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June 2013

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Location: Curriculum

Call NumberTitle/Author
Q181 .A664 2013Even more picture-perfect science lessons : using children's books to guide inquiry, K-5 / by Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan.

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERAfrican American review.
NO CALL NUMBERDiversity employers.

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
BF431 .C343 2012Inventing intelligence : how America came to worship IQ / Elaine E. Castles.
BF778 .P757 2013The psychology of meaning / edited by Keith D. Markman, Travis Proulx, and Matthew J. Lindberg.
BL2747.6 .G7395 2011The good book : a humanist bible / conceived, selected, redacted, arranged, worked, and in part written by A. C. Grayling.
BM205 .R372 2011The synagogue in America : a short history / Marc Lee Raphael.
BM538.P3 E37 2011The peace and violence of Judaism : from the Bible to modern Zionism / Robert Eisen.
BQ4160 .S55 2011Critical Buddhism : engaging with modern Japanese Buddhist thought / James Mark Shields.
BR115.H6 J67 2011Recruiting young love : how Christians talk about homosexuality / Mark D. Jordan.
BR162.3 .B77 2012Through the eye of a needle : wealth, the fall of Rome, and the making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD / Peter Brown.
BR305.3 .A84 2011The Reformation : faith and flames / Andrew Atherstone.
BS580.S6 W44 2011Solomon : the lure of wisdom / Steven Weitzman.
BS659 .C85 2010Darwin's pious idea : why the ultra-darwinists and creationists both get it wrong / Conor Cunningham.
BT704 .D87 2011Specters of Paul : sexual difference in early Christian thought / Benjamin H. Dunning.
BV230 .H365 2010The Lord's prayer in the early church : the pearl of great price / Roy Hammerling.
BV4832.3.J863 T87 2011Julian of Norwich, theologian / Denys Turner.
BX1713 .S95 2011The inner lives of medieval inquisitors / Karen Sullivan.
D756 .A78 2013The guns at last light : the war in Western Europe, 1944-1945 / Rick Atkinson.
D764.3.L4 R453 2011Leningrad : tragedy of a city under Siege, 1941-44 / Anna Reid.
DA16 .K93 2011Ghosts of empire : Britain's legacies in the modern world / Kwasi Kwarteng.
DA562 .D83 2011Servants of empire : an imperial memoir of a British family / F.R.H. Du Boulay.
DA591.T47 M6675 2013Margaret Thatcher. : the authorized biography, from Grantham to the Falklands / Charles Moore.
DK254.T6 S427 2009Trotsky : a biography / Robert Service.
DK601.2 .C55 2011Moscow, the fourth Rome : Stalinism, cosmopolitanism, and the evolution of Soviet culture, 1931-1941 / Katerina Clark.
DP103 .C58 2012The Muslim conquest of Iberia : medieval Arabic narratives / Nicola Clarke.
DP269 .L5155 2012Milicianas : women in combat in the Spanish Civil War / Lisa Margaret Lines.
DP98 .A5413 2012A history of early al-Andalus : the Akhbār majmūʻa : a study of the unique Arabic manuscript in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, with a translation, notes and comments / David James.
DS119.8.E9 G678 2010Israel's Relations With the East European States : from disruption (1967) to resumption (1989-91) / Yosef Govrin.
DS38.4.S2 E3213 2011Saladin / Anne-Marie Eddé translated by Jane Marie Todd.
DT1536 .T54 2013Last train to Zona Verde : my ultimate African safari / Paul Theroux.
E169.1 .L5295 2012The mansion of happiness : a history of life and death / Jill Lepore.
E342 .W44 2012Madison's metronome : the Constitution, majority rule, and the tempo of American politics / Greg Weiner.
E447 .R44 2012The Amistad rebellion : an Atlantic odyssey of slavery and freedom / Marcus Rediker.
E646 .H65 2013The Civil War in 50 objects / Harold Holzer and the New-York Historical Society with an introduction by Eric Foner.
F444.O3 K54 2013The girls of Atomic City : the untold story of the women who helped win World War II / Denise Kiernan.
F596 .H94 2011Empires, nations, and families : a history of the North American West, 1800-1860 / Anne F. Hyde.
F722 .B53 2012Empire of shadows : the epic story of Yellowstone / George Black.
G156.5.E58 B53 2012Visit sunny Chernobyl : and other adventures in the world's most polluted places / Andrew Blackwell.
GC222.J3 E47 2013Facing the wave : a journey in the wake of the tsunami / Gretel Ehrlich.
GN282.5 .F35 2011The fossil chronicles : how two controversial discoveries changed our view of human evolution / Dean Falk.
