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Eugene Lake: BSD 1897.
E.O. Larkins: BAPD 1876. Died 1924.
Anna B. Larson: PdB 1910; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1910-13.  High school teacher, Memphis, Mo., 1913-16; Charleston, Mo., 1917-18.  Correspondence clerk, U.S. Gov’t., Washington, D.C., 1918-21.  Since 1921, teacher of commercial subjects, Huff’s School of Expert Bus. Training, Kansas City.  Address: 2836 Forest, Kansas City, Mo.
Caroline Larson: PdB 1910.  High school teacher, Monroe City, Mo., 1910-16.  Married James C. Wadsworth 1916.  Address: 427 W. Summer St., Monroe City, Mo.
George Mark Laughlin: BSD 1894; MSD 1900; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1900.  Married Blanche Still 1900.  Principal, New London, Mo., 1894-98.  Dean, A.S.O., 1900-18.  Surgeon since 1919.  President, A.T. Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery, Kirksville, since 1922.  Pres., Bd. of Edn., Kirksville, since 1920.  Address: Laughlin Hospital, Kirksville, Mo.
Harry Hamilton Laughlin:  BSD 1900; MSD 1902; BS 1910; MS, Princeton Univ, 1916; ScD, Princeton, 1917.  Married Pansy Bowen 1902.  High school principal, Kirksville, Mo., 1900-02; Centerville, Iowa, 1902-05.  Supt., Kirksville, 1905-07.  Professor of Agriculture, K.S.N.S., Kirksville, 1907-10.  Supt., Eugenics Record Office, Dept. of Carnegie Institution of Washington, D.C., Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., 1910 to date.  Capt., 97th Co., N.Y. Home Defense Reserve, 1917-18.  Eugenics expert for Committee of Immigration and Naturalization of House of Representatives, 1921 to date.  Chairman, Committee on Exhibits, Second International Congress of Eugenics, 1921.  Address: Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.
Wilson A. Law: BS 1924.  Supt., Wellsville, Mo.
Mary Anna Lawrence: BS 1920.
Mary E. Lear: PdB 1901.
Boone P. Leatherman: PdB 1911.  Died 1912.
Bessie Leazenby: PdB 1904.  (Mt. Moriah, Mo.)
James Monroe Ledford: BS 1922.
Arthur Lee: BSD 1896.  Married Leda Bloom 1896.  Teacher, 1896-1902, Supt., since 1902, Clinton, MO.  Author, Lee’s Lessons in English.  Joint author, Hodge and Lee’s Elementary English.  Address: Clinton, Mo.
Clarice Juanita Lehr: BS 1923.
H.A. Lemon: PdB 1904.
N. June Lemon: BSD 1900.
Sadie Lemon: BSD 1900.  Married Dowell.
Julia Lester: BAPD 1874; MAPT 1880.  First asst., Young Ladies’ Boarding School, Camden Point, Mo., 1874.  Teacher, Elk Falls, Kan., 1879.  Married Harry J. Bosworth (died 1893) 1881.  State Lecturer and Organizer, W.C.T.U.; lectured in six states.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Laura Ellen Lewis: PdB 1909.  Teacher, Peabody School, St. Louis.  Address: 3624 Cleveland, St. Louis, Mo.
William Alexander Lewis: BS 1912; BS, Valparaiso Univ., 1899; BS in Ed, State Normal School, Warrensburg, Mo., 1901; AB, Valparaiso, 1910; LLD, Valparaiso.  High school teacher, Kansas City, MO., 1903-06.  Teacher, Kansas City College of Pharmacy, 1905-06.  Married Glennie Co, Warrensburg, 1904.  Prof. of Chemistry, 1909-10, prof. of agriculture and head of dept. of farm and home economics, 1910-12, K.S.T.C., Kirksville.  Prof. of industrial edn. and director state demonstration farm, Univ. of Utah, 1912-13.  Since 1913, Pres., Fort Hays Normal School (now State Teachers College).  Pres. Kan. State Teachers Assn, 1921-22.  Address: Hays, Kansas.
Ruth Virginia Lilly: BS 1919.  Charleston, West Virginia.
Orrin Henry Lind: BSD 1898.  Died.
Mildred Irene Lindahl: BS 1924.  Married Letho Eaton 1924.  Address: Rt. 6, Mexico, Mo.
Lenore Lindsey: BS 1919.  Elementary school principal, Fort Madison, Iowa, 1916-19.  High school teacher, Shreveport, La., 1919-23.
Allie Link: BSD 1883.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1886-87; St. Joseph Mo., 1887-89.  Married J.F. Whitacre 1890.  Address: 516 W. Jefferson, Kirksville, Mo.
Bess Hannah Link: BSD 1899.  Married Dr. E.L. Longpre, Kankakee, Ill.
Eugene Link: BAPD 1881.  Osteopath, 87 Broad St., Stamford, Conn.
Eunice Virginia Link: PdB 1903.  Married Percy W. Bonfoey 1904.  Address: 1417 W. 30th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.
W.F. Link: BAPD 1881.  (Osteopath, Knoxville, Tenn.)
Robert Neely Linville: BSD 1898; MPd 1905.
Rose L. Lisenby (Mrs.): PdB 1912; PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1916.  Dean of Women, Christian College, Columbia, Mo.
Eliza Margaret Little: BS 1918.
Miriam McConnel Llewellyn (Mrs.): BS 1923.  Married Harold W. Llewellyn.  Home: 324 N. 4th St., Ironton, Ohio.
Margaret Lloyd: 1916.
Nora Epperly Lloyd (Mrs.): BS 1923.  Home: Moberly, Mo.
Emma Long: BSD 1900.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1900.  Bookkeeper, National Bank, Kirksville.
Essie Louise Long: BS 1918.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1917-20; Chanute, Kan., 1920-22; Tulsa, Okla. since 1922.  Address: 1316 S. Boston, Tulsa, Okla.
H.C. Long: BSD 1884; MSD 1888.
