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September 2011

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERJahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERJahrbücher für Kultur und Geschichte der Slaven [electronic resource].

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
B111 .O94Oxford studies in ancient philosophy.
B1649.S2473 B43 2009Beauty / Roger Scruton.
B4377 .S74 2003Kierkegaard's relations to Hegel reconsidered / Jon Stewart.
B809.15 .M37 2009Social conventions : from language to law / Andrei Marmor.
BD215 .C82 2009Why believe? / John Cottingham.
BD31 .K87 2011What? : are these the twenty most important questions in human history / Mark Kurlansky.
BD421 .G73 2011Soul : a cosmology / Joseph Grange.
BD450 .S7775 2009Selves : an essay in revisionary metaphysics / Galen Strawson.
BF327 .P79 2010The psychology of attitudes and attitude change / edited by Joseph P. Forgas, Joel Cooper, William D. Crano.
BF431 .S358 2010Practical wisdom : the right way to do the right thing / Barry Schwartz and Kenneth Sharpe.
BF575.A5 S5613 2010Rage and time : a psychopolitical investigation / Peter Sloterdijk translated by Mario Wenning.
BL200 .E93 2010Natural signs and knowledge of God : a new look at theistic arguments / C. Stephen Evans.
BL240.3 .G62 2005God, humanity, and the cosmos / Christopher Southgate ... [et al.].
BL2525 .F75 2010America's four gods : what we say about God-- & what that says about us / Paul Froese & Christopher Bader.
BP182 .A21357 2010Militant Islamist ideology : understanding the global threat / Youssef H. Aboul-Enein.
BP63.S33 H44 2010Jihad in Saudi Arabia : violence and pan-Islamism since 1979 / Thomas Hegghammer.
BQ4336 .W75 2009The six perfections : Buddhism and the cultivation of character / Dale S. Wright.
BR1720.A9 C473 2009Augustine of Hippo : a life / Henry Chadwick.
BR517 .K67 2009Acts of conscience : Christian nonviolence and modern American democracy / Joseph Kip Kosek.
BR526 .W53 2011Onward Christian soldiers? : the religious right in American politics / Clyde Wilcox and Carin Robinson.
BS1225.53 .T677 2009Torah queeries : weekly commentaries on the Hebrew Bible / edited by Gregg Drinkwater, Joshua Lesser, and David Shneer foreword by Judith Plaskow.
BX1406.3 .H46 2008Catholic and feminist : the surprising history of the American Catholic feminist movement / Mary J. Henold.
BX2470 .S65 2011War and the making of medieval monastic culture / Katherine Allen Smith.
BX540 .M36 2008Holy fathers, secular sons : clergy, intelligentsia, and the modern self in revolutionary Russia / Laurie Manchester.
BX8695.A77 T67 2008Leonard J. Arrington : a historian's life / Gary Topping.
D16 .B466 2008Fashioning history : current practices and principles / Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr.
D228 .M36 20111493 : uncovering the new world Columbus created / Charles C. Mann.
D524 .T53 2011Conscience : two soldiers, two pacifists, one family : a test of will and faith in World War I / Louisa Thomas.
D743.23 .W45 2008The moguls and the dictators : Hollywood and the coming of World War II / David Welky.
D764.3.L4 J66 2008Leningrad : state of siege / Michael Jones.
D769.372 .R64 2010Guadalcanal, Tarawa and beyond : a mud Marine's memoir of the Pacific island war / William W. Rogal.
D802.F8 A79 1997Ils partiront dans l'ivresse : Lyon, mai 43, Londres, février 44 / Lucie Aubrac.
DC235 .L49 2010Russia against Napoleon : the true story of the campaigns of War and peace / Dominic Lieven.
DJK50 .S72 2009Stalinism revisited : the establishment of communist regimes in East-Central Europe / edited by Vladimir Tismaneanu.
DK14 .M622The Supplement to the modern encyclopedia of Russian, Soviet and Eurasian history / edited by George N. Rhyne.
DK214 .F53 2010The Crimean War : a history / Orlando Figes.
DK222 .E38 2008The emancipation of the serfs in Russia : peace arbitrators and the development of civil society / Roxanne Easley.
DK246 .D26 2009The uses of history : understanding the Soviet Union and Russia / Alexander Dallin edited by Gail W. Lapidus.
DK268.E93 G48 2008Yezhov : the rise of Stalin's iron fist / J. Arch Getty and Oleg V. Naumov with the assistance of Nadezhda V. Muraveva.
DK38 .C66 2011Russia before the radiant future : essays in modern history, culture, and society / Michael Confino.
DK507.8175 .E95 2008Europe's last frontier? : Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine between Russia and the European Union / edited by Oliver Schmidtke and Serhy Yekelchyk.
DK508.46 .L33 2009A laboratory of transnational history : Ukraine and recent Ukrainian historiography / edited by Georgiy Kasianov and Philipp Ther.
DK604.3.A73 B58 2008The many lives of Khrushchev's thaw : experience and memory in Moscow's Arbat / Stephen V. Bittner.
DS134.84 .P4813 2009Jews in the Russian army, 1827-1917 : drafted into modernity / Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern.
DS425 .W75 2010The ancient Indus : urbanism, economy, and society / Rita P. Wright.
DS922.462 .H46 2010South Korea since 1980 / Uk Heo, Terence Roehrig.
DT658.26 .A94 2010The trouble with the Congo : local violence and the failure of international peacebuilding / Séverine Autesserre.
E175.45 .B76 2009Beyond the frontier : the midwestern voice in American historical writing / David S. Brown.
E185.615 .A5927 2010African Americans in global affairs : contemporary perspectives / edited by Michael L. Clemons.
E185.615 .D384 2010Media bias, perspective, and state repression : the Black Panther Party / Christian Davenport.
E443 .B45 2010Beyond slavery : overcoming its religious and sexual legacies / edited by Bernadette J. Brooten with the editorial assistance of Jacqueline L. Hazelton.
E842.9 .K55 1971Three assassinations : the deaths of John & Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King / edited by Janet M. Knight.
E882.2 .M47 2010Hegemonic masculinities and camouflaged politics : unmasking the Bush dynasty and its war against Iraq / James W. Messerschmidt.
E907 .D48 2010Developments in American politics 6 / edited by Gillian Peele ... [et al.].
E98.D6 M36 2009The tainted gift : the disease method of frontier expansion / Barbara Alice Mann.
E99.E7 U6713 2011Upside down : Arctic realities / [organized by the Menil Collection with Sean Mooney curated by Edmund Carpenter copy editors, Lorraine Spiess and Sean Mooney].
F1410 .L39 2011Latin American politics and development / edited by Howard J. Wiarda, Harvey F. Kline.
F621.W183 A3 2008Uncle Henry Wallace : letters to farm families / edited by Zachary Michael Jack.
F799 .K378 2008Pueblos, Spaniards, and the kingdom of New Mexico / John L. Kessell.
GE42 .H65 2008Learning native wisdom : what traditional cultures teach us about subsistence, sustainability, and spirituality / Gary Holthaus.
GF13 .S56 2008Global environmental history / I.G. Simmons.
GN296 .C37 2011Scripting addiction : the politics of therapeutic talk and American sobriety / E. Summerson Carr.
GN368 .F57 2010First encounters : native voices on the coming of the Europeans / Howard B. Leavitt, editor.
GN60 .C62 2010A companion to biological anthropology / edited by Clark Spencer Larsen.
GN778.22.I8 O74 2010Organizing Bronze age societies : the Mediterranean, Central Europe, and Scandinavia compared / edited by Timothy Earle, Kristian Kristiansen.
GN855.T83 D87 2011The prehistory of Asia Minor : from complex hunter-gatherers to early urban societies / Bleda S. Düring.
GT2850 .A48 2010Adventures in eating : anthropological experiences of dining from around the world / edited by Helen R. Haines and Clare A. Sammells.
GV1783.2.B87 F72 2010Butoh : metamorphic dance and global alchemy / Sondra Fraleigh.
HB3717 2008 .D384 2010The financial crisis : who is to blame? / Howard Davies.
HB3782.9 .A84 2010The last shall be the first : the East European financial crisis, 2008-10 / Anders Åslund.
HB87 .B235 2010The puzzle of modern economics : science or ideology / Roger E. Backhouse.
HB95 .P3185 2009The value of nothing : how to reshape market society and redefine democracy / Raj Patel.
HC106.84 .P74 2010The betrayal of American prosperity : free market delusions, America's decline, and how we must compete in the post-dollar era / Clyde Prestowitz.
HC240 .C314 2010The Cambridge economic history of modern Europe / edited by Stephen Broadberry and Kevin H. O'Rourke.
HC240 .C314 2010The Cambridge economic history of modern Europe / edited by Stephen Broadberry and Kevin H. O'Rourke.
HC240.25.R8 R89 2008Russia's European choice / edited by Ted Hopf.
HC427.95 .S87 2010Playing our game : why China's economic rise doesn't threaten the West / Edward S. Steinfeld.
HC59.7 .D344 2010The day after tomorrow : a handbook on the future of economic policy in the developing world / Otaviano Canuto and Marcelo Giugale, editors.
