2007 / edited by Brad Sietz ... [et. al].

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Location: Internet

Call Number Title/Author
NO CALL NUMBER A partial revision of the Oriental Isomyia of the Viridaurea group (Diptera: Calliphoridae) [electronic resource] / [by] Maurice T. James.
NO CALL NUMBER Search engine advertising [electronic resource] : buying your way to the top to increase sales / Kevin Lee with Catherine Seda.

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Location: Juvenile

Call Number Title/Author
306.3 P6561SO Sojourner Truth's step-stomp stride / Andrea Davis Pinkney & Brian Pinkney.
323 P2588MA Marching for freedom : walk together, children, and don't you grow weary / Elizabeth Partridge.
398.2 C835YU Yummy : eight favorite fairy tales / Lucy Cousins.
398.2 EM138CH Chicken Little / Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley.
398.2 P172LO Lousy rotten stinkin' grapes / by Margie Palatini illustrated by Barry Moser.
398.2 P6561L The lion & the mouse / Jerry Pinkney.
423 U826 2007 The Usborne illustrated dictionary / editor Jane Bingham, assistant editor Rachel Wardley, designer Susie McCaffrey, assistant designer Sue Grobecker, illustrations by Sean Wilkinson ... [et al.].
535 B2854DA The Day-Glo brothers : the true story of Bob and Joe Switzer's bright ideas and brand-new colors / Chris Barton illustrated by Tony Persiani.
569.9 T3482LU Lucy long ago : uncovering the mystery of where we came from / by Catherine Thimmesh.
576.8 W85013CH Charles Darwin and the Beagle adventure : countries visited during the voyage round the world of HMS Beagle under the commad of Captain Fitzroy, Royal Navy / written by A. J. Wood and Clint Twist including extracts from the works of Charles Darwin.
595.78 B5417BU Butterflies and moths / Nic Bishop.
599.75 M7674SA Saving the ghost of the mountain : an expedition among snow leopards in Mongolia / Sy Montgomery photographs by Nic Bishop.
614 W1541WR Written in bone : buried lives of Jamestown and Colonial Maryland / Sally M. Walker.
621 K9395BO The boy who invented TV : the story of Philo Farnsworth / by Kathleen Krull illustrated by Greg Couch.
629.45 F651MO Moonshot : the flight of Apollo 11 / Brian Floca.
741.5 ST972AD Adventures in cartooning / James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost.
811 SP482I I heard God talking to me : William Edmondson and his stone carvings / Elizabeth Spires.
811.6 R831WH A whiff of pine, a hint of skunk : a forest of poems / Deborah Ruddell illustrated by Joan Rankin.
813 F855 Funny business : conversations with writers of comedy / compiled and edited by Leonard S. Marcus.
932 W4394PH Pharaoh's boat / written and illustrated by David Weitzman.
940.4 M9543TR Truce : the day the soldiers stopped fighting / Jim Murphy.
970.01 M3152BE Before Columbus : the Americas of 1491 / Charles C. Mann.
973.4 SA23DU The duel : the parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr / Judith St. George.
978 M349YE Years of dust : the story of the Dust Bowl / Albert Marrin.
F B3804TU Tumtum & Nutmeg : adventures beyond Nutmouse Hall / stories by Emily Bearn with pictures by Nick Price.
F B3972DIS Di aaaa! : Dora va al médico / por Phoebe Beinstein ilustrado por A&J Studios [traducción de Argentina Palacios Ziegler].
F B8136HA Hate list / Jennifer Brown.
F C192VEHS La oruga muy hambrienta / Eric Carle.
F C2689FI Fire / Kristin Cashore.
F C8816CLS Clic, clac, muu : vacas escritoras / Doreen Cronin ilustrado por Betsy Lewin traducción de Alberto Jiménez Rioja.
F C8885TH Thunder-Boomer! / by Shutta Crum illustrated by Carol Thompson.
F D2875TR Tricking the Tallyman / by Jacqueline Davies illustrated by S.D. Schindler.
F F9518LE Let's do nothing! / Tony Fucile.
F G1358NI Night lights / by Susan Gal.
F H2198LO The lost conspiracy / Frances Hardinge.
F H3893BI Birds / by Kevin Henkes illustrated by Laura Dronzek.
F H469LI Little chick / Amy Hest illustrated by Anita Jeram.
F H52SC Scat / Carl Hiaasen.
F J699SE The secret of zoom / Lynne Jonell.
F K2971EV The evolution of Calpurnia Tate / Jacqueline Kelly.
F L321LI Liar / Justine Larbalestier.
F L781CA The carbon diaries 2015 / Saci Lloyd.
F M992LO Looking like me / by Walter Dean Myers illustrated by Christopher Myers.
F OC53SM The small adventure of Popeye and Elvis / Barbara O'Connor.
F P219AMS Amelia Bedelia / por Peggy Parish ilustraciones de Fritz Siebel y Barbara Siebel Thomas traducción por Yanitzia Canetti.
F P275HI Higher! higher! / Leslie Patricelli.
F P967AM The amber spyglass / Philip Pullman.
F R33CRS Jorge el Curioso monta en bicicleta / H.A. Rey traducido por Yanitzia Canetti.
F SA166LA Last night I sang to the monster : a novel / by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.
F SA348EPP Epossumondas plays possum / written by Coleen Salley illustrated by Janet Stevens.
F SCA636AL All the world / written by Liz Garton Scanlon and illustrated by Marla Frazee.
F ST747MA Marcelo in the real world / Francisco X. Stork.
F T3748CR Creature of the night / Kate Thompson.
F T674CA Camille McPhee fell under the bus-- / by Kristen Tracy.
F W525LE Leviathan / written by Mr. Scott Westerfeld illustrated by Mr. Keith Thompson.
F W667PI Pigs make me sneeze! : an elephant & piggie book / by Mo Willems.
F W6740LIS La viejecita que no le tení­a miedo a nada / por Linda Williams ilustrado por Megan Lloyd traducido por Yolanda Noda.
F W868PE Peace, Locomotion / Jacqueline Woodson.

