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Jean Eames: BSD 1899.
Anna Margaret Earhart: BSD 1901.
Mary Ruth Early: BS 1919.  Teacher, Grand River College, Gallatin, Mo., High school, Novinger,Mo., 1918-19; Okoboji Cons. School, Milford, Iowa, 1919-20; State Teachers College, Maryville, Mo., summer 1920.  Supv. of art, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1920-21.  Teacher, Detroit, Mich., 1921-24.  Address: 315 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich.
Cassius V. Eaton: BSD 1901.  (Shelbyville, Mo.)
Charles L. Ebaugh: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1881.  Principal grade & high schools, Missouri City, Jamesport and Breckenridge, Mo.  Supt., Oregon, Mo.  Grade principal, Mancato, Kan. and Red Cloud, Neb.  High school principal, Carrollton, Mo.  Removed to Washington, D.C.  Clerk in surgeon general’s office, 4 yrs.; general land office; division of accounts, dept. of justice, 25 yrs.  Address: Apt. 41, The New Burne, Washington, D.C.
Robert Lee Eberts: BSD 1892.  Married Millie F. Hill 1901.  High school teacher, Marshall, Mo., 1892-93; Macon, Mo., 1893-94; Plattsburg, Mo. 1894-97.  Hardware merchant, 1897-1913.  Agriculture and stock raising since 1913.  Address: 701 Riley St., Plattsburg, Mo.
Omer Boyd Eddins: BS 1919.  Married Erme M. Anderson 1916.  Rural teacher, Lewis Co., Mo., 1913-16.  Supt., Chariton Co. Mo., 1917.  Hd. Co., Camp Bowie, Tex., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Macon, Mo., 1919-23.
Lena Edelen: BSD 1894; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1911.  Elementary teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1986-1900.  High school teacher, Hot Springs, Ark., 1900-02; Enid, Okla., 1904-06; Kahoka, Mo., 1906-10; Gorin, Mo., 1912-15; Oak Hill, W.Va., 1915-20; Gorin, Mo., 1920-24.
Jennie Edwards: BSD 1886 (from Troy, Mo.)
Samuel Biggerstaff Edwards: BS 1917.
Thomas Edwards: BS 1919; M. Accts., Gem City Bus. College, 1906.  Married S. Edna Chapman 1907. Rural teacher, Kansas, 1902-05.  Bookkeeper, K.C. Electric Light Co., 1907-13.  Principal and asst. office mgr., Curtiss Bus. College, Minneapolis, Minn., 1906-07.  Grade teacher, Green City, Mo., 1913-17.  Supt., Des Moines Township Consol. School, Rolfe, Iowa, 1919-20; Le Roy, Iowa Consol. School, 1920-23.
W.B. Edwards: BSD 1887.
Charles Eiring: BSD 1890.  (from Salisbury, Mo.)
William Eiring: BSD 1889.  (from Salisbury, Mo.)
Carl C. Eisiminger: PdB 1905.  Married Abbie Debord 1910.  Taught in Andrew Co., Mo. schools, 1904-10.  Farmer and stockman, Bolckow, Mo.
Hallie Eisiminger: PdB 1904.  Married Geo. P. Linden (Iliolo, P.I.)
A.G. Elam: PdB 1913.  Married Ada Wright 1910.  Supt., Perry, Mo., 1913-14.  Since 1914, cashier, Peoples Bank, Perry, Mo.
William Samuel Eller: BSD 1894.  Married Sallie B. Ragsdale 1901.  Principal grammar school, Lathrop, Mo., 1895-97; rural school, Audrain Co., Mo., 1897-99; elementary school, Mexico, Mo., 1899-1905.  Since 1905, asst. sec. North Missouri Trust Co., Mexico, Mo.
Olive E. Ellis: PdB 1910.
S.D. Ellis: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1881.  Deceased.
Isabel Ellison: BSD 1889.  Married Captain A.L. Willard 1921.  Address: 2400 16th St., Washington, D.C.
Julia B. Ellison: BSD 1890.  Married Ari J. Hill.  (1029 W. 56th St., Kansas City, Mo.)
Albert Felix Elsea: BS 1917, 1919.  Married Matilda Mahaffey 1914.  Teacher rural schools, Randolph Co., Mo., 1910-13.  Supt., Atlanta, Mo., 1913-14; Novelty, Mo., 1915-19.  Principal, Memphis, Mo., 1919.  Supt., Palmyra, Mo., 1919-22.  Teacher of animal husbandry, Peabody College, 1922-23.  Since 1923, rural school inspector for Northeast Missouri, State Dept. of Education.  Address: 810 E. Scott, Kirksville, Mo.
Matilda Mahaffey Elsea: BS 1922.  Married A.F. Elsea 1914.  Teacher, Goltry, Okla., 1909-14; Novelty, Mo., 1917-19.  High school teacher, Palmyra, Mo. 1919-20.  Graduate student, Peabody College, 1922-23.  Address:  810 E. Scott, Kirksville, Mo.
Sadie M. Elwood: BSD 1902.  Deceased ?
Anna Ely: BSD 1901.  Teacher, Monroe City, 1901-02.  Married John B. Kimes 1905.  Address: Monroe City, Mo.
Buel Ford Enyeart: BS 1924.
Effie Pearl Enyeart: PdB 1908.  High school teacher, Lebanon, Mo., 1908-10; Savannah, Mo., 1910-11.  Married A.P. Shibley 1911.  Address: 667 Hamilton St., El Centro, Cal.
Grace C. Enyeart: PdB 1912.  High school teacher, McGregor, Iowa, 1921-23.  Married A.S. Hill 1912.  Address: Walnut, Iowa.
Nadah Epperson: BS 1923.
Andrew Erickson: BSD 1887.  Formerly Supt., Canon City, Colo.
Alice F. Erwin: BSD 1902.  Married Gibson.  Address: 402 E. McPherson St., Kirksville, Mo.
J.S. Erwin: BAPD 1883.  2613 E. Seventh St., Kansas City, Mo.
Minnie Agnes Essig: BS 1920. Teacher, Cincinnati, Iowa, 1920-21; Salisbury, Mo., 1921-24.  Address: Glasgow, Mo.
George Everett Estes: BS 1924.
Leota Eubanks: 1914.
M. Leolin Eubanks: 1914.
Aida Evans: BS 1897.  Married Buckmaster.
Bertha Evans: BSD 1902.  112 Lincoln St., Denver, Colo.
Ella Evans: BSD 1886.
Ella Evans: BSD 1900.
Minnie May Evans: BSD 1898.  Married Will Boat.  St. Louis, Mo.
Nellie Matilda Evans: BSD 1892; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1901.  Osteopathic physician, Miami, Fla.
Thomas Mason Evans: BSD 1901.  Physician.  Chemical Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
Garnett Alberta Everett: BS 1923.  Teacher, Harve, Mont., 1923-24.
Jessie May Ewing: BS 1919.


Anna E. Fahrni: PdB 1913. High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1919-14.  Married Dr. Arthur S. Hollis 1914.  Address: 215 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.
Eugene Fair: PdB 1901; AB Univ. of Mo., 1904; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1909; PhD, Columbia Univ., 1923.  Married Alta Lorenz 1903.  High school teacher, Murphysboro, Ill., 1904-05. Professor of history, 1906-16, & Professor of political science, 1916 to date, K.S.T.C.  Taught ½ year in Univ. of Mo., 1918, and summer term 1916, Peabody College.  Member State Legislature from Adair County, 1921-22.  President, N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn, 1920-21.  Vice-president, Mo. State Teachers Assn, 1922-23.  Address: 808 E. Washington, Kirksville, Mo.
Fred Fair: BSD 1897.  Married Nellie A. Miller 1903.  Principal, Spickard, Mo., 1897-99; Allterton, Iowa, 1899-1901; Hale, Mo., 1901-02; Jamesport, Mo., 1902-06.  Admitted to Bar, 1905.  Practiced law at Jamesport, Gallatin and Marshall, Mo.  Prosecuting atty, Daviess Co., Mo., 1 term.  Address: Marshall, Mo.
Earl LeRoy Farmer: BS 1924.
John Goode Farmer: AB 1915.
Ruby Farmer (Mrs.): BS 1921.  High school teacher, Downing, Mo., 1917-18.  Supt., Atlanta, Mo., 1918-20.  High school principal, Downing, Mo., 1921-22.  Married Earl Farmer 1920.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Emily Isabel Farris: BS 1924.  High school teacher, Macomb, Ill.
Andrew Samuel Faulkner: BSD 1898.  Died 1923.
Emmeline A. Fee: BSD 1893.  Gray, Okla.
W. Brice Fell: PdB 1912.  Married Fanny Violet Steiner at Philadelphia, Pa., 1920.  High school principal, Greenville, Mo., 1907-08.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1911-12.  At Univ. of Chicago Law School, 1912-14.  Two years in U.S. Navy during war; instructor in Fuel Oil School, League Island, Philadelphia, 1918-19, researched, wrote and delivered 25 lectures on Petroleum which have become a Navy textbook on subject; released April 1919 as Chief Petty Officer; discharged July 1920.  Since 1919, farmer and stock raiser, Reynolds, Ill.