HC59.8 .S55 2010Credit between cultures : farmers, financiers, and misunderstanding in Africa / Parker Shipton.
HC79.D45 E25 2010The economics of natural and unnatural disasters / William Kern, editor.
HC800 .H37 2010Neoliberal Africa : the impact of global social engineering / Graham Harrison.
HC800 .P638 2010The political economy of Africa / edited by Vishnu Padayachee.
HD1536.S65 R48 2008Russia's peasants in revolution and civil war : citizenship, identity, and the creation of the Soviet state, 1914-1922 / Aaron B. Retish.
HD2731 .C37 2010The making of a transnational capitalist class : corporate power in the twenty-first century / William K. Carroll with Colin Carson ... [et al.].
HD4456 .B35 2010Privatizing water : governance failure and the world's urban water crisis / Karen Bakker.
HD7288.U4 G36 2007The boardinghouse in nineteenth-century America / Wendy Gamber.
HD7293 .S373 2010Housing policy in the United States / Alex F. Schwartz.
HD8039.S5262 U665 2010Midnight ride, industrial dawn : Paul Revere and the growth of American enterprise / Robert Martello.
HD9502.G72 W75 2010Energy and the English Industrial Revolution / E.A. Wrigley.
HD9502.U52 S829 2010Global energy security and American hegemony / Doug Stokes and Sam Raphael.
HE206.2 .L47 2010Too big to fall : America's failing infrastructure and the way forward / Barry B. LePatner with special comments by James L. Oberstar foreword by Robert Puentes.
HE308 .F87 2010One less car : bicycling and the politics of automobility / Zack Furness.
HE630.M63 L37 2008Navigating the Missouri : steamboating on nature's highway, 1819-1935 / William E. Lass.
HE8697.65.G7 J64 2011Death of a pirate : British radio and the making of the information age / Adrian Johns.
HF3230.5.Z7 G35 2010The dragon in the room : China and the future of Latin American industrialization / Kevin P. Gallagher and Roberto Porzecanski.
HF5726 .A485 2010The AMA handbook of business writing : the ultimate guide to style, grammar, usage, punctuation, construction, and formatting / Kevin Wilson and Jennifer Wauson.
HF5813.R9 W47 2011I shop in Moscow : advertising and the creation of consumer culture in late tsarist Russia / Sally West.
HG3881 .C5816 2010Financial globalization, economic growth, and the crisis of 2007-09 / William R. Cline.
HN49.P6 S29 2010Power : where is it? / Donald J. Savoie.
HQ1090.3 .H625 2008Manhood in the Age of Aquarius : masculinity in two countercultural communities, 1965-83 / Tim Hodgdon.
HQ12 .D56 2010The anthropology of sex / Hastings Donnan and Fiona Magowan.
HQ1236.5.U6 L38 2010bIt still takes a candidate : why women don't run for office / Jennifer L. Lawless, Richard L. Fox.
HQ1240 .G4548 2008Gender, rights and development : a global sourcebook / Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay and Shamim Meer, editors.
HQ1418 .W56 2007The mirror of antiquity : American women and the classical tradition, 1750-1900 / Caroline Winterer.
HQ18.U5 S554 2009Making marriage modern : women's sexuality from the Progressive Era to World War II / Christina Simmons.
HQ535 .C36 2009Making marriage work : a history of marriage and divorce in the twentieth-century United States / Kristin Celello.
HQ766.5.U5 K55 2009Fit to be tied : sterilization and reproductive rights in America, 1950-1980 / Rebecca M. Kluchin.
HS71.R8 B73 2009Voluntary associations in Tsarist Russia : science, patriotism, and civil society / Joseph Bradley.
HT241 .G73 1999The city : an urban cosmology / Joseph Grange.
HT241 .K338 2010Climatopolis : how our cities will thrive in the hotter future / Matthew E. Kahn.
HT241 .U72435 2011Urban ecology : patterns, processes, and applications / edited by Jari Niemela ... [et al.].
HV1431 .Y68 2008Youth at risk : a prevention resource for counselors, teachers, and parents / edited by David Capuzzi and Douglas R. Gross.
HV4999.Y68 S35 2004Preventing substance abuse : a guide for school counselors / Amos Sales.
HV6431 .K84 2010A foreigner carrying in the crook of his arm a tiny bomb / Amitava Kumar.
HV6773 .B38 2010Cyberbullying : what counselors need to know / Sheri Bauman.
HV6773 .H86 2010Creeping failure : how we broke the Internet and what we can do to fix it / Jeffrey Hunker.
HV8069 .P65 2010Police use of force : a global perspective / Joseph B. Kuhns and Johannes Knutsson, editors foreword by David H. Bayley.
HV9712 .G38 2008Exile to Siberia, 1590-1822 : corporeal commodification and administrative systematization in Russia / Andrew Armand Gentes.
J80 .A283Public papers of the presidents of the United States.
JA71.5 .R63 2011A mathematical look at politics / E. Arthur Robinson Jr., Daniel H. Ullman.
JF1051 .G74 2010The eyes of the people : democracy in an age of spectatorship / Jeffrey E. Green.
JK1764 .G57 2010Politics after hope : Barack Obama and the crisis of youth, race, and democracy / Henry A. Giroux.
JK2261 .A28 2010The disappearing center : engaged citizens, polarization, and American democracy / Alan I. Abramowitz.
JK2261 .S862 2010New directions in American political parties / edited by Jeffrey M. Stonecash.
JK2281 .A26 2010Campaigning to the new American electorate : advertising to Latino voters / Marisa A. Abrajano.
JK511 .D39 2010White House politics and the environment : Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. Bush / Byron W. Daynes and Glen Sussman.
JK516 .M67 2010The American presidency : an analytical approach / Irwin L. Morris.
JK522 .N67 2010The imperfect primary : oddities, biases, and strengths of U.S. Presidential nomination politics / Barbara Norrander.
JK524 .K36 2010The Obama victory : how media, money, and message shaped the 2008 election / Kate Kenski, Bruce W. Hardy, Kathleen Hall Jamieson.
JL1281 .L639 2010Symbolism and ritual in a one-party regime : unveiling Mexico's political culture / Larissa Adler-Lomnitz, Rodrigo Salazar-Elena, and Ilya Adler translated by Susanne A. Wagner.
JL3081 .T67 2010Populist seduction in Latin America / Carlos de la Torre.
JQ1631 .R67 2010Japan transformed : political change and economic restructuring / Frances McCall Rosenbluth and Michael F. Thies.
JQ1758.A58 P655 2010Politics & society in the contemporary Middle East / edited by Michele Penner Angrist.
JQ2951.A58 T75 2010Museveni's Uganda : paradoxes of power in a hybrid regime / Aili Mari Tripp.
JV6121 .S35 2010Not fit for our society : nativism and immigration / Peter Schrag.
JV6465 .B657 2010Brokered boundaries : creating immigrant identity in anti-immigrant times / Douglas S. Massey and Magaly Sánchez R.
JV7590 .D36 2010Immigration and conflict in Europe / Rafaela M. Dancygier.
JX233 .A3 1969-76 v. 9Foreign relations of the United States, 1969-1976. Vol. 9, Vietnam, October 1972-January 1973 / John M. Carland, editor Edward C. Keefer, general editor.
JZ1242 .B38 2010Realist constructivism / Samuel Barkin.
JZ1310 .C47 2010Rethinking world politics : a theory of transnational neopluralism / Philip G. Cerny.
JZ1318 .M555 2010Globalizing justice : the ethics of poverty and power / Richard W. Miller.
JZ1318 .S228 2010Globalization and nationalism : the cases of Georgia and the Basque country / Natalie Sabanadze.
JZ4839 .K688 2010World rule : accountability, legitimacy, and the design of global governance / Jonathan G.S. Koppell.
JZ4841 .R66 2010The change imperative : creating the next generation NGO / Paul Ronalds.
JZ5538 .D535 2010Evaluating peace operations / Paul F. Diehl, Daniel Druckman.
K564.C6 C37 2011Your digital afterlife : when Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are your estate, what's your legacy? / [Evan Carroll and John Romano foreword by Omar L. Gallaga].
KF1250 .E65 2009Making rights real : activists, bureaucrats, and the creation of the legalistic state / Charles R. Epp.
KF4155 .R93 2010Five miles away, a world apart : one city, two schools, and the story of educational opportunity in modern America / James E. Ryan.
KF46 .A22Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States.
KF46 .A22Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States.
KF4930 .C66 2011James Madison rules America : the constitutional origins of congressional partisanship / Wiilliam F. Connelly, Jr.
KF8748 .S9The Supreme Court review.
KFN2190 .P375 2010Framing equal opportunity : law and the politics of school finance reform / Michael Paris.
KFN562 .E43 2007Law and order in Buffalo Bill's country : legal culture and community on the Great Plains, 1867-1910 / Mark R. Ellis.
KTD454 .C7813 2010Court of remorse : inside the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda / Thierry Cruvellier translated by Chari Voss.
LB1025.3 .S66 2010Teaching, the hardest job you'll ever love! : helpful ideas for teachers in and out of the classroom / Steve Sonntag.
