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Northeast Missouri State Teachers College
Alumni Roster


Archivist’s Notes

(1) This roster was compiled in 1924 and is now an historical record.  Please do not report errors and changes as the introduction requests.
(2) Information for several graduates is enclosed in parentheses without explanation; possibly indicates “last known” or unverified data. Spouses’ death dates are also shown in parentheses.
(3) The compiler used the initials of the school’s nickname “Kirksville State Teachers College” rather than those of the correct name “Northeast Missouri State Teachers College”.

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alumni register

          This list of graduates of the Kirksville [Northeast Missouri] State Teachers College is complete only in names; there are unfortunately many addresses missing.  Little effort has been made to locate those graduating since 1920; the list is at its best concerning graduates of the seventies and early eighties.  The work of C.W. Thomas, class of 1875, is responsible for this completeness.
          Won’t you write to me and give me information about the missing ones and where the information recorded is not correct?

P.O. Selby
State Teachers College
Kirksville, Mo., Nov. 1, 1924


Alice Adams: BSD 1900.  Married W.J. Shepard.  Address: St. Louis, Mo.
Coral Adams: PdB 1905; BS 1923.  Special teacher, Young School, St. Joseph, Mo., 1919-23.  Married Wm. A. Kube (deceased).  Address: Charleston Apts., St Joseph, Mo.
Eunice V. Adams: PdB 1913; AB 1914; BSEd & AB, Univ. of Mo., 1916.  High school teacher, Huntsville, Mo., 1914-16; Kirksville, Mo., 1916-18; Oklahoma City, Okla., 1918-20; Shreveport, La., 1921; Reno, Nev., 1921-24.  Address: 601 University Ave., Reno, Nevada.
Mattie Adams: BSD 1902.  Married W.T. Bovie.
Nell V. Adams: PdB 1910; AB 1915; BS 1921.  Grade teacher, South Bend, Wash., 1910-12; Minneapolis, Minn., 1912-14; Kirksville, Mo., 1915-16.  Supervisor, Butler, Mo., 1916-18.  Since 1918, grade teacher, Kansas City, Mo.
Wallace Adams: PdB 1907.  Married Dimple Cupp.  Hardware Business, Kirksville, Mo.
Will R. Adams: PdB 1908.  Married Opal Markay.  Address: Ontario, Cal.
Ola Cleo Ader: PdB 1913.  Married Rev. E.E. Atherton.  Address: Joy, Ill.
Harvey Henson Alderson: BS 1921.  Rural teacher, Montgomery Co., Mo., 1912-15.  High school principal, Merwin, Mo., 1915-17.  With 320th Fire, Hose & Truck Co., U.S. Army, 1917-19.  High school principal, Perry, Mo., 1920-21.  Supt., Hale, Mo., 1921-24.
Mary E. Alderton: AB 1916; AB, Christian Univ., 1911.  High school teacher, Chula, Mo., 1917-21; Tina, Mo., 1921-23.  Student, Columbia Univ., 1923-24. Address: 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York City.
J.T. Aldridge: BSD 1890.
Fred William Alexander: 1890.
Nelle Alexander: PdB 1906; BS, Univ. of Wis., 1922.  High school teacher, Grant City, Mo., 1906-07; Paris, Mo., 1907-20; Beloit, Wis, 1922.  Address: 839 Church St., Beloit, Wis.
Thomas Alexander: PdB 1905; MPd 1907; AB, Columbia Univ. 1910, PhD, Columbia Univ, 1916.  Married Grace E. Andrews 1916.  Teacher, Kirksville Mo., 1905-07; Robert College (Turkey), 1908-10; Heathcote Military School, 1910-12; German Schools, 1912-24.  Professor of Elementary Education, George Peabody College for Teachers, 1914-24.
Daisy Alkire: PdB 1908. (Teacher, 3672 Mass St., Gary, Ind.)
Maude Alkire: PdB 1905.  Teacher, Maitland, Mo., 1905-06; Oregon, Mo., 1908-09; Oregon Dist., 1913.  Married Lee H. Wright 1913.  Address: Oregon, Mo.
Catherine Eleanor Allen: BSD 1892.
Effa Alta Allen: BSD 1901, 1902; MPd 1903.  Married E. A. Grim 1915.  Address:  216 E. Patterson Ave., Kirksville, Mo.
Grover C. Allen: PdB 1903; MPd 1906; BS 1912.  Married Carolyn Lenore Taylor of Rutherford, Tenn. 1907.  Supt., Albany, Mo., 1913-14; King City, Mo., 1914-15.  Prof of Science, State Normal School, Springfield, S.D., 1915-16.  Pharmaceutical salesman, National Drug Co. of Philadelphia since 1917.  Address: 3624 Chestnut Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
H.T. Allen: BSD 1902. (Publisher, Dawson Co. Review, Glendive, Mont.)
Mary Elizabeth Allen: BS 1923.  Home: Callao, Mo.
Ross C. Allen: PdB 1910; DDS, Washington Univ., 1916.  Married Floy Howey 1919.  Principal Howell [Mo] Institute, 1908-09; Mo School for the Blind, 1910-13.  Since 1916, dentist, I.O.O.F. Bldg., Kirksville, Mo.
Bertha Allison: PdB 1903.  Grade teacher, Boonville, Mo., 1903-04; Spokane, Wash., 1905-06.  Married C.E. Tompkins 1906.  Address: 19 Rt. 3, Turlock, Cal.
Fern B. Allison: PdB 1908.  High school principal, New London, Mo., 1908-10.  High School teacher, Kahoka, Mo., 1911-13.  Married Frederick P. Lang 1913.  Address:  Kahoka, Mo.
J.O. Allison: BAPD 1882.  Supt., New London, Mo; County Supt., Ralls Co., Mo.  Represented Ralls Co. in Mo. Legislature 3 terms.  Pros. Atty., Ralls Co. 2 terms.  World’s Fair Comm. for Mo. at St. Louis, 1904.  Member Board of Regents, K.S.T.C., 6 yrs.  Member of State Constitutional convention, 1922-23.  Present occupation, Lawyer, New London, Mo.
Bertha Eleanor Arni: 1916.
Susan Luella Anderson: BSD 1900.  Deceased.
W.B. Anderson: BAPD 1881; MSD 1884.  Married Missouri Lyon 1882.  Student, Univ. of Mo., 1881-82.  High school teacher, Knox City, Mo., 1882-83.  President, Western College, La Belle, Mo., 1883-93.   Teacher, Central H.S., St. Louis, 1893-1900.  Supt., La Belle, Mo., 1900-14; Monticello, Mo., 1915-17; Ewing, Mo., 1918-19.  County Supt., Lewis Co., Mo., since 1919.  Address:  La Belle, Mo.
Katherine Elizabeth Andrews: BS 1917.  High school teacher, Macon, Mo., 1917-18; Chillicothe, Mo., 1918-21; Audubon, Iowa, 1921-22; Jefferson City, Mo., 1922-23; Centralia, Mo., 1923-24.
James Thomas Angus: BS 1920.  High school principal, Mexico, Mo.
Wilmer Kendall Armstrong: BS 1920.  Home: Unionville, Mo.
R.B. Arnold: BSD 1885; MSD 1894.  Deceased.
Samuel Watt Arnold: BSD 1902.  Married Myra Mills 1904.  Lumber business at several points in North Missouri.  Address: 303 E. Harrison St., Kirksville, Mo.
Cordelia Ashlock: BSD 1899. Married John G. Brown 1904. Address: 432 Dearborn Ave., Helena, Mont.
Virginia Kate Ashlock: PdB 1903.  Teacher, Washington School, Kirksville, Mo., 1905-07; Grant School, Butte, Mont., 1907-09.  Married Joseph Henry Siegfried 1909.  Address: Kennewick, Wash.
George Washington Atterberry: BSD 1894.
I.F. Atterbury: BAPD 1880.
Nola G. Austin: BS 1923.  Home: Tallula, Ill.
Bertha Autenreith: PdB 1909.  Married Earl Meeks. (Address:  5900 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, Mo.)


Ruby Anna Bacon: BS 1920.  Supervisor of music and art, Las Animas, Colo., 1920-22.  Teacher, Buffalo, Wyo, 1922-24.
Charles Bagg: BSD 1893.
Nellie Bagg: BAPD 1882.  Married Glaize.
Adda Bailey: BS 1919.  Home: La Plata, Mo.
Charlotte Opal Bailey: BS 1922.  High school teacher, La Plata, MO, 1922-24.
Florence Bailey: PdB 1911. Teacher, Sioux City, Iowa, 1911-13.  With Sioux City Tribune, 1913-15.  Married T.C. Carpenter 1915.  Address: 3300 St. John’s Road, Des Moines, Iowa.
Jessie E. Bailey: PdB 1911.  High school teacher, Princeton, MO, 1911-14; Moberly, Mo., 1915-17.  Married William W. Hutsell 1917.  Address:  R 6, Moberly, Mo.
Loa E. Bailey: PdB 1903. (Librarian, Portland, Ore.)
S. Leonard Bailey: PdB 1912; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1915; MD, St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1921.  Married Gladys R. Millay 1915.  Fellowship in histology, A.S.O., 1914-15. Practicing physician since 1916, Carthage, Mo.