Earl Edwin Looker: BS 1921.  High school principal, Argyle, Iowa, 1921-22; Neosho Falls, Kan., 1922-23.  Attended Univ. of Kan. 1923-24.  Address: Lawrence, Kan.
Lura Hope Loomis: PdB 1906.  Taught 3 yrs. in rural and town schools.  Married Dr. A.B. Cramb 1909.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Alta Lorenz: BSD 1901. Married Eugene Fair 1903.  Address: 808 E. Washington, Kirksville, Mo.
Mayme Lorenz: BSD 1899.  Married Edward Sloop 1906.  Address: Queen City, Mo.
Anna Lotter: PdB 1904.  Married C.R. Stone 1912.  Address: 4121 Fairview Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Robert B. Louden: BAPD 1881.  President Louden Machinery Co., manufacturer of barn equipment and factory conveying equipment, with main factories at Fairfield, Iowa and several branches.  Address: Fairfield, Iowa.
George Robert Loughead: BS 1920.  Married Esther E. Redmon 1921.  High school teacher, Paris, Mo., 1917-18.  With 10th Div., U.S.Army, 1918-19. Supt., Powersville, Mo., 1919-21; Oakville, Iowa, 1921-22.  Since 1922, high school principal, Bonne Terre, Mo.
Grace Rena Loughead: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Kennett, Mo., 1923-24.
Josie Edith Loughead: BS 1921.  Stenographer to Registrar, Univ. of Iowa, 1921.  Teacher, John Marshall H.S., Richmond, Va., since 1922.  Address: 303 W. Grace St., Richmond, Va.
Belle Lowe: PdB 1907; PhB, Univ. of Chicago 1918.  Since 1918, Assoc. professor of home economics, Iowa State College. Address: 703 Burnett Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Irma Ruth Lucan: BS 1923.  Teacher, Bloomfield, Iowa.
Edwin David Luckey “MacLuckie”: BSD 1887.  Married Elizabeth Skidmore Read 1913.  Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1887-89; Ferguson Mo., 1889-90; Waterloo, Ill., 1890.  Principal, Elleardville and John Marshall Schools, St. Louis, 1890-1911.  Now manager, Metro Travel Co., Tribune Bldg., Chicago, Ill.  Home: 1077 Des Plaines Ave., Des Plaines, Ill.  
Merle Lutes: 1916.
John Daniel Luther: BSD 1898.  (Clayton, Mo.)
Abbie Grace Lyle: BPd 1911; BS 1917.  Professor of Fine Arts, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1909-19.  Married Rev. Earnest C. Love 1920.  Address: 123 Main St., Boonville, N.Y.
Hattie Agnes Lyon: BSD 1898; BS 1918.  Died 1920.


Fannie K. MacKoy: BSD 1888; MSD 1897.  Died.
Joe Shelby Maddox: BSD 1895.
Jens F. Madsen: BS 1920.  Principal, Mo. School for the Blind, 1920-21.  Supt., Rensselaer, Mo., 1921-23.  High school teacher, Canton, Mo., 1923-24.
Lanius Waldemar Madsen: BS 1921.  Supt., Hurdland, Mo.
Nellie Madson: 1916.  Married Lloyd J. Graham 1917.  Address: Canton, Mo.
Ardella Maffitt (Mrs.): BS 1924.  Gallatin, Mo.
Carl E. Magee: PdB 1911.  Married Bessie Myers.  Cashier, Commercial State Bank, Kirksville, Mo.
James Thomas Magee: BSD 1895.  Married Anna M. McPherson 1885.  Supt., Edina, Mo., 6 yrs; Eldorado, Springs, Mo., 4 yrs., Marceline, Mo., 4 yrs.  Bank cashier, New Cambria, Mo., since 1907.  Address: New Cambria, Mo.
Viola Magee: PdB 1909; BS 1924.  Teacher, Junior H.S., Kirksville, Mo.
William Leslie Magruder: PdB 1913; BS in Ag., Univ. of Mo., 1918. Married Imagene Harlow 1916.  Rural teacher, Lincoln Co., Mo., 3 yrs.  Principal, Augusta, Mo., 2 yrs. High school principal, Gallatin, Mo., 1915-16; California, Mo., 1916-19.  Since 1919, High school teacher, Shelbina, Mo.
Seth Leslie Mapes: PdB 1910; BS 1916.
Helen Mabel Markey: BS 1918, 1923.  Supv. of music, Lancaster, 1918-20; Kirksville, 1920-22, Keokuk, Iowa, 1922-24.
Mary Maud Markey: BS 1924.
Opal Markey: PdB 1907.  Married Will R. Adams.  Address: Ontario, Calif.
Rolla Varnan Markland: PdB 1903.
Ida Lee Marks: PdB 1909.  Supv. of music and art, Louisiana, Mo., 1910-13; Imperial, Cal., 1913-18.  Director of art, Whittier H.S. since 1918.  Address: 126 North Friends Ave., Whittier, Calif.
Thomas B. Marksbury: PdB 1903.  Married Lula Pendry 1904.  Supt., Moravia, Iowa, 1903-05.  Teacher, Emerson, Mo., 1905-23.  Address: Rt. 1, Maywood, Mo.
Harold Dean Marlin: BS 1922; AB, Central College, 1922.  Married Esther A. Parks 1903.  Teacher, 1900-06, & Supt., 1909, Butler Co., Mo.   Member Mo. Conf., M.E. Church South since 1912.  Pastor, Mulanix St. Methodist Church, Kirksville, Mo., 1920-24.
Mellie May Marlow: 1915.
John Davis Marr: BSD 1893.
Elton Lewis Marshall: PdB 1908, LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  Married Mabel Caroline Spain 1915.  Teacher, New London, Mo., 1907-08; Bowling Green, Mo., 1908-09.  Practicing lawyer since 1912.  Pros. Atty., Livingston Co., Mo., 1913-17.  President, Chillicothe Bd. of Ed.  Address: Chillicothe, Mo.