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call Number Title/Author
CB311 .D5723 2009 Ancient empires before Alexander [sound recording] / Robert L. Dise, Jr.
DF229 .H373 2007 The Peloponnesian War [sound recording] / Kenneth W. Harl.
DS71 .C3723 2006 Between the rivers [sound recording] : the history of ancient Mesopotamia / Alexis Q. Castor.
DT83 .B78553 1999 The history of ancient Egypt [sound recording] / Bob Brier.
E111 .E253 2002 Conquest of the Americas [sound recording] / Marshall C. Eakin.
E175 .S7523 2008 America and the World : a diplomatic history [sound recording] / Mark A. Stoler.
HB501 .M8523 2008 Thinking about capitalism [sound recording] / Jerry Z. Muller.
MT7 .G7443 2007 Understanding the fundamentals of music [sound recording] / Robert Greenberg.
PS3557.R6725 M343 2009 The magicians [sound recording] : a novel / Lev Grossman.
PS3561.I483 C383 2006 Cell [sound recording] : [a novel] / Stephen King.
PS3570.R459 B733 2010 Brava, Valentine [sound recording] / Adriana Trigiani.
PS3608.A78575 D683 2007 Down river [sound recording] / John Hart.
PS3608.A78575 K563 2006 The king of lies [sound recording] / John Hart.
PS3611.O74927 S933 2010 The swan thieves [sound recording] / Elizabeth Kostova.
PS3620.I56 G663 2009 The good thief [sound recording] : a novel / Hannah Tinti.
PS3623.I575 B473 2010 The betrayal of the blood lily [sound recording] / Lauren Willig.
PT9876.22.A6933 F57133 2009 The girl who played with fire [sound recording] / by Stieg Larsson English translation by Reg Keeland.
PT9876.22.A6933 M36133 2008 The girl with the dragon tattoo [sound recording] / Steig Larsson.
SF986.B56 C663 2009 Homer's odyssey [sound recording] : [a fearless feline tale, or how I learned about love and life with a blind wonder cat] / Gwen Cooper.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call Number Title/Author
M1 .N48 2009 v.1 [New Music Festival 2009. Concert I] [sound recording].
M1 .N48 2009 v.2 [New Music Festival 2009. Concert II] [sound recording].
M1.M67 2009 9-29 Mostly Live Composers Society, September 29, 2009 [sound recording].
M1000.T78 2009 11-07 [Symphony Orchestra,November 7, 2009] [sound recording].
M1012.H45 C65 1994 The concerto collection [sound recording].
M1105.T37 C6 1995 Concerti [sound recording] / Tartini.
M1200.T773 B73 2009 11-09 [Brass Choir, November 9, 2009] [sound recording].
M1200.T775 C66 2009 12-6 [Concert Band and Wind Symphony, December 6, 2009] [sound recording].
M1200.T78 W56 2009 11-18 [Wind Symphony and Woodwind Choir, November 18, 2009] [sound recording].
M1366 .T765 2009 12-09 Jazz combos, December 9, 2009 [sound recording].
M1366.C643 J643 1995 John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman [sound recording].
M1366.T77 2009 10-02 Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab Band, October 2, 2009 [sound recording].
M1366.T77 2009 12-7 [Jazz Ensemble, December 7, 2009 [sound recording].
M1366.T773 2009 11-19 Jazz Lab Band, November 19, 2009 [sound recording].
M1366.W46 P38 1996 Paul Whiteman [sound recording] : The King of Jazz.
M145 .A34 1993 The ace & deuce of pipering [sound recording].
M1490.M27 S6 1998 Songs of chivalry [sound recording].
M1490.V46 T3 2001 Venetian church music [sound recording].
M1500.W13 R61 1997 Das Rheingold [sound recording] / Wagner.
M1500.W13 R62 1997 Die Walküre [sound recording] / Wagner.
M1500.W13 R63 1997 Siegfried [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
M1500.W13 R64 1997 Götterdämmerung [sound recording] / Richard Wagner.
M1527.W525 H26 2002 Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets [sound recording] : original motion picture soundtrack / music composed by John Williams music adapted and conducted by William Ross.
M1527.W525 H3 2004 Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban [sound recording] : original motion picture soundtrack / music composed and conducted by John Williams.
M1547.T78 U65 2009 University Chorus, November 15, 2009] [sound recording].
M1627 .R66 1990Z Roots Piranha [sound recording] : sound tracks into worldmusic.
M1627.L53 S65 1990 Sojourns [sound recording] / Libana.
M1629.3.C5 P34 1996 Hap Palmer's holiday magic [sound recording]
M1630.18 .H25 1997 The hand that holds the bread [sound recording].
M1630.18 .S676 1993 Sophisticated ladies [sound recording].
M1630.18.G89 V47 1992 The very best of Buddy Guy [sound recording] / Buddy Guy.
M1630.18.H24 M47 1990 Merle Haggard [sound recording].
M1630.18.H54 G74 1990 Greatest hits [sound recording] / Z.Z. Hill.
M1630.18.H66 G64 1990 The Gold Star sessions [sound recording] / Lightning Hopkins.
M1630.18.R36 .A4 1990 All the stuff (and more). Volume one [sound recording] / Ramones.
M1630.18.R46 L47 2002 Let it be [sound recording] / The Replacements.
M1681.C918 V37 1993 Monedas al aire [sound recording] / Carlos Varela.
M1694.18 .A37 2006 Afro [sound recording] / [produced & remixed by] Novalima.
M1743.18.G67 G67 1996 Gorky's Zygotic Mynci [sound recording].
M1744.B68 L57 1989 Live at Carnegie Hall [sound recording] / Boys of the Lough.
M1744.C45 C45 1975 The Chieftains 5 [sound recording] / the Chieftains.
M177 .B55 1994 The big bang [sound recording].
M177 .F33 2009 Faculty and guest artist recital, October 12, 2009 [sound recording].
M1798.18.G66 J3 1990 Jadeh [sound recording] / Googoosh.
M1810.K65 C43 1987 Chants et danses d'Israel [sound recording] / avec Kol aviv.
M1824.I5 W474 1991 Jegog [sound recording] : the bamboo gamelan of Bali.
M1828.18 .A73 2006 Arabian super hits 2006 [sound recording].
M1830.A63 M36 1990 Mandinka and Fulani music of the Gambia [sound recording] / Ancient Heart.
M1838.G8518 K68 2004 Koragrooves from West Africa [sound recording] / Nfaly Kouyate & Dunyakan.
M1992.S37 D44 1987 Deep in the jungle [sound recording] / [words and music principally] by Joe Scruggs.
M1999.N49 L5 1992 Llibre vermell [sound recording] : pilgrim songs & dances.
M2000.H22 S6 2006 Solomon [sound recording] / Handel.
M2010.H417 H.XXII, 11 1987 Missa in angustiis Nelson mass [sound recording] Te deum / Joseph Haydn.
M2011.T35 W47 1993 Western wind masses [sound recording] / Taverner, Tye, Sheppard.
M2011.T38 M5 2002 Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas [sound recording] / John Taverner.
M2021.V59 G56 2006 Gloria [sound recording] Magnificat / Vivaldi.
M2131.S4 B68 1995 Simple gifts [sound recording] : Shaker chants and spirituals.
M217.M34 F33 2009 Faculty and guest artist recital, December 5, 2009 [sound recording].
M2198.B37 A56 2005 Another journal entry [sound recording] / Barlowgirl.
M249.F56 G843 2009 Guest artist recital, September 9, 2009 [sound recording].
M260.M47 G84 2009 [Guest artist recital, September 20, 2009] [sound recording].
M262.B85 F33 2009 Faculty recital, October 13, 2009 [sound recording].
M3.1.W53 G84 2010 [Guest artist recital, January 14, 2010] [sound recording].
M60.O66 P47 1993 Persian classical music [sound recording].
M86.T73 V57 1991 Virtuoso solo music for cornetto [sound recording].
M985 .T78 2009 11-01 [Percussion Ensembles, November 1, 2009] [sound recording].
M985 .T78 2009 11-1 [Percussion Ensembles and Statesmen Marching Percussion Ensemble, November 1, 2009] [sound recording].
ML183 .M57 2008 Mittelhochdeutsche Minnelyrik [sound recording] / [gelesen von Dorothee Dreesen, Aline Hoffmann, René Schmidt].