Charlotte Bain: PdB 1904.
Susan Adelia “Della” Baird: BSD 1893.
Edna Baker: BSD 1901.  Married A.P. Dralle.
Florence Baker: BSD 1900.
Gwyn H. Baker: BSD 1899.
Jesse Frank Baker: BS 1924.
Roscoe Edward Baker: BS 1923.  Home: Winigan, Mo.
W.B. Baker: BAPD 1879.  Died 1889.
W.H. Baker: BAPD 1874.  Married Susanna Wolfe (deceased). Taught mathematics, 1 yr., Kirksville; 1 yr., Kansas City, Mo; 6 yrs. in elementary schools of Cal.  Teacher, 3 yrs., Fresno HS; 22 yrs., Normal school San Jose, Cal.; several yrs., College City, Woodland & Downey, Cal.  Now retired.  Address: 120 S. Malabar St., Huntington Park, Cal.
Anna Baldwin: BAPD 1878.  Teacher, California, Mo, 1878-79.  Married George W. Sublette 1879. Address: 1929 3d Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn.
Cora B. Baldwin: BAPD 1879; MSD 1885.  Married Haston.  Kindergarten teacher.  Address: 210 E 31st St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Olivia A. Baldwin: BAPD 1880; MSD 1884.  Missionary.  Address: 246 Cedar St., San Diego, Cal.
Flora E. Ballard (Mrs): BS 1917.  High school teacher, La Plata, Mo., 1912-14; Stanberry, Mo., 1914-15; Bethany, Mo., 1915-17; Jerseyville, Ill., 1917-18, 1921-24.  Married Harry S Daniels (died 1922).  Address: Jerseyville, Ill.
Zula A. Ballanger: PdB 1905.  USPO, Los Angeles, Cal.
Ina G. Baltzell: PdB 1911.  High school principal, Deer Ridge, Mo., 1913-14.  Married Austin Clapp 1916. Address: Rt. 1, La Belle, Mo.
James E. Baltzell: PdB 1909.  Married Myrtle Irene Smith 1910.  High school principal, Forsyth, Mont., 1909-11; Laurel, Mont., 1911-13.  Supt, Columbus, Mont, 1918-19, Worden, Mont. 1919-24.  President, Yellowstone Valley Teachers Assn, 1916; Huntley Project Teachers Community Assn, 1921.  Address: Worden, Mont.
Charles Banks: PdB 1907; MPd 1910; BS 1910; AM, Univ. of Wis., 1913.  Married Etta Mae Dille 1901.  High school principal, 1908-11, and supt., 1911-24, Kirksville.  President N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn, 1922-23.  Address: 805 S. Halliburton, Kirksville.
W.J. Banning: PdB 1904.  Farming.  Rt. 1, Kirksville, Mo.
Pearle Elizabeth Barker: PdB 1909.  High school teacher, 1913-15, principal, 1914-15, Linneus, Mo.  Married Earl Johnson 1915. Address: Browning, Mo.
Ray Barker: PdB 1903.  Deputy County Recorder, Kirksville, Mo.
Vergil H. Barker: PdB 1913; BS 1921.  Married Berdie Newmyer 1915.  Rural teacher, 1907-08.  Supt., Center, Mo, 1909-11; Browning, Mo., 1912-15; Linneus, Mo., 1913-15; Glasgow, Mo., 1915-18, Sparland Ill., 1919-24.
J.U. Barnard: BAPD 1874; MAPT 1876.  Deceased.
R.E. Barnard: BSD 1885. Married May M. Knowles 1895.  Asst Postmaster, Kirksville, 1885-87. Principal, Rolla, Mo., 1887-90; Monett, Mo., 1890-93.  Supt., Granbury, Tex., 1893-98; Houston, Mo., 1898-1904, 1906-15; Cabool, Mo., 1915-18.  Principal, Houston, Mo., 1916-23.  Comm. of schools of Texas Co., Mo., 1904-06.  State examiner for certificates for northern Texas, 1894-98.  At present, Farming, Houston, Mo.
William Lee Barnard: BS 1924.  Professor of physical education, K.S.T.C., Kirksville.
Susie Barnes: BSD 1900; MPd 1906; BA 1908; MA, Columbia Univ.  Professor of Education, K.S.T.C., 1900-17. Teacher, Greenwood School, Kirksville, 1918-23. Student, Am. School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, 1923-24.
Anna Marguerite Barnett: BS 1924.  Teacher, Kahoka, Mo.
E.E. Barnett: BSD 1888.
Helen Ardis Barnett: BS 1924. Teacher, Kahoka, Mo.
Lola Maurine Barnett: BS 1921.  Grade teacher, Schuyler Co. Mo., 1917-18; Edina, Mo., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1921-24.
Paul Wilson Barnett: PdB 1913; BS 1915.  Married Elsie Eagle of Sparta, Tenn. 1922.  High school principal, Huntsville, Mo., 1913-14; Fayette, Mo., 1914-16; De Soto, Mo., 1916-17.  1st Lieutenant, 28th Infantry, A.E.F., 1917-19; wounded 1918.  Representative, Row, Peterson & Co., Chicago, since 1919.  Address: Decatur, Ill.
R.W. Barrow: BSD 1884.  Lawyer, Macon, Mo.
Mabel A. Bartholomew: PdB 1907.
Harriet H. Bartlett: PdB 1905.
John Barton: BAPD 1876; MAPT 1880.  Died 1920.
Eugene Homer Bash: BS 1920.  Married Myrtle Blakeley 1913.  Rural teacher, Chariton Co., Mo., 1910-13. Supt., Mendon, Mo., 1913-15; Prairie Hill, Mo., 1916-17; Knox City, Mo., 1917-19; Canton, Mo., 1919-23.  Elementary principal, Kansas City, Mo., 1923-24.
George V. Baskett: PdB 1912.  Married Marie Crumly 1913.  Supt., Wyaconda, Mo., 1912-15.  Since 1915, mercantile business, Gorin, Mo.
Clara Belle Bassett: PdB 1904. Primary teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1907-15.  Married Oscar E. Koblitz 1917.  Address: 1133 Logan Place, Moberly, Mo.
William Batchelar: BSD 1894.
Mabel Bates: PdB 1907.
John Baum: PdB 1906.  Farming, Savannah, Mo.
Marvin F. Beach: BS 1919.  Married Sarah L. Snyder 1906.  Principal, Atlanta, Mo., 1912-13.  Supt., Wyaconda, Mo., 1914-15.  High school teacher, 1915-18, principal, 1918-20, & supt, 1920-24, Moberly, Mo.  President Moberly Community Teachers Assn., 1920-21.  Address: 541 Fisk, Moberly, Mo.
Walter C. Beard: BS 1921.  Married Gladys Fellers, Kirksville, 1922.  High school principal, Memphis, Mo., 1921-24.  Supt., Wyaconda, Mo., 1924-25.
John Claybourn Beattie: PdB 1907. Married Elma Agee 1896.  Supt, Forest City, Mo., 1907-09.  Farmer & teacher, Andrew & Caldwell counties, Mo. Supt., Parnell, Mo.  At present, principal, consolidated school, Payton, Colo.
Mary Beatty: PdB 1906.  Married Dr. Harry L. Kitselman (died 1923).
Berenice Beggs: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Moberly, Mo.
Adaline Bell: BSD 1887; MSD 1893; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1895.  Osteopath, Hazard, Ky.
Maude Bell: PdB 1912.  Married Frank M Burton 1923.  Address: 1309 Armour, Kansas City, Mo.
C. Bellamy: BSD 1887.  Deceased.
Ethel Devier Bennett: BS 1919.  High school teacher, Novelty, Mo., 1916-19; Round Lake, Minn., 1919-20; Rockford, Iowa, 1921-23.  Married Grover T. Bennett 1916.  Address: Rockford, Iowa.
George Francis Bennett: PdB 1910.
Grover Talmage Bennett: BS 1918.  Married Ethel Devier 1916.  High school principal, Novelty, Mo., 1916-19. Supt., Round Lake, Minn., 1919-20; Rockford, Iowa, 1920-24.
Emma Benning: PdB 1909.
Elioan Baird Berger: PdB 1910; AB 1913.  High school teacher, Linneus, Mo., 1910-12; Maywood, Mo., 1920-22.  Principal, Monito, Ill., 1922-23.  High school teacher, Bellflower, Mo., 1923-24.
Harry S. Berger: BS 1921.  Rural teacher, Montgomery Co., Mo., 1915-18.  Principal, Benton School, Marshall, Mo., 1920-21.  Supt., Princeton, Mo., 1921-24.
Judith Anne Berger: PdB 1921.  High school teacher, Braymer, Mo., 1917-19; Lancaster, Mo., 1919-21; Caney, Kan., 1921-24.  Address: 110 N. Highs St., Caney, Kan.
Sarah Elvira Berger: PdB 1910.  Middletown, Mo.
Thomas Allen Berger: PdB 1907; BS 1918; MA, Peabody College, 1921.  Married Belle Stone 1911.  High school principal, Palmyra, Mo., 1907-08.  High school teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1908-10.  Director manual training, Southeastern Normal School, Durant, Okla., 1911-22; professor of mathematics, Southeastern Teachers College, since 1922.  Address: 407 N. 9th Ave., Durant, Okla.
