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March 2012

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERPhysica status solidi. A, Applications and materials science [electronic resource] : PSS.
NO CALL NUMBERPhysica status solidi. B, Basic solid state physics [electronic resource] : PSS.

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
B105.A35 C65 2010A companion to the philosophy of action / edited by Timothy O'Connor and Constantine Sandis.
B105.M4 S68 2010What is meaning? / Scott Soames.
B839 .M39 1992From unity to pluralism : the internal evolution of Thomism / Gerald A. McCool.
B945.R524 P55 2010The philosophy of Richard Rorty / edited by Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn.
BC199.P2 F537 2008Saving truth from paradox / Hartry Field.
BD161 .E61 2011Epistemic modality / edited by Andy Egan and Brian Weatherson.
BD161 .S6475 2011Reflective knowledge / Ernest Sosa.
BD221 .R429 2010Relativism : a contemporary anthology / edited, with an introduction, by Michael Krausz.
BD222 .S73 2005Knowledge and practical interests / Jason Stanley.
BD373 .S7 2011So much, so fast, so little time : coming to terms with rapid change and its consequences / Michael St. Clair.
BD450 .H288 2011The ascent of man : a philosophy of human nature / James F. Harris.
BF109.A1 M37 2011An anatomy of addiction : Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the miracle drug, cocaine / Howard Markel.
BF161 .B58 201152 small changes : one year to a happier, healthier you / Brett Blumenthal.
BF697 .S452 2005The idea of the self : thought and experience in western Europe since the seventeenth century / Jerrold Seigel.
BJ1500.T78 M37 2010Building cultures of trust / Martin E. Marty.
BJ1533.D49 S67 2008Addiction and responsibility / edited by Jeffrey Poland and George Graham.
BJ21 .R68 2010The Routledge companion to ethics / edited by John Skorupski.
BL1138.66 .T48 2010Exploring the Bhagavad Gitā : philosophy, structure, and meaning / Ithamar Theodor.
BL2525 .U57 1986Unsecular America / essays by Paul Johnson ... [et al.] edited and with a foreword by Richard John Neuhaus.
BL41 .S73 2010A new science : the discovery of religion in the Age of Reason / Guy G. Stroumsa.
BM561 .D378 2010An introduction to Judaism / Nicholas de Lange.
BM723 .J54 2010Jews at home : the domestication of identity / edited by Simon J. Bronner.
BM755.S288 H45 2010The Rebbe : the life and afterlife of Menachem Mendel Schneerson / Samuel C. Heilman and Menachem M. Friedman.
BQ1172.E5 B38 2010The spirit of the Buddha / Martine Batchelor.
BQ4022 .M67 2010Essential Buddhism : a comprehensive guide to belief and practice / Diane Morgan.
BR60 .A35 no.55, etc.Against the heresies / St. Irenaeus of Lyons translated and annotated by Dominic J. Unger, with further revisions by John J. Dillon.
BR933 .C66 2009Conversion after socialism : disruptions, modernisms and technologies of faith in the former Soviet Union / edited by Mathijs Pelkmans.
BS1475.53 .J4713 2012St. Jerome : commentary on Ecclesiastes / translated and edited with a commentary by Richard J. Goodrich and David J. D. Miller.
BS2417.S7 H57 2011Jesus and the powers : conflict, covenant, and the hope of the poor / Richard A. Horsley.
BT103 .S447 2010The God debates : a 21st century guide for atheists and believers (and everyone in between) / John R. Shook.
BV3774.K4 C65 1990Cane Ridge, America's Pentecost / Paul K. Conkin.
BV656.3 .J365 2010McDonaldisation, Masala McGospel, and om economics : televangelism in contemporary India / Jonathan D. James.
BX1396 .O26 1994Critics on trial : an introduction to the Catholic modernist crisis / Marvin R. O'Connell.
BX1406.3 .F57 2002Communion of immigrants : a history of Catholics in America / James T. Fisher.
D530 .T8 2012The guns of August The proud tower / Barbara W. Tuchman Margaret MacMillan, editor.
D663 .D97 2011The missing of the Somme / Geoff Dyer.
D742.J3 I76 1999Pearl Harbor and the coming of the Pacific War : a brief history with documents and essays / Akira Iriye.
D743 .M246 2003Major problems in the history of World War II : documents and essays / edited by Mark A. Stoler, Melanie S. Gustafson.
D809.U5 W96 2002A race against death : Peter Bergson, America, and the Holocaust / David S. Wyman and Rafael Medoff.
DC62.C2 H2 1957The Gallic War, and other writings. Translated, with an introd. by Moses Hadas.
DS721 .S3675 1991A brief history of Chinese civilization / Conrad Schirokauer.
DS796.H78 C48 2011Ghetto at the center of the world : Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong / Gordon Mathews.
DT83 .W658 2010The rise and fall of ancient Egypt / Toby Wilkinson.
E178 .T86 2003True stories from the American past / edited by Altina L. Waller, William Graebner.
E184.I6 M115 1976The Irish diaspora in America / Lawrence J. McCaffrey.
E184.O6 F66 2008The contemporary Asian American experience : beyond the model minority / Timothy P. Fong.
E184.S75 G76 2010Growing up Hispanic : health and development of children of immigrants / edited by Nancy S. Landale, Susan McHale, and Alan Booth.
E185 .T782 2001The African American experience / Joe William Trotter, Jr.
E185.61 .L38 1991Running for freedom : civil rights and Black politics in America since 1941 / Steven F. Lawson.