Nellie Fenn: PdB 1907.  Primary teacher, 1898-1906, 1907-24, Joplin, Mo.
Matthias Callaway Ferguson: PdB 1907.
W.C. Ferell: BAPD 1876.  News writer, correspondent and lawyer.  Address: 2123 Downing St., Denver, Colo.
Mary Ann Fidler: BS 1917.  Supv. home economics, Ironwood, Mich.
Thurba Fidler: BS 1917; AM, Peabody College, 1918.  Rural teacher, 1905-11.  Junior high teacher, Hannibal Mo., 1911-12.  Model rural school instructor, 1914-17, Professor of Rural Education, 1918-22, and Professor of Geography, since 1922, K.S.T.C.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Jennie Fields: 1916.
Bertha Fife: 1916.
Ava Zea Finegan: PdB 1906.  Teacher, Eagleville, Mo., 1906-07; Prosser, Wash., 1907-08; South Bend, Wash, 1908-10.  High school teacher, Caney, Kan., 1911-13.  Married C.G. Gaberdiel 1913.  Address: Rt. 4, Hutchinson, Kan.
Clive M. Finegan: PdB 1911; AB 1913.  Married Ida May Primm 1918.  Grade teacher, Foraker, Okla. 1911-12.  Principal, Bellflower, Mo., 1912-13.  High school teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1913-14; Rockford, Ill., 1914-16.  Bookkeeper, Madison Gas & Elec. Co., Madison, Wis., 1919-20.  Secretary St. Joseph Gas Co., St. Joseph, Mo., since 1921.  Address: St. Joseph Gas Co., St. Joseph, Mo.
Ida May Finegan: BSD 1899.  Married Abner Jones.  Died 1906.
Ina V. Finegan: PdB 1913; AB 1914.  High school teacher, Ridgeway, Mo., 1914-17.  Married Jessie T. Whisler 1917.  Address: Ridgeway, Mo.
Vera Finegan: PdB 1907; AB 1914.  Associate professor of commerce, K.S.T.C., 1912-19.  Married J.C. Williams 1918.  Address: Arlington Heights, Ill.
H.A. Fink: BAPD 1878.  Deceased.
Emmitt S. Finley: BS 1920.  Married Bessie Thomas of Madison, Mo. 1922.  Teacher rural schools, Monroe Co., Mo., 1915-16.  Supt., Pollock, Mo., 1917-18.  Army service, Fort Sheridan, Ill. and Camp Taylor, Ky., 1918; 2d Lt. Field Artillery.  Supt., Prairie Hill, Mo., 1919-22.  Representative, Ginn & Co., 1922-24.  Address: 326 Cherry St., Chillicothe, Mo.
Clarence M. Fish: PdB 1911.  Died 1918.
Elsie M. Fish: PdB 1910; BS 1915.  Teacher, Lucerne, Mo., 1911-12.  Married Stephen Blackhurst 1915.  Address: Shelbina, Mo.
Melvin E. Fish: PdB 1912; AB 1913.  Married Octa Hill 1915.  Attended Univ. of Mo. 1 year.  Supt., Mound City, Kan., 1919-23, Lemons, Mo., 1923-24.
Earnest Lee Fisher: BS 1921.  Married Bessie Steele 1915.  Rural teacher, 1913-15.  Supt., Reger, Mo., 1915-17.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1918-19.  Supt., Knox City, Mo., 1919-20; La Belle, 1920-23; Edina, Mo., 1923-24.
G.W. Fisher: BSD 1887.
Marcy Carmen Fisher: BSD 1902.  Address: 2500 Riverside Road S., Richmond, Va.
Mary Marguerite Fisher: BSD 1894.
Verna Deane Fisher: BS 1923.
Hazel Fletcher: BS 1918.  High school teacher, Centralia, Mo., 1916-18.  High school principal, Montgomery City, Mo., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Shelbina Mo., 1919-20, 1921-22. Teacher, 1920-21, 1922-23; elementary principal, 1923-24, Brawley, Cal.  Address: Brawley, Cal.
Vinita Flinchpaugh: BS 1924.
Julia M. Foght: PdB 1912.  Married Charles T. Osborne.
Jennie Foglesong: PdB 1905.
Alice Foncanon: BSD 1900.  Married G.W. Deegan.  Died 1923.
Dorothea Caroline Foncanon: BSD 1895.  Married Dr. E.C. Grim 1903.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Grace Foncanon: PdB 1909.  Music and art supv., Kirksville, Mo., 1909-11; Imperial, Cal., 1911-13.  Married, H.W. Brewer, Jr. 1912.  Address: Escondido, Cal.
Mayme A. Foncanon: BSD 1897; MPd 1903; DO, Am School of Osteopathy, 1899.  High school teacher, Aberdeen, S.D., 1903-04; Kirksville, Mo., 1905-08.  Since 1908, asst. to Dr. Grim in charge of x-ray and laboratory, Grim Smith Hospital, Kirksville, Mo.
Grace Fones: PdB 1907.  Married Goddard.
Charles Victor Ford: BS 1918.  Married Reba W. Lewis 1918.  Supt., Sheridan, Mo., 1922-23.
James Everett Ford: PdB 1904.
John Raymond Ford: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Hale, Mo.
Goldie Forrest: 1915.  Married Weber.  Supt., De Witt, Mo.
Sue Forsythe: BAPD 1874.  Married Eaton.  Address: Shelbyville, Mo.
Asa Dillard Foster: BSD 1898.
C.E. Foster: BAPD 1880; MAPT 1883.
Gladys Fowler: BS 1916.  Home: Edina, Mo.
Philip J. Fowler: PdB 1911.  Married Ruth Sanders 1914.  County supt., Adair Co., Mo., since 1915.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Leon Fraizer: PdB 1904; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1915; AB., Univ. of Wyo., 1916.  Married Ella Holman 1906.  Mbr. of Bar but not practicing.  Supt, Glenrock, Wyo., 1906-10; Newcastle, Wyo., 1910-14; Torrington, Wy., 1916-21; Sunrise, Wyo., since 1921.
Frank Lloyd France: BS 1922.  Professor of manual arts, State Teachers College, Kirksville, Mo., 1921-24.
Ida Frankland: BAPD 1882.
S.T. Frazier: PdB 1911.
Love Frederick (Mrs.): BS 1922.
Julia Emma Freeland: BSD 1894.  Grade teacher, La Belle, Mo., 1894-95; Valley, Neb., 1896-98.  High school teacher, Valley, Neb., 1901-03.  Teacher, Omaha, Neb., 1903-06.  High school teacher, Shelbina, Mo., 1917-22.  Married L.L. Byars (died 1911) 1906.  Address: Shelbina, Mo.
Lena Fuller: PdB 1906.  Married H. Pollard.  Address: Chandler, Ariz.
Nelle Fuller: PdB 1907.  Married Desert.  Address: Mosine, Wis.
Wayne R. Fuller: PdB 1913; BS 1913; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1916.  Married Elizabeth K. Uhe 1920.  High school teacher, Palmyra, Mo., 1913-14.  Principal, Dexter, Mo., 1914-15.  Asst. in chemistry, Univ. of Mo., 1916-17.  Sergeant, U.S. Army, 1918-19.  At present, mgr. Industrial sales, Pratt & Lambert, Inc.  Address: 88 Dakota St., Buffalo, N.Y.
Arthur Lee Funk: 1916.
Ebbert Arl Funk: PdB 1907; MPd 1910; AB 1911.  Married Emma Selby 1910.  Principal, New Cambria, Mo., 1907-08; Benton School, Kirksville, Mo., 1909-10.  Supt., Hazen, Ark., 1910-12.  High school principal, Caney, Kan., 1912-17.  Principal junior high school, 1917-24, & senior high school, 1924-25, Arkansas City, Kan.
Eugene E. Funk: BSD 1897.  Died 1910.
Ella Funk: BSD 1887.  Address: Gower, Mo.
Florence Hunter Funk: PdB 1906, 1912; MPd 1907; BS 1917.  Principal Greenwood School, Kirksville, Mo.
George R. Funk: BSD 1888; LLB, Univ. of Ore.  City Auditor, Portland, Ore.
Georgie Funk: BSD 1887.  Married J.W. Meyers.  Address: Gower, Mo.
Kate Funk: BSD 1886. Junior high school principal, Deer Lodge, Mont., 1891-94, 1897-1902.  Married J.M. Simpson 1886.  Address: 115 Alice Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Lisse Funk: BSD 1888.  Address: 804 S. Franklin, Kirksville, Mo.
Earl A. Funkhouser: PdB 1911; BS 1920.
Maggie Furtney: BSD 1896.


Hetty Lee Galbreath: BS 1922.  Married Ralph Moore 1922.
James Lewis Gallatin: BSD 1897; BS 1920.  Supt., Ludlow, Mo., 1922-24.
Edith Gamble: BS 1922.
