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Box 2: Administrative Papers 2 (1983-1993)/ American Home Economics Association Accreditation (1967-1988)


2:1 VH 176 Furnishings, 1983
Equipment account ◙ Correspondence ◙ Architectural drawings with notes

2:2 Curriculum Analysis, 1983-86, 1989-90
Program criteria ◙ Catalog changes related to interiors retailing ◙ Catalog entry for B.S. Clothing and Textiles Retailing and Housing and B.A. Interior Design ◙ Average ACT scores by majors ◙ Two Kirksville Daily Express clippings ▪ “Ashcroft Asks $17.2 Million NMSU Funding ▪ Section of an article about the suggesting closing of the NMSU agriculture program ◙ NMSU Value-Added ▪ The Challenge of the “Quest for the Best” in the Division of Home Economics ▪ A Process Toward Excellence (graph) ◙ Issues Regarding Total Home Economics Program (list) ◙ Issues Regarding Courses for Home Economics Majors (list) ◙ Tentative Major Outlines ▪ Clothing and Interiors Retailing (2) ▪ Child and Family Development ▪ Gerontology/Advanced Family Processes ▪ Food and Nutrition ◙ Home Economics & Ed. Requirements ◙ Correspondence from Dr. Lois Korslund ▪ To Home Economics faculty ▪ To Dean Krueger-Defense of a workshop proposal ▪ To Joyce Hearn and Monica Goetz-Regarding the name change of the Clothing and Textiles Retailing major to Clothing and Interiors Retailing ▪ To Patty Brown-Regarding Brown’s presentation at a faculty and a change in the CTR curriculum ▪ To Joyce-Regarding division fashion shows ◙  Results of a qualitative student survey about ▪ Clothing and Textile Retailing major requirements ▪ Home Economics Core Requirements ▪ Majors Outside Home Economics-Business Administration ◙ Internship Guidelines ◙ Analysis of the Clothing and Textile Retailing major ◙ Clothing & Interiors Concentration Sequence Worksheet ◙ HE 499 Fashion Careers Workshop ▪ Course outline ▪ Workshop Approval Form ◙ Correspondence from Lois Korslund to Home Economics Faculty including a form from Duke University-encouraging faculty to consider attributes they desire in their graduates ◙ Division of Family Sciences Curriculum Guide and Worksheet 1989-90

2:3 Division Analysis, 1984
Report of a visit to NMSU for the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools ◙ Results of a student opinion survey considering Home Economics ◙ 1984-85 Budget Requests

2:4 Internal Program Review Summary, 1984-85
Purpose: “to critique programs and curricula for each major by the criterion of the updated mission of the university as a statewide institution of liberal arts and sciences”

2:5 Core Course Information, 1984-85
Core course descriptions ◙ Schedules for class meetings ◙ University of Missouri-Columbia Home Economics Summer Session schedule ◙ Core course update proposals

2:6 Admissions, 1984-86, 1989
Correspondence from Lois Korslund to Home Economics Faculty (5) ▪ Recruitment and enrollment statistics ▪ Summary of enrollment statistics ▪ Prospective students, updated ACT data for each major, updated enrollment by major ▪ Decisions on methods to increase ACT averages in Home Economics and extensive ACT data by major ▪ List of items to discuss at upcoming faculty meeting ◙ Home Economics Division Meeting Minutes regarding the approval and non-approval of various applications to the program ◙ Division of Home Economics Admissions Statement (and drafts) ◙ Recommendations for admissions provisions ◙ Division of Home Economics Admissions Policy (Effective January 1, 1986) ◙ Division of Home Economics Admissions Policy (Effective Spring Semester, 1985) ◙ Admissions Committee Division of Home Economics Minutes (2) ◙ Information on competency program for those involved in the recreation program ◙ NMSU Division of Nursing: Selection Criteria for Admissions Committee ◙ NMSU Application for Admission to the Nursing Program (instructions and blank application) ◙ Comparison of NMSU Two-Year Certificate Programs: 1984-85 General Bulletin ◙ Comparative Coordinating Report Data on Agriculture Report: 1983 Data (Home Ec-1984 Data) ◙ List and statistics of Home Ec Advisees ▪ NMSU GPA ▪ ACT score ▪ HS Rank ▪ HS GPA ▪ Intended Major ◙ Admission requirements for the Division of Education 1989

