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Author Title Volume
Allen, Carrie N The Long Road Home: The United States' Decision to Recognize the State of Israel   7 (2000)
Baker, Gabriel D Virtus Vulnerum: The Virtue of Wounds from the Roman Republic to the Early Roman Empire 14 (2008)
Becker History Class Fall 2003 Latin American Revolutions: Homeland or Bust! 11 (2005)
Bell, Denise The Louisiana Purchase Exposition: A St Louis Celebration   2 (1995)
Blanders, Erin Sudden Death: An Examination of Previous Historical Theories Regarding the Collapse of the Classic Maya 15 (2009)
Boehm, Allison

Ideology Versus Ethnicity in Eastern Europe: Why We Were Surprised

  1 (1994)
Bormann, Cynthia Dyeing and Depression: The Early Seventeenth-Century Woolen Industry and the Failure of the Cockayne Project   9 (2001)
Brenner, Gregory Local Opinions on the Significance of the Railroads in the Development of Kansas City   7 (2000)
Brickey, Missy The Grimke Sisters: God's Chosen Reformers   1 (1994)
Brink, Christopher Saint Augustine and his Son   5 (1998)
Bruening, Laura Survival of the Fittest: Darwinism and Nazi World War II Propaganda 12 (2006)
Bryant, Erin Causes of the Extermination Order   4 (1997)
Caniglia, Alfred III Caniglia Family and Italian Immigration 11 (2005)
Cannon, Jeromy For My Country Against All Assailants: The Patriotism of Stephen Douglas   9 (2003)
Cannon, Jeromy "The Union--Next to Our Liberty the Most Dear": The Republicanism and Ambition of John C Calhoun, 1810-1850 10 (2004)
Carney, Sean The Fall of Ngo Dihn Diem: The Role of the United States Foreign Policy Makers in the Coup of November 1, 1963   5 (1998)
Clark, Sara On Again, Off Again: A Historical Look at the Role of Eugenics in Margaret Sanger's Campaign for Birth Control 14 (2008)
Cox, Jeff Villain or Victim?  A Historiographical Look at General George Armstrong Custer and the Battle of the Little Bighorn 13 (2007)
Dance, Jess Technological Developments and the New Copyright Crisis: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 and the Challenge of Copyright on the Internet   7 (2000)
DeCostanza, Angela L Early Soviet Family Policy: Experiments in Social Construction   2 (1995)
Dunham, Elise Prejudice or Military Necessity?  An Exploration of the Decision to Evacuate and Incarcerate Japanese Americans During World War II 15 (2009)
Ellis Angela Argula von Grumbach and Her Use of the Doctrine of the Priesthood of all Believers as a Justification for Her Public Discussions of Religion   4 (1997)
Ellis, Angela The Province of Ladies: A Study of Mercy Otis Warren and Her Views on Gender Roles   3 (1996)
Flieger, Christopher M Italian Unification: The Roles and Relationships of Cavour and Garibaldi   6 (1999)
Fontane, Walter Cahokia: A Stupendous Pile of Earth Wrought by Bloody Hands   8 (2002)
Foster, Christopher G The Southern Clerical Response to Slave Culture in the Late Antebellum South   6 (1999)
Frederick, David Changing the Course of History: Otto von Bismark and German Unification 10 (2004)
Freese, Kevin When the Whole World Fell Apart: The History of the Division of the Roman Empire between East and West and How it Erupted During the Third Century AD   1 (1994)
Goyer, Matthew J Development of the Argentine Right, 1900-1946: An Explanation as to Why the Government of Peron Was Not Fascist   4 (1997)
Haar, Kevin The Battle for Men's Minds: United States and Soviet Ideology During the Early Space Race, 1957-60 15 (2009)
Harris, Justin A U S Government Utilitarianism and Indian Alcohol Prohibition Laws: 1802-1834   3 (1996)
Huebel, Anne "The War Really Did a Number on All of Us": The Nurses of Vietnam   1 (1994)