GR139.5 .B37 2013The dancing goddesses : folklore, archaeology, and the origins of European dance / Elizabeth Wayland Barber.
GR166 .K5613 2012Fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm : a new English version / [edited] by Philip Pullman.
GT4989 .B78 2012Inventing the Christmas tree / Bernd Brunner translated from the German by Benjamin A. Smith.
GV1803 .A44 2012The American circus / Susan Weber, Kenneth L. Ames, and Matthew Wittmann, editors.
GV863.A1 W416 2013The victory season : the end of World War II and the birth of baseball's golden age / Robert Weintraub.
HC106.84 .S34 2012The escape artists : how Obama's team fumbled the recovery / Noam Scheiber.
HD111 .P36 2012The land grabbers : the new fight over who owns the Earth / Fred Pearce.
HD30.28 .S4347 2011Strategic planning : a practical guide to strategy formulation and execution / B. Keith Simerson.
HD69.B7 W44 2013Designing brand identity : an essential guide for the whole branding team / Alina Wheeler.
HD7345.A3 A88 2010Gender and housing in Soviet Russia : private life in a public space / Lynne Attwood.
HD8039.S38 L58 2013TV on strike : why Hollywood went to war over the internet / Cynthia Littleton.
HD8039.S4 F56 2011Sweatshops at sea : merchant seamen in the world's first globalized industry, from 1812 to the present / Leon Fink.
HD9114.B32 S78 2013Sugar in the blood : a family's story of slavery and empire / Andrea Stuart.
HD9259.B2 Z463 2012The fish that ate the whale : the life and times of America's banana king / Rich Cohen.
HF5415.2 .W454 2012The entrepreneur's guide to market research / Anne M. Wenzel.
HF5415.32 .O547 2012Online consumer behavior : theory and research in social media, advertising, and e-tail / editor, Angeline G. Close.
HF5415.32 .S18 2011The consuming instinct : what juicy burgers, Ferraris, pornography, and gift giving reveal about human nature / by Gad Saad.
HQ18.U5 T85 2011Adventures in the orgasmatron : how the sexual revolution came to America / Christopher Turner.
HQ972.R82 M47 2011Soviet communal living : an oral history of the Kommunalka / Paola Messana.
HT123 .O78 2012The death and life of Main Street : small towns in American memory, space and community / Miles Orvell.
HV1568 .B64 2012Picturing disability : beggar, freak, citizen, and other photographic rhetoric / Robert Bogdan, with Martin Elks and James A. Knoll.
HV28.A35 C73 2012Two shining souls : Jane Addams, Leo Tolstoy, and the quest for global peace / James Cracraft.
HV4999.Y68 C65 2012College drinking and drug use / edited by Helene Raskin White, David L. Rabiner.
HV6025 .R677 2012Routledge handbook of critical criminology / edited by Walter S. DeKeseredy and Molly Dragiewicz.
HV741 .K674 2012Fire in the ashes : twenty-five years among the poorest children in America / Jonathan Kozol.
HV9712 .G465 2010Exile, murder and madness in Siberia, 1823-61 / by Andrew A. Gentes.
HV9960.A45 R33 2012Race, ethnicity, crime and criminal justice in the Americas / edited by Anita Kalunta-Crumpton.
HX39.5 .S67 2013Karl Marx : a nineteenth-century life / Jonathan Sperber.
JA74.5 .G73 2012Strings attached : untangling the ethics of incentives / Ruth W. Grant.
JZ5675 .P36 2011The US-India nuclear pact : policy, process, and great power politics / Harsh V. Pant.
KF4865 .O96 2010The Oxford handbook of church and state in the United States / edited by Derek H. Davis.
LB1139.25 .T68 2012How children succeed : grit, curiosity, and the hidden power of character / Paul Tough.
ML418.M45 A5 2013Mingus speaks / [interviews by] John F Goodman.
N6537.C66 J678 2012Joseph Cornell's Manual of marvels : how Joseph Cornell reinvented a French agricultural manual to create an American masterpiece.
N6537.C66 J678 2012Joseph Cornell's Manual of marvels : how Joseph Cornell reinvented a French agricultural manual to create an American masterpiece.
NC1764.5.U62 M672 2013Bazooka Joe and His Gang / by the Topps Company, Inc. selected by and from the collection of Jeff Shepherd preface by Talley Morse introduction by Nancy Morse and Kirk Taylor essays by Len Brown, R. Sikoryak, and Bhob Stewart afterword by Jay Lynch.
NC1871.B67 M87 2012The Postcard Age : selections from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection / Lynda Klich and Benjamin Weiss.
ND3337 .I54 2008Faces of power & piety / Erik Inglis.
ND3339 .M67 2007Beasts : factual & fantastic / Elizabeth Morrison.
ND553.C33 D34 2012Cézanne : a life / Alex Danchev.