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Location: Media DVD

Call Number Title/Author
BT315.3 .C467 2008 The census and the star [videorecording] / Stone Roller Studio.
DK268.S8 R3952 2009 WW II behind closed doors [videorecording] : Stalin, the Nazis and the West / BBC drama production company, MS Films, Poland documentary director, Laurence Rees drama director, Andrew Williams written and produced by Laurence Rees a BBC/KCET Hollywood co-production.
E457.52 .S74 2009 Stealing Lincoln's body [videorecording] / produced by LEFT/RIGHT for A & E Television Networks executive producers, Ken Druckerman and Banks Tarver producer, Frank Koughan director, Trey Nelson produced by Kevin Vargas executive producer for History, Carl H. Lindahl.
E901.1.O23 B37 2009 Barack Obama [videorecording] : the man and his journey / CodeBlack Entertainment & Ebony Jet Entertainment presents in association with Vivendi Entertainment and Flying Saucer Films a Veridicus Films production a Maria Arita-Howard film producer, Randy Martin directed by Maria Arita-Howard written by Maria Arita-Howard.
GN805 .S72 2009 Standing with stones [videorecording] : a journey through megalithic Britain / Disinformation Company written and presented by Rupert Soskin produced and directed by Michael Bott an Illuminated Word production.
GR72.3 .J56 2003 Jim Henson's the storyteller [videorecording] : the complete collection / the Jim Henson Company producer, Duncan Kenworthy screenplay, Anthony Minghella directors, Steve Barron, Jim Henson, Paul Wieland, Peter Smith, Charles Sturridge, Jon Amiel.
GV1469.17.S63 S43 2009 Second skin [videorecording] / Pure West Films directed by Juan Carlos Piñeiro-Escoriaza produced by Peter Schieffelin Brauer written and produced by Victor Piñeiro-Escoriaza.
HV636 2005 .N4 T76 2009 Trouble the water [videorecording] / Louverture Films presents an Elswhere Films production directed and produced by Tia Lessin and Carl Deal.
M1500.M43 M352 2008 Manon [videorecording] : opéra comique en 5 actes et 6 tableaux / de Jules Massenet livret d'Henri Meilhac et Philippe Gille réalisation, François Roussillon mise en scène, Gilbert Deflo une coproduction France 2, Opéra National de Paris, François Roussillon et associés.
M1500.M47 S25 2009 Saint François d'Assise [videorecording] : opera in three acts and eight tableaux / music & libretto, Olivier Messiaen De Nederlandse Opera.
M1500.P53 M37 2009 Maria de Buenos Aires [videorecording] / Astor Piazzolla choreographer, Mauro Barreras director Enrico Castiglione new production of Festival Euro Mediterraneo.
M1500.S92 R8 2002 Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigore, or The witch's curse [videorecording] / [music by Arthur Sullivan words by W.S. Gilbert] staged by Christopher Renshaw directed by Barrie Gavin produced by Judith De Paul a George Walker presentation Goldcrest Films International.
M1500.W13 T36 2009 Tannhäuser [videorecording] / Richard Wagner Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.
PN1992.8.C66 B734 2005 The Brady bunch. The complete fourth season [videorecording].
PN1992.8.C66 C37 2003 Vol. 20 The Carol Burnett show. volume twenty [videorecording].
PN1992.8.C66 C37 2003 Vol.17 The Carol Burnett show. volume seventeen [videorecording].
PN1992.8.D48 C663 2005 Columbo. The complete third season [videorecording].
PN1995.75 .B35 2009 Bardelys the magnificent [videorecording] plus, Monte Cristo : the lost films of John Gilbert
PN1995.75 .R83 2009 The Rudolph Valentino collection [videorecording].
PN1995.9.A76 L63 2009 Local color [videorecording] / a Monterey Media presention/Alla Prima Productions presents a James W. Evangelatos/Julie Lott Gallo production, a George Gallo film produced by James W. Evangelatos, David Permut, Mark Sennet, Julie Lott Gallo written and directed by George Gallo.
PN1995.9.B55 B75 2003 Brigham Young [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Darryl F. Zanuck production producer, Darryl F. Zanuck screenplay, Lamar Trotti director, Henry Hathaway.
PN1995.9.C45 B69 2004 The Boy who left home to find out about the shivers [videorecording] / a Platypus Production with Gaylord Television Entertainment in association with Lion's Gate Films.
PN1995.9.C45 S663 2004 Snow White and the seven dwarfs [videorecording] / a Platypus Production with Gaylord Television Entertainment in association with Lion's Gate Films.
PN1995.9.C55 B433 2000 Beach party [videorecording] / directed by William Asher.
PN1995.9.C55 B83 2000 Bud Abbott, Lou Costello meet Frankenstein [videorecording] / Universal International producer, Robert Arthur screenplay, Robert Lees, Frederic I. Rinaldo, John Grant director, Charles T. Barton.
PN1995.9.C55 C378 1987 Casanova's big night [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures.
PN1995.9.C55 C466 2002 Champagne for Caesar [videorecording] / United Artists Cardinal Pictures, Inc. produced by George Moskov directed by Richard Whorf.
PN1995.9.C55 D42 2004 Dead heat [videorecording] / New World Pictures presenta a Helpern/Meltzer Production special effects, Steve Johnson written by Terry Black produced by Michael Meltzer and David Helpern directed by Mark Goldblatt.
PN1995.9.C55 D43 1999 Dead men don't wear plaid [videorecording] / a Universal picture written by Carl Reiner, George Gipe, Steve Martin produced by David V. Picker and William E. McEuen directed by Carl Reiner.
PN1995.9.C55 D7 2001 Dr. Goldfoot and the bikini machine [videorecording].
PN1995.9.C55 P43 2009 Phffft! [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents story and screenplay by George Axelrod produced by Fred Kohlmar directed by Mark Robson.