Huitt, Elizabeth How "Bloody Mary" Became "Bloody" 10 (2004)
Jakel, Elana The Formidable Task: America, the Holocaust, and Refugee Policy   9 (2003)
Jakel, Elana Principles, Politics and Patriotism: Philadelphia's Quakers and the American Revolution   8 (2001)
Jewell, Ben Editorial Reaction to the New York City Draft Riots of 1863: Mass Hysteria in the Civil War Era Mass Media   5 (1998)
Kilpatrick, Rob Fighting for Humanity, Truth and Immortality: Zola and the Dreyfus Affair   6 (1999)
Koonce, Ryan P The Mormons in Missouri, 1831-1839: An Example of Antebellum Culture Clash within a Southern State   8 (2002)
Koonce, Ryan P The Whiskey Rebellion and Its Historiography   6 (1999)
Kotteman, Marcia Oliver Cromwell: Self Serving or Selfless? 11 (2005)
Kuntz, Anna The Flexibility of Germany's Environmental Movement, 1871 to the Reunification   8 (2002)
Lacey, Kate For the Sake of the Kingdom: The Debate Over Marriage and Celibacy in Second-Century Christianity   1 (1994)
Lanis, Betsy A Eleanor Roosevelt's Exploitation of the Media: Advancing American Women in World War II Society   3 (1996)
Lecaque, Thomas W The Guns that Almost Won the West: Repeating Weapons and the American Western Frontier 14 (2008)
Lechner, Zachary J Imperialists vs Anti-Imperialists: A Comparison of the views of The New York Times and the Senate Committee on the Philippines   9 (2003)
Lechner, Zachary J Sherman's March to the Sea: An Historiographical Perspective   8 (2002)
Leslie, J Mark The Continuity of the Saints: Elizabethan Calvinists and the maintenance of Monarchical Modes of Thought 10 (2004)
Leslie, J Mark Devereux Jarratt and Adjusting to a Changing Ecclesiastical Order 11 (2005)
Lewis, Colin Painting the Executive Office Red: The Role of McCarthyism in the Political Struggle between Truman and Eisenhower 12 (2006)
Lewis, Ryan Interpretations of America's Open Door Policy in China 12 (2006)
Lucas, Christopher J The Mongols and Their Limited Conquest of Russia   3 (1996)
Macionus, Jason The Great Calamity: Conflicting Perspectives on the Armenian Genocide 13 (2007)
Magruder, Matthew Lee's Old War Horse: General James Longstreet at the Battle of Gettysburg 11 (2005)
Marchland, Adam Young Woman's Blues: Bessie Smith, Race, and Sexual Politics   2 (1995)
Marstall, Jamie The Rise and Fall of the Kulaks   6 (1999)
McCall, Peter Innovation and Ignorance: Manhattan Island's Struggle for Better Public Transportation 15 (2009)
McFarland, Erin The Trial and Lynching of Leo Frank, 1913-1915   8 (2002)
Meissen, Andrew The Cuban Missle Crisis: Resolution and Revision   4 (1997)
Meyer, Julie Hitler's Victims or German Nationals? An Analysis of the Progression of Perspectives on the Austrian Anschluss 14 (2008)
Mueller, Greg We Didn't Cross Borders, Borders Crossed Us: Nineteenth-Century U S Expanionist Policy and the Southwest 13 (2007)
Mundt, Cassie Circuit Chautauqua: Providing Rural America with a Liberal Education 15 (2009)
Murawski, Michael G The Lost Sepulchre; A Study of the Burial Tomb of Alexander the Great   5 (1998)
Norton, Andrea Working Women in Victorian England: Job Preferences of Married and Unmarried Women   2 (1995)
Norton, Chris The Phoenix Program and Counterinsurgency: A Bibliographical Review   3 (1996)
Ory, Veronica Jacob Morgan and the Indian Reorganization Act 11 (2005)
Pauls, Jeff Monster and Monk: The Dual Nature of Ivan the Terrible   5 (1998)
Pennington, David The Secession Crisis and the Politics of Slavery in the 1850s 7 (2000)
Peterson, Christopher Patriarchal Dissidence: An Analysis of the Relationship between the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency until 1989 13 (2007)
