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April 2013

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Location: Curriculum

Call NumberTitle/Author
LB1139.5.L35 O847 2013The common core writing book, K-5 : lessons for a range of tasks, purposes, and audiences / Gretchen Owocki.
LB1576 .O95 2012The common core lesson book, K-5 : working with increasingly complex literature, informational text, and foundational reading skills / Gretchen Owocki.

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERACS catalysis [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERACS chemical neuroscience [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERACS combinatorial science [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERACS macro letters [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERACS medicinal chemistry letters [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERACS sustainable chemistry & engineering [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERACS synthetic biology [electronic resource].
NO CALL NUMBERRevista hispánica moderna.
NO CALL NUMBERThe Jewish quarterly review.
NO CALL NUMBERThe journal of physical chemistry letters [electronic resource].

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
AS36 .L872The McNeese review.
AZ195 .D54 2012Digital humanities / Anne Burdick ... [et al.].
B111 .C37 2010The Cambridge history of philosophy in late antiquity / edited by Lloyd P. Gerson.
B111 .C37 2010The Cambridge history of philosophy in late antiquity / edited by Lloyd P. Gerson.
B111 .O94Oxford studies in ancient philosophy.
BD111 .P35 2011Metaphysical themes, 1274-1671 / Robert Pasnau.
BD431 .S59 2011Driving with Plato : the meaning of life's milestones / Robert Rowland Smith.
BD638 O94 2011The Oxford handbook of philosophy of time / edited by Craig Callender.
BF233 .H46 2012A tour of the senses : how your brain interprets the world / John M. Henshaw.
BF575.L8 I44 2012Why love hurts : a sociological explanation / Eva Illouz.
BF77 .C63 2013Controversy in the psychology classroom : using hot topics to foster critical thinking / edited by Dana S. Dunn ... [et al.].
BJ1291 .C65 2010A companion to Muslim ethics / edited by Amyn B. Sajoo.
BJ1311 .B645 2012Moral origins : the evolution of virtue, altruism, and shame / Christopher Boehm.
BJ1533.F2 C67 2011The fair society : the science of human nature and the pursuit of social justice / Peter Corning.
BJ231 .D68 2011Moral dilemmas in medieval thought : from Gratian to Aquinas / M. V. Dougherty.
BL2525 .H443 2013The rise of liberal religion : book culture and American spirituality in the twentieth century / Matthew S. Hedstrom.
BL2525 .M394 2007Divine hierarchies : class in American religion and religious studies / Sean McCloud.
BR115.P8 G74 2012Printing and prophecy : prognostication and media change, 1450-1550 / Jonathan Green.
BS2575.53 .H5513 2013Commentary on Matthew / St. Hilary of Poitiers translated by D.H. Williams.
D119 S8Studies in medieval and renaissance history.
D13 .B765 2009The modern historiography reader : Western sources / edited by Adam Budd.
D13.2 .S88 2011Fifty key works of history and historiography / Kenneth R. Stunkel.
D16.8 .S737 2011World history : the basics / Peter N. Stearns.
D810.S7 N37313 2012Soldaten : on fighting, killing, and dying : the secret World War II transcripts of German POWs / Sönke Neitzel and Harald Welzer translated from the German by Jefferson Chase.
DC146.D83 R46 2012The Black Count : glory, revolution, betrayal, and the real Count of Monte Cristo / Tom Reiss [maps by David Lindroth Inc.].
DC148 .F74 2002The French Revolution and Napoleon : a sourcebook / edited by Philip G. Dwyer and Peter McPhee.
DD86.7.F47 A3 2012Not me : memoirs of a German childhood / Joachim Fest translated from the German by Martin Chalmers.
DK265.42.U5 R53 2012When the United States invaded Russia : Woodrow Wilson's Siberian disaster / Carl J. Richard.
DK266 .T94 2011Twentieth century Russia reader / edited by Alastair Kocho-Williams.
DK268.A1 G63 2011Gulag voices : oral histories of Soviet incarceration and exile / Jehanne M [sic] Gheith and Katherine R. Jolluck.
DK276 .S628 2012Soviet society in the era of late socialism, 1964 - 1985 / edited by Neringa Klumbytė and Gulnaz Sharafutdinova.
DK32 .P67 2011Portraits of old Russia : imagined lives of ordinary people, 1300-1725 / edited by Donald Ostrowski and Marshall T. Poe.
DK40 .H68 2011Russia and the Russians : a history / Geoffrey Hosking.
DK54 .M49 2010The military history of the Soviet Union / edited by Robin Higham, Frederick W. Kagan.
DK62.9 .L4613 2012The history of liberalism in Russia / Victor Leontovitsch translated by Parmen Leontovitsch with a foreword by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
DS558 .S76 2012Deepening involvement 1945-1965 / by Richard W. Stewart.
DS79.76 .G672 2012The endgame : the inside story of the struggle for Iraq, from George W. Bush to Barack Obama / Michael R. Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor.
DS79.769 .C38 2012Strategic reflections : Operation Iraqi Freedom, July 2004-February 2007 / by George W. Casey.
DT1971 .M349 2012The lion sleeps tonight : and other stories of Africa / Rian Malan.
E184.A1 M895 2012Coming apart : the state of white America, 1960-2010 / Charles Murray.
E184.C5 .F84 2013Bend, not break : a life in two worlds / Ping Fu with MeiMei Fox.
E711 .M45 2011The President and the assassin : McKinley, terror, and empire at the dawn of the American century / Scott Miller.
E711.6 .M7 2003William McKinley and his America / H. Wayne Morgan.
E78.W5 C35 2003One vast winter count : the Native American West before Lewis and Clark / Colin G. Calloway.
E99.E7 F45 2012Ellavut, our Yup'ik world & weather : continuity and change on the Bering Sea coast / Ann Fienup-Riordan & Alice Rearden.
F1921 .D83 2012Haiti : the aftershocks of history / Laurent Dubois.
F594.B622 B66 2007William F. Cody's Wyoming empire : the Buffalo Bill nobody knows / Robert E. Bonner.
GE42 .M378 2012The value of species / Edward L. McCord.
GN360 .W53 2012The social conquest of earth / Edward O. Wilson.
GN502 .B538 2012Anthropology and the cognitive challenge / Maurice Bloch.
GT3021 .R8 T63 2009Tobacco in Russian history and culture : the seventeenth century to the present / edited by Matthew Romaniello and Tricia Starks.
