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Box 5: Collection of Historical Textiles (1967-1993)


5:1 Lists of Missouri Historical Societies, nd
Names, addresses, and specific information about Missouri Historical Societies

5:2 Museum Artifacts Catalog Papers, nd
Museum number, artifact type, country, location, and description ◙ Includes documents, tools, currency, and more

5:3 Promotional Materials, 1967, 1987, 1992
Article about a 1967 fashion show ◙ Note to division about textile displays ◙ Flier announcing the presentation of the NMSU Collection of Historic Textiles and Related Arts in the Kirk Memorial Rotunda

5:4 Report to the Faculty Concerning a Collection of Pictures, 1974
“A list of paintings, reproductions, charts, and posters assembled by the Committee on Historic Things in the storage area of the McKinney Public Relations Center which are subject to borrowing by the University faculty for classroom, office, or hall display.”

5:5 Accessions, 1984-88
Accessions notebook ◙ Accessions Manual-procedural information

5:6 Historical Research on Textiles, 1979
Article about sewing patterns of the past ◙ How-to packets on quilting, patchwork, appliqué, jewelry, and more

5:7 Historical Research on Textiles, 1986-87
Textile timelines ▪ Lingerie ▪ drawers ▪ petticoats ◙ Photocopied images

5:8 Hat Catalog, 1980s
Accession numbers, specific descriptive information, storage locations, and donor names of hats in this collection

5:9 Fashion Show, mid-late 1980s
Program ◙ Script

5:10 List of Artifacts-Textiles, 1980s
Accession numbers and types/brief descriptions of artifacts

5:11 Cup Collection Catalog, 1980s
Handwritten catalog including contributor names detailed descriptions ◙ Accession paperwork including contributor names and descriptions ◙ Typed catalog

5:12 Artifact and Display Descriptions, 1982-89
Note about an antique Betty Lamp bought by the division ◙ Handwritten catalog of textile artifacts with contributor names and brief descriptions ◙ Typed catalog of textile artifacts with contributor names and brief descriptions ◙ Handwritten notes about artifacts ◙ Information on collection of embroidered napkins including a biography of Dr. Llora MaGee ◙ Artifact descriptions of items in accessories display ◙ University timeline including description of relevant textiles 

5:13 World War II Artifact Descriptions, 1980s
Serial numbers ◙ Museum numbers ◙ Detailed descriptions

5:14 Pickler Memorial Library Catalog Forms-Textiles, 1984-86
Includes accession information and artifact descriptions ◙ List of contents in textile collection boxes

5:15 Student Research Papers-Textiles, 1984
Term papers for Cultural Aspects of Clothing

5:16 Information on and Procedures Regarding the Collection of Historic
        Textiles, 1984-86, 1988

Computer database program codes ◙ Instructions on entering and retrieving information from computers ◙ Philosophy and history ◙ Donation acceptance procedures ◙  Needs Assessment for Gifts-in-Kind and Monetary Contributions flier ◙ Blank forms ▪ Gifts ▪ Donors ▪ Item history ▪ Checkout ◙ General guidelines for handling and displaying textiles ◙ Safe-handling of artifacts instructions ◙ Procedures for assigning accession numbers and tagging ◙ Record of conservators ◙ Style sheets ◙ Job description-student conservator position ◙ Summary of work done on textile collection

5:17 Written Correspondences, 1984-89
Letters to alumni ◙ Letters to donors and contributors ◙ Names and addresses of Friends of the Collection ◙ Grant proposal ◙ Correspondence involving Dr. Lois Korslund

5:18 Geraldine Gosch’s (Faculty) Doll Collection, 1986
Correspondence regarding acquisition ◙ Newspaper clipping [2c] ◙ Copy of the Journal Entry of Final Settlement of Gosch’s estate ◙ Official receipt

5:19 Exhibit Information from Other Universities (1), 1986
Procedures and marketing materials for similar exhibits at other institutions

5:20 Exhibit Information from Other Universities (2), 1986, 1993
Procedures and marketing materials for similar exhibits at other institutions

5:21 Research Summary, 1986
Cathy Rasmussen’s research proposals and summaries-fabric and fibers, jewelry and hats

5:22 Certificate of Gift Forms and Donor Information Sheets, 1986-88
Accession numbers ◙ Item descriptions/histories ◙ Donor information

5:23 Student Research Papers-Costume History, 1987
Student research papers used for class and to enhance knowledge about the costume collection


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