Peterson, Jay There Were No Survivors: Native American Perspective on the Battle of the Little Bighorn   7 (2000)
Pey, Lauren The French Experience in the California Gold Rush 15 (2009)
Pfeiffer, Mark The Scottish Wars of Independence: Freedom Through Unity   4 (1997)
Preston, Dennis Spooky Springs and Community Recreation   1 (1994)
Ritchie, Bobby Gettysburg: Critical Event of the Civil War's Most Pivotal Engagement 15 (2009)
Schwartz, Lori Point Four: Its Origins within the Truman Administration and Progression through Congress   8 (2002)
Showmaker, Rebecca Resilience and Renown: The Massachusetts Moderates and the Dominion of New England 13 (2007)
Silea, Keri Women's Influences and Roles During the American Revolution: A Historiographc Essay   6 (1999)
Strathmann, Henry The Calvary of Classical Athens: An Underappreciated Contributor to Military Engagements in Greece 14 (2008)
Strauss, Paul Seeking Order in a Disordered World: Stephen Gardiner and the Royal Supremacy in the English Reformation 14 (2008)
Sutter, Kate More than Just Reporters: How Black Sportswriters Aided Integration in Major League Baseball 12 (2006)
Swain, Bryan "A Psychological Moment": United States Foreign Policy in the Occupation of Veracruz   4 (1997)
Underwood, Kelsey Attaining Spiritual Perfection: Ability and Disability in Zoroastrianism and the Persian Empire 13 (2007)
Weddle, Janice Hussies or Housewives? An Examination of American Opinion Regarding World War II War Brides through the Press 12 (2006)
Wire, Philip A History of the Prairie Chicken in Missouri 14 (2008)
Wohletz, Roger The Second Great Awakening: An Historiographical Interpretation   1 (1994)
Wright, Catherine M Their Hearts Were Not on the Ground: Understanding Native American Women's Realities through European American Men's Writings 10 (2004)
Zerkel, Emily Witches for the Prosecution: The Judiciary's Role in Developing the Cumulative Concept of Witchcraft 15 (2009)
Duff, Beth Deaf President Now! A University's  Response To A Woman Who Could Hear 16 (2010)
Hartman, Hanna Shaping Post-Soviet Turkmenistan: Niyazov's Cult of Personality and Abuse of Positive Neutrality 16 (2010)
Hinrichs, Rachel Heroes or Victims: Civil War Soldiers and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 16 (2010)
Lecaque, Thomas An Englishman in Byzantium: Political Motivations For Ethnic Change in The Varangian Guard 16 (2010)
Moe, Christoopher Iraq: The Creation of a New State 16 (2010)
Rogers, Joe D. Boone Killed A Bear: The Values of Daniel Boone Throughout History 16 (2010)
Stander, Ryan Faith, Freedom, and Foreign Policy: A Historiographic Approach to the American Idealists and the Second Iraq War 16 (2010)
Taylor, John "Members of One and the Same Christian Nation": Alexander I's Motivations For Proposing the Holy Alliance, 1815 16 (2010)
Cain, Emily Organized Sport in Victorian Public Schools: A Reflection of Changing Ideals of Morality and Manhood 17 (2011)
Tran, Duc Retaliation or Military Necessity? an Examination of Historical Interpretations Regarding the Use of Atomic Bombs Against Japan During World War II 17 (2011)
Megahan, James Turning On, Tuning In: The Mobile Radio in Post-War America 17 (2011)
Marlot, Lindsay The Industrial Revolution, Women, and the Public Sphere in Great Britain 17 (2011)
Rogers, Joseph Comanche Culture and the Failure of America's Peace Policy 17 (2011)
Ryder, Jonathan The Responsibility of the Failure at Pear Harbor: A Historiographical Overview 17 (2011)
Schurbusch, Samuel "All Men Up": Theodore Roosevelt and Race 17 (2011)
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