PN1995.9.C55 R68 2005 Roxanne [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Daniel Melnick Indieprod & LA Films production screenplay by Steve Martin produced by Michael Rachmil & Daniel Melnick directed by Fred Schepisi.
PN1995.9.D4 A76 2009 Vol.1 Armchair thriller. Set 1, vol. 1. Dying day [videorecording] / written by John Bowen directed by Robert Tronson produced by Brenda Ennis a Thames Television production.
PN1995.9.D4 A76 2009 Vol.2 Armchair thriller. Set 1, vol. 2. The limbo connection [videorecording] / written by Philip Mackie directed by Robert Tronson produced by Jacqueline Davis a Thames Television production.
PN1995.9.D4 A76 2009 Vol.3 Armchair thriller. Set 1, vol. 3. Rachel in danger [videorecording] / written by John Bowen directed by Waris Hussein produced by Andrew Brown a Thames Television production.
PN1995.9.D4 A76 2009 Vol.4 Armchair thriller. Set 1, vol. 4. The victim [videorecording] / written by Michael Ashe directed by Gareth Davies produced by Brenda Ennis a Thames Television production.
PN1995.9.D4 B33 2001 Backtrack [videorecording] / An Artisan Pictures presentation in association with Precision films/Mack-Taylor Productions, a Dick Clark Cinema production a Dennis Hopper movie.
PN1995.9.D62 C73 2006 C.S.A. [videorecording] : The Confederate States of America / The Weinstein Company IFC Films Hodcarrier Films presents a Kevin Willmott film written and directed by Kevin Willmott produced by Rick Cowan a Spike Lee presentation.
PN1995.9.F35 A53 2009 Angel in the family [videorecording] Fielder's choice / Hallmark Entertainment.
PN1995.9.F35 T45 2009 Thicker than water [videorecording] Ordinary miracles / Hallmark Entertainment, a MAT IV Production in association with Alpine Medien and Larry Levinson Productions.
PN1995.9.F35 T46 2009 A thousand years of good prayers [videorecording] Magnolia Pictures and Entertainment Farm present a Good Prayers production a Wayne Wang film produced by Yuke Kito Rich Gowan Wayne Wang written by Yiyun Li based on a short story by Yiyun Li directed by Wanye Wang.
PN1995.9.F54 B667 2006 Border incident [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced by Loew's Incorporated screen play by John C. Higgins story by John C. Higgins and George Zuckerman produced by Nicholas Nayfack directed by Anthony Mann.
PN1995.9.F54 F553 2006 Film noir [videorecording] : bringing darkness to light / produced and directed by Gary Leva Leva Filmworks, Inc. Turner Entertainment Co..
PN1995.9.F54 H57 2006 His kind of woman! [videorecording] / an RKO Radio picture Howard Hughes presents a John Farrow production written by Frank Fenton and Jack Leonard produced by Robert Sparks directed by John Farrow.
PN1995.9.F54 L67 2000 The long night [videorecording] / an RKO Radio Picture Robert and Raymond Hakim present an Anatole Litvak production screen play by John Wexley produced by Robert and Raymond Hakim and Anatole Litvak directed by Anatole Litvak.
PN1995.9.F54 R33 2006 The racket [videorecording] / Howard Hughes presents an Edmund Grainger production screen play by William Wister Haines and W.R. Burnett produced by Edmund Grainger directed by John Cromwell.
PN1995.9.F6712 Y55 2009 Hero [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents in association with Elite Group Enterprises Inc., an Edko Films, Zhang Yimou Studio Production in collaboration with China Film Co-Production Corporation, Sil-Metropole Organisation Limited and Beijing New Picture Film Co. Ltd., a Zhang Yimou film produced by Bill Kong, Zhang Yimou story by Zhang Yimou, Li Feng, Wang Bin screenplay by Li Feng, Zhang Yimou, Wang Bin directed by Zhang Yimou.
PN1995.9.F6714 H583 2001 Spirits of the dead [videorecording] / a co-production of Les Films Marceau-Cocinor (Paris), Produzione Europee Associate (Rome).
PN1995.9.F67163 N564 2009 880-01 Ningen no joken [videorecording] / Shochiku Eiga seisaku, Wakatsuki Shigeru gensaku, Gomikawa Junpei kyakushoku, Matsuyama Zenzo, Kobayashi Masaki kantoku, Kobayashi Masaki.
PN1995.9.F671635 N36 2009 880-01 Namu omnu­n san [videorecording] = Treeless mountain / Oscilloscope Laboratories presents a Soandbrad film a Parts and Labor production in association with Strance Loop produced by Bradley Rust Gray ... [et al.] written and directed by So Yong Kim.
PN1995.9.H6 A21 2001 The abominable Dr. Phibes [videorecording] / an American International picture written by James Whiton and William Goldstein produced by Louis M. Heyward and Ronald S. Dunas directed by Robert Fuest.
PN1995.9.H6 C793 2003 Cry of the banshee [videorecording] Murders in the Rue Morgue / Orion Pictures.
PN1995.9.H6 D725 2001 Dr. Phibes rises again [videorecording] / an American International picture James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff present written by Robert Fuest and Robert Blees produced by Louis M. Heyward directed by Robert Fuest.
PN1995.9.H6 F68 2000 The fly [videorecording] Return of the fly / Twentieth Century-Fox.
PN1995.9.H6 F76 2005 From a whisper to a scream [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment a Darin Scott / William Burr production.
PN1995.9.H6 H382 2003 The Haunted palace Tower of London [videorecording].
PN1995.9.H6 M3772 2002 The masque of the red death [videorecording] The premature burial.
PN1995.9.H6 M66 2004 The monster club [videorecording] / Jack Gill presents for Chips Productions a Sword and Sorcery production screenplay, Edward and Valerie Abraham produced by Milton Subotsky directed by Roy Ward Baker.
PN1995.9.H6 O263 2002 Edgar Allan Poe's the oblong box [videorecording] / Orion Pictures American International Pictures screenplay by Lawrence Huntington produced & directed by Gordon Hessler. Scream and scream again / Orion Pictures American International Productions screenplay by Christopher Wicking produced by Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky directed by Gordon Hessler .
