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May 2012

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Location: Curriculum

Call NumberTitle/Author
LB1585 .E33 2009Activities linking science with math, K-4 / John Eichinger.
QA276.12 L37 2009Elementary statistics : picturing the world / Ron Larson, Betsy Farber.

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERCultural politics [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERJournal of biomedical materials research [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERJournal of consciousness studies : controversies in science & the humanities.
NO CALL NUMBERReference & user services quarterly.
NO CALL NUMBERThe journal of humanistic counseling.

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
AS36 .L872The McNeese review.
AZ188 U5 N38Proceedings of the ... National Conference on Undergraduate Research.
B111 .O94Oxford studies in ancient philosophy.
BF1031 D665 2011Doomsday scenarios / Noah Berlatsky, book editor.
BJ1470.5 .C46 2011Celebrity culture : opposing viewpoints / Roman Espejo, book editor.
BL240.2 .R367 1997Religion and science : historical and contemporary issues / Ian G. Barbour.
BS445 .D435 2011Bibles : an illustrated history from papyrus to print / Christopher de Hamel.
BS651 .R757 2012Among the creationists : dispatches from the anti-evolution front line / Jason Rosenhouse.
BV4797.52 .C555 2006BWhy you do the things you do : the secret to healthy relationships / Tim Clinton, Gary Sibcy.
BX4210 .G75 2007The garden of delights : reform and renaissance for women in the twelfth century / Fiona J. Griffiths.
BX9869.P8 B69 2007Joseph Priestley and English Unitarianism in America / J.D. Bowers.
D16 .G675 2011Figuring history / by Lionel Gossman.
D27 .H34 2011Talking about naval history : a collection of essays / John B. Hattendorf.
D764 .Z493 2011Stalingrad to Berlin : the German defeat in the east / Earl F. Ziemke.
DS79.767.M68 B37 2011A 'toxic genre' : the Iraq War films / Martin Barker.
E184.A75 M35 2003Major problems in Asian American history : documents and essays / edited by Lon Kurashige, Alice Yang Murray.
E840.8.R48 A34 2011No higher honor : A Memoir of My Years in Washington / Condoleeza Rice.
F852 .R64 2011Nature's Northwest : the North Pacific Slope in the twentieth century / William G. Robbins and Katrine Barber.
GR335 .C64 2011The Columbia anthology of Chinese folk and popular literature / edited by Victor H. Mair and Mark Bender.
GV706.4 .K49 2012Key concepts in sport psychology / John Kremer ... [et al.].
HA31.3 G45 2007Data analysis using regression and multilevel/hierarchical models / Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill.
HC106.84 K56 2012Becoming China's bitch : and nine more catastrophes we must avoid right now : a manifesto for the radical center / Peter D. Kiernan.
HC106.84 C55 2011Back to work : why we need smart government for a strong economy / Bill Clinton.
HC110.P6 P5883 2012Poverty / Roman Espejo, book editor.
HC59.15 .W67World economic situation and prospects / Department of Economic and Social Affairs and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
HD5724 .U593 2011Unemployment / David Haugen and Susan Musser, book editors.
HF5415.332.C45 B83 2011The material child : growing up in consumer culture / David Buckingham.
HJ4653.C7 U554Source book of statistics of income. Active corporation income tax returns.
HM1166 .M49 2011As we speak : how to make your point and have it stick / Peter Meyers and Shann Nix.
HM681 D34 2011Failing Liberty 101 : how we are leaving young Americans unprepared for citizenship in a free society / William Damon.
HQ801 .Y47 2008How we love : discover your love style, enhance your marriage / Milan & Kay Yerkovich.
HT123 .U717 2011Urban America / Roman Espejo, book editor.
HV4505 .H65528 2012Homelessness / Tamara Thompson, book editor.
HV4708 .G78 2011Ethics and animals : an introduction / Lori Gruen.
HV5760 T615 2012Tobacco and smoking / Kelly Wand, book editor.
HV6275 .C663 2012Conspiracy theories / editor, Paul McCaffrey.
HV6793.M8 K73 2011True crime, Missouri : the state's most notorious criminal cases / David J. Krajicek.
HV9471 .A487 2010America's prisons : opposing viewpoints / Noah Berlatsky, book editor.
JC596.2.U5 P755 2011Privacy / Roman Espejo, book editor.
JK1991 .E543 2012Election spending / Nancy Dziedzic, book editor.
JX233 .A3 1969-76 v. 36Foreign relations of the United States, 1969-1976. Volume XXXVI, Energy crisis, 1969-1974 / Linda Qaimmaqami, editor general editor: Edward C. Keefer.
K5301 .W3673 2010War crimes / Margaret Haerens, book editor.
KF3869 .U55Food code : ... recommendations of the United States Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration.
KF8947.5 .M37 2012Computer forensics : cybercriminals, laws, and evidence / by Marie-Helen Maras.
KF9430 .P384 2011Patriot acts : narratives of post-9/11 injustice / edited by Alia Malek with a foreword by Karen Korematsu.
LA173 U5513 2011The university : an illustrated history / edited by Fernando Tejerina.
LB14.7 .N63 2012Philosophy of education / Nel Noddings.
LB1576 .B486 2011Best practices in literacy instruction / edited by Lesley Mandel Morrow, Linda B. Gambrell foreword by Nell K. Duke.
LB2367.4 .M377Peterson's master the GRE.
LC40 .H6412 2010Homeschooling / Noah Berlatsky, book editor.
ML3001 .D685 2011Christian music : a global history / Tim Dowley [contributors, Sugu J.M. Chandy ... et al.].
ML3477 .H37 2011Music of the 1980s / Thomas Harrison.
ML3477 .H38 2011Music of the 1990s / Thomas Harrison.