Alda May Berghofer: BS 1921.  High school principal, Hannibal, Mo., 1920-22; Chickasha, Okla., 1922-24.
Wallace Gano Berry: BS 1921.  High school principal, Rockford, Iowa, 1921-23.
Susie Verl Betson: BS 1924.
Charles W. Bigger: BPD 1873; MAPT 1876.  Married Ethel L. Norris of Malvern, Iowa.  Member of Kirksville faculty several years.  Taught at Bloomfield, Iowa, 2 years.  Lawyer, Tarkio, Mo., Carthage, Mo., 16 years; presently Kansas City.  Office: 414L 9th St., Kansas City, Mo; residence: 337 Brooklyn Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Ruth Hall Billington: 1915.  Married T.G. Billington.
Ella Edith Black: BS 1923.
Stephen Blackhurst: BS 1918.  Married Elsie Fish 1915.  Supt., Avalon, Mo., 1911-17.  Supervisor Demonstration School, K.S.T.C, 1917-18.  Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1918-23; Shelbina, Mo., 1923-24.  Sec-Treas. N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn., 1921-22; president, 1923-24.
Clara Blackwell: PdB 1903.  Teacher, Kansas City, Mo., since 1912.  Address: 1711 Oakland, Fairland Heights, Kansas City, Mo.
Hubbard Blair: BSD 1894. (Supt., Earle, Ark.)
Vera Blake: PdB 1904.
Clarence Alva Blocher BSD 1893.  Married Mary F. Hynds, Norborne, Mo., 1898.  Supt., Norborne, Mo., 1893-97; Hardin, Mo., 1898-99; Park City, Utah, 1899-1906; Surmit Co., Utah, 1900-02.  High school teacher, Kansas City, Mo., 1906-08.  Grade school principal, Kansas City, 1908-18, 1920-22.  Supt., Home for Boys, 1918-20.  Address: 3132 Euclid, Kansas City, Mo.
Christopher Columbus Blue: BSD 1897.  Florida, Mo.
John Carlyle Bohne: BSD 1897. Supt., Marion Co., Mo.  Address: Palmyra, Mo.
Elmer Clinton Bohon: BSD 1897.
Mertie E. Bohon: PdB 1907.  Married Elmer Cardhouse, Ewing, Mo.
A. Grace Bohrer: PdB 1900.  Married Oliver McCardell.  Address: 132 A St., Washington, D.C.
Bessie Hoerrmann Bolander: BS 1918-1920.  Married Harley E. Bolander.  Home: Greencastle, Mo.
Harley Ezra Bolander: BS 1920.  Home: Greencastle, Mo.
Ira Everett Boley: PdB 1913; BS 1916.  Married Olive L., 1910.  Principal, Holt, Mo., 1913-14.  Ward school principal, Fort Madison, Iowa, 1914-18.  Scout executive, Boy Scouts of America, Corning, N.Y., 1918-20; Fort Madison, Iowa, 1920-24.  Address: 3311 Second Ave., Fort Madison, Iowa.
James Clarence Bond: AB 1916; AB, Westminster College, 1912.  Married Alma R. Magee 1916.  High school teacher, Macon, Mo., 1914-16.  Supt., Keytesville, Mo., 1916-19; Memphis, Mo., 1919-20; Macon, Mo., 1920-24.
L. Alice Bond: BSD 1893.  Married Rev. W.B. Christy.  Address: Braymer, Mo.
Adda Bondurant: PdB 1910.  Married Noah Kapper, Wyaconda, Mo.
Clarence E. Bonnett: PdB 1906; BS 1908; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1909; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago 1920.  Married Mamie Dudley Wells 1914.  Fellowship, Univ. of Mo., 1909-10.  Asst. in political economy and instructor in corres. study dept., Univ. of Chicago, 1910-13.  Professor of economics, 1915-18, and head of school of commerce, 1916-18, Univ. of N.M.  Research expert, War Trade Board and Federal Board for Vocational Edn., 1918-19.  Professor of business. admin., College of William and Mary, 1920.  Professor of economics, Tulane Univ., 1920-24.  Author, Employers’ Associations in the United States.  Address: Tulane Univ., New Orleans, La.
Stephen Fish Bonney: PdB 1909; AB 1915; AB, La Grange College, 1906; BSEd, Univ. of Mo., 1916.  Married Agnes Nina Delaney 1911.  Rural teacher, Shelby Co., Mo., 1906-07.  Principal, Silex, Mo., 1907-08.  Principal and supt., Jamesport, Mo., 1909-13.  Supt., Breckenridge, Mo., 1913-15; Shelbina, Mo., 1915-19; Brawley, Cal., 1919-20.  Principal Junior H.S., Quincy, Ill., 1920-24.  Address: 301 Chestnut St., Quincy, Ill.
Gladys Morgan Booth (Mrs.): BS 1924.
Morea Annetta Booth: BS 1922.  Junior H.S. teacher, Grand Island, Neb., 1922-23.  Supt. Chautauqua, 1923.  Address: Rt. 3, Sedalia, Mo.
Joseph Henry Botts: BS 1924.  Supt., Brashear, Mo.
Jackson A. Boucher: PdB 1909; BS 1924.  Supt., Mooresville, Mo., 4 years.
Manly D. Boucher: PdB 1909.  Married Alice Marlan 1912.  Elem. principal, Moberly, Mo., 1905-13.  Supt., Monroe City, Mo., 1913-17; El Centro, Cal., 1917-20.  Elem. principal, San Diego, Cal., 1920-24.  Address: 3755 Pringle, San Diego, Cal.
Sylvester Morris Boucher: BS 1917, 1919; MA, Univ. of Mo., 1923.
Wiley Reeves Boucher: BS 1916; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1922.  Married Hazel Hart, Norton, Kan., 1921.  Supt., Smithville, Mo., 1915-19; Natoma, Kan., 1920; Norton Co H.S., Norton, Kan, 1920-21.  Since 1922, head of industrial arts dept. S.W. Texas Teachers College, San Marcos, Tex.
Genevieve Bovard: BSD 1900.
Cyrus West Bowen: BSD 1890; MSD 1894; MD, K.C. College of Med. & Surg., 1901; Ph.G., Natl. Univ. of Arts & Sci., St. Louis, 1912: LL.B., Potomac Univ., Washington, D.C., 1916.  Married Laura L. Doppler 1896.  Supt., Weston, Mo., 1890-98, and Platte Co.  School Commissioner, 1894-98.  Professor of Materia and Pharmacy, K.C. College, 1910.  President Brunswick, Mo. Chamber of Commerce, 1915-20.  City Atty., Brunswick, Mo. since 1916.  President Bank of Brunswick and Brunswick Brick & Tile Works since 1919.  Member, Am Med Assn, Am Chem Society, Am Pharmaceutical Assn.  Address: Brunswick, Mo.
Pansy Bowen: BSD 1899.  Married H.H. Laughlin 1902.  Address: Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., N.Y.
Ruby Dorothy Bowen: BSD 1892.  Married J.A. Cooley.  Died 1924.
A.M. Boyd: BSD 1885.
James Perry Boyd: BSD 1895.  Attorney, Paris, Mo.
Walter Scott Boyd: BSD 1897.  Spanish-American War 1898.  Engaged in farming and live-stock raising.  Director, Vandalia Banking Assn.  Address: Vandalia, Mo.
M.A. Boyes: PdB 1904; AB 1913; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1911.  Married Mabel Staver 1912.  Rural teacher 6 yrs.  High school principal, 1903-04, and Supt., 1905-08, Rolla, Mo.  Student, A.S.O., 1908-11.  Chair of Anatomy, A.S.O., 1911-14.  Since 1914, practicing osteopathy.  Address: 1024 Market St., Parkersburg, W.Va.
Florence Bradley: PdB 1912, PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1915.  Teacher, Westport H.S., Kansas City, since 1917.  Address: 4113 Walnut, Kansas City, Mo.
Helen Bradley: PdB 1911.  Reconstruction aide, Medical dept., U.S. Army, 1918-20.  At present, Chief reconstruction aide, U.S. Veterans’ Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.
J.R. Bradley: BAPD 1875.  Married Mollie Beeman 1875.  Principal Brousville, Mo., 1875.  Supt., Mexico, Mo., 1876.  Principal, Concordia Academy, Concordia, Mo., 1877; Smith Academy, Sweet Springs, Mo. 1881.  Professor of mathematics, Univ. of Wash, 2 yrs.  President Northwest Normal School, Linden, Wash., 6 yrs.  Address: Sumner, Wash.
George Verlan Bradshaw: BS 1921. Married Jennie James of Bevier, Mo., 1919.  Rural teacher, Putnam Co., Mo., 1911-17.  Elem. school principal, Unionville, Mo., 1917.  U.S. Army, 1917-19.  Supt., Atlanta, Mo., 1921-23; Canton, Mo., 1923-24.
Ida Ione Bradshaw: PdB 1905.  Married Valliere.
A.J. Bradsher: BSD 1886.
Delos Austin Bragg: BSD 1899; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1902.  Married Lettie Petree.  Practicing osteopathy.  Address: 1227 College Ave., Topeka, Kan.
Maurine Bragg: PdB 1908.  Supervisor of music and art, Dwight, Ill. and Wabash, Ind.  Asst. art instr., American Institute of Normal Methods, Evanston, Ill.  Married R.A. McClelland 1912.  Address: Dwight, Ill.