Beulah A. Gammon: PdB 1912.
Alma Humphrey Gardner (Mrs.): BS 1923.  Home: Maywood, Mo.
Marion Frances Gardner: 1914.  Married Dr. Roy Blackwell.
Roy L. Gardner: PdB 1902; AB, Univ. of Iowa, 1907.  Married Lenore Lecky 1907.  High school principal, Montezuma, Iowa and Lander, Wyo.  County supt., Wapello Co., Iowa, 6 yrs.  At present, supt., Eldon, Iowa.
Nannie Garratt: BSD 1886.
John P. Gass: PdB 1908.  Married Emma Shell 1875.  Teacher, Mexico, Mo., H.S., 1875-79, 1886-88.  Principal, Paynesville, Mo., 1880-86.  Supt., Fulton, Mo., 1888-97.  Principal, Broadway School, Sedalia, Mo., 1897-1908.  Supt., Sedalia, 1908.20.  Retired 1920 after 45 yrs. continuous school work.  Address: 118 W. Seventh St., Sedalia, Mo.
Ada Gentry: 1915.
Esther Gentry: 1915.
Fannie Gentry: BSD 1890; MSD 1894.  Married Lobban.  Address: San Antonio, Tex.
Frankie Gentry: 1915.
Mary B. Gentry: PdB 1912.  High school teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1912-14; Carrollton, Mo., 1914-15; Slater, Mo., 1915-16.  Married Eugene S. Briggs 1914.  Address: 1239 E. Eighth St., Okmulgee, Okla.
Mary Lavinia Gerard:  BSD 1891.  Shelbina, Mo.
George Gex: BSD 1890.
Sallie Gex: BSD 1888.  Married D.L. Roberts.  Died 1902.
Walter W. Gibbany: PdB 1913; MPd 1903; BJ, Univ. of Mo., 1921; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1922.  High school inspector, State Dept. of Education, Jefferson City, Mo.
Francis J. Gibbons: BSD 1902. Assayer and mining engr., Cortland, Ariz.
Mabel Gibbons: BSD 1899; MPd 1903; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1916.  High school teacher, Edina, Mo., 1902-03; Hamilton, Mo., 1905-06; Webb City, Mo., 1907-11.  Since 1916, osteopath, 616 Traders Bank Bldg., Scranton, Pa.
Estelle Gibson: PdB 1906.  Married Wm. Paul.  Address: Oakhurst, Cal.
Hazel N. Gibson: PdB 1910.  (Elsberry, Mo.)
Le Nell Gibson: 1914.
Maude Gibson: BS 1920.
Myra B. Gibson (Mrs.): BS 1923.  High school teacher, La Plata, Mo., 1923-24.
Jasper Hugh Gilbert: BS 1920.  Married Gladys Longmire 1921.  Principal, Washington School, Kirksville, Mo., 1919-20.  High school principal, Slater, Mo., 1920-22.  Since 1922, teacher, East High School, Des Moines, Iowa.  Address: 2433 Capital Ave., Des Moines, Iowa.
Logan M. Gilbreath: BS 1919.  Music supv., La Plata, Mo., 1915-19; Caney, Kan., 1919-22.  Since 1922, asst. in music dept., St. Joseph, Mo. Address:  Martland Apts., St. Joseph, Mo.
Lura Gilbreath: PdB 1904.  Married W.O. Daniel 1909.  Address: La Plata, Mo.
Mabel Gilhousen: BSD 1901. Deceased.
Alta Lee Gill: BSD 1901.  Married I.E. Taylor.  (Waupaca, Wis.)
Meta Gill: PdB 1911.  Librarian, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1910-17.  Married E.J. Pierce 1917.  Address: Mt. Vernon, Wash.
Serelda Gilstrap: BAPD 1877; MAPT 1880.  Teacher in Clay County Seminary, Liberty, Mo., 1877-78.  Asst. principal, Liberty, Mo., 1878-79.  Teacher, Oregon, Mo., 1879-81.  Book reviewing for 15 years following 1882; lined the text of the Bankside edition of Shakespeare, 1891.  Charter member, Woodland Shakespeare Club 1885; president, 1896-1900.  President Woodlawn Improvement Club 1905.  Trustee of Woodlawn Library Bd since 1915.  Married C.W. Thomas 1879.  Address: Woodland, Cal.
Robert Meade Ginnings:  BSD 1893; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1904; MS, Univ. of Chicago, 1908.  Married Cora Childress 1896.  High school principal, Gallatin, Mo., 1898-1900.  High school teacher, Hannibal, Mo. 1902-03.  Assc. prof. of math, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1903-09.  Head of math dept., Western Ill. State Teachers College, 1909 to date.  Chairman math section, Western Branch Ill. State Teachers Assn, 1921-23.  Address: 314 N. Ward St., Macomb, Ill.
Ennis Hubert Gipson: BSD 1900; LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1908.  Married Eloise Duty 1908.  County atty., Sayre, Okla., 1909-13.  Judge, 1913-14.  Asst. Attorney-General and atty. for State Banking Dept., 1916.  Adj. Gen. and draft executive, 1917-18, State of Okla.  Member Texas Legislature, 1923-24.  Address: Wichita Falls, Tex.
Joseph Glenn Glascock: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Renick, Mo., 1917-18; Glenwood, Mo., 1920-21; Huntsville, Mo., 1921-22; Columbia, Mo., 1923-24.
Cecil R. Glaves: BS 1918.  High school teacher, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
Bertha Goetze: BS 1921.  Music teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1921-22.  Student, Univ. of Montana, 1922.  Address: 219 S. Clark St., Moberly, Mo.
Senta M. Goldberg: PdB 1909.  Married John Titsworth.  San Francisco, Cal.
Emory L. Gooch: BS 1917.  Married Zelma Doyle 1921.  Rural teacher, Audrain Co., Mo., 1911-14.  High school principal, Glasgow, Mo., 1915-17; Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1917-18.  Pvt,, Enl. Ordnance Corps, 1918-19.  Since 1919, high school principal, Maplewood, Mo.  Address: 7132 Tremont St., St. Louis, Mo.
C.T. Goodale: PdB 1904.  Married H. Blanche Goodale 1906.  Principal, Gorin Academy, Gorin, Mo., 1904-06.  Supt., Cape Girardeau, Mo., 1906-07.  High school principal, Harlan, Iowa, 1907-09.  Teacher, Westport H.S., Kansas City, Mo.  Address: Rt. 2, Eastwood Hills, Kansas City, Mo.
J.A. Goodwin: BSD 1899; BS 1914.  Married Maude Otto 1899.  Supt., Ridgeway, Mo., 1914-17; Emmett, Idaho, 1917-20; Haines, Ore., 1920-23.  Member of board for revising State Couse of Study in Idaho.  Delegate to propose needed legislation in Oregon.  Address:  Kirksville, Mo.
Benjamin Franklin Gordon: BSD 1894.
Lola Dalph Gordon: BS 1920.  Supv., Ophelia Parrish School, Kirksville, 1922-24.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Orville E. Gordon: BS 1920.  Principal, Willard School, Kirksville, Mo. 1912-18.  Army service, 2nd Lieut., Qtr. Master Corps, Apr.-Dec. 1918. Superintendent, Salisbury, Mo., 1919-24. President Community Teachers Assn, 1920-21; Mbr Executive Committee, N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn, 1922.  Married Adah Epperson 1922.
Lina Gore: BSD 1894.  (Paris, Mo.)
Shirley Gorrell: PdB 1913.  Married C.M. Wise 1913.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Willard Goslin: BS 1922.  High school principal, 1922-23, & Supt., 1923-24, Slater, Mo.
Leo G. Gosser: BS 1923.  At Univ. of Chicago.
Fannie Graer: BSD 1886.
Lloyd Juan Graham: BS 1919.  Married Nellie C. Madsen 1917.  Supt., Baring, Mo., 1917-18.  High school principal, Brookfield, Mo., 1918-19.  Student asst., Univ. of Mo., 1919-20.  Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Culver-Stockton College.  Address: 916 Clark St., Canton, Mo.
Otto Everett Graham: BS 1920.  Married Cordonna Hays of Kahoka, Mo. 1917.  Supv. of music, Waukegan, Ill.
Lila Ruth Grainger: BS 1923.  Home: Baring, Mo.
James Wallace Graves: BS 1917, 1919.  High school teacher, Richmond, Mo.
Claudia Marie Gray: BS 1918; AB, Marvin College, 1913.  Grade school teacher, Palmyra, Mo., 1916-17.  High school teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1917-19, 1921-to date.  Married James O. Marschall 1919.  Address: 1314 Bird St., Hannibal, Mo.
Helen Grant Gray: PdB 1911; BS 1918, 1921.  Asst. librarian, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1920-23.  Since 1923, Librarian, State Teachers College, Greenville, N.C.
Irma Mary Gray: PdB 1911; AB 1915.
Addie M. Green: BAPD 1897.  High school teacher, St. Joseph, Mo.  Substitute teacher, N.Y. City.  Married Brittian (deceased).  Address: 15 Livingston Ave., Yonkers, N.Y.