GV706.32 D87 2011Advancing the ball : race, reformation, and the quest for equal coaching opportunity in the NFL / N. Jeremi Duru.
HB74.5 .B65 2011The poverty of Clio : resurrecting economic history / Francesco Boldizzoni.
HD6054.3 .G39 2013The Athena doctrine : how women (and men who think like them) will rule the future / John Gerzema, Michael D'Antonio.
HD9000.5 .C624 2012The taste of war : World War II and the battle for food / Lizzie Collingham.
HD9000.6 .B774 2012Full planet, empty plates : the new geopolitics of food scarcity / Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute.
HE2751 .W55 2011Railroaded : the transcontinentals and the making of modern America / Richard White.
HJ2051 .U7 2013The US deficit / Kathy Jennings and Lynn M. Zott, book editors.
HJ7537 .C45 2011Lost decades : the making of America's debt crisis and the long recovery / Menzie D. Chinn and Jeffry A. Frieden.
HM1033 .E46 2012Emotions matter : a relational approach to emotions / edited by Dale Spencer, Kevin Walby, and Alan Hunt.
HM511 .C664 2011You may ask yourself : an introduction to thinking like a sociologist / Dalton Conley.
HM716 .F56 2012Tiny publics : a theory of group action and culture / Gary Alan Fine.
HQ1236.5.U6 W56 2007The Women's Joint Congressional Committee and the politics of maternalism, 1920-30 / Jan Doolittle Wilson.
HQ1413.M68 F38 2011Lucretia Mott's heresy : abolition and women's rights in nineteenth-century America / Carol Faulkner.
HQ1593 .W5794 2005Women's history : Britain, 1700-1850 : an introduction / edited by Hannah Barker and Elaine Chalus.
HQ1593 .W57945 2000Women's history : Britain 1850-1945 : an introduction / edited by June Purvis.
HQ1613 .S53 2011Citoyennes : women and the ideal of citizenship in eighteenth-century France / Annie K. Smart.
HQ503 .C425 2012A sociology of family life : change and diversity in intimate relations / Deborah Chambers.
HQ76.8.U5 H57 2012Victory : the triumphant gay revolution / Linda Hirshman.
HV4708 .D3824 2012Why animals matter : animal consciousness, animal welfare, and human well-being / Marian Stamp Dawkins.
HV5020 .H36 2012Alcohol in world history / Gina Hames.
HV6773 .C9123 2013Cybercrime / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
HV8699.U5 D343 2013The death penalty / Jenny Cromie and Lynn M. Zott, book editors.
HX313 .S164 2010Communism in Russia : an interpretative essay / Richard Sakwa.
J80 .A283Public papers of the presidents of the United States.
JK2356 .K33 2012Rule and ruin : the downfall of moderation and the destruction of the Republican Party, from Eisenhower to the Tea Party / Geoffrey Kabaservice.
JV105 .N49 2010The new imperial histories reader / edited by Stephen Howe.
JV7590 .C39 2012Fortress Europe : dispatches from a gated continent / Matthew Carr.
KF224.L39 C37 2012Flagrant conduct : the story of Lawrence v. Texas : how a bedroom arrest decriminalized gay Americans / Dale Carpenter.
KF395 .P37 2011Common law, history, and democracy in America, 1790-1900 : legal thought before modernism / Kunal M. Parker.
KF46 .A22Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States.
KF7210 .W58 2012Lincoln's code : the laws of war in American history / John Fabian Witt.
KZ233 .U55 1969-1976 v.41Foreign relations of the United States, 1969-1976. Volume XLI, Western Europe NATO, 1969-1972 [electronic resource] / editors: James E. Miller, Laurie Van Hook general editor : David S. Patterson.
LA217.2 .L446 2012Winds of change : declaring war on education / Darlene Leiding.
LB1139.23 .F56 2012Assessment of young children : a collaborative approach / Lisa B. Fiore.
LB2367.4 .S75 2014Master the GRE 2014.
LB3051 .W87 2012Time for action : stop teaching to the test and start teaching skills / Scott D. Wurdinger.
LC220.5 .E95 1999Where's the learning in service-learning? / Janet Eyler, Dwight E. Giles, Jr. foreword by Alexander W. Astin.
LC383 .J33 2012No longer invisible : religion in university education / Douglas Jacobsen and Rhonda Hustedt Jacobsen.
LC67.62 .S87 2012Inside the college gates : how class and culture matter in higher education / Jenny M. Stuber.
ML410.H476 H55 2012Hendrix on Hendrix : interviews and encounters with Jimi Hendrix / edited by Steven Roby.
N5260 .Z57 2012Sheltering art : collecting and social identity in early eighteenth-century Paris / Rochelle Ziskin.
N6494.A2 I58 2012Inventing abstraction 1910-1925 : how a radical idea changed modern art / [organized by] Leah Dickerman with contributions by Matthew Affron ... [et al.].
N6537.B45 A4 2012George Bellows / Charles Brock, Sean Wilentz, Marianne Doezema, David Peters Corbett, Sarah Newman, Carol Troyen, David Park Curry, Sarah Cash, Melissa Wolfe, Robert Conway, Mark Cole, Glenn C. Peck.
N87 .P88 2004Putting the arts in the picture : reframing education in the 21st century / edited by Nick Rabkin and Robin Redmond.
NA4210 .B46 2012Meetinghouses of early New England / Peter Benes.
NC1766.U52 U733 2012When Magoo flew : the rise and fall of animation studio UPA / by Adam Abraham.
NC85 .A47 2012Dürer and beyond : Central European drawings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1400-1700 / Stijn Alsteens and Freyda Spira with contributions by Maryan W. Ainsworth ... [et al.].
NC975.A1 I52Society of Illustrators ... annual of American illustration.
ND2570 .M66 2011Divine interiors : mural paintings in Greek and Roman sanctuaries / Eric M. Moormann.
NE90 .B213 v.21German masters (1550-1600) / edited by Jane S. Peters and Miriam West.
NK5722 .B45 2012Medusa's gaze : the extraordinary journey of the Tazza Farnese / Marina Belozerskaya.
NK6022 .F745 2012Ingenious Contrivances, Curiously Carved : Scrimshaw in the New Bedford Whaling Museum / by Stuart M. Frank.
P245 .Z45 2012Productivity in argument selection : from morphology to syntax / by Amir Zeldes.
PA3612 .P67 2013Republic / Plato edited and translated by Chris Emlyn-Jones and William Preddy.
PA3612 .P67 2013Republic / Plato edited and translated by Chris Emlyn-Jones and William Preddy.
PN1922 .O84 2012What are you laughing at? : a comprehensive guide to the comedic event / Dan O'Shannon.
PN1993.5.F7 B31 2012French cinema from the Liberation to the New Wave, 1945-1958 / by André Bazin translated & edited by Bert Cardullo.
