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January 2012

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERAcadiensis [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERAnthropos [electronic resource] / im Auftrage der Oesterreichischen Leo-Gesellschaft mit Unterstützung der Deutschen Görres-Gesellschaft.
NO CALL NUMBERBritish School at Athens studies [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERBulletin [electronic journal] / The St. Louis Art Museum.
NO CALL NUMBEREl Ciervo [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBEREstuaries and coasts [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERFrench forum [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERGrial [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERHistorische Sprachforschung [electronic resource] = Historical linguistics.
NO CALL NUMBERKulturPoetik [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERNouvelles questions féministes [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERPrairie schooner.
NO CALL NUMBERQuestions féministes [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERRenacimiento [electronic resource] : revista de literatura.
NO CALL NUMBERSankhyā. Series A [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERSankhyā. Series B [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERSupplementary paper [electronic resource] / British School at Athens.
NO CALL NUMBERSupplementary volume [electronic resource] / British School of Archaeology at Athens.
NO CALL NUMBERThe American poetry review.
NO CALL NUMBERThe City Art Museum bulletin [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERThe Rijksmuseum bulletin [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERZeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERZeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung auf dem Gebiete der indogermanischen Sprachen [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERZeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung auf dem Gebiete des deutschen, griechischen und lateinischen [electronic resource].