PC4075 .N33 2013The story of Spanish / Jean-Benoît Nadeau and Julie Barlow.
PG5039.18.A9 Z86 2012Political action in Václav Havel's thought : the responsibility of resistance / Delia Popescu.
PJ5129.R3 Z58 2011The Jewish dark continent : life and death in the Russian pale of settlement / Nathaniel Deutsch.
PK6814.5.E54 P64 2012Poetry of the Taliban / translated by Mirwais Rahmany & Hamid Stanikzai edited and introduced by Alex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn preface by Faisal Devji.
PN1707 .A335 2012Stella Adler on America's master playwrights : Eugene O'Neill, Thornton Wilder, Clifford Odets, William Saroyan, Tennessee Williams, William Inge, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee / edited and with commentary by Barry Paris.
PN1995.9.S755 L48 2012The American success myth on film / Julie Levinson.
PN1998.3.K83 K82 2012Kubrick's total cinema : philosophical themes and formal qualities / Philip Kuberski.
PN4900.P5 P54 2011Bachelors and bunnies : the sexual politics of Playboy / Carrie Pitzulo.
PQ2250 .F75 2012Flaubert's gueuloir : on Madame Bovary and Salammbô / Michael Fried.
PR468.M385 M43 2011Media, technology, and literature in the nineteenth century : image, sound, touch / [edited] by Colette Colligan and Margaret Linley.
PR9499.3.P37 G87 2013The Gurkha's daughter : stories / by Prajwal Parajuly.
PS153.N5 G273 2012The Henry Louis Gates, Jr. reader / Henry Louis Gates, Jr. edited by Abby Wolf.
PS273 .M63Midwestern miscellany.
PS3523.O92 A6 2011The complete fiction / H.P. Lovecraft.
PS3531.A525 Z73 2012Américo Paredes : culture and critique / José E. Limón.
PS3552.E75 A6 2012New collected poems / Wendell Berry.
PS3613.U843 S67 2012Sophie's diary : [a mathematical novel] / Dora Musielak.
PS371 .C714 2012A companion to the American novel / edited by Alfred Bendixen.
QA76.9.M65 S879 2012Hacking the future : privacy, identity, and anonymity on the Web / Cole Stryker.
QB632 .B76 2012How to build a habitable planet : the story of Earth from the big bang to humankind / Charles H. Langmuir and Wally Broecker.
QC955 .S26 2013Storm kings : the untold history of America's first tornado chasers / Lee Sandlin.
QE28 .S526 2013The universe within : discovering the common history of rocks, planets, and people / Neil Shubin.
QE697 .C67 2009The complete Ice Age : how climate change shaped the world / edited by Brian Fagan.
QH31.A2 I47 2013Louis Agassiz : creator of American science / Christoph Irmscher.
QH31.W626 W55 2012When women were birds : fifty-four variations on voice / Terry Tempest Williams.
QH31.W64 A4 2013Letters to a young scientist / Edward O. Wilson.
QH313 .T66 2013Weird life : the search for life that is very, very different from our own / David Toomey.
QL696.P56 G353 2013Imperial dreams : tracking the imperial woodpecker through the wild Sierra Madre / Tim Gallagher.
QL737.C433 M43 2013Narwhals : Arctic whales in a melting world / Todd McLeish.
RA418 .H43 2013Health and social relationships : the good, the bad, and the complicated / edited by Matthew L. Newman and Nicole A. Roberts.
RA780 .K45 2010Soap and water : cleanliness, dirt and the working classes in Victorian and Edwardian Britain / Victoria Kelley.
RB125 .N388 2012Zoobiquity : what animals can teach us about health and the science of healing / Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers.
RC180.2 .F56 2006Elegy for a disease : a personal and cultural history of polio / Anne Finger.
RC531 .W64 2005Understanding and treating anxiety disorders : an integrative approach to healing the wounded self / Barry E. Wolfe.
RD97 .A55 2013Any given Monday : sports injuries and how to prevent them, for athletes, parents, and coaches : based on my life in sports medicine / James R. Andrews with Don Yaeger.
RJ131 .B697 2013Learning to listen : a life caring for children / T. Berry Brazelton, MD.
SB320.7.V8 H38 2012 A rich spot of earth : Thomas Jefferson's revolutionary garden at Monticello / Peter J. Hatch foreword by Alice Waters.
TR140.S733 R37 2012Ezra Stoller, photographer / Nina Rappaport and Erica Stoller introduction by Andy Grundberg with essays by Akiko Busch and John Morris Dixon.
TT848 .O93 2004Braids : 250 patterns from Japan, Peru & beyond / Rodrick Owen.
TT849 .T63 2007Tapestry 101 / by Kathe Todd-Hooker illustrations by Patricia Spark.
UA23 M17 2012Drift : the unmooring of American military power / Rachel Maddow.
Z1039.W65 J33 2012The woman reader / Belinda Jack.