LB1027.5 .C248 2000Critical incidents in school counseling / [edited by] Lawrence E. Tyson and Paul B. Pedersen.
LB1027.5 .D466 2007Evidence-based school counseling : making a difference with data-driven practices / Carey Dimmitt, John C. Carey, Trish Hatch.
LB1027.5 .E84 2010Ethical & legal issues in school counseling / editors, Mary A. Hermann, Theodore P. Remley, Jr., Wayne C. Huey.
LB1027.5 .H635 2007School counseling to close the achievement gap : a social justice framework for success / Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy.
LB1027.5 .K285 2012Collaborative consultation in the schools : effective practices for students with learning and behavior problems / Thomas J. Kampwirth, Kristin M. Powers.
LB1027.5 .K435 2008Solution-focused brief therapy in schools : a 360-degree view of research and practice / Michael S. Kelly, Johnny S. Kim, Cynthia Franklin.
LB1027.5 .M445 2008Counseling toward solutions : a practical solution-focused program for working with students, teachers, and parents / Linda Metcalf foreword by Bill O'Hanlon.
LB1027.5 .M75 2003Multicultural counseling in schools : a practical handbook / [edited by] Paul B. Pedersen and John C. Carey.
LB1027.5 .P3177 2007Counseling strategies that work! : evidence-based interventions for school counselors / Richard D. Parsons.
LB1027.5 .S253 2008The new school counselor : strategies for universal academic achievement / Rita Schellenberg.
LB1027.5 .S259 2010The elementary/middle school counselor's survival guide / John J. Schmidt.
LB1027.5 .S787 2011School counselor accountability : a measure of student success / Carolyn B. Stone, Carol A. Dahir.
LB1027.5 .W75 2012Introduction to school counseling / Robert J. Wright.
LB1620.5 .M83 2008Solution-focused counseling in schools / John J. Murphy.
LB1731.75 .B35 2008School counseling for the twenty-first century / Stanley B. Baker, Edwin R. Gerler, Jr.
LB1900 .K6 no.1337An examination of variation in Dermacentor variabilis burdens within and between host species / by Tad Dallas.
LB1900 .K6 no.1340Nothing useful / by Franklin K. R. Cline.
LB1900 .K6 no.1341Gay manhood : coming to in my own coming-out narrative / by Matt Felzke.
LB1900 .K6 no.1343Out of the habit, into the field : a reflection on a conscious existence / by Tracy Hurt.
LB1900 .K6 no.1344calumet, michigan, 1913 : an original composition for flute, bassoon, piano, violin & cello / by Benjamin Martinson.
LB1900 .K6 no.1345Subduing silence / by Ted Moore.
LB1900 .K6 no.1346 I'm just Jewish... : defining Judaism in Bernard Malamud's The Magic Barrel and Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus and five short stories / by Patrick Silvey.
LB1900 .K6 no.1347Steel city sketches : an original composition for percussion orchestra / by Vincent Algert Wallace.
LB2331.72 .P76 2011In the basement of the ivory tower : confessions of an accidental academic / Professor X.
LB2336 .B68 2011Lessons learned : reflections of a university president / William G. Bowen.
LB2353.48 .M377 2010Cracking the ACT / Geoff Martz, Kim Magloire, and Theodore Silver.
LB2367.4 .S75 2011Peterson's master the GRE 2012 / Mark Alan Stewart.
LB2806.36 .C5164 2010The charter school experiment : expectations, evidence, and implications / edited by Christopher A. Lubienski, Peter C. Weitzel.
LB2822.82 .S8417 2010Improving struggling schools : a developmental approach to intervention / D. Brent Stephens.
LB3012 .K87 2010Homeroom security : school discipline in an age of fear / Aaron Kupchik.
LB3033 .B49 2010Recess battles : playing, fighting, and storytelling / Anna R. Beresin foreword by Brian Sutton-Smith.
LC1099.3 .D545 2010Our worlds in our words : exploring race, class, gender, and sexual orientation in multicultural classrooms / Mary Dilg.
LC178.S65 H35 2009Stalinist confessions : messianism and terror at the Leningrad Communist University / Igal Halfin.
LC4031 .B39 2007Assisting students with disabilities : a handbook for school counselors / Julie P. Baumberger, Ruth E. Harper.
LC4031 .S365 2010The school counselor's guide to helping students with disabilities / Laura Marshak ... [et al.].
LC4713.4 .L68 2009The school counselor's guide to ADHD : what to know and do to help your students / Richard A. Lougy, Silvia L. DeRuvo, David Rosenthal.
ML1737.8.M67 H35 2010Mamontov's Private Opera : the search for modernism in Russian theater / Olga Haldey.
ML2075 .H6 2010The Hollywood film music reader / edited by Mervyn Cooke.
ML28.N5 N384 2010The New York Philharmonic : from Bernstein to Maazel / John Canarina.
ML3470 .S53 2010She's so fine : reflections on whiteness, femininity, adolescence and class in 1960s music / edited by Laurie Stras.
ML3506 .P56 2010The jazz image : seeing music through Herman Leonard's photography / K. Heather Pinson.
ML3508 .W53 2010Jazz icons : heroes, myths and the jazz tradition / Tony Whyton.
ML3532 .D42 2010Time and memory in reggae music : the politics of hope / Sarah Daynes.
ML3534 .C37 2011Are we not new wave? : modern pop at the turn of the 1980s / Theo Cateforis.
ML3830 .M19 2011The power of music : pioneering discoveries in the new science of song / Elena Mannes foreword by Aniruddh D. Patel.
ML410.B4 W265 2010Beethoven's chamber music in context / Angus Watson.
ML410.H476 M68 2010The words and music of Jimi Hendrix / David Moskowitz.
ML410.M374 G64 2010Marianna Martines : a woman composer in the Vienna of Mozart and Haydn / Irving Godt edited with contributions by John A. Rice.
ML410.S93 H65 2011Richard Strauss : a musical life / Raymond Holden.
ML417.R38 R3713 2010Sviatoslav Richter : pianist / Karl Aage Rasmussen translated by Russell Dees.
ML420.C265 S55 2010Nine choices : Johnny Cash and American culture / Jonathan Silverman.
ML420.N694 P47 2010I wonder as I wander : the life of John Jacob Niles / Ron Pen foreword by Rick Kogan.
ML82 .M23 2010Towards a twenty-first-century feminist politics of music / Sally Macarthur.
MT1 .M42 2006MENC handbook of research methodologies / edited by Richard Colwell.
MT1 .M98736 2006MENC handbook of musical cognition and development / edited by Richard Colwell.
N6758.5.M63 A93 2011Avant-garde art in everyday life : early twentieth-century European modernism / edited by Matthew S. Witkovsky with essays by Jared Ash ... [et al.].
N8236.P4 M55 2010The disabled body in contemporary art / Ann Millett-Gallant.
NC1320 .B85 2011Cartooning : philosophy and practice / Ivan Brunetti.
NC880 .P5613 2011Pastels / [translated by Michael Brunelle and Beatriz Cortabarria].
ND3344 .S36 2011Fashion in the Middle Ages / Margaret Scott.
ND3380.4.H33 E68 2011The medieval Haggadah : art, narrative, and religious imagination / Marc Michael Epstein.
NK7180.A3 J3857 2011Old Javanese gold : the Hunter Thompson collection at the Yale University Art Gallery / John Miksic.
NX652.A73 S74 2010The real real thing : the model in the mirror of art / Wendy Steiner.
P119.32 C3 C355 2010Canadian language policies in comparative perspective / edited by Michael A. Morris.
P299.H66 P6 2005Politeness in language : studies in its history, theory and practice / with a new introduction by Richard J. Watts edited by Richard J. Watts, Sachiko Ide, Konrad Ehlich.
P40 .P4115 2010Language as a local practice / Alastair Pennycook.
P96.C74 J48 2011Media & crime / Yvonne Jewkes.
PA8340 .W35 2006Spirituality and politics in the works of Hrotsvit of Gandersheim / Stephen L. Wailes.
PE1404 .B43 2010Because digital writing matters : improving student writing in online and multimedia environments / National Writing Project with Dànielle Nicole DeVoss, Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, and Troy Hicks.
PE3711 .P46 2007Global Englishes and transcultural flows / Alastair Pennycook.
PL785.4.Z5 D6 1982A warbler's song in the dusk : the life and work of Ōtomo Yakamochi (718-785) / Paula Doe.
PL788.4.G4 E3 2001The tale of Genji / Murasaki Shikibu translated by Royall Tyler.
PL788.4.G4 E3 2001The tale of Genji / Murasaki Shikibu translated by Royall Tyler.
PL792.S4 A2 2008Zeami, performance notes / translated by Tom Hare.
PL861.A7 A24 1988Demented flute : selected poems, 1967-1986 / Sasaki Mikirô translated by William I. Elliott, Kawamura Kazuo introduction by Kitagawa Tôru.
PL861.E8 N313 1989The end of summer / Harumi Setouchi translated by Janine Beichman in collaboration with Alan Brender.
PL861.O48 K2513 1990The watcher from the shore / Ayako Sono translated by Edward Putzar.
PL861.O48 T4613 2003No reason for murder / Ayako Sono translated by Edward Putzar.
PL862.A4212 A27 1992Sleeping sinning falling / by Mutsuo Takahashi translated from the Japanese by Hiroaki Sato.
PL862.A54 A24 1998Selected poems / Shuntarō Tanikawa translated by William I. Elliott and Kazuo Kawamura.