Louise H. Brandes: PdB 1902; MPd 1908.  Address: Moscow Mills, Mo.
Florence Brasfield: PdB 1907; BL[?], Liberty Ladies College, 1902.  Teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1902-05. High school teacher, St. James, Mo., 1907-08; Liberty, Mo., 1908-09; Canton, S.D., 1910-12.  Junior H.S. teacher, Indianapolis, Ind., 1912-14.  Married William Counsil 1916.  Address: Sarita, Tex.
Ida Brashear: BSD 1896.  Married Geo. R. Barker.
Minnie Brashear: BSD 1892; MSD 1895; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1908; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1921.  Teacher of English, K.S.T.C., 1904-14; Univ. of Idaho, 1914-19; Univ. of Mo. since 1919.  Address: Columbia, Mo.
Roma Brashear: PdB 1904.  Librarian, New York City.
Neita Brawford: BS 1916.  Grade school teacher, Unionville, Mo., high school teacher, Milton, Iowa.  Government work, Washington, D.C., 1919.  Married Dr. David E. Pearl 1919.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Eleanor G. Breier: PdB 1904; PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1912.  Teacher, St. Louis, 1905-10.  Married Robert L. Minton 1913.  Address: Mound City, Mo.
Cora Brennenstuhl: PdB 1912.  Teacher, Trenton, Mo., Gilman City, Mo., Cainesville, Mo., Rawlins, Wyo.  Married E.R. Davis 1920.  Address: Rt. 9, Trenton, Mo.
Basil Brewer: BSD 1901.  Address: The Omaha Bee, Omaha, Neb.
Jessie Brewer: PdB 1903.  Primary teacher, Reger, Mo., 1903-04, Novinger, Mo., 1906; Kirksville, Mo., 1907; Watonga, Okla., 1907-08; Roswell, N.M., 1908-11.  Homesteaded in New Mexico, 1908-14.  At present, creator of Soxy-Doxy Dolls, 1047 Emerson, Pasadena, Calif.
Margaret Brewer: PdB 1904.  Primary teacher, Hurdland, Mo., 1904-05.  Married O.D. McKasson 1908.  Address: 713 E. Jefferson, Kirksville, Mo.
Anna Elizabeth Brewington: BS 1920; PhD, Univ. of Chicago, 1921; AM, Univ. of Chi, 1922.  Professor of commerce, K.S.T.C., 1920.  Teacher, School of Commerce, Univ. of Chi, 1920-22.  Head reconstruction aide, U.S. Army, 1919.  Idaho state supv. of commercial education, 1922-23.  Since June 1923, head of secretarial and teachers’ methods courses, School of Commerce, Univ. of Chicago.
Eula Grace Bridges: 1915.
F.E. Bridwell: PdB 1909; BS 1920.
Samuel Charles Brightman: PdB 1904.  Married Alberta Steele 1910.  Principal Arlington School since 1920.  Address: 1617 Burd Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Virginia Belle Brightman: BS 1920.  High school teacher, La Belle, Mo., 1916-19.  High school principal, Dawn, Mo., 1919-20.  High school teacher, Winterset, Iowa, 1920-21; Carroll, Iowa, 1921-24.  Address: 1115 N. Adams St., Carroll, Iowa.
De Etta Broadbent: PdB 1904.  Teacher, Joplin, Mo., 1904-06.  Married N.G. Garlock 1906.  Address: Galena, Ill.
Hazel E. Brong: BS 1924.
Dean Songer Brooks (Mrs.): BS 1924.
Fred Emerson Brooks: PdB 1911; AB 1913.  Married Ada Cochran 1913.  Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Mineola, N.Y., 1915-16.  Y.M.C.A. war service, 1918-19.  Pastor, First Presby, Highland, Kan., 1920-21; Memorial Church, Marysville, Kan., 1922-24.  Grand chaplain, Kan. A.F.& A.M., 1921.  Address: Marysville, Kan.
Claude S. Brother: BSD 1898; MPd 1905.
Minnie Ivan Brott: BS 1922.  Teacher, Washington School, Kirksville, 1922-24.  Address: 406 E. Washington, Kirksville, Mo.
Amy Brown: BSD 1898.
L.D. Brown: BSD 1884.  Deceased.
James F. Brown: BS 1924.
Leona Brown: PdB 1903.  Married Orville Thorpe.  Address: Lakeside Drive, Dallas, Texas.
M.O. Brown: PdB 1906. (Miller, Mo.)
Ruth Brown: BS 1924.
Sallie Brown: PdB 1904.  Died 1920.
Lloyd Edwin Browne: BS 1918.  With American Railway Express Co., Kirksville.  Address: 607 E. Patterson, Kirksville, Mo.
Sylva Glenn Browne: PdB 1912; BS 1918.  Children’s librarian, K.S.T.C., till 1923.  Librarian, Kirksville Junior H.S., 1923-24.  Address: 606 E. Patterson, Kirksville, Mo.
Corintha Bruce: PdB 1907.  Taught in grades and high school, 1907-20.  Married Rev. E.W. Croy 1920.  Address: Cainsville, Mo.
H.S. Bruce: BSD 1889.
J.J. Brummitt: BSD 1889.  Married Lulu Clayton 1905.  Principal, Glenwood, Colo., 1887.  Ranching 2 yrs.  Loans, interest & real estate business, Ogden, Utah, since 1889.  Has built (with associates) about 500 homes in Ogden.  Director and sec., American Falls Canal and Power Co., 6 yrs, opening up 100,000 acres in Snake River Valley with a 60-mile canal.  Address: 2517 Hudson Ave., Ogden, Utah.
Cora Mae Bruner: BS 1918.
Fred Bruner: BS 1914; MA, Univ. of Mo., 1923.  Married Blanche McCully 1916.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo, 1914-16; Unionville, Mo., 1916-18.  Supt, Unionville, 1918-20.  High school principal, Moberly, Mo., 1920-21.  Supt., Bonne Terre, Mo., 1922-24.
Cora Clyde Buchanan: BSD 1889.  Died 1916.
Mattie Buchanan: PdB 1907.
Sara F. Buchanan: BSD 1902.  Married McBee.  (Greentop, Mo.)
Ernest H. Buck: PdB 1905; MPd 1907; BS 1911.  Married Kate Van Meter 1907.  Teacher, Shibleys Point, Mo., 1905.  Asst. in chemistry, K.S.T.C., 1906.  High school teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1906-11.  Supt., St. Maries, Idaho, 1911-17.  Principal, Emmett, Idaho, 1917-18.  Supt., Hailey, Idaho, 1918-22; Union H.S., Brawley, Cal. since 1922.  Chairman Mechanic Arts Section, Idaho State H.S. Manual, 1919; Treas., Idaho State Teachers Assn, 1920-21; Pres. So Central Idaho Teachers Assn, 1921-22.  Address: 351 “I” St., Brawley, Cal.
Jesse V. Buck: PdB 1905.  Married Edith E. Grace 1909.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo., 1906-08.  High school principal, 1909-16, & Supt., 1916-21, Couer d’Alene, Idaho.  Pvt., Co. L, 1st S.A.C.T., Camp Presidio, San Francisco, Cal., 1918.  At present, distributor of automobiles and trucks in large territory of northern Idaho.  Address: Panhandle Motor Co., 423 Sherman Ave., Couer d’Alene, Idaho.
Frank Fitzhugh Buckner: BSD 1896.
Eula Hull Bufford: BS 1919.  Married Virgil Bufford 1917.  Address: Granite City, Ill.
Virgil Bufford: BS 1923.  Married Eula Hull 1917.  Principal, Willard School, Kirksville, Mo., 1918-20; Central School, Mexico, Mo., 1920-21; Washington and Logan Schools, Granite City, Ill., 1921-24.  Address: 2423a Madison Ave., Granite City, Ill.
Christine Editha Bunch: BS 1917. High school teacher, Frankford, Mo., 1915-18; Lewistown, Mo., 1918-21; Memphis, Mo., 1921-24.  Home: Lancaster, Mo.
Joseph E. Burch: PdB 1904; BA, Univ. of Wyo., 1916; MA, Stanford Univ., 1922-23.  Married Verna N. Lawrence.  Supt. Consol. Schools, Kenmerer, Wyo., 1911-22.  Instructor, Univ. of Wyo., summers 1913-17.  Organizing director, Public Service Supply Co., San Francisco, Cal., 1922-23.  Pres., Kenmerer Chamber of Commerce, 1916-18.  Asst food administrator for Wyo. during war.  Pres., Wyo. State Teachers Assn., 1917-19.  Address: 543 Byron St., Palo Alto, Cal.
Mary Porter Burk: BSD 1894.
Sarah Bliss Burkeholder: PdB 1905.
Alice Burnham: PdB 1907.
William Elwood Burnham: PdB 1913; BS 1919.  High school principal, Wapanucka, Okla., 1910-12.  High school teacher, Sikeston, Mo., 1914-17.  2nd Lt., Infantry, 1918.  High school teacher, Pine Bluff, Ark., 1919-24.  Address: Box 435, Pine Bluff, Ark.
Norbert C. Burns: BS 1920; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1924.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Pius Elmer Burns: BSD 1897.