E464 .C482 2012The Civil War : the second year told by those who lived it / Stephen W. Sears, editor.
E468 .G85 1995The crisis of the American republic : a history of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era / Allen C. Guelzo.
E660 .W718 1965The political thought of Woodrow Wilson. Edited by E. David Cronon.
E668 .F662 1990A short history of Reconstruction, 1863-1877 / Eric Foner.
E77 .C14 2004First peoples : a documentary survey of American Indian history / Colin G. Calloway.
E77 .W883 1994The World turned upside down : Indian voices from early America / edited with an introduction by Colin G. Calloway.
E77 E27 2007The people : a history of Native America / R. David Edmunds, Frederick E. Hoxie, Neal Salisbury.
E78.G73 E926 2011Plains Indian art : the pioneering work of John C. Ewers / edited by Jane Ewers Robinson preface by Candace S. Greene introduction by Evan M. Maurer.
E784 .H38 1992The Great War and the search for a modern order : a history of the American people and their institutions, 1917-1933 / Ellis W. Hawley.
F1030.7 .J4 2000The Jesuit relations : natives and missionaries in seventeenth-century North America / edited with an introduction by Allan Greer.
F3429.1.J46 F76 2011From foraging to farming in the Andes : new perspectives on food production and social organization / edited by Tom D. Dillehay contributors, Peter Kaulicke ... [et al.].
F589.V57 M33 2010Habits of the heartland : small-town life in modern America / Lyn C. Macgregor.
GE42 .M65 2010Moral ground : ethical action for a planet in peril / edited by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson foreword by Desmond Tutu.
GF504.N45 M47 1989Ecological revolutions : nature, gender, and science in New England / Carolyn Merchant.
GN51 .C45 2011The changing body : health, nutrition, and human development in the western world since 1700 / Roderick Floud ... [et al.]
GT2884 .L57 2011Liquid bread : beer and brewing in cross-cultural perspective / edited by Wulf Schiefenhövel and Helen Macbeth.
H35 .S9178 1992On liberty, society, and politics : the essential essays of William Graham Sumner / edited by Robert C. Bannister.
H53.U5 S57 1994Social science in the crucible : the American debate over objectivity and purpose, 1918-1941 / Mark C. Smith.
HD30.23 .S726 2011Tough calls from the corner office : top business leaders reveal their career-defining moments / Harlan Steinbaum with Dave Conti and Michael Steinbaum.
HD6072.2.E85 G88 2010Migration, domestic work and affect : a decolonial approach on value and the feminization of labor / Encarnación Gutiérrez-Rodríguez.
HD9575.S65 J66 2010Oil is not a curse : ownership structure and institutions in Soviet successor states / Pauline Jones Luong and Erika Weinthal.
HF1531.Z4 D4455 2006Dictating development : how Europe shaped the global periphery / Jonathan Krieckhaus.
HG181 .B8 1995Other people's money and how the bankers use it / by Louis D. Brandeis edited with an introduction by Melvin I. Urofsky.
HM1106 .F55 2011Still connected : family and friends in America since 1970 / Claude S. Fischer.
HM276 .S525 1997The virtue of civility : selected essays on liberalism, tradition, and civil society / Edward Shils edited by Steven Grosby.
HM479.W42 S33 2011Max Weber in America / Lawrence A. Scaff.
HM500 .M583 2011Doing visual research / Claudia Mitchell.
HM585 .S593 2011Sociological insights of great thinkers : sociology through literature, philosophy, and science / Christofer Edling and Jens Rydgren, editors.
HM806 .P55 2011Saving society : breaking out of our bureaucratic way of life / Bernard Phillips and David Christner.
HN57 .G58 1991Grassroots resistance : social movements in twentieth century America / Robert A. Goldberg.
HQ1090.3 .P46 2011Performing American masculinities : the 21st-century man in popular culture / edited by Elwood Watson & Marc E. Shaw.
HQ1121 .B833 2011Radical feminists : a guide to an American subculture / Paul D. Buchanan.
HQ1181.U5 B47 2011Transforming scholarship : why women's and gender studies students are changing themselves and the world / Michele Tracey Berger, Cheryl Radeloff.
HQ1403 .B57 1995The birth of American Feminism : the Seneca Falls woman's convention of 1848 / edited by Virginia Bernhard, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.
HQ519 .W53 2006Widening the family circle : new research on family communication / editors, Kory Floyd, Mark T. Morman.
HT1048 .W66 2011Women and slavery in America : a documentary history / edited by Catherine M. Lewis and J. Richard Lewis.
HT123 .M286 1988The Making of urban America / Raymond A. Mohl, editor.
HV1451 .G64 2010Forced to care : coercion and caregiving in America / Evelyn Nakano Glenn.
HV2474 .A76 2011Show of hands : a natural history of sign language / David F. Armstrong.
HV4708 .R83 2011Loving animals : toward a new animal advocacy / Kathy Rudy.
HV6515 .E17 2012The serial killer whisperer : how one man's tragedy helped unlock the deadliest secrets of the world's most terrifying killers / Pete Earley.
HV6546 .Z39 2011Latinas attempting suicide : when cultures, families, and daughters collide / Luis H. Zayas.
JK2260 .A38 1989After the Constitution : party conflict in the New Republic / edited by Lance Banning.