Agnes Marston: PdB 1912.  2801 E. State St., Long Beach, Cal.
Edith Marston: PdB 1909, 1912; AB 1914; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1908-10.  Since 1910, High school principal, Brunswick, Mo.  Chairman Brunswick Community Teachers Assn.  Address: Brunswick, Mo.
Bernice Lisle Martin: BS 1923.  Junior high school teacher, Madison, Iowa.
Elsie Mae Martin: BSD 1900.  Deceased.
Ruth Martin: PdB 1906.  Married Dr. Dewey Shambaugh.  Address: Norwalk, Conn.
Sadie Martin: BSD 1894.
Anna S. Maskey: BS 1924.
Aldene Josephine Mason: BS 1919.  Married Hubert W. Barton 1921.  Address: Waco, Texas.
Bertha E. Mason: PdB 1909; BS 1916.
Harvey Vernon Mason: BSD 1923.  Supt., La Belle, Mo., 1923-24.
Mittie W. Mason: BSD 1901.  Married H.L. Day.  Excello, Mo.
Bertha Mathews: PdB 1906.
Irma Mathews: PdB 1906.  Teacher, Webster Groves, Mo., 1906-07; Model rural school, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1907-08.  College extension work, Okla. State Bd. of Agriculture, 1908-13.  Married L. McLennan 1913.  Address: 315 F St., S.W., Ardmore, Okla.
I.N. Matlick: BPd 1872; MAPT 1882.  Deceased.
Mary McLaughlin Matlick: BS 1919.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo., 1919-20; Unionville, Mo., since 1920.
Samuel F. Mauck: PdB 1909.  Married Fay E. Million 1909.  Supt., Francisca, Ind., H.S. principal, Boonville, Mo., Supt., Bunceton, Mo.  County supt., Cooper Co., Mo., 1915-19.  Auto dealer, Princeton, Ind.
Charles C. Maxwell: PdB 1913.  Home: Bellflower, Mo.
Julia McBeth: BSD 1898. Teacher, Clinton, MO., 1898-1900; Garfield School, Kansas City, Mo., 1900-15.  Married R.L. Melton 1915.  Address: Parson, Kan.
Mattie May “Metta” McCall: BSD 1892; BS, Ill. Wesleyan, 1893.  Teacher in Colo., 9 yrs., Kan., 6 yrs. Plevna, Mo., 1920-22.  Address: Novelty, Mo.
Morgan H. McCall: BSD 1898.  Novelty, Mo.
Maurice McCandless: 1915.
Lorena Younger McCarty: BS 1921.
Margaret Elizabeth McCaul: BS 1917.  High school teacher, Centralia, Mo.  Rural teacher, Harrison Co., Mo.  High school teacher, Memphis, Mo., 1915-16; Keytesville, Mo., 1916-18; Centralia, Mo. 1918-23.  Student, Columbia Univ., 1923-24.  Address: 509 W. 121st St., New York City, N.Y.
Elda McClain: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Clarence, Mo., 1923-24.
Ella McClain: PdB 1906; MPd, 1910; BS 1919.  Grade teacher, Downing, Mo., 1908-10.  Principal, Paoli, Okla. 1911-13.  Training school teacher, State Normal School, Ada, Okla., 1913-17.  Since 1920, High school teacher, Caney, Kan.
Hattie R. McClain: PdB 1911.  Osteopath, La Belle, Mo.
W.M. McClain: PdB 1904.
Maude McClanahan: PdB 1905.  Asst. librarian, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1905-07.  Student, Simmons College, Boston, Mass., 1907-08.  Grade teacher, Webster Groves, Mo., 1908-09.  Supt., Swink, Colo., 1910-14.  Married Harry S. Beckner 1914.  Address: Rutledge, Mo.
Mary Elizabeth McCool: PdB 1908.  Rural teacher, DeKalb Co., Mo., 1905-07.  High school teacher, Green River, Wyo., 1909-10, 1911-13; Smithville, Mo., 1910-11. Teacher, Daggett Co., Utah, 1914-16.  Married Dr. F.S. Tinker 1913.  Address: Manila, Utah.
Ocie B. McCool: PdB 1909.  Elementary school teacher, Hammond, Ind., since 1909.  Address: Whiting, Ind.
Charles K. McCoy: BSD 1887.  (Cal.)
Zoa Lee McDowell: BSD 1899.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1899-1900; Olney College, 1904-05.  Since 1919, teacher of penmanship and spelling, City Schools of Los Angeles.  Address: 611 N. Isabel, Glendale, Cal.
George E. McFadden: PdB 1909; AB 1914.  Married Gertrude M. Smith.  Supt., Browning, Mo., 1909-10; Knox City, Mo., 1910-12; Novinger, Mo., 1912-13.  High school principal, Charleston, Mo., 1914-20.  Since 1920, Sec-treas., Brewer Mercantile Co., Charleston, Mo.
Harvey McGary: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1881.  Teacher at Bucklin, Mo.  Practiced law at Canton, Mo.,  Dodge City, Kan., and Colorado Springs.  Address: 306 Exchange National Bank Bldg., Colorado Springs, Colo.
Amy McGee: PdB 1909. Teacher, San Gabriel School, San Gabriel, Cal., 1910-13; Lomita School, Los Angeles, Cal., since 1913.  Married H.H. Cox 1913.  Address: 1724 W. Ave. 53, Los Angeles, Cal.
F.L. McGee: BSD 1901.  Married Mary A. Coakley 1910.  Farming, Molino, Mo.
Guy F. McGee: PdB 1912.  Osgood, Mo.
J.S. McGhee: BAPD 1875; MAPT 1882.  Deceased.
Juanita McGuire: PdB 1913; BS 1919.  Music and art supv., Kirksville, 1913-20.  Art supv., Burlington, Iowa, 1920-22.  Married James E. Jamison 1922.  Address: 602 Aetna St., Burlington, Iowa.