PN1993.5.U65 J87 2012Hollywood 1938 : motion pictures' greatest year / Catherine Jurca.
PN1995 .D49 2012De-westernizing film studies / edited by Saër Maty Bâ and Will Higbee.
PN1995.9.C55 T83 2012Reeling with laughter : American film comedies--from anarchy to mockumentary / Michael V. Tueth.
PN1995.9.R3 S365 2012Brutal vision : the neorealist body in postwar Italian cinema / Karl Schoonover.
PN1995.9.W6 T467 2012What if I had been the hero? : investigating women's cinema / Sue Thornham.
PN1996 .B452 2013The screenwriter activist : writing social issue movies / Marilyn Beker.
PN1998.3.R68 M45 2012American showman : Samuel Roxy Rothafel and the birth of the entertainment industry, 1908-1935 / Ross Melnick.
PN1998.3.T365 S46 2012Tashlinesque : the Hollywood comedies of Frank Tashlin / Ethan de Seife.
PN3171 .L284 2012Theatre for change : education, social action and therapy / Robert J. Landy and David Montgomery.
PN6727.N534 F58 2010Fist, stick, knife, gun : a personal history of violence / Geoffrey Canada adapted by Jamar Nicholas.
PQ4088 .B67 2007Censorship and literature in fascist Italy / Guido Bonsaver.
PQ9281.A66 L4813 2012Raised from the ground / José Saramago translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa.
PR4662 .A1 1991Middlemarch / George Eliot.
PR4664 .A1 1992The mill on the Floss / George Eliot.
PR4670 .A1 1993Silas Marner : the Weaver of Raveloe / George Eliot.
PR5397 .F7 2012The annotated Frankenstein / Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley edited by Susan J. Wolfson and Ronald L. Levao.
PR9369.3.M4 Z46 2012Sometimes there is a void : memoirs of an outsider / Zakes Mda.
PS3501.N4 A6 2012Sherwood Anderson : collected stories / Charles Baxter, editor.
PS3557.I34217 A6 2012Collected poems / Jack Gilbert.
PS3565.A8 A75 2013The accursed / Joyce Carol Oates.
PS3566.E69146 O5 2012On the spectrum of possible deaths / Lucia Perillo.
PS3569.T414 B66 2012The book of mischief : new and selected stories / Steve Stern.
PS3613.C5687 Z46 2012My poets / Maureen N. McLane.
QA11.2 A4 2013How to study as a mathematics major / Lara Alcock.
QA166.75 .M37 1996Polyominoes : a guide to puzzles and problems in tiling / George E. Martin.
QA3 .A57 no.1042Character identities in the twisted endoscopy of real reductive groups / Paul Mezo.
QA3 .A57 no.1043Pseudo-differential operators with discontinuous symbols : Widom's conjecture / A.V. Sobolev.
QA3 .A57 no.1044A mutation-selection model with recombination for general genotypes / Steven N. Evans, David Steinsaltz, Kenneth W. Wachter.
QA3 .A57 no.1045A study of singularities on rational curves via Syzygies / David Cox, Andrew R. Kustin, Claudia Polini, Bernd Ulrich.
QA3 .A57 no.1046The shape of congruence lattices / Keith A. Kearnes, Emil W. Kiss.
QA7 .W43 2012A wealth of numbers : an anthology of 500 years of popular mathematics writing / edited by Benjamin Wardhaugh.
QB631.2 .R46 2012Earth : a tenant's manual / Frank H.T. Rhodes.
QB8 .U3The Nautical almanac.
QC225.15 .O93 2012The Oxford handbook of sound studies / edited by Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld.
QC773.3.U5 O78 2001Fallout : J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, and the political science of the atomic bomb / Jim Ottaviani ... [et al.].
QC903 .B47 2013Climate myths : the campaign against climate science / John J. Berger.
QC903.2.D44 C55 2012Climate change and threatened communities : vulnerability, capacity, and action / edited by A. Peter Castro, Dan Taylor, and David W. Brokensha.
QD21 .B69 2012African American women chemists / Jeannette E. Brown.
QH457 .G65 2012Our genes, our choices : how genotype and gene interactions affect behavior / David Goldman.
QL101 .U73 2012Placing animals : an introduction to the geography of human-animal relations / Julie Urbanik.
QL638.95.L3 G56 2012Global perspectives on the biology and life history of the white shark / edited by Michael L. Domeier.
QL737.P96 H358 2012The song of the ape : understanding the languages of chimpanzees / Andrew R. Halloran.
QP341 .A77 2012The spark of life : electricity in the human body / Frances Ashcroft line drawings by Ronan Mahon.
QP376 A85 2012The brain book : development, function, disorder, health / Ken Ashwell foreword by Richard Restak.
QR181.7 .V45 2012An epidemic of absence : a new way of understanding allergies and autoimmune diseases / Moises Velasquez-Manoff.
RA395.A3 A75 2012The health care handbook : a clear and concise guide to the United States health care system / Elisabeth Askin and Nathan Moore [foreword by William Peck].
RA407.3 .H43Health, United States.
RA638 .H69 2011Long shot : vaccines for national defense / Kendall Hoyt.
RA649 .A24 2011Plagues in world history / John Aberth.
RA784 .M638 2013Salt, sugar, fat : how the food giants hooked us / Michael Moss.
RC390 .C24 2012Brain on fire : my month of madness / by Susannah Cahalan.
RC533.W67 A3 2012Triggered : a memoir of obsessive-compulsive disorder / Fletcher Wortmann.
RC552.P67 K75 2012Post-traumatic stress disorder / Stanley Krippner, Daniel B. Pitchford, and Jeannine Davies.
RD661.G74 A3 2003Autobiography of a face / Lucy Grealy.
SB942 .T35 2012Insect pathology / Fernando E. Vega, Harry K. Kaya.
SF41 .C577 2012Animals as domesticates : a world view through history / Juliet Clutton-Brock.
SH688.U6 H37 2013Trout streams of the heart : new and selected essays / Chad Hanson.
TA592.6.U6 K45 2007Archive style : photographs & illustrations for U.S. surveys, 1850-1890 / Robin Kelsey.
TD148 .O94 2012The conundrum : how scientific innovation, increased efficiency, and good intentions can make our energy and climate problems worse / David Owen.
TJ163.25.U6 C68 2013Traveling the power line : from the Mojave Desert to the Bay of Fundy / Julianne Couch.
TN23 .U612Minerals yearbook / prepared by the staff of the Bureau of Mines.
TR501 .C88 2011Photographic memory : the album in the age of photography / Verna Posever Curtis.
UA26.P16 M45 2012The Army in the Pacific : a century of engagement / by James C. McNaughton.
UB363 .L56 2011War's waste : rehabilitation in World War I America / Beth Linker.
Z692.E4 B85 2012Building and managing e-book collections : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians / edited by Richard Kaplan.