JK2413 .P4 1966Democracy, liberty and property the State Constitutional Conventions of the 1820's. Edited by Merrill D. Peterson.
JN96.A58 P663 2010Post-communist nostalgia / edited by Maria Todorova and Zsuzsa Gille.
JV6035 .G65 2011Exceptional people : how migration shaped our world and will define our future / Ian Goldin, Geoffrey Cameron, and Meera Balarajan.
JV8790 .A78 2010African diaspora identities : negotiating culture in transnational migration / John A. Arthur.
JX233 .A3 1969-76 v. 15Foreign relations of the United States, 1969-1976. Volume XV, Soviet Union, June 1972-August 1974 / editors: Douglas E. Selvage, Melissa Jane Taylor general editor: Edward C. Keefer.
JX233 .A3 1969-76 v.34Foreign relations of the United States, 1969-1976. Volume XXXIV, National security policy, 1969-1972 / M. Todd Bennett, editor general editor: Edward C. Keefer.
JZ5538 .P358 2011The Palgrave international handbook of peace studies : a cultural perspective / edited by Wolfgang Dietrich ... [et al.].
KF385.A4 F7 2002American law in the 20th century / Lawrence M. Friedman.
KF4541 .R35 1997Original meanings : politics and ideas in the making of the Constitution / Jack N. Rakove.
KF8744 .W5 1988The American judicial tradition : profiles of leading American judges / G. Edward White.
LB1028.3 .F73 2012A framework for K-12 science education : practices, crosscutting concepts, and core ideas / Committee on Conceptual Framework for the New K-12 Science Education Standards, Board on Science Education, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, National Research Council.
LB2842.4 M8 R46Report on the salary schedules and benefits of Missouri public school teachers / Missouri State Teachers Association.
LC5144.22.U8 B47 1994Nobody don't love nobody : lessons on love from the school with no name / Stacey Bess.
ML3830 .O34 2011Musical creativity : insights from music education research / Oscar Odena.
ML410.S3 W64 2011Schubert's fingerprints : studies in the instrumental works / Susan Wollenberg.
ML420.B78 R54 2011I feel so good : the life and times of Big Bill Broonzy / Bob Riesman foreword by Peter Guralnick appreciation by Pete Townshend.
ML421.L7 L68 2012Satan is real : the ballad of the Louvin brothers / Charlie Louvin, Benjamin Whitmer.
MT3.V4 T86 2012Changing lives : Gustavo Dudamel, El Sistema, and the transformative power of music / Tricia Tunstall.
N2030 .L595 2011The Louvre : all the paintings / preface by Henri Loyrette photography by Erich Lessing edited and introductions by Vincent Pomarède text by Anja Grebe.
N6537.B4 A4 2011Romare Bearden : Southern recollections / Carla M. Hanzal ... [et al.] with a preface by Ruth Fine afterword by Myron Schwartzman.
N8223 .A53 2011The art of medicine : over 2,000 years of images and imagination / Julie Anderson, Emm Barnes, Emma Shackleton foreword by Antony Gormley.
NA40 .G74 2011The great builders / edited by Kenneth Powell.
NA8230 .P36 2012Barn quilts and the American Quilt Trail movement / Suzi Parron with Donna Sue Groves.
NB1091.65 .L34 2011Heroic Africans : legendary leaders, iconic sculptures / Alisa LaGamma.
NB454 .M48 2011European sculpture, 1400-1900, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art / Ian Wardropper photography by Joseph Coscia, Jr.
NC1002.S85 C74 2011The storyboard artist : a guide to freelancing in film, TV, and advertising / Giuseppe Cristiano.
NC1850.S84 S78 2011Drew Struzan : Oeuvre / written by Drew & Dylan Struzan introduction by George Lucas.
ND195 .V55 2011Vitamin P₂ : new perspectives in painting / [designed by Julia Hasting].
NE625 .P745 2011Prints and the pursuit of knowledge in early modern Europe / edited by Susan Dackerman with essays by Susan Dackerman ... [et al.].
NK1548 .S54 2011Design elements, color fundamentals : a graphic style manual for understanding how color impacts design / Aaris Sherin.
NK3600 .W64 2011The world encyclopedia of calligraphy : the ultimate compendium on the art of fine writing-history, craft, technique / compiled and edited by Christopher Calderhead and Holly Cohen.
NK4235 T39 2011The ceramics bible : the complete guide to materials and techniques / by Louisa Taylor.
NX280 .M87 2012The muses go to school : inspiring stories about the importance of arts in education / edited by Herbert Kohl and Tom Oppenheim.
PC3906 .E94 2003Catalan women writers and artists : revisionist views from a feminist space / Kathryn A. Everly.
PN1995.9.D4 M38 2012Hollywood's detectives : crime series in the 1930s and 1940s from the whodunnit to hard-boiled noir / Fran Mason.
PN1998.3.B86 G8313 2012Luis Buñuel : the red years, 1929-1939 / Román Gubern and Paul Hammond.
PN1998.3.E325 V38 2012The ethical vision of Clint Eastwood / Sara Anson Vaux.
PQ2178 .M8413 2011Balzac's omelette : a delicious tour of French food and culture with Honoré de Balzac / Anka Muhlstein translated from the French by Adriana Hunter.
PR8714 .F668 2009Between shadows : modern Irish writing and culture / John Wilson Foster foreword by Edna Longley.
PS153.I52 N37 1993Narrative chance : postmodern discourse on native American Indian literatures / edited by Gerald Vizenor.
PS169.G47 G55 2011The global remapping of American literature / Paul Giles.