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
B72 .B97 2006Philosophy : a guide to the reference literature / Hans E. Bynagle.
BF1408.2.C73 S36 2010Heaven's bride : the unprintable life of Ida C. Craddock, American mystic, scholar, sexologist, martyr, and madwoman / Leigh Eric Schmidt.
BF1471 .H39 2011The Dibbuk Box / Jason Haxton afterword by Howard Schwartz.
BF315 .E25 2011Incognito : the secret lives of the brain / David Eagleman.
BL458 .W5638 2010Women & religious traditions / edited by Leona M. Anderson, Pamela Dickey Young.
BP170.5.M3 B35 2011The convert : a tale of exile and extremism / Deborah Baker.
BP223.Z8 L57636 2011Malcolm X : a life of reinvention / Manning Marable.
BR205 .Y68 2010From Nicaea to Chalcedon : a guide to the literature and its background / Frances M. Young with Andrew Teal.
BR516 S43 2011The myth of American religious freedom / David Sehat.
BR60 .A35 no.55, etc.Against the heresies / St. Irenaeus of Lyons translated and annotated by Dominic J. Unger, with further revisions by John J. Dillon.
BS186 .B693 2011 The book of books : the radical impact of the King James Bible, 1611-2011 / Melvyn Bragg.
BX8119.P6 J36 2010Mennonite German soldiers : nation, religion, and family in the Prussian East, 1772-1880 / Mark Jantzen.
BX955.3 .P35 2010The papacy since 1500 : from Italian prince to universal pastor / edited by James Corkery and Thomas Worcester.
D767.95 .Z84 2011Lost in Shangri-la : a true story of survival, adventure, and the most incredible rescue mission of World War II / Mitchell Zuckoff.
DA689.G3 C65 2011Vauxhall Gardens : a history / David Coke & Alan Borg.
DE71 .A25 2011The great sea : a human history of the Mediterranean / David Abulafia.
DS109.9 .S37 2011Jerusalem : the biography / Simon Sebag Montefiore.
DS131 .B35 2009The ten lost tribes : a world history / Zvi Ben-Dor Benite.
DS134.42.F73 P7413 2011Treasures from the attic : the extraordinary story of Anne Frank's family / Mirjam Pressler with Gerti Elias translated from the German by Damion Searls.
DS559.5 .M358 2011What it is like to go to war / Karl Marlantes.
DT159.6.D27 D35 2010Darfur's sorrow : the forgotten history of a humanitarian disaster / M.W. Daly.
E169.12 .R497 2011Before the Revolution : America's ancient pasts / Daniel K. Richter.
E185.96 .H24 2010Hands on the freedom plow : personal accounts by women in SNCC / edited by Faith S. Holsaert ... [et at.].
E451 .H77 2011Midnight rising : John Brown and the raid that sparked the Civil War / Tony Horwitz.
E78.C63 G72 2005Peoples of the Plateau : the Indian photographs of Lee Moorhouse, 1898-1915 / Steven L. Grafe foreword by Paula Richardson Fleming.
E842 .M346 2011BJack Kennedy : elusive hero / Chris Matthews.
E93 .U48 2001American Indians : answers to today's questions / by Jack Utter.
E97.6.P65 E23 2010Pipestone : my life in an Indian boarding school / Adam Fortunate Eagle afterword by Laurence M. Hauptman.
E98.D2 T76 2009Indian blues : American Indians and the politics of music, 1879-1934 / John W. Troutman.
E99.C5 C7164 2008Cherokee thoughts, honest and uncensored / Robert J. Conley.
E99.C53 M365 2007A Northern Cheyenne album / photographs by Thomas B. Marquis Margot Liberty, editor commentary by John Woodenlegs.
E99.K5 H86 2010Life at the Kiowa, Comanche, and Wichita Agency : the photographs of Annette Ross Hume / Kristina L. Southwell and John R. Lovett.
F2230.1.A7 M37 2011Folk art of the Andes / by Barbara Mauldin photography by Blair Clark.
F551 .B87 2011Winning the West with words : language and conquest in the lower Great Lakes / James Joseph Buss.
F593 .L288 2011Emigrants on the Overland Trail : the wagon trains of 1848 / Michael E. LaSalle.
F594.C2 M34 2005Calamity Jane : the woman and the legend / James D. McLaird.
F72.C3 F563 2011A Cape Cod notebook / Robert Finch illustrations by Jason Hart.
F776 .R74 2009Following Isabella : travels in Colorado then and now / Robert Root.
G153.4 .A154 2011100 places to go before they disappear.
G153.4 .S43 2011Secret journeys of a lifetime : 500 of the world's best hidden travel gems / introduction by Keith Bellows.
G608 .E57 2010In the empire of ice : encounters in a changing landscape / Gretel Ehrlich.
GE195 .G47 2011My green manifesto : down the Charles River in pursuit of a new environmentalism / David Gessner.
GV722 1980 .S27 2011Dropping the torch : Jimmy Carter, the Olympic boycott, and the Cold War / Nicholas Evan Sarantakes.
GV943.6.S64 E34 2009Spartak Moscow : a history of the people's team in the workers' state / Robert Edelman.
HA1955 .A49African statistical yearbook. Annuaire statistique pour l'Afrique.
HD82 .E547 2011Encyclopedia of international development / [edited by] Tim Forsyth.
HE356.U55 S69 2011Route 66 : traveler's guide and roadside companion / Tom Snyder.
HE5611 .M84 2011Stop signs : cars and capitalism on the road to economic, social and ecological decay / Bianca Mugyenyi and Yves Engler.
HG8781 .D528 2009Actuarial mathematics for life contingent risks / David C.M. Dickson, Mary R. Hardy, Howard R. Waters.
HM1166 .M49 2011As we speak : how to make your point and have it stick / Peter Meyers and Shann Nix.
HQ10.5.U6 D38 2010More perfect unions : the American search for marital bliss / Rebecca L. Davis.
HQ1090.3 .N492 2011New men : manliness in early America / edited by Thomas A. Foster foreword by Mary Beth Norton afterword by Toby L. Ditz.
HQ1155 .I635 2010Indigenous women and feminism : politics, activism, culture / edited by Cheryl Suzack ... [et al.].
HQ1420 .Z56 2010Opening windows onto hidden lives : women, country life, and early rural sociological research / Julie N. Zimmerman and Olaf F. Larson [foreword by Jess Gilbert].
HQ1438.N35 Z36 2010Voices without votes : women and politics in antebellum New England / Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray.
HQ471 .D46 2009Licentious Gotham : erotic publishing and its prosecution in nineteenth-century New York / Donna Dennis.
HQ75.16.U6 C36 2009The straight state : sexuality and citizenship in twentieth-century America / Margot Canaday.
HQ755.5.U5 .C46 2011A century of eugenics in America : from the Indiana experiment to the human genome era / edited by Paul A. Lombardo.
HT241 .H35 2011The Routledge handbook of urban ecology / edited by Ian Douglas ... [ et al.].
HT371 .W55 2011The neighborhood project : using evolution to improve my city, one block at a time / David Sloan Wilson.
HX39.5 .G334 2011Love and capital : Karl and Jenny Marx and the birth of a revolution / Mary Gabriel.
JK1059 1st .D6Documentary history of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, March 4, 1789-March 3, 1791 / Linda Grant De Pauw, editor.
KD671 .D37 2010Religion, race, rights : landmarks in the history of modern Anglo-American law / Eve Darian-Smith.
KF4755 .P37 2009What comes naturally : miscegenation law and the making of race in America / Peggy Pascoe.
LB1025.3 .T4393 2011Teaching with vision : culturally responsive teaching in standards-based classrooms / edited by Christine E. Sleeter, Catherine Cornbleth.
LB1042 .S675 2011The art of storytelling : telling truths through telling stories / Amy E. Spaulding.
LB1584 .E94 2011The hope for American school reform : the Cold War pursuit of inquiry learning in social studies / Ronald W. Evans.
LB2844.1.G39 G73 2009And they were wonderful teachers : Florida's purge of gay and lesbian teachers / Karen L. Graves.
LC149 .L585 2011Literacy promises / co-editors, Timothy Morrison, Linda Martin, Merry Boggs, Susan Szabo Leslie Haas, editorial assistant.
LC5144.2 .M87 2011Homelessness comes to school / Joseph Murphy, Kerri Tobin.
ML197 .M583 2009The modernist legacy : essays on new music / edited by Bjorn Heile.
ML270.2 .G67 2011Music and the language of love : seventeenth-century French airs / Catherine Gordon-Seifert.
ML3470 .A84 2009The Ashgate research companion to popular musicology / edited by Derek B. Scott.
ML3470 .P58 2010Play it again : cover songs in popular music / George Plasketes.
ML3470 .R65 2011Pop music, pop culture / Chris Rojek.
ML3508.8.S26 S56 2012Keystone Korner : portrait of a jazz club / photographs and interviews by Kathy Sloane edited by Sascha Feinstein and Kathy Sloane.
ML3526 .E34 2010Hot stuff : disco and the remaking of American culture / Alice Echols.
ML3531 .B35 2011Buena Vista in the club : rap, reggaetón, and revolution in Havana / Geoffrey Baker.
ML3534.6.C45 C36 2011Red rock : the long, strange march of Chinese rock & roll / Jonathan Campbell.
ML36 .M664 2011A perfect haze : the illustrated history of the Monterey International Pop Festival / by Harvey Kubernik and Kenneth Kubernik foreword by Lou Adler afterword by Michelle Phillips.
ML3809 .W85 2009Mathematics and music / David Wright.
ML3838 .N49 2011New perspectives on music and gesture / edited by Anthony Gritten and Elaine King.
ML410.G11 C43 2011Giovanni Gabrieli and his contemporaries : music, sources and collections / Richard Charteris.
ML410.G978 K38 2011Woody Guthrie, American radical / Will Kaufman.
ML410.G978 L5 2011The life, music and thought of Woody Guthrie : a critical appraisal / [edited by] John S. Partington.
ML410.M23 F45 2011Gustav Mahler / Jens Malte Fischer translated by Stewart Spencer.
ML410.M9 I75 2010Understanding Mozart's piano sonatas / John Irving.
ML410.S283 F45 2011Schoenberg's new world : the American years / Sabine Feisst.
ML410.S5988 L48 2011The performing style of Alexander Scriabin / Anatole Leikin.
ML420.A896 D46 2011Music makes me : Fred Astaire and jazz / Todd Decker.
ML420.S4447 M36 2011Music from the true vine : Mike Seeger's life & musical journey / Bill C. Malone.
ML423.L6347 A4 2011Alan Lomax, assistant in charge : the Library of Congress letters, 1935-1945 / edited by Ronald D. Cohen.
