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Box 4: Child Development Program and Child Development Center (CDC) (1967-1991)


4:1 Trends in Child Development Workshop Outline, nd
Description of Child Development and course requirements

4:2 Observation Booths for Child Development Laboratories by Don C.
      Carter, 1961

Discussion regarding the usefulness and construction of observation booths in child development laboratories

4:3 Beginning of the Child Development Program, 1967 
Suggested curriculum for a two year program ◙ Equipment and Supplies for 10 Children ◙ List of students who have completed the program 1969-76 ◙ List of majors 1976-77 ◙ List of graduates and job locations ◙ Handwritten notes ◙ Clippings ▪ “Starting a Child Development Program Here” ▪ “Child Development Laboratory Creates Nursery Atmosphere for 10 Children” [2c] ▪ “Child Development Program at Kirksville” ▪ “Child Development Lab” ▪ “New Vocational Program Housed in Old Duplex” ▪ “Child Development Lab Opens at Kirksville” ◙ Policies for Initiation and Operation of Post-Secondary programs in Home Economics ◙ Correspondence regarding financial matters ◙ Items to Plan [Budget] For ◙ Guide for Submitting Narrative for a Consumer Homemaking Program

4:4 Child Development Center Historical File, 1967-83
Short written history of Child Development (nd) ◙ Newspaper clippings ▪ “Child Development Lab Trial Period Ends” ▪ “Starting Child Development Program Here” ▪ “First Students Complete Course” ▪ “Cooling Off” ▪ “Cartoon Day Festival” ▪ “Nursing Home Visitors” ▪ “CDC Field Trip” to Kirksville Savings and Loan ▪ “Chipping paint causes concern: Rumors arise over children’s safety” ▪ “Kiddie College: you’re never too young learn”: feature in the Index ▪“Pizza Hut Tour”  ◙ Articles regarding the opening and early years of the CDC ▪ “Child Development Lab Opens at Kirksville” [2c] ▪ “Child Development Program at Kirksville” [2c] ◙ Child development statistics ◙ Invitations ▪ Open House 1974 ▪ Open House 1978 ▪ Open House 1981 ◙ Program ▪ Two-Year Child Development Certificate Presentation [2c]

4:5 Child Development Marketing Materials, 1967, 1977-89
Flier announcing the child development two year certificate program ◙ CDC brochures ▪ 1977 [2c] ▪ nd ▪ 1979 CDC and Tween Club ▪ 1980 CDC and Tween Club ◙ Northeast Today “NMSU students get younger each summer” ◙ Two Year Program catalogue ◙ Missouri Schools article “Teachers-To-Be Work with Real Kids in Campus Center” ◙ Newspaper announcement regarding Fall enrollment ◙ Parenting advertisement ◙ Calendar and Fees ◙ Description of CDC ◙ Newspaper advertisements ◙ Pamphlet ◙ Letter describing CDC ◙ Pages describing Child Development program

4:6 CDC Correspondences, 1972-73, 1975-76, 1985
1972 ▪ Notes regarding faculty needs and the status of Mrs. Olivene Baker ◙ 1973 ▪ Mr. Childers to Miss Elizabeth Wilson ▪ Between Laura Ramsey of the AHEA and Dr. Lydia Inman ◙ 1975 ▪ Inman to Olivene Baker ◙ 1976 ▪ Inman to Dean Krueger ▪ Letter sent to potential employers of Child Development students ◙ 1985 ▪ Dr. Lois Korslund to Beth Hogeland ▪ Korslund to administration ▪ Korslund to Krueger, including a letter from Jerri Kropp to Korslund ◙ Itinerary for Dr. Jerri Kropp

4:7 Reviews of Child Development Programs, 1973, 1981
Recommendations for future development of child care programs at NMSU 1973 ◙ Competencies for CD students 1981

4:8 CDC Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1974-75
Minutes for Meeting of Elementary Education Child Development Faculty

4:9 CDC Repairs & Inventory, 1974-87
Lists of upkeep/repair/improvement tasks ◙ Inventory of equipment ◙ Copy of a catalog page ◙ Relocations of space ◙ Work orders ◙ Square footage of each floor and room ◙ List of equipment installation dates ◙ Correspondence regarding CDC locks ◙ Correspondence regarding signage ◙ Painting project ◙ Carpentry work estimates ◙ Page of the 1976 Index-CDC renovations mentioned ◙ Porch repair information and estimates

4:10 CDC Reports, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1992
Self-study for NCA Report ◙ CDC report-Summer 1977 ◙ Evaluation of Nursery School program- Summer 1976 ◙ Report of the CDC Study Committee, 1992

4:11 Two-Year Child Development Advisory Committee Handbook, 1977
A handbook for advisory committee members for the two-year child development program