J.A. Burnside: PdB 1911; BSEd., Univ. of Mo., 1918.  Rural teacher, 1902-07.  Supt., DeWitt, Mo., 1907-11; Boswroth, Mo., 1911-19; Huntsville, Mo., 1916-20; Brunswick, Mo., 1920-24.
Walter H. Burress: BS 1920.  Professor of agriculture, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1920-21. Presently farming, Versailles, Morgan Co., Mo.
Ora Franklin Burris: PdB 1908. Farming, Kirksville, Mo.
Gwynne Adams Burrows: BS 1920; AB, MA, Colo. State Teachers College, 1922.  Rural teacher, Downey, Idaho, 1918.  Supv. of music, Downey, 1920.  Supv. of high school music, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1921-22.  Director of music, State Normal School, Minot, N.D., 1922-24.
George Finley Burton: BSD 1891.
Jennie Burton: BAPD 1875; MAPT 1879.  Deceased.
Leota Burton: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Gallatin, Mo., 1917-22; Monroe City, Mo., 1922-24.
Clyde Busby: PdB 1908. (Canton, Mo.)
Eula Blanche Bushong: BS 1922.
Carey Pharaba May Butler: BS 1916.  Married William M. Boone, Jr.
Cecil Letitia Belle Butler: PdB 1911; BA, Univ. of Neb, 1914; MA, Wellesley College, 1916.  Head of science dept., St. Marys College, Dallas, Tex., 1916-17.  With Red Cross, 1917-18.  With International News Service Bureau, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., 1918-19.  Address: 1307 South St., Lexington, Mo.
T. Vergil Buzard: PdB 1910.  Married Lenore Parker 1919.  Since 1911, representative, Taylor Paper Co., Memphis, Tenn.  With A.E.F. in France 1 year (wounded).  Address: 492 Laclede Ave., Memphis, Tenn.


George Riley Caldwell: BS 1921.  Married Julia Briggs 1921.  Student, Am. School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo.
M. Hazel Call: BS 1922.
Sallie C. Callaway: BAPD 1876.  Taught in Mo., in Cal., 1877-78; at Waverly, Cal., 1878-79; Normal School, Visalia, Cal., 1880-81.  Married E.O. Larkins 1880.  Address: Visalia, Cal.
Clarence P. Callison: BS 1923.  Student of osteopathy, 1923-24, Kirksville, Mo.
Inez Cecilie Callison: BS 1918, 1919.  Supervisor of art, Kirksville public schools.  Address: 205 S. Halliburton, Kirksville, Mo.
Sidney E. Calvert: PdB 1904.
George Arthur Camden: BS 1921. Married Jessie Tisdale 1919.  H.S. teacher, Downing, Mo., 1917-18.  With Hq. Co. 351st Inf., 1918-19.  Supt., Hurdland, Mo., 1919-21, Appleton City, Mo., since 1921.
R. Ralph Cammack: BS 1921.  Married Mildred Ethel Hallowell 1918.  2d Lt, with R.M.A. rating as pilot in Air Service, 1917-19.  Supt., Green City, Mo., 1921-23.  Student, Univ. of Chicago, 1923-24.
Arlie G. Capps: PdB 1912; BS 1914; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1916; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1917; PhD, Univ. of Ill., 1921.  Married Ruby Belle Barnes, 1914.  Teacher rural schools; ward school principal, Memphis, Mo., 1910-11.  High school principal, New London, Mo., 1911-12.  Ward school principal, Webster Groves, Mo., 1912-13.  Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1913-15.  Peabody Fellow in Edn, Univ. of Mo., 1915-17.  Director of cooperative study, rural schools of Mo., 1917-18.  Statistician to State dept of edn., 1918.  Lecturer in edn., Univ. of Ill., 1918-21.  Assoc prof of edn., Univ. of Mo., since 1921.  Address: Columbia, Mo.
Forrest Olin Capps: BS 1924.
Ora Lee Capps: BS 1920. (Stahl, Mo.)
J.A. Carmack: BSD 1900.  Student, Univ. of Chicago.
Gladys Elizabeth Carman: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1922-24.
Adra Carnahan: BSD 1899.
Ella Carothers: BAPD 1877; MAPT 1879.  Married T.H.B. Dunnegan.  Died 1920.
Manville Carothers: BSD 1896.  Married Mabel Rose Barrett 1900.  Taught 3 yrs. in rural schools. P.O. clerk, Kirksville, 1901-19; asst postmaster since 1919.  Member Board of Education 1 yr.  Address: 1601 S. Halliburton, Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Margaret Carothers: BS 1924. High school teacher, Chillicothe, Mo.
Lucy Grant Carpenter: PdB 1908. Grade teacher, Mo., 1903-07; Okla., 1907-10.  Married Charles L. Bly 1910.  Address: Apt. J,, 15 W. Tenth St., Tulsa, Okla.
Paul Omega Carr: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Rockford, Iowa, 1923-24.
Paul Omega Carr (Mrs.): BS 1923.  Address: Rockford, Iowa.
William Thomas Carrington: BAPD 1876; MAPT 1897.  Married Mollie Holloway of Marshall, Mo., 1879.  Principal at Piedmont, Arrow Rock and Oakridge, Mo., 1873-83.  Asst state supt., 1883-87.  High school principal, Springfield, Mo., 1877-99.  Defeated for state supt., 1894.  State supt., 1899-1907.  President, Springfield State Normal School, 1907-18.  Director and instr, War Risk Insurance Bureau, Washington, D.C. 1918-19.  Director, Voc. Edn. For Mo., 1919-22. Retired 1922.  Pres, Mo. state teachers assn, 1888. Pres. Bd of Edn., Jefferson City, Mo; Pres. Boy Scouts Council.  Address: Jefferson City, Mo.
A.B. Carroll: BAPD 1880; MAPT 1882.  Chicago, Ill.
Beryl F. Carroll: BSD 1884; LL.D., Simpson College, 1909.  Married Jennie Dodson 1886.  Taught in country schools of Iowa and grade schools of Mo., 1884-89.  Live stock business, Bloomfield, Iowa, 1889-91.  Editor, Davis Co. Republican, 1891.  Presidental elector, 6th Iowa district 1892.  Candidate for Iowa House of Rep., 1893.  Elected to Iowa senate, 1895.  Became postmaster, Bloomfield, Iowa, 1898.  State auditor, 1903-09.  Governor of Iowa, 1909-13 (2 terms).  President of a life insurance company since 1913. Address: Des Moines, Iowa.
Senora Lucille Carsten: AB 1916.  Married R.E. Skinner 1922.  Address: Emmett, Idaho.
Clay L. Carter: PdB 1903.  Farming, Hallsville, Mo.
Ethyl Carter: PdB 1907.
Isabelle Carter: PdB 1911.  Chicago, Ill.
Addie Carthrae: BS 1920.
Jennie V. Case: PdB 1913.  Humphreys, Mo.
Susan Case: PdB 1911.  Married Paul E. Phipps 1911.  Died 1922.
Adah Caskey: BSD 1900.  Married Irvin Cockrell.
Mollie Chambless: BSD 1881.  Married.  (New Franklin, Mo.)
Anna Byrd Chapman: 1915.
J.F. Chandler: BAPD 1876. Taught in Mo 4 yrs., in Cal. 33 yrs.  Supt., Amador Co., Cal., 4 yrs.  Principal, Franklin School, Oakland, Cal., 25 yrs.  Retired.  Member Oakland Bd. of Education, 2d term.  Address: 1569 Jackson St., Oakland, Cal.
Nellie G. Cheuvront: BS 1918.  High school teacher, Kirksville, 1920-24.  Address: 111 E. Illinois St., Kirksville, Mo.
C.C. Childress: BSD 1885.  Married Lezetta Bargeman (died 1922) 1888.  Supt., Hanford, Cal., 1888-1900.  High school principal, Bakersfield, Cal., 1900-08; Morgan Hill, Cal., 1908-13; Willows, Cal., 1913-20; Mariposa, Cal., 1920-24.  Address: 1415 Woolsey St., Berkeley, Cal.
Edith Elizabeth Christy BS 1917.  Teacher, Safety Harbor, Fla., 1917-19; Clearwater, Fla., 1919-22; Montpelier, Ind., 1922-23; Miami, Fla., 1923-24.
Lottie Christine: BSD 1899.  Married Dr. Caryl Smith 1900.  Address: 417 W. Fifth St., Aberdeen, Wash.
Ena Clark: BS 1918.  Supt., Leonard, Mo., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Lynnville, Iowa, 1919-20, Shreveport, La., 1920-21; Payette, Idaho, 1921-24.
Esther Clark: BS 1924.
Edith Clarkson: PdB 1911.  Memphis, Mo.
Artie Keller Cleaveland: BSD 1911. Teacher, Monticello, Mo., 1901-04; Canton Mo., 1904-05; Ferguson, Mo., 1905-10; Santa Ana, Cal., 1910-24.  Address: 804 W. 4th St., Santa Ana, Cal.
Glen Uriel Cleeton: BS 1917.  Married Jennie F. Terry 1914.  Principal, Kinlock Park, Mo., 1914-17. Supt., Elllington, Mo., 1917-18; Milton, Mo., 1919-22.  Supt., Redpath-Vawter Chautauqua, 1919-22 seasons.  Asst. camp librarian, Ft. Sill, Okla., 1918.  Director, Vocational Service Bureau, Iowa City, 1922. Graduate student, Univ. of Iowa, 1911-24.  Address: 29½ S. Clinton S., Iowa City, Iowa.