PS201 .D688 2011The business of literary circles in nineteenth-century America / David Dowling.
PS2638 .E335 2011Edgar Allan Poe : beyond gothicism / edited by James M. Hutchisson.
PS3505.A87 Z688 2012The Catherian cathedral : gothic cathedral iconography in Willa Cather's fiction / Christine E. Kephart.
PS3509.L43 Z5985 2012Reading T.S. Eliot : four quartets and the journey towards understanding / G. Douglas Atkins.
PS3569.C7 Z46 2012The last holiday : a memoir / Gil Scott-Heron.
PT7083.5.D48 F67 2012Death in a cold climate : a guide to Scandinavian crime fiction / Barry Forshaw.
QA141.15 .D48 2000The math gene : how mathematical thinking evolved and why numbers are like gossip / Keith Devlin.
QA155 .H4 1975Topics in algebra / I.N. Herstein.
QA162 .F7 2002A first course in abstract algebra / John B. Fraleigh historical notes by Victor Katz.
QA169 .H49 1971A course in homological algebra / P. J. Hilton, U. Stammbach.
QA21 .B96 1991The history of mathematics : an introduction / David M. Burton.
QA21 .C15 1991A history of mathematics / by Florian Cajori.
QA241 .A54 1971Number theory [by] George E. Andrews.
QA241 .L573 1977Fundamentals of number theory / William J. LeVeque.
QA268 .H365 2003Applied algebra : codes, ciphers, and discrete algorithms / Darel W. Hardy, Carol L. Walker.
QA273 .R82 2006Simulation / Sheldon M. Ross.
QA276 .H59 1995Introduction to mathematical statistics / Robert V. Hogg, Allen T. Craig.
QA278.8 .C65 1999Practical nonparametric statistics / W.J. Conover.
QA303 .B2828 1999Calculus for business, economics, life sciences, and social sciences.
QA303 .P919 1998Calculus : a liberal art / William McGowen Priestley.
QA303.2 .C34 2009Calculus / produced by the Calculus Consortium and initially funded by a National Science Foundation Grant Deborah Hughes-Hallett ... [et al.] with the assistance of Otto K. Bretscher ... [et al.].
QA322.2 .W65 1990Banach spaces for analysts / P. Wojtaszczyk.
QA331 .C659 1978Functions of one complex variable / John B. Conway.
QA331 .M3713 1985Theory of functions of a complex variable / A.I. Markushevich rev. English ed. translated and edited by Richard A. Silverman.
QA372 .H184 1980Ordinary differential equations / Jack K. Hale.
QA372 .H33 1982Ordinary differential equations / Philip Hartman.
QA372 .I6 1927Ordinary differential equations / by E.L. Ince.
QA387 .V5613 1990Lie groups and algebraic groups / A.L. Onishchik, E.B. Vinberg translated from the Russian by D.A. Leites.
QA39.2 .G7 1973Mathematics : a liberal arts approach / Malcolm Graham.
QA39.2 .J65 2001Discrete mathematics / Richard Johnsonbaugh.
QA401.K7 1983Advanced engineering mathematics / Erwin Kreyszig.
QA473 .A15 1967Modern geometry : an integrated first course / Claire Fisher Adler.
QA473 .S53 1994Modern geometries / James R. Smart.
QA474 .D33 1949Modern college geometry / by David R. Davis.
QA554 .B53 1968Projective plane geometry / John W. Blattner.
QC174.12 .L52 2003Introductory quantum mechanics / Richard L. Liboff.
QC20 .G47 1985Mathematical physics / Robert Geroch.
QC7.5 .W53 2007What's the matter? : readings in physics / foreword by Alan Lightman selected and edited by Donald H. Whitfield with James L. Hicks.
QC71 .W67 1991The World treasury of physics, astronomy, and mathematics / edited by Timothy Ferris with a foreword by Clifton Fadiman, general editor.
QH314 .J36 2004On becoming a biologist / John Janovy, Jr.
QL688.P6 O325 2010Puerto Rico's birds in photographs a complete guide and CD-ROM including the Virgin Islands / Mark W. Oberle
RA781 .V47 2011Sitting kills, moving heals : how everyday movement will prevent pain, illness, and early death-- and exercise alone won't / Joan Vernikos.
RA784 .D387 2012Coffee is good for you : from vitamin C and organic foods to low-carb and detox diets, the truth about diet and nutrition claims / Robert J. Davis.
RB127 .B36165 2012Paintracking : your personal guide to living well with chronic pain / Deborah Barrett.
RC514 .C645 2012A lethal inheritance : a mother uncovers the science behind three generations of mental illness / Victoria Costello foreword by Terrie E. Moffitt.
RC523.2 .A493 2011Alzheimer's in America : the Shriver report on women and Alzheimer's : a study / [compiled] by Maria Shriver and the Alzheimer's Association edited by Karen Skelton ... [et al.] with Dale Fetherling and Matt Hickey photography by Barbara Kinney.
RC523.2 .S62 2011The Alzheimer's prevention program : keep your brain healthy for the rest of your life / Gary Small & Gigi Vorgan.
RT37.N4 N34 2011Beautiful unbroken : one nurse's life / Mary Jane Nealon.
SB321 .B37 2005All new square foot gardening : grow more in less space! / Mel Bartholomew.
TR647 .H47 2011Fred Herzog : photographs / [contributors], Claudia Gochmann ... [et al.].
TS1309 .P49 2011Looking at textiles : a guide to technical terms / Elena Phipps.
TT705 .F47 2011Firefly's step-by-step encyclopedia of needlecraft : patchwork, embroidery, quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, appliqué.
TT820 .L3884 2011Stashbuster knits : tips, tricks, and 21 beautiful projects for using your favorite leftover yarn / Melissa Leapman.
TT847 .F544 2011Learn to spin with Anne Field : spinning basics.
UA23 .N773 2001The nuclear age / edited and with an introduction by Shane J. Maddock.