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Location: Juvenile

Call NumberTitle/Author
398.45 L8998FAThe fairy ring, or, Elsie and Frances fool the world / Mary Losure.
523.43 R8934MIThe mighty Mars rovers : the incredible adventures of Spirit and Opportunity / by Elizabeth Rusch.
523.8 D3597BLA black hole is not a hole / Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano Illustrated by Michael Carroll.
578.6 J6367ZOZombie makers : true stories of nature's undead / Rebecca L. Johnson.
595.76 J418BEThe beetle book / by Steve Jenkins.
621.8 L95MAMachines go to work in the city / William Low.
720 H1304DRDreaming up : a celebration of building / Christy Hale.
759.13 C624CHChuck Close : face book / by Chuck Close.
791.092 H3434SWThe Swedish nightingale a biography of Jenny Lind, by Helen Headland, illustrated by the author.
808.81 N2133National Geographic book of animal poetry : 200 poems with photographs that squeak, soar, and roar! / edited by J. Patrick Lewis.
811.6 F2445YEThe year comes round : Haiku through the seasons / Sid Farrar illustrated by Ilse Plume.
813.6 M3198REThe revolution of Evelyn Serrano / Sonia Manzano.
973.3 B996ELElectric Ben : the amazing life and times of Benjamin Franklin / Robert Byrd.
F AB59GAA game for swallows : to die, to leave, to return / Zeina Abirached art by Zeina Abirached translation by Edward Gauvin.
F AL264BABack to front and upside down! / Claire Alexander.
F AP524ONThe one and only Ivan / Katherine Applegate.
F B2646EXExtra yarn / by Mac Barnett illustrated by Jon Klassen.
F B5135ZZ is for Moose / by Kelly Bingham pictures by Paul O. Zelinsky.
F B9898ONOne cool friend / story by Toni Buzzeo pictures by David Small.
F C1294WIWill at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 / Laurie Calkhoven.
F C6315HIHippopposites / Janik Coat.
F D1178NINighttime Ninja / by Barbara DaCosta art by Ed Young.
F D211MIThe miseducation of Cameron Post / Emily M. Danforth.
F D3651SOSon of a gun / Anne de Graaf.
F F6292OHOh, no! / words by Candace Fleming pictures by Eric Rohmann.
F F6895ANAnd then it's spring / Julie Fogliano illustrated by Erin E. Stead.
F H389PEPenny and her doll / Kevin Henkes.
F H469CHCharley's first night / Amy Hest illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.
F H555SESeraphina : a novel / Rachel Hartman.
F H7924INInfinity and me / written by Kate Hosford illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska.
F J3546THThis moose belongs to me / Oliver Jeffers.
F J6311MAMagritte's marvelous hat : a picture book / by D.B. Johnson.
F K52724GOGolden domes and silver lanterns : a Muslim book of colors / by Hena Khan illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini.
F L1484INIn darkness / Nick Lake.
F L4755DOA dog called Homeless / Sarah Lean.
F L7378PEPete the cat and his four groovy buttons / story by Eric Litwin created & illustrated by James Dean.
F L8295SLSleep like a tiger / written by Mary Logue illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski.
F L8505UPUp, tall and high / Ethan Long.
F L9946ELEllen's broom / Kelly Starling Lyons illustrated by Daniel Minter.
F M1377INIn front of God and everybody : confessions of April Grace / by K.D. McCrite.
F M227UNThe Unwanteds / Lisa McMann.
F M992HOH.O.R.S.E. : a game of basketball and imagination / Christopher Myers.
F P6534BLBlack dog / Levi Pinfold.
F P6804MYMy sister lives on the mantelpiece : a novel / by Annabel Pitcher.
F R72MAMay B. : a novel / by Caroline Starr Rose.
F SP836MOMore / I.C. Springman illustrated by Brian Lies.
F ST498EXThe extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict / by Trenton Lee Stewart illustrated by Diana Sudyka.
F SU877DEDemolition / Sally Sutton illustrated by Brian Lovelock.
F T8493THThree times lucky / by Sheila Turnage.
F V8985MYMy family for the war / by Anne C. Voorhoeve translated by Tammi Reichel.
F W667GOGoldilocks and the three dinosaurs / as retold by Mo Willems.
F W667LELet's go for a drive! / by Mo Willems.
F Z845LILittle bird / Germano Zullo [illustrated by] Albertine.

