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(Northeast McNair Scholarly Review , 1995-1996 / McNair Scholarly Review of Truman State University, 1997-Current)

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Author Title Volume
Adams, Ashley The Politics of Biracial Identity: An Exploration of How Internalized Oppression Manifests in Black/White Mixed-race People 13 (2007)
Aguillon, Sandra S Determinants of Health Promotion Behaviors in the Rural Elderly   3 (1997)
Agwu, Chinaka Black College Women's Acculturation and Attitudes about Food 12 (2006)
Alaribe, Cyprian How Fair is Fair Value Accounting? 14 (2008)
Allen, Katherine M

An Inquiry into the Dynamics of Artistic Groups as Revealed Through a Comparison of the Pleiade Poets and the Lost Generation in France 

  2 (1996)
Alvarez-Landa, Nohemi The Health Impact of Industrialization on Women with Histories of Maquildora Employment in the Ciudad Juarez Region 13 (2007)
Amico, Julie District and Personal Characteristics as Determinants of a Congressperson's Support for Foreign Aid   6 (2000)
Arteaga, Shirley S The Effect of Ethnically Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Groups on Levels of cooperation and Competition  2 (1996)
Asberry, Larry Jr Intercultural Communication and its Effects Upon Targeted and Non-targeted Audiences   8 (2002)
Austin, Chammie Internalized Feelings of Inferiority: How They Affect Academic Performance   1 (1995)
Badoe, Jesse Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon: Its Relationship to Perceived Expert and Legitimate Authority 15 (2009)
Baum, Angela The Effect of Child Intent and Parent Gender of Judgments About Physical Abuse  1 (1995)
Beckett, Rachel C Simone de Beauvoir and Annie Ernaux: Perceptions and Repercussions of Abortion in Twentieth-century France   8 (2002)
Benson, Tammy J The Effect on Conception Rate of Mating Ewes with a Vasectomized Male after Vaginal Insemination with Frozen Ram Semen   2 (1996)
Blackmon, Monica Deposition and Characterization of Metal Islands on Glassy Carbon   6 (2000)
Bormann, Tracey The Evaluation of Neural Toxicity in Two Anti-Tumor Drugs   1 (1995)
Brittain, Melissa Effects of Dyadic Sexual Orientation, Audience Characteristics, and Livelof Intimacy on the Perception of Public Displays of Affection   7 (2001)
Buckner, Jenna Assessing Pragmatics: Testing the Validity and Reliability of a Pragmatic Checklist 10 (2004)
Byrd, Amber G The Struggle to Reduce Attrition: First-year Experiences of Minority Students and their Effect on Retention Rates at Truman State University 12 (2006)
Caesar, Tiffany It Doesn't Quite Translate: The Relationship Between Africans and African-Americans on the Truman State University's Campus 13 (2007)
Caldwell, Naomi Isolation of DNA Repair Mutants in the Slime Mould, Dictyostelium Discoideum   2 (1996)
Cannon, Shureka An Analysis of Anti-rape Legislation in France and Italy and its Correlation with Women's Roles in Society 10 (2004)
Carter, Courtney Resettlement and Race: Ethiopian Jews in Israel 10 (2004)
Casey, Laura S Medicaid and the Working Poor: Influences on Non-utilization of Medicaid Services 14 (2008)
Cecil, Harry Retaining the Authenticity: A Comparative Stylistic Analysis of Traditional Negro Spirituals and Contemporary Gospel Music 11 (2005)
Chicamcham, Joaquin Analysis of SU (SD) 8b-3 Drosophila Melanogaster: A Study into Lethality Determination in a Suppressor of Segregation Distorter (SD)   9 (2003)
Cooper, Akela When the Closet Door is Locked: Analyzing Portrayals of Black Homosexuality in Film and Theatre 10 (2004)
Cooper, Ranessa L A Comparative Light and Electron Microscopical Study of Pollen and Anther Structure of the Aquatic Plant Family Callitrichaceae   2 (1996)