PN1101 P57 2003Poetry for students. Volume 18 : presenting analysis, context and criticism on commonly studied poetry / David Galens project editor foreword by David Kelly.
PN1968.U5 D38 2010Lady dicks and lesbian brothers : staging the unimaginable at the WOW Café Theatre / Kate Davy.
PN1991.3.S2 H4613 2010Broadcasting the civil war in El Salvador : a memoir of guerrilla radio / by Carlos Henríquez Consalvi ( Santiago ) translated by Charles Leo Nagle V with A.L. (Bill) Prince introduction by Erik Ching.
PN1991.8.D63 R43 2010Reality radio : telling true stories in sound / John Biewen, editor Alexa Dilworth, coeditor.
PN1992.4.H42 P76 2010America's first network TV censor : the work of NBC's Stockton Helffrich / Robert Pondillo.
PN1992.5 .R45 2010Relocating television : television in the digital context / edited by Jostein Gripsrud.
PN1992.8.A59 B66 2006Drawn to television : prime-time animation from the Flintstones to Family guy / M. Keith Booker.
PN1993.5.G3 B76 2010A critical history of German film / Stephen Brockmann.
PN1993.5.G7 O77 2010Romantics and modernists in British cinema / John Orr.
PN1993.5.R9 M46 2010Moscow believes in tears : Russians and their movies / Louis Menashe.
PN1993.5.T8 A77 2011Cinema in Turkey : a new critical history / Savaş Arslan.
PN1993.5.U6 B385 2010Mass appeal : the formative age of the movies, radio, and tv / Edward D. Berkowitz.
PN1995.9.C4 L87 2010The child in film : tears, fears, and fairytales / Karen Lury.
PN1995.9.E78 F73 2010Framing the world : explorations in ecocriticism and film / edited by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi.
PN1996 .G34 2011Writing movies for fun and profit! : how we made a billion dollars at the box office and you can, too! / Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon foreword by John Hamburg.
PN1997.5 .D63 2009Historical dictionary of animation and cartoons / Nichola Dobson.
PN2071.M37 B45 2010Mask makers and their craft : an illustrated worldwide study / Deborah Bell.
PN4784.O62 B63 2010News at work : imitation in an age of information abundance / Pablo J. Boczkowski.
PN4877 .S86 2010The magazine century : American magazines since 1900 / David E. Sumner.
PN5477.T33 W37 2010Tabloid journalism in South Africa : true story! / Herman Wasserman.
PN690.C7 H37 2009Das Feindbild der Kreuzzugslyrik : das Aufeinandertreffen von Christen und Muslimen / Ingrid Hartl.
PN81 .B5449 2011The anatomy of influence : literature as a way of life / Harold Bloom.
PN849.E9 U538 2008Under Eastern eyes : a comparative introduction to East European travel writing on Europe / edited by Wendy Bracewell & Alex Drace-Francis.
PN849.E92 O75 2009Orientations : an anthology of East European travel writing, ca. 1550-2000 / edited by Wendy Bracewell.
PR4037 .D47 2011A Jane Austen education : how six novels taught me about love, friendship, and the things that really matter / William Deresiewicz.
PR411 .R46The Renaissance bulletin.
PR6052.A729 O5 2011On Canaan's side : a novel / by Sebastian Barry.
PR6058.O4467 S73 2011Stranger's child.
PR6068.O346 T47 2011The testament of Jessie Lamb / Jane Rogers.
PR6070.A9118 D47 2011Derby Day / D.J. Tayor.
PR6105.D38 C86 2011A cupboard full of coats / Yvvette Edwards.
PR6111.E524 P54 2011Pigeon English / Stephen Kelman.
PR6113.C483 L28 2011The last 100 days / Patrick McGuinness.
PR6113.I556 S66 2011Snowdrops : a novel / A.D. Miller.
PR756.T72 T48 2011Travel writing / Carl Thompson.
PR9199.4.E35 H35 2011Half blood blues / Esi Edugyan.
PR9199.4.P497 F37 2011Far to go / Alison Pick.
PS1892.A66 F47 2011Hawthorne, sculpture, and the question of American art / by Deanna Fernie.
PS3513.E2 Z65 2011Dr. Seuss and philosophy : oh, the thinks you can think! / edited by Jacob M. Held.
PS3525.I972 G6 1964AGone with the wind / by Margaret Mitchell.
PS3551.R4678 .R44 2010The reckoning / Kelley Armstrong.
PS3557.I34227 A69 2011Aftermath : poems / Sandra M. Gilbert.
PS3568.O855 N46 2010Nemesis / Philip Roth.
PS3604.E923 S57 2011The Sisters brothers / Patrick deWitt.
QA241 .P662 2010Number theory : a lively introduction with proofs, applications, and stories / James E. Pommersheim, Tim K. Marks, Erica L. Flapan.
QA274 .G765 2011Probability tales / Charles M. Grinstead, William P. Peterson, J. Laurie Snell.
QA29.F5 D48 2011The man of numbers : Fibonacci's arithmetic revolution / Keith Devlin.
QA292 .U48 2010The ultimate challenge : the 3x+1 problem / Jeffrey C. Lagarias, editor.
QA460.P8 P67 2010The Pythagorean theorem : the story of its power and beauty / Alfred S. Posamentier afterword by Herbert A. Hauptman.
QA76.25 .M45 2010Computers and programming / Lisa McCoy.
QA76.6 .E58 2010The computer boys take over : computers, programmers, and the politics of technical expertise / Nathan Ensmenger.
QA76.73.J39 N44 2012JavaScript / Tom Negrino, Dori Smith.
QA76.73.J39 P65 2010JavaScript : a beginner's guide / John Pollock.
QA76.76.H94 69 2011HTML5 : 24-hour trainer / Joseph W Lowery, Mark Fletcher.
QA9.54 .A57 2010Charming proofs : a journey into elegant mathematics / Claudi Alsina, Roger B. Nelsen.
QB501 .W45 2011How old is the universe? / David A. Weintraub.
QB8 .U3The Nautical almanac.
QC173.55 .T35 2010An illustrated guide to relativity / Tatsu Takeuchi.
QC903 .M67 2011Rise and fall of the carbon civilisation : resolving global environmental and resource problems / Patrick Moriarty, Damon Honnery.
QE926 .G73 2011A natural history of the New World : the ecology and evolution of plants in the Americas / Alan Graham.
QH360.5 .S79 2010Darwin, God and the meaning of life : how evolutionary theory undermines everything you thought you knew / Steve Stewart-Williams.
QH541.5.M3 R67 2010Wetland habitats : a practical guide to restoration and management / Nick Romanowski.
QH541.5.R27 T46 2011Temperate and boreal rainforests of the world : ecology and conservation / edited by Dominick A. DellaSala foreword by David Suzuki.
QR360 .Z65 2011A planet of viruses / Carl Zimmer.
RA401.A3 C37 2010Reputation and power : organizational image and pharmaceutical regulation at the FDA / Daniel Carpenter.
RA566.3 .J46 2011What's gotten into us? : staying healthy in a toxic world / McKay Jenkins.
RA644.M2 S46 2010The fever : how malaria has ruled humankind for 500,000 years / Sonia Shah.
RC455.2.E8 G846 2009A guide to ethical conduct for the helping professions / Merrill Education with introduction and commentary by Samuel T. Gladding.
RC455.4.E8 S77 2005Strategies for building multicultural competence in mental health and educational settings / edited by Madonna G. Constantine and Derald Wing Sue.
RC455.4.G4 P43 2011How to talk with families about genetics and psychiatric illness / Holly Peay, Jehannine Austin.
RC489.C63 H36 2010Handbook of cognitive-behavioral therapies / edited by Keith S. Dobson.
RC489.P47 H69 2011How animals affect us : examining the influence of human-animal interaction on child development and human health / edited by Peggy McCardle ... [et al.].
RC553.A88 F45 2010A history of autism : conversations with the pioneers / Adam Feinstein.
RG950 .C73 2011Pushing for midwives : homebirth mothers and the reproductive rights movement / Christa Craven.
RM237.73 .T39 2011Why we get fat and what to do about it / Gary Taubes.
RM301.27 .A22 2010The professional guinea pig : Big Pharma and the risky world of human subjects / Roberto Abadie.
RM315 .W46 2010Your brain on food : how chemicals control your thoughts and feelings / Gary L. Wenk.
S419 .S47 2010Bread, beer, and the seeds of change : agriculture's impact on world history / Thomas R. Sinclair, Carol Janas Sinclair.
S494.5.I5 A56 2009Industrializing the corn belt : agriculture, technology, and environment, 1945-1972 / J.L. Anderson.
SB435 .W266 2011Decorating with evergreens / Robert Waite photographs by Zac Williams.
SB611 .B59 2011Invasive plant ecology in natural and agricultural systems / Barbara D. Booth, Stephen D. Murphy, and Clarence J. Swanton.
T14.5 .B368 2010Technology and culture / Allen W. Batteau.
TK2980 .Z58 2010Energy storage : a new approach / Ralph Zito.
TR655 .G369 2011Man Ray in Paris / Erin C. Garcia.
TR820.5 .W4377 2011The realisms of Berenice Abbott : documentary photography and political action / Terri Weissman.
TT323 .S26 2011Painting and wallpapering secrets from Brian Santos, the Wall Wizard / Brian Santos.
TT505.M37 M37 2011Alexander McQueen : savage beauty / Andrew Bolton with contributions by Susannah Frankel and Tim Blanks photography by Sølve Sundsbø.
TT825 .D77 2005Loop-d-loop : more than 40 novel designs for knitters / Teva Durham photographs by Adrian Buckmaster.
Z665 .B92 2008Self-examination : the present and future of librarianship / John M. Budd.
ZA3075 .B48 2010Best practices for credit-bearing information literacy courses / edited by Christopher V. Hollister.