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Location: Maps

Call NumberTitle/Author
G3200 2012 .U5Political map of the world, June 2012.
G3201.B2 2012 .U5Standard time zones of the world.
G3201.C2 2012 .U5Physical map of the world, June 2012.
G9095 2012 .U5Map of the world oceans [cartographic material].

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
BF637.I48 D843 2010The art of conflict management [sound recording] : achieving solutions for life, work, and beyond / Michael Dues.
BS1192 .L483 2001The Old Testament [sound recording] / Amy-Jill Levine.
BS2361.2 .E373 2000The New Testament [sound recording] / Bart D. Ehrman.
CB151 .G353 2012The other side of history [sound recording] : daily life in the ancient world / Robert Garland.
CB245 .N623 2002The foundations of Western civilization [sound recording] / Thomas F.X. Noble.
D25 .R843 2009War and world history [sound recording] / Jonathan P. Roth.
E178 .S863 2012The skeptic's guide to American history [sound recording] / Mark A. Stoler.
PL248.P34 S47133 2012Silent house [sound recording] / Orhan Pamuk translated by Robert Finn.
PN4130 .H2353 2010The art of public speaking [sound recording] : lessons from the greatest speeches in history / John R. Hale.
PR6054.O547 A933 2012Astray [sound recording] / Emma Donoghue.
PR6057.R386 K563 2012The kingmaker's daughter [sound recording] / Philippa Gregory.
PR6069.M59 N843 2012NW [sound recording] : a novel / Zadie Smith.
PR9199.4.P464 B433 2012The beautiful mystery [sound recording] / Louise Penny.
PS3515.A4347 R483 2012Return of the Thin Man [sound recording] / Dashiell Hammett.
PS3552.A74146 L863 2012Lunatics [sound recording] / Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel.
PS3552.O495 N543 2011The night strangers [sound recording] / Chris Bohjalian.
PS3553.H15 A823 2012The amazing adventures of Kavalier & Clay [sound recording] : a novel / Michael Chabon.
PS3553.H15 T453 2012Telegraph Avenue [sound recording] : a novel / Michael Chabon.
PS3553.H4367 L373 2013The last runaway [sound recording] / Tracy Chevalier.
PS3553.R542 T943 2012The twelve [sound recording] : [a novel] / Justin Cronin.
PS3556.L685 R433 2013Red velvet cupcake murder [sound recording] / by Joanne Fluke.
PS3557.R5355 R333 2012The racketeer [sound recording] : a novel / John Grisham.
PS3558.E47625 P633 2012Pocket kings [sound recording] : a novel / Ted Heller.
PS3561.I483 W563 2012The wind through the keyhole [sound recording] / Stephen King.
PS3568.O6345 L543 2012Life among giants [sound recording] : a novel / Bill Roorbach.
PS3569.C725 D663 2013Don't go [sound recording] / Lisa Scottoline.
PS3570.S84 H863 2012A hundred flowers [sound recording] / Gail Tsukiyama.
PS3573.O526 B333 2012Back to blood [sound recording] : [a novel] / Tom Wolfe.
PS3602.E7623 U543 2012The unfinished work of Elizabeth D [sound recording] : a novel / Nichole Bernier.
PS3610.O3 O763 2012The orphan master's son [sound recording] / Adam Johnson.
PS3613.O75 C473 2012The chaperone [sound recording] / Laura Moriarty.
PS3614.E528 S553 2012Shine shine shine [sound recording] / Lydia Netzer.
PS648.Z64 A183 201221st century dead [sound recording] : a zombie anthology / edited by Christopher Golden.
PT8176.1.D54 F37133 2012The absent one [sound recording] / Jussi Adler-Olsen.
PT8952.18.O386 B55133 2012Blind goddess [sound recording] / by Anne Holt.
R729.9 .N683 2010Medical myths, lies, and half-truths [sound recording] : what we think we know may be hurting us / Steven Novella.
RA784 .G663 2011The myths of nutrition and fitness [sound recording] / Anthony A. Goodman.
SB466.U7 W48353 2012American grown [sound recording] : the story of the White House kitchen garden and gardens across America / Michelle Obama.
U27 .W553 2012Masters of war [sound recording] : history's greatest strategic thinkers / Andrew R. Wilson.

