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October 2012

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Location: Electronic Journal

Call NumberTitle/Author
NO CALL NUMBERJournal of broadcasting & electronic media.
NO CALL NUMBERJournal of research in childhood education / Association for Childhood Education International.
NO CALL NUMBERPerspectives on political science.
NO CALL NUMBERPreventing school failure.
NO CALL NUMBERTeaching of psychology.
NO CALL NUMBERThe Journal of educational research.
NO CALL NUMBERThe Journal of experimental education.
NO CALL NUMBERThe Journal of general psychology.
NO CALL NUMBERThe Journal of social psychology.

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Location: General Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
B105.I56 A76 2012Brains, Buddhas, and believing : the problem of intentionality in classical Buddhist and cognitive-scientific philosophy of mind / Dan Arnold.
B111 .O94Oxford studies in ancient philosophy.
BD511 .H65 2012Why does the world exist? : an existential detective story / Jim Holt.
BF1442.P74 M37 2012Kronos, Shiva, & Asklepios : studies in magical gems and religions of the Roman Empire / Attilio Mastrocinque.
BF1729.R4 C355 2012Astrology and cosmology in the world's religions / Nicholas Campion.
BF173.F85 A4 2012The letters of Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank : inside psychoanalysis / edited by E. James Lieberman and Robert Kramer letters translated by Gregory C. Richter..
BL1923 .K66 2008Meditation works : in the Daoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions / Livia Kohn.
BL256 .B435 2011Religion in human evolution : from the Paleolithic to the Axial Age / Robert N. Bellah.
BL27 .S39 2012The Huston Smith reader / edited with an introduction by Jeffery Paine.
BM197.5 .C64 2012The birth of conservative Judaism : Solomon Schechter's disciples and the creation of an American religious movement / Michael R. Cohen.
BR516 .B67 2012The garden & the wilderness : church & state in America to 1789 / David Dean Bowlby.
BS2409 .B67 2012Evolution of the Word : the New Testament in the order the books were written / Marcus J. Borg.
BT203 .W75 2011Simply Jesus : a new vision of who he was, what he did, and why it matters / N. T. Wright.
BX8345.7 .S53 2012Beyond the pulpit : women's rhetorical roles in the antebellum religious press / Lisa J. Shaver.
CT275.K863 S39 2013JFK's secret doctor : the remarkable life of medical pioneer and legendary rock climber Hans Kraus / Susan E. Schwartz.
D769.8.A6 M327 2012Colors of confinement : rare Kodachrome photographs of Japanese American incarceration in World War II / edited by Eric L. Muller with photographs by Bill Manbo.
DK507.54 .W55 2011Belarus : the last dictatorship in Europe / Andrew Wilson.
DK510.763 .R662 2011Popular support for an undemocratic regime : the changing views of Russians / Richard Rose, William Mishler and Neil Munro.
DS318.825 .M576 2011Political Islam, Iran, and the enlightenment : philosophies of hope and despair / Ali Mirsepassi.
DS33.7 .M54 2012From the ruins of empire : the intellectuals who remade Asia / Pankaj Mishra.
DS38.6 .B46 2009The great caliphs : the golden age of the 'Abbasid Empire / Amira K. Bennison.
DS649.6 F46 2011The independence of East Timor : multi-dimensional perspectives - occupation, resistance, and international political activism / Clinton Fernandes.
DS849.S65 D86 2011Japan's Siberian intervention, 1918-1922 : a great disobedience against the people / Paul E. Dunscomb.
DU29 .T47 2010Islanders : the Pacific in the age of empire / Nicholas Thomas.
E450 .L83 2012The long walk to freedom : runaway slave narratives / edited, and with introductions, by Devon W. Carbado and Donald Weise.
GA407.T43 F45 2012Soundings : the story of the remarkable woman who mapped the ocean floor / Hali Felt.
GN281 .B36 2012Homo mysterious : evolutionary puzzles of human nature / David P. Barash.
GN370 .H64 2011Cultures in contact : world migrations in the second millennium / Dirk Hoerder.
GV1746 .E75 2011Dance with me : ballroom dancing and the promise of instant intimacy / Julia Ericksen.
H61 .I443 2011Immanuel Wallerstein and the problem of the world : system, scale, culture / David Palumbo-Liu, Bruce Robbins, and Nirvana Tanoukhi, editors.
HB3717 2008 .F75 2011Engineering the financial crisis : systemic risk and the failure of regulation / Jeffrey Friedman and Wladimir Kraus.
HC110.C6 R626 2011Shiny objects : why we spend money we don't have in search of happiness we can't buy / James A. Roberts.
HC240.9.E5 G56 2011Global governance and the role of the EU : assessing the future balance of power / edited by Carlo Secchi, Antonio Villafranca.
HC800.Z9 E5447 2011Globalization and sustainable development in Africa / edited by Bessie House-Soremekun and Toyin Falola.
HD2350.8 .R68 2012Power, Inc. : the epic rivalry between big business and government--and the reckoning that lies ahead / David Rothkopf.
HD3850 .G487 2011Making markets in the welfare state : the politics of varying market reforms / Jane R. Gingrich.
HD60 .W485 2012Whistleblowers / Noah Berlatsky, book editor.
HD6072 .L8813 2011The new maids : transnational women and the care economy / Helma Lutz translated by Deborah Shannon.
HD9502.A2 Y47 2011The quest : energy, security and the remaking of the modern world / by Daniel Yergin.
HD9574.C33 N8 2011Offshore petroleum politics : regulation and risk in the Scotian Basin / Peter Clancy.
HD9769.M33 U625 2012Mahogany : the costs of luxury in early America / Jennifer L. Anderson.
HE206.2 .U22 2012U.S. national debate topic 2012-2013 : transportation infrastructure / edited by Tyler Weidler.
HF1365 .L65 2011Globalization and the demolition of society / Dennis Loo.
HF1455 .W3174 2011The United States and the global economy : from Bretton Woods to the current crisis / Frederick S. Weaver.
HM1271 .N365 2011Narratives of citizenship : indigenous and diasporic peoples unsettle the nation-state / Aloys N. M. Fleischmann, Nancy Van Styvendale, & Cody McCarroll, editors.
HM811 .M67 2011Moral panic and the politics of anxiety / edited by Sean Hier.
HM856 .M33 2012Active hope : how to face the mess we're in without going crazy / Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone.
HN80.N45 W66 2012We shall not be moved : rebuilding home in the wake of Katrina / Tom Wooten.
HQ536 .F3346 2013Families : traditional and new structures / edited by Paul McCaffrey.
HQ663.9 .S53 2012House of stone : a memoir of home, family, and a lost Middle East / Anthony Shadid.
HQ75.2 .A53 2012Gay lives / Robert Aldrich, with 128 illustrations, 56 in color.
HQ799.5 .M55 2012The millennial generation / David Haugen and Susan Musser, book editors.
HT1521 .C685 2012Covert racism : theories, institutions, and experiences / edited by Rodney D. Coates.
HT384.C6 G74 2012The great urbanization of China / editor Ding Lu.
HV6248.M178 M67 2012A wilderness of error : the trials of Jeffrey MacDonald / Errol Morris illustrations by Niko Skourti.
HV6432 .D86 2011The fertile soil of Jihad : terrorism's prison connection / Patrick T. Dunleavy.
HV6535.G6 R568 2010The anatomy murders : being the true and spectacular history of Edinburgh's notorious Burke and Hare, and of the man of science who abetted them in the commission of their most heinous crimes / Lisa Rosner.
HV6603.R6 H34 2011We is got him : the kidnapping that changed America / Carrie Hagen.
HV7911.B974 C66 2010The big policeman : the rise and fall of America's first, most ruthless, and greatest detective / J. North Conway.
HV7911.W426 S866 2009The suspicions of Mr. Whicher : a shocking murder and the undoing of a great Victorian detective / Kate Summerscale.
HV8073 .W32 2006The science of Sherlock Holmes : from Baskerville Hall to the Valley of Fear, the real forensics behind the great detective's greatest cases / E.J. Wagner.
JA81 .B35 2011Civil religion : a dialogue in the history of political philosophy / Ronald Beiner.
JA85.2.U6 G38 2011Speechwright : an insider's take on political rhetoric / William F. Gavin.
JL197.L5 J44 2010Divided loyalties : the Liberal Party of Canada, 1984-2008 / Brooke Jeffrey.
JL2631 .M43 2011Cybernetic revolutionaries : technology and politics in Allende's Chile / Eden Medina.
JN6693.5.R43 G66 2011The decline of regionalism in Putin's Russia : boundary issues / J. Paul Goode.
JQ1499.A38 R4385 2011Japan, China and networked regionalism in East Asia / Joel Rathus.
JQ1510 .L44 2012What the U.S. can learn from China : an open-minded guide to treating our greatest competitor as our greatest teacher / Ann Lee.
JQ231 .M56 2011Politics in India : structure, process and policy / Subrata K. Mitra.
JX236 .A23Treaties in force : a list of treaties and other international agreements of the United States in force on ...
JZ1305 .D74 2011Theories of international politics and zombies / Daniel W. Drezner.
JZ1570.A57 P7 2011Poland within the European Union : new awkward partner or new heart of Europe? / Aleks Szczerbiak.
JZ5930 .I83 2011Transforming NATO : new allies, missions, and capabilities / Ivan Dinev Ivanov.
KF4550 .W465 2011The odd clauses : understanding the Constitution through ten of its most curious provisions / Jay Wexler.
KF4749 .F65 2011Rights gone wrong : how law corrupts the struggle for equality / Richard Thompson Ford.
KF8748 .S9The Supreme Court review.
KJV131.V33 S73 2010The killer of little shepherds : a true crime story and the birth of forensic science / Douglas Starr.
LB1900 .K6 no.1353All roads lead to the end : an analysis of apocalyptic agency / by Matt Johns.
LB1900 .K6 no.1361The effect of a voice program on teachers' awareness of potential occupational vocal hazards / Kirstin Kuchler.
LB2338 .T36 2012The ultimate scholarship book 2013 : billions of dollars in scholarships, grants, and prizes / Gen and Kelly Tanabe.
LB3060.32.S35 P83Barron's how to prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT : PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.
ML1100 .R34 2012Chamber music : an essential history / Mark A. Radice.
ML200.1 .M87 2011Music, American made : essays in honor of John Graziano / edited by John Koegel.
ML200.4 .O88 2011Sounds American : national identity and the music cultures of the lower Mississippi River Valley, 1800-1860 / Ann Ostendorf.
ML3470 .T53 2012Hearts of darkness : James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, and the unlikely rise of the singer-songwriter / Dave Thompson.
ML3508.7.W5 W55 2012Big band jazz : in Black West Virginia, 1930-1942 / Christopher Wilkinson.
ML3545 .A53 2011Analytical and cross-cultural studies in world music / edited by Michael Tenzer and John Roeder.
ML3550 .W34 2012The beautiful music all around us : field recordings and the American experience / Stephen Wade.
ML3830 .B97 2012How music works / David Byrne.
ML410.B643 B43 2011Carla Bley / Amy C. Beal.
ML410.C734 S56 2012I'm your man : the life of Leonard Cohen / Sylvie Simmons.
ML419.T375 A3 2011Clark : the autobiography of Clark Terry / with Gwen Terry preface by Quincy Jones foreword by Bill Cosby introduction by David Demsey.