ML55 .G212 2011Ethnomusicological encounters with music and musicians : essays in honor of Robert Garfias / [edited by] Timothy Rice.
ML85 .C39 2011Blue notes in black and white : photography and jazz / Benjamin Cawthra.
MT1 .A83 2011Advances in social-psychology and music education research / edited by Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman.
MT1 .S563 2010Sociology and music education / edited by Ruth Wright.
N5220.S785 S74 2011The Steins collect : Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian avant-garde / edited by Janet Bishop, Cécile Debray, and Rebecca Rabinow [contributors, Isabelle Alfandary ... [et al.] curators of the exhibition, Janet Bishop ... [et al.]].
N5252.G35 B66 2011Good Living Street : Portrait of a Patron Family of Vienna 1900 / Tim Bonyhady.
N6507 .S53 2011Shaping the body politic : art and political formation in early America / edited by Maurie D. McInnis and Louis P. Nelson.
N6512 .W48 2011Legacy : The Emily Fisher Landau Collection / Edited by Dana Miller With essays by Donna De Salvo and Joseph Giovannini.
N6758.5.M63 G74 2011Modern antiquity : Picasso, de Chirico, Léger, Picabia / Christopher Green, Jens M. Daehner with contributions by Silvia Loreti and Sara Cochran.
N6797.G465 S57 2011Sir John Gilbert : art and imagination in the Victorian age / edited by Spike Bucklow and Sally Woodcock with contributions by Mark Bills ... [et al.].
N72.S6 K35 2012Christ to COKE : how image becomes icon / Martin Kemp.
N7326.6.S46 M46 2011Ancestors of the Lake : art of Lake Sentani and Humboldt Bay, New Guinea / edited by Virginia-Lee Webb contributions by Anna-Karina Hermkens ... [et al.].
NA2542.35 .S83 2011Design for a vulnerable planet / Frederick Steiner.
NA4690 .K34 2011The synagogues of Britain and Ireland : an architectural and social history / Sharman Kadish.
NA5466 .F75 2011The eighteenth-century church in Britain / Terry Friedman.
NA5620.S9 T36 2010Jerusalem on the hill : Rome and the vision of St. Peter's in the Renaissance / Marie Tanner.
NB511.5.M47 A4 2010Franz Xaver Messerschmidt / edited by Maria Pötzl-Malikova and Guilhem Scherf with contributions by Antonia Boström, Marie-Claude Lambotte, Maria Pötzl-Malikova, and Guilhem Scherf.
NB623.B5 M67 2011Bernini : his life and his Rome / Franco Mormando.
NC139.W49 A4 2000Search for the Native American purebloods / drawings and narrative by Charles Banks Wilson foreword by Herman J. Viola.
NC1429.S583 A4 2011The lost art of William Steig : cats, dogs, men, women, ninnies, & clowns / Jeanne Steig introduction by Roz Chast afterword by Jules Feiffer.
NC1764 .C35 20111,000 ideas by 100 manga artists / Cristian Campos.
NC1766.F8 N48 2011French animation history / Richard Neupert.
NC1883.3.C78 A4 2011R. Crumb : the complete record cover collection.
NC748 .B4513 2011Florence and Baghdad : Renaissance art and Arab science / Hans Belting translated by Deborah Lucas Schneider.
ND237.A827 A4 2011To make a world : George Ault and 1940s America / Alexander Nemerov.
ND30 .C4 1887Cyclopedia of painters and paintings ed. by John Denison Champlin, jr., critical editor, Charles C. Perkins ... with more than two thousand illustrations.
ND497.Z6 W43 2011Johan Zoffany, 1733-1810 / Mary Webster.
ND623.R2 K55 2011Vision and the visionary in Raphael / Christian K. Kleinbub.
ND653.R4 A4 2011Rembrandt and the face of Jesus / edited by Lloyd DeWitt with a preface by Seymour Slive and contributions by Lloyd DeWitt ... [et al.].
NE651.6.E9 M87 2011German Expressionism : the graphic impulse / Starr Figura with an essay by Peter Jelavich.
NK4168.6.A1 L44 2011Korean Buncheong ceramics from Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art / Soyoung Lee and Jeon Seung-chang.
P118.2 .C67 2008Second language learning and language teaching / Vivian Cook.
P40.5.L33 D63 2011Documenting endangered languages : achievements and perspectives / edited by Geoffrey Haig ... [et al.].
PA2285 .N49 2009New perspectives on historical Latin syntax / edited by Philip Baldi, Pierluigi Cuzzolin.
PN1995.9.D6 S5955 2011Crafting truth : documentary form and meaning / Louise Spence and Vinicius Navarro.
PN1995.9.H6 M43 2011Horror noire : blacks in American horror films from the 1890s to present / Robin R. Means Coleman.
PN1995.9.N36 B78 2009Nazi cinema's new women / Jana F. Bruns.
PN1998.3.K34 K46 2011Pauline Kael : a life in the dark / Brian Kellow.
PN2091.S8 B6675 2011Fundamentals of theatrical design / Karen Brewster, Melissa Shafer.
PN2287.K7 H67 2010Ernie Kovacs & early tv comedy : nothing in moderation / Andrew Horton.
PN2287.L645 H36 2011Lillian Lorraine : the life and times of a Ziegfeld diva / Nils Hanson foreword by Richard Ziegfeld.
PN2598.R4575 S73 2011 The stage's glory : John Rich, 1692-1761 / edited by Berta Joncus and Jeremy Barlow.
PQ6656.E72138 Z66 2002Angles on otherness in post-Franco Spain : the fiction of Cristina Fernández Cubas / Jessica A. Folkart.
PQ6656.E72138 Z73 2005Mapping the fiction of Cristina Fernández Cubas / edited by Kathleen M. Glenn and Janet Pérez.
PQ8179.C24 Z86 2010The city of translation : poetry and ideology in nineteenth-century Colombia / José María Rodríguez García.
PR2888 .C3Shakespeare survey.
PR3071 .R37 2011The Shakespeare thefts : in search of the first folios / Eric Rasmussen.
PR4581 .T66 2011Charles Dickens : a life / Claire Tomalin.
PR4582 .D68 2011Becoming Dickens : the invention of a novelist / Robert Douglas-Fairhurst.
PS153.I52 R33 2008Reasoning together : the native critics collective / by Janice Acoose ... [et al.] edited by Craig S. Womack, Daniel Heath Justice, and Christopher B. Teuton.
PS273 .M63Midwestern miscellany.
PS3515.E37 Z628 2011Hemingway's boat : everything he loved in life, and lost, 1934-1961 / Paul Hendrickson.
PS3535.I233 T66 2011Tonight no poetry will serve : poems, 2007-2010 / Adrienne Rich.
PS3537.T323 Z56 2011Seeing Gertrude Stein : five stories / Wanda M. Corn and Tirza True Latimer.
PS3552.U4 P584 2007The pleasures of the damned : poems, 1951-1993 / Charles Bukowski edited by John Martin.
PS3556.I53 H43 2011Head off & split : poems / Nikky Finney.
PS3561.O455 C48 2011The chameleon couch : poems / Yusef Komunyakaa.
PS3561.R569 S65 2011The sojourn / Andrew Krivak.
PS3563.A311145 A65 2008Acheron / Sherrilyn Kenyon.
PS3566.H476 D68 2011Double shadow / Carl Phillips.
PS3569.M512 D48 2011Devotions / Bruce Smith.
PS3615.T88 B83 2011The Buddha in the attic / Julie Otsuka.
QA151 .S4513 2009An introduction to the history of algebra : solving equations from Mesopotamian times to the Renaissance / Jacques Sesiano translated by Anna Pierrehumbert.
QA460.P8 K37 2011Hidden harmonies : the lives and times of the Pythagorean theorem / Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan illustrations by Ellen Kaplan.
QB501 .L24 2011The Cambridge guide to the solar system / Kenneth R. Lang.
QC903 .P766 2010The climate war : true believers, power brokers, and the fight to save the earth / Eric Pooley.
QH81 H35 1986On nature : nature, landscape, and natural history / edited by Daniel Halpern advisory editors Annie Dillard ... [et al.].
QL675 .G619 2011Avian architecture : how birds design, engineer & build / Peter Goodfellow edited by Mike Hansell.
QL684.K2 B57 2011Birds of Kansas / Max C. Thompson ... [et al.].
RC388.5 .B39513 1998The diving bell and the butterfly : a memoir of life in death / Jean-Dominique Bauby translated from the French by Jeremy Leggatt.
RC451.4.S7 P735 2011Mad at school : rhetorics of mental disability and academic life / Margaret Price.
RM666.A68 S364 2011The healing intelligence of essential oils : the science of advanced aromatherapy / Kurt Schnaubelt.
RT4 .D357 2010American nursing : a history of knowledge, authority, and the meaning of work / Patricia D'Antonio.
S501.2 .M37 2010Mini farming : self sufficiency on a 1/4 acre / Brett L. Markham.
SB761 .C537 2011Forest entomology : a global perspective / by William M. Ciesla.
SF429.G37 O75 2011Rin Tin Tin : the life and the legend / Susan Orlean.
SF487 .K5618 20094-H guide to raising chickens / Tara Kindschi.
SF487 .S325 2011The chicken whisperer's guide to keeping chickens : everything you need to know-- and didn't know you needed to know about backyard and urban chickens / Andy G. Schneider and Brigid McCrea.
TK9204 .C48 2011An indispensable truth : how fusion power can save the planet / Francis F. Chen.
TL539 .M58 2012The map of my dead pilots : the dangerous game of flying in Alaska / Colleen Mondor.
TN23 .U612Minerals yearbook / prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Mines.
TR660.5 .W384 2011Carleton Watkins : the complete mammoth photographs / Weston Naef and Christine Hult-Lewis with contributions by Michael Hargraves, Jack von Euw, and Jennifer A. Watts.
TS1715.I6 W55 2011Irish people, Irish linen / Kathleen Curtis Wilson.
TT502 .C355 2011Roberto Capucci : art into fashion / Dilys E. Blum.
TT505.C45 C456 2011Coco Chanel : an intimate life / Lisa Chaney.
TT699 .T45 2011Layered textiles : new surfaces with heat tools, machine and hand stitch / Kim Thittichai.
TT825 L45 1990Sampler afghans.
TT835 .B68 2011Bouquet of blooms : 15 quilts, wall hangings, and pillows.
TT860 G73 2011Designing bead and wire jewelry : everything the beginner needs to know / Renata Graham.
TT920 .B6 2011Colour in glazes / by Linda Bloomfield.
TX147 .J643 2011Old-time country wisdom & lore : 1000s of traditional skills for simple living / Jerry Mack Johnson.
TX325 .K58 2001Tiny game hunting : environmentally healthy ways to trap and kill the pests in your house and garden / Hilary Dole Klein and Adrian M. Wenner illustrations by Courtlandt Johnson.
Z250 .G228 2011Just my type : a book about fonts / Simon Garfield.