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
D744.7 .G7 N5 2004The 1940s house [videorecording] / a co-production of Thirteen/WNET New York and Wall to Wall for Channel 4 and PBS in association with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
BL43.C365 J67 2006Joseph Campbell [videorecording] : the hero's journey : a biographical portrait / a Mythology Ltd. production in association with Pantechnicon Productions, Inc producer, William Free New York sequences produced by Michael G. Lemle Esalen sequences produced by David Kennard written by William Free, Phil Cousineau, and Janelle Bainicke Hawaii sequences directed by Janelle Bainicke.
BS538 .B53 2013The Bible [videorecording] : the epic miniseries. / Lightworkers Media presents in association with History produced by Lightworks Media and Hearst Productions directors, Tony Mitchell, Crispin Reece, Christopher Spencer writers, Nic Young ... [et. al.].
DF233 .M33 2005Macedonia [videorecording] : the land of a god / directed by Zinon Ramos produced by Supervision.
DG463.8.B7 B6712 2013The Borgias. The second season [videorecording] / Showtime presents in association with Take 5 Productions and Octagon Films created by Neil Jordan.
DS485.K42 H54 2012Hidden India [videorecording] : the Kerala spicelands / directed, edited and music by Jan Thompson written by Bruce Kraig.
E185.97.K5 I5 2005In remembrance of Martin [videorecording] / Idanha Films producers, Lori Kearns, Dave Marquis, Richard (Stoney) Johnson creator and director, Kell Kearns.
E457.45 .G662 2013Lincoln [videorecording] / DreamWorks Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Reliance Entertainment present in association with Participant Media and Amblin Entertainment, Kennedy/Marshall Company produced by Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy screenplay by Tony Kushner director, Steven Spielberg.
E715 .C78 2007Crucible of empire [videorecording] : the Spanish-American War / a production of Great Projects Film Company, Inc. in association with South Carolina ETV written and produced by Daniel A. Miller and Daniel B. Polin directed by Daniel A. Miller based on an idea by Leon Wolff and Perry Wolff.
E807 H93 2013Hyde Park on Hudson [videorecording] / Focus Features and Film4 present a Free Range film/Daybrake Pictures production a Roger Michell film.
E90.W73 L32 2009Tell them Willie Boy is here [videorecording] / a Universal Picture a Jennings Lang presentation a Philip A. Waxman production produced by Philip A. Waxman written for the screen and directed by Abraham Polonsky.
GB5014 .N398 2007Nature's fury [videorecording] / a National Geographic Explorer presentation produced by the National Geographic Society produced and written by Jamie [i.e. Jaime] Bernanke.
GN281 .J687 2003BJourney of man [videorecording] / producer, Jennifer Beamish director, Clive Maltby produced by Tigress, in association with PBS and National Geographic Channels International.
GR830.W4 R43 2010The real wolfman [videorecording] / produced by Story House Productions, Inc. for History writer/producer, Carsten Oblaender.
GV1585 .V53 2003The video dictionary of classical ballet [videorecording].
HC240 .M3 2008The Marshall Plan [videorecording] : against the odds / A production of the Educational Film Center and Christenson Associates writers, Louis Barbash, Patrick Prentice producer/director, Ira H. Klugerman.
HV6430.B55 Z47 2013Zero dark thirty [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents an Annapurna production a First Light production directed by Kathryn Bigelow written by Mark Boal produced by Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Ellison.
M1500.B63 C363 2006Candide [videorecording] / music by Leonard Bernstein adapted from Voltaire and the book by Hugh Wheeler staged and directed for video by Humphrey Burton [a Video Music Production in association with Deutsche Grammophon].
M1500.M38 C3892 2011Cavalleria rusticana [videorecording] / Mascagni. Pagliacci / Leoncavallo The Metropolitan Opera presents.
M1500.M84 Z233 2010The magic flute [videorecording] = Die Zauberflöte / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart libretto by Emanual Schikaneder.
M1500.P977 M36 2000Manon Lescaut [videorecording] / by Giacomo Puccini, after the novel by Abbé Prévost NVC Arts presents produced by BBC-TV in association with NVC Arts stage producer, Götz Friedrich directed for television by Humphrey Burton.
PN1995.9.C55 J646 2013John dies at the end [videorecording] / Magnet Releasing and Silver Sphere present an M3 Alliance/Touchy Feely Films production directed and written for the screen by Don Coscarelli produced by Brad Baruh, Don Coscarelli, Andy Meyers, Roman Perez.
PN1995.9.C55 P366 2013Parental guidance [videorecording] / Twentieth Century and Walden Media present a Chernin Entertainment/Face Productions, Inc. production produced by Billy Crystal, Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark directed by Andy Fickman written by Lisa Addario & Joe Syracuse.
PN1995.9.C55 S447 2002Serendipity [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents a Tapestry Films production in association with Simon Fields Productions, a Peter Chelsom film producers, Peter Abrams, Robert L. Levy, Simon Fields writer, Marc Klein director, Peter Chelsom.
PN1995.9.C55 T55 2013This is 40 [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents an Apatow production produced by Judd Apatow, Clayton Townsend, Barry Mendel written and directed by Judd Apatow.
PN1995.9.G3 K55 2013Killing them softly [videorecording] / the Weinstein Company and Inferno present in association with Annapurna Pictures and 1984 Private Defense Contractors a Plan B Entertainment production a Chockstone Pictures production produced by Brad Pitt ... [et al.] written for the screen and directed by Andrew Dominik.