Corona, Laura Relation of Generational Status, Race and Stress Among College Students 12 (2006)
Derrick, Melissa African International Students' Post-graduation Decisions: Returning Home or Remaining in the United States?   8 (2002)
Dixon, Nikita N The Relationships Among Multiple Personal Competencies in the Framework of Goleman's Emotional Intelligence   7 (2001)
Dolles, Kelly Longitudinal Study of the Parents as Teachers Program in Rural Missouri: Effects on Achievement Test Scores   3 (1997)
Downing, Paul Ryan A Study of the Variation of Normal Modes in Clarinet Reeds   5 (1999)
Dreyer, Stacia Implications of Varying Body Sizes Not Commonly Found in Magazines on Self-esteem: A Follow-up Study   9 (2003)
Dudley, Leah S The Effects of a Fungus on a Tri-Trophic Level Interaction   5 (1999)
Dumas, Janette The Production of Vimentin in the Lens of Differently Aged Rats   5 (1999)
Dunn, Emily Genetic Diversity at the Stowaway - Containing y1 Locus of Maize and Teosinate 11 (2005)
Dunn, Megan E Picture Identification versus Sentence Repetition: A Comparison of Two Assessment Procedures   7 (2001)
Ellis-Hervey, Nina M Portrayals of African-American Men through Top-rated Prime Time Television Dramas 12 (2006)
Epps, Ava Kai Got Bias?: A Look at Standardized Testing in Head Start Children in Rural Missouri 13 (2007)
Esposito, Philip M The Effect of Interscholastic Athletics on Academic Success 11 (2005)
Everett, Tom The Interfacing and Performance Characterization of a Thermospray Nebulizer with the Direct Current Plasma   9 (2003)
Farmer, Keisha Grassroots Political Organization and Voter Turnout: A Study of Chicago Urban Precincts   1 (1995)
Farrar, Danielle A Comparison of the Hearing Levels of Two Populations: Urban and Rural Citizens   9 (2003)
Fielke, Natalie Media Maintenance: Rural Latinos' Use of Spanish and English Media 11 (2005)
Foster, Donivan I'll Help You Carry On: An Examination of Black Male-Male Friendships 11 (2005)
Frana, Joseph What is Prayer?: A Phenomenological Investigation 13 (2007)
Fuemmeler, Joseph A Audience Evaluations of Switched Gender Roles in a Shakespeare Play   5 (1999)
Gee, Vanity K Microfinance and Child Mortality: Sub-Saharan Africa 14 (2008)
Gill, Candra K An Exploration of Sol Plaatje's Literary Contribution   4 (1998)
Gonzalez, Jacqueline E Brave New Girl: Girls' Life and Answer-Seeking Adolescents 15 (2009)
Gordon, Brandon The Cutting Edge: Modeling the Process and Efficiency of Mowing 12 (2006)
Guerra, Rachael M Gender Differences in Perceived Attractiveness of Females   4 (1998)
Gurlly, Aaron Preceptions of Masculinity/Femininity and Age in Speakers of African-American Vernacular English   8 (2002)
Haley, Kelly Is Acculturation Related to Type and Amount of Physical Activity in Hispanic Adults with Type 2 Diabetes? 13 (2007)
Hallows, Joshua A Narcissism, Empathy and Prosocial Behavior: An Online Survey 15 (2009)
Harrington, James R Evaluating Cooperative Behaviour Through a Web-based Interface: A Social Dilemma Game 11 (2005)
Harris, Harry Effects that Greek Organizations at Truman State University Have on their Members' Cognitive Development, Grade Point Averages, Retention and Graduation Rates   4 (1998)
Harris, Joshua Religiosity and Attitudes Toward Violence in Hispanic Street Gang Members 15 (2009)
Harris, Luana Accounting Education: Perceptions of the Profession   4 (1998)
Harris, Tyra Quality of Life in the Accounting Profession   7 (2001)
Hart, Holly D The Effects of Target Sexual Orientation and Religiosity on Assessment of Adoption Relevant Variables   5 (1999)
Hartfield, Kia Short-term Effects of Individualized Intervention Using a Talking Word Processor on the Emotional Response to a Difficult Task by a First Grader at Academic Risk   6 (2000)