Mable McHendry: PdB 1903; MPd 1904.  Teacher, Robidoux High School, St. Jospeh, Mo.
Elmer A. McKay: BSD 1901.  Springfield, Mo.
Lyda McKay: BSD 1895.  Married Joe Cary.  (Carrollton, Mo.)
May McKee: PdB 1910.
A.L. McKenzie: BSD 1888; MAcct., 1888; DO, 1899; MD 1919.  Married Minnie E. Seaton 1894.  Supt., Lancaster, Lathrop and Macon, Mo.  Osteopathic physician since 1899.  President, Central College of Osteopathy.  President , K.C. Univ. of Physicians and Surgeons.  Address: 4008 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Edna McKenzie: PdB 1907.  Married E.E. Tucker.
Jean McKinley: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., since 1920.
James Herbert McKinney: PdB 1907; LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1911.  Married Beth Rutherford 1915.  Supt., Laddonia, Mo., 1907-08.  Prosecuting Atty., Linn Co., Mo., 1915-17.  Asst. Dist. Atty., Billings, Mont., 1919-23.  Address: Billings, Mont.
Ada Fay McKnight: PdB 1910.
Maud Llewellyn McMullin: BS 1920.  Professor of history, Howard-Payne College, 1921-22, 1922-24.  Dean of Women, Central College, Fayette, Mo.
Milton Ira McMurry: BSD 1897.
N.F. McMurry: BSD 1900.
J.S. McPhail: BAPD 1875.
Essie A. McQuoid: PdB 1907.  Died 1912
Leila Bell McReynolds: PdB 1906.  Married Floyd Beckner.  Colorado Springs, Colo.
Ralph McReynolds: PdB 1907; SB, Univ. of Chicago, 1910; MD, Rush Med. College, 1913.  Rural teacher, Hillsboro, Mo., 1905-06.  Teacher, Sterlington, La., 1907-09.  Intern, St. Louis City Hospital, 1913-14; asst., Grim Hospital, Kirksville, Mo., 1914-15.  Rep. of American Red Cross, in surgical unit, Belgium, 1915-16.  Commanding officer, U.S. Army and A.E.F. field hospital, 1917-19.  Married Mary Edna Barr 1920.  At present, practicing physician, Quincy, Ill.
Harvey Lee McWilliams: PdB 1909; MPd 1910.  Professor of physical education, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, since 1914.  Address:  Kirksville, Mo.
Stella L. McWilliams: PdB 1912.  Teacher of Model Rural School, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1912-13.  High school teacher, Perry, Mo., 1913-14.  Married Nathan E. Wells 1915.  Address:  Powersville, Mo.
Catherine Nelson Meade: PdB 1913.  Married Munster.
Ursley Meals: BS 1918, 1920.  Married Everett Meals.  Address: Moberly, Mo.
William Everett Meals: BS 1917, 1920.  Moberly, Mo.
Rebecca Megown: BS 1920.  High school teacher, Center, Mo., 1917-18.  High school principal, Thurman, Iowa, 1918-19; Randolph, Iowa, 1919-21; Basin, Wyo., since 1921.
Anna Clare Melvin: BS 1919.  Teacher, Trenton, Mo., 5 yrs.  Married Dr. W.L. Wilson.  Address: Whitewater, Wis.
Mildred Melvin: BS 1919.  Teacher, Trenton, Mo., 1915-17.  Married Dr. J.B. Stevens 1919.  Address: 546 A St., Hutchinson, Kansas.
Mable Mennie: BSD 1896.  Teacher, Macon, MO., 1896-1902, 1903-04; Bookville, Mo., 1902-03.  Since 1904, missionary doing some teaching.  Married Rev. Albert B. Dodd 1907.  Address: American Presbyterian Mission, Tenghsien, Shantung, China.
Lettie Mabel Merrick: BS 1924.
Callie Jane Metts: BS 1924.
Edna Mae Middleton: PdB 1906; BS, Tarkio College, 1897; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1909.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1904-08, 1912-17; Hannibal, Mo., 1909-10.  Principal, Tarkio H.S., 1918-19.  Since 1919, high school teacher, Billings, Mont.  Address: 811 North Broadway, Billings, Mont.
Fred S. Milam: PdB 1911.
Charles Clinton Miles: BS 1922.  Married Bessie Broaddus 1910.  Supt., Greentop, Mo., 1917-18; Thurman, Iowa, 1818-19; Randolph, Ia., 1919-21.  Student, Univ. of Iowa, 1921-22.  Supt., Scranton, Iowa, 1922-24.
Gladys Millay: PdB 1913.  High school teacher, Bosworth, Mo., 1913-15.  Married Dr. S.L. Bailey 1915.  Address: Carthage, Mo.
Ada Lenore Miller: 1914.
Anna R. Miller: PdB 1910.  Married Archie L. Threlkeld 1913.  Died 1923
Birdie Forest Miller: BSD 1898.  Married Taubman.
Clara Miller: BSD 1902.  (from Greentop)
Edythe Clare Miller: BS 1923.  Teacher, Magnolia, Iowa.  Home: Macon, Mo.
Evalena Miller: PdB 1913; AB 1914.  (Teaching, Seattle, Wash.)
Faun Jennette Miller: BS 1922.  Married Meryl Gahan of Flora, Ill., 1922.
Frances Miller: BSD 1895; MPd 1904.  Married Rev. W.P. Bristow 1909.  Address: Prescott, Ariz.
Golda T. Miller (Mrs.): PdB 1911.  Married James Albert Miller.  Address: 201 N. Victor St., Tulsa, Okla.
J.A. Miller: PdB 1904.
James Albert Miller: PdB 1910; BS 1917.  Address: 201 N. Victor St., Tulsa, Okla.
Libbie K. Miller: BSD 1884.  Married Frank Travers.  Des Moines, Iowa.
Lowa Miller: PDB 1904.
Luster Paul Miller: BS 1924.
Margaret Virginia Miller: PdB 1905.  Teacher, 1907-09.  Married O.R. Fairbrother 1913.  Address: Luray, Mo.
