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Syntheses: Undergraduate Research Papers
from Northeast
published by Division of Language & Literature, 1989-91

 "What these writers share is a willingness to question, and a disposition to develop new,
sometimes personal, ways of generating answers."

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Title Volume
Babrick, John Driving While Intoxicated: Some Police Observations 1989

Breaker, Melanie K

NP-Completeness and the Traveling Salesman Problem 1989
Dierker, Allys Motives and Morals 1990
Doe, Jane Do I Have to Forgive the Creep?: A Look at Forgiving Sexual Abuse Perpetrators 1991
Drebes, Debbie

Education for Registered Nurses: Proposed Changes

Drezen, Paul E The Effect of Pre-Information and the Type of Situation on Impression Formation 1989
Eckersley, LeRoy The Enigma Called Dada: Reflectee or Reflected 1989
Eckersley, LeRoy Historicality of Heidegger's Being and Time as a Disclosive Discourse: A Way of Thinking 1990
Huss, David Animal-mediated Seed Dispersal in Higher Plants 1990
Jackson, Marc The Second Enemy: The U S Army's View of the Press After World War II 1989
Jay, Jennifer The Shaker Way of Life 1991
Justmann, Jay How Free Agency and Salary Arbitration Affect Salaries in Major League Baseball 1991
Long Steve The Open-country Church 1991
Murphy, Sharon The Main Event: America vs the Vatican 1989
Pultz, Janet Blohm The Peasant as Subject in the Works of Wordsworth and Miller 1989
Redel, Barbara Diet in Pregnancy: The Folic Acid Dispute 1991
Rettig, Nancy The Riddle of Human Behavior 1989
Riddlesperger, Heidi A Fairy Tale 1990
Romitti, Martin Knowledge Utilization in Public Organizations 1990
Simmons, Neal Strategic Defense Initiative: High Frontier or High Risk? 1991
Smith, Michael The Effects of Nativism and Eugenic Theory on the 1924 National Origins Act 1991
Swinderman, Carol A Spark of Heavenly Fire 1990
Turner, Beth Friend or Foe: Our Changing Relationship to Nature 1991
Watson, Richard Will the Real Artorius Please Stand Up 1990

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