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Location: Internet

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERInstallation art [videorecording] / BBC Worldwide Ltd.

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PR8753 .S66 2013The spoken word : Irish poets and writers.
PS3552.R685434 I543 2013Inferno [sound recording] : [a novel] / Dan Brown.
PS3553.O692 B643 2012The bone bed [sound recording] / Patricia Cornwell.
PS3553.R264 S873 2013Suspect [sound recording] / Robert Crais.
PS3553.R264 T353 2011Taken [sound recording] / Robert Crais.
PS3553.U75 T663 2012The tombs [sound recording] / Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry.
PS3569.H3385 A783 2012The art forger [sound recording] : a novel / B. A. Shapiro.
PS3570.R587 L343 2013Ladies' night [sound recording] : a novel / Mary Kay Andrews.
PT8951.24.E83 F74133 2013The redeemer [sound recording] / Jo Nesbo translated by Don Bartlett.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call NumberTitle/Author
M177 .S38 1997Le saxophone français [sound recording].

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
BF761.C77 I536 2011[Inconvenient truths panel] [videorecording].
BQ843.N43 P43 2005Peace is every step [videorecording] / producer/director Gaetano Kazuo Maida.
D769.2 .B462 2004Coming out under fire [videorecording] / a DeepFocus production in association with ITVS produced & directed by Arthur Dong written by Allan Bérubé & Arthur Dong.
D769.8.A6 T66 1988Topaz [videorecording] / KUED-TV producer, director, screenwriter, Ken Verdoia.
E457.5 .O742 2013Killing Lincoln [videorecording] / National Geographic Channel presents written by Erik Jendresen producers, Christopher G. Cowen, Adrian Moat directed by Adrian Moat.
GV 848.5.S65 G66 2012Goon [videorecording] / Magnet Releasing, Myriad Pictures and Alliance Films present produced by Don Carmody ... [et al.] written by Jay Baruchel & Evan Goldberg directed by Michael Dowse.
GV859.5 R65 2004Roller boogie [videorecording] / United Artists Skatekey, Inc. a Compass International Picture an Irwin Yablans production a Mark Lester film executive producer, Irwin Yablans producer, Bruce Cohn Curtis screenplay, Barry Schneider director, Mark L. Lester.
HD1773.A3 T76 2005Troublesome Creek [videorecording] : a midwestern / by Jeanne Jordan & Steven Ascher produced, directed and written by Jeanne Jordan & Steven Ascher a production of West City Films, Inc. produced in association with BBC Fine Cut, WGBH The American Experience.
HD8039.F32 F37 2005The farmer's wife [videorecording] / a David Sutherland film a production of David Sutherland Productions, Inc. and Frontline in association with the Independent Television Service written, produced, directed and edited by David Sutherland co-producer, Nancy Sutherland executive producer (ITVS), James Yee executive producer, Michael Sullivan senior executive producer, David Fanning.
KF224.S34 S36 2005Scottsboro [videorecording] : an American tragedy / produced by Daniel Anker and Barak Goodman written and directed by Barak Goodman WGBH Boston.
M1500.M43 D66 2012Don Quichotte [videorecording] : comédie héroïque en cinq actes / de Jules Massenet livret, Henri Cain, d'après Le chevalier de la longue figure de Jacques Le Lorrain.
M1500.V47 .A77 2012Attila : dramma lirico in a prologue and three acts / Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Temistocle Solera and Francesco Maria Piave after Zacharias Werner's play Attila, König der Hunnen.
M1500.V47 G56 2012Un giorno di regno ossia Il finto Stanislao = A day's reign = König für einen Tag = Le règne d'un jour : melodramma giocoso in two acts = in two acts = in zwei Akten = en deux actes / Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Felice Romani and Temistocle Solera after Alexandre-Vincent Pineux-Duval's play Le faux Stanislas [a production of] Unitel Classica [in cooperation with] Fondazione Teatro regio di Parma in collaboration with Fondazione Piero Portaluppi with the support of ARCUS video director, Tiziano Mancini producer, Thomas Hieber.
M1500.V47 N333 2012Nabucco : dramma lirico in four parts / Giuseppe Verdi libretto by Temistocle Solera after Antonino Cortesi's ballet Nabucodonosor and Auguste Anicet-Bourgieois and Francis Cornu's play Naburchodonosor Unitel Classica, Teatro Regio di Parma Fondazione in collaboration with Fondazione Piero Portaluppi with the support of ARCUS, present from the Teatro Regio di Parma, Festival Verdi Parma.
M1500.W13 M42 2012Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg [videorecording] / [music] by Richard Wagner libretto by the composer a co-production of Glyndebourne Production in association with France Télévisions.
ML3475 .R66 2001Roots of rhythm [videorecording] / a production of Cultural Research and Communication, Inc. in association with KCET Los Angeles produced and directed by Eugene Rosow and Howard Dratch written by Linda Post, Howard Dratch, Eugene Rosow.
ML419.K78 G46 2004The Gene Krupa story [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures.
ML419.L83 P3 2001Paco de Lucia [videorecording] : light and shade / a film by Michael Meert screenplay, director, Michael Meert producer, Jose Montes-Baquer, Hans-Peter Birke-Malzer, Bernd Hellthaler co-produced by WDR, Cologne, TVE, Madrid, ARTE, EuroArts.