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Location: Juvenile

Call NumberTitle/Author
578.734 SE65LOLooking closely in the rain forest / Frank Serafini.
779 H1119IDI dreamed of flying like a bird : my adventures photographing wild animals from a helicopter / Robert B. Haas.
971 W6757INThe Inuit / Suzanne M. Williams.
974.7 M349FLFlesh & blood so cheap : the Triangle fire and its legacy / Albert Marrin.
975.004 W6757CHCherokee Indians / Suzanne Morgan Williams.
F B2758ANAnna of Byzantium / Tracy Barrett.
F B2758BEThe Beast of Blackslope / by Tracy Barrett.
F B2758CAThe case that time forgot / Tracy Barrett.
F B2758HUThe hundred-year-old secret / by Tracy Barrett.
F B2758MIThe missing heir / Tracy Barrett.
F B4963CHChime / Franny Billingsley.
F ED989MYMy name is not easy / by Debby Dahl Edwardson.
F F687SOThe sorta sisters / Adrian Fogelin.
F J4159TNToys come home : being the early experiences of an intelligent stingray, a brave buffalo, and a brand-new someone called Plastic / Emily Jenkins illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky.
F L138INInside out & back again / Thanhha Lai.
F L454CHThe Christmas cheese / by Curt Layman.
F M996SHShine / Lauren Myracle.
F R581BLBlackout / by John Rocco.
F SCA44MAMamba Point / Kurtis Scaletta.
F SCA44TAThe Tanglewood terror / Kurtis Scaletta [illustrations by Peter Ferguson].
F SCH53OKOkay for now / by Gary D. Schmidt.
F SE61BEBetween shades of gray / Ruta Sepetys.
F W8354FIThe fingertips of Duncan Dorfman / Meg Wolitzer.

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Location: Maps

Call NumberTitle/Author
G3200 2011 .U5Political map of the world, June 2011 [cartographic material].
G3201.B2 2011 .U5Standard time zones of the world.
G3201.C2 2011 .U5Physical map of the world, June 2011 [cartographic material].

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PS3551.B895 B573 2011Birds of paradise [sound recording] / Diana Abu-Jaber.
PS3553.O692 .R433 2011Red mist [sound recording] / Patricia Cornwell.
PS3573.E195 .G734 2011The graduate [sound recording] / adapted and originally directed by Terry Johnson.
PS3603.L68 G573 2011Girls in white dresses [sound recording] / Jennifer Close.
PS3613.O74875 N543 2011The night circus [sound recording] / Erin Morgenstern.
PT8177.21.A24 D74133 2011The boy in the suitcase [sound recording] / Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis.
UB270 E86 2011Espionage and covert operations [sound recording] : a global history / Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call NumberTitle/Author
M1366 .J3959 2010Jazz [sound recording] : The Smithsonian anthology.
M1500.M693 Z3 1985Die Zauberflöte [sound recording] / Mozart.