ML3534.H43 B48 2011Beyond and before : progressive rock since the 1960s / Paul Hegarty and Martin Halliwell.
ML3760 .Y68 2011Music and dance traditions of Ghana : history, performance and teaching / Paschal Yao Younge forewords by Daniel Avorgbedor, Komla Amoaku, and Francis Nii-Yartey.
ML3774 .A87 2011Austronesian soundscapes : performing arts in Oceania and Southeast Asia / edited by Birgit Abels.
ML3790 .M728 2012The music industry / Noah Berlatsky, book editor.
ML3798 .E86 2005Essays on Georgian ethnomusicology / [English text edited by Carl Linich translated by Ariane Chanturia].
ML3820 .A43 2011Integrated practice : coordination, rhythm, & sound / Pedro de Alcantara.
ML3845 .T78 2011Reflections on musical meaning and its representations / Leo Treitler.
ML3880 .D583 2011Friendly remainders : essays in musical criticism after Adorno / Murray Dineen.
ML3916 .P673 2012Pop when the world falls apart : music in the shadow of doubt / edited by Eric Weisbard.
ML3917.F8 D76 2011Music and the elusive revolution : cultural politics and political culture in France, 1968-1981 / Eric Drott.
ML410.K636 A3 2012A natural woman : a memoir / Carole King.
ML410.S54 J43 2011Jean Sibelius and his world / edited by Daniel M. Grimley.
ML55 .O97 2011The Oxford handbook of the new cultural history of music / edited by Jane F. Fulcher.
MT1 .L516 2011Learning from young children : research in early childhood music / edited by Suzanne L. Burton and Cynthia Crump Taggart.
MT1 .L52 2011Learning, teaching, and musical identity : voices across cultures / edited by Lucy Green.
MT170 .O27 2007Goals and self-assessment in the middle school learner : a study of music practice habits / by Steven Rex Oare.
N6537.H6 A4 2011Edward Hopper's Maine / Kevin Salatino with essays by Carter E. Foster ... [et al.].
N7606 .R46 2011The Renaissance portrait : from Donatello to Bellini / edited by Keith Christiansen and Stefan Weppelmann essays by Patricia Rubin ... [et al.].
NA4482.M8 W54 2012Missouri armories : the Guard's home in architecture and history / Robert P. Wiegers.
NC1315.N49 M486 2011Infinite jest : caricature and satire from Leonardo to Levine / Constance C. McPhee, Nadine M. Orenstein.
NC975.A1 I52Society of Illustrators ... annual of American illustration.
ND1928 .W37 2011Watercolour / edited by Alison Smith with contributions by Thomas Ardill ... [et al.].
ND237.B47 W65 2012Thomas Hart Benton : a life / Justin Wolff.
ND497.R8 B85 2011Rossetti : painter & poet / J.B. Bullen.
ND553.F6 I54 2011Jean Fouquet and the invention of France : art and nation after the Hundred Years War / Erik Inglis.
ND613 .N383 2011Italian paintings before 1400 / Dillian Gordon.
NE1183.3 T359 2011Multiple impressions : contemporary Chinese woodblock prints / Xiaobing Tang.
NK7309 .P75 2011Lest we forget : masterpieces of patriotic jewelry and military decorations / Judith Price.
NK806 .E973 2011Expressions of innocence and eloquence : selections from the Jane Katcher collection of Americana. Volume II / editors, Jane Katcher, David A. Schorsch, Ruth Wolfe catalog by David A. Schorsch, Eileen M. Smiles photography by Gavin Ashworth essays by Alan Andersen ... [et al.].
P138.5 .B23 2008Analyzing linguistic data : a practical introduction to statistics using R / R.H. Baayen.
PA3937 .A2 2006The learned banqueters / Athenaeus edited and translated by S. Douglas Olson.
PA4391 .A2 2010The histories / Polybius translated by W.R. Paton revised by Frank W. Walbank and Christian Habicht.
PA6095 .C36 2005The Cambridge companion to Roman satire / edited by Kirk Freudenburg.
PA6569 .M45 2011Plautus / edited and translated by Wolfgang de Melo.
PC3609 H45 2011Paths to post-nationalism : a critical ethnography of language and identity / Monica Heller.
PN1993.5.A1 B69 2012The cinematic footprint : lights, camera, natural resources / Nadia Bozak.
PN1993.5.K6 K52424 2011Virtual hallyu : Korean cinema of the global era / Kyung Hyun Kim.
PN1995.75 .D59 2011100 silent films / Bryony Dixon.
PN1995.9.F54 S6855 2011Maximum movies, pulp fictions : film culture and the worlds of Samuel Fuller, Mickey Spillane, and Jim Thompson / Peter Stanfield.
PN1995.9.S547 L45 2011Those girls : single women in sixties and seventies popular culture / Katherine J. Lehman.
PN1996 .M455 2012Writing in pictures : screenwriting made (mostly) painless / Joseph McBride.
PN1998.3.H58 R38 2011Scripting Hitchcock : Psycho, The birds, and Marnie / Walter Raubicheck & Walter Srebnick.
PN2592 .B39 2011Theatre, community, and civic engagement in Jacobean London / Mark Bayer.
PN441 .R37 2011The literary theory toolkit : a compendium of concepts and methods / Herman Rapaport.
PN56.H57 C3 2011The Cambridge companion to gay and lesbian writing / edited by Hugh Stevens.
PN6725 .K75 2011Mutants & mystics : science fiction, superhero comics, and the paranormal / Jeffrey J. Kripal.
PR4581 .F7 2011The life of Charles Dickens / John Forster with a foreword by Jane Smiley general editor, Holly Furneaux.
PR6015.U9 B7 1989Brave new world / Aldous Huxley.
PR6053.A73 B87 1997Burning your boats : the collected short stories / Angela Carter with an introduction by Salman Rushdie.
PR6057.A319 S6 2008Smoke and mirrors : short fictions and illusions / Neil Gaiman.
PS1499.D55 P8 2006The psychoscope : a sensational drama in five acts / by R.M. Daggett and J.T. Goodman with an introduction and notes by Lawrence I. Berkove.
PS153.I52 C59 2011Reading Native American literature / Joseph L. Coulombe.
PS251 .M54MidAmerica.
PS3515.E343 Z74 2012A difficult woman : the challenging life and times of Lillian Hellman / Alice Kessler-Harris.