Marie F. Miller: BS 1922.  Rural teacher, 1905-10. Grade teacher, Jonesburg, Mo., 1911-12.  High school teacher, Wellsville, Mo., 1912-16.  Grade Teacher, Metcalf, Ariz., 1916-18.  High school teacher, Hazelhurst, Ga., 1919-20; Grant City, Mo., 1921-24.  Home: Jonesburg, Mo.
Mary Miller: BSD 1900.  Teacher, Joplin, Mo., 1901-02; Memphis, Mo., 1902-04; St. Louis, Mo., 1904-08.  Married C.F. Moore 1908.  Address: 227 Edgewood, Memphis, Mo.
Mary Ethel Miller: BS 1923.
Ola E. Miller: PdB 1909.  Grade teacher, La Plata, Mo., 1909-10; Kirksville, Mo., 1910-19.  Married Dr. Ralph W. Rice 1917.  Address: 578 N. Berendo Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
W.H. Miller: BSD 1884.
Gladys Katrina Milliken: BS 1921.
Anna Mary Mills: PdB 1911; AB & BS, Univ. of Mo.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1913-14.  Married Paul Simmons 1914.  Address: 242 Bristol Road, Webster Groves, Mo.
Carrie Mills: PdB 1903.  Married Mott.  Deceased.
Horace A Mills: 1915.  Mills and Arnold Lumber Co., Kirksville, Mo.
John Courtland Mills: PdB 1909; LLB, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  Married Bertha Leslie 1917.  Adair Co. Pros. Atty., 1915-19, and Probate Judge, since 1923.  Address: 721 E. Illinois St., Kirksville, Mo.
Mabelle A. Mills: PdB 1907.  Graduated Washington (D.C.) Seminary 1908.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1908-10.  Married Dr. Harry C. Kirkbride 1910.  Address: 814 De Kalb, Norristown, Pa.
Myra Mills: BSD 1900.  Teacher, Washington School, Kirksville, Mo., 1901-04.  Married S.W. Arnold 1904.  Address: 303 E. Harrison, Kirksville, Mo.
Neneta Grace Mills: BS 1921.
Warner Mills: PdB 1908.  Married Ina E. Holloway 1910.  Vice-president, National Bank of Kirksville, Kirksville Mo.
Gladys Oressa Millsap: BS 1924.
H.E. Millsap: PdB 1911, 1912; MPd 1911.  (Dallas, Tex.)
Roberta Minter: PdB 1909.
Robert L. Minton: PdB 1903. (Mound City, Mo.)
Herbert Mitchell: PdB 1904.  Veterinarian.
Lon S. Mitchell: BAPD 1881.  Married Lura Owen.  (4426 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis)
O.M. Mitchell: BSD 1885.
T.M. Mitchell: BSD 1901.  (3822 Front St., San Diego, Cal.)
Edna Montgomery: 1915.  Married Noel Hull.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Mabel Luepkes Moon (Mrs.): BS 1924.  Teacher, Greenwood School, Kirksville, Mo.
Blanche Moore: PdB 1903.
Evelyn Moore: PdB 1907.  Married Chas. E. Getchell.  (Festus, Mo.)
F. Lillian Moore: 1914.
Hattie M. Moore: PdB 1909.  (Festus, Mo.)
J.C. Moore: PdB 1907: MPd 1910; BS 1910.  Address:  Hoopeston, Ill.
Mary E. Moore (Mrs.): BS 1923. Supt, Holliday, Mo., since 1919.
Myrtle Robinson Moore: BS 1923.  Grade teacher, Silex, Mo., 1913-14; Ashley, Mo., 1914-15.  High school teacher, Hurdland, Mo., 1915-16; Milan, Mo., 1916-17; Grayson, Mo., 1917-19; Mosita, Colo., 1920-21; Twin Falls, Idaho, 1921-22; Sedalia Mo., 1922-23; Thermopoles, Wyo., since 1923.  Home: Ashley, Mo.
Willis Everette Moore: BS 1921.  Married Eula Davis 1918.  Principal, Bethel, Mo., 1915-17.  With U.S. Navy, 1917-20.  Supt., Linneus, Mo., 1919-21; Unionville, Mo., 1921-25.  Address: Unionville, Mo.
W.K. Moore: PdB 1910.  High school teacher, La Grange, Mo.
J.C. Moorman: BSD 1900.  Married Bertha M. Wilson 1905.  High school principal, 1901-05, & Supt., 1905-06, Maysville, Mo.  Farmer 1907-09.  Supt., Union Star, Mo., 1909-10.  De Kalb County Recorder, 1911-18.  Since 1919, real estate business, Kansas City, Mo.  Home: Maysville, Mo.
Leonidas Augustus Moorman: PdB 1903.  Died 1913.
Arden R. Morgan: PdB 1902.  Married Emma Hawk 1884.  Teacher, rural school, Kinmudy, Ill.; Brashear, Mo.  Principal, Clarence Mo.  Supt., Moulton, Iowa; Memphis, Mo.  Teacher in Central H.S., Kansas City.  For the past 25 yrs., Principal of Sherman School, and for 16 yrs., Principal of McKinley Evening H.S., St. Louis.  Address: 3802 McRee Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Barton S. Morgan: PdB 1913; BS 1919; MS, Iowa State College, 1922.  Married Catherine Wallace 1914.  Dept. of Vocational Ed., Iowa State Coll., 1923.  Supt. Of Hudson Cons. School and Assc. Prof. Rural Ed., Iowa State Coll., 1924.  Address: 818 Eighth St., Ames, Iowa.
Bert Emerson Morgan: BS 1924.
Fred Buckner Morgan: PdB 1904.  (Asst. in botany, Univ. of Mo., Columbia)
James Grover Morgan: PdB 1910.  Married Hazel H. Oldfield 1911.  Principal, Glenwood, Mo., 1907-09.  Editor, The Unionville Republican, since 1910.  Mbr. Mo. Legislature 1917-22.  Mbr. Unionville Bd. of Educ. since 1915.  Address: Unionville, Mo.