PN1995.9.H6 S56 2002 Shock [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox.
PN1995.9.H6 S563 1999 Shocker [videorecording] / producers, Marianne Maddalena and Barin Kumar writer and director, Wes Craven.
PN1995.9.H6 T34 2000 Tales of terror [videorecording] / Orion Pictures.
PN1995.9.H6 T53 2001 Theater of blood [videorecording] / United Artists Sam Jaffe and Harbor Productions, Inc. present screenplay by Anthony Greville-Bell produced by John Kohn and Stanley Mann directed by Douglas Hickox.
PN1995.9.H6 T55 1999 The Tingler [videorecording] / Columbia a William Castle production written by Robb White produced and directed by William Castle.
PN1995.9.H6 T94 2001 A trio of terror [videorecording] : Vincent Price in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Twice-told tales / Admiral Pictures, Inc. presents produced and written by Robert E. Kent directed by Sidney Salkow.
PN1995.9.H6 W76 2003 Wrong turn [videorecording] / Summit Entertainment & Constantin Film present Constatine Film/Summit Entertainment/MC One/Stan Winston production in association with Newmarket Capital-Group, a Rob Schmidt film producers, Stan Winston, Brian Gilbert, Eric Feig, Robert Kulzer writer, Alan McElroy director, Rob Schmidt.
PN1995.9.L6 A43 2005 American dreamer [videorecording] / CBS Theatrical Films presents a Krost/Chapin production a Rick Rosenthal Film produced by Doug Chapin screenplay by Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt directed by Rick Rosenthal.
PN1995.9.M463 G84 2005 Guest in the house [videorecording] / produced by Hunt Stromberg written by Ketti Frings directed by John Brahm.
PN1995.9.M49 M9 2004 My family [videorecording] = Mi familia / Francis Ford Coppola presents a New Line Cinema release in association with Majestic Films and American Playhouse Theatrical Films an American Zoetrope-Anna Thomas-Newcomm production directed by Gregory Nava produced by Anna Thomas written by Gregory Nava & Anna Thomas.
PN1995.9.M49 M9 2004 My family [videorecording] = Mi familia / Francis Ford Coppola presents a New Line Cinema release in association with Majestic Films and American Playhouse Theatrical Films an American Zoetrope-Anna Thomas-Newcomm production directed by Gregory Nava produced by Anna Thomas written by Gregory Nava & Anna Thomas.
PN1995.9.M86 B877 2006 The Butterfly ball [videorecording] : [a fun musical extravaganza] / a film by Tony Klinger music by Roger Glover.
PN1995.9.M86 T76 2004 The trouble with girls [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Lester Welch screenplay by Arnold & Lois Peyser directed by Peter Tewksbury.
PN1995.9.M86 W45 1999 Welcome to my nightmare [videorecording] / William Silberkleit and David Winters present a DABILL Production a David Winter film Alice Cooper.
PN1995.9.S26 W36 2001 War-gods of the deep [videorecording] / American International Pictures produced by Daniel Haller screenplay by Charles Bennett and Louis M. Heyward directed by Jacques Tourneur.
PN1995.9.S45 P74 2009 Disc1 Pre-Code Hollywood collection [videorecording].
PN1995.9.S45 P74 2009 Disc2 Pre-Code Hollywood collection [videorecording].
PN1995.9.S45 P74 2009 Disc3 Pre-Code Hollywood collection [videorecording].
PN1995.9.V3 D72 2004 Dracula [videorecording] : the legacy collection / Universal Pictures.
PN1995.9.W4 J34 2001 The jackals [videorecording].
PN1995.9.W4 M67 2005 More dead than alive [videorecording] / an Aubrey Schenck production written by George Schenck produced by Hal Klein directed by Robert Sparr.
PN1997 .W443 2003 The whales of August [videorecording] / an Alive Films production with Circle Associates Ltd. produced by Carolyn Pfeiffer and Mike Kaplan screenplay by David Berry directed by Lindsay Anderson.
PN1997.2 .N54 2009 Night at the Museum. Battle of the Smithsonian [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a 1492 Pictures [and] 21 Laps Entertainment Museum Canada Productions produced by Michael Barnathan, Chris Columbus, Shawn Levy, Mark Radcliffe written by Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon directed by Shawn Levy.
PN1997.2 .N56 2009 9 [videorecording] / Focus Features Relativity Media Starz Animation produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Tim Burton, Dana Ginsburg, Jinko Gotoh, Jim Lemley story by Shane Acker screenplay by Pamela Pettler directed by Shane Acker.
PN1997.2 .P76 2009 The proposal [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures presents a Mandeville Films production, an Anne Fletcher film produced by David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman written by Peter Chiarelli directed by Anne Fletcher.
PN1997.2 .T73 2009 Transformers, revenge of the fallen [videorecording] / Dreamworks Pictures and Paramount Pictures presents in association with Hasbro a Di Bonaventura Pictures production a Tom Desanto/Don Murphy production a Michael Bay film produced by Tom Desanto, Don Murphy written by Ehren Kruger & Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman directed by Michael Bay.
PN1997.2 .W45 2009 White night wedding [videorecording] = Brúoguminn / IFC Films and Celluloid Dreams present a film by Baltasar Kormákur for Blue Eyes Productions in co-production with Nordisk Film producers Agnes Johansen, Baltasar Kormákur screenplay by Baltasar Kormákur, Olafur Egil Egilsson director Baltasar Kormákur.
PN1997.5 .C56 2005 Cinderella [videorecording] / producer, Walt Disney writers, Ken Anderson ... [et al.] directors, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton S. Luske, Wilfred Jackson.
PN1997.5 .C586 2010 Cloudy with a chance of meatballs [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation produced by Pam Marsden screenplay by Phil Lord, Chris Miller directed by Phil Lord, Chris Miller.