PS3523.I516 Z48 2012Against wind and tide : letters and journals, 1947-1986 / Anne Morrow Lindbergh.
PS3556.O6997 F67 2009The fantasy writer's assistant : and other stories / Jeffrey Ford with an introduction by Michael Swanwick.
PS3558.A4619 S24 2006Saffron and brimstone : strange stories : a collection / by Elizabeth Hand.
PS3562.O597 M65 2012Monks beginning to waltz / George Looney.
PS3604.A9558 B48 2012Between storms / Carol V. Davis.
PS3607.O85 I5 2007In the forest of forgetting / Theodora Goss.
PS374.W6 H379 2011Chick lit and postfeminism / Stephanie Harzewski.
PS591.D57 B43 2011Beauty is a verb : the new poetry of disability / edited by Jennifer Bartlett, Sheila Black, and Michael Northen.
Q175 .S2345 2001The lady tasting tea : how statistics revolutionized science in the twentieth century / David Salsburg.
Q335 .A78582 2011Artificial intelligence / Noah Berlatsky, book editor.
QA135.6 .G728 2011Upper elementary math lessons : case studies of real teaching / Anna Graeber, Linda Valli, and Kristie Jones Newton.
QA268 .H64 2008An introduction to mathematical cryptography / Jeffrey Hoffstein, Jill Pipher, Joesph H. Silverman.
QA276.45.R3 L5 2012Behavioral research data analysis with R / Yuelin Li, Jonathan Baron.
QA276.45.R3 Z88 2009A beginner's guide to R / Alain F. Zuur, Elena N. Ieno, Erik H.W.G. Meesters.
QA3 .A57 no.1015Resistance forms, quasisymmetric maps, and heat kernel estimates / Jun Kigami.
QA3 .A57 no.1016Towards a modulo p Langlands correspondence for GL2 / Christophe Breuil, Vytautas Pas̆ku⁻nas.
QA3 .A57 no.1017Weighted shifts on directed trees / Zenon Jan Jablónski, Il Bong Jung, Jan Stochel.
QA3 .A57 no.1018Second order analysis on (P2(M),W2) / Nicola Gigli.
QA3 .A57 no.1020A theory of generalized Donaldson-Thomas invariants / Dominic Joyce, Yinan Song.
QA3 .A57 no.1021Networking Seifert surgeries on knots / Arnaud Deruelle, Katura Miyazaki, Kimihiko Motegi.
QA3 .A57 no.1022The Hermitian two matrix model with an even quartic potential / Maurice Duits, Arno B.J. Kuijlaars, Man Yue Mo.
QA3 A57 no.1019On first and second order planar elliptic equations with degeneracies / Abdelhamid Meziani.
QA76.76.C672 M6158 2011Basics of game design / Michael E. Moore.
QB8 .U12The Astronomical almanac for the year ...
QH360.5 .B87 2009But is it science? : the philosophical question in the creation/evolution controversy / edited by Robert T. Pennock and Michael Ruse.
QK603 .M616 201121st century guidebook to fungi / David Moore, Geoff Robson, Tony Trinci.
QL737.C27 S7266 2011Polar bears : the natural history of a threatened species / Ian Stirling.
R726.8 B96 2012The best care possible : a physician's quest to transform care through the end of life / Ira Byock.
R726.8 .A15 2011End of life care : a practical guide / editors, Barry M. Kinzbrunner, Joel S. Policzer.
R726.8.T355 D438 2012Taking sides : Clashing views in death and dying / selected, edited, and with introductions by William J. Buckley and Karen S. Feldt.
RA643.86.A35 P465 2011The origins of AIDS / Jacques Pepin.
RA645 O23 O22 2011Obesity / Scott Barbour, book editor.
RB155.8 .L49 2012The forever fix : gene therapy and the boy who saved it / Ricki Lewis.
RJ240 .O38 2011Deadly choices : how the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all / Paul A. Offit.
RJ255.5 G76 2011Testing baby : the transformation of newborn screening, parenting, and policy making / Rachel Grob.
RM301.15 .P477 2012The pharmaceutical industry / Roman Espejo, book editor.
RM666.H33 G538 2012Rosemary Gladstar's medicinal herbs : a beginner's guide / by Rosemary Gladstar.
SB321 .I23 2012The beginner's guide to growing heirloom vegetables : the 100 easiest-to-grow, tastiest vegetables for your garden / by Marie Iannotti.
SB324.3 .D43 2011What's wrong with my vegetable garden? : 100% organic solutions for all your vegetables, from artichokes to zucchini / David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth.
SB945.B3 N55 2011Empire of the beetle : how human folly and a tiny bug are killing North America's great forests / Andrew Nikiforuk.
SF487 .B64 2012Free-range chicken gardens : how to create a beautiful, chicken-friendly yard / Jessi Bloom with photographs by Kate Baldwin.
SH691.C35 G74 2012Noodlers in Missouri : fishing for identity in a rural subculture / Mary Grigsby.
TD657.4 .W64 2012Creating rain gardens : capturing the rain for your own water-efficient garden / Cleo Woelfle-Erskine and Apryl Uncapher.
TD791 .G37 2012Garbage and Recycling / Margaret Haerens, book editor.
TN23 .U612Minerals yearbook / prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Mines.
TR105 .F73 2011Photography and Japan / Karen M. Fraser.
TR15 .G878 2011500 cameras : 170 years of photographic innovation / Todd Gustavson.
TT778.C76 B644 2012Two-hour cross-stitch : flowers : 300 quick & easy designs / Trice Boerens photographer, Steve Mann.
TT820 .N3685 2011Knitting around the world : a multistranded history of a time-honored tradition / by Lela Nargi.
TT825 .R25 2012Circular knitting workshop : essential techniques to master knitting in the round/ by Margaret Radcliffe.
TT870 B2422 2012Quilled flowers : a garden of 35 paper projects / Alli Bartkowski.
TT890 .H3 2012Simply stylish faux flowers / Sylvia Hague.
Z695.74 .D47 2011Descriptive cataloging of rare materials (books) / Bibliographic Standards Committee, Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, Association of College and Research Libraries in collaboration with the Cataloging Policy and Support Office of the Library of Congress.

