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Box 10: National Home Economics Test Development Consortium (NHETDC) (1976-1991)


10:1 Pre-tests, nd
Versions A and B of the NHETDC Pre-test ◙ Chart of Pre-Test Use

10:2 Senior Test/National Teacher Examination, 1976-82
Descriptions of the Home Economics Senior Test and the National Teacher Examination ◙ Charts

10:3 Articles of Incorporation, 1985-86
Waiver of Notice and Consent to Meeting: First Meeting of Board of Directors NHETDC ◙ Blank certificate of adoption: secretary of NHETDC ◙ Copy of check for incorporation fee ◙ Articles of Incorporation of a General Not for Profit Corporation ◙ Bylaws of the NHETDC ◙ Request for funding to continue the project to develop a nationally normed test in home economics including a budget summary ◙ Brief definition of item levels ▪ Knowledge ▪ Comprehension ▪ Application ▪ Analysis ▪ Synthesis ▪ Evaluation ◙ Classification of Objectives in the Cognitive Domain

10:4 Copies of Senior Test, 1987
Copies of Senior Test-answers not marked

10:5 Senior Test General Information, 1987
Senior Test Policies ◙ Consortium policies ◙ Table of Specifications: Home Economics Common Body of Knowledge ◙ Standards and policies for the 1987 Senior Exit Test

10:6 Statistical Analysis, 1987
Institutional Report for Descriptive Statistics for Total and Subtest Scores for Each Subgroup Breakdown Identified by Students

10:7 Test Sub-categories, 1987-89
Sub-Category Senior Tests-answers marked ▪ Design ▪ Family Environment ▪ Food Science ▪ Human Growth ▪ Management ▪ Nutrition ▪ Philosophical Base ▪ Public Policy ▪ Socioeconomics

10:8 Correspondence, 1987, 1991
Note to institutions who administered the first NHETDC senior test announcing a test revision workshop ◙ Description, interest survey, and order form ◙ President Joyce Hearn to NHETDC Members and Participants regarding the future of the Consortium

10:9 Financial Information, 1987, 1989-91
Bills for Home Economics Senior Exit Tests ◙ Expenses and budget reports ◙ Chart of Senior Exist Test Use and payment information

10:10 Report-Pilot Year, 1988
A Report of Results from the Pilot Year of the National Home Economics Senior Examination

10:11 Clothing & Interiors, 1988-89
Table of Specifications ◙ Behavioral Objectives for concentration and core ◙ Draft of natural science questions ◙ Core questions ◙ Test questions-answers marked

10:12 Local Senior Tests by Major, 1988-90
Test: General Home Economics-answers unmarked ◙ Core questions for Child Development test ◙ Child Development full tests-answers unmarked ◙ Clothing and Interior Design test-answers marked ◙ Food and Nutrition questions-answers marked

10:13 Meeting Minutes, 1990
NHETDC 1990 AHEA Annual Meeting Minutes

10:14 Administrative Information, 1990-91
Delivery confirmation/information ◙ Test administration instructions ◙ Proctor’s instructions (includes list of universities) ◙ Copies of test (versions A and B)-answers unmarked


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