PN1995.9.N4 M536 2009Midnight ramble [videorecording] : Oscar Micheaux and the story of race movies / Shanachie presentation written by Clyde Taylor produced by Pamela A. Thomas, Bestor Cram directed by Bestor Cram, Pearl Bowser a Northern Light Productions film for the American experience a production of WGBH Boston.
PN1995.9.S67 R46 2001Remember the Titans [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents, in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Films, a Technical Black production produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman written by Gregory Allen Howard directed by Boaz Yakin.
PN1995.9.S87 H43 2002Heavenly creatures [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents a WingNut Films production co-produced with Fontana Film Production GmbH in association with the New Zealand Film Commission screenplay, Frances Walsh, Peter Jackson producer, Jim Booth director, Peter Jackson.
PN1995.9.V5 R66 2011Romper stomper [videorecording] / Seon Films presents in association with the Australian Film Commission and Film Victoria produced by Daniel Scharf, Ian Pringle written and directed by Geoffrey Wright.
PN1997.5 .R57 2013Rise of the guardians [videorecording] / Dreamworks Animation SKG presents screenplay by David Lindsay-Abaire executive producers, William Joyce, Guillermo del Toro produced by Christina Steinberg, Nancy Bernstein directed by Peter Ramsey.
PN1997.P793 R432 2013 Blu-rayHitchcock [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight presents in association with Cold Spring Pictures a Montecito Picture Company/Barnette/Thayer production produced by Ivan Reitman ... [et al.] directed by Sacha Gervasi screenplay by John J. McLaughlin.
PN1997.P793 R432 2013Hitchcock [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight presents in association with Cold Spring Pictures a Montecito Picture Company/Barnette/Thayer production produced by Ivan Reitman ... [et al.] directed by Sacha Gervasi screenplay by John J. McLaughlin.
PQ2287.M5 H66 2013Les miserables [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents in association with Relativity Media a Working Title film/Cameron Mackintosh production produced by Tim Bevan ... [et al] directed by Tom Hooper.
PR6013.R414 O33 2005Odd man out [videorecording] / J. Arthur Rank presents a Two Cities film General Film Distributors Ltd. director of photography, Robert Krasker screenplay by F.L. Green and R.C. Sherriff produced and directed by Carol Reed.
PR6039.O32 H62 2013The hobbit [videorecording] : an unexpected journey / New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present a Wingnut Films production produced by Carolynne Cunningham ... [et al.] screenplay by Fran Walsh ... [et al.] directed by Peter Jackson.
PS3503.R167 S662 2004Something wicked this way comes [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents screenplay, Ray Bradbury producer, Peter Vincent Douglas director, Jack Clayton.
PS3511.I744 M682 2007Jeremiah Johnson [videorecording] / [presented by] Warner Bros. screenplay by John Milius and Edward Anhalt produced by Joe Wizan directed by Sydney Pollack.
PS3515.E37 Z6154 2013Hemingway & Gellhorn [videorecording] / HBO Films presents an Attaboy Films Production a Walrus & Associates film production written by Jerry Stahl and Barbara Turner director, Philip Kaufman.
PS3531.R863 S742 2005Stella Dallas [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Samuel Goldwyn presents screen play by Sarah Y. Mason and Victor Heerman directed by King Vidor produced by Samuel Goldwyn.
PS3556.R5 L652 1998The lonely guy [videorecording] / An Arthur Hiller Film.
PS3558.I376 M362 2005The mambo kings [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents in association with Le Studio Canal+, Regency Enterprises and Alcor Films an Arnon Milchan production produced by Arnon Milchan, Arne Glimcher screenplay by Cynthia Cidre directed by Arne Glimcher.
PS3570.I3 S482 2000Shaft [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Stirling Silliphant-Roger Lewis production producer, Joel Freeman director, Gordon Parks screenplay, Ernest Tidyman, John D.F. Black.
PS3573 A413 S732 2005Starting over [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures screenplay, James L. Brooks producers, Alan J. Pakula and James L. Brooks director, Alan J. Pakula.
PS627.H67 B69 2004Boys' shorts [videorecording].
QA76.575 .D54 2011Digital media [videorecording] : new learners of the 21st century / producer/writer by Stephen Brown director by Drea Cooper produced by Mobile Digital Arts in association with TPT National Productions.
QB36.G2 G35 2007Galileo [videorecording] : the challenge of reason / Learning Corporation of America.
QB36.G2 S653 2006Galileo's battle for the heavens [videorecording] / a Nova production by Green Umbrella for WGBH/Boston in association with Channel 4 written and produced by David Axelrod directed by Peter Jones.
RA644.A25 S482 2001And the band played on [videorecording] / HBO Pictures screenplay by Arnold Schulman directed by Roger Spottiswoode.
RA781 .H57 2012Hip hop walk [videorecording] / NRG Fitness LLC created by Amy Bento Ross directed by Greg Twombly produced by Pattern and Motion.
RA781.7 .Y634 2012Yoga blast [videorecording] / Acacia director and producer Ernie Schultz.
RC271.H47 H68 2005Hoxsey [videorecording] : when healing becomes a crime : a film / written & directed by Kenny Ausubel.
RC552.E18 D95 2004Dying to be thin [videorecording] / a Nova production by Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. for WGBH/Boston written, produced, and directed by Larkin McPhee.
TK140.E3 Y68 2010Young Tom Edison [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture screenplay by Bradbury Foote, Dore Schary and Hugo Butler directed by Norman Taurog produced by John W. Considine.