MT220 F8 2011The craft of piano playing : a new approach to piano technique / Alan Fraser illustrations by Sonya Ardan.
N6512 .Y688 2011Youth and beauty : art of the American twenties / edited by Teresa A. Carbone contributions by Teresa A. Carbone ... [et al.].
NA2542.36 .E264 2012Eco-architecture / Roman Espejo, book editor.
NC257.L4 S55 2012Leonardo's lost princess : one man's quest to authenticate an unknown portrait by Leonardo da Vinci / by Peter Silverman with Catherine Whitney.
NC994.5.B76 A2 2010Drawn from the heart : a memoir / Ron Brooks.
ND1313.5 .P67 2011Portraits of the Belle Époque : 5 April-26 June 2011, Centro del Carmen, Valencia : 19 July-9 October 2011, CaixaForum Barcelona / scientific direction by Tomàs Llorens and Boye Llorens [catalogue essays, Valeriano Bozal ... et al.].
ND1451.5 .M35 2011Making American taste : narrative art for a new democracy / edited by Barbara Dayer Gallati contributions by Linda S. Ferber, Ella M. Foshay, Kimberly Orcutt [authors, Barbara Dayer Gallati ... [et al.]].
ND623.C26 G73 2011Caravaggio : a life sacred and profane / Andrew Graham-Dixon.
NE90 .B213 v.71Raphael Sadeler I / by Isabelle de Ramaix.
P40.45.P19 S85 2011Language and identity in the Israel-Palestine conflict : the politics of self-perception in the Middle East / Camelia Suleiman.
P96.C35 B85 2012Gods like us : on movie stardom and modern fame / Ty Burr.
P96.V35 F36 2011Fanpires : audience consumption of the modern vampire / edited by Gareth Schott and Kirstine Moffat.
PA3028 L69 2008Comedy / by N.J. Lowe.
PA3123 .L58 2010Epigram / by Niall Livingstone and Gideon Nisbet.
PA4391 .A2 2010The histories / Polybius translated by W.R. Paton revised by Frank W. Walbank and Christian Habicht.
PE1075 .H58 2011The language wars : a history of proper English / Henry Hitchings.
PE2808 .B35 2012Speaking American : a history of English in the United States / Richard W. Bailey.
PL2879.X53 A2 2012No enemies, no hatred : selected essays and poems / Liu Xiaobo edited by Perry Link, Tienchi Martin-Liao, and Liu Xia with a foreword by Václav Havel.
PN153 .B75 2011Shut up & write! / Judy Bridges.
PN1995.9.H6 K665 2012Reel terror : the scary, bloody, gory, hundred-year history of classic horror films / David Konow.
PN1995.9.L37 B38 2012Latino American cinema : an encyclopedia of movies, stars, concepts, and trends / Scott L. Baugh.
PN1995.9.M34 K68 2011Contemporary Hollywood masculinities : gender, genre, and politics / Susanne Kord and Elisabeth Krimmer.
PN1995.9.S68 J46 2012The CIA in Hollywood : how the agency shapes film and television / Tricia Jenkins.
PN1997.85 .V45 2011Victorian literature and film adaptation / edited by Abigail Burnham Bloom and Mary Sanders Pollock.
PN2071.M6 L87 2012Bringing the body to the stage and screen : expressive movement for performers / Annette Lust with movement consultant Jo Tomalin illustrations by C. Yeaton.
PN2071.M6 S39 2012Physical expression and the performing artist : moving beyond the plateau / Jerald Schwiebert with Candace Platt.
PN2287.T164 E73 2012Queen of vaudeville : the story of Eva Tanguay / Andrew L. Erdman.
PN3377.5.R45 H46 2012A field guide for immersion writing : memoir, journalism, and travel / Robin Hemley.
PN4874.G672 A25 2010The devil and Sherlock Holmes : tales of murder, madness, and obsession / David Grann.
PN4874.M4827 A3 2012The boy kings of Texas : a memoir / Domingo Martinez.
PN523 .H34 2012The Routledge concise history of world literature / Theo D'haen.
PN56.M54 C355 2011The Cambridge companion to European modernism / edited by Pericles Lewis.
PN6714 .S255 2012Comic-con and the business of pop culture : what the world's wildest trade show can tell us about the future of entertainment / Rob Salkowitz.
PQ4053.H57 L63 2011A local habitation and a name : imagining histories in the Italian renaissance / Albert Russell Ascoli.
PQ8498.32.A65 S8413 2012The dream of the Celt / Mario Vargas Llosa translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman.
PQ8498.32.A65 Z639 2011Mario Vargas Llosa : public intellectual in neoliberal Latin America / Juan E. De Castro.
PR2013 .V38 2011Piers Plowman : the A version / edited by Míċeál F. Vaughan.
PR2631 .D658 2011Ben Jonson : a life / Ian Donaldson.
PR3077 .M55 2011Disappearing words (from Shakespeare's tragedies) = Kieteyuku kotoba (Sheikusupia no higeki o megutte) / by Peter Milward.
PR3594 .H27 2012Both English and Latin : bilingualism and biculturalism in Milton's neo-Latin writings / Estelle Haan.
PR411 .R46The Renaissance bulletin.
PR4624 .P485 2012The philosophy of Sherlock Holmes / edited by Philip Tallon and David Baggett.
PR478.I53 M33 2011Postwar British literature and postcolonial studies / Graham MacPhee.
PR6039.O32 H6 1997The hobbit, or, There and back again / by J.R.R. Tolkien illustrated by Alan Lee.
PR6052.A64876 Y56 2012The yips / Nicola Barker.
PR6056.R3 S55 2012Skios : a novel / Michael Frayn.
PR6062.E9255 S95 2011Swimming home / Deborah Levy introduced by Tom McCarthy.
PR6069.E3654 U53 2012Umbrella / Will Self.
PR6110.O98 U55 2012The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry : a novel / Rachel Joyce.
PR6120.H6645 C65 2012Communion town : a city in ten chapters / Sam Thompson.
PR9369.3.B7 P45 2012Philida / by André Brink.
PR9489.6 .I538 2011The Indian postcolonial : a critical reader / edited by Elleke Boehmer and Rosinka Chaudhuri.
PR9499.3.T536 N37 2012Narcopolis : [a novel] / Jeet Thayil.
PS153.M4 L66 2011Chicano nations : the hemispheric origins of Mexican American literature / Marissa K. López.
PS1603 .M55 2012The annotated Emerson / Ralph Waldo Emerson edited by David Mikics with a foreword by Phillip Lopate.
PS201 .O94 2012The Oxford handbook of nineteenth-century American literature / edited by Russ Castronovo.
PS3513.I74 Z94 2012Allen Ginsberg's Buddhist poetics / Tony Trigilio.
PS3561.U55 W67 2008World made by hand / James Howard Kunstler.
PS3614.A385 B77 2011The book of life : stories / Stuart Nadler.
PS536 .P722The PEN/O. Henry prize stories.
QA3 .A57 no.1023N-harmonic mappings between annuli : the art of integrating free Lagrangians / Tadeusz Iwaniec, Jani Onninen.
QA3 .A57 no.1024On the shape of a pure O-sequence / Mats Boij ... [et al.].
QA3 .A57 no.1025General relativistic self-similar waves that induce an anomalous acceleration into the standard model of cosmology / Joel Smoller, Blake Temple.
QA3 .A57 no.1026The Goodwillie tower and the EHP sequence / Mark Behrens.
QA3 .A57 no.1027The Lin-Ni's problem for mean convex domains / Olivier Druet, Frédéric Robert, Juncheng Wei.
QA3 .A57 no.1028Hopf algebras and congruence subgroups / Yorck Sommerhäuser, Yongchang Zhu.
QA3 .A57 no.1029Extended graphical calculus for categorified quantum sl(2) / Mikhail Khovanov ... [et al.].
QA3 .A57 no.1030Finite order automorphisms and real forms of affine Kac-Moody algebras in the smooth and algebraic category / Ernst Heintze, Christian Gross.
QA3 .A57 no.1031Elliptic integrable systems : a comprehensive geometric interpretation / Idrisse Khemar.
QA3 .A57 no.1032Infinite-dimensional representations of 2-groups / John C. Baez ... [et al.].
QD75.4.Q34 S93 2012Handbook of analytical validation / Michael E. Swartz, Ira S. Krull.
QH31.C33 S68 2012On a farther shore : the life and legacy of Rachel Carson / William Souder.
QH442.2 .C56475 2012Cloning / Jacqueline Langwith, book editor.
QH588.S83 S58 2012Stem cells : a very short introduction / Jonathan Slack.
QK 170 D45 2008Missouri wildflowers : a field guide to the wildflowers of Missouri / by Edgar Denison.
QK100.N6 T87 2009The North American guide to common poisonous plants and mushrooms / Nancy J. Turner and Patrick von Aderkas.
QL638.S48 A63 2012Review of Atlantic and Eastern Pacific anthiine fishes (Teleostei:Perciformes: Serranidae), with descriptions of two new genera / William D. Anderson, Jr., Phillip C. Heemstra.
QP519.9.E434 Q24 2012Electrokinetic particle transport in micro-/nanofluidics : direct numerical simulation analysis / Shizhi Qian, Ye Ai.
R126 .H54 1923Hippocrates / with an English translation by W. H. S. Jones.
RA427.9 .W65 2012The human right to health / Jonathan Wolff.
RA967 .C617 2012The healing presence of art : a history of western art in hospitals / Richard Cork.
RC1235 .R685 2011The athlete's clock : how biology and time affect sport performance / Thomas W. Rowland.
RC423 .I545 2007Introduction to clinical methods in communication disorders / edited by Rhea Paul and Paul W. Cascella with invited contributors.
RC423 .R675 2011Treatment resource manual for speech-language pathology / Froma P. Roth, Colleen K. Worthington.
RC423 H38268 2011Assessment of communication disorders in adults / M.N. Hegde, Don Freed.
RC425 .P36 2013Aphasia and related neurogenic communication disorders / Ilias Papathanasiou, Patrick Coppens, Constantin Potagas.
RD129.5 .W55 2011Ethics and the acquisition of organs / T.M. Wilkinson.
RG133.5 .F38 2011Baby-making / Bart Fauser & Paul Devroey with Simon Brown.
RJ496.S7 C45 2011The communication disorders casebook : learning by example / Shelly S. Chabon, Ellen R. Cohn.
RS189 .H35 2012Quality operations procedures for pharmaceutical, API, and biotechnology / Syed Imtiaz Haider, Erfan Syed Asif.
RS380 .P37 2012PAT applied in biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing : an enabling tool for quality-by-design / edited by Cenk Undey... [et al.].
SB419 .M323 2012The unexpected houseplant : 220 extraordinary choices for every spot in your home / Tovah Martin photography by Kindra Clineff.
SB451.3 .W38 2012Gardens for a beautiful America 1895-1935 : photographs by Frances Benjamin Johnston / Sam Watters preface by C. Ford Peatross.
SK355 .R47 2012The wildlife techniques manual / edited by Nova J. Silvy.
SK355 .R47 2012The wildlife techniques manual / edited by Nova J. Silvy.
TK5102.3.U6 G47 2012The idea factory : Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation / Jon Gertner.
TK8315 .W66 2012The fundamentals of imaging : from particles to galaxies / Michael M. Woolfson.
TR140.R365 L39 2012Alone with the past : the life and photographic art of Roland W. Reed / by Ernest R. Lawrence.
TT835 .S3454 2012Denyse Schmidt : modern quilts, traditional inspiration : 20 new designs with historic roots / Denyse Schmidt photographs by John Gruen.
UB270 .J64 2012National security intelligence : secret operations in defense of the democracies / Loch K. Johnson.
UF503 .C66 2011Rearming for the Cold War, 1945-1960 / Elliott V. Converse III.
V27 .U55 2009New interpretations in naval history : selected papers from the sixteenth Naval History Symposium held at the United States Naval Academy, 10-11 September 2009 / edited by Craig C. Felker and Marcus O. Jones.
Z679.55 S736 2012Universal design : a practical guide to creating and recreating interiors of academic libraries for teaching, learning and research / Gail M. Staines.
Z688.L8 P74 2012Preserving local writers, genealogy, photographs, newspapers, and related materials / edited by Carol Smallwood and Elaine Williams.