Lewis Carson Clevenger:  BS 1919.  Professor of agriculture, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1919-21.  Supt., Linneus, Mo., 1921-24.
Arthur Bryson Cline: BS 1918.  Married Ariel J. Gurley.  Supt., Novinger, Mo., 1915-18; Pattonsburg, Mo., 1918-19.  Founded Cline’s Teachers Agency, 1919.  Address: Columbia, Mo.
Mabel Claire Clough: 1915.  Married Henry M. Patterson.  Address: Queen City, Mo.
Madalin Clough: 1916.
Robert S. Clough: PdB 1912; BA in Agriculture, Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Married Lulu M. Casper 1917.  Principal, Holliday, Mo., 1910-12.  Supt., Queen City, Mo., 1912-15.  County agent, Benton, Co., Ky., 1917-20, Warrensburg, Johnson Co., Mo., 1920-24.
Martha Frances Cloyd: BS 1922.  Teacher in community high school, S. Dak., 1922-23.  Home: Rt. 5, Edina, Mo.
Thomas Cloyd: BAPD 1874; MAPT 1976.  Teacher several years at Chatham and Curran, Ill.  Address: Morrisonville, Ill.
A.B. Cluster: PdB 1913. Married Ruth Peyton of Martinsburg, Mo.  Supt., Wellsville, Mo., 1913-16; Perry, Mo., 1917-18.  Representative, International Life Ins. Co., Mexico, Mo., 1918-23.  Address: 414 S. Jefferson, Mexico, Mo.
Susan Almira Clymans: PdB 1909.  Principal, Whiting, Kan., 1909-11; Ness Co., H.S., Ranson, Kan., 1911-12; Netawaka, Kan., 1912-13.  Married Merwin M. Ramsey 1913.  Address: Trumbull, Neb.
Ada Cochran: PdB 1908; MPd 1911; AB 1912.  Married Fred E. Brooks 1913.  Address: Marysville, Kan.
John McKinley Cochran: BS 1922.  High school principal, Hale, Mo., 1922-24.
Lois Dean Cochran: AB 1915.  Grade teacher, Knox City, Mo., 1915-19.  High school teacher and music supv., Bethany, Mo., 1911-22.  Married John Newman 1921.  Address: Bethany, Mo.
Sina Inez Cochran: PdB 1912; BS 1916; RN, Johns Hopkins, 1922.  Primary teacher, Luray, Mo., 1912-13.  High school teacher, Marceline, Mo., 1913-15; Knox City, Mo., 1916-19.  Nurse, Grim Hospital, Kirksville, 1922-24.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
W. Lemuel Cochrane: BSD 1900.
Josephine Lillard Cockrill: BS 1917.  Supt., Maywood, Mo., 1916-17.  High school teacher, 1917-18, principal, 1918-19, kindergarten teacher, 1919-20, Cincinnati, Iowa.   Married Lowell E. Cockrill 1917.  Address: Weldon, Iowa.
Lowell Ercill Cockrill: BS 1918.  Married Jo Lillard 1917.  High school principal, 1917-18, supt., 1918-20, Cincinnati, Iowa.  Supt., Weldon, Iowa, 1920-24.
Belle Cockrum: PdB 1911; AB 1914.  High school teacher, Armstrong, Mo., 1914-17; Milan, Mo, 1917-18, Downs, Kan., 1918-22.  Married C.M. Dillon 1921.  Address: Downs, Kan.
Eunice Mildred Cockrum: BS 1923.  Home: Anderson, Mo.
Mary Ethel Cockrum: PdB 1907.  Married Leslie.
Alexander Brainard Coffey: MSD 1900.  Died 1915.
Bessie L. Coffey: PdB 1911.  Married John Megown.  Kansas City, Mo.
S.A. Coffman: PdB 1904.
Charles C. Cokerham: BS 1921.  Home: Milan, Mo.
Jennie E. Cole: BSD 1892.
William E. Coleman: BPD 1873; MAPD 1875.  Died 1893.
Zerva Cauby Coleman: BS 1922.  Caruthersville, Mo.
Anna B. Collett: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Cameron, Mo., 1922-23.  Address: Novinger, Mo.
Hubert Lee Collett: PdB 1913; BS 1916.  Address: Novinger, Mo.
Cora B. Collier: PdB 1904.
Mary Elizabeth Conner: BS 1924.
S.A. Conway: BAPD 1882; MSD 1884.
E.L. Cooley: BSD 1888; MD, Univ. of Louisville, 1892; BS, Natl. Univ. of Arts and Sci., St. Louis, 1914.  Married Minnie Reed (died 1920) 1895.  Principal, Shelbina, Mo., 1888-91.  Practicing physician since 1892.  On staff, St. Louis City Hospital, 1913-20.  Capt, Medical Corps, Dec 1917 to June 1919.  Address: 203 N. Seventh St., St. Louis, Mo.
A.E. Coppers: PdB 1905.
Luna Corbin: PdB 1913.  Married [Mr] Farmer.
Orlando Clell Corbin: 1915.  With National Cash Register Co., Hutchinson, Kan.
Hallie Jones Cordell (Mrs.): BS 1924.
Lida Corken: BSD 1899.
Charles W. Cornelius: BSD 1887; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1901.  Married Mary B. Evans 1887.  President, Oaklawn College, Novelty, Mo., 1887-88.  Principal, Knox City, Mo., 1888-89.  Clerk of Circuit Court, Knox Co., Mo., 1891-95.  Osteopathic physician since 1901.  Address: 826-32 Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can.
Bracy Vilas Cornett: BA 1921.  Since 1922, Professor of industrial arts, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo.
B.L. Cornmesser: PdB 1908; MPd 1910; BS 1913.  High school teacher, Pine Bluff, Ark.
George W. Corporon: PdB 1911; AB, Phillips Univ., 1912; LLB, Univ. of Okla., 1915.  Married Porteus Stephens 1911.  Held pulpits, editorial chairs and law offices.  At present, Mayor Arcadia, Kan.
Thomas Albert Costolow: PdB 1906; LLD, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  Married Olivia D. Hill 1914.  Practiced law in Kansas City since 1912.  Office: 410 Grand Ave Temple; residence: 3930 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo.
William Evert Costolow: PdB 1911; PdB 1912.  Los Angeles, Cal.
Lura Cowan: BS 1920.  High school teacher, Havelock, Iowa, 1920-21; Vandalia, Mo., 1921-24.
T.S. Cox: BAPD 1881; MAPT 1883.  (Texas)
Ben Rudy Craig: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1915-17; Novinger, Mo., 1920-21; Ironwood, Mich., 1921-24. Infantry sgt., 89th Div., A.E.F., 1917-19. Address: 810 N. Country Rd., Ironwood, Mich.
Carrie Craig: PdB 1909; BS, Central Mo. State, Warrensburg, 1922.  Rural teacher, 1909-18; grade teacher, 1919-22; high school teacher, 1922-23, Raytown,Mo.  Supv. of music, Axtell, Kan., 1923-24.
John William Craig: BS 1918.  Married Myrtle Petree 1920.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1916-17; Burtler, Mo., 1917-18; Ironwood, Mich., 1922.  With 1st Regt., U.S. Marines, 1918-19.  Salesman, 1919-22.  Address: 810 N. Country Rd., Ironwood, Mich.
Malcolm Everette Craig: BS 1915.  Captain, U.S. Army.
Wade Stanley Craig: PdB 1910.  Married Ruth Colerick of Bradford, Pa., 1921.  High school teacher, Lebanon, Mo., 1910-12.  Intermediate school teacher, Glendale, Cal., 1914.  Teacher and playground director, elementary schools, Los Angeles, Cal.,1914-1916.  Teacher Manual Arts H.S., Los Angeles, 1916-24.  With Heavy Artillery, Officers Training Corps, Ft. Scott, Cal., 1918.  Address: 1020 W. 42d St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Thomas Austin Craighead: BSD 1895.  (Krebs, Okla.)
Helen W. Crandall: BS 1920.  Home: Wyaconda, Mo.
Nola Ellen Crandall: BS 1917.  Primary teacher, Novinger, Mo., 1914-15.  High school teacher, Edina, Mo., 1915-16; Green City, MO., 1916-18.  High school principal, Green City, 1917-18.  Married Orlan Yardley 1918.  Address: Green City, Mo.
Clara N. Crawford: PdB 1906.  Y.W.C.A., Jacksonville, Fla.
Daphne Crawford: PdB 1904.  Primary teacher, Memphis, Mo., 1904-05.  Rural teacher, Ralls Co., Mo., 1905-07.  High school teacher, Marceline Mo., 1907-08; Monroe City, Mo., 1909-12, 1913-17, 1918-22, 1923-24; Poplar Bluff, Mo., 1917-18.  Attended Univ. of Mo., 1922-23.  Address: Monroe City, Mo.
Lydia Margaret “Maggie” Crawford: BSD 1893.  Deceased.
Lula J. Crecelius: 1916.
Margaret Crecelius: PDB 1908.  Porter School, Kirksville, Mo.