2:7 NMSU Development Fund Corporation, 1984, 1986
Bylaws ◙ Policies and Guidelines ◙ Request for a check made by Dr. Lois Korslund

2:8 Course Approval Forms, 1985
Whereas statements and form SED 638-Advanced Methods in Special Education ◙ Form and syllabus CSMT 588-Intro. to Computers and Programming ◙ Form and syllabus ED 588-Audio-Visual Media Utilization ◙ Form and syllabus MAED 588-Games and Activities for Learning Math ◙ Form and syllabus ED 588-Behavior Management for Teachers ◙ Form and syllabus ED 588-Effective Schooling Practices for School Improvement ◙ Form and syllabus ED 588-School Learning Climate and Productive Students

2:9 Institutional Program Review, 1985
Copy of the Institutional Program Review for Home Economics at NMSU ◙ Letter about proposed changes after NMSU became a liberal arts institution ◙ Reflection on the changed university mission

2:10 Report of the Commission II: Institutional Goals & Priorities for 1985
        and Beyond, 1985

NMSU report [2c] ▪ Foreword ▪ Board of Regents: List of members ▪ Mission ▪ Goals and Priorities ▪ Campus Life and Environment Public Service and Community Outreach ▪ The Future

2:11 Whereas Statements-Mission Change, 1985-86
Changes made to Home Economics Division after NMSU mission change/House Bill 196 ▪ Discontinuation of Two-Year Child Development Program Resolution ▪ Clothing and Textiles Retailing major name change to Clothing and Interiors Retailing ▪ Home Economics Major-Option 3: Foods and Nutrition change to Foods and Nutrition Major ▪ Changes to vocational home economics degree

2:12 Five-Year Planning Document, 1986
Five-Year Planning Document: Division of Family Sciences, Presented to Undergraduate Council ▪ Incoming Student Plan (Desired Goals) ▪ Strategies to Achieve Desired Goals ▪ Graduating Student Plan (Desired Outcomes)

2:13 Honors Programs, New Mission, Course Titles, 1986
Honors Programs ▪ Proposed honors program for division ▪ Recommendation for a university General Honors program and stipulations for Departmental Honors requirements ◙ Robert Lisensky’s critique of NMSU’s new mission statement and liberal arts curriculum ◙ NMSU Course Titles from General Bulletin ◙ Resolution regarding general education science courses

2:14 Peer Advisor Guidelines, 1986
Guidelines and expectations for student/peer advisors

2:15 Proposed & Revised Planning Document, 1986
Planning Document: Division of Family Sciences (formerly Home Economics), Presented to Undergraduate Council ▪ Summary of Proposed New Initiatives ▪ Statistical Summary Chart ▪ Faculty Designers of Planning Document ▪ Incoming Student Plan ▪ Strategies to Achieve Desired Goals ▪ Graduating Student Plan ▪ Strategies to Achieve Desired Outcomes ▪ Conclusions ▪ Appendix including bills

2:16 Course Materials and Exams, 1986-87
Procedures for Removing Stains in Washable Fabrics ◙ Art Needlework B Spring 1986 exam ◙ Household Equipment Spring 1987 exam ◙ Principles of Home Management Spring 1987 final exam ◙ HE 212 Food Preparation Job Descriptions ◙ CDC Recipes ◙ Evaluation Sheet for Midterm-Apparel Design & Production ◙ True/False exam ▪ HE 320 exam ◙ Exam questions

2:17 Course Outlines of Revised Family Sciences Core, 1987-88
Syllabi for new core courses ◙ Course catalog entry for Family Sciences [2c]