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Location: Juvenile

Call NumberTitle/Author
372.6 F637WR 2003A writer's notebook : unlocking the writer within you / Ralph Fletcher.
398.21 G882JThe juniper tree, and other tales from Grimm. Selected by Lore Segal and Maurice Sendak. Translated by Lore Segal, with four tales translated by Randall Jarrell. Pictures by Maurice Sendak.
398.21 G882JThe juniper tree, and other tales from Grimm. Selected by Lore Segal and Maurice Sendak. Translated by Lore Segal, with four tales translated by Randall Jarrell. Pictures by Maurice Sendak.
F D2495KIThe kill order / James Dashner.

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Location: Maps

Call NumberTitle/Author
G8350 2012 .U5Somalia [cartographic material] : country profile.

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Location: Media Audio Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
PR6066.E693 S873 2012A sunless sea [sound recording] / Anne Perry.
PS3552.R718 L733 2012Low pressure [sound recording] / Sandra Brown.
PS3562.I586 A633 2012And when she was good [sound recording] : [a novel] / Laura Lippman.
PS3606.L935 G663 2012Gone girl [sound recording] / : a novel / Gillian Flynn.
PS3618.O838 L433 2012Leader of the pack [sound recording] / David Rosenfelt.
PT8951.24.E83 G64133 2012Phantom [sound recording] / Jo Nesbo.
PT9877.22.A34 S73133 2012The stonecutter [sound recording] : a novel / Camilla Läckberg translated by Steven T. Murray.

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Location: Media Compact Disc

Call NumberTitle/Author
M1000.T78 2011 03-24Gold Medal Concert, March 24, 2012 [sound recording].
M1000.T78 2011 11-12Symphony orchestra, November 12, 2011 [sound recording].
M1366.T77 2011 09-30Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab Band, September 30, 2011 [sound recording].
M146.V45 G84 2012[Guest artist recital, April 3, 2012] [sound recording].
M1630.18.M55 U67 2010Unstrumental [sound recording] / Minor Detail.
M21.B265 G84 2012[Guest artist recital, March 24, 2012] [sound recording].
M316 .P37 2012[Guest artist recital, April 2, 2012] [sound recording].
M452.T78 2012 03-23The President's String Quartet, March 23, 2012 [sound recording].
M5.D68 2012 03-26Double reed studio recital, March 26, 2012 [sound recording].