ML420.C259 G74 2011Great Caruso [videorecording] / MGM presents, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Joe Pasternak written by Sonya Levien and William Ludwig directed by Richard Thorpe.
ML420.J74 J64 2003Jolson sings again [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Corporation produced by Sidney Buchman written by Sidney Buchman directed by Henry Levin.
ML420.L27 A32 2009Interrupted melody [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer written by William Ludwig and Sonya Levien produced by Jack Cummings directed by Curtis Bernhardt.
ML422.D67 F32 2006The fabulous Dorseys [videorecording] / United Artists Charles R. Rogers presents original screen play by Richard English, Art Arthur, Curtis Kenyon produced by Charles R. Rogers directed by Alfred E. Green.
ML422.G65 B46 2003The Benny Goodman story [videorecording] / a Universal International Picture written and directed by Valentine Davies produced by Aaron Rosenberg.
ML422.M44 G54 2003The Glenn Miller story [videorecording] / Universal International written by Valentine Davies and Oscar Brodney produced by Aaron Rosenberg directed by Anthony Mann.
N6853.P5 P53 2002 Part 1Picasso [videorecording] : the man and his work. Part 1, 1881-1937 / Teleproductions Gaumont (Paris) produced by Edward Quinn directed by Edward Quinn.
N6853.P5 P53 2002 Part 2Picasso [videorecording] : the man and his work. Part 2, 1938-1973 / Teleproductions Gaumont (Paris) produced by Edward Quinn directed by Edward Quinn.
PN1995.75 .E85 2010The essential Charlie Chaplin collection. 9, Behind the screen. The rink. Easy street. The cure. The immigrant [videorecording].
PN1995.9.C45 R48 2013Return to Nim's island [videorecording] / ARC Entertainment and Walden Media present a Mazure Kaplan Company/Pictures in Paradise production produced by Paula Mazur, Chris Brown, and Tom Hoffie directed by Brendan Maher.
PN1995.9.C55 D48 2013The details [videorecording] / Radius-TWC and LD Entertainment present a Mark Gordon Company, Estes Shaham Entity production produced by Mark Gordon, Hagai Shaham, Bryan Zoriff written and directed by Jacob Aaron Estes.
PN1995.9.C55 I33 2013Identity thief [videorecording] / Universal Pictures in association with Relativity Media a Bluegrass Films, Aggregate Films production produced by Scott Stuber, Jason Bateman, Pamela Abdy story by Jerry Eeten, Craig Mazin screenplay by Craig Mazin directed by Seth Gordon.
PN1995.9.C55 M46 2006Men [videorecording] / New Star Video presents a film by Doris Dörrie.
PN1995.9.C55 M575 2012Mirror mirror [videorecording] / directed by Tarsem Singh Dhandwar screenplay by Marc Klein and Jason Keller produced by Bernie Goldmann, Ryan Kavanaugh, Brett Ratner a Relativity Media presentation in association with Yucaipa Films a Goldmann Pictures, Relativity Media, Rat Entertainment and Misher Films production a film by Tarsem.
PN1995.9.C55 M94 2004My new gun [videorecording] / I.R.S. Media Inc. produced by Michael Flynn written and directed by Stacy Cochran.
PN1995.9.C55 S826 2013Stand up guys [videorecording] / Lionsgate Sidney Kimmel Entertainment Lakeshore Entertainment Produced by Sidney Kimmel ... (et al.) written by Noah Haidle directed by Fisher Stevens.
PN1995.9.D6 L57 2002Listen to Britain and other films [videorecording] / by Humphrey Jennings.
PN1995.9.D78 C5462 2010Cleopatra Jones and the casino of gold [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures written and produced by William Tennant directed by Chuck Bail.
PN1995.9.D78 L37 2013The last stand / Lionsgate presents a Lionsgate / Di Bonaventura Pictures production a Kim Jee-Woon film directed by Kim Jee-Woon written by Andrew Knauer produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura.
PN1995.9.E96 A75 2008Aria [videorecording] : a superbly sensual experience / directed by Robert Altman ... [et al.].
PN1995.9.F36 H36 2013Hansel & Gretel [videorecording] : witch hunters / Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures present produced by Will Ferrell ... [et al.] written and directed by Tommy Wirkola.
PN1995.9.F36 O93 2013Oz the great and powerful [videorecording] / Disney presents a Roth Films Production in association with Curtis-Donen Productions screen story by Mitchell Kapner screenplay by Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire produced by Joe Roth directed by Sam Raimi.
PN1995.9.F6714 F4477 2012La fille du puisatier [videorecording] / Alain Sarde et Jerôme Seydoux présentent une coproduction A.S. Films, Zack Films, Pathe, TFI(1) Films Production avec la participation de Canal+ et CineCinema adaptation, Daniel Auteuil produit par Alain Sarde et Jerôme Seydoux un film de Daniel Auteuil.
PN1995.9.F67194 C935 2003Cyclo [videorecording] / Les Productions Lazennec présentent en coproduction avec Lumiere, La Sept Cinéma, La SFP Cinema avec la participation de Canal+ ... [et al.] scénario, Trân Anh Hùng dialogues, Nguyen Trung Bing, Trân Anh Hùng produit par Christophe Rossignon écrit et réalisé par Trân Anh Hùng.
PN1995.9.G3 D36 2009Dance, fools, dance [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures directed by Harry Beaumont story and dialogue by Aurania Rouverol.
PN1995.9.H55 V47 1999A very natural thing [videorecording] / produced by Montage Creations a Christopher Larkin film original story and screenplay by Christopher Larkin & Joseph Coencas.