Edna L. Creek: PdB 1906; BS 1921.  Grade teacher, Hammond, Ind., 1906-08.  Teacher, Kahoka, Mo., 11 yrs.  Principal Kahoka H.S. since 1919.  State president, The Rebekah Assembly of Mo., 1918-19.  Since 1919 member Bd. of Trustees, Odd Fellows’ Home, Liberty, Mo.  Married Alfred G. Seyb 1908.  Address: Kahoka, Mo.
Mary Crigler: 1916.
Ellen J. Crockett: BSD 1899.
George Crockett: BSD 1902.
Herman Lee Crookshank: PdB 1913; BS 1915.  Married Blanche Soms 1922.  Supt., Laclede, Mo., 1914-18.  High school principal, Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1918-19.  Supt., Maysville, Mo., 1919-23; Albany, Mo., 1923-24.
John A. Crookshank: PdB 1913; BS 1914.  Married Margaret C. Baisden of Live Oak, Fla. 1918.  High school principal, Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1914-17.  Supt., Brunswick, Mo., 1917.  Lt., U.S. Army, 1919-19, overseas.  Field mgr, Pan-American College of Commerce, Miami, Fla., 1919-20.  Supt., Hamilton, Mo., 1920-24.
Luther Vincent Crookshank: PdB 1913; BS 1915.  Married Julia Kirk 1914.  High school teacher, Bethany, Mo., 1913-15.  Supt., Braymer, Mo., 1915-18; Hamilton, Mo., 1918-20; Brookfield, Mo., 1920-24.
S.A. Crookshanks: BSD 1884.  Dinuba, Cal.
Jane May Crow: BS 1923.  Supervisor-teacher, Junior H.S., Kirksville, Mo.
Alpha R. Crystal: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Maplewood, Mo., 1923-24.
Bessie Crystal: PdB 1912; BS 1919.  High school teacher, Marceline, Mo.
Frank Culler: PdB 1906.  Attorney, Palmyra, Mo.
Virginia Sharp Cullimore (Mrs.): BS 1922.  Married Dr. Grant Cullimore (deceased) 1903.  Teacher, Oklahoma City, Okla., 1919-10; Kirksville, Mo., 1911-23; Marshall, Mo., 1923-24.
George W. Cullison: BAPD 1874; MAPT 1879.  Died 1923.
Irene Cumberlin: BAPD 1874.  Teacher, Moulton and Corydon, Iowa high schools.  Address: Thorp, Wash.
Bertha Cummins: PdB 1911; BS 1917.  Died 1922.
Mildred Paine Curtis (Mrs.): BS 1922.  Married Cecil Curtis 1922.  Address: 316 W. 17th St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Dimple Cupp: PdB 1908.  Married Wallace R. Adams.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.


Edith England Dabney: BS 1924.
Richard Soddrell Dabney: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Roseville, Ill., 1923-24.
A.O. Daman: BAPD 1879.  Taught in Cal. 1879-1905, 1 yr. At Gold Hill, Placer Co., Col., member Placer Co. Bd. of Edn. 2 yrs.  1½ yrs. at Colfax, 1 yr. at Garvanza, 5 yrs Los Angeles, 3 yrs., Lancaster, 2 yrs. La Manda Park, 1 yr. Chatsworth Park, 1 yr. Chavenaugh, ½ yr. Burbank.  Address: 6428 Repton St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Cannie Damron: PdB 1904.  Married Bert Harry.
George Nelson Dance: PdB 1903; LLD, Univ. of Mo., 1906.  Married Mary E. Burton 1909.  City Atty., Blackwell, Okla., 1911-15.  Oil business since 1916.  Address: Box 249, Blackwell, Okla.
Ora Martha Daniel: PdB 1910.  Address: Clarence, Mo.
Lela Fent Darby (Mrs.): BS 1924.
Bessey L. Daugherty: PdB 1911.
Blanche C. Daugherty: PdB 1907.  Married Lewis Sims.
C.B. Daughters: BPD 1873; MAPD 1875.  High school principal, Highland, Kan.  Studied at Univ. of Mich. and has practiced law for many years.  Member of governing board, Kan. State Ag. College.  Address: Manhattan, Kan.
Bessie Idell Davidson: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Eolia, Mo., 1917-18. High school teacher, 1919-24, and principal, 1922-24, Bellflower, Mo.
Jesse M. Davidson: BS 1920.  Married Opal M. Jameson 1921.  Rural teacher, Montgomery Co., Mo., 1914-17.  Principal, Bloomsdale, Mo., 1917-18.  Supt., Novinger, Mo., 1919-20; Cincinnati, Iowa, 1920-21, Sturgeon, Mo., 1921-24.
Joseph M. Davidson: BS 1921.  Married Mildred Ward 1916.  Supt., Green Castle, Mo., 1916-17.  High school principal, Winterset, Iowa, 1918-19.  Junior high school principal, Butler, Mo., 1920-24.  President Mid-West Athletic Assn, 1921-22.  Address: 207 W. Pine, Butler, Mo.
Allie Davis: BSD 1893.  (Teacher, Shoshone, Wyo.)
Fanny Davis: PdB 1910.  Married Allee.
Glen Davenport Davis: PdB, BS, 1913; BS in Ag., Univ. of Mo., 1914.  Married Laura Campbell of Columbia, Mo., 1914.  Farmer, Princeton, MO, 1914-20; Lee’s Summit, Mo., since 1920.
George Williams Davis: BS 1920.  Married Minnie Raney 1913.  Supt., Eagleville, Mo., 1917.  High school principal, Brookfield, Mo., 1920-24.  Address: 149 E. Robard St., Brookfield, Mo.
India Davis: 1916.
Lucie Davis: PdB 1904.  Married A.G. French.  (135 Onondaga St., Syracuse, N.Y.)
Martha E. Davis: BS 1916; BS in Home Ec., Ore. Ag. College.  At present, asst. dietitian, Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, Cal.
Miriam Davis: BSD 1884.  Teacher, Prospect School, Sedalia, Mo. 1884-85; Princeton, Mo., 1885-86.  High school principal, Mound City, Mo., 1886-88; Macon, Mo., 1888.  Married Frank Q. Mitchell 1889.  Address: Mound City, Mo.
Orville Lee Davis: BS 1920.  Married Maurine G. Berry 1917.  Grade principal, Trenton, Mo., 1916-17.  High school, Lineville, Iowa, 1917-18.  2d Lt. Inf., 1918-19, serving in France.  Principal, Greenwood School, Kirksville, Mo., 1919-20.  Supt., Keytesville, Mo, 1920-24.
O.P. Davis: BPD 1872; MAPD 1974.  Deceased.
Sallie Frances Davis: PdB 1898.  Married Wilson (deceased).
Laura Olive Davisson: BS 1921.
Lenora Davisson: PdB 1911.  Teacher, Bethany, Mo., 1911-15.  Married N.L. Church 1915.  Address: 141 Kenefick Ave., Buffalo, N.Y.
Flossie Deaver: 1914.
Thelma Marvel De Capito: BS 1924.
Goldie Marie Deierling: BS 1922.  Music supv., La Plata, Mo., 1921-24.  Home: Queen City, Mo.
Carmelita Barnes Denneler: BS 1922.
Christine Denny: BS 1922.
Morris Edwin Derfler: BSD 1902.  Died 1922.
John A. DeTienne: BSD 1902.
Elsie Marguerite Deutschmann: BS 1919.  High school teacher, 1919-20, Grinnell, Iowa; Lancaster, Mo., 1920-24.
A. Dennison Devilbiss: BS 1924.
John Finley DeVolld: BS 1922.  Married Merle Young 1918.  Military service 1917-18.  High school principal, Spickard, Mo., 1919-20.  Supt., Ludlow, Mo., 1920-21; Wellington, Mo., 1922-24.
Mae De Witt: BSD 1893.  Married Warren Hamilton (died 1911) 1893.  Address: 1102 E. Harrison St., Kirksville, Mo.
Martha E. DeWitt: BSD 1893.  Rural teacher in Mo., 1894; Cal., 1895; Kansas, 1902.  Grade teacher, Milan, Mo., 1900-01; Shoshone, Idaho, 1903; Ness City, Kan., 1904-05.  Married A.W. Wilson 1907.  Address: Ness City, Kansas.
Richard Heflion DeWitt: BS 1919. Married Lenna Hall 1919.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1919-21.  Athletic director, Culver Stockton College, 1921-22.  Student, Am School of Osteopathy, since 1922.  Address:  Kirksville, Mo.
L. Jennie Deyoe: PdB 1909.  (Lucerne, Mo.)
Nettie Dickerson: BS 1919.  Grade teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1917-19.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1920-24.
Charles E. Dickson: BSD 1902.  Married Blanche Lorraine Rickenbode 1906.  Principal, Avalon, Mo., 1904-05; Willard School, Kirksville, Mo., 1905-06; Meadville, Mo., 1906-10.  Bank cashier, Meadville, Mo., and Collinsville, Okla. 1910-20.  Now president, First State Bank, Owasso, Okla.  President, Bd. of Edn. of 62 sq-mi consolidated district.  Address: Owasso, Okla.
Grace Dickson: PdB 1907.  Teacher, Bartlesville, Okla., 1907-08.  Married Ralph R. Campbell 1908.  Address: Gibbs, Mo.