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
BL304 .J673 2011Joseph Campbell [videorecording] : Mythos III, the shaping of the Western tradition / producer, Robert Walter a Joseph Campbell Foundation production Athena.
BQ4360 .C66 2011Compassion in emptiness [videorecording] / Oscilloscope Pictures producers, Mollie Rodriguez, Nicholas Vreeland, Adam Yauch.
BS649.A68 W35 2010Waiting for Armageddon [videorecording] / Eureka Film Productions and Q-Ball Productions present a film [directed] by Kate Davis, Franco Sacchi, David Heilbroner produced by David Heilbroner, Franco Sacchi.
BX8495.W5 W47 2009Wesley [videorecording] : a heart transformed can change the world / Directed by John Jackman Foundery Pictures with Gillder Frontier Gateway Films dist. by Vision Video.
CT275.W45 W45 2011White lightnin' [videorecording] / UK Film Council and Vice Films present in association with the SALT Company a Film and Music Entertainment Production written by Shane Smith, Eddy Moretti produced by Mike Downey, Sam Taylor directed by Dominic Murphy.
D802.N7 M39 2011Max Manus [videorecording] : man of war / John M. Jacobsen presents produced by John M. Jacobsen, Sveinung Golimo screenplay by Thomas Nordseth Tiller directed by Espen Sandberg, Joachim Ronning.
DS134.72.G65 S26 2008Samuel Goldwasser [videorecording] / [Traipsing Thru Films directed and edited by Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges written and produced by Renee Sotile].
DT1757 .W76 2011Wrong side of the bus [videorecording] / produced by Change Focus Media with the assistance of the New South Wales Film and Television Office writer, director & producer, Rod Freedman.
DT516.826 .F36 2011Fambul tok [videorecording] / a film by Sara Terry producer, Libby Hoffman a Catalyst for Peace film.
E185.61.G8 U53 2010Uncommon vision [videorecording] : the life and times of John Howard Griffin / written and produced by Morgan C. Atkinson.
GE160.B92 C75 2010More people, more trees : environmental recovery in Africa = Plus de gens, plus d'arbres : réhabilitation de l'environnement en Afrique / William Critchley.
GE197 .I3 2011If a tree falls [videorecording] : a story of the Earth Liberation Front / A coproduction of Marshall Curry Productions, LLC and the Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in association with Lucky Hat Entertainment, American Documentary (POV) and the BBC directed and produced by Marshall Curry co-directed and produced by Sam Cullman written and edited by Matthew Hamachek, Marshall Curry.
GV1790.D65 D645 2011Don Quichot [videorecording] / the Amsterdam Music Theatre Dutch National Ballet choreography, Marius Petipa and Alexander Gorski production and additional choreography, Alexei Ratmansky music, Ludwig Minkus a Dutch National Ballet and 3 Minutes West co-production in association with the NTR produced and directed by Adrienne Liron and Jeff Tudor.
GV1790.P485 B37 2011La petite danseuse de degas [videorecording] : a ballet in two parts / original idea by Patrice Bart & Martine Kahane original music Denis Levaillant choreography and staging Patrice Bart directed for TV by Vincent Bataillon.
GV1821.C522 C57 2011Circo [videorecording] / produced, directed & photographed by Aaron L. Schock written by Aaron Schock & Mark Becker a co-production of Hecho a Mano Films, and the Independent Televison Service (ITVS)
GV23 .A573 1996The ancient Olympics [videorecording] : athletes, games & heroes, a lecture / a lecture of David Gilman Romano.
GV35 .G53 1998Gladiators [videorecording] : sports & entertainment in the Roman world / a lecture by Prof. David Potter produced by the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in association with New Step Productions.
HB171 .T393 2011Unexpected economics [videorecording (DVD)] / Timothy Taylor.
HC340.F3 P382 2011The great famine [videorecording] / written & produced by Austin Hoyt directed by Austin Hoyt, Aisiyuak Yumagulov an Austin Hoyt Productions film for American experience WGBH.
HD4482 .D58 2011Dive! [videorecording] / Compeller Pictures the San Damiano Foundation presents a film by Jeremy Seifert produced, directed and written by Jeremy Seifert.
HN79.A13 Y68 2011You got to move [videorecording] : stories of change in the South / Milliarium Zero Cumberland Mountain Educational Cooperative Inc. produced by Lucy Massie Phenix directed and edited by Lucy Massie Phenix and Veronica Selver.
HQ1134 .P3634 2006Pandora's box [videorecording] : the roles of women in classical Greece : a lecture / by Ellen D. Reeder a production of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in association with New Step Productions director, Sheila Claire Cohen.
HQ76.27.O44 O98 2011Out late [videorecording] / Forever Films Inc. film by Beatrice Alda and Jennifer Brooke.
HV9105.O6 O542 2011Born innocent [videorecording] / a Tomorrow Entertainment production written by Gerald DiPego produced by Bruce Cohn Curtis directed by Donald Wrye.
JC596 .E73 2011Erasing David [videorecording] / the Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation and Green Lion Films present in association with the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust a Green Lions production a film by David Bond and Ashley Jones produced by Ashley Jones directed by David Bond.
JC599.U5 H567 2011A history of civil rights in America [videorecording] / produced by Centre Communications, Inc. for Ambrose Video Publishing producer, Ron Meyer director, Ron Meyer writers, Ron Meyer, Mark Reeder.
JF1525.W45 W55 2011Wikisecrets [videorecording] / [a Frontline Production with Rain Media, Inc. producers, Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith writers, Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith].
KD621.G37 G3712 2011Garrow's law. Series 2 [videorecording] / written by Tony Marchant and Damian Wayling co-created by Tony Marchant directed by Ashley Pearce produced by Nick Pitt Twenty Twenty productions Ltd. Shed Media Scotland BBC.
LB1576 .C5538 2008Choice Literacy sampler [videorecording] / Choice Literacy Productions, Inc.
M1366.D28 M563 2011Miles Davis [videorecording] : Live at Montreux highlights 1973-1991 / Claude Nobs, executive producer Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.
M1366.G56 D59 2011Dizzy Gillespie in Redondo [videorecording] / a JazzAmerica-KCET Community Television production in association with United American and Australasian Film Production Pty. Ltd. producer, Gary Keys director, Stanley Dorfman.
M1500.B514 B46 2009Benvenuto Cellini [videorecording] / music by Hector Berlioz libretto by Léon de Wailly and Auguste Barbier, inspired by Cellini's autobiography a production of Unitel in co-production with ZDF/3sat and Classica in co-operation with the Salzburg Festival.
M1500.H36 T44 2011Theodora [videorecording] : oratorio in three parts, HWV 68 / by George Frideric Handel text by Thomas Morell, based on The martyrdom of Theodora and Didymus by Robert Boyle Salzburg Festival, from the Grosses Festpielhaus.
M1500.P47 L58 2011Livietta e Tracollo [videorecording] / music, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi libretto, Tommaso Mariani a co-production VRT, EuroArts Entertainment OHG.
M1500.P97 T672 2010Tosca [videorecording] / musica di Giacomo Puccini libretto di Luigi Illica e Giuseppe Giacosa.
M1529.4 .A44 2011American harmony [videorecording] : stop worshipping false idols / This is Just a Test presents a film by Aengus James produced by Colin King Miller.
M1824.T5 T523 2011Tibet in song [videorecording] / a film by Ngawang Choephel a New Yorker Films release Guge Productions written, directed, and produced by Ngawang Choephel.
M1841.18.A23 A23 2011AC/DC [videorecording] : let there be rock / Warner Bros. Pictures presents produced by High Speed Productions in association with Sebastian International produced and directed by Eric Dionysius and Eric Mistler.
M2000.B15 M38 2011St. Matthew's Passion [videorecording] : BWV 244 / Johann Sebastian Bach a co-production with RM Arts ... [et al.] director, Peter Schulze-Rohr producer, Deitrich [i.e. Dietrich] Mack.
M2021.P37 J64 2010St. John Passion / Arvo Pärt a Christopher Swann production in association with RM ARTS amd Channel 4.
ML3654 .M87 2011Music & dance, a rich culture [videorecording].
ML397 .A78 2011The art of piano [videorecording] : great pianists of the 20th century / a film written by Christian Labrande & Donald Sturrock directed by Donald Sturrock produced by Pierre-Oliver Barted and Stephen Wright an Idéale Audience & IMG Artists production in coproduction with La Sept Arte ... [et al.].
ML400 .A78 2011The art of singing [videorecording] : golden voices of the century / conception and original treatment by Christian Labrande a BBC IMG Artists Idéale Audience la Sept Arte Imalyre-Vtcom France Télécom co-production directed by Donald Sturrock.
ML418.H43 G63 2011God's fiddler, Jascha Heifetz, 1901-1987 [videorecording] / a Peter Rosen Productions, Inc., WDR/ARTE Euroarts International presentation.
ML420.O34 P45 2010Phil Ochs [videorecording] : there but for fortune / S2BN Entertainment in association with Barking Dog Productions Inc. produced by Michael Cohl, Kenneth Bowser, Michael Ochs written & directed by Kenneth Bowser.
MT6 .E963 1999Exploring the world of music [videorecording] / a co-production of Pacific Street Films and Educational Film Center.
N5633 .N353 2003Coming of age in ancient Greece [videorecording] : images of childhood from the classical past / by Jenifer Neils & John H. Oakley Executive producers, Getzel M. Cohen & James P. Storer.