2:18 Course Objectives, nd (1988?)
Core Course Objectives ▪ FS 100 Philosophy of Family Science ▪ FS 150 Nutrition in Health and Wellness ▪ FS 250 Famology ▪ FS 300 Family Economics and Resource Management ▪ FS 400 Issues in Family Sciences ◙ Foods and Nutrition ▪ FS 314 Quantity Food Production Management ▪ FS 410 Meal Management ▪ FS 412 Clinical Nutrition ▪ FS 414 Community Nutrition ◙ Child and Family Development ▪ FS 212 Nutrition, Health, and Safety for the Early Years ▪ FS 330 School Age Through Adolescence ▪ FS 332 Theoretical Applications in the Preschool ▪ FS 430 Administration of Childrens’ Programs ▪ FS 432 Child and Family Development Practicum ▪ FS 434 Gerontology ◙ Clothing and Interiors ▪ FS 147 The Fashion Industry ▪ FS 247 Environmental Design ▪ FS 248 Clothing Selection and Construction ▪ FS 321 Household Equipment ▪ FS 346 Textiles ▪ FS 347 Clothing for People with Special Needs ▪ FS 348 Nontextiles ▪ FS 443 Apparel Design and Production ▪ FS 448 History of Costume

2:19 Family Sciences Fall Leadership Conference, 1988
Invitation to early morning wake up exercises ◙ Food service and health clinic hours ◙ Detailed schedules ◙ Telephone directory ◙ NMSU Parking Map/Rules & Regulations ◙ Advertisement for Ann Howard’s presentation ◙ Safety and Security ◙ Kirksville Church Services

2:20 Kirksville Bank Information, 1988
Service Charge Schedule ◙ Checking Accounts ◙ Bank brochure ◙ Descriptions of different account options

2:21 Mission Statements (1988?)
Family Sciences Mission Statement ◙ The University Mission Statement ◙ Handwritten notes

2:22 Individually Planned Degree Program, 1988-89
Description of program and eligibility criteria ◙ Proposed Individually Planned Program for Diane J. Peterson

2:23 Third Year Report (New Mission), 1989-90
Summary of division’s successes 6-19-1990 ▪ Average ACT and GPA ▪ Student Accomplishments ▪ Other Student Activities ▪ Faculty Commitment to NMSU Mission ◙ Institutional Student Survey of Sophomores and Juniors: Spring Semester, 1990 ▪ Questions ▪ Statistical findings ◙    Implementation of New Mission: Year Three 1989-1990: Summary of Family Sciences Faculty Input ▪ Faculty members’ commentary on the changes they have witnessed/implemented to fulfill expectations of NMSU’s new mission

2:24 Fiscal Year Data, 1990 and ?
Institutional Student Survey (ISS) response data compilations for the university and the department ▪ General ▪ Instructional ▪ Involvement ◙ Graduating Student Questionnaire (GSQ) response data compilations for the university and the department ▪ Involvement ▪ Gen Ed/Lib Arts ▪ Major ▪ Instructional ▪ Services ▪ Facilities/Gen

2:25 Development Fund Payment Vouchers, 1991-93
Development Fund Payment Vouchers: Family Sciences Account



American Home Economics Association Accreditation


2:26 Accreditation Documents for Programs in Home Economics (AHEA),
Created by the AHEA to describe AHEA accreditation and delineate procedures/criteria for any academic home economics unit seeking accreditation

2:27 Accreditation Documents for Programs in Home Economics (AHEA)
        Revised, 1989
Revised by the AHEA to describe AHEA accreditation and delineate procedures/criteria for any academic home economics unit seeking accreditation

2:28 American Home Economics Association Accreditation-National
        Information, 1967-71, 1976-82