S.E. Morlan: PdB 1903.  Supt., Green City, MO., 1904-05.  Married Anna Dennis 1905.  Since 1905, engaged in drug business, Pollock, Mo.
Earl Fayette Morris: BS 1920.  Home: Huntsville, Mo.
Evalina Moser: PdB 1909.
Genevieve Moses: PdB 1909; AB, Univ. of Kans., 1913.  Teacher, Webb City, Mo., 1909-11.  High school teacher, Great Bend, Kans., 1913-15.  Married Richard Tuley 1915.  Address: 3815 Vine Ave., Sioux City, Iowa.
Joseph W. Mott: BS 1921; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1932.  Married Elizabeth May Uppinghouse 1913.  Supt., various Mo. schools, 12 yrs.  Director of Education, State Normal School, Stevens Point, Wis., 1923-24.
Francis Marion Motter: BSD 1894.
Pearl Moulton: BSD 1901; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1904.  Teacher, King City, Mo., 1901-02; Buffalo, Wyo., 1904-05.  Married Rev. Kersey J. Cardy 1906.  Address: Brighton, Iowa.
Nellie Vivian Mudd: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Burlington, Iowa, 1923-24.
Clara Darlene Mudra: BS 1924.  High school teacher, Hannibal, Mo.
William Allen Muir: BSD 1891.  Deceased.
Robert J. Mulford: PdB 1910.  Married Laura Ethel McClain 1901.  Supt., Hale Mo., 1910-12; Blue Springs, Mo., 1912-13; Spickard, Mo., 1913-16.  Editor and publisher, Grundy County Gazette, 1913-24.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Bessie Munn: PdB 1905.
John R. Murdock: PdB 1910, 1912.  BS 1913; AB 1914.  Since 1914, Prof. of history, State Normal School, Tempe, Ariz.
Mary Belle Murdock: BS 1918.  Teacher, Central H.S., Muskogee, Okla., since 1920.  Address: 1215 Court St., Muskogee, Okla.
Myrtle M. Murdock (Mrs.): PdB 1912.  Mrs. John R. Murdock.  Address: Tempe, Ariz.
Lora O. Murfin: BS 1918.  Public school music teacher, Des Moines, Iowa, since 1921. Address: 1318 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, Ia.
Charles H. Murphy: BSD 1893.  Teacher, St. Louis, 1874-75; in California since 1876.  Principal, High School of Commerce, San Francisco, 25 yrs.  Address: 201 Magellan Ave., San Francisco, Cal.
Clarence Washington Murphy: BSD 1897.  (Apdo. 36 Bis., Mexico City, D.F.)
James A. Murphy: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Princeton, Mo.  (with Peverly Dairy, St. Louis, Mo., 1922).
Minnie E. Murphy: PdB 1905.  Married (1) W.M. Tolman (died 1919); (2) Walter F. Fish 1923.
John Patrick Murphy: PdB 1905.  Deceased.
William Charles Murphy: PdB 1905.  Deceased.
Jessie Murray: PdB 1906. (Teacher, Musser School, St. Joseph.  Address: 1008 S. 15 th St., St. Joseph, Mo.)
Zoa Ruth Music: BS 1919.  High school teacher, Luana, Iowa, 1919-21.  High school principal, Garwin, Iowa, 1921-22.  Address: 619 E. Burlington, Iowa City, Iowa.
John Roy Musick: BSD 1893.  Died 1901.
Mary Beatrice Mussetter: BS 1917; PhD, La Grange College, 1913.  Rural teacher, Lewis Co., 1911-12, 1913.  High school teacher, La Belle, Mo., 1914; La Grange, Mo., 1914-16; Frankfort, Mo., 1917-18; Crowell, Tex., 1918-19.  Married John S. Ray 1919.  Address: Shadeland Farm, Margaret, Texas.
Maude Myers: PdB 1907.  Kirksville, Mo.
Merle Myers: BS 1918.  Grade teacher, Lawson, Mo., 1915-16.  High school teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1917-18; Humphreys, Mo., 1918-19; Laclede, Mo., since 1919.
Nellie Catharine Myers: 1915.


Elsa Louise Nagel: BS 1922.
Gertrude Nagel: BS 1920.
James R. Nagel: PdB 1908.
Frances Evelyn Nance: PdB 1912; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1918; MS, Columbia Univ., 1923.  Teacher, home economics, State Agri. Institute, Goodwell, Okla. 1916-17, 1920-21; Govt. work, Washington, D.C., 1918-19.  Teacher, home economics, Union H.S., Venice, Cal., 1922-23; Univ. of Cal., Southern Branch, Los Angeles, 1924.  Address: 2169 Le Moyne St., Los Angeles, Cal.
F.B. Nance: PdB 1906.
George P. Nason: BSD 1897.
David Edward Neale: 1916.  Married Velda Cochran 1920.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Lillian Neale: BSD 1902.  Grade school teacher, Vandalia, Mo., 1902-04; St. Louis, Mo., 1904-22.  Since 1922, 1st asst.  Address: 4438 McPherson, St. Louis, Mo.
Henry Extra Neese: BSD 1897.  (from Bay, Mo.)
Lillian Hazel Neete: BS 1924.
John Wesley Neff: BS 1917, 1921.  Since 1921, Professor of Music, K.S.T.C., Kirksville.  Kirksville, Mo.
Lottie Mabel Neff: BS 1922.  Since 1922, high school teacher, Vandalia, Mo.
Roy T. Neff: BS 1916.  High school teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1916-17.  With 41st Div., 1917-19.  With U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 1920.  Teacher, Shelbina, Mo., 1920-21.  High school principal, McGregor, Iowa, 1921-23.  Supt., Luana, Iowa, 1923-24.