NB140 .M983 1996Myth, man & metal [videorecording] : bronze sculpture of ancient Greece & Rome / producer, Sheila Claire Cohen text Carol C. Mattusch script adaptation, Sheila Claire Cohen a production of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in association with New Step Productions.
ND237.K65 C66 2011Con artist [videorecording] / a New Yorker Films release Plug Ugly Films in association with Ovation ... [et al.] directed & produced by Michael Sládek.
PN1992.77 .D53 2011Diana Rigg at the BBC [videorecording].
PN1992.8.H56 T83677 2008The Tudors. The complete first season [videorecording] / Showtime presents in association with Peace Arch Entertainment director of photography,Ousama Rawi producers, Gary Howsam, James Flynn created by Michael Hirst executive producers, Michael Hirst, Benjamin Silverman, Teri Weinberg, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Sheila Hockin, Morgan O'Sullivan.
PN1993.5.U6 M63 2011Moguls & movie stars [videorecording] : a history of Hollywood / Turner Classic Movies presents in association with Turner Entertainment Co. from Ostar Productions and Wilkman Productions executive producer, Bill Haber produced and written by Jon Wilkman.
PN1995.9 M86 U57 2011The unsinkable Molly Brown [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Lawrence Weingarten production screenplay by Helen Deutsch directed by Charles Walters.
PN1995.9.C55 C43 2011Cedar Rapids [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents an Ad Hominem Enterprises production a Miguel Arteta film produced by Jim Burke, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor written by Phil Johnston directed by Miguel Arteta.
PN1995.9.C55 F755 2011Friends with benefits [videorecording] / Screen Gems presents a Castle Rock Entertainment/Zucker/Olive Bridge Entertainment production screenplay by Keith Merryman & David A. Newman and Will Gluck produced by Martin Shafer ... [et al.] directed by Will Gluck.
PN1995.9.C55 H334 2011The hangover. Part II [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents, in association with Legendary Pictures, a Green Hat Films production a Todd Phillips movie produced by Todd Phillips, Dan Goldberg written by Craig Mazin & Scot Armstrong & Todd Phillips directed by Todd Phillips.
PN1995.9.C55 H665 2011Horrible bosses [videorecording] / New Line Cinema presents a Rat Entertainment production story by Michael Markowitz screenplay by Michael Markowitz and John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldsten produced by Brett Ratner, Jay Stern directed by Seth Gordon.
PN1995.9.C55 L3784 2010The last of the blonde bombshells [videorecording] / HBO Films BBC Working Title Television produced by Su Armstrong directed by Gillies Mackinnon screenplay by Alan Plater.
PN1995.9.C55 T473 2011Terri [videorecording] / ATO Pictures presents a Verisimilitude production, in association with Silverwood Films, Periscope Entertainment, Knowmore produced by Alison Dickey, Hunter Gray, Lynette Howell, Alex Orlovsky story by Patrick DeWitt & Azazel Jacobs written by Patrick DeWitt directed by Azazel Jacobs.
PN1995.9.D4 D37 2011The dark beginnings of Sherlock Holmes [videorecording] : Dr. Bell and Mr. Doyle / BBC a co-production of BBC and WGBH Boston, produced in association with The Television Production Company produced by Ian Madden written by David Pirie directed by Paul Seed.
PN1995.9.D62 P86 2011Punching the clown [videorecording] / Viens Films produced and directed by Gregori Viens written by Henry Phillips & Gregori Viens.
PN1995.9.E44 A44 2008AmericanEast [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Distant Horizon and Zahra Pictures present directed by Hesham Issawi written by Hesham Issawi, Sayed Badreya, Brian Cox story by Hesham Issawi & Sayed Badreya produced by Anant Singh, Brian Cox, Ahmad Zahra.
PN1995.9.E44 B67 2011Bordertown [videorecording] / Australian Broadcasting Corporation producers, Penny Chapman, Steve Knapman directors, Ken Cameron and Ian Gilmour writers, John Alsop and Sue Smith.
PN1995.9.E96 B9312 2010By Brakhage. An anthology, Volume two [videorecording].
PN1995.9.F35 L43 2011Lebanon, Pa. [videorecording] / director Ben Hickernell.
PN1995.9.F35 L678 2011Lou [videorecording] / Screen Australia and Matchbox Pictures present in association with Screen NSW produced by Helen Bowden, Michael McMahon, Tony Ayres & Belinda Chayko written and directed by Belinda Chayko.
PN1995.9.F35 U54 2005Undertow [videorecording] / United Artists and Contentfilm present a Sunflower production produced by Lisa Muskat, Terrence Malick, Edward R. Pressman story by Lingard Jervey screenplay by Joe Conway and David Gordon Green directed by David Gordon Green.
PN1995.9.F6712 H668 2008Hong yan [videorecording] = Dam Street / Laurel Films presents with the support of the Fonds Sud Cinema, Ministry of Culture and Communication (CNC), Ministry of the Foreign Affairs (France) [and Rosem Films] produced by Fang Li script by Li Yu and Fang Li directed by Li Yu.
PN1995.9.F67128 B75 2011Bride flight [videorecording] / IDTV Film presenteert in coproductie met Samsa Films en de NCRV met bijdragen van Suppletieregeling, Filminvesteringen Nederland, CoBO-Fonds, Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, Film Fund Luxembourg, Chios Media B.V., ein film van Ben Sombogaart producenten, Anton Smit, Hanneke Niens scenario, Marieke van der Pol regie, Ben Sombogaart.
PN1995.9.F67128 O57 2011 Blu-rayOorlogswinter [videorecording] = Winter in wartime / producers, Els Vandevorst & San Fu Maltha screenplay, Paul Jan Nelissen, Mieke de Jong, Martin Koolhoven director, Martin Koolhoven.
PN1995.9.F67128 O57 2011Oorlogswinter [videorecording] = Winter in wartime / a film by Martin Koolhoven produced by San Fu Maltha, Els Vandevorst screenplay, Paul Jan Nelissen, Meke de Jong, Martin Koolhoven director, Martin Koolhoven.
PN1995.9.F6714 C6445 2011Le concert [videorecording] / The Weinstein Company une coproduction Les Productions du Trésor ... [et al.] avec le participation de Canal+, CinéCinéma et de France 3 scénario, Radu Mihaileanu, Alain-Michel Blanc avec le collaboration de Matthew Robbins produit par Alain Attal un film de Radu Mihaileanu.
PN1995.9.F6714 E533 2011En la ciudad de Sylvia [videorecording] = Dans la ville de Sylvia / Eddie Saeta S.A. Château-Rouge production con la partícipación de TVE... [et al.] Luis Miñarra presenta scénario y réalisation, José Luis Guerín.
PN1995.9.F6714 H67 2011Hors la loi [videorecording] = Outside the law / Cohen Media Group presents Tessalit Productions ... [et al.] Jean Bréhat and Rachid Bouchareb present writer/director, Rachid Bouchareb.
PN1995.9.F6714 N66 2011Le nom des gens [videorecording] = The names of love / a co-production of Delante Films ... [et al.] produced by Caroline Adrian, Fabrice Goldstein, Antoine Rein screenplay by Baya Kasmi and Michel Leclerc directed by Michel Leclerc.
PN1995.9.F6714 T29 2000ZTaxi [videorecording] written and produced by Luc Besson.
PN1995.9.F6714 V578 2011Viva Riva! [videorecording] / Beta Cinema presenta a Formosa production in co-production with MG Productions and Suka! Productions ... produced by Boris Van Gils & Michael Goldberg producer, Djo Tunda Wa Munga written and directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga.
PN1995.9.F671555 S55 2011880-01 Shliḥuto shel Ha'memuneh al mash'abey enosh [videorecording] = The human resources manager / produced with the suppport of The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts-Cinema Project, The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, Mittledeutsche Medienforderung, CNC Romania in co-production with ZDF/Arte co-produced by Pallas Film, EZ Films, Hai Hui Entertainment, Pie Films a 2-Team Productions production an Eran Riklis film directed by Eran Riklis written by Noah Stollman.
PN1995.9.F67163 C47 2011Chrono crusade [videorecording] : the complete series / FUNimation director, Koh Yuh.
PN1995.9.F67163 S525 2011Shingu [videorecording] : secret of the stellar wars / Madhouse, Team Muryo created by acclaimed director Tatsuo Sato production by Masao Morosawa.
PN1995.9.F671635 S5 2011880-01 Si [Videorecording] = Poetry / Unikorea presents in association with Diaphana Distribution ... [et al.] a Pinehouse Film production chejak, Yi Chun-dong kakpon, kamdok, Yi Ch'ang-dong.
PN1995.9.F67169 C366 2011Carmo [videorecording] / Uma produção de a Contraluz Films uma produção de Magia Filmes Produçoes uma produção de Gremi Film Production escrito e dirigido por Murilo Pasta produzido por Xavier Granada ... [et al.].
PN1995.9.F67169 C56 2007Cinema, aspirinas e urubus [videorecording] / BR Petrobrás apresenta uma produção Rec Produtores Associados, Dezenove Som e Imagens produzido por Sara Silveira, Maria Ionescu, João Viera Jr. direção, Marcelo Gomes roteiro, Marcelo Gomes, Paulo Caldas, Karim Aïnouz.
PN1995.9.F67169 Q37 2007Quase dois irmãos [videorecording] = Almost brothers / uma produção Taiga argumento, produção e direção, Lúcia Murat roteiro, Lúcia Murat, Paulo Lins.
PN1995.9.F6718 B25 2011Balada triste de trompeta [videorecording] / una producción de Tornasol Films, Castariore Films, Balada Triste de Trompeta A.I.E. producida por Gerardo Herrero, Mariela Besuievsky escrita y dirigida por Álex de la Iglesia.
PN1995.9.F6718 C267 2011Carancho [videorecording] / Cine Argentino Matanza Cine, Finecut, Patagonik, Ad Vitam, L90 Producciones con el apoyo de INCAA-Programa IberMedia presentan una película de Pablo Trapero dirección, Pablo Trapero guión, Alejandro Fadel, Martin Mauregui, Santiago Mitre, Pablo Trapero productor, Pablo Trapero.
PN1995.9.F6718 C45 2011Celda 211 [videorecording] / Telecinco presenta una producción de Vaca Films, Morena Films, Telecinco Cinema una coproducción hispano-francesa con La Farbrique 2 guión, Jorge Guerricaechevarría y Daniel Monzón producida por Emma Lustres ... [et al.] dirigada por Daniel Monzón.