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Location: Juvenile

Call NumberTitle/Author
F H1921WHWhy we broke up / novel by Daniel Handler art by Maira Kalman.
F L527WIA wizard of Earthsea / by Ursula K. Le Guin illus. by Ruth Robbins.

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PN6120.2 G6835 2011Great classic stories III [sound recording] : 22 unabridged classics.
PN6120.2 .G6833 2005Great classic stories [sound recording] : [22 unabridged classics].
PN6120.2 .G6834 2010Great classic stories II [sound recording] : eighteen unabridged classics.
PR6073.I246 I933 2012I've got your number [sound recording] : a novel / Sophie Kinsella.
PS3557.A7132 C383 2012Catch me [sound recording] : a novel / Lisa Gardner.
PS3558.O333 D693 2012Down the darkest road [sound recording] / Tami Hoag.
PS3560.A44 L443 2012Left for dead [sound recording] / J.A. Jance.
PS3568.O243 C4323 2012Celebrity in death [sound recording] / J.D. Robb.
PT8951.24.E83 P36133 2011The leopard [sound recording] / Jo Nesbo translator, Don Bartlett.
QA76.2.J63 I7223 2011Steve Jobs [sound recording] / by Walter Isaacson.

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
PN1995.9.M86 F663 2012Footloose [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment present a Dylan Sellers/Zadan-Meron/Weston Pictures production, a Craig Brewer film story by Dean Pitchford screenplay by Dean Pitchford and Craig Brewer directed by Craig Brewer.
BF723.C57 P68 2012Poto and Cabengo [videorecording] / Janus Films director, Jean-Pierre Gorin produced by Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Jean-Pierre Gorin.
DS119.76 .I87 2011Israel vs. israel [videorecording] / a documentary by Terje Carlsson Ekedalen Produktion ... [et al.] producer/director, Terje Carlsson.
DS371.43.H37 H45 2012Hell and back again [videorecording] / Docurama Films and Impact Partners present producers, Mike Lerner, Martin Herring directed and filmed by Danfung Dennis.
DS79.7 .D48 2011The devil's double [videorecording] / Lionsgate and Herrick Entertainment present, Corsan presents a Corsan, Corrino, Staccato production, in association with FIP Malta Ltd., Film Finance VI, Tulchin Entertainment and Foreign Media written by Michael Thomas producers, Paul Breuls ... [et al.] director, Lee Tamahori.
E40 .P37 2010The parking lot movie [videorecording] / produced by Meghan Eckman assistant director, Christopher Hlad directed by Meghan Eckman.
F868.N5 D66 2009The Donner Party [videorecording] / written and directed by Ric Burns produced by Lisa Ades and Ric Burns.
GV1032.S46 S46 2011Senna [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Producers Distribution Agency presents in association with ESPN Films a Working Title Production in association with Midfield Films written by Manish Pandey produced by James Gay-Rees, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner directed by Asif Kapadia.
GV1790.A45 A45 2011Alice's adventures in Wonderland [videorecording] / choreography, Christopher Wheeldon music, Joby Talbot designs, Rob Crowley The Royal Ballet in.
HV6439.U7 M9 2012My crasy life [videorecording] / director, Jean-Pierre Gorin produced by Daniel Marks, Cameron Allan BBC.
KF1250 .H68 2011Hot coffee [videorecording] / HBO Documentary Films If Not Now and The Group Entertainment present a film by Susan Saladoff directed by Susan Saladoff produced by Carly Hugo, Alan Oxman, Susan Saladoff.
PN1992.77 .D693 2012Downton Abbey. Season 2 [videorecording] / written and created by Julian Fellowes executive producers, Gareth Neame, Rebecca Eaton, Julian Fellowes producer, Liz Trubridge a Carnival Films production a Carnival/Masterpiece co-production.
PN1995.75 .B597 2005The blue bird [videorecording] : Maeterlinck's world famous masterpiece / Adolph Zukor presents an Artcraft Picture, Famous Players-Lasky adapted for the screen by Charles Maigne directed by Maurice Tourneur.
PN1995.75 B354 2010The bargain [videorecording] / in five parts produced for The Paramount Pictures Corp. Thos. H. Ince, director New York Motion Picture.
PN1995.9.A3 R43 2012Real steel [videorecording] / Dreamworks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment present produced by Don Murphy & Susan Montford and Shawn Levy story by Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven screenplay by John Gatins directed by Shawn Levy.
PN1995.9.C55 F54 201250/50 [videorecording] / Summit Entertainment presents in association with Mandate Pictures a Point Grey production produced by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, Ben Karlin written by Will Reiser directed by Jonathan Levine.
PN1995.9.C55 G83 2012The guard [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics presented by Reprisal Films & Element Pictures in association with Prescience ... [et al.] written and directed by John Michael McDonagh produced by Chris Clark ... [et al.].
PN1995.9.F6714 B438 2012Belle de jour [videorecording] / Robert et Raymond Hakim présentent un film de Luis Bunuel adaptation et dialogue, Luis Bunuel et Jean-Claude Carriere une production Robert et Raymond Hakim.
PN1995.9.F6714 M537 2004Les Milles [videorecording] = A man of duty / Blue Films présente une coproduction Blue Films, Heritage Films, France 2 Cinema, Studio Babelsberg, Ré Production.
PN1995.9.F6715 R28 2011Der Räuber [videorecording] = The robber / Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion Peter Heilrath Filmproduktion ZDF ORF written by Benjamin Heisenberg, Martin Prinz directed by Benjamin Heisenberg.
PN1995.9.F6716 M66 2012Il momento della verità [videorecording] = The moment of truth / Janus Films Angelo Rizzoli presenta un film Federiz s.p.a. - Roma, A.S. Films S.A., Madrid, prodotta da Antonio Cervi e francesco Rosi soggetto e scenoggiatura , Francesco Rosi hanno collaborato, Pedro Portabella ... [et al.] un film de Francesco Rosi.
PN1995.9.F67169 M57 2011Mistérios de Lisboa [videorecording] = Mysteries of Lisbon / Clap Filmes Arte France produced by Paulo Branco written by Carlos Saboga directed by Raúl Ruiz.