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Location: Internet

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERAcademic complete [electronic resource].

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Location: Juvenile

Call NumberTitle/Author
979 W6757TLTlingit Indians / Suzanne Morgan Williams.
F G76OPThe wind in the willows. The open road / by Kenneth Grahame illustrated by Lulu Delacre.

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PR6073.I246 T463 201140 love [sound recording] : a novel / Madeleine Wickham.
PR9199.3.B37135 A653 2011The accident [sound recording] / Linwood Barclay.
PR9199.4.P464 T753 2011A trick of the light [sound recording] / Louise Penny.
PS3552.O87658 B333 2011Back of beyond [sound recording] / C.J. Box.
PS3552.R718 L483 2011Lethal [sound recording] / Sandra Brown.
PS3557.A8427 I343 2011The ideal man [sound recording] : a novel / Julie Garwood.
PS3562.I586 M673 2011The most dangerous thing [sound recording] / Laura Lippman.
PS3563.C383495 P373 2011The Paris wife [sound recording] / Paula McLain.
PS3568.E476345 F573 2011Flash and bones [sound recording] / Kathy Reichs.
PS3568.O243 N483 2011New York to Dallas [sound recording] : an In Death novel / J.D. Robb.
PS3615.B73 T543 2011The tiger's wife [sound recording] : [a novel] / Téa Obreht.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call NumberTitle/Author
M1000.N48 R34 2010Recorded music of the African diaspora [sound recording].
M1000.T78 2011 04-30[Symphony Orchestra, April 30, 2011] [sound recording].
M1828 .A712 1999Arabian masters 2 [sound recording] : les grands classiques de la musique Arabe.
M355.P46 G84 2011[Guest artist recital ,February 28, 2011] [sound recording].