PN1995.9.H6 D267 2013Dark skies [videorecording] / Dimension Films and Alliance Films present in association with IM Global a Blumhouse and Robotproof production produced by Jason Blum written and directed by Scott Stewart.
PN1995.9.H6 M36 2013Mama [videorecording] / Universal Pictures and Guillermo Del Toro present a De Milo/Toma 78 production produced by J. Miles Dale, Barbara Muschietti director, Andrés Muschietti screenplay by Neil Cross, Andy Muschietti & Barbara Muschietti.
PN1995.9.M86 A84 2011Athena [videorecording] / MGM Picture written by William Ludwig, Leonard Spigelgass produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Richard Thorpe.
PN1995.9.M86 B35 2012Balalaika [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer screenplay by Leon Hordon, Charles Bennett and Jacques Deval produced by Lawrence Weingarten directed by Reinhold Schunzel.
PN1995.9.M86 B43 2010Because you're mine [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents screen play by Karl Tunberg and Leonard Spigelgass produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Alexander Hall.
PN1995.9.M86 B69 2011The boy friend [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents Ken Russell's talking picture produced and directed by Ken Russell screenplay by Ken Russell an EMI--MGM presentation.
PN1995.9.M86 B77 2012Broadway serenade [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Picture screenplay by Charles Lederer.
PN1995.9.M86 C663 2011Company [videorecording].
PN1995.9.M86 D347 2010A damsel in distress [videorecording] / RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents directed by George Stevens screen play by P.G. Wodehouse, Ernest Pagano, S.K. Lauren a Pandro S. Berman production.
PN1995.9.M86 D38 2011A date with Judy [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present screenplay by Dorothy Cooper and Dorothy Kingley produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Richard Thorpe.
PN1995.9.M86 D68 2007Double platinum [videorecording] / Columbia TriStar Home Video produced by Lynn Raynor written by Nina Shengold directed by Robert Allan Ackerman [Anaid Film Productions Norwood Entertainment Group Storyline Entertainment Sony Pictures Television Columbia TriStar Television].
PN1995.9.M86 F32 2006The fabulous Baker boys [videorecording] / Gladden Entertainment presents a Mirage production produced by Paula Weinstein and Mark Rosenberg written and directed by Steve Kloves.
PN1995.9.M86 F57 2012The firefly [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture screenplay by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett produced by Hunt Stromberg directed by Robert Z. Leonard.
PN1995.9.M86 G58 2011Give a girl a break [videorecording] / Warner Bros. screenplay by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich story by Vera Caspary music by Burton Lane lyrics by Ira Gershwin produced by Jack Cummings directed by Stanley Donen.
PN1995.9.M86 L56 2012Listen, darling [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Loew's Incorporated directed by Edwin L. Marin produced by Jack Cummings screen play by Elaine Ryan and Anne Morrison Chapin.
PN1995.9.M86 L59 2012Living in a big way [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Gregory La Cava production original story by Gregory La Cava screen play by Gregory La Cava and Irving Ravetch produced by Pandro S. Berman directed by Gregory La Cava.
PN1995.9.M86 L684 2002Loving you [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures.
PN1995.9.M86 M346 2009Mammy [videorecording] / a Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. & the Vitaphone Corporation present directed by Michael Curtiz screen play & dialogue by Gordon Rigby & Joseph Jackson.
PN1995.9.M86 M434 2011Meet me in Las Vegas [videorecording] / MGM's screen story and screen play by Isobel Lennart produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Roy Rowland.
PN1995.9.M86 S77 2003Streets of fire [videorecording] : a rock & roll fable / Universal Pictures and RKO Pictures presents a Hill-Gordon-Silver production written by Walter Hill & Larry Gross produced by Lawrence Gordon & Joel Silver directed by Walter Hill.
PN1995.9.M86 T4748 2010Thousands cheer [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Joseph Pasternak original screenplay by Paul Jarrico and Richard Collins directed by George Sidney.
PN1995.9.M86 T4757 2012Three smart girls [videorecording] / Universal presents original story and screen play, Adele Commandini directed by Henry Koster associate producer, Joe Pasternak.
PN1995.9.M86 W66 2010Wonder bar [videorecording] / First National Pictures/Vitaphone present directed by Lloyd Bacon adaptation and screenplay by Earl Baldwin directed by Lloyd Bacon.
PN1995.9.M86 Y47 2010Yes, Giorgio [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn Mayer presents a Franklin J. Schaffner film executive producers, Alain Bernheim and Herbert H. Breslin screenplay by Norman Steinberg produced by Peter Fetterman directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.
PN1995.9.M86 Y68 2004You were never lovelier [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents screenplay by Michael Fessier & Ernest Pagano and Delmer Daves produced by Louis F. Edelman directed by William A. Seiter.
PN1995.9.S87 .B47 2013Best laid plans [videorecording] / Fox 2000 Pictures presents a Dogstar Films production produced by Alan Greenspan ... [et al.] written by Ted Griffin directed by Mike Barker.