PN1995.9.G3 G36 2003Gangs of New York [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents a Martin Scorsese picture an Alberto Grimaldi production, a Miramax Films presentation producers, Alberto Grimaldi, Harvey Weinstein screenplay writers, Jay Cocks, Steven Zaillian, Kenneth Lonergan director, Martin Scorsese.
PN1995.9.G3 S32 2007Scarface [videorecording] / produced by Howard Hughes directed by Howard Hawks.
PN1995.9.L6 F58 20125 star day [videorecording] / Lucid Entertainment presents a Virtu Entertainment production written and directed by Danny Buday.
PN1995.9.M86 F586 2006Flower drum song [videorecording] / Universal-International presents a Ross Hunter production in association with Joseph Fields Rodgers & Hammerstein's music by Richard Rodgers lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, 2nd screenplay by Joseph Fields produced by Ross Hunter directed by Henry Koster.
PN1995.9.S26 T4663 2003Terminator 3 [videorecording] : rise of the machines / Mario F. Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna a Jonathan Mostow film an Intermedia/IMF production in association with C2 Pictures and Mostow/Lieberman Productions.
PN1995.9.S26 T736 2011Transformers, dark of the moon [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents in association with Hasbro a di Bonaventura Pictures production produced by Don Murphy & Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce written by Ehren Kruger director, Michael Bay.
PN1995.9.S67 M66 2012Moneyball [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents directed by Bennett Miller screenplay by Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin story by Stan Chervin produced by Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, Brad Pitt Michael De Luca Productions.
PN1995.9.S87 M3678 2012Martha Marcy May Marlene [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures, Maybach Cunningham and Filmhaven Entertainment present a Borderline Films production in association with This is That produced by Josh Mond ... [et al.] written and directed by Sean Durkin.
PN1995.9.S87 T35 2012Take shelter [videorecording] / a Sony Pictures Classics release Hydraulx Entertainment, Rei Capital and Grove Hill productions present a Strange Matter Films production produced by Tyler Davidson, Sophia Lin written and directed by Jeff Nichols.
PN1997.2 .A55 2012Anonymous [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents in association with Relativity Media a Centropolis Entertainment production in association with Studio Babelsberg written by John Orloff produced by Roland Emmerich, Larry Franco, Robert Leger directed by Roland Emmerich.
PN1997.2 .D75 2012Drive [videorecording] / FilmDistrict presents in association with Bold Films and Oddlot Entertainment a Marc Platt/Motel Movies production produced by Marc Platt ... [et al.] screenplay by Hossein Amini directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.
PN1997.5 P877 2012Puss in boots [videorecording] / DreamWorks Animation presents story by Brian Lynch, Will Davies and Tom Wheeler screenplay by Tom Wheeler produced by Joe M. Aguilar, Latifa Ouaou directed by Chris Miller.
PN1998.2 J15 2012J. Edgar [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents an Imagine Entertainment production a Malpaso production written by Dustin Lance Black produced by Brian Grazer, Robert Lorenz produced and directed by Clint Eastwood.
PR6013.R44 B72 2011Brighton rock [videorecording] / IFC Films, Studiocanal Features, BBC Films & UK Film Council present a Kudos Pictures production, a film by Rowan Joffe produced by Paul Webster written and directed by Rowan Joffe.
PS2972 .M32 2011The magnificent Ambersons [videorecording] / an RKO Radio Picture a Mercury production by Orson Welles [written and directed by Orson Welles].
PS3562.E353 T62 2012To kill a mockingbird [videorecording] / a Universal-International presentation of a Pakula-Mulligan, Brentwood Productions picture screenplay by Horton Foote produced by Alan J. Pakula directed by Robert Mulligan.
PS3569.E589 H84 2012Hugo [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures and GK Films present a GK Films production an Infinitum Nihil production, in association with Dean Street Productions, Future Capital Partners and Screen Capital International directed by Martin Scorsese screenplay by John Logan produced by Graham King, Tim Headington, Martin Scorsese, Johnny Depp.
PS3623.I576 F372 2012The ides of March [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures and Cross Creek Pictures present in association with Exclusive Media Group and Crystal City Entertainment a Smokehouse and Appian Way production produced by, Grant Heslov, George Clooney, Brian Oliver screenplay, George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Beau Willimon director, George Clooney.
QL31.G58 J36 2011Jane's journey [videorecording] / a film by Lorenz Knauer a NEOS Film GmbH and Co.KG, CC Medienproduktion GmbH & Co.KG, Sphinx Media GbR production in association with Animal Planet ... [et al.] produced by Philipp Schall, Philipp Wundt, Michael Halberstadt written and directed by Lorenz Knauer.
QL737.P96 H4652 2012Project Nim [videorecording] / Roadside Attractions HBO Documentary Films, BBC Films and UK Film Council presents a Red Box Films production in association with Passion Pictures directed by James Marsh produced by Simon Chinn.
R726.8 .L37 2009Last rights [videorecording] : facing end-of-life choices / Karen Cantor, producer & director produced by Singing Wolf Documentaries in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting.
RC628 .F384 2011Fat, sick, & nearly dead [videorecording] / a Joe Cross film Reboot Media presents [produced by Stacey Offman written and directed by Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr].
TF197 .R69 2012Routine pleasures [videorecording] / a film by Jean-Pierre Gorin executive producer, Rachel Regan Staver director, Jean-Pierre Gorin written by Jean-Pierre Gorin, Patrick Amos.