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Location: Juvenile

Call NumberTitle/Author
027 K585LILibrarian on the roof! : a true story / M.G. King illustrated by Stephen Gilpin.
323 B77BLBlack & white : the confrontation between Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth and Eugene Bull Connor / Larry Dane Brimner.
372.6 T824PRPress here / [Hervé Tullet translated by Christopher Franceschelli].
379.2 T643LILittle Rock girl 1957 : how a photograph changed the fight for integration / by Shelley Tougas.
398 N1628TRTreasury of Greek mythology : classic stories of gods, goddesses, heroes & monsters / by Donna Jo Napoli illustrated by Christina Balit.
522 SCO838SPSpace, stars, and the beginning of time : what the Hubble telescope saw / Elaine Scott.
551.48 L994ALAll the water in the world / by George Ella Lyon and Katherine Tillotson.
576.8 P936BIBillions of years, amazing changes : the story of evolution / Laurence Pringle illustrations by Steve Jenkins with a foreword by Jerry A. Coyne.
577.69 R743MAThe mangrove tree : planting trees to feed families / by Susan L. Roth & Cindy Trumbore collages by Susan L. Roth.
590.92 W734WAThe watcher : Jane Goodall's life with the chimps / Jeanette Winter.
591.4 M5641OVOver and under the snow / by Kate Messner with art by Christopher Silas Neal.
594.68 J4177CACan we save the tiger? / Martin Jenkins illustrated by Vicky White.
598 ST624BRBring on the birds / written and illustrated by Susan Stockdale.
598.9 AR66THThunder birds : nature's flying predators / Jim Arnosky.
599.67 OC51ELThe elephant scientist / by Caitlin O'Connell and Donna M. Jackson photographs by Caitlin O'Connell and Timothy Rodwell.
612.6 H2429WHWho has what? : all about girls' bodies and boys' bodies / Robie H. Harris illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott.
629 B924NINight flight : Amelia Earhart crosses the Atlantic / Robert Burleigh paintings by Wendell Minor.
629 F6292AMAmelia lost : the life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart / by Candace Fleming.
741 M5419AA + e 4ever : a graphic novel / by I. Merey.
741.5 AR628SISita's Ramayana / text by Samhita Arni art by Moyna Chitrakar.
741.5 N877Nursery rhyme comics : [50 timeless rhymes from 50 celebrated cartoonists / introduction by Leonard S. Marcus edited by Chris Duffy illustrated by Patrick McDonnell ... [et al.]].
741.6 SA99DRDrawing from memory / Allen Say.
741.6 Y84HOThe house Baba built : an artist's childhood in China / Ed Young, text as told to Libby Koponen.
759 T61DIDiego Rivera : his world and ours / Duncan Tonatiuh.
780.92 R8248MUMusic was IT : young Leonard Bernstein / Susan Goldman Rubin.
784 V312RARaggin', jazzin', rockin' : a history of American musical instrument makers / Susan VanHecke.
788.8 J158SQSqueeze this! : a cultural history of the accordion in America / Marion Jacobson.
791.5 SW364BABalloons over Broadway : the true story of the puppeteer of Macy's Parade / written and illustrated by Melissa Sweet.
796 M259BABasketball belles : how two teams and one scrappy player put women's hoops on the map / by Sue Macy illustrated by Matt Collins.
796 P3706NAA nation's hope : the story of boxing legend Joe Louis / Matt de la Peña illustrated by Kadir Nelson.
811.54 G2938EMEmma dilemma : big sister poems / by Kristine O'Connell George illustrated by Nancy Carpenter.
811.54 G837GRThe Great Migration : journey to the North / by Eloise Greenfield illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist.
811.54 SI139SWSwirl by swirl : spirals in nature / written by Joyce Sidman illustrated by Beth Krommes.
811.6 R1159LELemonade, and other poems squeezed from a single word / by Bob Raczka illustrated by Nancy Doniger.
861.62 B8143PAPablo Neruda : poet of the people / Monica Brown illustrated by Julie Paschkis.
940.53 R8248IRIrena Sendler and the children of the Warsaw Ghetto / by Susan Goldman Rubin illustrated by Bill Farnsworth.
940.53 T386TETerezín : voices from the Holocaust / Ruth Thomson.
971.6 W1541BLBlizzard of glass : the Halifax explosion of 1917 / Sally M. Walker.
973 B8123AMAmerica is under attack : September 11, 2001 : the day the towers fell / Don Brown.
973 N3346HEHeart and soul : the story of America and African Americans / words and paintings by Kadir Nelson.
F AS86DRDream something big : the story of the Watts Towers / by Dianna Hutts Aston collages by Susan L. Roth.
F B1739NONo two alike / Keith Baker.
F B2851NANaamah and the ark at night / a lullaby by Susan Campbell Bartoletti illustrated by Holly Meade.
F B3818YOYou killed Wesley Payne / Sean Beaudoin.
F B4465KIKing Jack and the dragon / Peter Bently & [illustrations by] Helen Oxenbury.
F B5396LULucky beans / by Becky Birtha illustrated by Nicole Tadgell.
F B627BLThe blue house dog / Deborah Blumenthal illustrated by Adam Gustavson.
F B6324GAThe gardener / S.A. Bodeen.
F B7286JEJefferson's sons : a founding father's secret children / Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.
F B7301HOHow they croaked : the awful ends of the awfully famous / Georgia Bragg illustrated by Kevin O'Malley.