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Location: Media DVD

Call NumberTitle/Author
PN1995.9.F54 C745 2010Crime in the streets [videorecording] / presented by Allied Artists Picture Corporation a Lindbrook production story and screenplay by Reginald Rose produced by Vincent M. Fennelly directed by Donald Siegel. Armored car robbery / an RKO Radio Picture RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents screen play by Earl Felton and Gerald Drayson Adams produced by Herman Schlom directed by Richard Fleischer.
PN1995.9.M86 T858 2010Two sisters from Boston [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer a Henry Koster production original screenplay by Myles Connolly produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Henry Koster.
PN1995.9.S67 R6 2004Rocky [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer United Artists a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production a John G. Avildsen film directed by John G. Avildsen produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff written by Sylvester Stallone.
PS3569.H3964 I52 2006A Christmas story [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a Bob Clark film screenplay by Jean Shepherd & Leigh Brown & Bob Clark produced by Rene Dupont and Bob Clark directed by Bob Clark.
BJ52.5 .A44 2011American meat [videorecording] / a Leave it better story directed and produced by Graham Meriwether written by Memo Salazar, Graham Meriwether produced by Memo Salazar ... [et al.].
CB245 .N622 2002The foundations of Western civilization [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.
CB245 .N622 2002The foundations of Western civilization [videorecording] / The Teaching Company.
CT275.F5586 M37 2012Mary Silliman's war [videorecording] / Heritage Films and Citadel Films directed by Stephen Surjik produced by Steven Schecter & Barry Cowling written by Steven Schecter & Louisa Burns-Bisogno.
D767.98 .L67 2003The lost fleet of Guadalcanal [videorecording] / a National Geographic explorer presentation produced and directed by Robert Kenner written by Kage Kleiner.
D804.G4 E48 2011Elusive justice [videorecording] : the search for Nazi war criminals / a Saybrook Productions production for Thirteen in association with WNET.ORG produced, written, and directed by Jonathan Silvers.
D805.G3 M46 2005Memory of the camps [videorecording] / WGBH Educational Foundation.
DP285 .H582 2011The way [videorecording] / Producers Distribution Agency, ARC Entertainment and Filmax Entertainment present in association with Eleventy One an Elixir Films production an Emilio Estevez picture produced by Julio Fernandez produced by David Alexanian written for the screen, produced and directed by Emilio Estevez.
DS112 .I87 2012Israel inside [videorecording] : how a small nation makes a big difference / Imagination Productions, presents produced by Raphael Shore written by Baruch Goldberg Wayne Kopping Rebecca Shore directed by Wayne Kopping.
E184.J3 H632 2011Farewell to Manzanar [videorecording] / produced and directed by John Korty teleplay by John Korty, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston.
F1233 .H282 2011Juárez [videorecording] / Turner Entertainment Co. Warner Bros. Pictures presents screenplay by John Huston, Aeneas Mackenzie and Wolfgang Reinhardt directed by William Dieterle.
F1256 .P53 2005A place called Chiapas [videorecording] / a film by Nettie Wild a Canada Wild production in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced by Nettie Wild, Kirk Tougas, Betsy Carson written by Nettie Wild, Manfred Becker.
F2315 .D47 2008Destination Venezuela [videorecording] / Pilot Productions directed by Ian Cross produced by DVD Masters.
F2517 .D47 2008Destination Brazil [videorecording] / Pilot Productions directed by Ian Cross produced by DVD Masters.
F2817 .D47 2008Destination Argentina [videorecording] / Pilot Film and TV Productions, Ltd.
F3065 .D47 2008Destination Chile & Easter Island [videorecording] / Pilot Productions directed by Ian Cross produced by DVD Masters.
F3315 .D47 2008Destination Bolivia [videorecording] / Pilot Productions directed by Ian Cross produced by DVD Masters.
F3425 .D47 2008Destination Peru [videorecording] / Pilot Productions directed by Ian Cross produced by DVD Masters.
F3429 .M33 2011Machu Picchu and the legacy of the Incas [videorecording] / produced by BR and Deutsche Welle TransTel a film by Georg Graffe.
F3716 .D474 2008Destination Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands [videorecording] / Pilot Productions directed by Ian Cross produced by DVD Masters.
GT2850 .P53 2011Planeat [videorecording] / Studio at 58 and Dartmouth Films present a Studio at 58 production directed, filmed & edited by Shelley Lee Davies, Or Shlomi produced by Shelley Lee Davies, Or Shlomi, Christopher Hird.
GV1051.O27 F59 2007The flying Scotsman [videorecording] / Contentfilm International and Freewheel International present in association with Filmstiftung Nordrhein Westfalen, Scottish Screen, Scion Films and DNC Entertainment, a Flying Scotsman Films/Dodsra Production production in co-production with Zero West Films developed and produced by Peter Broughan produced by Sara Giles and Peter Gallagher screenplay by John Brown, Simon Rose and Declan Hughes directed by Douglas MacKinnon.
GV1624.M4 N48 2012Never stand still [videorecording] : dancing at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival / Moving Pictures produced and written by Nan Penman and Ron Honsa directed by Ron Honsa.
GV1828 .C56 2011I clowns [videorecording] / la RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana presenta una coproduzione RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana, O.R.T.F., Bavaria Film, Compagnia Leone Cinematografica Federico Fellini sceneggiatura, Federico Fellini & Bernardino Zapponi prodotto da Elio Scardamaglia e Ugo Guerra.
GV1828 .C56 2011I clowns [videorecording] / la RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana presenta una coproduzione RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana, O.R.T.F., Bavaria Film, Compagnia Leone Cinematografica Federico Fellini sceneggiatura, Federico Fellini & Bernardino Zapponi prodotto da Elio Scardamaglia e Ugo Guerra.
GV939.S23 A32 2000Brian's song [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures.
HD7304.S2 P78 2011The Pruitt-Igoe myth [videorecording] / a film by Chad Freidrichs director, Chad Freidrichs producers, Brian Woodman ... [et al.] screenwriters, Chad Freidrichs, Jaime Freidrichs.
HF5469 .R43 2011Ready, set, bag! [videorecording] / Ensemble Pictures produced by Justine Jacob directed by Justine Jacob & Alex D. da Silva.
HG4521 .F852 2012Understanding investments [videorecording].
HG4521 .F852 2012Understanding investments [videorecording].
HQ792.S73 M33 2012Machine gun preacher [videorecording] / Relativity Media presents in association with Virgin Produced a Safady Entertainment, Apparatus, GG Filmz production produced by Robbie Brenner ... [et al.] written by Jason Keller directed by Marc Forster.
HV6432.7 F36 2011Faith & doubt at ground zero [videorecording] / a Frontline co-production with Helen Whitney Productions producer, Helen Whitney writers, Helen Whitney and Ron Rosenbaum.
JK1726 .P38 2012Patriocracy [videorecording] / Cinema Libre Studio produced by Brian Malone, Cindy Malone written and directed by Brian Malone.
M1834 .R49 2000Rhythm of resistance [videorecording] : the Black music of South Africa / a Harcourt Films Production producer, Jeremy Marre directors, Chris Austin and Jeremy Marre.
M1838.N6 K66 2000Konkombe [videorecording] : Nigerian music / producer/director Jeremy Marre a Harcourt Films production.
ML1015.B3 G58 2012Give me the banjo [videorecording] / Knockabout Media produced and directed by Marc Fields music director/co-producer, Tony Trischka, editor/co-producer, Tim Raycroft.
ML234.7.V24 S56 2001Shotguns and accordians [videorecording] : music of the marijuana growing regions of Colombia / [produced and directed by Jeremy Marre].
ML3488 .R66 2002The Romany trail. Part two, Gypsy music into Europe [videorecording] / Harcourt Films producer-director, Jeremy Marre.
ML3760 .R66 2002The Romany trail. Part one, Gypsy music into Africa [videorecording] / Harcourt Films producer-director, Jeremy Marre.
ML410.B5 I5 2012In the footsteps of Berlioz [videorecording] / written by Alain Duault and Philippe Allante directed by Philippe Allante.
ML410.B62 I5 2012In the footsteps of Bizet [videorecording] / Eclectic Production written by Alain Duault and Stéphane Ghez directed by Stéphane Ghez.
ML410.P89 I5 2012In the footsteps of Puccini [videorecording] / written by Alain Duault and Mathilde Deschamps directed by Mathilde Deschamps.
ML410.S91 G74 2012The great waltz [videorecording] / screenplay by Samuel Hoffenstein and Walter Reisch directed by Julien Duvivier a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture.
ML420.L96 W49 1998Why do fools fall in love [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents a Rhino Films production a film by Gregory Nava.
N6853.P5 S742 2010Surviving Picasso [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents directed by James Ivory screenplay by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala produced by Ismail Merchant produced by David L. Wolper a Merchant Ivory/Wolper production.
ND259.K33 F75 2007Frida Kahlo [videorecording] : (1910-1954) / a film by Eila Hershon, Roberto Guerra, and Wibke Von Bonin commentary written by Hayden Herrera an RM Arts/Hershon Guerra Films/WDR production.
ND623.L5 M97 2012Mystery of a masterpiece [videorecording] / a production of Nova and National Geographic Television produced and directed by David Murdock.
PG3456.C5 H56 2008The seagull [videorecording] / by Anton Chekhov producer, David Jones directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg BBC.
PG3456.D523 F4 2008Uncle Vanya [videorecording] / by Anton Chekhov producer, Cedric Messina directed by Christopher Morahan BBC TV. Uncle Vanya / by Anton Chekhov adapted by David Mamet producer, Simon Curtis director, Gregory Mosher a BBC production in association with WNET New York.
PG3456.L5 H56 2008The wood demon [videorecording] / by Anton Chekhov producer, Cedric Messina directed by Donald McWhinnie BBC. The proposal / by Anton Tchekov producer, Rosemary Hill. The wedding / produced by Rosemary Hill written by Anton Chekhov BBC TV.
PG3456.P43 E35 2008Platonov [videorecording] / by Anton Chekhov adapted for television by John Elliot producer, Cedric Messina directed by Christopher Morahan.
PG3456.T8 F4 2008Three sisters [videorecording] / by Anton Chehov producer, Gerald Savory director, Cedric Messina BBC TV.
PG3456.V5 G54 2008The cherry orchard [videorecording] : a comedy / by Anton Chekhov BBC TV Michel Saint-Denis's production version by John Gielgud directed for television by Michael Elliott. The cherry orchard / by Anton Chekhov English version by Trevor Griffiths producer, Ann Scott directed by Richard Eyre BBC.
PN1995.75 .L66 2012Lonesome [videorecording] / Carl Laemmle presents story, Mann Page adaptation and scenario, Edward T. Lowe Jr. directed by Paul Fejos.