Edna Green: BS 1918.  Grade teacher and music supv., Iowa, 1904-07; Unionville, Mo., 1907-15.  Teacher, 1917-24, and since 1920, director of Fine Arts, K.S.T.C.  Address: 514 E. Normal Ave., Kirksville, Mo.
Harry L. Green: BSD 1897.  Lawyer, Kansas City, Mo.
Rosalie Green: BS 1923.  High school teacher since 1917, Hannibal Mo.
T. Jennie Green: BSD 1891; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1901; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1903.  High school principal, Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1895-98.  Teacher of Greek and science, Christian College, 1901-03.  Since 1903, Professor of Latin, K.S.T.C..  Student, Univ. of Chicago, 1909-11 (fellowship in Latin 1910-11).  Address: 705 E. Normal Ave., Kirksville, Mo.
Susie Greenleaf: BSD 1890.
Ada M. Greenwood: BAPD 1881; MPd 1904.  Teacher, Manual Training H.S., Kansas City, 1904-08; Westport H.S., Kansas City, 1903-to date.  Married W.H. MacLaughin (died 1904) 1883.  Address: 1019 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo.
Mary C. Greenwood: BSD 1901.  Married S.J. Miller (died). Address: 316 N. Elson, Kirksville, Mo.
Thelma Gregory: BS 1923.  Home: Memphis, Mo.
Ottie Minerva Greiner: BSD 1920; BS 1920.  Elementary teacher, Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Griffith: BSD 1884.
Madison Griffith: BS 1924.
W.W. Griffith: BSD 1885; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1895; MS, Univ. of Mo., 1900.  Married Mill A. Richmond 1888.  Rural teacher then principal, Strother, Mo., H.S.  Supt., Hamilton, Mo., 2 yrs; Chillicothe, Mo., 3 yrs.  Instructor, Univ. of Mo., 1895-1901.  Since 1902, Supt., Ferguson, Mo.
Beulah Griffin: BS 1924.
Ezra Clarence Grim: BSD 1895; MD, Washington Univ., St. Louis, 1901.  Married Dorothea C. Foncannon 1903.  Principal ward school, Brookfield, Mo., since 1902.  Capt. Medical Corps, 1918-19.  Address: Grim-Smith Hospital, Kirksville, Mo.  [transcriber’s note: Selby omitted at least one line from his notes when typing Grim’s data; this should read: “Principal Ward school, Brookfield, Mo., 1895-97; medical practice, Kirksville, Mo., since 1902.]
Georgia R. Grimes: AB 1915.
Gladys Grimes: BS 1924.
James Harvey Grove: BSD 1884; MSD 1896; AM, Baylor Univ., 1903.  Died 1922.
William D. Grove: BSD 1885; MSD 1892.
Mary R. Grubbs: BS 1921.  Grade teacher, Centralia, Mo., 1913-15; Moberly, Mo., 1916-20.  High school teacher, Excelsior Springs, 1921-24; Kansas City, Mo., 1924-25.
Sarah Sirus Gunnels: BS 1918.  Home: Elmer, Mo.
Benjamin F. Guthrie: BSD 1893.
Casey Garnett Guthrie: BS 1924.
Churchill Phillips Guthrie: BSD 1891.
F.W. Guthrie: BAPD 1882; MSD 1884.  Address: Los Angeles, Cal.
J.A. Guttery: MAPT 1882.  Lawyer, Pomona, Cal.
Grace Guy: PdB 1909.  Married C.M. Weyand.  Address: 17 Avenue du Marechal Joffre, Nanterre (Seine), Paris, France.
Walter Neal Guymon: BS 1922.
Hugh Joe Gwyn: BS 1922.  Principal, Holliday, Mo., 1917.  With 4th Brigade, U.S. Marines, 1918-19; Rhine River patrol, 7 months.  Supt., Holliday, Mo., 1920.  Since 1922, High school teacher, Clinton, Mo.


Clara Habermeyer: PdB 1911.
John Herman Haferkamp: BS 1920.  High school teacher, Marathon, Iowa, 1920-21. High school principal, Wentzville, Mo., 1921-22.  Since 1922, high school teacher, Lake Park, Iowa.
Bessie E. Hale: PdB 1905.  Married Loetz.
Helen Halliburton: BAPD 1874.  Married Sam McReynolds.  Died 1924.
Blanche Hall: BSD 1900.
Manlove Hall: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1889.  Teacher, Trenton, Mo., several yrs.  Admitted to Mo. Bar.  Candidate for Gentry Co. Treasurer, 1890.  Address: unknown.
Nellie Bell Hall: BS 1924.
Wannee A. Hall:  BSD 1901.  Teacher, Trenton, Mo., 1903-10, 1921-23.  Married Earl Gillaspie 1908.  Address: 700 W. 10th St., Trenton, Mo
Hortense Elizabeth Halladay: BS 1923.  Married Bert Grassle 1923.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
C.W. Haman: BSD 1889.
Lula E. Hamilton: AB 1914. Teacher, Connelsville, Mo., 1910-11.  Supv. of Music, Hinton, Okla., 1912-13, 1915-16.  High school principal, Larchwood, Iowa, 1918-19; Fairview, Ia., 1919-21; Providence, Ia. since 1921.  Married Dr. M.H. DeGraff 1916.   Address: Sulphur Springs, Iowa.
Robert Emmett Hamilton: BSD 1900; MPd 1903; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1904; OphD, Am. College of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, 1921.  Married Katherine McMurry 1903.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1900-01.  Principal, Washington School, Kirksville, 1901-02.  Teacher, 1904-07, 1914-18; Registrar, 1907-08; Dean, 1908-11; A.S.O. Teacher & surgeon, A.S.O. & A.S.O. Specialty Hospital, 1919-22. Practiced osteopathy, 1911-14, 1922-24.  Address: 203 W. Jefferson, Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Katherine Hammond: BSD 1891.
Jean Hanks: BS 1921.  Grade teacher, Mapleton, Ia., 1917-19; Irving School, Tulsa, Okla., 1919-21.  High school teacher, Sparland, Ill., since 1921.
Frank Wisdom Hannah: BSD 1890; MSD 1893; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1897; MD, Med. College of Ind., 1902.  Married Minnie E. Hillerman 1919.  High school principal, Kirksville, Mo., 1889-91.  Supt., Clarence, Mo., 1891-92; Lancaster, Mo., 1893-94; Milan, Mo., 1894.  Practicing physician since 1897.  President, Natl. Osteopathic Assn., 1889-1900.  Address: 512 I.O.O.F. Bldg.; residence, 3616 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind.
Mattie Hannah: BSD 1887.  Married U.G. Humphreys (deceased).
Paul Lacey Hardesty: PdB 1913; AB 1915.  With Union Trust Co., Chicago, Ill.  Address: Greenwood Inn, Evanston, Ill.
Ben T. Hardin: BAPD 1875.  Teacher several years, New London and Kansas City, Mo.  Present profession, lawyer.  Address: 717 Title and Guaranty Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
Jessie Harding: PdB 1913.  Married B.W. Cook.  San Francisco, Cal.
Ada Lee Harlan: BSD 1897.  Died 1910.
Myrtle Della Harlan: BSD 1897; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1900.  Taught in Frankford, Mo.  Practiced osteopathy, Cleveland, Ohio.  Married Dr. Clarence Vincent Kerr 1906.  Address: 1946 E. 82 St., Cleveland, Ohio.
August Harman: BSD 1896.  (Greencastle, Mo.)
Ada O. Harmon: PdB 1903.
Nettie E. Harmon (Mrs.): BS 1924.
Mary “Mayme” Harrington: BSD 1893.  Graduate Sloyd School, Chicago, Ill, 1902.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo. 1893-94.  Married Horace G. Schwarz (died 1899), Chicago, 1895.  Supv. of Manual Arts, State Normal School, Mankato, Minn., 1902-13.  Teacher, Minneapolis, Minn., 1913-14.  Home: 608 E. Normal Ave., Kirksville, Mo.
Ertle Leslie Harrington: PdB 1907.
Grace May Harris: PdB 1907.  Primary teacher, Bartlesville, Okla. 1907-11.  Married J.S. Lovell 1912.  Address: 2223 Lasker, Waco, Texas.
Mary Josephine Harris: BS 1920.  High school teacher, La Belle, Mo., 1921-23.  Married Coder 1923.  Address: La Belle, Mo.
Vesta Lorene Harris: BS 1922.
Arlie Esther Harrison: BS 1918.  High school teacher, New Hampton, Mo., 1918-20.  Married Robert C. King, 1920.  Address: Maitland, Mo.
Thelma Burdette Harrison: BS 1922.  High school teacher, 1922-23; Junior high school teacher, 1923-25, Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Belle Hart: BS 1924.