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
PN1995.9.S87 W58 2000Witness protection [videorecording] / HBO Films.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 1The nature of existence [videorecording] : companion series, Existence & purpose.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 2The nature of existence [videorecording] : companion series, Religion & spirituality.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 3The nature of existence [videorecording] : companion series, God & Devil.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 4The nature of existence [videorecording] : Companion series, Truth & faith.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 5The Nature of existence [videorecording] : Companion series, Sin & free will.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 6The nature of existence [videorecording] : Companion series, Morality & sexuality.
B72 .N382 2011 Disc 7The nature of existence [videorecording] : Companion series, Prayer & afterlife.
BL1202 .U53 2005Understanding Hindu traditions [videorecording] / author, Mary Lee Nolan Educational Video Network.
BQ982.A25 B75 2011Brilliant moon [videorecording] : glimpses of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche / co-produced by Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation ... [et al.] directed & produced by Neten Chokling written by Neten Chokling & Tenzing Choyang Gyari.
CT9990 .F37 2002Fast, cheap & out of control [videorecording] / American Playhouse Theatrical Films in association with Fourth Floor Productions, Inc. produced & directed by Errol Morris.
D23 .H57 2002History's turning points [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with The Learning Channel, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer: Neil Cameron executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H57 2002History's turning points [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with The Learning Channel, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer: Neil Cameron executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H57 2002History's turning points [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with The Learning Channel, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer: Neil Cameron executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H57 2002History's turning points [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with The Learning Channel, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer: Neil Cameron executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H57 2002History's turning points [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with The Learning Channel, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer: Neil Cameron executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H572 2002History's turning points II [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with TLC, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer/director: Justin Albert executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H572 2002History's turning points II [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with TLC, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer/director: Justin Albert executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H572 2002History's turning points II [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with TLC, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer/director: Justin Albert executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H572 2002History's turning points II [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with TLC, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer/director: Justin Albert executive producer: Revel Guest.
D23 .H572 2002History's turning points II [videorecording] / Transatlantic Films in co-production with TLC, Teleac, ORF and SBS series producer/director: Justin Albert executive producer: Revel Guest.
DA566.9.C5 G38 2009The gathering storm [videorecording] / HBO Films presents in association with BBC Films a Scott Free Productions, a film by Richard Loncraine producers, Frank Doelger, David M. Thompson screenplay by, Hugh Whitmore story by Larry Ramin and Hugh Whitemore director, Richard Loncraine.
DA995.L75 E942 2003Bloody Sunday [videorecording] / Paramount Classics and Portman Film present in association with Granada, the Film Council, and Bord Scannán na hÉirean/the Irish Film Board, a Granada film/Hell's Kitchen production produced by Mark Redhead written and directed by Paul Greengrass.
DT14 .A39 2000The Africans [videorecording] : a triple heritage : a commentary / a co-production of WETA-TV and BBC-TV written and presented by Ali A. Mazrui.
DT2891 .M84 2010Mugabe and the white African [videorecording] / HanWay Films, Film Agency for Wales [present] an Arturi Films presentation, in association with Explore Films, Molinare Productions producers, David Pearson, Elizabeth Morgan Hemlock directors, Andrew Thompson and Lucy Bailey.
E175.4.W9 S68 2010Soul of a people [videorecording] : writing America's story / Smithsonian Channel National Endowment for the Humanities Spark Media directed and produced by Andrea Kalin produced by David A. Taylor, James Mirabello written by David A. Taylor, Olive Emma Bucklin, Andrea Kalin.
F1410 .W44 2010When worlds collide [videorecording] / a co-production of Red Hill Productions & KCET written by Ruben Martinez & Carl Byker directed and produced by Carl Byker.
F2310 .A73 2011Araya [videorecording] / a Milestone film release a film by Margot Benacerraf.
F3101.A4 S35 2004Salvador Allende [videorecording] : a film / by Patricio Guzmán JBA Production, Les Films de la Passerelle (Bélgica) ... [et al.] produced by, Jacques Bidou writen and directed by Patricio Guzmán.
G670 1881 .G74 2011The Greely expedition [videorecording] / an Apograph Productions Inc. film for American Experience written, produced, and directed by Rob Rapley.
GF47 .H86 2011Human planet [videorecording] : the complete series / BBC Productions Bristol/Wales a BBC/Discovery Channel/France Television co-production producers, Nicholas Brown, Tom Hugh-Jones, Tuppence Stone, and others executive producer, Brian Leith series producer, Dale Templar.
GV1132.A44 W44 2005When we were kings [videorecording] : the untold story of the Rumble in the Jungle / a DASFilms presentation a Gramercy Pictures release co-produced by Keith Robinson, Vikram Jayanti produced by Leon Gast, David Sonenberg & Taylor Hackford directed by Leon Gast.
GV1783.C86 M47 2010Merce Cunningham Dance Company [videorecording] : Robert Rauschenberg collaborations / three films by Charles Atlas.
GV1785.8 .D36 2010Dancing dreams [videorecording] / written and directed by Anne Linsel.
GV1790.A1 E45 2010Elite syncopations [videorecording] : The Judas tree Concerto / a Royal Opera House production director, Ross MacGibbon.
GV1790.F573 F53 2010The flames of Paris [videorecording] = Flammes de Paris / produced by François Duplat and Antoine Perset a coproduction of Bel Air Media, Telmondis, NHK, Bolshoi Theater Moscow, with the participation of France Télévisions and the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie.
GV1790.K323 K34 2009Kaguyahime [videorecording] = The moon princess / Nederlands Dans Theater choreography by Jirí Kylián [music] composed and conducted by Maki Ishii co-production NOS-TV ... [et al.] directed for TV by Hans Hulscher.
GV1790.N8 N885 2010The nutcracker [videorecording] / Choreography, Peter Wright music, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky produced and directed by Ross MacGibbon.
GV839.5 .E53 2010The endless summer [videorecording] / Bruce Brown Films presents.
GV839.5 .R56 2010Rio breaks [videorecording] / The Breadcrumb Trail presents in association with Forward Entertainment and Prodigo Films produced in association with Sundance Channel a film by Justin Mitchell directed by Justin Mitchell written by Vince Medeiros, Justin Mitchell producers, Vince Medeiros, Justin Mitchell.
HQ799.2.M35 C68 2009Cover girl culture [videorecording] : awakening the media generation / Zen Pen Films directed and produced by Nicole Clark.
LB3241.2 .G76 2010Growing greener schools [videorecording] / a production of the Media & Policy Center Foundation directed by Harry Wiland & Dale Bell producers, Beverly Baroff, David Rosenstein, Charla Barker, Stacy Sinclair-Tarr.
M1366.S37 .J64 2010John Scofield [videorecording] : New Morning, the Paris concert / by New Morning Vision producer, director, Daniel Farhi .
M1500.J36 P75 2009The cunning little vixen [videorecording] / can RM Arts/NHK co-production in association with BBC ... music by Leoš Janáček directed by Nicholas Hytner.
M1500.M54 O43 2010Die alte Jungfer und der Dieb [videorecording] : Das Medium / Gian Carlo Menotti.
M1500.S918 E442 2010Elektra [videorecording] : tragic opera in one act / by Richard Strauss libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal a production of Unitel Classica, in co-production with ZDF Arte, in co-operation with Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.
M1500.S95 M552 2011The Mikado [videorecording] / Janus Films General Film Distributors, Ltd. based upon the opera by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, by arrangement with Rupert D'Oyly Carte adapted, conducted, and produced by Geoffrey Toye directed by Victor Schertzinger.
M1500.T34 C44 2010Cherevichki [videorecording] = Tsarina's slippers / music, Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky libretto, Yakov Polonsky, amplified by Nikolay Chayev and the composer after Nikolay Gogol's short story Christmas Eve a BBC/ROH co-production.
M1500.Z46 Z84 2010Der zwerg [videorecording] = The dwarf / Alexander Zemlinsky. Der zerbrochene Krug = The broken jug / Viktor Ullmann.
M1741.18.R65 S55 2008Shine a light [videorecording] / Paramount Classics, in association with Concert Productions International and Shangri-La Entertainment presents directed by Martin Scorsese produced by Michael Cohl ... [et al.].
ML410.L7 S66 2000ZSong without end [videorecording] : the story of Franz Liszt / Columbia Pictures, Inc. written by Oscar Millard produced by William Goetz directed by Charles Vidor.
ML421.B44 B44 2010Bee Gees [videorecording] : in our own time / Penn/Bright Entertainment, Reprise Records.
N6764 .W35 2010Walter Sickert vs. John Singer Sargent [videorecording] : the lives of Britain's masters of modern art / ZCZ production for BBC TVF International producer, Mike Lerner written and directed by Waldemar Januszczak.
N7430 .D47 2010Design dynamic paintings [videorecording] / by Ed Labadie.
PJ5129.S49 Y42 2008Yentl [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Barwood Films Ladbroke Investments produced by Rusty Lemorande, Barbra Streisand screenplay by Jack Rosenthal and Barbra Streisand directed by Barbra Streisand.
PN1031 .B512 2011Bill Moyers. The language of life [videorecording] / David Grubin Productions, Inc., and Public Affairs Television a presentation of Thirteen WNET New York directed and produced by David Grubin.
PN1031 .B512 2011Bill Moyers. The language of life [videorecording] / David Grubin Productions, Inc., and Public Affairs Television a presentation of Thirteen WNET New York directed and produced by David Grubin.
PN1031 .B512 2011Bill Moyers. The language of life [videorecording] / David Grubin Productions, Inc., and Public Affairs Television a presentation of Thirteen WNET New York directed and produced by David Grubin.
PN1995.9 M86 C45 1998Chitty chitty bang bang [videorecording] / producer, Albert R. Broccoli screenplay by Roald Dahl and Ken Hughes director, Ken Hughes.
PN1995.9.A3 R8713 2007Rush hour 3 [videorecording] / New Line Cinema presents an Arthur Sarkissian and Roger Birnbaum production produced by Arthur Sarkissian, Roger Birnbaum, Jay Stern, Jonathan Glickman, Andrew Z. Davis written by Jeff Nathanson directed by Brett Ratner.
PN1995.9.A3 T85 2000Twister [videorecording] / Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures present an Amblin Entertainment production directed by Jan de Bont written by Michael Crichton & Anne-Marie Martin produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Ian Bryce, Michael Crichton a film by Jan de Bont.
PN1995.9.C55 A978 2011Austin Powers 3-film collection [videorecording] / New Line Cinema presents.
PN1995.9.C55 I886 2006It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world [videorecording] / Stanley Kramer presents a United Artists release story and screenplay by William & Tania Rose produced and directed by Stanley Kramer.
PN1995.9.C55 M363 2000Man on the moon [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Mutual Film Company present a Jersey Films/Cinehaus production in association with Shapiro/West Productions produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher directed by Milos Forman written by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski.
PN1995.9.C55 O5 2011On the double [videorecording] / Parmount produced by Jack Rose directed by Melville Shavelson written by Jack Rose and Melville Shavelson.
PN1995.9.C55 Y69 2008You've got mail [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Lauren Shuler Donner production a Nora Ephron film screenplay by Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron produced by Lauren Shuler Donner and Nora Ephron directed by Nora Ephron.