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Location: Media Score

Call NumberTitle/Author
M1366 .R42 2004The real book.
M1630.18 .G737 2007The great American songbook : the singers : piano, vocal, guitar.
M1630.18 .J39 2010Jazz standards for easy guitar.
M1744 .O54 1996O'Neill's music of Ireland : eighteen hundred and fifty melodies : airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, long dances, marches, etc., many of which are now published for the first time / collected from all available sources, and edited by Francis O'Neill arranged by James O'Neill.
MT588 .H86 2005Play acoustic / edited by Dave Hunter.
MT6 .S353 2011Berklee music theory. Book 1, Basic principles of rhythm, scales, and intervals / Paul Schmeling edited by Susan Gedutis Lindsay.
MT662.8 .B47 2004The drummer's bible : how to play every drum style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco / by Mick Berry & Jason Gianni.

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Location: Media Video

Call NumberTitle/Author
DS135.F83 C64 1994La colline aux mille enfants [videorecording] = The hill of the thousand children / a Gateway Films Vision Video release a production by Jean-Luc Michaux.

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
LB1607 .O94 1981High school / David Owen.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
BL73.W425 A3 2011Man seeks God : my flirtations with the divine / Eric Weiner.
DA590 .M35 2012The real Elizabeth : an intimate portrait of Queen Elizabeth II / Andrew Marr.
DA590 .S55 2012Elizabeth the Queen : the life of a modern monarch / Sally Bedell Smith.
HD9696.8.U64 G669 2010The Googlization of everything : (and why we should worry) / Siva Vaidhyanathan.
HM851 .W443 2011Too big to know : rethinking knowledge now that the facts aren't the facts, experts are everywhere, and the smartest person in the room is the room / David Weinberger.
HV4140.M86 B66 2012Behind the beautiful forevers / Katherine Boo.
HV6692.M33 M32 2011The end of normal : a wife's anguish, a widow's new life / Stephanie Madoff Mack with Tamara Jones.
ML420.T967 A3 2011Does the noise in my head bother you? : a rock 'n' roll memoir / Steven Tyler, with David Dalton.
PN6727.K386 S55 2012Silent partner : the graphic novel / Jonathan Kellerman adapted by Ande Parks art by Michael Gaydos.
PS3552.A49 L67 2011Lost memory of skin / Russell Banks.
PS3553.A76334 R43 2012Redwood Bend / Robyn Carr.
PS3553.U75 T48 2012The thief : an Isaac Bell adventure / Clive Cussler and Justin Scott.
PS3555.V2126 L68 2012Love in a nutshell / Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly.
PS3556.L685 C56 2012Cinnamon Roll murder / Joanne Fluke.
PS3558.A4763 H66 2012Home front / Kristin Hannah.
PS3558.O333 D69 2012Down the darkest road / Tami Hoag.
PS3561.E3864 G86 2012Gun games / Faye Kellerman.
PS3561.E3865 V53 2012Victims / Jonathan Kellerman.
PS3561.L456 R35 2012Rainshadow road / Lisa Kleypas.
PS3561.O55 S38 201177 Shadow Street : a novel / Dean Koontz.
PS3561.R44 C66 2012Copper Beach / Jayne Ann Krentz.
PS3563.I422 W42 2011We others : new and selected stories / Steven Millhauser.
PS3566.A647 B64 2012Breakdown / Sara Paretsky.
PS3566.I372 L66 2012Lone wolf : a novel / Jodi Picoult.
PS3568.I265 W65 2012The wolf gift : a novel / Anne Rice.
PS3568.O196 S57 2011Sleepwalker / Karen Robards.
PS3568.O243 C432 2012BCelebrity in death / J.D. Robb.
PS3573.O6418 S94 2012The summer garden / Sherryl Woods.
PS3601.B37 E63 2011The end of everything : a novel / Megan Abbott.
PS3602.E648 M6 2011Mortgage cowboy / by Robert R. Bell.
PS3602.E648 N6 2011Not such nice guys collection / by Robert R. Bell.