National Commission on Accrediting brochure ◙ AHEA Accreditation Committee notes on the need for a core curriculum in home economics ◙ Letters from the AHEA regarding accreditation (8) ◙ Projected income for accreditation procedures ◙ “The Need for Accreditation in Home Economics” ◙ Letter from National Commission on Accrediting to AHEA announcing the recognition of the AHEA as the accrediting body in home economics ◙ Position announcement-Director of Professional Development ◙ Background/review of accreditation in Home Economics ◙ Financial plan for accreditation ◙ Tentative calendar of accreditation activities ◙ Report by the National Commission on Accrediting announcing the recognition of the AHEA as the accrediting body in home economics ◙ AHEA Accreditation brochure ◙ Steps in Accreditation Process ◙ AHEA accreditation diagram ◙ Concerns and accomplishments of the AHEA ◙ AHEA Appeals Procedure ◙ Home Economics Newsletter from University of Nevada-Reno regarding the department’s accreditation process ◙ Profile of Home Economics Units Accredited by the AHEA ◙ List of institutions volunteering to help with accreditation ◙ CPD-approved revision of the criteria and guidelines for the mission and goals of home economics units

2:29 American Home Economics Association Preliminary Documents,

Possible AHEA Accreditation Policies and Procedures ◙ Proposed AHEA Accreditation Policies and Procedures (As revised after sounding sessions) ◙ An Analysis of Reactions to Possible Accreditation Policies and Procedures Proposed for the AHEA ◙ Proposed Criteria for Home Economics Accreditation (working draft) ◙ Accreditation Procedures (working draft only) ◙ Self-Evaluation Forms (working draft only)

2:30 American Home Economics Association Accreditation Process-NMSU,
        1974, 1979-81

List of institutions requesting accreditation applications ◙ Whereas statements regarding need for accreditation and change ◙ Catalog entry for BS in Home Economics ◙ Correspondence ◙ List of accredited home economics institutions in fall 1981 ◙ Self study calendar

2:31 AHEA Accreditation Documents, 1979-82
NMSU’s Home Economics Division compilation of AHEA accreditation documents

2:32 Credentialing Program for Home Economists in Business, 1980
Letter regarding a preliminary investigation in the evaluation of the worth of a credentialing program for Home Economists in Business

2:33 Home Economics NMSU Self-Study Report, 1980
Self-study report created by the Home Economics Division at NMSU prepared for the Council for Professional Development of the AHEA

2:34 Home Economics NMSU Self-Study Report Appendix, 1980
Appendix to self-study report prepared for the Council for Professional Development of the AHEA

2:35 Addendum to Self-Study Report (Submitted to AHEA), 1981
Response to the concerns expressed by the Council of Professional Development in the Self Study prepared for review for the AHEA Accreditations [2c] ◙ Draft addendum

2:36 AHEA Accreditation Process, 1982
Correspondence planning/regarding the AHEA site visit and reception ◙ Position announcement for Illinois State University ◙ Pages from Northeast Today ▪ March 8 ▪ Nov. 15 ◙ Index for Exhibit Materials [2c] ◙ Faculty teaching schedule ◙ Proposed Schedule for Interviews ◙ AHEA Site Visit Suggested Schedule ◙ Handwritten notes regarding the question of accreditation ◙ College of home economics news notes ▪ Announcing that Agatha Huepenbecker participated in the site visit ◙ Index clipping ▪ “Accreditation team examines Division of Home Economics” ◙ Visiting Team File (information about each reviewer/visitor) ◙ List of those who received announcements about AHEA accreditation

2:37 AHEA Site Visit Report and Response from NMSU, 1982
Council for Professional Development of the AHEA site visit report [2c] ◙ NMSU’s Home Economics Division’s response to the site visit report [2c] including a rough draft

2:38 AHEA Accreditation Granted, 1982-83
October 26: letters from AHEA announcing the granting of accreditation to the division (2) ◙ Newspaper clipping ▪ “Home Economics Section at NMSU is Accredited” ◙ Home Economics Newsgram announcement ◙ Letter from Cynthia Phillips (faculty member) to Dr. Inman ◙ Announcement and invitation to an accreditation celebration ◙ List of those who received AHEA accreditation announcements ◙ Congratulatory letter from alumna Carol K. Tadelski ◙ Official university announcement

2:39 Interim Report AHEA Accreditation, 1987-88
Report to the AHEA-consideration of the division in light of House Bill 196 and the mission change at NMSU


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