H. Clay Harvey: BSD 1888; MPd 1892; BS, Pritchett College, 1894; MS, Pritchett College, 1896.  High school teacher, Richmond., Mo. 1888-90.  Attended Univ. of Mich., 1890-92.  High school principal, Nevada, Mo., 1892-93. Principal, Wooden Institute, Richmond, Mo., 1893-94.  Head of mathematics dept., Prichett College, Glasgow, Mo., 1894-1900.  Head of mathematics dept., K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1900-12.  Supt., McAllen, Texas, 1914-17.  Since 1917, engaged in real estate business.  Attended Harvard Univ., 1903-04; traveled and studied in European schools, 1908.  Address: 920 Forest Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Lizzie Harvey: BSD 1890.  Deceased.
E.H. Hatch: BAPD 1881.
Jessie Bird Hatcher: BSD 1895.  (Shelbyville, Mo.)
May Hatfield: BS 1920; AB, Mo. Wesleyan, 1917.  High school teacher, Ridgeway, Mo., 1918-20; Windsor, Mo., 1920-21. Principal, Golden City, Mo, 1921-23.  Teacher, Rockford, Iowa, since 1923.  Address: Windsor, Mo.
Della Havenor: PdB 1908.  Asst. librarian, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1908-10.  Student, Univ. of Colo., 1912-13.  Partner in general merchandise store, Coleman, Mo., 1914-20.  Bookkeeper since 1920.  Address: 747 E. Elm St., Springfield, Mo.
Edna Hawkins: PdB 1906.  Teacher, Hammond, Ind., 1906-07; Irving School, St. Louis, Mo., 1907-09.  Married Dr. A.C. McDaniel 1909.  Address: 1744 Fifth Ave., Oakland, Cal.
Kate Bell Hawkins: BSD 1895.  (from Paris, Mo.)
George L. Hawkins: BSD 1901; AB 1904; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1908.  Married Vena Hennon 1906.  Supt., Festus, Mo., 1901-04.  High school principal, Webster Groves, Mo., 1905-07.  Principal Oak Hill School, St. Louis, Mo., 1907 to date.  Professor of American History, Harris Teachers College, St. Louis.  Address: 459 Fairview Ave., Webster Groves, Mo.
Stanley Irwin Hayden: BS 1924.  Supt., Kahoka, Mo.
Alfred Willis Hayes: BS 1921.  Married Gwendolyn Mitchell 1922.  High school principal, Tipton, Okla., 1920-21; Hallsville, Mo., 1921-22.  Supt., Middle Groves, Mo., since 1922.
Herman Guy Hayes: BS 1918.
Nellie June Hayner: BS 1922; AA, Howard-Payne College, 1919.  Elementary teacher, Marshalltown, Iowa, 1922-24.
Edna Opal Hays: PdB 1911; BS 1915.  Married Robert Schell (died 1918) 1917.  Grade teacher, Novinger, Mo., 1911-12.  High school teacher, Kahoka, Mo., 1912-14.  Teacher of commerce, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1914-15, 1919.  High school teacher, Kirksville, 1916; Butler, Mo., 1916-17.  Grade teacher, Kirksville, since 1922.  Address: 1002 E. McPherson, Kirksville, Mo.
Thomas Alonzo Hays: BSD 1892.
Fannie Heald: BSD 1889.  Married L.M. Ottofy.  (5228 Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Mo.)
Lillian Hunter Heald: BSD 1891.  Asst. principal, Mound City, Mo., 1891-93; Kirkwood, Mo., 1893-95.  Married J. Richmond 1895.  Address: 7343 Myrtle Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Nina Heald: BSD 1890.  Married Arthur McClure 1891.  Chairman Home Economics, St. Charles, Mo., 1919-23.  Address: O’Fallon, Mo.
O.E. Heaton: PdB 1905; AB, Whitworth College, 1918.  Married Anna Kinech 1911.  Teacher, Davenport Wash., 1906-07.  Prinicpal, Harrington, Wash., 1907-16; Cooper School, Spokane, Wash., 1916-22; Hamilton School, Spokane, 1922-present.  Address: 3419 W. Cora St., Spokane, Wash.
Henry Edgar Heinberg: PdB 1911; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1916; AM, Univ. of Mo. 1919.  Married Ethyl Pearl Kent 1911.  Rural teacher 1906-07.  Principal, Luray, Mo., 1907-08; Green City, Mo., 1909-11.  High school teacher, Caney, Kan., 1911-12.  Supt., La Belle, Mo., 1914-16; Weston, Mo. 1917-20.  Since 1920, teacher at Westport H.S., Kansas City, Mo.  Address: 4401 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Blanche Heininger: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Lewis, Iowa, 1923-24.
Elizabeth Blanche Heiny: BSD 1891.  Supervisor, State Normal School, Milwaukee, Wis.
Frank Raymond Heiny: BSD 1897.  Osteopath, Greensboro, N.C.
Gertrude Heller: PdB 1903; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1918.  High school teacher, Albany, Mo., 1909-12; Lancaster, Mo., 1912-16; Vandalia, Mo., 1918-20; Flat River, Mo., since 1920.
Myrtle Helm: PdB 1911.
Davella Hendricks: BSD 1900.  (from Monroe City)
Eliza J. Henderson: PdB 1913; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1919.  Rural teacher, 1904-06, 1908-09.  Teacher, McFall, Mo., 1909-12. High school teacher, Columbia, Mo., since 1918.  Married Walter W. Gibbany 1914.  Address: 108 S. 6th St., Columbia, Mo.
Clyde Hennon: BSD 1902.  Married Josephine Baeppler, St. Louis, 1908.  Chief Clerk, Special Service Dept., Wabash Railway Co., St. Louis, Mo.
James Cunningham Hennon: BSD 1891.  Married Mary Kathleen Funchess 1893.  Supt. Edgerton, Mo., 1887-88; Meadville, Mo., 1888-89; Birmingham, Mo., 1891-92; Bentonville, Ark., 1892-94, 1907-09, 1919-23; Jacksonville, Texas, 1894-96; Odessa, Mo. 1898-99; Seneca, Mo., 1899-1902; Waterloo, Ill., 1902-03; Pierce City, Mo., 1909-10; Stamps, Ark., 1910-11; Prairie Grove, Ark., 1911-12.  Sulphur Springs, Ark., 1923-24.  City council 2 yrs; with newspaper 1 yr.  Home: Bentonville, Ark.
Vena Hennon: BSD 1901.  Married G.L. Hawkins 1906.  Address: 459 Fairview Ave., Webster Groves, Mo.
Nelson Bollinger Henry: BAPD 1876; MAPT 1879; DD, Charleston College, 1898.  Married Lucretia Thompson (died 1924) 1878.  Teacher, district and village schools, 1870-74.  Supt., Macon, Mo., 1875-76.  H.S. Principal, Oak Ridge, Mo., 1876-78.  Professor of English, Cape Girardeau Normal School, 1878-85.  Professor of Science and Edn., Univ. of N.C. 1885-88.  President Pueblo Collegiate Institute, Pueblo, Colo., 1888-92; Belvue Collegiate Inst., Caledonia, Mo., 1892-94; Marvin College, Fredericktown, Mo., 1895-1902.  Since 1902, Minister M.E. Church South.  Missionary sec. for St. Louis Conference, Supt., Methodist Assembly, Arcadia, Mo., 4 years.  Delegate to General Conf., 1906 and 1910.  Several years on Bd. of Church Extension.  Organized Cape Girardeau Normal Institute of S.E. Mo, 1873. Organized S.E. Mo., Teachers Assn.  Pastor, M.E. Church, Arcadia Mo.
Walter R. Henry: BS 1918, 1923-24.  Rural teacher 1906-13.  Principal, Pollock, Mo., 1913-15.  High school principal, 1915-16; Supt., 1916-19, Green City, Mo.  Married Ruth Parsons 1916.  Supt., Shelbina Mo., 1919-23.  Member Executive Comm, N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn, 1919-20.  Address: Green City, Mo.
T.L. Herbert: BAPD 1880.  Address: Penryn Cal.
Charles A. Heryford: PdB 1903.  (from Hale, Mo.)
Jacob Irving Hess: BS 1921.  Married Elizabeth Reynolds 1911.  Supt., Hunnewell, Mo., 1920-22; Wheeling, Mo., 1922-23.  Address: Rt. 6, Macon, Mo.
Frank Heyd: BSD 1902.  Died 1924.
Jacob Wilhelm Heyd: BSD 1900; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1903; PhM, Univ. of Chicago, 1908.  Married Flora M. Schlierholz 1905.  Principal, Dadeville Academy, Dadeville, Mo., 1903-04.  Professor of Modern Languages, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1905-20.  Sec-Treas., Frank Heyd & Co., Builders and Contractors, Tillamook, Ore., 1920-24.  Professor, K.S.T.C., 1924-25.
Emilie Hickerson: AB 1916; AB, Central College for Women.  High school teacher, Moberly, Mo., since 1916.  Address: 315 S. William St., Moberly, Mo.
Lula Hicks: PdB 1908.
Zella L. Higbee: PdB 1910.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1910-16.  Married Dr. Ralph S. Crum 1916.  Address: 55 Wentz St., Tiffin, Ohio.