Hatcher, Keisha Effectiveness of Two Models of Adolescent Drug Treatment on Parenting Practices 12 (2006)
Heckman, Abby The Relationship Between Perceived Closeness to Fathers, Capacity of Empathy, and Integration of Emotion and Logic in Problem Solving Tasks in Young Adults   7 (2001)
Henderson, Hamani Assessment of Protein Concentration of White-throated Woodrats (neotoma albigula) versus Laboratory Rats (rattus morvegicus)   6 (2000)
Henn, Stuart The Des Moines Art Center: The Conception of an Architectural Idea   9 (2003)
Hernandez, Caroline M An Assessment of the Membership of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver and their Perception of the Efficiency of HCC: Business Education, Employment and entrepreneurship Programs   2 (1996)
Holmes, Brandy Black Women's Perception of Workplace Conflict as a Function of Skin Tone 14 (2008)
Hopkins, Valerie M The Impact of the Truman State University Ronald E McNair Program on Attrition, Graduation, and Graduate/Professional School Placement Rates of First-Generation, Low-Income College Students   7 (2001)
Hougham, Catherine Effects of Gender Stereotypes on Toy Choice of Preschoolers   2 (1996)
Howard, April Factors Contributing to Type 2 Diabetes: Comparison of Diabetic and Non-diabetic African-Americans in Missouri   6 (2000)
Huss, Stephen Catholic Electoral Behavior: Do "Moral Values" Matter? 12 (2006)
Huynh, Bryan H Sieving Matrix Development for the Separation of DNA Fragments in Sequencing Applications   6 (2000)
Jackson, Shawna Audio Books vs Live Readings: A Comparison of Early Childhood Literacy 11 (2005)
Johnson, Adrienne The Effect of Proving a Verbal Prompt that Explains Iconicity on Learning Sign Language 10 (2004)
Johnson, Tara A Comparative Analysis of the Consumption Patterns and Spending Attitudes of African-Americans and Caucasians 10 (2004)
Jones, Amber The Conflict of Passing: Hypermasculinity in African American Male Educational Experiences: Preliminary Findings from the Pilot Study's Qualitative Interviews 15 (2009)
Jones, Gerrad D The Current Status of the Bobcat (Lynx rufus) in Northeast Missouri 10 (2004)
Jones, Kevin Transepithelial Molecular Transport of L-Leucine by Gut Segments of the Black Bass, Micropterus Salmoides   1 (1995)
Joseph, Kimberly M The Effect of Hours Worked on the Mental and Physical Health of Undergraduate Students   8 (2002)
Kaminski, Michele Race, Identity and Power--Where Art and Popular Culture Unite: George Harriman's Krazy Kat and Philip Guston's Flatlands 15 (2009)
Kern, Kimberly Gothic Revival Architecture in the Churches and Cathedrals of St Louis   7 (2001)
Kidd, Sammone What Explains Variations of Women's Representation in Sub-Saharan Africa's Parliaments? 15 (2009)
Laxton, Stephanie Perceived Parents' and Friends' Attitudes as Risk Factors in Adolescent Pregnancy in Rural Missouri   8 (2002)
Le, Van Destruction of Nature in De Rerum Natura 5 15 (2009)
Lee, Alice N Schizotypy, Stress and Coping: Associations Among Schizotype, Stress and Coping in a College Level Sample 11 (2005)
Leverson, Jerard The Tension between Sports as Business vs Sports as Education: An Analysis of NCAA Division II Football Programs 13 (2007)
Leveston, Danielle Inside the Artwork: A Black Child's Perception of Skin Tone in Relation to Social Status and Self-image 14 (2008)
Leveston, Danielle Perceptions of Self-Images among Black Children Illustrated through their Artwork 13 (2007)
Lindley, Chris The Adaptive Role of the Manatidie in Naishan Dene Tribal Survival 12 (2006)
Little, Franchesca Effects of Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status on Public Perception of Police Officers   7 (2001)