F B7334FAFat Cat / Robin Brande.
F B7916QUQueen of hearts / Martha Brooks.
F B8143MAMarisol McDonald doesn't match = Marisol McDonald no combina / story/cuento, Monica Brown illustrations/ilustraciones, Sara Palacios Spanish translation/traducción al español, Adriana Domínguez.
F B9179MOMouse & lion / Aesop retold by Rand Burkert pictures by Nancy Ekholm Burkert.
F B987BEBecause of Mr. Terupt / Rob Buyea.
F C2451HEHeist society / Ally Carter.
F C4666FLFlyaway / Lucy Christopher.
F C6598LELeverage / Joshua C. Cohen.
F C8297UNThe unforgotten coat / Frank Cottrell Boyce photographs by Carl Hunter and Clare Heney.
F C9171CHChirchir is singing / written by Kelly Cunnane illustrated by Jude Daly.
F D176PRPrudence wants a pet / Cathleen Daly illustrations by Stephen Michael King.
F D2495DEThe death cure / James Dashner.
F D2495SCThe Scorch trials / James Dashner.
F D3605CHThe Cheshire Cheese cat : a Dickens of a tale / Carmen Agra Deedy & Randall Wright drawings by Barry Moser.
F D896SOSoldier bear / written by Bibi Dumon Tak illustrated by Philip Hopman translated by Laura Watkinson.
F EF12AFAfter / Amy Efaw.
F EL51RURules of attraction / Simone Elkeles.
F ER66SYSylvia Jean, scout supreme / Lisa Campbell Ernst.
F F197DADark life / Kat Falls.
F F248WIWith or without you / Brian Farrey.
F F7654IFIf I stay : a novel / by Gayle Forman.
F F9293HIHidden / Helen Frost.
F G147MUMudkin / Stephen Gammell.
F G1998MAMaximilian & the mystery of the Guardian Angel : a bilingual lucha libre thriller / written and illustrated by Xavier Garza.
F G561KIKing of the screwups / K.L. Going.
F G7674HIHide and seek / Katy Grant.
F G886THTheodore Boone, kid lawyer / John Grisham.
F H389LTLittle white rabbit / Kevin Henkes.
F H5657HOHow Rocket learned to read / Tad Hills.
F IN889DODot / Patricia Intriago.
F J6348MUMuchacho : a novel / LouAnne Johnson.
F K261GHGhost dog secrets / Peg Kehret.
F K4521LILittle pink pup / Johanna Kerby.
F K572NI999 tadpoles / by Ken Kimura illustrated by Yasunari Murakami.
F K666II want my hat back / Jon Klassen.
F K686SESea / Heidi R. Kling.
F K819NONow playing : Stoner & Spaz II / Ron Koertge.
F K8458RIThe ridge / Michael Koryta.
F L1194HOHold still / Nina LaCour with illustrations by Mia Nolting.
F L165TETell me the day backwards / Albert Lamb illustrated by David McPhail.
F L6176EME-mergency! / Tom Lichtenheld, Ezra Fields-Meyer.
F M113RORot & Ruin / Jonathan Maberry.
F M146MEMe-- Jane / Patrick McDonnell.
F M1799IFIf rocks could sing : a discovered alphabet / by Leslie McGuirk [photographs by Denise Ritchie].
F M217NENever forgotten / by Patricia C. McKissack artwork by Leo & Diane Dillon.
F M3623TETen little caterpillars / by Bill Martin Jr. illustrated by Lois Ehlert.
F M3815THThese hands / written by Margaret H. Mason illustrated by Floyd Cooper.
F M4284AMAmy & Roger's epic detour / Morgan Matson.
F M4689TITìa Isa wants a car / Meg Medina illustrated by Claudio Muñoz.
F M486SESee me run / by Paul Meisel.
F OG123LILittle treasures : endearments from around the world / words by Jacqueline K. Ogburn pictures by Chris Raschka.
F P2197THThe third gift / Linda Sue Park illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.
F P273BTBrother Sun, Sister Moon : Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the creatures / reimagined by Katherine Paterson illustrated by Pamela Dalton.
F P3706WEWe were here / Matt de la Peña.
F R1829BAA ball for Daisy / Chris Raschka.
F R2127STStars / by Mary Lyn Ray and [illustrations by] Marla Frazee.
F R474GOGoodnight, goodnight, construction site / Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld.
F SA932WHWhere's Walrus? / by Stephen Savage.
F SCH581TATales for very picky eaters / Josh Schneider.
F SCH785CHChasing Brooklyn / Lisa Schroeder.
F SCI47MEMemoirs of a goldfish / Devin Scillian and illustrated by Tim Bowers.
F SH315DODo you know which ones will grow? / Susan A. Shea paintings by Tom Slaughter.
F SH94BRBruiser / Neal Shusterman.
F SM618GRGrandpa Green / Lane Smith.
F ST25SIThe silver bowl / Diane Stanley.
F ST522SCThe Scorpio Races / Maggie Stiefvater.
F T1535LOLost & found / 3 by Shaun Tan.
F T7567MIMigrant / Maxine Trottier pictures by Isabelle Arsenault.
F UH6STA storm called Katrina / written by Myron Uhlberg illustrated by Colin Bootman.
F V256CAThe cazuela that the farm maiden stirred / Samantha R. Vamos illustrated by Rafael López.
F W2196WOWon-Ton : a cat tale told in haiku / Lee Wardlaw illustrated by Eugene Yelchin.
F W643HAHarry & Hopper / Margaret Wild [illustrations by] Freya Blackwood.
F W6596PIPink / Lili Wilkinson.
F W667II broke my trunk! / by Mo Willems.
F W667SHShould I share my ice cream? / by Mo Willems.
F W7835LOLola's fandango / written by Anna Witte illustrated by Micha Archer narrated by the Amador family.
F W8311WAThe watch that ends the night : voices from the Titanic / Allan Wolf.
F Y903NEA New Year's reunion / Yu Li-Qiong illustrated by Zhu Cheng-Liang.
F Z12FOFood, girls, and other things I can't have : a novel / by Allen Zadoff.