Homer A Higgins: BSD 1896.  Supt., Kahoka, Mo. 1896-1901.  High school principal, Centerville, Iowa, 1901-02.  Married Olive McDaniel of Kahoka 1902.  Farm loans, abstracts and insurance, Milan, Mo., since 1902.  Sec’y Milan Bd. of Edn. since 1917.  Address: Milan, Mo.
Joseph Vincent Robert Hilgert: BS 1916.  Home: Kimmswick, Mo.
Ambrose S. Hill: PdB 1913, 1918.  Married Grace Enyeart 1912.  Supt., Green City, Mo., 1912-16; Shelbyville, Mo., 1916-20; McGregor, Iowa, 1921-23.  Address: Walnut, Iowa.
Anna C. Hill: BSD 1895.  Married Wright.
Essie Hill: BSD 1900; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1911; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  High school teacher, California, Mo., 1911-14; Moberly, Mo. 1915-17; Little Rock, Ark., since 1917.  Address:  1424 Louisiana St., Little Rock, Ark.
Olivia D. Hill: PdB 1909.  Married T.A. Costolow 1914.  Address: 3930 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo.
Georgia Lamkin Hitch: BS 1923.  Home: Palmyra, Mo.
Jesse S. Hitch: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo., 1920-22.  Married C.E. Withers 1922.  Address: Withers Mill, Mo.
Orval Glenn Hocker: BS 1920.  U.S. Navy 1918.  High school teacher, Shelbyville, Mo., 1920.  Supt., Gilliam, Mo., 1921-23.  Principal, Unionville, Mo., 1923-24.
Dorothy Hodgdon: BS 1923.  Home: Webster Groves, Mo.  Married Dr. Gerald Bartholomew.
Arthur A. Hoech: PdB 1911; BS, Central Wesleyan, 1907; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1918.  Married Elsie Aydelott (died 1921) 1908.  Supt., Bellflower, Mo., 1907-08; Warrenton, Mo., 1912-13; Bellflower, 1913-16; Wellsville, Mo., 1916-18.  High school principal, Maplewood, Mo., 1918-19.  Mo. state high school inspector, 1919-20.  Since 1920, Supt., Ritenaur Cons. Dist.  Address: Overland, Mo.
John Henry Hoefner: BSD 1897; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1900.  Married Iona Kate Wynne 1911.  Teacher, Femme Osage, Mo., 1897-98.  Since 1900, osteopathic practitioner.  Address: 1344 Liberty St., Franklin, Pa.
Ralph M. Hogan: PdB 1911.  Y.M.C.A. work in China.
Virginia Holderman: BSD 1897.
Kate Holdsworth: BSD 1898.  Home address, Paris, Mo.
A.L. Holliday: BSD 1887.  Home address: New Market, Iowa.
G.M. Holliday: BSD 1886.  Home address: New Market, Iowa.
J.E. Holliday: BSD 1884.  Home address: New Market, Iowa.
E.E. Hollipeter: BAPD 1877; MAPT 1879.  Teacher and principal of high school in Cal., 24 yrs.  Retired. Address: 260 S. 3d St., San Jose, Cal.
Ina Holloway: PdB 1907.  Grade teacher, 1907-08, high school teacher, 1908-09, Bartlesville, Okla. High school teacher, La Plata, Mo., 1909-10.  Married Warner Mills 1910.  Address: 315 E. Harrison, Kirksville, Mo.
James L. Holloway: BSPD 1882; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1904.  Married Mary R. Learning, Sedalia, Mo., 1884.  High school principal, Sedalia, 1882-89.  Supt., Fort Smith, Ark., 1889-1902.  Osteopathic physician, Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Tex.
Ola E. Holloway: PdB 1907.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1908.  Married Ellis Parsons 1910.  Address: Okemah, Okla.
Russell E. Holloway: PdB 1903; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1906; LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1908.  Practicing atty, Columbia, Mo., and member Boone Co. Bar since Jan. 1, 1910.  Address: Suite 501, Guitar Bldg., Columbia, Mo.
W.L. Holloway: BSD 1887.  Asst. Justice, Montana Supreme Court.  Address: Helena, Mont.
W.R. Holloway: BAPD 1881; MAPT 1883.  Minister and Merchant, Henrietta, Okla.
John Holman: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Fayette, Mo., since 1922.
Minnie Holman: PdB 1908.  Married O.S. Bousman.  Address: Jefferson and Grand, Springfield, Mo.
Essie Holmes: BSD 1897; MSD 1902.  Teacher, Kirksville, 1897-1905.  Married Orie J. Smith 1912.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Alva Leon Holt: BS 1922.  Married Mildred Buckingham 1921.  High school teacher, Canton, Mo., since 1922.
Ethel Hook: PdB 1913; BS 1918.  Supt., New London, Mo., 1913-15.  High school teacher, Kirksville, 1915-20.  Professor of Education, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, since 1920.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
James Arthur Hooke: BSD 1896.  (Asst. Engineer, sewer dept., 311 City Hall, St. Louis, Mo.)
Orvel E. Hooker: BS 1918.  Supt., Hayti, Mo.
Walter A. Hopkins: PdB 1912; BS 1915.  Married Virginia Denniston of Monticello, 1915.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1914-15.  Supt., Glenwood, Mo., 1915-16; Grayson, Mo., 1916-17; Edgerton, Mo., 1917-18.  High school principal, Clarksville, Texas, 1918-20.  Supt., Long Island, Kan., 1920-22; Ensign, Kans., 1922-23.  High school principal, Canon City, Colo., 1923-24.
Gertrude K. Horn: PdB 1913.  (Glenwood, Mo.)
I.M. Horn: PdB 1906. Married Lillie M. Hayden 1906.  Supt., Coffey, Mo., 1906-08; Gorin, Mo. 1908-09; Scotland Co., Mo., 1909-15.  County clerk, Scotland Co., Mo., 1915-22.  Supt., Wyaconda, Mo., 1923-24.
Herman O. Hornung: BS 1923.  Home: Lexington, Tex.
E.L. Horton: PdB 1912; BS 1920.  Married Ella C. Johnston 1904.  Taught in South Dakota since 1915.  Address: Clear Lake, S.D.
Gertrude Hosey: PdB 1910; PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1917; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1921.  High school principal, Salisbury, Mo., 1909-11.  Supt., Mendon, Mo., 1911-13.  High school teacher, Montgomery City, Mo., 1913-18; Burlington, Iowa, 1919-21.  Supv., Rocky Ford, Colo. 1918-19.  Assoc. prof. of education, Central Mo. State Teachers College, Warrensburg, Mo., since 1921.
N.D. Houghton: BS 1921; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1923.  Graduate student, Univ. of Ill. (1923-25).  Address: Urbana, Ill.
Cleta Carra House: BS 1921.  Since 1921, music supv., Marceline Mo.  Married Francis G. Pultz 1922.
Harriet Emma Howard: AB 1914; MA, Columbia Univ., 1916.  Kindergarten supv., La Crosse, Wis., 1916-17; Milwaukee, Wis., 1917-18.  Kindergarten specialist, Bureau of Education, Washington, D.C., Jan-June 1923.  Supv., Natl. Kindergarten and Elementary College since Sept. 1923.  Address: 2825 Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill.
John Wesley Howe: PdB 1912; BS 1915.
Edward Newland Howell: BS 1916, 1921.  Married Bessie Babbitt 1920.  High school teacher, 1915-16, principal, 1916-18, Unionville, Mo.  With 303d Field Signal Bn., 18th Div., 1918; Army Signal school, Langres, France, Nov. 1918-Jan.1919; comm. 2d Lt.  Head, Manual Arts Dept., K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1919-21.  Supv., manual training, Asheville, N.C., 1921-23.  Principal, elementary school, Asheville, 1923-24.  Address: 206 Chestnut St., Asheville, N.C.
Mary Howell: BSD 1885.  Married George Finegan.  Died 1909.
Roberta Howell: PdB 1908.  High school teacher since 1919, Columbia, Mo.
Gladys Verne Howey: BS 1918, 1919.  Art supv., Unionville, Mo., 1918-20; Kirkwood, Mo., 1920-23.  Married J. Harvey Neville 1922.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Cassandra Emma Hubbard: BSD 1892.
E.T. Hubbard: BSD 1889.  (St. Joseph, Mo.)
Rebecca E. Hubbell: BAPD 1878.  Died 1914.
Leslie Edward Huey: BS 1922.  Married Beulah Hagerty 1920.  Taught in rural schools, Schuyler Co., Mo., 1916-18.  Army, 1918-19.  Supt., Shelbyville, Mo., 1922-23. Sec-Treas., Shelby Co. Community Teaches Assn., 1922-23.
Edwin E. Huffman: BSD 1896.
Emma Kidd Hulburt (Mrs.): BS 1919.  High school teacher, Aurora No., 1909-11; Mr. Vernon, Mo., 1911-15; Harrisonville, Mo., 1915-18.  Married Dr. Ray G. Hulburt 1918.
G.A. Hulen: PdB 1910.
Eula Hull: PdB 1904.