Lockett, Alexandria Sexualizing Oppression?: Portrayals of Women of Color in 21st Century Pornography 12 (2006)
Ly, Jean Respiratory and Cutaneous Allergy: An Evaluation of the Appropriate Number of Specific Antigens Used in Allergen Skin Testing   1 (1995)
Main, Jennifer Phonemic Awareness as Evidence for Possible Differences in Brain Specialization in Musicians and Non-musicians   9 (2003)
May, Tanginia The Effect of Child Temperament and Age on Judgments about the Appropriateness of Spanking   8 (2002)
McClure, Michelle L A Reflective Assessment of Attitude Perceptions in a High School Setting   4 (1998)
McClure, Michelle L & Darnella LeShea Williams The Impact the Race of a Hypothetical Criminal Defendant and the Race of the Subjects Have on the Rendering of Verdicts and Sentences   3 (1997)
McDavid, Jennifer P The Effectiveness of Humor in Media Advertisements   4 (1998)
McGowan, Pat Nicky Silver: Third Generation AIDS Playwright   8 (2002)
McKellips, Jennifer Writing Class and Gender: "DiffĂ©rence" chez Annie Ernaux  5 (1999)
McMullen, Heather D The Effects of Adolescent Relationships on Adult Social Competence   3 (1997)
Mejia, Sonia College Students' Perceptions of Dialect Influenced English 15 (2009)
Miller, Jennifer D The Domestication of Horror: Jane Austen's Revision of the Gothic in Northanger Abbey 14 (2008)
Milligan, Teneshia V The Use, Knowledge and Perceptions of African-American Vernacular English   5 (1999)
Mills, Linisha Hydrogen Peroxide Mutagenesis in Escherichia cole and Role of the xthA Gene   6 (2000)
Naseem, Shahzad A Critique of the Supreme Court's Arguments in the McClesky v Kemp Case   2 (1996)
Nicholson, Angie Package Design, the Art of Selling All Wrapped Up: A Closer Look at the Aesthetics  4 (1998)
Okunade, Olubunmi The Effects of Early Music Training on Adult Reasoning Styles   9 (2003)
Pechenina, Anna Environmental Degradation and Genocide/Politicide, 1958-2007 15 (2009)
Perry, James Changes in Ethical Development Between Under and Upper Class Business Students 12 (2006)
Peterson, Christopher P Continuing Conflict: An Analysis of the Relationship between the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency Since 1985 14 (2008)
Peterson, Christopher P Patriarchal Dissidence: An Analysis of the Relationship between the United States and the International Atomic Energy Agency until 1989 13 (2007)
Pettis, Tiara L Minor Modifications for Major Changes: Increasing the Achievement Level of African-American Students in Mathematics 11 (2005)
Pettit, Michael The Effects of Oak Savannah Restoration Upon the Nesting Behavior of Peromyscus Leucopus   1 (1995)
Piper, Gemmicka Black Nationalism from the Homefront: Creating a Space for the Expression of Both the Black and Female Selves 15 (2009)
Plackmeier, Timothy Kyle British Policy in the Gold Coast, 1884-1914   3 (1997)
Powers, TuShun Characterization of the umuDC-Independent Sector of rec-A Dependent Mutagenesis in Escherichia coli   2 (1996)
Qualls, Jason Genuine Artifice, Serious Camp: The Women's Films of Tod Haynes 14 (2008)
Ralston, Robert N Black Power, Lost without its Leaders: An Examination of Leadership Styles amongst Four African-American Militant Organizations   4 (1998)
Rhodes, Patience Demographics & Attitudes of Shoppers at Missouri & Wisconsin Farmer's Markets 11 (2005)
Rhodes, Paya East St Louis School District (1991-2002): The Relationship Between Funding and Achievement 10 (2004)
Roberts, Dan The Effect of Crime and Criminal Images on Perceptions of Harm and Sanction Preference   1 (1995)
Rogers, Christina A The Spiritual as a Basis for Improvisational Composition   2 (1996)
Rubly, Julie Tallgrass Prairie Restoration: Temporal Composition Changes in a Vegetative Community 10 (2004)