Virgil E. Dickson: PdB 1905; AB, Wash. State College, 1908; MA, Stanford Univ., 1917; PhD, Stanford Univ., 1919.  Married Stella Wilson 1909.  Principal, Bay Center, Wash., 1905-07.  Supt., Prosser, Wash., 1909-11.  Supt. of Training School, Normal School, Cheney, Wash., 1912-16.  Deputy Supt., Oakland and Berkeley, Cal., since 1917.  Author, Mental Tests and Classroom Teacher.  Address: 1106 City Hall, Oakland, Cal.
George W. Diemer: PdB 1911; BS, Central Mo. State, Warrensburg, Mo., 1916.  Married Myrtle S. Carebolt. Supt., Leclede, Mo., 1908-10; Brunswick, Mo., 1910-14; Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1914-21.  Principal Henry C. Kumpf School, Kansas City, 1921-23.  President, Teachers College, Kansas City, 1923-24.  Chairman Div. Of City Supts., Mo. State Teachers Assn., 1917.  Address: 4230 Bellefontaine, Kansas City, Mo.
Pearl Mildred Diggs: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Hammond, Ind.
George Earl Dille:  BS 1920.  Married Josephine Kaye 1916.  Rural teacher, Adair Co., Mo., 1911-13.  Supt., Greentop, Mo., 1913-15; Lewistown, Mo., 1916-20; Memphis, Mo., 1920-24.  Member Lewis Co. Textbook Comm., 1928-20.  Address: 425 N. Clay St., Memphis, Mo.
Bernice Brown Dillinger: BS 1920.  Married J.M. Dillinger 1917.  Address: Bethany, Mo.
Glenn Dillinger: BS 1921.  Died 1923.
Jimmie Marion Dillinger: BS 1920.  Married Bernice Brown 1917.  Supt., Edina, Mo., 1920-23.  Supv. of Music, Bethany, Mo., 1923-24.
Ray Dillinger: BS 1921.  Student, Washington Univ., St. Louis, Mo.
Thomas Earle Dillinger: BS 1920.  Music supv., Unionville, Mo.
Samuel Rodgers Dillman: BSD 1895.
Pauline Bates Dingle: BS 1924.  Teacher, Junior H.S., Kirksville, Mo.
Silas Dinsmoor: BSD 1885.
Walter N. Dobson: PdB 1911.  Physician, 706 Century Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
Vivian Dobyns: PdB 1907.  Married Mr. George.
Ethel Ardella Dockery: BSD 1898; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1901.  Pres. Mo. Fed. Women’s Clubs, 1917-21.  Vice-president, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1923-24.  Married Dr. George A. Still (died 1922) 1906.  Address: 502 S. Osteopathy Ave., Kirksville, Mo.
Julia Estelle Dockery: PdB 1904.  Married P.J. Stryker 1923.  Address: 904 E. Harrison, Kirksville, Mo.
Leota Lillian Dockery: BSD 1900.  Professor of physical education, K.S.T.C., Kirksville,Mo. 1909-14.  Married Dr. Geo. McCole.  Address: Great Falls, Mont.
Will Clifton Dod: BS 1924.
Albert Gould Dodd: BS 1922.  High school principal, Windsor, Mo., 1922-24.
Isabel Dodson: BS 1923.  Teacher, elementary school, Kirksville, Mo., 1923-24.
Jeanie Dodson: BSD 1896.  Married Foster.  (San Francisco, Cal.)
Mamie Erwin Dolan: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Sturgeon, Mo., 1922-24.
Lillian Isabel Doll.  PdB 1912.
Dagmar Doneghy: PdB 1907.  Traveled in Europe 1923.  Married Joseph W. Beach 1917.  Address: 1801 University Ave., S.E., Minneapolis, Minn.
Annie Donnelly: BS 1923.  Teacher in Junior H.S., New Havre, Mont.
Adolph Dooley: PdB 1913; BS 1922.  Married Lucy Smyser 1914.  High school principal, Eagleville, Mo., 1914-17; Mercer, Mo., 1917-19.  High school teacher, Green City, Mo., 1921-22.  High school principal, Fayette, Mo., 1922-23.  Supt., Agency, Iowa, 1923-24.
J.C. Dooley: BAPD 1878; MAPT.  Deceased.
Laurie Doolittle: BS 1915.  Supv. and Principal, Ophelia Parrish School, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1916-19, 1923-24.  Address: 209 E. Normal Ave., Kirksville, Mo.
Clyde A. Dorsey: PdB 1911, 1912; BS 1917.  Address: Monterey, Cal.
Elbert M. Dorsey: PdB 1905.  Supt., Kingston, Mo., 1905-06.  Principal, Union H.S., Nahcotta, Wash., 1906-08; Florrisant, Colo., 1909-10; Pasco, Wash., 1910-16.  County supt., Franklin Co., Wash., 1917-18.  Married Ella B. Chave 1917.  At present, farming, Rt. 1, Pasco, Wash.
Letha Dorsey: 1915.  Married M.E. Craig.  Deceased.
Martha Cecil Doss: BS 1922.  Married Claude C. Craver 1922.  Address: Hannibal, Mo.
Gladys E. Doss:  BS 1920.  Teacher, Hopkins, Mo., 1914-15; Lancaster, Mo., 1915-17; Atlanta, Mo., 1917-19; Green City, Mo., 1919-20; Oregon, Mo., 1920-21; Darlington, Mo., 1921-22; Farmington, Ia., 1923-24.
Ivy Dougherty: BS 1920.  Teacher, Westport Junior H.S., Kansas City, Mo.  Address: 3433 Campbell, Kansas City, Mo.
Joseph C. Dougherty: BSD 1900.
Ada Florence Douglas: PdB 1912.  Married Henry D. Yoder 1915.  Died 1917.
Alva Erastus Dowell: PdB 1895.
Alice Elzira Downing: PdB 1894.
Clyde V. Downing: PdB 1904.  Civil engineer.  Address: 16 Robson Place, Kirkwood Sta., Atlanta, Ga.
S. Carrie Downing: PdB 1913.  Supt., Plevna, Mo.
Miley Earl Downs: BS 1921.  Married Susie B. Morris 1918.  Graduate student, Univ. of Mo., 1921-22.  Supt., Bellflower, Mo., 1922-23.
Edwin Oswald Doyle: BSD 1891.  Married Alice Shade 1892.  Principal, Clarence, Mo., 1889-90.  Supt., Shelbina, Mo., 1892.  Prosecuting atty., Randolph Co., Mo., 1901-05.  At present, attorney at law, Moberly, Mo.
Elva Doyle: 1914.  Deceased.
W.N. Doyle: BPD 1872; MAPD 1875. Teacher, Knobnoster, Mo., 1875-76; Edina, Mo., 1877-78.  Founder of Oaklawn College, Novelty, Mo.  Practiced law many years.  Taught in Texas several years.  Address:  Kansas City, Mo.
Lois Melvina Drake:  BS 1922.  Student, Univ. of Mo., 1922-23.  Secretary, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 1923-24.
W.F. Drake: BPD 1872.  Died 1916.
Fred W. Dralle: PdB 1904.  Married Rose L. Terry 1907.  Principal, Monticello, Mo., 1905-07.  Instructor, Industrial School, Butte, Mont., 1908-09.  Supt., Roundup, Mont., 1909-11. Clerk and recorder, Roundup, Mont., 1911-13.  Address: Box 468, Casper, Wyo.
Loretta Della Dralle: PdB 1911; BS 1917.  Teacher and high school principal, Canton, Mo. 1908-18.  Teacher, Junior H.S., 1918-21, Senior H.S., 1921-24, Quincy, Ill.  Address: 108 S. 12th St., Quincy, Ill.
Enoch Marvin Drinkard: BSD 1895.
Alpha May Dudley: BS 1920.  Rural teacher, Mason Co., Mo., 1915-18.  Teacher, South Gifford, Mo., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Missoula, Mont., 1920-21; Martinsville, Mo. 1921-22; Perry, Mo., 1922-24.
Warren Mitchell Duffie: BSD 1894.  (Osteopath, Hamilton, Mo.)
Fanny Dulaney: BSD 1902.
Nora E. Dunham: PdB 1908.  Belfast, Ireland.
Odetta Rea Dunn:  BS 1924.
Bert L. Dunnington: BSD 1902; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1904.  Married Susan Nicholas 1907.  Practice of osteopathy, Springfield, since 1904.  Address: 540 Landers Bldg., Springfield, Mo.
Francis Marshall Durbin: BS 1918-21; S.M., Univ. of Chicago, 1922.  Professor of physics and physiography, K.S.T.C., 1920-24.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Mattie Dutton: PdB 1913.
Claudius Newton Dye: BS 1917.  High school teacher, Bevier, Mo.
Anne Dysart: 1879. Taught 2 yrs. Liberty, Mo.; 1 yr. Oregon, Mo. Teacher, mission school, Matamoras, Mexico, 1882-1904.  Toured Asia, North Africa, Europe.  Returned to Matamoras till 1910.  In Chicago 1 yr., San Benito, Texas several yrs.  Mission work, Austin, Tex., 1919; Morelia, Mexico, 1923-24.  Address: 215 Calzada M. Silva, Morelia, Mexico.


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