PN1995.9.F6718 Y67 2011Yo, también [videorecording] = Me too / Alicia Produce Promico Imagen written and directed Álvaro Pastor and Antonio Naharro.
PN1995.9.F67183 F33 2011Face to face [videorecording] / Cinematograph Paramount StudioCanal Cinema International Corporation Dino De Laurentis presents a film by Ingmar Bergman [written directed and produced by Ingmar Bergman].
PN1995.9.F6719 B35 2011Bal [videorecording] / a film by Semih Kaplanoğlu.
PN1995.9.F83 F75 2009Friday the 13th [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures, a Georgetown Productions, Inc. production a Paramount release written by Victor Miller produced and directed by Sean S. Cunningham.
PN1995.9.F83 F7512 2009Friday the 13th. Part 2 [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Steve Miner film a Georgetown Productions, Inc. presentation a Paramount Picture written by Ron Kurz produced & directed by Steve Miner.
PN1995.9.F83 F7513 2009Friday the 13th. Part 3, 3-D [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Jason Productions, Inc./Frank Mancuso Jr. production produced by Frank Mancuso Jr. screenplay by Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson directed by Steve Miner.
PN1995.9.F83 F7514 2009Friday the 13th [videorecording] : the final chapter / Paramount Pictures produced by Frank Mancuso, Jr. story by Bruce Hidemi Sakow screenplay by Barney Cohen directed by Joseph Zito.
PN1995.9.F83 F7515 2009Friday the 13th. Part V, A new beginning [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures produced by Timothy Silver directed by Danny Steinmann screenplay by Martin Kitrosser, David Cohen and Danny Steinmann.
PN1995.9.F83 F7516 2009Friday the 13th. Part VI, Jason lives [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Terror Inc. production produced by Don Behrns written and directed by Tom McLoughlin.
PN1995.9.F83 F7517 2009Friday the 13th. Part VII, The new blood [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures Friday Four, Inc. writtenby Daryl Haney and Manuel Fidello produced by Iain Paterson directed by John Carl Buechler.
PN1995.9.F83 F7518 2009Friday the 13th. Part VIII, Jason takes Manhattan [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures Horror, Inc. produced by Randolph Cheveldave written and directed by Rob Hedden.
PN1995.9.H6 D668 2011Don't be afraid of the dark [videorecording] / [presented by] Lorimar Productions produced by Allen S. Epstein written by Nigel McKeand directed by John Newland.
PN1995.9.H6 V36 2011Vanishing on 7th Street [videorecording] / Magnet Releasing and Herrick Entertainment present a Mandalay Vision production in association with Circle of Confusion and Forrest Park Pictures produced by Norton Herrick, Celine Rattray, Tove Christensen written by Anthony Jaswinski directed by Brad Anderson.
PN1995.9.M372 L44 2001The legend of drunken master [videorecording] = Zui quan II / a Dimension Films release Raymond Chow/Golden Harvest present a Hong Kong Stuntman Association Ltd. production producers, Eric Tsang, Edward Tang screenplay writers, Edward Tang, Man-Ming Tong, Kai-Chi Yun directer, Chia-Liang Liu.
PN1995.9.S26 C6936 2011Cowboys & aliens [videorecording] / Universal Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment present produced by Brian Grazer ... [et al.] screenplay by Roberto Orci ... [et al.] directed by Jon Favreau.
PN1995.9.S26 R57 2011Rise of the planet of the apes [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents in association with Dune Entertainment a Chernin Entertainment production produced by Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark ... [et al.] written by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver directed by Rupert Wyatt.
PN1995.9.S26 S87 2011Super 8 [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents an Amblin Entertainment/Bad Robot production produced by Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk written and directed by J.J. Abrams.
PN1995.9.S68 D438 2011The debt [videorecording] / Focus Features and Miramax present a Marv Films production screenplay by Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman and Peter Straughan produced by Matthew Vaughn ... [et al.] directed by John Madden.
PN1995.9.S87 C378 2007The cat o' nine tails [videorecording] / produced by Salvatore Argento screenplay by Dario Argento directed by Dario Argento.
PN1995.9.S87 W57 2011Wired [videorecording] / ITV Studios Limited written by Kate Brooke directed by Kenny Glenaan produced by Rebecca Hodgson.
PN1995.9.W3 J74 2011Joe Maddison's war [videorecording] / written by Alan Plater director, Patrick Collerton.
PN1995.9.W3 L37 2007The last chance [videorecording] / MGM International Films Corp. a Praesens Film production book and screenplay, Richard Schweizer adaptation of English dialogue, Elizabeth Montagu adaptation of Italian dialogue, Alberto Barberis directed by Leopold Lindtberg produced by L. Wechsler.
PN1995.9.W4 M44 2011Meek's cutoff [videorecording] / Oscilloscope Laboraties an Evenstar Films, Filmscience, Harmony/Primitive Nerd presentation produced by Neil Kopp, Anish Savjani ... [et al.] screenplay by Jon Raymond directed by Kelly Reichardt.
PN1997 .C676 2005Conversation piece [videorecording] Choice of weapons .
PN1997.2 .B45 2011Beginners [videorecording] / Focus Features and Olympus Pictures present in association with Parts & Labor produced by Leslie Urdang, Dean Vanech ... [et al.] written and directed by Mike Mills.
PN1997.5 .W3428 2009Wallace & Gromit. A close shave [videorecording] / Aardman Animations Limited.
PN1997.5 J33 2011Jackboots on Whitehall [videorecording] / Media 8 Entertainment presents am E-Motion/McHenry Bros. production in association with Matador Pictures, Motion Investment Group and Arcadia Pictures produced by Karl Richards, Patrick Scoffin written and directed by Edward McHenry and Rory McHenry.
PN1997.5 K863 2011Kung fu panda 2 [videorecording] / DreamWorks Animation SKG presents written by Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger produced by Melissa Cobb directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson.
PN1997.5 W3431 2009BWallace & Gromit. A matter of loaf and death [videorecording] / Aardman Animations Limited written by Nick Park and Bob Baker directed by Nick Park.
PN1997.A1 A45 2011The Alloy Orchestra plays Wild and weird : Short film favorites with new music / Film Preservation Associates, Inc. program compiled and produced by David Shepard, Ken Winokur a Flicker Alley digital presentation produced by Jeffery Masino, David Shepard.
PN1997.A1 N56 2011Nine nation animation [videorecording].
PN1998.3.C373 C36 2011Cameraman [videorecording] : the life & work of Jack Cardiff / Strand Releasing High Point Media Group Modus Operandi Films and the UK Film Council, in association with Smoke & Mirrors present a film by Craig McCall directed and produced by Craig McCall.
PN1998.3.T36 O54 2010One day in the life of Andreĭ Arsenʹevich [videorecording] / AMIP, La Sept Arte, INA, Arkeion Films present video footage, narrative, Chris Marker.
PN4888.T4 I53 2003Independent media in a time of war [videorecording] / produced by Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center.
PR4167 .J3236 2011Jane Eyre [videorecording] / Focus Features presents in association with BBC Films, a Ruby Films production produced by Alison Owen, Paul Trijbits screenplay by Moira Buffini directed by Cary Fukunaga.
PR6073.I77 R662 2011The romantic Englishwoman [videorecording] / Daniel M. Angel presents a Joseph Losey film screenplay by Tom Stoppard, Thomas Wiseman produced by Daniel M. Angel directed by Joseph Losey.
PS3513.A6333 T42 2011A thousand clowns [videorecording] / Harrell, Inc. screenplay by Herb Gardner produced and directed by Fred Coe.
PS3554.E59 D74 2011Dressed to kill [videorecording] / Cinema 77 Films, Filmways Pictures, Warwick Associate producer, George Litto writer, Brian De Palma director, Brian De Palma.
PS3562.E353 Z55 2011Hey, Boo [videorecording] : Harper Lee & To kill a mockingbird / produced, written & directed by Mary McDonagh Murphy.
PS3566.R337 L373 2011The lost valentine [videorecording] / Hallmark Hall of Fame teleplay by Maryann Ridini Spencer and Barton Taney directed by Darnell Martin.
PS3619.T636 H43 2011The help [videorecording] / Touchstone Pictures Dreamworks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment present in association with Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi a 1492 Pictures/Harbinger Pictures production produced by Brunson Green, Chris Columbus, Michael Barnathan written for the screen and directed by Tate Taylor.
Q180.G7 G46 2011Genius of Britain [videorecording] : the scientists who changed the world / an IWC Media production for Channel 4 produced and directed by Tim Usborne ... [et al.] series director, Jonathan Rudd.
QH359 .H392 2011The rise of humans [videorecording] : great scientific debates.
RC172 .S36 2005Scourge of the Black Death [videorecording] / produced by FilmRoos, Inc. for the History Channel.
RC394.A85 A33 2009A.D.D. & loving it? ! [videorecording].
RC394.A85 T68 2010Totally ADD [videorecording] : tips for an organized life.
TA16 .R653 2006Roman city [videorecording] / a Unicorn Project presents based on the book City by David Macaulay produced and directed by Larry Klein written and co-produced by Mark Olshaker.
TR140.C86 B55 2011Bill Cunningham New York [videorecording] / the New York Times and First Thought Films presents a film by Richard Press produced by Philip Gefter directed by Richard Press.