PS3603.O559 M37 2011A matrix of angels / Christopher Conlon.
PS3609.V54 S66 2012The snow child : a novel / Eowyn Ivey.
PS3610.A3525 G76 2012A grown-up kind of pretty / Joshilyn Jackson.
PS3612.A5477 D44 2011Defending Jacob : a novel / William Landay.
PS3612.U897 T73 2012Trail of the Spellmans : document #5 / Lisa Lutz.
PS3613.A4355 F55 2011Floating staircase / Ronald Malfi.
PS3613.C5626 F54 2011Flesh eaters / Joe McKinney.
PS3615.D454 H43 2012The healing : a novel / Jonathan Odell.
PS3616.A33883 H44 2012Helpless / Daniel Palmer.
PS3618.O8685 N36 2009Name of the wind : the kingkiller chronicle : day one / Patrick Rothfuss.
PS3623.I575 G37 2012The garden intrigue / Lauren Willig.
PT8951.24.E83 P3613 2012The leopard / Jo Nesbø translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett.
QC16.H33 F465 2012Stephen Hawking : an unfettered mind / Kitty Ferguson.
QP99.3.B5 H96 2012The blood sugar solution : the ultrahealthy program for losing weight, preventing disease, and feeling great now! / Mark Hyman.
RA784 .F74 2011Fresh from the farmstand.
RB155.5 .B76 2009The boy in the moon : a father's journey to understand his extraordinary son / Ian Brown.
RM171 .T787 2011Blood work : a tale of medicine and murder in the scientific revolution / Holly Tucker.
TX833.5 .C6545 2010Cooking light fresh food fast : weeknight meals.

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Location: Rare Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
CT219 .M23 1872Great fortunes, and how they were made or the struggles and triumphs of our self-made men. By James D. McCabe, Jr ... Numerous illustrations, from original designs by G.F. & E.B. Bensell ...
M1994 .F743 1925Third book of songs / by Robert Foresman.
MT935 .P272The progressive music series for basal use in primary, intermediate, and grammar schools, by Horatio Parker ... Osbourne McConathy ... Edward Bailey Birge ... [and] W. Otto Miessner ...
PR2206 .D49 1893Essays by Francis Bacon ... with notes by Joseph Devey ...
PS3556.R3337 A45 1993The all night Yemenite cafe : poems / by Diane Frank.
PS563 .C57 1990Collecting moon coins / editor, Diane Frank.

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
AE5 .E364Britannica book of the year.
DA28 .W6Who's who.
E185.96 .C66Contemporary Black biography.
G1021 .M37Maps on file.
HJ2051 .A592Budget of the United States Government.
HJ4652 .U5Your federal income tax for individuals / Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.
JK1011Official congressional directory / by W. H. Michael.
JS344.C5 A24The Municipal year book.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser.West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.
KF62 2006United States code : containing the general and permanent laws of the United States enacted through the 109th Congress (ending January 3, 2007, the last law of which was signed on January 15, 2007) / prepared and published under authority of Title 2, U.S. code, section 285b, by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the House of Representatives.

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Location: Special Collections Archives

Call NumberTitle/Author
PS3619.A439 R43 2005Red beans and ricely yours : poems / by Mona Lisa Saloy.

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Location: Special Collections Hartje

Call NumberTitle/Author
TS1095.U6 B23 2010From the hand to the machine : nineteenth-century American paper and mediums : technologies, materials, and conservation / Cathleen A. Baker.


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