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Box 12: Vocational Home Economics Teacher Education Program (1976-1986)


12:1 Final Report: In-Service Practicum for the Vocational Home
        Economics Teacher, 1976

Bound book-purpose of project: “To determine the current and projected competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) needed by the Vocational Home Economics teachers in Missouri and to provide them with the opportunity to develop a selected number of these competencies by offering two one-week in-service practicum.”

12:2 Final Report: In-Service Practicum for the Vocational Home
        Economics Teacher Appendix N, Textiles Supplement, 1976

Modules/teaching materials for textiles teachers

12:3 Final Report: In-Service Practicum for the Vocational Home
        Economics Teacher Appendix O, Human Relations Supplement, 1976
Modules/teaching materials for human relations teachers

12:4 Vocational Reviewing Committee-Visit, 1976
Correspondence regarding program consultants ◙ Visitation itinerary ◙ The One- and Two- Year Certificate Programs at NMSU: A Status Report Based on the Visitation of February 23-24, 1976 [2c]-recommendations to be used for improving certificate programs

12:5 Teacher Education, 1976-77
Evaluation Report: Home Economics Teacher Education Program-concerns about and recommendations for the teacher education/vocational program ◙ Home Economics Education  program form completed for evaluation visit: Philosophy, objectives, curriculum, courses, teacher qualifications, facilities, description of student teacher internship program, list of cooperating teachers, in-service training opportunities/workshops, program strengths and concerns ◙ Cover sheet for curriculum changes: course outline for Effect of Utilization of Resources on Families ◙ Syllabi and workshop descriptions ◙ Descriptive annual report ◙ Courses to be taught 1977-78 ◙ Application for authorization to purchase equipment, teaching aids, or other items for vocational purposes [2c] ◙ Inventory of equipment and materials ◙ Student teachers and positions filled-alumni placement

12:6 Vocational Review (1), 1977-78
Letter from State of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requesting report on number of limited English proficient students enrolled in vocational programs ◙ Correspondence regarding a follow-up visit by the vocational program evaluation visit team ▪ Assistant Commissioner B. W. Robinson to Dr. McClain ▪McClain to Robinson (attached: response to visiting team report and commendations) ◙ Memo regarding a workshop for evaluation preparation ◙ Vocational Teacher Education Programs report (all NMSU vocational programs included)

12:7 Vocational Review (2), 1977-79
Concerns and recommendations for the program including responses and reports of actions taken to address concerns ◙ Concerns, recommendations, responses, and reports for all NMSU vocational teacher education and preparatory programs ▪ Administration, attachment: Academic Administrative Structure of NMSU as it Relates to the Director of Career and Vocational Programs-involves all NMSU vocational programs ◙ Preparation guide for an on-site evaluation of vocational programs ▪ Eight Missouri state goals for vocational education ▪ Checklist ▪ Five Phases for Conducting an Evaluation ▪ Sample Page ▪ Format for Written Report ▪ Expense Voucher ▪ Equipment Form ◙ Blank evaluation document ◙ On-Site Evaluations description and instructions ◙ Blank Vocational Program Evaluation cover sheet ◙ Information on Goal Area IV: Career Development

12:8 Annual Program Plan for On-Going Vocational Teacher Education
        Services, 1977-78
Overview of Vocational Teacher’s Education Services ▪ Faculty duties/expectations ▪ Commentary on decline in enrollment ◙ Student Information ▪ Enrollment statistics ◙ Ways in Which Program Evaluation is Planned ◙ Personal information about Mrs. Rose Shanight, Assistant Professor ◙ Philosophy and Objectives of program ◙ Curriculum/Courses ◙ Information on the Student Teacher Internship Program ▪ List of cooperating teachers ◙ Information on In-Service Training, Workshops, and Program Strengths/Concerns

12:9 NMSU Vocational Teacher Education Advisory Committee/Vocational
        Home Economics Advisory Committee File, 1977, 1982-85

Correspondence 1977 ◙ Minutes 1977 ▪ May 11 ▪ November 3 (first meeting, including transcript of McClain’s speech) ◙ List of members 1977 ◙ Meeting minutes and agenda 1982 ▪ November 18 ◙ List of sub-committee members 1982 ◙ Brochure Advisory Committees for Vocational Home Economics Education 1983 ◙ Meeting minutes 1983 ▪ January 10 ◙ Correspondence 1984 ▪ Dr. Jan Van Buren to Dr. Korslund (3) ◙ Meeting minutes and agenda 1984 ▪ November 27 ◙ List of committee members 1984-85 ◙ Meeting minutes 1985 ▪ November 13

12:10 Schedule of Institutional Reviews, 1981
List of institutional reviews, evaluations, accreditation visits, and comparable activities anticipated by the department covering at least the next five years

12:11 Vocational Program Evaluation: Missouri Department of Elementary
          and Secondary Education Career and Adult Division, 1982-84

Correspondence regarding Vocational Education Evaluation and the self-study process for state evaluation ◙ Correspondence regarding appointment of sub/steering-committee to serve during the vocational review ▪ Meeting minutes (4) ◙ Guidelines for self-study of teacher/counselor education programs ◙ Correspondence regarding vocational visit/visiting team ◙ Vocational evaluation committees ▪ List of members ◙ The Institutional Report of the Teacher/Counselor Vocational Education Programs (cover page only) ◙ Correspondence from Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to Dr. McClain ▪ Visitation team’s report: Career and Adult Education Program Services and Activities ◙ NMSU’s response to the team evaluation report ◙ Concerns, recommendations, and responses ▪ Home Economics Teacher Education ▪ Child Development Two-Year Certificate Program ◙ Blank Evaluative Questionnaire for Home Economics by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ◙ Correspondence regarding follow-up meeting ◙ Vocational Education Class Summaries: Post Secondary ▪ Instructions for completing summaries ◙ Suggested reply to the Adult Occupational Programs concern ◙ Correspondence from Dr. Korslund to Dean Krueger: advisory committee’s response about the Home Economics Teachers Education ▪ ACT/GPA data ▪ Progress Reports  ◙ Vocational Education Progress Report February, 1984 ▪ Involves all NMSU vocational programs

12:12 Limited English Proficient Students in Vocational Program, 1986
Correspondence from Director of Vocational Planning and Evaluation to University and Community College Administrators ◙ Forms and instruction for student count ◙ Class summaries


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