Aven Nelson: BAPD 1883; MSD 1889; AM, Harvard Univ., 1892; MS, Drury College; PhD, Denver Univ., 1904.  Married Celia Alice Calhoun 1885.  Teacher, Drury College, 1883-85.  Principal, Ferguson, Mo., 1885-87. Professor of botany, since 1887; acting president, 1912-17; President, 1918-23; President emeritus & Prof. of botany, since 1923, Univ. of Wyo., Laramie, Wyo.  Sec’y, State Bd. of Horticulture; Fellow Bot. Soc. Of Am.; Fellow, A.A.A.S. member, Wash. Bio. Soc.  Author: Report on the Flora of Wyo., 1896; The Trees of Wyoming and How to Know Them, 1899; Key to Rocky Mountain Flora, 1902; Spring Flora of the Inter-Mountain States, 1910.  Revised Coulter-Nelson New Manual of Botany.  Address: Laramie, Wyo.
Camile Nelson: BSD 1893.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1894-95.  Married W.E. Swan 1898.  Address: 410 E. Myrtle, Johnson City, Tenn.
Harriet Nelson: PdB 1913.  High school teacher, Bevier, Mo., 1913-14; Renville, Minn., 1914-17.  Principal, Sagola, Mich. 1917-20.  Asst. principal, Valdez, Alaska, 1920-21.  Married Fred Coleclough 1922.  Address: Valdez, Alaska.
Louis Francis Nelson: BS 1922.  County Supt., Marion Co., Mo. 1919-22.
Julia Bernice Netherton: PdB 1913.  High school teacher, Gilman City, Mo., 1913-16; Gower, Mo., 1916-17; Jameson, Mo., 1919-21.  Married R.A. Daniels 1918.  Address: Jameson, Mo.
Pearle Netherton: PdB 1913; BS 1920.  Primary teacher, 1913-18, and high school teacher, 1918-20,Gilman City, Mo.  Since 1920, teacher, Kansas City.  Address: 3626 Highland, Kansas City, Mo.
A.J. Newman: PdB 1908; MPd 1910.  BS. 1910.  Married Mary Sweeney 1910.  Professor of economics, Univ. of Md. Address: Hyattsville, Md.
Berdie Newmyer: PdB 1913; BS 1921.  High school teacher, Hastings, Iowa, 1919-20; Blairsburg, Iowa, 1920-21; Sparland, Ill., since 1921.  Married Virgil H. Barker 1914.  Address: Sparland, Ill.
Ethel Newmyer: PdB 1911.  Grade teacher, Atlanta, Mo., 1911-12.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1912-15.  Married W.W. Alexander 1915.  Address: Trenton, Mo
Helen C. Newmyer: BS 1924.
Lena Newmyer: 1916.
Lola Newton: PdB 1913; BS 1921.  (High school teacher, La Plata, Mo.)
Jessie Nicholas: PdB 1904.  Married W.E. Shirley, Kirksville, Mo.
Robert M. Nicholas: PdB 1905.  Died 1915.
Susan Nicholas: BSD 1901.  High school teacher, Kirksville, 1901-07.  Married Dr. B.L. Dunnington 1907.  Address: Springfield, Mo.
Bertha Nichols: PdB 1906.
Helen Marie Nichols: 1916.
Thomas Guy Nichols: 1914.
John L. Nierman: PdB 1910; BS 1918; AB 1919; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1920.  High school principal, Augusta, Mo., 1908-10; Wentzville, Mo., 1910-14.  Supt., Hopkins, Mo., 1914-17.  Head of Dept. of Chemistry, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Va., 1919-22.  Studying for doctor’s degree, Univ. of Mo., 1922-23.  Married Augusta L. Mueller 1910.  Address: 1012 Rogers St., Columbia, Mo.
Blanche May Nixon: PdB 1907; BS 1923.  Principal, Wallace School, Hammond, Ind., since 1908.
Bertha Noel: PdB 1910.  Grade teacher, Buhl, Idaho, 1910-23.  County supt., Twin Falls County, Idaho, 1913-17.  Since 1921, Principal, Barber, Idaho.
Eugenia Frances Nolan: BSD 1889.  Since 1906, high school teacher, Webster Groves, Mo.
John Henry Nolen: BSD 1895.  Married Cecile S. Scheppe 1907.  Teacher, Jefferson City H.S. and La Grange College.  Newspaper editor.  State Commissioner of Land Reclamation, 1913-21.  Land reclamation work since 1921.  Address:  Jefferson City, Mo.
Alletha B. Norfolk: PdB 1911.  Supv., music and art, Pratt, Kan., 1912-13; Monterey, La., 1913-15.  Teacher in Agricultural H.S., Monterey, since 1922.  Married F.K. Burley 1915.  Address: Monterey, La.
Elizabeth Northcraft: PdB 1907.
Lettie Northcraft: PdB 1907.
Lilly Lee Northcutt: BSD 1898.  Married L.F. Dare. (St. Louis)
Mary L. Northcutt: BSD 1886.  Teacher, Cameron, Mo., 1886-87; Macon, Mo., 1887-90; Kansas City, Mo., 1890-93.  Married Elwyn R. Locke 1894.  Address: 5055 Western Ave., Mexico, Mo.
May E. Northcutt: BSD 1900.  Married Tom Hinkson.  (La Belle, Mo.)
Flora Northup: BAPD 1880; MAPT.  Married Scheurer.  Deceased.
Josephine Norwood: PdB 1911.  High school teacher, Ada, Okla., 1916-23.  Home: Ridgeway, Mo.
Lois Mabel Norwood: PdB. 1913.  (Ridgeway, Mo.)
George Byron Novinger, BSD 1896.  Deceased.
George John Novinger, BSD 1924.
Mabel Lois Nulton: BS 1916.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo., 1916-18; Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1918-19.  Married Clarence A. Jones.  Address: Greencastle, Mo.
Mildred May Nulton: BS 1920.  High school teacher, Edina, Mo., 1917-19. Supv., of music, Nogales, Ariz., 1920-21. Dept. of music, Riverside, Ill., since 1921.