PN1997.5 .D73 2009 Dragon hunters [videorecording] / Peace Arch Entertainment LLC. and Futurikon present a Futurikon Films, Trixter, Luxanimation, France 3 Cinéma, and RTL-TVI production produced by Philippe DeLarue screenplay by Frédéric Engel-Lenoir and Arthur Qwak directed by Guillaume Ivernel and Arthur Qwak.
PN1997.5 .G74 2002 The great mouse detective [videorecording] / Walt Disney.
PN1997.5 .H47 2001 Here comes Peter Cottontail [videorecording] / Golden Books Family Entertainment Classic Media.
PN1997.5 .T56 2006 The thief and the cobbler [videorecording] / a Miramax Family Films release an Allied Filmmakers presentation The Completion Bond Company Weinstein Company produced by Imogen Sutton and Richard Williams screenplay by Richard Williams and Margaret French directed by Richard Williams.
PN2287.L46 J33 2009 The Jack Lemmon film collection. Disc six [videorecording] : bonus disc.
PN4192.S78 R47 2009 Resolved [videorecording] / One Potato Productions presents in conjunction with The Texas Eight produced, written and directed by Greg Whiteley.
PR5363 .B47 2006 Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's profession [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Cedric Messina directed by Herbert Wise.
PR5774 .I52 2004 The invisible man [videorecording]: the legacy collection/ a Universal picture.
PR6003.U66 O63 2006 On dangerous ground [videorecording] / RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents screen play by A.I. Bezerides based on an adaptation by A.I. Bezerides and Nicholas Ray produced by John Houseman directed by Nicholas Ray.
PR6005.H66 E62 2001 Endless night [videorecording] / a Frank Launder-Sidney Gilliat production made in association with British Lion Films Limited and EMI Film Production Limited screenplay by Sidney Gilliat produced by Leslie Gilliat directed by Sidney Gilliat.
PR6005.L36 A6162 2000 2010 [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents written for the screen, produced & directed by Peter Hyams.
PR6005.R68 K42 2006 Keys of the kingdom [videorecording] / [presented by] Twentieth Century Fox produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz screenplay by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Nunnally Johnson directed by John M. Stahl.
PR6037 H334 N68 2009 The notorious landlady [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Fred Kohlmar-Richard Quine production screenplay by Larry Gelbart and Blake Edwards produced by Fred Kohlmar directed by Richard Quine.
PS2614.A21 H68 2001 House of Usher [videorecording] / American International Pictures James H. Nicholson & Samuel Z. Arkoff present produced and directed by Roger Corman screenplay by Richard Matheson.
PS3505.A785 O63 2009 Operation mad ball [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents screenplay by Arthur Carter, Jed Harris and Blake Edwards produced by Jed Harris directed by Richard Quine.
PS3505.H3224 L33 2006 Lady in the lake [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Loew's Incorporated screen play by Steve Fisher produced by George Haight directed by Robert Montgomery.
PS3535.O539 U53 2009 Under the yum yum tree [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents screenplay by Lawrence Roman and David Swift produced by Frederick Brisson directed by David Swift.
PS3545.I5115 L432 2004 Leave her to heaven [videorecording] / Darryl F. Zanuck presents by Ben Ames Williams screenplay by Jo Swerling produced by William A. Bacher directed by John M. Stahl.
PS3552.R685434 A823 2009 Angels & demons [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment present a Brian Grazer/John Calley production produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, John Calley screenplay by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman directed by Ron Howard.
PS3556.I52 G66 2009 Good neighbor Sam [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a David Swift production screenplay by James Fritzell, Everett Greenbaum and David Swift produced and directed by David Swift.
PS3561.I483 S5233 2003 Stephen King's The shining [videorecording] / Lakeside Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television producer, Mark Carliner director, Mick Garris screenwriter, Stephen King.
PS3563.A317993 R52 2005 A river runs through it [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a film by Robert Redford screenplay by Richard Friedenberg produced by Robert Redford and Patrick Markey directed by Robert Redford.
PS3563.A8355 I262 2003 The last man on earth [videorecording] / American International Pictures screenplay by Logan Swanson and William F. Leicester produced by Robert L. Lippert directed by Sidney Salkow.
PT2360 S423 2009 The secret of the nutcracker [videorecording] / [presented by] Joe Media Group produced in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with the financial participation of The Canadian Television Fund, The Alberta Film Development Program, Rogers Telefund, The Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit and The Alberta Ballet Women's Guild of Creation producer, James Sutherland produced by Shirley Vercruysse written by John Murrell directed by Eric Till.
RC523 .A69 2009 The Alzheimer's project [videorecording] / HBO Documentary Films and the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health ... present executive producers, Sheila Nevins, Maria Shriver series producer, John Hoffman.
RC523 .A69 2009 The Alzheimer's project [videorecording] / HBO Documentary Films and the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health ... present executive producers, Sheila Nevins, Maria Shriver series producer, John Hoffman.