4:12 CDC Letters to Parents, 1977-82
Bound book of CDC letters/fliers to parents

4:13 CDC Faculty & Staff Information, 1977-79, 1991-93
Correspondence regarding the addition of a student worker ◙ (Career) Ladder in Child Care/Development Center ◙ List of staffing responsibilities ◙ CDC manual-revised 1979 (for students enrolled in HE 133) ◙ Letter regarding the transfer of CDC from Family Sciences to the office of Human Resources ◙ Student payroll numbers ◙ Position announcement for full-time teaching position in areas of child and family

4:14 Vocational Review Report Child Development, 1978
Evaluation Report ◙ Vocational Review ▪ Philosophy and Objectives ▪ Class Schedule & Curriculum Requirements ▪ Course Outlines and Objectives ▪ Self-Evaluation Questionnaire ▪ Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes ▪ Student Data ▪ Placement Data ▪ Recruitment Data ▪ Follow-Up Data ▪ Manpower Needs Data ▪ Resumes of Child Development Faculty ▪ Historical Notes

4:15 CDC Floor Plan, 1980
Fire Escape Plan ◙ Square footage of areas needing carpet ◙ Floor plans/blueprints

4:16 Child Development Center Parent Handbooks and Booklets, 1980-90
Parent Handbooks, Revised 1980, 1984, 1988, 1990 ▪ History ▪ Philosophical perspective ▪ Policies ▪ Techniques ▪ Routines ▪ Health/safety plans ▪ Expectations of parents ◙ Information Booklets for Parents and University Students

4:17 CDC Expansion, 1982-83
Weekly food preparation/proposed food budget ◙ Proposed Expansion of the CDC including budgeting and financial evaluation ◙ Written analysis of CDC ◙ Supplies 1982-83 ◙ Enrollment Summer 1983 ◙ Syracuse University College for Human Development Survey of On-Campus Child Care Facilities ◙ Interview Questions for Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship

4:18 Child Development Program Update Proposal, 1982-83
Child development curriculum committee calls for reaffirmation of the 4-year child development curriculum ◙ Call for approval of core courses, areas of concentration, and career electives ◙ Correspondence regarding the proposal

4:19 CDC Newsletter, 1983-85
CDC updates sent to parents of children at the day care

4:20 CDC Licensing, 1984-89
Instructions to Applicants for Initial Day Care Center License ◙ Application for a License to Operate a Day Care Center 1984 ◙ Report on capacity measurements of CDC 1985 ◙ Letter confirming withdrawal of license application 1985 ◙ Letters from Children’s Services issuing Certificates of License 1987-89 ◙ Contract for the Purchase of Day Care Services 1987

4:21 2-Year Child Development Program Exploration Committee File,

Breakdown of Home Economics Majors by [grades in] Required Classes ◙ ACT and GPA average scores by major ◙ Tentative Teacher Schedule-Child Development Center ◙ Chart depicting Child Care Worker duties and tasks ◙ Possible Schedule for full day care at CDC ◙ Analysis of student enrollment figures and recommendations for continuation of the child care program ◙ Missouri Occupational Information System Supply-Demand Report: Child Care Services ◙ Course Outline for Occupational Child Care ◙ Career Development Ladders developed by the Arizona Department of Vocational Education ◙ Notice of “a meeting to discuss the functions of the two-year child development committee ◙ Update on Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act of 1984 ◙ Letter from the Coordinating Board for Higher Education regarding verification two-year programs ◙ Drafts of a resolution proposing that the two-year Child Development Program be discontinued and the child development center be staffed ◙ Notice saying that the committee will meet to consider the Whereas Statements ▪ Copy of a newspaper article regarding the elimination of two-year certificate programs at NMSU ◙ Statistical analysis of student ACT data ◙ Index Vol. 76 No. 19 “Proposed liberal arts bill will eliminate 2-year programs” ◙ Course catalog entry including revisions ◙ Issues from Child Development

4:22 CDC Financial Reports and Budget Information, 1988-93
Letter to Dr. Darrell Krueger regarding charges and budget ◙ 1989 rates for localees ◙ Income for Summer 1988-Spring 1989 ◙ Proposed Budget ◙ Note to Dr. Korslund regarding the Financial Report ◙ Estimated Profit & Loss Statement

4:23 CDC Menus, 1989
A.M. Snack ◙ Lunch ◙ P.M. Snack

4:24 CDC Continuation, 1991
Letter from President Russell G. Warren describing the state of affairs concerning the question of whether or not the CDC should be continued ◙ Committee recommendation to continue operation of CDC

4:25 CDC Parent Involvement, 1991
Letters to parents ▪ Start of the term ▪ Request for signatures to show support for continuation of program


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