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
F466 .M447 2010ZComing home again : a Missouri journal / W. Arthur Mehrhoff.
F472.N4 S27 2012J.V. Conran and rural political power : boss mythology in the Missouri bootheel / Will Sarvis.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
HF5415.153 .B463 2013Contagious : why things catch on / Jonah Berger.
NK2115.5.D73 H675 2009Perfect curtains : smart and simple solutions using fabulous fabrics / Stephanie Hoppen photography by Simon Upton.
PR6053.O48645 W73 2013The wrath of angels : a Charlie Parker thriller / John Connolly.
PR6113.A24 B54 2013Birthdays for the dead / Stuart MacBride.
PR6114.E92 R58 2012The ritual / Adam Nevill.
PR6115.D6573 D43 2013The death of bees : a novel / Lisa O'Donnell.
PR9199.4.L353 H43 2012The headmaster's wager : a novel / Vincent Lam.
PR9619.4.G727 A97 2013The autumn bride / Anne Gracie.
PR9619.4.O52 R66 2012The rook : a novel / Daniel O'Malley.
PS3552.L63 H585 2013Hit me : a Keller novel / Lawrence Block.
PS3553.A73257 W47 2012Westward hearts / Melody Carlson.
PS3553.A76334 W36 2013The wanderer / Robyn Carr.
PS3553.O225 S59 2013Six years / Harlan Coben.
PS3553.O5545 N36 2012Nano / Robin Cook.
PS3553.R264 S85 2013Suspect / Robert Crais.
PS3553.U75 S85 2013The striker : an Isaac Bell adventure / Clive Cussler and Justin Scott.
PS3555.V2126 H87 2013The husband list / Janet Evanovich & Dorien Kelly.
PS3556.L685 R43 2013Red velvet cupcake murder / Joanne Fluke.
PS3557.R489137 E47 2012Empire and honor / W.E.B. Griffin and William E. Butterworth IV.
PS3561.I4873 C47 2013The chance / Karen Kingsbury.
PS3562.E533 J69 2012Joy takes flight : a novel / Bonnie Leon.
PS3562.E533 W56 2011Wings of promise : a novel / Bonnie Leon.
PS3565.Z45 T35 2013A tale for the time being / Ruth Ozeki.
PS3566.A539 P65 2013Political suicide / Michael Palmer.
PS3566.A822 A75 2013Alex Cross, run / James Patterson.
PS3568.O243 C35 2013Calculated in death / J.D. Robb.
PS3569.A7897 T46 2013Tenth of December : stories / George Saunders.
PS3569.C725 D66 2013Don't go / Lisa Scottoline.
PS3569.T33828 U58 2013Until the end of time : a novel / Danielle Steel.
PS3570.R5885 O54 2012One last thing before I go / Jonathan Tropper.
PS3573.O6418 S36 2013Sand Castle Bay / Sherryl Woods.
PS3601.B677 C35 2012Caliban's war / James S. A. Corey.
PS3604.I4627 C37 2012The care and handling of roses with thorns / Margaret Dilloway.
PS3606.A96 G63 2012The gods of Gotham / Lyndsay Faye.
PS3608.E454 D64 2012The dog stars / Peter Heller.
PS3611.E535 L83 2012The lucky dog matchmaking service / Beth Kendrick.
PS3611.O74923 P76 2013Prophet of bones : a novel / Ted Kosmatka.
PS3612 .E35 S5 2012The silence of Bonaventure Arrow : a novel / Rita Leganski.
PS3612.A54748 H47 2013Here I go again / Jen Lancaster.
PS3613.A453 T48 2013Three sisters / Susan Mallery.
PS3613.O37 T44 2012They disappeared / Rick Mofina.
PS3613.U433 S56 2013Show me the murder / Carolyn Mulford.
PT2672.I515 A5313 2013The other child / Charlotte Link translated from the German by Stefan Tobler.
QP145 .R53 2013Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal / Mary Roach.
TL23 .I54 2012Engines of change : a history of the American dream in fifteen cars / Paul Ingrassia.
TR140.H44 H84 2013Here I am : the story of Tim Hetherington, war photographer / Alan Huffman.
TX723 .L364 2013Nigellissima : easy Italian-inspired recipes / Nigella Lawson photographs by Petrina Tinslay.

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
AE5 .E364Britannica book of the year.
E185.96 .C66Contemporary Black biography.
G122 .W67The world factbook.
H35 .E352The CQ researcher.
HA201.122 .U655 2010United States summary, 2010 : population and housing unit counts / U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau.
HA471.5 2010Missouri, 2010. Population and housing unit counts.
HD1751 .A43Agricultural statistics / United States Department of Agriculture.
HJ4652 .U5Your federal income tax for individuals / Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.
JK421 .A3The United States government manual.
KF101 .A33United States Supreme Court reports.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser.West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.

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Location: Special Collections Archives

Call NumberTitle/Author
SH688.U6 H37 2013Trout streams of the heart : new and selected essays / Chad Hanson.

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Location: Special Collections Laughlin

Call NumberTitle/Author
HQ751 .S2633 2013From a race of masters to a master race : 1948 to 1848 / written by A.E Samaan.


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