PN1995.75 .V36 2000Les Vampires [videorecording] / [Gaumont Co. written and directed by Louis Feuillade].
PN1995.9 .M86 L89 2009Luxury liner [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents screen play by Gladys Lehman and Richard Connell produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Richard Whorf.
PN1995.9.A3 M34 2001Mad Max [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer American International Kennedy, Miller present screenplay, James McCausland, George Miller producer, Byron Kennedy director, George Miller.
PN1995.9.A3 M37 2012Marvel's The Avengers [videorecording] / Marvel Studios presents association with Paramount Pictures a Marvel Studios presentation a Joss Wheden film directed by Joss Whedon screenplay by Joss Whedon produced by Kevin Feige.
PN1995.9.A3 S596 2012Snow White and the huntsman [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents a Roth Films production produced by Joe Roth, Sam Mercer story by Evan Daugherty screenplay by Evan Daugherty and John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini directed by Rupert Sanders.
PN1995.9.A3 T74 2003The treasure of the Sierra Madre [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. production, Henry Blanke direction/screenplay, John Huston.
PN1995.9.A5 B48 2009Beverly Hills Chihuahua [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents Art in Motion, Mandeville Films and Smart Entertainment produced by David Hoberman, John Jacobs, Todd Lieberman story by Jeff Bushell screenplay by Analisa LaBianco and Jeff Bushell directed by Raja Gosnell.
PN1995.9.A5 B4812 2011Beverly Hills chihuahua 2 [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents an MPCA production written by Dannah Phirman & Danielle Schneider produced by Brad Krevoy directed by Alex Zamm.
PN1995.9.A5 B4813 2012Beverly Hills chihuahua 3 [videorecording] : viva la fiesta! / Disney presents produced by Sara E. White directed by Lev L. Spiro.
PN1995.9.A5 M66 2004Mooch goes to Hollywood [videorecording] / Digiview Productions.
PN1995.9.C55 F587 2012The five-year engagement [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents in association with Relativity Media an Apatow/Stoller Global Solutions production produced by Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller, Rodney Rothman written by Jason Segel & Nicholas Stoller directed by Nicholas Stoller.
PN1995.9.C55 I45 2010If looks could kill [videorecording] / Warner Brothers Pictures presents produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron directed by William Dear.
PN1995.9.C55 M435 2012Meatballs [videorecording] / Paramount a Dunning/Link/Mount Royal production an Ivan Reitman film written by Len Blum ... [et. al.] produced by Dan Goldberg directed by Ivan Reitman.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 1Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 1 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 10Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 10 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 2Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 2 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 3Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 3 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 4Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 4 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 5Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 5 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 6Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 6 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 7Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 7 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 8Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 8 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S724 2011 Disc 9Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Disc 9 [videorecording] : the essential collection.
PN1995.9.C55 S865 2009Sunshine Cleaning [videorecording] / Overture Films presents in association with Big Beach a Big Beach/Back Lot Pictures production produced by Glenn Williamson, Marc Turtletaub produced by Peter Saraf, Jeb Brody written by Megan Holley directed by Christine Jeffs.
PN1995.9.C55 T333 2012Take this waltz [videorecording] / Joe's Daughter, & Mongrel Media present in association with TFI Droits Audiovisuels produced by Susan Cavan and Sarah Polley directed and written by Sarah Polley.
PN1995.9.C55 W446 2012What to expect when you're expecting [videorecording] / producers, Mike Medavoy, Arnold W. Messer, David Thwaites writers, Shauna Cross and Heather Hach director, Kirk Jones.
PN1995.9.D4 R425 2004Alfred Hitchcock's Rear window [videorecording] / directed by Alfred Hitchcock. a Paramount release.
PN1995.9.D4 S327 2012Sherlock. Season one [videorecording] / 2 Entertain Video Limited a Hartswood Film production for BBC written by Steven Moffat, Steve Thompson and Mark Gatiss producer, Sue Vertue directed by Paul McGuigan and Euros Lyn.
PN1995.9.D4 S32712 2012Sherlock. Season 2 [videorecording] / Hartswood Films production for BBC Wales in co-production with Masterpiece.
PN1995.9.D4 V47 2004Vertigo [videorecording] / Universal a Paramount release screenplay by Alec Coppel & Samuel Taylor Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions, Inc. directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
PN1995.9.D6 C36 2009Capturing reality [videorecording] : the art of documentary / a National Film Board of Canada production produced in association with Super Channel, Documentary, Writers Guild of Canada producer, Michelle Van Beusekom director & writer, Pepita Ferrari.
PN1995.9.D78 C546 1999Cleopatra Jones [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures a William Tennant-Jack Starrett production screenplay by Max Julien and Sheldon Keller produced by Bill Tennant directed by Jack Starrett.
PN1995.9.E96 M35 2012Maidstone [videorecording] / a film by Norman Mailer director by Norman Mailer produced by Buzz Farbar, Norman Mailer story by Norman Mailer.
PN1995.9.E96 W55 2012Wild 90 [videorecording] / directed by Norman Mailer produced by Farbar Knox and [Norman] Mailer. Beyond the law / an Evergreen Film presented by Grove Press directed by Norman Mailer produced by Buzz Farbar and Norman Mailer for Supreme Mix Inc.
PN1995.9.F35 P46 2012People like us [videorecording] / K/O Paper Products DreamWorks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment present Touchstone Pictures directed by Alex Kurtzman written by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci & Jody Lambert.
PN1995.9.F54 B23 2010Backfire [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Warner Bros-First National picture screen play by Larry Marcus, Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts from a story by Larry Marcus produced by Anthony Veiller directed by Vincent Sherman. Deadline at dawn / an RKO Radio Picture RKO Radio Pictures, Inc presents screen play by Clifford Odets produced by Adrian Scott directed by Harold Clurman.
PN1995.9.F54 C67 2010Cornered [videorecording] / an RKO Radio picture RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents screen play by John Paxton produced by Adrian Scott directed by Edward Dmytryk. Desperate / an RKO Radio Picture RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. presents screen play by Harry Essex produced by Michael Kraike directed by Anthony Mann.
PN1995.9.F54 P44 2010The Phenix City story [videorecording] / presented by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation screenplay by Crane Wilbur, Dan Mainwaring produced by Samuel Bischoff and David Diamond directed by Phil Karlson. Dial 1119 / Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced by Loew's Incorporated screen play by John Monks, Jr. from a story by Hugh King and Don McGuire produced by Richard Goldstone directed by Gerald Mayer.
PN1995.9.F67115 I5 2012 Blu-rayIn the land of blood and honey [videorecording] / Filmdistrict and GK Films production produced by Angelina Jolie... [et al.] written and directed by Angelina Jolie.
PN1995.9.F6712 D5 2008880-01 Di xia de tian kong [videorecording] / Zhongguo dian ying jia xie hui, Guizhou da ai wen hua fa zhan you xian gong si lian he chu pin dao yan, bian ju Zhang Chi = The shaft / China Film Association, Guizhou Great Love Cultural Development Co., Ltd. produced by Kang Jianmin, Hu Guipu Zhang Chi script writer, Zhang Chi directed by Zhang Chi.
PN1995.9.F6712 S86 2006880-01 The story of Qiu Ju [videorecording] = Qiuju da guan si / Sony Pictures Classics a Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd. & Bejing Film Academy, The Youth Film Studio production China Film Co-production Corporation co-production executive producer, Ma Fung Kwok original script, Chen Yuan Bin screenplay, Liu Heng directed by Zhang Yimou.
PN1995.9.F67125 R54 2005Riget [videorecording] = The Kingdom. Series one / Zentropa Entertainment 1 written by Niels Vørsel & Lars Von Trier producer, Ole Reim ... [et al.] screenplay by Tómas Gislason & Lars Von Trier directed by Lars Von Trier.
PN1995.9.F67125 R5412 2007Riget [videorecording] = The Kingdom. Series two / Lars von Trier præsenterer instruktion, Lars von Trier, Morten Arnfred manuskript, Lars von Trier, Niels Vørsel [Zentropa Entertainments1 APS, DR TV I co-production].
PN1995.9.F6714 B84 1998Buffet froid [videorecording] / Alain Sarde présente une film écrit et réalisé par Bertrand Blier une production Sara Films, Antenne 2.
PN1995.9.F6714 H38 2012Le Havre [videorecording] / Sputnik Oy avec Pyramide Productions et Pandora Film présentent en coproduction avec Arte France Cinéma, ZDF/Arte un film de Aki Kaurismäki écrit, réalisé et produit par Aki Kaurismäki une production Sputnik Oy, Aki Kaurismäki, Pyramide Productions, Fabienne Vonier, Pandora Film, Reinhard Brundig.
PN1995.9.F6714 R445 2011La reine des pomm [videorecording] = The queen of hearts / Les Productions Balthazar présente avec la participation du CNC un film réalisé par Valérie Donzelli produit par Jérôme Dopffer écrit par Valérie Donzelli en collaboration avec Jérémie Elkaïm et Dorothée Sebbagh.
PN1995.9.F6714 V575 2012Les visiteurs du soir [videorecording] / director, Marcel Carné screenplay, Jacques Prévert and Pierre Laroche producer, André Paulvé.
PN1995.9.F671555 H43 2012880-01 Heʻarat shulayim [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics Westend Films, United King Films and Movie Plus producers, David Mandil, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery written and directed by Joseph Cedar.
PN1995.9.F671555 S48 2012Seven minutes in Heaven [videorecording] / Film Movement, Transfax Film Productions, EZ Film, KMH Films producers, Marek Rozenbaum ... [et. al.] written and directed by Omri Givon.
PN1995.9.F6716 S25 2012The salt of life [videorecording] / Bibi Film, Isaria Productions, RAI Cinema present screenplay by Gianni Di Gregorio and Valerio Attanasio produced by Angelo Barbagallo directed by Gianni Di Gregorio.