PN1995.9.S87 B76 2013Broken city [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox Regency Enterprises and Emmett/Furla Films present in association with Black Bear Films a New Regency and Emmett/Furla Films production a Closest to the Hole Productions and Leverage Communications production an Allen Hughes production in association with Envision Entertainment and 1984 Private Defense Contractors directed by Allen Hughes written by Brian Tucker produced by Randall Emmett ...[et al].
PN1995.9.S87 S534 2013Side effects [videorecording] / an Open Road release Endgame Entertainment presents produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura ... [et al.] written by Scott Z. Burns directed by Steven Soderbergh.
PN1995.9.S87 S577 2013Snitch [videorecording] / Summit Entertainment Exclusive Media and Participant Media present in association with Imagenation Abu Dhabi an Exclusive Media production in association with Front Street Productions produced by Nigel Sinclair [et al.] directed by Ric Roman Waugh written by Justin Haythe and Ric Roman Waugh.
PN1995.9.W4 W27 2010War of the wildcats [videorecording] / Republic Pictures presents directed by Albert S. Rogell original story and adaptation by Thomson Burtis screen play, Ethel Hill, Eleanor Griffin.
PN1995.9.Y6 N68 2013Not fade away [videorecording] / Paramount Vantage and Indian Paintbrush present in association with The Weinstein Company a Gran Via/Chase Films production produced by Mark Johnson, David Chase written and directed by David Chase.
PN1997.5 .A43 2004Aladdin [videorecording] / [presented by] Walt Disney Pictures produced and directed by John Musker, Ron Clements original story by Alan Menken screenplay by Ron Clements and John Musker, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.
PN1997.5 .A43 2004Aladdin [videorecording] / [presented by] Walt Disney Pictures produced and directed by John Musker, Ron Clements original story by Alan Menken screenplay by Ron Clements and John Musker, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.
PN1997.5 .A53 2010Anastasia [videorecording] / 20th Century Fox presents a Don Bluth/Gary Goldman film produced and directed by Don Bluth & Gary Goldman screenplay by Susan Gauthier & Bruce Graham, Bob Tzudiker & Noni White.
PN1997.5 .B84 2003A bug's life [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film directed by John Lassetter co-directed by Andrew Stanton produced by Darla K. Anderson, Kevin Reher original story by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Donald McEnery & Bob Shaw.
PN1997.5 .C45 2000Chicken run [videorecording] / Dreamworks Pictures in association with Pathé presents an Aardman production screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick produced by Peter Lord, David Sproxton, Nick Park directed by Peter Lord & Nick Park.
PN1997.5 .F56 2013Finding Nemo [videorecording] / Disney presents a Pixar Animation Studios film produced by Graham Walters origiinal story by Andrew Stanton screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, David Reynolds co-directed by Lee Unkrich directed by Andrew Stanton.
PR2920 .S48 2008Shakespeare's Globe restored [videorecording] : learning by performance / produced by the Shakespeare Program and the Office of Media Services, University of California at Berkeley, in cooperation with the International Shakespeare Globe Centre, Shakespeare Globe Centre, U.S.A. [and] Center, Performing Arts, U.C. Berkeley produced and written by Hugh Richmond.
PR6003 O66 M62 2009The mortal storm [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Loew's Incorporated, a Frank Borzage production screen play by Claudine West, Andersen Ellis and George Froeschel directed by Frank Borzage.
PS1305.A2 B88 2010The adventures of Huckleberry Finn [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture screenplay by Hugo Butler produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz directed by Richard Thorpe.
PS3535.O176 N62 2011Northwest Passage [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer screenplay by Laurence Stallings and Talbot Jennings produced by Hunt Stromberg directed by King Vidor.
PS3537.H825 I42 2010Idiot's delight [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced by Hunt Stromberg directed by Clarence Brown.
PS3556.U76 S752 2013Spies of Warsaw [videorecording (DVD)] / British Broadcasting Corporation.
PS3573.E9 F533 2013Parker [videorecording] / Filmdistrict Incentive Filmed Entertainment and Sierra Pictures director, Taylor Hackford writers, John J. McLaughlin, Donald E. Westlake.
PS3607.A72183 B433 2013Beautiful creatures / written for the screen and directed by Richard LaGravenese produced by Andrew A. Kosove, Erwin Stoff, Broderick Johnson, Molly Mickler Smith, David Valdes an Alcon Entertainment presentation a 3 Arts Entertainment production a Belle Pictures production.
PS3613.A74525 W372 2013Warm bodies [videorecording] / Summit Entertainment presents a Make Movies/Mandeville Pictures production produced by Bruna Papandrea, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman screenplay by Jonathan Levine directed by Jonathan Levine.
RA781.7 .D47 2012Desk yoga essentials [videorecording] / Yoga Journal.
TL540.E3 A44 2010Amelia Earhart [videorecording] : queen of the air / produced by Greystone Communications Inc. for A & E Television Networks producer, Laura Verklan.