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Location: Media Recital

Call Number Title/Author
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Apr.14 Student recital no.8, April 14, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Apr.21 Student recital no.9, April 21, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Apr.24 Senior recital, April 24, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Apr.25 Senior recital, April 25, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Apr.3 [Junior recital, April 3, 2009] [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Dec.1 Student recital no. 7, December 1, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Dec.4 Junior recital, December 4, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Dec.5 Disc 1 Senior recital, December 5, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Dec.5 Disc 2 [Senior recital, December 5, 2009] [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Dec.6 Senior recital, December 6, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Feb.21 Senior recital, February 21, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Nov.10 Student recital no. 5, November 10, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Nov.13 Senior recital, November 13, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Nov.15 Senior recital, November 15, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Nov.17 Student recital no. 6, November 17, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Nov.4 NATS recital, November 4, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Oct.13 Student recital no. 1, October 13, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Oct.24 Senior recital, October 24, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Oct.31 Student recital, October 31, 2009 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2009 Oct.4 [Senior recital, October 4, 2009] [sound recording].

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Location: Media Reference Score

Call Number Title/Author
M3 .R67 Edizione critica delle opere di Gioachino Rossini / comitato di redazione, Bruno Cagli, Philip Gossett, Alberto Zedda.
M3.H62 Sämtliche Werke / Paul Hindemith im Auftrag der Hindemith-Stiftung herausgegeben von Kurt von Fischer und Ludwig Finscher.

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Location: Media Score

Call Number Title/Author
MT68 .J36 v.105 Dave Brubeck : in your own sweet way.
MT68 .J36 v.106 Sidewinder / Lee Morgan.
MT68 .J36 v.110 When I fall in love : romantic ballads: play-a-long book and CD set : for all instrumentalists and vocalists.
MT68 .J36 v.111 J.J. Johnson : 13 original songs : play-a-long book and CD set for all instrumentalists.
MT68 .J36 v.113 Vocal standards : Embraceable you : 12 standards in singer's keys recorded for low and high voice.
MT68 .J36 v.114 Good time! : improve your time & harmonic awareness : play-a-long book and 4 CD set for all instrumentalists.
MT68 .J36 v.123 Now's the time : with the Joey DeFrancesco Trio.
MT68 .J36 v.16 Turnarounds, cycles & II/V7's / [by Jamey Aebersold].
MT68 .J36 v.18 Horace Silver.
MT68 .J36 v.21 Gettin' it together : learn to improvise like the jazz masters! / Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.35 Nine jazz originals for you to play / Cedar Walton [ed. by] Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.43 Groovin' high : play-a-long book & CD set / [compiled] by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.51 Night & day: play-a-long book & CD set : melodies, chords, lyrics, transposed parts for all instrumentalists / [edited] by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.58 Unforgettable standards : for all instruments : play-a long book & recording set / [compiled] by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.76 How to learn tunes : a quick and easy method for learning and remembering the melody and chord changes to any tune in any key / by David N. Baker edited by Lida Belt Baker.
MT68 .J36 v.100 St. Louis blues : traditional Dixieland classics : play-a-long book and CD set for all instrumentalists and vocalists.
MT68 .J36 v.103 David Sanborn songs / [ed. by Jamey Aebersold.].
MT68 .J36 v.104 Free play : 13 musical landscapes : book and CD set for all instrumentalists and vocalists / by Kenny Werner.
MT68 .J36 v.107 Singers! : it had to be you : 24 standards in singer's [sic] keys.
MT68 .J36 v.109 Fusion : rock, jazz, funk, Latin, smooth : play-along tracks for all instruments / by Dan Haerle.
MT68 .J36 v.11 Herbie Hancock : for all instruments : play-a-long book & recording set..
MT68 .J36 v.115 Ron Carter : play-a-long book and 2 CD set for all instrumentalists.
MT68 .J36 v.120 Feelin' good! : blues in B-3 : play-a-long book and CD set for all instrumentalists.
MT68 .J36 v.121 Phil Woods : 14 originals : jazz play-a-long for all musicians / Phil Woods.
MT68 .J36 v.122 Jimmy Heath : 14 jazz classics : play-a-long for all musicians.
MT68 .J36 v.126 Play the music of-- Randy Brecker : jazz play-a-long for all musicians.
MT68 .J36 v.2 Nothin' but blues : jazz and rock : play-a-long book & CD set : for all instrumentalists / by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.20 Play along with Jimmy Raney : ten favorite jazz standards : play-a-long book and CD set : for all instruments.
MT68 .J36 v.3 The II-V⁷-I progression : the most important musical sequence in jazz! : play-a-long book and recording set / by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.34 Jam session : play-a-long book and CD set : for all instrumentalists and vocalists / [ed. by Jamey Aebersold].
MT68 .J36 v.4 Movin' on : play-a-long book & recording set : melodies, chords, transposed parts for all instrumentalists / by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.40 'Round midnight : timeless jazz classics / [ed.] by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.46 Out of this world : play-a-long book & recording set / by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.60 Freddie Hubbard / [edited by] Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.65 'Four' & more : play-a-long book & recording set (B3 organ & drums) : for all instruments / [ed.] by Jamey Aebersold.
MT68 .J36 v.74 Latin jazz : play-a-long book and CD set for all instrumentalists
MT68 .J36 v.99 Tadd Dameron : Soultrane : book and CD set for all instrumentalists / [edited by Jamey Aebersold].