PN1995.9.F67163 F57 2011Fish story [videorecording] / Amuse Soft Entertainment Dub directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura producers, Hitoshi Endo, Yasushi Utagawa screenplay by Tamio Hayashi.
PN1995.9.F67163 O655 2011 Blu-rayLegend of the millennium dragon [videorecording] / a Studio Pierrot production original story by Takafumi Takada screenplay by Naruhisa Arakawa, Hirotsugu Kawasaki directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki.
PN1995.9.F67163 O655 2011Legend of the millennium dragon [videorecording] / a Studio Pierrot production original story by Takafumi Takada screenplay by Naruhisa Arakawa, Hirotsugu Kawasaki directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki.
PN1995.9.F671632 Z47 2012Zero Bridge [videorecording] / Joyless Films and Artists Public Domain present a Kino Lorber release written and directed by Tariq Tapa produced by Hilal Ahmed Langoo, Josée Lajoie, Tariq Tapa.
PN1995.9.F67166 K66 2011Kongen av Bastøy [videorecording] = King of Devil's Island / 4 1/2 presenterer i co-produksjon med Opus Film, MACT Productions, St Paul Film ein film av Marious Holst regissør, Marius Holst producsent, Karin Julsrud manusforfatter, Dennis Magnusson.
PN1995.9.F67167 M9 2011My Tehran for sale [videorecording] / a South Australian Film Corporation and Adelaide Film Festival presentation a Cyan Films production written & directed by Granaz Moussavi producers, Julie Ryan, Kate Croser, Granaz Moussavi.
PN1995.9.F67168 R45 2012Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie [videorecording] / scenariusz, Tadeusz Kwiatkowski produkcja, Zjednoczone Zespoły Realizatorów Filmowych, Zespół Kamera reżyseria, Wojciech J. Has.
PN1995.9.H6 A262 2007The abominable Dr. Phibes [videorecording] : Dr. Phibes rises again / an American International Picture.
PN1995.9.H6 B45 2005The Bela Lugosi collection [videorecording].
PN1995.9.H6 C33 2012The cabin in the woods [videorecording] / Lionsgate presents a Mutant Enemy production directed by Drew Goddard written by Joss Whedon & Drew Goodard produced by Joss Whedon.
PN1995.9.H6 C654 2003The comedy of terrors the raven [videorecording].
PN1995.9.H6 E95 2002The evil dead [videorecording] / Renaissance Pictures written and directed by Sam Raimi produced by Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi.
PN1995.9.H6 M387 2007Matthew Hopkins, witchfinder general [videorecording] : Vincent Price collection disc of horrors / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. a Tigon British International production an American International release.
PN1995.9.H6 M68 2012Mother's day [videorecording] / Anchor Bay Films and Lighttower Entertainment in association with Widget Films present a Rat Entertainment/Genre Company production produced by Brett Ratner, Richard Saperstein screenstory and screenplay by Scott Milam directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.
PN1995.9.H6 T342 2007Tales of terror [videorecording] : twice told tales / American International / United Artists films.
PN1995.9.H6 T532 2007Theater of blood [videorecording] : Madhouse / an American International release.
PN1995.9.H6 T66 2003The tomb of Ligeia [videorecording]. An evening of Edgar Allan Poe.
PN1995.9.J4 V36 2007The gospel according to St. Matthew [videorecording] / [presented by] Legend Films written and directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini produced by Alfredo Bini.
PN1995.9.M27 M34 2012Magic Mike [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents written by Reid Carolin produced by Nick Wechsler, Gregory Jacobs ... [et al.] directed by Steven Soderbergh.
PN1995.9.M45 M37 2012 Blu-rayMargaret [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures and Camelot Pictures presents a Gilbert Films/Mirage Enterprises/Scott Rudin Production produced by Syndney Pollack, Gary Gilbert, Scott Rudin written and directd by Kenneth Lonergan.
PN1995.9.M45 M37 2012Margaret [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures and Camelot Pictures presents a Gilbert Films/Mirage Enterprises/Scott Rudin Production produced by Sydney Pollack, Gary Gilbert, Scott Rudin written and directd by Kenneth Lonergan.
PN1995.9.M45 T43 2010That certain woman [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a First National picture written and directed by Edmund Goulding.
PN1995.9.M86 B86 2010Bundle of joy [videorecording] / RKO Radio Pictures screenplay by Norman Krasna, Robert Carson and Arthur Sheekman Story by Felix Jackson directed by Norman Taurog produced by Edmund Grainger.
PN1995.9.M86 G5733 2008Girl happy [videorecording] : Tickle me.
PN1995.9.M86 G66 2011Good news [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presentation screenplay by Betty Comden and Adolph Green produced by Arthur Freed directed by Charles Walters.
PN1995.9.M86 K568 2008Kissin' cousins [videorecording] : Live a little, love a little.
PN1995.9.M86 L57 2011Little Nellie Kelly [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer directed by Norman Taurog produced by Arthur Freed screenplay by Jack McGowan.
PN1995.9.M86 L66 2009Look for the silver lining [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Warner Bros.-First National picture screenplay by Phoebe and Henry Ephron and Marian Spitzer produced by William Jacobs directed by David Butler.
PN1995.9.M86 O67 2010The opposite sex [videorecording] / MGM presents in CenimaScope and Metrocolor screen play by Fay and Michael Kanin produced by Joe Pasternak directed by David Miller.
PN1995.9.M86 P36 2012Panama Hattie [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents produced by Arthur Freed directed by Norman Z. McLeod screenplay by Jack McGowan and Wilkie Mahoney.
PN1995.9.M86 R6275 2001Robin and the 7 hoods [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures directed by Gordon Douglas produced by Frank Sinatra written by David R. Schwartz.
PN1995.9.M86 R6278 2012Rock of ages [videorecording] / New Line Cinema presents a Corner Store Entertainment production in association with Material Pictures in association with Offspring Entertainment produced by Matthew Weaver ... [et. al.] screenplay by Justin Theroux and Chris D'Arienzo and Allan Loeb directed by Adam Shankman.
PN1995.9.M86 R67 2010Rosalie [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents directed by W.S. Van Dyke screen play written and produced by Wm. Anthony McGuire.
PN1995.9.M86 S56 2011The singing nun [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents a John Beck production screenplay by Sally Benson and John Furia, Jr. story by John Furia, Jr. produced by John Beck directed by Henry Koster.
PN1995.9.M86 S63 2010Small town girl [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Joe Pasternak directed by Leslie Kardos screenplay by Dorothy Cooper, Dorothy Kingsley lyrics by Leo Robin.
PN1995.9.M86 S718 2002Stage Door Canteen [videorecording] / Sol Lesser presents a Frank Borzage production original screen play by Delmer Daves produced by Sol Lesser directed by Frank Borzage.
PN1995.9.M86 S834 2010Summer holiday [videorecording] / produced by Arthur Freed directed by Rouben Mamoulian a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture.
PN1995.9.M86 Y65 2011Yolanda and the thief [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents screenplay by Irving Brecher produced by Arthur Freed directed by, Vincente Minnelli.
PN1995.9.P68 W66 2011The women in cages collection [videorecording] / New World Pictures presents.
PN1995.9.S26 P76 2012Prometheus [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents in association with Dune Entertainment a Scott Free/Brandywine production, a Ridley Scott film produced by David Giler, Walter Hill produced by Ridley Scott written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof directed by Ridley Scott.
PN1995.9.S67 R612 2004Rocky II [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer United Artists a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production written and directed by Sylvester Stallone produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff.
PN1995.9.S67 R613 2004Rocky III [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer United Artists a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production written and directed by Sylvester Stallone produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff.
PN1995.9.S67 R615 2004Rocky V [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer United Artists presents a Robert Chartoff-Irwin Winkler production directed by John G. Avildsen produced by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff written by Sylvester Stallone.
PN1995.9.S87 A67 2012Appropriate adult [videorecording] / ITV Studios presents in association with Sundance Channel producer, Lisa Gilchrist writer, Neil McKay director, Julian Jarrold.
PN1995.9.V3 D37 2012Dark shadows [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures presents in association with Village Roadshow Pictures and Infinitum Nihil/GK Films/Zanuck Company production produced by Richard D. Zanuck ... [et. al.] writers, Seth Grahame-Smith, John August director, Tim Burton.
PN1995.9.W3 I5 2012In the land of blood and honey [videorecording] / Filmdistrict and GK Films present produced by Angelina Jolie ... [et al.] written and directed by Angelina Jolie.
PN1995.9.W4 G856 2007Gunfight at the O.K. Corral [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures produced by Hal B. Wallis screenplay by Leon Uris directed by John Sturges.
PN1995.9.W4 I5 2011In old Santa Fe [videorecording] / Mascot Pictures Nat Levine presents directed by David Howard and Joseph Kane story by Wallace MacDonald and John Rathmell screen play by Colbert Clark and James Gruen.
PN1995.9.W4 J478 2007Jesse James [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents Darryl F. Zanuck's production associate producer and original screenplay by Nunnally Johnson directed by Henry King.
PN1995.9.W4 M33 1997Maverick [videorecording] / Warner Bros. presents an Icon Production in association with Donner/Shuler-Donner Productions produced by Bruce Davey and Richard Donner directed by Richard Donner written by William Goldman.
PN1995.9.W4 P53 2004The plainsman [videorecording] / a Paramount picture Adolph Zukor presents a Cecil B. DeMille production produced & directed by Cecil B. DeMille screenplay by Waldemar Young, Harold Lamb, Lynn Riggs.
PN1995.9.W4 R48 2006The return of Frank James [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents original screenplay by Sam Hellman produced by Darryl F. Zanuck directed by Fritz Lang.
PN1995.9.W4 R565 2003Rio Lobo [videorecording] / Malabar Productions written by Burton Wohl and Leigh Brackett produced and directed by Howard Hawks.
PN1995.9.W4 R66 2003Rooster Cogburn [videorecording] / Universal written by Martin Julien directed by Stuart Millar produced by Hal B. Wallis.
PN1995.9.W4 S26 2002Santa Fe trail [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. Jack L. Warner in charge of production directed by Michael Curtiz.
PN1995.9.W4 W556 2004Winchester '73 [videorecording] / Universal International produced by Aaron Rosenberg screenplay by Robert L. Richards, Borden Chase directed by Anthony Mann.