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Location: Media Score

Call NumberTitle/Author
M250.C45 S6 2002Clarinet sonata for clarinet in B♭ and piano / Paul Chihara.
M457.2.H37 Q37 1974Quartet for 3 B♭ clarinets and bass clarinet / Paul Harvey.
MT68 .J36 v. 133Down by the riverside : 15 traditional Dixieland classics : jazz play-a-long for all musicians.
Oversize M385.W35 S76 2001Stonewave (1990) : version for 3 percussionists / Rolf Wallin.

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
ML3551.7.M68 M37 2012Play me something quick and devilish : old-time fiddlers in Missouri / Howard Wight Marshall.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
NA8208.52.N75 D35 2013Farmhouse revival / Steve Gross and Susan Daley.
NK2115.5.C6 H93 2013Country living decorating with white / Gina Hyams.
PH356.T85 P3713 2013The healer / Antti Tuomainen translated from the Finnish by Lola Rogers.
PN6727.C43 I53 2008In odd we trust / created by Dean Koontz written by Queenie Chan and Dean Koontz illustrated by Queenie Chan.
PN6727.W2737 H68 2012House of Odd / created by Dean Koontz written by Landry Q. Walker and Dean Koontz illustrations by Queenie Chan.
PQ8098.1.L54 C83 2013Maya's notebook : a novel / Isabel Allende translated from the Spanish by Anne Mclean.
PR4038.G36 C49 2013Jane Austen, game theorist / Michael Suk-Young Chwe.
PR6039.O32 F35 2013The fall of Arthur / by J.R.R. Tolkien edited by Christopher Tolkien.
PR6051.R285 B47 2013Best kept secret / Jeffrey Archer.
PR6057.A319 .U677 2013Unnatural creatures / stories selected by Neil Gaiman with Maria Dahvana Headley illustrated by Briony Morrow-Cribbs.
PR6062.E33 D45 2013A delicate truth / John le Carré.
PR6070.R364 M47 2013Merivel : a man of his time / Rose Tremain.
PR6120.A487 G65 2013Golden boy : a novel / Abigail Tarttelin.
PR9387.9.A34354 A44 2013Americanah / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
PS3557.A66 K56 2013King of Cuba : a novel / Cristina García.
PS3558.A716 B46 2013Benediction / Kent Haruf.
PS3561.O55 D46 2013Deeply Odd : an Odd Thomas novel / Dean Koontz.
PS3561.O55 O32 2013Odd interlude : a special Odd Thomas adventure / Dean Koontz.
PS3563.A2364 S737 2013Starting now : a Blossom Street novel / Debbie Macomber.
PS3601.H573 C37 2013The caretaker / A.X. Ahmad.
PS3602.R668 C476 2013Chronicles of a slave girl / [Bertrand E. Brown].
PS3602.R668 H375 2013Harlem blues / Bertrand Brown.
PS3602.R69 H4 2005The heart is a lonely hunter / Bertrand E. Brown.
PS3603.A4386 H47 2013He's gone : a novel / Deb Caletti.
PS3603.A78 I47 2012The impeachment of Abraham Lincoln / Stephen L. Carter.
PS3607.A366 D66 2012Don't turn around / Michelle Gagnon.
PS3607.O5925 H43 2012Heading out to wonderful : a novel / by Robert Goolrick.
PS3607.R36395 B58 2012Blackout / Mira Grant.
PS3608.O832 A53 2013And the mountains echoed / Khaled Hosseini.
PS3611.U7375 C66 2013The conditions of love : [a novel] / Dale M. Kushner.
PS3612.E238 G66 2013The good house / Ann Leary.
PS3612.E34253 C44 2013The Cherry Cola Book Club / Ashton Lee.
PS3613.I5337 N68 2013Norwegian by night : a novel / Derek B. Miller.
PS3619.A75 L37 2013The last daughter of Prussia / Marina Gottlieb Sarles.
PS3619.O75 A699 2013Aftershock / Jill Sorenson.
PS3620.E776 P47 2013The perfume collector : a novel / Kathleen Tessaro.
PT9877.22.A34 S77 2013The stranger / Camilla Läckberg translated by Steven T. Murray.
RA776.9 .A43 2013The honest life : living naturally and true to you / Jessica Alba.
RM222.2 .P62 2013The fast metabolism diet : eat more food and lose more weight / Haylie Pomroy, celebrity nutritionist, wellness consultant with Eve Adamson.
RT37.M195 A3 2013Call the nurse : true stories of a country nurse on a Scottish isle / Mary J. MacLeod foreword by Claire Macdonald.
TX773 .L4857 2013Hungry girl just desserts : 200 recipes under 200 calories / Lisa Lillien.
TX801 .F4372 2011River cottage veg : 200 inspired vegetable recipes / Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall photography by Simon Wheeler illustrations by Mariko Jesse.

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Location: Rare Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
ND467 .H9 1905Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood / by W. Holman Hunt. Two volumes with 40 photogravure plates, and other illustrations. Vol. I [-Vol. II].

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
E185.96 .C66Contemporary Black biography.
KF101 .A33United States Supreme Court reports.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser.West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.
KFM7830 .A47Vernon's annotated Missouri statutes.
Stand 2A PE1628 .R28 2005Random House Webster's college dictionary.

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Location: Special Collections Archives

Call NumberTitle/Author
NX650.S435 V57 2013Visual cultures of secrecy in early modern Europe / edited by Timothy McCall, Sean Roberts, and Giancarlo Fiorenza.

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Location: Special Collections Faculty

Call NumberTitle/Author
PS231.M68 S45 2013Mediated maternity : contemporary American portrayals of bad mothers in literature and popular culture / Linda Seidel.
QA21 .B56 2013Mathematics for the liberal arts / Donald Bindner, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, Martin J. Erickson, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, Joe Hemmeter, Farmington, MI.
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