PN1995.9.C66 R58 2002River's edge [videorecording] / Hemdale Film Corporation a Sanford/Pillsbury production written by Neal Jimenez produced by Sarah Pillsbury, Midge Sanford directed by Tim Hunter.
PN1995.9.D4 C67 2009Copycat [videorecording] / Regency Enterprises produced by Arnon Milchan, Mark Tarlov directed by Jon Amiel written by Ann Biderman and David Madsen.
PN1995.9.F54 T76 2010Trouble in mind [videorecording] / an Alive Films release Island Alive aned Terry Glinwood present a Pfeiffer/Blocker production a film by Alan Rudolph produced by Carolyn Pfeiffer and David Blocker written & directed by Alan Rudolph.
PN1995.9.F6712 H247 2007880-01 Hai zi wang [videorecording] / Xi'an dian ying zhi pian chang.
PN1995.9.F67133 P84 2011Püha Tõnu kiusamine [videorecording] / Atmo, Homeless Bob Productions, Bronson Club rez̆isöör/stenarist, Vieko Õunpuu produtsent, Katrin Kissa = The temptation of St. Tony / written and directed by Vieko Õunpuu producer, Katrin Kissa.
PN1995.9.F67135 P67 2011Postia pappi Jaakobille [videorecording] = Letters to Father Jacob / screenplay by Klaus Haro director, Klaus Härö.
PN1995.9.F6714 B445 2010Inspector Bellamy [videorecording] / Alicéleo Cinéma présente scénario adaptation et dialogue, Odile Barski et Claude Chabrol produit par Patrick Godeau un film de Claude Chabrol.
PN1995.9.F6714 R434 2010Le refuge [videorecording] = Hideaway / Eurowide & Foz présentent en coproduction avec France 2 Cinéma en association avec Sofica Coficup, Backup Films un film de François Ozon scénario et dialgoues, François Ozon & Mathieu Hippeau un film produit par Claudie Ossard & Chris Bolzli.
PN1995.9.F6714 Z3 2011Zazie dans le métro [videorecording] / une restauration Archives Françaises du Film, CNC, Ministère de la culture et de la communication Janus Films un film de Louis Malle d'après le roman de Raymond Queneau adaptation de Louis Malle et Jean-Paul Rappeneau une production Nouvelles Éditions de Films.
PN1995.9.F6715 A36 2001Aimée & Jaguar [videorecording] / Senator Film, Hanno Huth präsentiert eine Günter Rohrbach/Senator Film Produktion, einen Max Färberböck Film producers, Günter Rohrbach, Hanno Huth writers, Max Färberböck, Rona Munro director, Max Fäberböck.
PN1995.9.F6715 S678 2010Soul kitchen [videorecording] / The Match Factory Corazón International Pyramide Productions in koproduktion mit dem NDR in zusammenarbeit mit Dorje Film produzenten, Klaus Maeck, Fatih Akin drehbuch, Fatih Akin, Adam Bousdoukos regie, Fatih Akin.
PN1995.9.F67157 W47 2006Werckmeister harmóniák [videorecording] = Werckmeister harmonies / Facets Video a Goëss Film-Budapest, a Von Vietinghoff Filmproduktion-Berlin, és a 13 Production-Marseille bemutatja [present] Krasnahorkai László, Hranitzky Ágnes és Tarr Béla filmjét [a film by] rendező, Bela Tarr a forgatőkönyvet cimű regénye alapján, Fehér György, Dobai Péter és Dósa Kiss Gyuri [the script from the novel [by] György Fehér, PéternDobai, and Gyuri Dósa Kiss] szövegeinek, Lars Rudolph ötleteinek felhasználásával irta Krasznahorkai László és Tarr Bela [text, [story] using the ideas of Lars Rudolph written by László Krasznahorkai and Bela Tarr] producerek [producers] Franz Goëss és Szita Miklós, Joachim von Vietinghoff, Paul Saadoun a Magyar Mozgókép Közalapitvány, az Országos Rádió és Televísió Testület [the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation, the National Radio and Television Board] a Magyar Televísió, a Nemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram [the Hungarian Television, the National Cultural Fund] az ZDF, az ARTE az Európa Tanács EURIMAGES alapitványa [Council of Europe EURIMAGES Foundation] a Fondazione Montecinemaverita Locarno, és a RAI 3 [the Fondazione Monte Cinema Vérité Locarno, and Rai 3] Támogatásával és a Studio Babelsberg Gmbh Kozreműködésével készült [made [with] Support and assistance of Studio Babelsberg Gmbh].
PN1995.9.F6716 A544 2011L'angelo bianco [videorecording] = The white angel / Titanus director, Raffaello Matarazzo producer, Goffredo Lombardo screenplay by Aldo de Benedetti story by Raffaello Matarazzo, Giovanna Soria, Piero Pierotti.
PN1995.9.F6716 C378 2011Catene [videorecording] = Chains / Titanus director, Raffaello Matarazzo producer, Goffredo Lombardo screenplay by Aldo de Benedetti, Nicola Manzari story by Libero Bovio, Gaspare di Majo.
PN1995.9.F6716 F54 2011I figli di nessuno [videorecording] = Nobody's children / Titanus director, Raffaello Matarazzo producer, Goffredo Lombardo screenplay by Aldo de Benedetti.
PN1995.9.F6716 F86 2002Fuori dal mondo [videorecording] = Not of this world / Lumière & Co. produced by Lionello Cerri written by Giuseppe Piccioni, Gualtiero Rosella and Lucia Zei directed by Giuseppe Piccioni.
PN1995.9.F6716 T57 2011Tormento [videorecording] / Titanus director, Raffaello Matarazzo producer, Goffredo Lombardo screenplay by Aldo de Benedetti story by Libero Bovio, Gaspare di Majo.
PN1995.9.F67163 K345 2011880-01 Kagirinaki hodō [videorecording] / Kamata Eiga, Shōchiku Kinema Kabushiki Kaisha gensaku Kitamura Komatsu kyakushoku Ikeda Jitsuzō kantoku Naruse Mikio.
PN1995.9.F67163 K565 2011880-01 Kimi to wakarete [videorecording] / Kamata eiga, Shōchiku Kinema Kabushiki Kaisha gensaku, kyakushoku, kantoku, Naruse Mikio. Yogoto no yume / Kamata eiga, Shōchiku Kinema Kabushiki Kaisha kyakushoku, Ikeda Tadao gensaku, kantoku, Naruse Mikio.
PN1995.9.F67163 K68 2011880-01 Koshiben ganbare [videorecording] / Shōchiku Ōfuna eiga gensaku, kantoku, Naruse Mikio. Nasanu naka / Kamata eiga, Shōchiku Kinema Kabushiki Kaisha gensaku Yanagawa Shunʼyō kyakushoku Noda Kōgo kantoku Naruse Mikio.
PN1995.9.F67163 M24 2000880-01 Maboroshi no hikari [videorecording] = Maborosi / a New Yorker Films release a Milestone film release TV Man Union, Inc. presents directed by Koreeda Hirokazu screenplay by Yoshihisa Ogita produced by Naoe Gozu.
PN1995.9.F67163 T37 2005880-02 Tasogare seibei [videorecording] / Shōchiku Eiga gensaku Fujisawa Shūhei kyakuhon Yamada Yōji, Asama Yoshitaka kantoku Yamada Yōji.
PN1995.9.F67163 W36 2000880-01 Wandafuru raifu [videorecording] = After life / producers, Sato Shiho, Akieda Masayuki produced by TV Man Union, Inc., Engine Film, Inc. director, writer, editor Koreeda Hirokazu.
PN1995.9.F671635 O53 2005880-01 Oldboy [videorecording] = Oldeuboi / a Chanwook Park film ShowEast.
PN1995.9.F671637 T87 2005880-01 Turtles can fly [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer IFC Films BAC Films written and directed by Bahman Ghobadi an Iran-Iraq joint product Mij Film production [of] Hamid Ghavami, Batin Ghobadi, Hamid Karimi, Babak Amini.
PN1995.9.F67167 Z36 2011880-01 Zamānī barā-yi mastī-i asbhā [videorecording] = A time for drunken horses / [Bahman Ghobadi Films Farabi Cinema Foundation] written, produced and direced by Bahman Ghobadi.
PN1995.9.F6718 T47 2011Tesis [videorecording] / con la colaboración de Sogepaq, S.A. un film de las Producciones del Escorpión, S.L. guión, Alejandro Amenábar argumento original de Alejandro Amenábar y Mateo Gil productor, José Luis Cuerda director, Alejandro Amenábar.
PN1995.9.F6718 U48 2008La Ultima Cena [videorecording] / El Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos argumento y dirección, T.G. Alea.
PN1995.9.F67187 L66 2011Loong Boonmee raleuk chat [videorecording] = Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives / Illuminations Films presents a Kick the Machine Films & Illumiations Films Past Lives production in co-production with Anna Sanders Films Match Factory ... [et al.] written, produced and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
PN1995.9.G3 T78 2002True romance [videorecording] / Morgan Creek DVD Warner Bros. Pictures James G. Robinson presents a Morgan Creek production a Tony Scott film executive producer, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Stanley Margolis produced by Samuel Hadida, Steve Perry, Bill Unger written by Quentin Tarantino directed by Tony Scott.
PN1995.9.H55 F47 2011Fest selects. Best gay shorts, vol. 1 [videorecording] / the Collaborative.
PN1995.9.H55 F472 2011Fest selects. Best lesbian shorts, vol. 1 [videorecording] / the Collaborative.
PN1995.9.H6 A76 1998Army of darkness [videorecording] / Dino De Laurentiis Communication presents a Renaissance Pictures Production.
PN1995.9.H6 S26 2010Santa sangre [videorecording] / Claudio Argento presents screenplay by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roberto Leoni, Claudio Argento produced by Claudio Argento for Intersound Production directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.
PN1995.9.L6 E94 2002Ever after [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a Mireille Soria production an Andy Tennant film produced by Mireille Soria, Tracey Trench screenplay by Susannah Grant and Andy Tennant & Rick Parks directed by Andy Tennant.
PN1995.9.L6 K38 2002Kate & Leopold [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents a Konrad Pictures production of a James Mangold film producer, Cathy Konrad story, Steven Rogers screenplay writers, James Mangold, Steven Rogers director, James Mangold.
PN1995.9.M86 A55 2003Annie [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Ray Stark production a John Huston film screenplay by Carol Sobieski produced by Ray Stark directed by John Huston.
PN1995.9.M86 T68 2011Topsy-turvy [videorecording] / Universal Focus Features Thin Man Films, The Greenlight Fund, Newmarket Capital Group present a Simon Channing-Williams production a film by Mike Leigh produced by Simon Channing-Williams written & directed by Mike Leigh.
PN1995.9.S26 S68 2011Source code [videorecording] / Summit Entertainment, Vendome Pictures presents a Mark Gordon Company production produced by Mark Gordon, Jordan Wynn, Philippe Rousselet written by Ben Ripley directed by Duncan Jones.
PN1995.9.W3 P43 2001Pearl Harbor [videorecording] / Jerry Bruckheimer Films Touchstone Pictures producers, Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer writer, Randall Wallace director, Michael Bay.
PN1997.A1 F73 2010Franz Kafka's a country doctor [videorecording] : & other fantastic films / Koji Yamamura.
PN6737.S46 T362 2011Tamara Drewe [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics, WestEnd Films, BBC Films and the UK Film Council present a Ruby Films production, in association with Notting Hill Films a film by Stephen Frears screenplay by Moira Buffini produced by Alison Owen, Paul Trijbits, Tracey Seaward directed by Stephen Frears.
PR4620.A2 C66 2010The complete Sherlock Holmes collection [videorecording].
PR4620.A2 C66 2010The complete Sherlock Holmes collection [videorecording].
PR6035.A75 W562 2000The Winslow boy [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics presents produced by Sarah Green screenplay by David Mamet directed by David Mamet.
PR6052.E34 S552 2011A shine of rainbows [videorecording] / Seville Pictures presents in association with Telefilm Canada ... [et al] screenplay by Vic Sarin, Catherine Spear, Dennis Foon produced by Tina Pehme, Kim Roberts, James Flynn directed by Vic Sarin.
PS3515.U268 I52 2003In a lonely place [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Corporation presents screen play by Andrew Solt adaptation by Edmund H. North a Santana production produced by Robert Lord directed by Nicholas Ray.
PS3523.A9723 T842 2007Twelve o'clock high [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox screenplay by Sy Bartlett and Beirne Lay, Jr. produced by Darryl F. Zanuck directed by Henry King.
PS3537.I663 S82 2004The sunshine boys [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Ray Stark production a Herbert Ross film screenplay by Neil Simon produced by Ray Stark directed by Herbert Ross.
PS3537.P645 M32 2010A majority of one [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Mervyn LeRoy production screenplay by Leonard Spigelgass directed by Mervyn LeRoy.
PS3553 R49 S42 2008The secret of Santa Vittoria [videorecording] / Stanley Kramer Productions screenplay by William Rose and Ben Maddow produced and directed by Stanley Kramer.
PS3562.I7827 C662 2007The company [videorecording] / TNT presents a Scott Free/John Calley production in association with Sony Pictures Television produced by Robert Bernacchi teleplay by Ken Nolan directed by Mikael Salomon.
PS3566.R697 S42 2002The shipping news [videorecording] = Nœuds et dénouements / Miramax Films produced by Irwin Winkler, Linda Goldstein Knowlton, Leslie Holleran directed by Lasse Hallström screenplay by Robert Nelson Jacobs.
PS3573 .E8164 H652 2001Holiday heart [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Tribeca production a Robert Townsend film screenplay by Cheryl L. West, based upon her play directed by Robert Townsend.
QC981.8.G56 L6572 2011Cool it [videorecording] / Roadside Attractions and 1019 Entertainment Interloper Films produced by Sarah Gibson, Ondi Timoner, Terry Botwick written by Terry Botwick ... [et al.] director, Ondi Timoner.
TD427.P4 S65 2011The spill [videorecording] / a Frontline production with Rain Media, Inc. in association with Propublica writers and producers, Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith.
TR140.T69 T47 2008Territories [videorecording] : Larry Towell, photographer / Périphéria Productions in association with Bravo! ... [et al.] producer, Yanick Létourneau director: Mary Ellen Davis