PN1995.9.Y6 M66 2012Moonrise kingdom [videorecording] / Focus Features and Indian Paintbrush present an American Empirical picture produced by Wes Anderson ... [et al.] written by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola directed by Wes Anderson.
PN1997.5 .T563 2000The three caballeros [videorecording] / RKO Radio Pictures Walt Disney Home Video Disney Enterprises Walt Disney Productions.
PN1997.5 .U6 2009Up [videorecording] / Walt Disney Pictures presents a Pixar Animation Studios film directed by Pete Docter co-directed by Bob Peterson produced by Jonas Rivera executive producer, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton story by Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Tom McCarthy screenplay by Bob Peterson, Pete Docter.
PN1997.5 C456 2012Chico & Rita [videorecording] / Estudio Marsical, Magic Light Pictures, Cinemanx, Isle of Man presentan una pelicula de Fernando Trueba y Javier Mariscal producida por Santi Errando ... [et. al.] escrita por Fernando Trueba, Ignacio Martinez de Pisón dirigida por Fernando Trueba, Javier Marsical, Tono Errando.
PN1997.5 M32313 2012Madagascar 3 [videorecording] : Europe's most wanted / DreamWorks Animation presents screenplay by Eric Darnell and Noah Baumbach produced by Mireille Soria, Mark Swift directed by Eric Darnell, Conrad Vernon, Tom McGrath.
PN1998.2 .D57 2006Directors [videorecording] : life behind the camera / Media Entertainment, Inc. in cooperation with the American Film Institute present directed by Robert J. Emery produced by Suzanna Cimato a production of Media Entertainment, Inc.
PN1998.2 .L38 1996Lavender limelight [videorecording] : lesbians in film.
PN1998.2 .T36 2010Tales from the script [videorecording] / a Grand River Films, Jade Tiger Films production directed by Peter Hanson written and produced by Peter Hanson and Paul Robert Herman.
PN6747.F66 L372 2012Largo Winch [videorecording] : the heir apparent / Music Box Films and Pan-Européenne present in co-production with Wild Bunch screenplay, adaptation and dialogue by Julien Rappeneau, Jérôme Salle produced by Nathalie Gastaldo directed by Jérôme Salle.
PQ2226 .R49 2002Alexander Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo [videorecording] = Le Comte de Monte Cristo / Touchstone Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment present a Birnbaum/Barber production, a Kevin Reynolds film producers, Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Jonathan Glickman screenplay writer, Jay Wolpert director, Kevin Reynolds.
PQ2287.M5 J67 2004Victor Hugo's Les Miserables [videorecording] / ITC Entertainment Lew Grade presents a Norman Rosemont production screenplay by John Gay produced by Norman Rosemont directed by Glenn Jordan.
PR4564.A23 L39 2012The mystery of Edwin Drood [videorecording] / BBC Viking River Cruises WGBH Educational Foundation written by Gwyneth Hughes produced by Lisa Osborne directed by Diarmuid Lawrence.
PR4564.A23 L39 2012The mystery of Edwin Drood [videorecording] / BBC Viking River Cruises WGBH Educational Foundation written by Gwyneth Hughes produced by Lisa Osborne directed by Diarmuid Lawrence.
PR5819.A23 L49 2008The picture of Dorian Gray [videorecording] / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture produced by Pandro S. Berman screenplay by Albert Lewin directed by Albert Lewin.
PR6005.O85 P752 2009Private lives [videorecording] / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents directed by Sidney Franklin scenario by Hans Kraly and Richard Schayer [produced by Irving Thalberg].
PR6056.A89 B572 2012Birdsong [videorecording] / a WTTV Working Title Television/Masterpiece co-production with NBC Universal for the BBC producer, Lynn Horsford screenplay by Abi Morgan director, Philip Martin.
PR6063.O44 T4942 2012The best exotic Marigold Hotel [videorecording] / Fox Searchlight Pictures presents in association with Participant Media and Imagenation Abu Dhabi a Blueprint Pictures production produced by Graham Broadbent, Pete Czernin screenplay, Ol Parker directed by John Madden.
PS1449.C85 R32 2003The red badge of courage [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced by Gottfried Reinhardt screenplay by John Huston directed by John Huston.
PS2116 .A62 2009The American [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Fiona Finley writer, Michael Hastings directed by Paul Unwin.
PS2116 .G62 2009The golden bowl [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Martin Lisemore written by Henry James, Jack Pulman directed by James Cellan Jones.
PS2116 .P62 2009The portrait of a lady [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corporation produced by David Conroy adaptation by Jack Pulman directed by James Cellan Jones.
PS2116 .P63 2011The portrait of a lady [videorecording] / Focus Features Polygram Filmed Entertainment presents a Propaganda Films production screenplay by Laura Jones produced by Monty Montgomery and Steve Golin directed by Jane Campion.
PS2116 .S72 2009The spoils of Poynton [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Martin Lisemore written by Denis Constanduros, Henry James directed by Peter Sasdy.
PS2116 .W53 2009The wings of the dove [videorecording] / British Broadcasting Corporation produced by Alan Shallcross dramatisation, Denis Constanduros directed by John Gorrie.
PS3501.N256 K492 2000Key Largo [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures screen play by Richard Brooks and John Huston produced by Jerry Wald directed by John Huston.
PS3503.E99 T442 2006They drive by night [videorecording] / Turner Entertainment Co. [presented by] Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. screenplay by Jerry Wald and Richard Macaulay directed by Raoul Walsh.
PS3503.R81565 E42 2009El Dorado [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents screenplay by Leigh Brackett directed and produced by Howard Hawks.
PS3503.U62547 E943 1999Casablanca [videorecording] / Warner Brothers Pictures presents a Hal B. Wallis production directed by Michael Curtiz screenplay by Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch Jack L. Warner, executive producer.
PS3503.U62547 E943 2003Casablanca [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. a Hal B. Wallis production screenplay Julius J. & Philip G. Epstein and Howard Koch directed by Michael Curtiz.
PS3503.U6258 H542 2006High Sierra [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures producers, Hal B. Wallis & Mark Hellinger screenplay, John Huston and W.R. Burnett director, Raoul Walsh.
PS3505.A3113 S472 2011Serenade [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures screenplay by Ivan Goff & Ben Roberts directed by Anthony Mann.
PS3505.H3224 B55 2000The big sleep [videorecording] / Warner Bros. First National Picture a Howard Hawks production.
PS3511.A87 D472 2004Destry rides again [videorecording] / a Universal Picture directed by George Marshall screenplay by Felix Jackson, Gertrude Purcell and Henry Myers a Joe Pasternak production.
PS3519.O233 H362 2012The hanging tree [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Pictures produced by Martin Jurow and Richard Shepherd directed by Delmer Daves.
PS3527.I865 Z46422 1999Henry & June [videorecording] / Universal a Philip Kaufman film screenplay by Philip Kaufman & Rose Kaufman produced by Peter Kaufman directed by Philip Kaufman a Universal Pictures presentation of a Walrus & Associates, Ltd. production.
PS3535 I73 B32 2002The bat [videorecording] / Liberty Pictures directed by Crane Wilbur produced by C.J. Tevlin screenplay by Crane Wilbur.
PS3537.H825 A632 2009Abe Lincoln in Illinois [videorecording] / an RKO Radio Picture Max Gordon Plays & Pictures Corp. presents screenplay by Robert E. Sherwood produced by Max Gordon directed by John Cromwell.
PS3556.L93 M32 2010The man from Laramie [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures Corporation presents a William Goetz production screen play by Philip Yordan, Frank Burt directed by Anthony Mann.
PS3557.U43 B462 2003Bend of the river [videorecording] / Universal Pictures.
PS3560.A37 K462 2012The Kent chronicles [videorecording] / produced by John Byrne, Gian R. Grimaldi, Hannah L. Shearer written by Guerdon Trueblood ... [et. al.] directed by Lee H. Katzin, Russ Mayberry, Sidney Hayers.
PS3562.E2618 L62 2007The lost language of cranes [videorecording] / producer, Ruth Caleb screenplay by Sean Mathias director, Nigel Finch.
PS3562.E55 H652 2002Hombre [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox screenplay by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank, Jr. produced by Martin Ritt and Irving Ravetch directed by Martin Ritt.
PS3562.E55 O982 1998Out of sight [videorecording] / Universal Pictures presents a Jersey Films production directed by Steven Soderbergh screenplay by Scott Frank produced by Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher.
PS3562.Y449 S62 2009Who is killing the great chefs of Europe? [videorecording] / Lorimar presents, in association with Geria Productions, Bavaria Films, an Aldrich Company, Lorimar production screenplay by Peter Stone produced by William Aldrich directed by Ted Kotcheff.
PS3569.E589 H842 2012Hugo [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures and GK Films present a GK Films production an Infinitum Nihil production, in association with Dean Street Productions, Future Capital Partners and Screen Capital International directed by Martin Scorsese screenplay by John Logan produced by Graham King, Tim Headington, Martin Scorsese, Johnny Depp.
PT2621.A26 P7632 1998The trial [videorecording] / BBC Films and Europanda Entertainment B.V. present a David Jones film screenplay, Harold Pinter producer, Louis Marks directed by David Jones.
QL737.P96 C45 2012 Blu-rayChimpanzee [videorecording] / Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield.
QL737.P96 C45 2012Chimpanzee [videorecording] / Disneynature directed by Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield produced by Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield and Alix Tidmarsh written by Mark Linfield, Alastair Fothergill, Don Hahn.
QP376 .R4782 2011Optimizing brain fitness [videorecording] / Richard Restak.
RA784 .F38 2010Fat head [videorecording] / Middle Road Pictures and Vine Street Pictures in association with Ostrow & Company written and directed by Tom Naughton producer, Susan Smiley.
RB155.6 .C73 2012Cracking your genetic code [videorecording] / a Nova production by Holt Productions, LLC for WGBH written, produced, and directed by Sarah Holt.
TD887.F69 F74 2011Freedom [videorecording] / Green Planet Productions presents a Josh & Rebecca Harrell Tickell film directed by Josh Tickell produced by Rebecca Harrell Tickell written by Johnny O'Hara.
TK140.E3 E35 2009Edison, the man [videorecording] / a Metro Goldwyn Mayer picture screenplay by Talbot Jennings and Bradbury Foote directed by Clarence Brown produced by John W. Considine, Jr.
TP548 .S562 2010The everyday guide to wine [videorecording].
TR849.N95 L54 2002Light keeps me company [videorecording] = Ljuset haller mig sallskap / directed by Carl-Gustaf Nykvist.