Rudroff, Anna Predicting Achievement Based on Needs, Perceived Time Limitations, and Ordinal Birth Position   9 (2003)
Sailors, Beth The 'Competitive Exclusion' Model on the Anemonefish: Is It a Factor in Imprinting?   1 (1995)
Sanders, Jeffrey Economic Inequity in Ancient Rome: A Study of Elite Education and its Role in Socioeconomic Disparity 15 (2009)
Sanders, Tonya Assessing the Effects of Race, Race Awareness, and Skin Tone on Males' Attribute Ratings and Dating Preference   9 (2003)
Seeley, Julie Family Functioning and Academic Achievement Among Elementary School Children   1 (1995)
Sharp, Casey Bread and Circuses: How Red Meat Ballot Initiatives Feed Voter Turnout 15 (2009)
Sheikh, Christine Soriea Lurking at the Roadside: Assessing the Invasive Phenomenology of Matriccaria perforata in a Sub-alpine Environment   5 (1999)
Sims, Lindsay Comparative Analysis of the Success of the Desegregation programs in Kansas City and St Louis, Missouri   8 (2002)
Skinner, Starr Analysis of CEO Compensation and Company Performance by Industry 12 (2006)
Smith, Franita A Byproduct of Industrialization: The East St Louis Race Riot of 1917   7 (2001)
Smith, Franita Civil Rights or Social Wrongs?: A Comparative Analysis of Discriminatory Laws Against Blacks in the State of Indiana and Against Jews in Nazi Germany   8 (2002)
Smith, Joseph Drama in Black Hollywood: An In-group Analysis of Portrayals of African-American Romantic Relationships in Modern Cinema 14 (2008)
Smith, Kalynda Reducing the Effect of Stereotype Threat on Students   8 (2002)
Smith, Katie Estimating the Habitual Pitch of Young Women in 2001   8 (2002)
Stallings, Tamala Perceptions of Body Image and Body Satisfaction in College and Adolescent Women   3 (1997)
Stewart, Benjamin N The Influence of Hip-Hop on Japanese Youth: Who Listens to Hip-Hop? 10 (2004)
Stewart, Donna The Effects of Ethnicity, Name Complexity, and Gender of Perceptions of Success   2 (1996)
Stewart, Karyn She'll Cut You Deep: Examining Within-group Violence Among African-American Female College Students 11 (2005)
Stewart, Ryan Strength Training and its Effects on Over-all Body Satisfaction in Female Students 10 (2004)
Sullivan, Jaswant M Spheres of Influence: The Roots of Modern African-American Political Thought   4 (1998)
Swanegan, Jared Crime and Heredity: A Study of Eugenic Criminology in Progressive Era America   6 (2000)
Thomas, Justin Migrant Worker Expectations and Reality: The Case of a Small, Rural Midwestern Town   9 (2003)
Tillman, Carla E A Consumer Behavior Study: The Differences Between the Effect of Store Atmospherics on Male and Female Shopping Behaviors 12 (2006)
Tolliver, Batina The Effects of Job Characteristics on Preferences for Work Environments   4 (1998)
Tolliver, Tammy T An Analysis of Body Image an Dietary Practices in Truman State University Students 12 (2006)
Tolson, Danielle Another Time, Another Place: Predicting Potential Criminality of Students Enrolled in a Highly Selective, Public Liberal Arts University 15 (2009)
Trinkle, Dennis Moral Debate and Moral Tradition 13 (2007)
Vaughn, Henrietta A An Experimental Comparison of African-Americans' and Caucasians' Racist and Sexist Beliefs   3 (1997)
Walker, Kovel A Study of the Relative Effects of Enzyme-inducing, Non-inducing and Enzymen Inhibitor AEDs on Bone Density 12 (2006)
Walton, Eugene Jr Public Opinion and Military Intervention in Iraq: The Impact of Race, Gender and Political Alienation 11 (2005)
Walz, Jennifer Curricular Integration of Computers in Graduate Communication Disorders Programs   3 (1997)
Warren-Grice, April Harriet Jacobs and Octavia Butler: The Slave Narrative and the Slave Narrative Revisited in the 20th Century   6 (2000)