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Location: Maps

Call NumberTitle/Author
G5692.C3H8 2012 .U5Oil and gas infrastructure in the Caspian Sea region [cartographic material] : March 2012.
G7460 2011 .U5Syria [cartographic material] : country profile.
G7631.F7 2012 .U5Afghanistan-Pakistan administrative divisions, February 2012 [cartographic material].

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PR4560 .A13 2011Great expectations [sound recording] / Charles Dickens.
PR4561 .A13 2011Hard times [sound recording] / Charles Dickens.
PR6058.A69147 F433 2011The fear index [sound recording] / Robert Harris.
PS3505.A87 M93 2007My Ántonia [sound recording] / by Willa Cather.
PS3553.O51165 D763 2011The drop [sound recording] / Michael Connelly.
PS3560.O275 W483 2012What doesn't kill you [sound recording] / Iris Johansen.
PS3568.O243 W5783 2012The witness [sound recording] / Nora Roberts.
PS3569.C725 C663 2012Come home [sound recording] : a novel / Lisa Scottoline.
PS3570.R459 S563 2012The shoemaker's wife [sound recording] : a novel / Adriana Trigiani.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call NumberTitle/Author
M1766.G45 P65 2012Polyphonic song in the Republic of Georgia [sound recording].

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
JK526 1992 .W37 2012The war room [videorecording] / Pennebaker Associates Inc. and McEttinger Films present a film by by Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker producers, R.J. Cutler, Wendy Ettinger, Frazer Pennebaker.
ML421.D66 D66 2000The Doors [videorecording] / LIVE Entertainment Carolco Mario Kassar presents a Sasha Harari/Bill Graham Films/Imagine Entertainment production an Oliver Stone film produced by Bill Graham and Sasha Harari and A. Kitman Ho written by J. Randal Johnson and Oliver Stone directed by Oliver Stone Studio Canal.
N5310.5.F7 C38 2011Cave of forgotten dreams [videorecording] / Sundance Selects, Creative Differences and History Films present written and directed by Werner Herzog produced by Erik Nelson and Adrienne Ciuffo.
PN1993.42.U6 T44 2011These amazing shadows [videorecording] / Sundance Selects Gravitas Docufilms directed by Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton produced by Christine O'Malley, Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton written by Kurt Norton, Paul Mariano, Doug Blush.
PN1995.9 F6714 B68 2005Boudu sauvé des eaux [videorecording] = Boudu saved from drowning / Les Etablissements Jacques Mark présentent réalisé par les Productions Michel Simon avec le concours du CCF réalisation de Jean Renoir.
PN1995.9.A3 O243 2007Ocean's thirteen [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Village Roadshow Pictures, a Jerry Weintraub/Section Eight production produced by Jerry Weintraub written by Brian Koppelman & David Levien directed by Steven Soderbergh.
PN1995.9.C55 B33 2000Back to school [videorecording] / A Paper Clip production an Alan Metter film executive producers, Estelle Endler, Michael Endler, Harold Ramis produced by Chuck Russell screenplay by Steven Kampman & Will Porter and Peter Torokvei & Harold Ramis story by Rodney Dangerfield & Greg Fields & Dennis Snee directed by Alan Metter.
PN1995.9.C55 B344 2012Bad actress [videorecording] / Strand Releasing presents a Lullaby Films production produced by Lisa Schahet written by David Michael Barrett directed by Robert Lee King.
PN1995.9.C55 T33 2004Take the money and run [videorecording] / Palomar Pictures International presents a Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe production produced by Charles H. Joffe screenplay by Woody Allen and Mickey Rose directed by Woody Allen.
PN1995.9.C55 W4 2012We bought a zoo [videorecording] / LBI Entertainment / Vinyl Films production produced by Julie Yorn, Cameron Crowe, Rick Yorn screenplay by Aline Brosh McKenna and Cameron Crowe directed by Cameron Crowe.