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Location: Microform Film

Call NumberTitle/Author
F3430 .P75 2009Princeton University Libraries Latin American microfilm collection. Supplement 6, Indigenous issues in Peru [microform].
HD8111 .P756 1995Princeton University Library Latin American microfilm collection. Supplement 6, Socioeconomic conditions in Mexico [microform].
JC599.M6 P75 2009Princeton University Latin American microfilm collection. Supplement 6, Human and civil rights in Mexico [microform].
JL1298.A1 P756 2009Princeton University Library Latin American microfilm collection. Supplement 6, Politics in Mexico [microform].

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Location: Missouriana Collection

Call NumberTitle/Author
ND237.B47 W65 2012Thomas Hart Benton : a life / Justin Wolff.
ND237.O36 G48 2008Painting Missouri : the counties en plein air / text by Karen Glines artwork by Billyo O'Donnell.
PS1342.P5 R63 2011The jester and the sages : Mark Twain in conversation with Nietzsche, Freud, and Marx / Forrest G. Robinson, Gabriel Noah Brahm Jr., Catherine Carlstroem.

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Location: Popular Reading

Call NumberTitle/Author
CB158 S54 2012The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail-- but some don't / Nate Silver.
CT275.H62575 A3 2012Mortality / Christopher Hitchens.
E184.C97 E36 2010Learning to die in Miami : confessions of a refugee boy / Carlos Eire.
E185.615 .W497 2010Losing my cool : how a father's love and 15,000 books beat hiphop culture / Thomas Chatterton Williams.
HV6432.7 .E445 2012500 days : secrets and lies in the terror wars / Kurt Eichenwald.
HV6535.I83 P485 2012Honor bound : my journey to hell and back with Amanda Knox / Raffaele Sollecito with Andrew Gumbel.
PN6165 .C6 2012America again : re-becoming the greatness we never weren't / written and edited by Stephen Colbert ... [et al.] writers, Michael Brumm ... [et al.] produced by Meredith Bennett photography by Andrew Matheson.
PR6053.H4535 H57 2012Hiss and hers : an Agatha Raisin mystery / M.C. Beaton.
PR6056.O45 W56 2012Winter of the world / Ken Follett.
PR6058.A68828 P43 2012Peaches for Father Francis : a novel / Joanne Harris.
PR6066.E693 S87 2012A sunless sea : a William Monk novel / Anne Perry.
PR6068.U757 A3 2012Joseph Anton : a memoir / Salman Rushdie.
PR6073.E47 S57 2012Skagboys / Irvine Welsh.
PR6073.O355 V56 2011A vintage affair : a novel / Isabel Wolff.
PR6101.L426 D74 2012The dressmaker : a novel / Kate Alcott.
PR9199.3.B37135 T78 2012Trust your eyes / Linwood Barclay.
PR9199.4.D454 M67 2012More than sorrow : a mystery / Vicki Delany.
PS 3576 A55 B4 2012Beyond the storm / Carolyn Zane.
PS3552.R718 L73 2012Low pressure / Sandra Brown.
PS3553.A76334 B58 2004Blue skies / Robyn Carr.
PS3553.H15 T45 2012Telegraph Avenue : a novel / Michael Chabon.
PS3553.H4838 W36 2012A wanted man : a Jack Reacher novel / Lee Child.
PS3553.O47445 H87 2011Hurt machine : a Moe Prager mystery / Reed Farrel Coleman.
PS3554.I259 T48 2012This is how you lose her / Junot Díaz.
PS3555.R42 R68 2012The round house : a novel / Louise Erdrich.
PS3560.A223 Y68 2012You don't want to know / Lisa Jackson.
PS3561.I4813 G37 2012Garment of shadows : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes / Laurie R. King.
PS3566.I752 .C45 2012A Christmas hope : a Linden Corners novel / Joseph Pittman.
PS3602.R4485 T95 2012Twice promised : a novel / Maggie Brendan.
PS3608.E5796 L43 2011Learning to swim : a novel / Sara J. Henry.
PS3610.A59 Z46 2012Does this church make me look fat? : a Mennonite finds faith, meets Mr. Right, and solves her lady problems / Rhoda Janzen.
PS3611.N66 D43 2012Dead anyway / Chris Knopf.
PS3612.E8189 L68 2012A love surrendered : a novel / Julie Lessman.
PS3612.E924 D43 2012Death of a neighborhood witch / Laura Levine.
PS3613.A453 F66 2012A fool's gold Christmas / Susan Mallery.
PS3613.C3858 H53 2012A hidden truth / Judith Miller.
PS3613.C547 S43 2011The secret lives of dresses / Erin McKean.
PS3613.E435 G57 2012The girl in the glass : a novel / Susan Meissner.
PS3619.A97 W43 2012When hope blossoms : a novel / by Kim Vogel Sawyer.
PS3619.P467 O64 2011One was a soldier / Julia Spencer-Fleming.
PS3619.T4924 I54 2011The informationist : a novel / Taylor Stevens.
PS3621.L435 P87 2011Purgatory chasm / Steve Ulfelder.
PT8177.21.A24 S7513 2012Invisible murder / Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis translated from the Danish by Tara Chace.
PT8951.24.E83 G6413 2012Phantom / Jo Nesbø translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett.
PT9877.22.A34 S7313 2012The stonecutter / Camilla Läckberg translated by Steven T. Murray.
QA93 .S77 2012The joy of X : a guided tour of math, from one to infinity / Steven Strogatz.
RC265.5 .S39 2012The end of your life book club / Will Schwalbe.
TT820 .B598 2012Cast on, bind off : 54 step-by-step methods / Leslie Ann Bestor photography by John Polak.
TX791 G88 2012The Liddabit Sweets candy cookbook / by Liz Gutman and Jen King.

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Location: Rare Books

Call NumberTitle/Author
RT41 .I57 1984Introduction to nursing : an adaptation model / [edited by] Callista Roy.
RT63 .G65 1973The Social and ethical significance of Nursing : a series of addresses / by Annie Warburton Goodrich.
RT69 .C43 1909The Chautauqua School of Nursing.

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Location: Reference

Call NumberTitle/Author
Atlases G1201.P2 R365Road atlas: United States, Canada, and Mexico. [cartographic material]
BF77 .G73Graduate study in psychology.
E185.96 .C66Contemporary Black biography.
GN645 .S526 2011Ethnic groups of Africa and the Middle East : an encyclopedia / John A. Shoup.
GV731 .H85 2009The sports rules book / Human Kinetics with Thomas Hanlon.
HA201.122 .W48 2012The who, what, and where of America : understanding the American Community Survey / edited by Deirdre A. Gaquin, Gwenavere W. Dunn.
HF1042 .N6North American industry classification system, United States / Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget.
HF5410 .M35Market share reporter.
HF5681.R25 A45Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios / by Leo Troy.
HQ784.T4 H29 2012Handbook of children and the media / Dorothy G. Singer, Jerome L. Singer, [editors].
JX1977.A37 Y4Yearbook of the United Nations.
KF135.S72 M5 3d ser.West's Missouri cases reported in South western reporter, third series.
KF2750 .A513Media law reporter.
L901 .P48 2012Peterson's graduate programs in engineering & applied sciences 2012.
LA217.2 .E382 2012Education state rankings 2011-2012 : preK-12 education in the 50 United States / Kathleen O'Leary Morgan and Scott Morgan, editors.
LB2331.63 .A462Best colleges.
LB2371 .A512America's best graduate schools / U.S. News & World Report.
PN1021 .N39 2012The Princeton encyclopedia of poetry and poetics / Roland Greene, editor in chief Stephen Cushman, general editor Clare Cavanagh, Jahan Ramazani, Paul Rouzer, associate editors Harris Feinsod, David Marno, Alexandra Slessarev, assistant editors.
RM301.12 .V35 2013Davis's drug guide for nurses / April Hazard Vallerand, Cynthia A. Sanoski, Judith Hopfer Deglin.
Z7164.S68 A53 2011ALA guide to sociology & psychology reference / American Library Association.
Z731 A53American library directory a classified list of libraries in the United States and Canada, with personnel and statistical data.
Z731 A53American library directory a classified list of libraries in the United States and Canada, with personnel and statistical data.

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Location: Special Collections Archives

Call NumberTitle/Author
DG618.4 .V48 2012Renaissance dynasticism and apanage politics : Jacques de Savoie-Nemours, 1531-1585 / Matthew Vester.
DS518.8 .T69 2010Northeast Asia and the legacy of Harry S. Truman : Japan, China, and the two Koreas / edited by James I. Matray.
ML410.B715 M47 2012Merit not sympathy wins : the life and times of Blind Boone / edited by Mary Barile & Christine Montgomery.

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Location: Special Collections Faculty

Call NumberTitle/Author
D20 .N37 2009Narrating the past / [Marc Becker, ed.].
F548.9.C5 L56 2012Chinese Chicago : race, transnational migration, and community since 1870 / Huping Ling.
PS3604.A333 S58 2011Slur ouevre / James D'Agostino.

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Location: Special Collections Schwengel

Call NumberTitle/Author
E453 .M266 2012Lincoln's hundred days : the Emancipation Proclamation and the war for the union / Louis P. Masur.

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