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Location: Media Recital

Call NumberTitle/Author
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 03 CD 1Graduate conducting recital, April 3, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 03 CD 2Senior recital, April 3, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 05Student recital no. 8, April 5, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 06Junior recital, April 6 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 09 CD 1Senior recital, April 9, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 09 CD 2Graduate recital, April 9, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 09 CD 3Voice recital, April 9, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 09 CD 4Graduate percussion recital, April 9, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 12Voice majors' recital, April 12, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 15Special recital, April 15, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 16 CD 1Non-degree recital, April 16, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 16 CD 2Senior junior recital, April 16, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 16 CD 3Senior recital, April 16, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 17 CD 1[Student recital, April 17, 2011] [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 17 CD 2[Student recital, April 17, 2011] [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 17 CD 3Senior recital, April 17, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 19Student recital no. 10, April 19, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 21Student recital no. 11, April 21, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 26 CD 1Student recital no. 12, April 26, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 26 CD 2Non-degree recital, April 26, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 28 CD 1Student recital no. 13, April 28, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 28 CD 2[Student recital, April 28, 2011] [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 28 CD 3[Student recital, April 28, 2011] [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 30 CD 1Piano student recital no. 1, April 30, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr 30 CD 2Piano student recital no. 2, April 30, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Nov. 01Student recital no. 4, November 1, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Oct. 18Student recital no. 2, October 18, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Oct. 23Senior and junior recital, October 23, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Oct. 25Student recital no. 3, October 25, 2011 [sound recording].

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Location: Media Score

Call NumberTitle/Author
M685.S87 U77 1993Ursprung = gläntor = origins = glades / Henrik Strindberg.
MT68 .J36 v.129A jazzy Christmas : jazz play-a-long.
MT68 .J36 v.130Pennies from Heaven : jazz play-a-long
MT68 .J36 v.131Cry me a river : jazz play-a-long.
MT68 .J36 v.132On the street where you live : jazz play-a-long.
MT875 .A45 2008Choral intonation / Per-Gunnar Alldahl [translation, Robert Carroll].

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
CS71.C129 C12 1986The descendants of Nicholas Cain, 1736-1986 / Wayne R. Cain and Shirley J. Evans.
F472.A2 .B69 1981Chariton River archaeological planning survey : an intensive archaeological investigation, Adair County, Missouri / prepared for The Missouri Department of Natural Resources by Roger Boyd.
F472.A2 .B69 1981Chariton River archaeological planning survey : an intensive archaeological investigation, Adair County, Missouri / prepared for The Missouri Department of Natural Resources by Roger Boyd.
F472.A2 .B693 1981An intensive survey of archaeological, historic, and historic architectural resources, proposed Phase IV Water District Expansion Project, Adair County, Missouri / prepared for Adair County Public Water Supply District #1 and Farmers Home Administration by Roger Boyd.
F472.A2 .B693 1981An intensive survey of archaeological, historic, and historic architectural resources, proposed Phase IV Water District Expansion Project, Adair County, Missouri / prepared for Adair County Public Water Supply District #1 and Farmers Home Administration by Roger Boyd.
F474 K57 A182Kirksville, Missouri, city directory.
G1438.A2 A343 2011Adair county, Missouri 2011 plat book [cartographic material].
G1438.A2 A375 1971Adair, Missouri county directory.
G1438.A2 A375 1972Adair, Missouri county directory.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
AZ999 .H37 201250 popular beliefs that people think are true / Guy P. Harrison [illustrations by Kevin Hand].
GV939.T423 A3 2011Through my eyes / Tim Tebow, with Nathan Whitaker.
PL877.5.U86 S8513 2007Math girls / Hiroshi Yuki.
PN2287.K44 A3 2011Then again / Diane Keaton.
PR6119.T33 C43 2011Charles Jessold, considered as a murderer / Wesley Stace.
PR9499.3.D465 A88 2011The artist of disappearance : three novellas / Anita Desai.
PS3552.R6596 M43 2011The measure of the magic / Terry Brooks.
PS3552.U3394 T48 2006Thank you for smoking : a novel / Christopher Buckley.
PS3568.I313 Z46 2011House of prayer no. 2 / Mark Richard.
PS3569.T3868 R43 2011Reamde / Neal Stephenson.
PS3605.S59 A65 2011The adults : a novel / Alison Espach.
PS3608.A72513 A87 2011The art of fielding : a novel / Chad Harbach.
PS3608.A8655 H57 2011The history of history : a novel of Berlin / Ida Hattemer-Higgins.
PS3610.A568 S73 2010Standing invisible / Shasta Jane.
PS3612.E68 L43 2011Leaving the Atocha Station : a novel / Ben Lerner.
PS3620.O945 R85 2011Rules of civility / Amor Towles.
PS3623.E883 I33 2011If Jack's in love / Stephen Wetta.
PS3626.U35 A3 2011Mr. CSI : how a Vegas dreamer made a killing in Hollywood, one body at a time / Anthony E. Zuiker.
TX145 .B726 2009How to sew a button : and other nifty things your grandmother knew / Erin Bried.
TX145 .B73 2009Make your place : affordable, sustainable nesting skills / written and illustrated by Raleigh Briggs.
TX321 .P39 2011Hip girl's guide to homemaking : decorating, dining, and the gratifying pleasures of self-sufficiency--on a budget! / Kate Payne.
TX649.H345 A3 2011Blood, bones, & butter : the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef / Gabrielle Hamilton.

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Location: Rare Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PR4308 .A1 1895The cotter's Saturday night, and other poems / by Robert Burns.

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
AY64 .T54The Time almanac / Borgna Brunner, editor in cooperation with Information Please.
DT351 .A37Africa South of the Sahara.
E185.96 .C66Contemporary Black biography.
F1401 S71The South American handbook.
HA1955 .A49African statistical yearbook. Annuaire statistique pour l'Afrique.
HA203 .C68County and city extra : annual metro, city and county data book.
HA42 .I56International marketing data and statistics.
JC571 .F66Freedom in the world / Raymond D. Gastil.
KF101 .A34United States Supreme Court reports. Quick case table, with annotation references.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser.West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.
KF62 2006United States code : containing the general and permanent laws of the United States enacted through the 109th Congress (ending January 3, 2007, the last law of which was signed on January 15, 2007) / prepared and published under authority of Title 2, U.S. code, section 285b, by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives.
LB2338 .S35Scholarships, fellowships, and loans.
PN451 .W75The Writers directory.
RS75 .P5Physicians' desk reference.

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Location: Special Collections Archives

Call NumberTitle/Author
BF1471 .H39 2011The Dibbuk Box / Jason Haxton afterword by Howard Schwartz.
F593 .L288 2011Emigrants on the Overland Trail : the wagon trains of 1848 / Michael E. LaSalle.

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Location: Special Collections Faculty

Call NumberTitle/Author
M177 .M47 2008Metamorphosis. Collaboration III [sound recording].

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