M. Braxie Hull: BSD 1910.  Married Alsdorf.
Margaret Mildred Hume: BS 1924.
P.B. Humphrey: PdB 1906; MPd 1907; BS 1911.  Married Lula I. Rankin 1893.  Supt., Centralia, Mo., 1907-10; Lebanon, Mo., 1910-11; Caney, Kan., 1911-20; Cleveland, Okla. since 1920.
M. Eugene Humphreys: PdB 1908.  Married Emma G. Reger 1909.  High school principal, Rockport, Mo., 1909-10.  Since 1910 engaged in farming.  Member of Galt Bd. of Edn.  Grundy Co. Rep.. in Mo. Legislature, 1914-16.  Address: Galt, Mo.
U.G. Humphreys: BSD 1887.  Galt, Mo.
Shirley Adelaide Hunt: AB 1915.
William Silas Hunt: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Orangeville, Ill. since 1922.
Laura Lute Hurd: PdB 1910. BS, Columbia Univ., 1924.  Teacher, Ralls Co., Mo. 1906-07; Perry, Mo. 1907-08.  High school principal, La Plata, Mo., 1908-09.  High school teacher, 1910-12, and principal, 1912-13, Bowling Green, Mo.  Married Aubrey C. Ross 1913.  Address: Bedford, N.Y.
Anna E. Hussey: BS 1922.  Grade teacher, Lathrop, Mo., 1899-1905.  Rural teacher, Clinton Co., Mo., 1905-09.  Grade teacher, St. Joseph, Mo., 1909-13.  Student Stout Institute, 1913-15.  Grade teacher, St. Joseph, Mo., 1915-16.  Elementary home economics teacher, 1916-18, supv. elementary and junior high home economics, 1918-present, Kansas City.  Home address: 3116 park Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Beulah Husted: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Garnett, Kan., 1921-22.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Clara Marie Husted: BS 1924.  Married Caskey Settle 1924.  Address: Connellsville, Pa.
Omah Veora Husted: BS 1921.  High school principal, Newton, Mo., 1921-22.  High school teacher, Galt, Mo., 1922-23.  Married O.L. Seward, 1923.  Address: La Plata, Mo.
Lena Hutcherson: PdB 1904.  Married W. B. Hardesty.
Gladys R. Hutchinson: BS 1923.  Teacher, Maplewood, Mo.
Leo Roy Hutchinson: BS 1921.  High school teacher, 1921-22, Creston, Iowa.  Student, Univ. of Mo., Columbia, Mo., 1922-24.
Mabel Hutchinson: BS 1923.  Teacher, Junior H.S., Kirksville, Mo.
Seldon S. Hutchinson: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Chillicothe, Mo.  High school principal, Memphis, Mo., 1924-25.
C.E. Hutton: PdB 1911; BA, MA, Univ. of Okla. 1917. Married Minta Fosdick 1904.  Rural school teacher 1903.  Principal, Hatfield, Mo., 1904-07; New Hampton, Mo., 1907-11; Hinton, Okla., 1912-17; Bristow, Okla. since 1917.
Minta Hutton (Mrs.): PdB 1911; AB, Univ. of Okla., 1917.  Married C.E. Hutton 1904.  High school teacher, Hinton, Okla., 1911-16; Bristow, Okla. since 1917.  Address: 202 W. Tenth St., Bristow, Okla.


R.S. Iles: BAPD 1875; MAPT 1879.  Died 1924.
T.W. Imbler: BSD 1902.  Student at Univ. of Mo., 1902-03.  Since 1903, farming, Rt. 4, Kirksville, Mo.
James Roy Inbody: BS 1917.  High school principal, Sand Springs, Okla., 1917-18.  2d Lt. of Machine Guns (overseas) 1918-19.  Asst. Supt., Pierce Oil Co., Sand Springs, Okla., 1920-21.  Since 1921, high school teacher, Tulsa, Okla.
David King Ingman: BS 1917: BS 1917; BS, LaGrange College, 1913.
Louis Ingold: BSD 1895.  (Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, Univ. of Mo.)
Oscar Ingold: BSD 1899.  Prof. of Mathematics, Culver-Stockton College.
George B. Israel: PdB 1912.  Died 1924.
William Horace Ivie: BSD 1899.  Osteopath, Berkeley, Cal.


Courtney Jackson: PdB 1913; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1921.  High school principal, Triplett, Mo., 1912-16.  High school teacher, 1916-17, & principal, 1917-20, Huntsville, Mo.  Since 1921, high school teacher, Moberly, Mo.  Address: 801 W. Coates St., Moberly, Mo.
A.H. Jamison: BAPD 1875. Deceased.
G.E. Jamison: BSD 1887.  Portland, Ore.
George Harold Jamison: PdB 1908; BS 1912; AM, Univ. of Chicago, 1920.  Married Mae Wilson 1916.  Instructor in Mathematics, A&M College, Stillwater, Okla., 1911-23.  Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, since 1912.  In Y.M.C.A. service, Great Lakes, Ill., 1918.  Address: 807 S. Halliburton, Kirksville, Mo.
Harry J. Jarman: BS 1920. Married Viola J. Manning 1921.  High school teacher, St. Charles, Mo., 1920; Norton, Kan., 1920-21.  High school principal, Alma, Kan., 1921-22; Longview, Ill., since 1922.
Ruth Jeffers: BSD 1893.  (from New Florence)
Mary Jenkins: PdB 1909.
Vida Jenkins: BSD 1900.  (from Harris)
Anna Bell Jennings: BS 1923.  Teacher, Ogalalla, Neb.
Ida Adele Jewett: PdB 1904; BSEd, 1912, AB, 1916, & AM 1921, all Columbia Univ.  Member 3 honor fraternities.  Prof. of English, K.S.T.C. 1912-18.  Instructor in English, Univ. of Mo., 1918-20; Teachers College, Columbia Univ., since 1920.
Phoebe John: PdB 1905.
Cloe F. Johns: PdB 1903; BS 1919.  Teacher, Reger, Mo., 1903-04; Milan, Mo., 1904-10.  Supt., Versailles, Mo., 1901-19.  Teacher of Agriculture, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, summer 1919.  Married Myrtle B. Adams (deceased) 1903.  Since 1919, Supt., Pleasant Hill, Mo.
Ora Johns: PdB 1913.  Grocery business, Kirksville, Mo.
Emma Marie Johnson: BS 1919.  Teacher K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo.
Etta L. Johnson: BSD 1886.  Married C.M. Kiggins.  Boise, Idaho and Portland, Ore.
H. Johnson: BAPD 1880.
James Richard Johnson: BS 1922.  Married Cecile E. Croson 1921.  7th Div., U.S. Army, 1917-19.  High school principal, Unionville, Mo., 1921-23.  Supt., Granger, Mo., 1923-24.
Louise Johnson: PdB 1904.
R.E. Johnson: BSD 1884.
Stella Mae Johnson: BS 1915.  Glasgow, Mo.
Xena Eads Johnson (Mrs.): BS 1924.  Atlanta, Mo.
Caltha A. Johnston: PdB 1906.  Married A.D. Pierson 1912.  Address: 4375 Denver, Kansas City, Mo.
Cecil Y. Johnston: PdB 1907.  Graduated U.S.N.A. 1911.  Served on battleships Rhode Island and Connecticut, 1911-14; other cruisers, gunboats and sumbarines, 1914-19.  Promoted Ensign 1912, Lt. Commander 1918.  During war commanded submarines U.S.S.G-3 and U.S.S.R-16. Commander, U.S. Naval Air Station, Anacostia, D.C., 1922.  Died 1924.
Dora E. Johnston: PdB 1905.  454 W. 22d St., New York City, N.Y.
E. Gertrude Johnston: BSD 1901.  Married Oliver Stigall 1904.  Address: 3608 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Leon S. Johnston: PdB 1907; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Married Alice Baker 1916.  Taught in high schools of Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. Taught at U.S. Naval Academy, 1920-22.  Address: State College, Pa.
Mary Elizabeth “Bessie” Johnston: BSD 1902; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  High school teacher, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Benjamin Harrison Jolly: 1914. Married Marguerite Belle Blackwell 1911.  Supt., St. Charles, Mo., since 1916.  Address: St. Charles, Mo.
Benjamin C. Jones: AB 1915; DDS, Kansas City, 1923.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1915-16.  High school principal, McAllen, Texas, 1916-17.  1st Lt., U.S. Army, A.E.F., 1917-19.  Dentist, 701½ Webster, Chillicothe, Mo.
Elmer Orlando Jones: PdB 1906; LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1913.  Married Anna E. Nagel 1900.  High school principal, 1906-08, Supt., 1908-11, Kirksville, Mo.  Member Mo. Legislature from Macon Co., 1919-21.  Attorney, La Plata, Mo.
Evan Richard Jones: BSD 1892.
Grace Jones: PdB 1903.
J.W. Jones: BAPD 1882.