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Location: Media Recital

Call NumberTitle/Author
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr. 2 CD 1Senior recital, April 2, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr. 2 CD 2Junior and senior recital, April 2, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr. 2 CD 3Senior voice recital, April 2, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Apr. 2 CD 4Non-degree recital, April 2, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Mar. 22Student recital no. 6, March 22, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Mar. 26 CD 1Senior recital, March 26, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Mar. 26 CD 2Senior voice recital, March 26, 2011 [sound recording].
ML42.K57 T78 2011 Mar. 29Student recital no. 7, March 29, 2011 [sound recording].

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Location: Media Score

Call NumberTitle/Author
M322.Z46 op.3 1897Trio d-moll für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier, Op. 3 = Trio in D minor for clarinet, cello and piano / Alexander von Zemlinsky.
M322.Z46 op.3 1897Trio d-moll für Klarinette, Violoncello und Klavier, Op. 3 = Trio in D minor for clarinet, cello and piano / Alexander von Zemlinsky.

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
E840.8.E24 G54 2011Call me Tom : the life of Thomas F. Eagleton / James N. Giglio.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
BJ1533.G8 L42 2009Learning to dance in the rain : the power of gratitude / Mac Anderson, B. J. Gallagher.
GV865.R45 B74 2010Branch Rickey / Jimmy Breslin.
HD57.7 .P47 2011Too many bosses, too few leaders : the three essential principles you need to become an extraordinary leader / Rajeev Peshawaria.
HV1285.9 .G74 2010Little princes : one man's promise to bring home the lost children of Nepal / Conor Grennan.
PN1998.3.E327 A3 2011Life itself : a memoir / Roger Ebert.
PR6054.O795 W43 2011Whatever you love / Louise Doughty.
PR6104.U535 L37 2011The last werewolf / Glen Duncan.
PR6108.E514 G73 2011Grace Williams says it loud / Emma Henderson.
PR6112.U77 S57 2010Sister : a novel / Rosamund Lupton.
PR9199.3.B37135 A65 2011The accident : a novel / Linwood Barclay.
PR9199.4.P464 T75 2011BA trick of the light : a Chief Inspector Gamache novel / Louise Penny.
PS3557.R6725 M28 2011The magician king : a novel / Lev Grossman.
PS3558.O88217 P77 2010Prey : a novel / Linda Howard.
PS3560.A223 Al 2007Almost dead / Lisa Jackson.
PS3560.A223 I37 2007If she only knew / Lisa Jackson.
PS3560.A223 M6 2004The morning after / Lisa Jackson.
PS3560.A223 N64 2003The night before / Lisa Jackson.
PS3561.R44 C39 2011BCanyons of night : an Arcane Society novel / Jayne Castle.
PS3562.A862 R53 2011The road to wanting / Wendy Law-Yone.
PS3562.I586 M67 2011The most dangerous thing / Laura Lippman.
PS3562.O75243 P69 2011The power of Six / Pittacus Lore.
PS3563.C3527 B357 2011The ballad of Tom Dooley : a ballad novel / Sharyn McCrumb.
PS3563.C383495 P37 2011The Paris wife : a novel / Paula McLain.
PS3563.I27 L38 2010Late edition / Fern Michaels.
PS3566.A822 K55 2011Kill me if you can : a novel / by James Patterson and Marshall Karp.
PS3566.E354 C88 2011The cut : a novel / George Pelecanos.
PS3568.E476345 F57 2011Flash and bones / Kathy Reichs.
PS3568.O243 N48 2011New York to Dallas / J.D. Robb.
PS3602.U85 G48 2011Ghost story : a novel of the Dresden files / Jim Butcher.
PS3603.L68 G57 2011Girls in white dresses / Jennifer Close.
PS3618.O7844 Y68 2011You belong to me / Karen Rose.
PS648.H6 H63 2011Home improvement : undead edition / edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner.
RC388.5 .N89 2011Shadows bright as glass : the remarkable story of one man's journey from Brain Trauma to artistic Triumph / by Amy Ellis Nutt.
TL515 .B666 2011Reach for the skies : ballooning, birdmen, and blasting into space / Richard Branson.

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
DS37 .E5232Encyclopaedia of Islam three / edited by Marc Gaborieau ... [et al.]
E185.96 .C66Contemporary Black biography.
HA203 .C68County and city extra : annual metro, city and county data book.
HC59 .A16919World economic and social survey / Department of Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis..
HF5410 .M35Market share reporter.
HF5410 .M35Market share reporter.
JK421 .A3The United States government manual.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser.West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.
KF2750 .A513Media law reporter.

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Location: Special Collections Faculty

Call NumberTitle/Author
HF5813.R9 W47 2011I shop in Moscow : advertising and the creation of consumer culture in late tsarist Russia / Sally West.

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Location: Special Collections Hartje

Call NumberTitle/Author
Z269 .M368 2011Beautiful bookbindings : a thousand years of the bookbinder's art / P.J.M. Marks.

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Location: U S Documents


Encouraging Discovery
Call NumberTitle/Author
D 1.2:R 31/182008 Department of Defense Research and Engineering : strategic basic research plan.
D 1.2:ST 8/11Department of Defense information management & information technology strategic plan 2008-2009.
D 101.2: F 21/9Army family team building : program handbook.
D 101.2:AF 3/3Afghanistan smart book.
D 101.2:AR 5/104Legacy of excellence : the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, 1862-2011 / Paul Stone.
D 101.2:F 21/4/LEVEL 1/2005/HAND.Student handouts : Army family team building : family member training : level I : connecting familes to the Army ... one class at a time!.
D 101.2:F 21/4/LEVEL 2/2006/HAND.Student handouts : Army family team building : family member training : level II : connecting familes to the Army ... one class at a time!.
D 101.2:F 21/4/LEVEL 3/2006-2/HAND.Student handouts : Army family team building : family member training : level III : connecting familes to the class at a time!.
D 101.2:F 21/7/SPAN.Capacitación para los miembros de la familia : nivel I : para asociar a las familias con Ejército--una clase a la vez!.
D 101.2:F 21/7/SPAN.HAND.Folletos de los estudiantes : capacitación para los miembros de la familia : nivel I : para asociar a las familias con Ejército--una clase a la vez!.
D 101.2:F 21/8/INST.GUIDEArmy family team building : instructor training guide.
D 101.2:H 62/14A history of Army communications and electronics at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, 1917-2007 / [prepared by the staff of the Historical Office, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, U.S. Army CECOM Life Cycle Management Command design and layout by Solari Creative Inc.].
D 101.2:P 17Pakistan smart book.
D 101.2:SCI 2/2/2006/CDTransformational Army science and technology [electronic resource] : charting the future of S & T for the soldier, proceedings of the 25th US Army Science Conference / edited by John A. Parmentola, A.M. Rajendran.
D 114.2:Q 2/2009Quarters One : the United States Army Chief of Staff's residence, Fort Myer, Virginia / by William Gardner Bell.
D 114.2:SE 6/2/2010The Sergeants Major of the Army / Daniel K. Elder ... [et al.].
D 214.13:AN 1/2The battle of An-Nasiriyah / by Rod Andrew Jr.
D 301.82/7:C 42The Flying Tigers : Chennault's American volunteer group in China / Braxton Eisel.
D 301.82/7:D 72General James H. Doolittle : the Air Force's warrior-scholar / George M. Watson, Jr.
D 5.402:P 75/5Policing and COIN operations : lessons learned, strategies, and future directions / Samuel Musa, John Morgan, and Matt Keegan.
D 5.417/2:SE 2New directions in U.S. national security strategy, defense plans, and diplomacy : an official studies blueprint / by Richard L. Kugler.
HE 20.3002:D 54/18Women of color health information collection. Diabetes mellitus / Office of Research on Women's Health.
HE 20.3002:W 84/9Highlights of NIH women's health and sex differences research, 1990-2010 / Office of Research on Women's Health in collaboration with the NIH Coordinating Committee on Research on Women's Health.
HE 20.402:F 43/5Recovering hope [videorecording] : mothers speak out about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders / Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.
HE 20.402:P 92/5Focus on prevention.
HE 20.408:SU 3National suicide prevention lifeline : after an attempt : a guide for taking care of your family member after treatment in the emergency department.
HE 20.408:SU 3/SPAN.Red nacional para la prevención de suicidio : después de un intento de suicidio : guía para cuidarse después del tratamiento en la sala de emergencias.
HE 20.41/2:H 34/5/2011A lifetime of good health : your guide to staying healthy / U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women's Health.
HE 20.41/2:H 34/5/2011/SPAN.Buena salud de por vida : su guía para mantenerse sana.
HE 20.427:B 87/3/2008Take action against bullying.
HE 20.427:M 46/2003Mental health and substance abuse services in Medicaid, 2003 : charts and state tables.
HE 20.4508:F 73/3Food safety A to Z reference guide : science and our food supply / FDA, Department of Health and Human Services USA, National Science Teachers Association.
HE 20.8302:AL 1/25/SPAN.Antecedentes de alcoholismo en la familia : está usted a riesgo?.
HE 20.8302:M 46/5/2007Harmful interactions : mixing alcohol with medicines.
HE 20.9002:C 18/10Taking care of mom : nurturing self as well as baby.
HE 24.8:C 43/2008Handbook on child support enforcement : answers to your questions.
L 40.8:H 34/2/2010Health benefits coverage under federal law--.