Weekley, Ayana Differences in Social Support Networks for Men and Women Living with HIV/AIDS   8 (2002)
Wiley, Tisha Does Sex Sell?: The Effects of Model, Product, and Suggestiveness on Adult Consumer Evaluations of Advertisements   9 (2003)
Williams, Darnella LeShea & Michelle L McClure The Impact the Race of a Hypothetical Criminal Defendant and the Race of the Subjects Have on the Rendering of Verdicts and Sentences   3 (1997)
Williams, Kimberly Identification and Characterization of an Activator of Gene Expression in Staphylocoous epidermidis   3 (1997)
Williams, Orlando F Scott Fitzgerald's Brilliant Tender Night   9 (2003)
Wilson, Sunshine Infants' Response to an Expressive Face vs a Non-expressive Face 13 (2007)
Wingo, Keri Terrell Students' and Faculty Perceptions of the Severity of Cheating   5 (1999)
Woodward, John Isolation and Partial Characterization of a Basic Maize Peroxidase 10 (2004)
Wright, Dominick Perceptions and Determinants of Racial Profiling: An Empirical Study   7 (2001)
Bunning, Angela R. Determining the Role of the DNA Binding Domain of MgrA in Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilm Formation 22 (2016)
Estes, Ronnia Effect of Task Compatibility with Childcare for Explaining Patterns on Cross-Cultural Sexual Division of Labor 22 (2016)
Fargo, RaShaunda A Review of Neighborhood Chicago Public High School Students' Readiness for the College Admission Process 22 (2016)
Meyers, Meghan College Students' Health Perceptions of Electronic Cigarette Use 22 (2016)
Renteria, Roberto Do Anger and Aggression Mediate Relations Between Depression and Impairment 22
Utter, Ciera The Attitudes Toward and Use of Selected Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Among Undergraduates 22 (2016)
Yokum, Chelsie Peer and Adult Persuasion Techniques Used by Preschool Children Ages 3 to 5 22 (2016)
Albrecht, Aaron Christian Montoya Armed Drones in the Global War on Terrorism: A Quantitative Analysis of Attitude Change Among Truman State University Students 21 (2015)
Floyd, Christopher China's Damaged Crops: Economic Loss due to Nitrogen Overuse 21 (2015)
Foley, Josephine The Efficacy of Oral Glutamine Supplementation on Laying Hen Performance and Egg Charcteristics 21 (2015)
Ford, Teri L. Gun Buy-Backs: A Proposed New Strategy 21 (2015)
Hicks, Britten "We Have to Do Something!": The Importance of the Conflict Between the Dixiecrat Party and Harry S. Truman to American Civil Rights History 21 (2015)
McMahon, Miranda Attitudes Toward Disabilities Among Speech-Language Pathologists, General Educators and Special Educator 21 (2015)
Rogers, Hannah M. A Comparison of Simultaneous and Sequential Lineups in Eyewitness Identification: From Bad to Worse 21 (2015)
Albuja, Analia Machismo and Marianismo Revisited: Language, Acculturation, Gender Role Perceptions Among Latinos 20 (2014)
Bonner, Briana Nicole Are You Satisfied? An Evaluation of Participant Satisfaction of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Receiving Service from the People Achieving Connections Together (PACT) Center 20
Hutchinson, David L. "Words Were Things to Play With": Richard Bruce Nugent, Sexology, and Compulsory Citationality 20 (2014)
Morris, Alexis R. Computational Studies of Precursors to Amino Acids in the Interstellar Medium 20 (2014)
Strickland, Louise Relationship of African American Vernacular English to Disproportionate Representation of African American Students in Special Education: A Meta-Synthesis of Research 20 (2014)
Warner, Kylie Comprehension of Natural Gesture Symbols vs. American Sign Language Signs with Low Iconicity 20 (2014)
Boyer, Carolyn Personality as a Predictor of Knowledge Sharing in the Workplace 19 (2013)