PN1995.9.F67124 P76 2012Protektor [videorecording] / Film Movement presents Negativ Film Productions výrobce: Milan Kuchynkǎ, Pavel Strnǎd režie, Marek Najbrt scénář: Benjamin Tuček, Rober Geisler, Marek Najbrt.
PN1995.9.F67174 O73 2011Ordinary people [videorecording] / TS Productions, Trilema, Prince Film SA u koprodukciji sa ARTE France Cinéma, Télévision suisse romande u saradnji sa Wild Bunch scenario i režija, Vladimir Perišić saradnik na scenariju, Alice Winocour producenti, Anthony Doncque, Miléna Poylo & Gilles Sacuto film Vladimir Perišić.
PN1995.9.F6718 K37 2012Karen llora en un bus [videorecording] = Karen cries on the bus / FilmMovement presents una produccíón de Cajanegra Producciones en coproducción Schweizen Media Group en asocio con Ciclope Films, Producciones El Paso ... una pelicula escrita y dirigida por Gabriel Rojas Vera producida por Alejandro Prieto.
PN1995.9.F67194 C46 2012Choi voi [videorecording] = Adrift / directed by Bui Thac Chuyên.
PN1995.9.W4 B428 2008Bend of the river [videorecording] / Universal Pictures screenplay by Borden Chase produced by Aaron Rosenberg directed by Anthony Mann.
PN1995.9.W4 D473 2008Destry rides again [videorecording] / a Universal Picture directed by George Marshall screenplay by Felix Jackson, Gertrude Purcell and Henry Myers a Joe Pasternak production.
PN1995.9.W4 F33 2008The far country [videorecording] / Universal-International story and screenplay by Borden Chase produced by Aaron Rosenberg directed by Anthony Mann.
PN1995.9.W4 N5218 2008Night passage [videorecording] / Universal International presents producer, Aaron Rosenberg screenplay, Borden Chase director, James Neilson.
PN1995.9.W4 R242 2008The rare breed [videorecording] / written by Ric Hardman produced by William Alland directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.
PN1995.9.W4 W556 2008Winchester '73 [videorecording] / Universal International screenplay by Robert L. Richards, Borden Chase produced by Aaron Rosenberg directed by Anthony Mann.
PS3134 .B42 2011Ben-Hur [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer screenplay by Karl Tunberg produced by Sam Zimbalist directed by William Wyler.
PS3515.U785 I452 2008Imitation of life [videorecording].
PS3558.E4962 C72 2006Crimes of the heart [videorecording] / Studio Canal De Laurentiis Entertainment Group presents a Freddie Fields/Burt Sugarman production produced by Freddie Fields directed by Bruce Beresford screenplay by Beth Henley.
QC981.3 .U53 2011Understanding weather [videorecording] / James Marsh, producer produced by Marsh/TMW Media Group, Inc.
QL751 .T78 2006True life adventures. Volume 2: 1975-1976, Lands of exploration [videorecording].
SF413 .E44 2011The elephant in the living room [videorecording] / a Michael Webber film NightFly Entertainment in association with MainSail Productions and Edify Media co-producers, Tim Harrison, John Adkins, Mark Morgan produced and directed by Michael Webber.

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Location: Microform Film

Call NumberTitle/Author
F1414 .J64 1999North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) archive of Latin Americana : a project sponsored and underwritten by the New School for Social Research : guide to the scholarly resources microfilm edition / Peter T. Johnson with the assistance of Francisco J. Fonseca.
F1488.3 .E36 1997North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) archive of Latin Americana. El Salvador [microform].
F2279 .P47 1997North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) archive of Latin Americana. Colombia [microform].
F3448.2 .P48 1998North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) archive of Latin Americana. Peru [microform].
F3448.2 .P48 1998North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) archive of Latin Americana. Peru [microform].