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Location: Reference

Call Number Title/Author
CT100 .C8 Current biography.
CT120 .W46 Who's who in the world.
D111 .I63 International medieval bibliography.
DS37 .E5232 Encyclopaedia of Islam three / edited by Marc Gaborieau ... [et al.]
E185.96 .C66 Contemporary Black biography.
E663 .W54 Who was who in America.
HA42 .I56 International marketing data and statistics.
HD2721 .I58 International directory of company histories / editor, Thomas Derdak associate editor, John Simley editorial assistants, Anne Morddel, Stephanie Wasserman writers and researchers, Gretchen Antelman ... [et al.].
HJ4652 .U5 Your federal income tax for individuals / Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.
JK421 .A3 The United States government manual.
KF101.1 .D535 Digest of United States Supreme Court reports.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser. West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.
KF5406.A15 F4 Federal regulatory directory.
KF62 2006 United States code : containing the general and permanent laws of the United States enacted through the 109th Congress (ending January 3, 2007, the last law of which was signed on January 15, 2007) / prepared and published under authority of Title 2, U.S. code, section 285b, by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives.
N50 A54 American art directory.
N6536 .W5 Who's who in American art.
Q121 .M312 McGraw-Hill yearbook of science and technology.
R118.4.U6 M43 Medical and health information directory.
Table D TK6710 .N37 National e-mail and fax directory.

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Location: U S Documents

Call Number Title/Author
A 77.12/A:EN 8 ARS entomology research highlights 2000-2006 / United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service.
AE 1.102:D 63/4 Making archives accessible for people with disabilities / Frank H. Serene.
AE 1.124:92/2007 Records relating to personal participation in World War II : military awards and decorations / compiled by Benjamin L. DeWhitt.
D 1.109: Journal of special operations medicine : a peer reviewed journal for SOF medical professionals.
D 1.2:ST 8/9 2008-2013 strategic plan : FY08 organizational performance plan / Defense Acquisition University.
D 101.2:W 23/3 USAMRMC : 50 years of dedication to the warfighter, 1958-2008.
D 101.2:W 37/5 Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, Army Research Laboratory.
D 101.95: Weapon systems.
D 110.7: Combined Arms Center (CAC) research and publication index / U.S. Army Combined Arms Center.
D 114.2:T 68/2 Transforming an Army at war : designing the modular force, 1991-2005 / by William M. Donnelly.
D 213.8/3: Astronomical phenomena for the year ... / issued by the Nautical Almanac Office, United States Naval Observatory.
D 301.82/7:EA 3 First in the air : the Eagle Squadrons of World War II / Kenneth C. Kan.
D 301.82/7:L 56 United States Air Force 60th anniversary : lessons learned in airpower throughout the ages.
D 301.82/7:R 25/2 Reflections on Air Force independence / Herman S. Wolk.
ED 1.302:P 93/8 A brief profile of America's private schools.
ED 1.302:SCH 6/4/2007 Choosing a school for your child.
HE 20.30/A:V 13/CD Vaccination [electronic resource] : a history of vaccines.
HE 20.9002:D 71/SPAN./ENGL./DVD Donate the gift of life [videorecording] = Done el regalo de la vida.
I 29.2:C 42/5 Outline report of architectural work on the restoration of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal for recreational use : Georgetown, D.C. to Seneca, MD / Thos. C. Vint Dallas D.L. McGrew.
I 29.2:C 54/2 Where we found a whale : a history of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve / Brian Fagan.
I 29.2:D 49/4 Standing witness : Devils Tower National Monument : a history / Jeanne Rogers.
I 29.2:L 14/10 Nanutset ch'u q'udi gu = Before our time and now : an ethnohistory of Lake Clark National Park & Preserve / [Karen K. Gaul].
J 28.15/2:T 22 Investigative uses of technology : devices, tools, and techniques / [Technology Working Group for Investigative Uses of High Technology].
L 2.3/11: Occupational injuries and illnesses--counts, rates, and characteristics / U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
LC 19.4/2:07-02 Blindness and visual impairments : information and advocacy organizations / [revised by Carol Strauss].
PrEx 2.8/5: Budget of the United States Government. Analytical perspectives.
T 22.35/8: Individual income tax returns.
Y 1.1/3: 111-4 The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.
Y 10.2:G 21/5 Effects of gasoline prices on driving behavior and vehicle markets.
Y 10.2:H 34/10 The long-term outlook for health care spending.
Y 10.2:P 75/6 Policy options for reducing CO2‚ emissions.
Y 4.P 93/1:1 P/ Congressional pictorial directory / [compiled under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing].


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