James L. Jones: PdB 1908; LLB, K.C. School of Law, 1912.  U.S. Customs storekeeper, 1910-18.  With Co-operative Finance Corp., 1919-20.  Deputy Collector and Cashier, U.S. Customs, since 1920.  Practiced law to some extent since 1912.  Address: 3107 E. 27th St., Kansas City, Mo.
R.H. Jones: PdB 1911.  Married Susie Adams 1899.  Supt., Sturgeon, Mo., 1911-12; La Plata, Mo., 1912-14; Slater, Mo., 1914-15.  Since 1915, Iowa state representative for The Macmillan Co.  Address: Box 236, Des Moines, Iowa.
Roberta Jones: PdB 1905.
Roxana Howard Jones: BSD 1900; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1908; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1909.  High school teacher, 1908-11, Sullivan Co. Supt., 1911-21, Milan, Mo.  Head of education dept., A&M College, Goodwell, Okla., since 1921.
Edith J. Jordan: PdB 1911; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1917.  High school teacher, La Belle, Mo., 1907-12; Kahoka, Mo., 1912-18.  High school principal, Tracy, Iowa, 1918-19; Danbury, Iowa, 1919-24.  Extension instructor, Iowa State Teachers College, summer 1923.  Address: Danbury, Iowa.


Louise Kansteiner: BS 1922.  Teacher, Hannibal, since 1904.  Address: 109 N. Ninth St., Hannibal, Mo.
Olive M. Kaser: BS 1919.  High school teacher, Tallula, Ill.
Rubie Kay: PdB 1904.   Married Robert Nicholas (died 1914) 1907.  Teacher, Sapulpa, Okla., 1919-20.  With Sapulpa State Bank since 1920.  Address: Sapulpa, Okla.
Josephine Christine Kaye:  1916.  Married Earl Dille 1916.  Address: Cameron, Mo.
Arch E. Kennen: BSD 1886.
Maud Moss Kennen: BSD 1902.  Teacher, Webster Groves, Mo., 1902-03.  Married Vincent Waddock, 1903.  Address: 450 Laurel Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Thomas Wynneford Kerfoot: BS 1920.  Married M. Kathryn Brown 1917.  High school principal, Slater, Mo., 1918-20; Fort Madison, Iowa, 1920 to date.  Address: 529 Front St., Fort Madison, Iowa.
James R. Kerr: 1914; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1916.  Married Frances E. Logan 1917.  Supt., Labelle, Mo., Unionville, Mo., Chillicothe, Mo.
Nelson Kerr: BSD 1901.  Address: 704-5 Victoria Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
Nannie Key: BSD 1887.  Married Dufur.
I. Allen Keyte: PdB 1903; MPd 1907.
Lena Keyte: PdB 1910.
C.M. Kiggins: BSD 1886.  Teacher, Portland, Ore., and rancher; owner Kiggins Ranch, Boise, Idaho.
Lilly Adeline Kindred: BS 1921.
Henry James King: PdB 1907; BS 1911; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1912; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1913.  Principal, Green City, Mo., 1907-09; Macon H.S., Macon, Mo., 1909-11.  High school teacher, Rio Vista, Cal., 1914-19.  Married Ida Powell 1914.  Since 1919, professor of Chemistry, State Teachers College, Fresno, Cal.  Address: 655 University Ave., Fresno, Cal.
W.N. King: PdB 1905.  (from Thompson)
John Sylvester Kinsella: BS 1924.
Nina M. Kintner: PdB 1907. (3635 Bell St., Kansas City)
Lucy C. Kirby: PdB 1903; BL, William Woods, 1902.  Teacher, Rocheport, Mo., 1903-04; Clifton, Ariz., 1906-09.  Principal, North Clifton, Ariz., 1909-14.  Teacher, Steeplerock, N.M. 1920-22.  Married Howard C. Mix 1914.  Address: 3694 Arizona St., San Diego, California.
Elsie Lucretia Kirk: BS 1914; MA, Columbia Univ., 1920.  Registrar, K.S.T.C. Kirksville, 1899-1912.  Director Residence Halls, Cheney, Wash., 1916-20.  Teacher of English, Pittsburg State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kan., 1922-23.  Dietitian, State Farm for Girls, Niantic, Conn.
John R. Kirk: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1880; LLD, Mo. Wesleyan College 1907 & Park College 1907.  Married Rebecca I. Burns of Fort Dodge Iowa 1873.  Admitted to bar, 1884; practiced law till 1888.  Principal and teacher, Kansas City, 1888-92.  Supt., Westport, 1892-94.  State Supt. of Schools, 1895-99.  High school inspector, Univ. of Mo., 1899.  President, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1899 to date.  Pres., Mo State Teachers Assn., 1898.  Awarded medals at Omaha, 1898, St. Louis, 1904, and San Francisco, 1915, for model schools.  Pres., Normal School dept, N.E.A., 1905-07, 1919-20; library dept., N.E.A., 1907-08; North Central Council of Normal School Presidents, 1906-07; Am. Assn of Teachers Colleges, 1920-21.  Address: 603 S. High, Kirksville, Mo.
Laura Pauline Kirk: PdB 1912; AB 1913; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1921.  High school teacher, California, Mo., 1915-17; Butler, Mo., 1918-20; Whiting, Ind., 1920-21.  Supv. of music, Fairmount, W.Va., since 1921.
Mary Elizabeth Kirk: PdB 1913; AB 1914.  Married W.H. Newcomb 1920.  Address: Kansas City, Mo.
Robert L. Kirk: BSD 1901; LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1898; MA, Univ. of Oregon, 1916.  Married Jessie Wright.  Address: Kalama, Wash.
Thomas J. Kirk: BSD 1901; MSD 1901.  Died 1915.
Todd Kirk: BS 1916.  U.S. Army 1918.  Married Catharine R. Johnson 1922.  Athletic Coach, De Pauw Univ., Greencastle, Ind.
Victor Kirk: PdB 1912; BS 1916, 1919.  Married Cecelia Kennedy 1915.
Iva Kirtley: PdB 1911.  High school principal, Grant City, Mo., 1909-10.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo., 1911-14.  Married Dr. A.G. Minnick 1914.  Address: Lock Springs, Mo.
Charles A. Kitch: BS 1923.  Supt., McFall, Mo., since 1921.
Ila Maude Kite: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Okmulgee, Okla., since 1922.
D. Kittel: PdB 1904.  Married Jennie Porter Whitlock 1904.  Pvt., U.S. Army, Spanish-American War.  High school principal, 1904-05, supt., 1906-07, Unionville, Mo.  Supt., Bevier, Mo., 1910-11.  Elementary principal, Desloge, Mo., 1915-17.  Junior high school teacher, University City, MO., 1917-21.  Supt., Jennings, Mo., since 1921.  Member St. Louis Co. Text book Comm.  Address: Hord Ave. and Jennings Rd., St. Louis, Mo.
L. Fay Knight: PdB 1906; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  High school teacher, Milan, Mo., 1906-09, 1912-18, 1919 to date. School Commissioner, 1907-09, & supt., 1909-11, Sullivan Co., Mo.  Supt., Laredo, Mo., 1918-19.  High school principal, Milan, Mo., 1912-16, 1919 to date.
Rice Knox: BAPD 1870; MD, Louisville, 1883.  Taught at College Mound and Blackburn, Mo.  Practiced medicine at Frost, Texas since 1883.  Post-graduate and hospital courses at Philadelphia, New York, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin and Naples.  Traveled in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Mexico and the West Indies.  Address: Frost, Tex.
Helene Gertrude Koenemann: PdB 1915; BS 1922.  Primary teacher, Okmulgee, Okla., 1911-19; Ferguson, Mo., 1916-17; Jennings, Mo. 1917-22.  District Attendance Officer, 1917 to date.  Address: 2634 Hord Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Louise W. Koenemann: PdB 1911; BS 1923.  Primary teacher, Afton, Mo., 1909-10; Jennings, Mo., 1911-24.  Address: 2634 Hord Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Lydia Koenemann: PdB 1904.  Married J.A. MacKnight.  439 W. 123d St., New York City, N.Y.
James Alva Koontz: BSD 1893; MSD 1896; AB, Stanford Univ., 1901; AM, Columbia Univ., 1917.  Married Jessie A. Smith 1893.  Supt., Princeton, Mo., 1893-94.  Teacher, State Normal school, Albion, Idaho, 1894-98.  Principal, County High School, Dillon, Mont., 1903-05.  Supt. Anacanda, Mont., 1901-03; Carrollton, Mo., 1905-12; Tulsa, Okla., 1912-13; Joplin, Mo., 1913-16, 1922 to date.  President Montana State Teachers Assn., 1914.  Educational Director, A.E.F. 1917-19.  Address: Joplin, Mo.
Herbert William Kretzmeier: PdB 1913; BS 1915.
Eldina Kropf: PdB 1911, 1912; AB 1914; BS 1922.  High school teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1911-16; Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1916-17; Perry, Mo., 1917-19; Centralia, Mo., 1919-20.  High school principal, Faith, S.D., 1920-22; Winner, S.D., 1922-23.  High school teacher, Jefferson City, Mo., 1923-24.



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