Clemons, Danielle T. The African American College Experience: Perceptions of Campus Environmental Influences at a Predominately White University in the Midwest 19 (2013)
Duda, Cayce C. Causality Conditions on Doubly Warped Product Manifolds 19 (2013)
Duran, Jamie L. The Relationship Between Idiom Familiarity and Comprehension in College Students 19 (2013)
Foster, Erin O. Fat of Fiction: An Examination of University Students' Personal Body Weight Perception, Body Mass Index, and Dieting Practices 19 (2013)
Lee, Fallyn Women's Mood States: A Comparison of Differing Exposures to Humorous Dialogue 19 (2013)
Miller, Randall T. Prediction of Social Attraction from Positive and Negative Information Shared in Get-Acquainted Conversations 19 (2013)
Williamson, Robert Exploring Impossible Worlds: A Reader-Response Analysis of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind 19 (2013)
Bowles, Christine P.S. I Forgive You: Effect of a Brief Expressive Writing Intervention on Forgiveness 18 (2012)
Bradley, Dwuana Funny or Downright Disturbing? Effects of Humor and Darkness on Memory Recall 18 (2012)
Glispie, Shawn African American Perception of Graduate School Experiences Employment in Criminal Justice and Criminology 18 (2012)
Jennings, Chermain Breaking the Law Does Not Make Me a Criminal: Student Law Breaker's Self Perception of Criminality 18 (2012)
Jones, Michael R. Computational Studies of P22 N Peptide-boxB Complex 18 (2012)
Pursley, Rebecca Shake Off the Law: Graffiti and Feminism 18 (2012)
Ramsey, Siera An Examination of the Relationship Between Personality and Intended Bicycle Helmet Use Among College Students 18 (2012)
Santoli, Joseph A Formalist Approach to Steven Millhauser's "In the Penny Arcade" 18 (2012)
Taylor, Darius Analysis of Alcohol Protective Factors and Attitudes of Truman State University 18 (2012)
Camarillo, Emmanuel Effect of Gradual versus Abrupt Weaning Strategies on Lamb Performance and Ewe Udder Health 17 (2011)
Camarillo, Jorge Juvenile Offenders: Gender-Based Perceptions on Care and Treatment 17 (2011)
Feldhaus, Hailey Reboot Your Brain to Access Your Memory: A Comparison between College-Aged Students and Adults over 60 on 3 Subtests using  Cognitive Re-training Software 17 (2011)
Glenn, Max Daniel Living  on the 'Fringe': An Oral History of the Kansas City Fringe Festival 17 (2011)
Henry, Danielle Newborn Hearing Screening Standards in Rural and Urban Areas of Missouri 17 (2011)
Ibarra, Tahamara Perceptions and Water Utilization Patterns among Mexican Families Living along the New River in Mexicali and Calexico 17 (2011)
Jenkins, Alyse Nicole Boys in the Burbs: A Critical Analysis of the Boondocks 17 (2011)
Hicks, Jade Nicole The Dialect is Just a Difference: Speech Language Pathologists and Issues Assessing African American Vernacular English 16 (2010)
Johnson, Dominique A Comparison of Attitudes Regarding Health Insurance among Students at Truman State University 16 (2010)
Mapp, Jeremy E. Factors that Influence Retention of Black Male Educators 16 (2010)
Ratterree, Brooke Philip Trager and Ralph Lemon's Persephone: Performing the Dialectic  of Power Relations 16 (2011)
Reid, Christopher R. A. Minority Party Electoral Performance in a One-Party Russia 16 (2010)
Simmerman, Kayla Romantic Attachment and Self-Esteem Among Women with Turners Syndrome 16 (2010)
Whitfield, Jonathon College Students' Perceptions Regarding Legal Drug Usage: Caffine, Alcohol, and Nicotine 16 (2010)
Wiggans, Amanda Experience with Classical Music and Student Academic Performance 16 (2010)
Wilson, Leia Penina Negotiating the Panopticon: On Queer Theory, Queerness, Queer Space, and Tactical Stategies 16 (2010)
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