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
ML1311 .D8 2012History of Missouri bands, 1800-2000 / by C. Herbert Duncan.
T74.M8 M575 20002000 report on progress toward the statewide public policy initiatives and goals for Missouri postsecondary technical education / [Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education].
TX715 C635 1976 The Cabins vittles : a treasury of pioneer recipes / by Mary K. Collett, illustrated by Paula Dimit.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
BV4529.18 .R59 2012My story, my song : mother-daughter reflections on life and faith / Lucimarian Roberts as told to Missy Buchanan reflections by Robin Roberts.
E843.K4 H47 2012Mrs. Kennedy and me / Clint Hill with Lisa McCubbin.
NK2004.3.H69 A4 2012The joy of decorating : southern style with Mrs. Howard / Phoebe Howard with Susan Sully.
PR6063.C326 L56 2012The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection / Alexander McCall Smith.
PR6063.I265 E46 2012Embassytown / China Miéville.
PR6066.E693 D67 2012Dorchester Terrace / Anne Perry.
PR6112.U77 A69 2011Afterwards : a novel / Rosamund Lupton.
PS3552.A446 I56 2012The innocent / David Baldacci.
PS3552.R61455 B67 2012Born to darkness / Suzanne Brockmann.
PS3552.R698 B54 2012The big cat nap : the 20th anniversary Mrs. Murphy mystery / Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown illustrated by Michael Gellatly.
PS3553.L278 G97 2012Gypped : a Regan Reilly mystery / Carol Higgins Clark.
PS3553.L287 L485 2012The lost years / Mary Higgins Clark.
PS3553.O225 S73 2012Stay close / Harlan Coben.
PS3553.O6336 L74 2012Love blooms in winter / Lori Copeland.
PS3557.R5355 C34 2012Calico Joe / John Grisham.
PS3560.E527 S59 2012Sixty acres and a bride / Regina Jennings.
PS3560.O275 W48 2012What doesn't kill you / Iris Johansen.
PS3561.I483 W56 2012The wind through the keyhole / Stephen King.
PS3561.R44 C84 2012Crystal gardens / Amanda Quick.
PS3563.A7239 D36 2011A dance with dragons / George R.R. Martin.
PS3566.A8242 F35 2012Fall from grace : a novel / Richard North Patterson.
PS3568.A698 C68 2012The cove / Ron Rash.
PS3568.O243 L37 2012The last boyfriend / Nora Roberts.
PS3569.C725 C66 2012Come home / Lisa Scottoline.
PS3570.Y45 B44 2012The beginner's goodbye : a novel / by Anne Tyler.
PS3572.I325 F53 2012Final sail : a dead-end job mystery / Elaine Viets.
PS3601.B677 L48 2011Leviathan wakes / James S.A. Corey.
PS3602.R864 H35 2012The half-stitched Amish quilting club / Wanda E. Brunstetter.
PS3603.A4473 H47 2012Her restless heart / Barbara Cameron.
PS3607.R36395 D43 2011Deadline / Mira Grant.
PS3613.A453 B37 2012Barefoot season / Susan Mallery.
PS3620.A258 D44 2012The deep zone : a novel / James M. Tabor.
RC553.A88 F54 2012The journal of best practices : a memoir of marriage, Asperger syndrome, and one man's quest to be a better husband / David Finch.
RC588.D53 A45 2012Allergy-friendly food for families : 120 gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and soy-free recipes everyone will love / editors of Kiwi Magazine foreword by Robyn O'Brien.
RM222.2 .D273 2012The drop 10 diet : add to your plate to lose the weight / Lucy Danziger Beth Janes and the editors of Self Magazine.
RM237.86 .M377 20124 ingredients gluten-free : more than 400 new and exciting recipes all made with 4 or fewer ingredients and all gluten-free! / Kim McCosker, Rachael Bermingham.
SB418 .W57 2012Container gardening for all seasons : Enjoy YEAR-ROUND Color with 101 Designs / Barbara Wise.
TX770.P58 L34 2012My pizza : the easy no-knead way to make spectacular pizza at home / Jim Lahey with Rick Flaste.

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Location: Rare Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
BS554 H82 1854Zweimal zwei und fünfzig auserlesene biblische Historien aus dem Alten und Neuen Testamente, der Jugend zum besten abgefasset / von Johann Hübnern.
ML3798 .E86 2005Essays on Georgian ethnomusicology / [English text edited by Carl Linich translated by Ariane Chanturia].

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
KF101 .A33United States Supreme Court reports.
QL701.2 .H36Handbook of the mammals of the world / chief editors, Don E. Wilson, Russell A. Mittermeier associate editors, Sue Ruff, Albert Martínez-Vilalta photographic editor, Josep del Hoyo authors, Paolo Cavallini ... [et al.].

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Location: Special Collections Archives

Call NumberTitle/Author
NA4482.M8 W54 2012Missouri armories : the Guard's home in architecture and history / Robert P. Wiegers.
PS3562.O597 M65 2012Monks beginning to waltz / George Looney.
PS3604.A9558 B48 2012Between storms / Carol V. Davis.
SH691.C35 G74 2012Noodlers in Missouri : fishing for identity in a rural subculture / Mary Grigsby.

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Location: Special Collections Faculty

Call NumberTitle/Author
PS3566.A827 P73 2012The Prague manuscript / James Paulding.

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Location: Special Collections Schwengel

Call NumberTitle/Author
E457.2 .H69 2010Abraham Lincoln and the structure of reason / David Hirsch & Dan Van Haften.
E468.7 .P57 2009Portraits of conflict : a photographic history of Missouri in the Civil War / William Garrett Piston, Thomas P. Sweeney with a foreword by the general editors, Carl Moneyhon and Bobby Roberts.

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Location: U S Documents

Call NumberTitle/Author
D 114.20:Army history : the professional bulletin of Army history.
D 213.8/3:Astronomical phenomena for the year ... / issued by the Nautical Almanac Office, United States Naval Observatory.
PrEx 2.8/5:Budget of the United States Government. Analytical perspectives.
SSA 1.22/2:Annual statistical supplement ... to the Social security bulletin.
T 22.44:El impuesto federal sobre los ingresos para personas físicas.
Y 10.13:The budget and economic outlook / The Congress of the United States, Congressional Budget Office.
Y 10.2:L 78/2Federal loan guarantees for the construction of nuclear power plants / [written by Wendy Kiska and Deborah Lucas].
Y 10.32:Reducing the deficit, spending and revenue options.
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