Linnie Pearl Nutter: PdB 1910.  Married Amspaugh.


Grant Oberg: PdB 1907.
Ester Dorena Ochsner: BS 1924.
W.C. Ogier: PdB 1907.
Ada C. Oldham: BAPD 1876.  Asst princ., Hannibal and Macon, Mo.  Teacher, Normal School, Kirksville, Mo., 1879-82.  Address: Jefferson City, Mo.
Ralph E. Oldham: BAPD 1879.  Died 1923.
W.D. Oldham: BAPD 1877.  Died 1923.
Rena Garriott Olds (Mrs.): 1915. Married Fred Olds.
John Wilfley Oliver: BSD 1894.
A.R. Orr: BAPD 1875; MAPT 1879.  Married Flora Belle Brayman (deceased).   Taught in Adair Co., Mo. 1872-74; Curran, Ill., 1874-75; Plano, Cal., 1875.  With J.S. McPhail (class of 1875), opened Visalia Normal School and taught 1876-87.  With Govt. Land Office, Visalia, 1 yr.  Engaged in land office practice.  Mayor, Visalia, 4 yrs.  President, League of Cal. Municipalities.  Since 1887, engaged in fruit growning and mining.  Address: Visalia, Cal.
Joseph O. Otterson: PdB 1913; BS, Univ. of Wis., 1916.  Principal, Kinloch Park, Mo., 1913-14.  Supt., Gorin, Mo., 1916-17.  Supv., 7th and 8th grade boys, San Diego State Normal, San Diego, Cal., 1917.  With hospital corps, U.S. Navy, Dec. 1917 to Feb. 1919.  Teacher, Central H.S., 1920-22, and East Side High School, 1922 to date, Madison, Wis.  Address: 1333 Multon St., Madison, Wis.
Frederick Benjamin Owen: BSD 1895; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1903; LLB, Washington Univ., 1904.  Married Ethel Barnhill 1906.  High school principal, Clinton, Mo., 1895-97.  Supt., California, Mo., 1897-99; Clinton, Mo., 1899-1902.  City Atty., Clinton, Mo., 1895-96.  Practicing atty, Oklahoma City, Okla., since 1906.  Office: 609 Terminal Bldg.  Home: 928 W. 18th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.
George H. Owen: BSD 1889.  (Dentist, Metropolitan Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.)
Lura Owen: BAPD 1883.  Married Lon Mitchell.  (4426 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.)
Martha Owen: BSD 1894.
Maud Owen: BSD 1895.  (High school teacher, Oklahoma City, Okla.)
N. Mabel Owen: PdB 1903.
Ollen Owen: BS 1924.
Winifred Owens: 1914.
Mary Waller Owsley: BS 1920; AA, Howard-Payne, 1915.  High school teacher, Wellington, Mo., 1916-18.  High school principal, Palmyra, Mo., 1918-19, 1921-22.  High school teacher, The Dalles, Ore., 1919-21.  Married L.B. Chappell 1922.  Address: 617 Yale Ave., Fresno, Cal.


Flora Page: BS 1923.  Teacher, Kahoka, Mo.  Home: Boynton, Mo.
J. Frank Page: PdB 1913; PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1916; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1917.  Supt., Laclede, Mo., 1913-15.  Prof. of English, Kan. State Ag. College, 1917; Augustana College, 1917-19.  Student, Columbia Univ., 1919-20.  Prof. of Economics and Sociology, Ore. State Ag. College, 1920-23.  Address: 1014 Mound St., Madison, Wis.
Virgil Eugene Painter: BS 1922.  Married Pearl Wallace 1921.  High school principal, Macon, Mo., 1921-23.  High school teacher, Holstein, Ia., 1923-24.
Earl Victor Parrish: BSD 1897; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1902.  Married M.L. Defrance Donegly 1902.  Mgr., Bureau of Publicity, Omaha, Neb., 1910-19.  Director of Publicity, Federal Food Admin., 1919-21.  Secretary, Chamber of Commerce, Dayton, Fla., 1923.
Ophelia A. Parrish: AB 1912.  Died 1915.
Ruth Conrad Parsons: 1915.  Married Walter R. Henry.  Address: Green City, Mo.
Fred E. Patrick: PdB 1913; AB 1915.  Supt., Adair County, Mo., 1914-15; Lancaster, Mo., 1915-18; Butler, Mo., 1918-19; Bethany, Mo. since 1919.  Married Virginia Losely 1912.  Address: Bethany, Mo.
F.M. Patterson: BSD 1885.
Henry E. Patterson: BSD 1893.  Deceased.
Henry Milton Patterson: BS 1917.  Supt., Daleview, Mo.  Married Mabel Clough.  Address: Fairfax, Mo.
Ida May Patterson: BSD 1913.  Married Dr. Jack Hart.  (Corydon, Iowa)
Lucy Patterson: BSD 1889.  Married Jesse Motter.  Address: 316 Fifteenth Ave. W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Lula Patterson: BSD 1888.
Marie W. Patterson: BSD 1888.
Rosa Patterson: BSD 1891.  Taught 3 yrs., Kirksville, Mo.  Married E.A. West 1898.  Address: Beaver Dam, Wis.
William Leslie Patterson: BSD 1910; LLB, Benton College of Law, 1916.  Married Lavinia E. Briggs 1911.  High school principal, Mosca, Colo., 1909-12.  Principal, Lincoln School, St. Louis County, Mo., 1911-18.  At present, Attorney at Law, Sikeston, Mo.
Jene B. Patton: PdB 1913.  BS, Synodical College, 1889.  Elementary teacher, Richmond,Mo., 1890-1909.  High school teacher, Albany, Mo., 1909-12; Richmond, Mo., 1912-13.  Engaged in mercantile business since 1913.  Address: 302 E. Main, Richmond, Mo.
Calvin Henry Paul: BSD 1893.  Married Bertha M. Thompson 1906.  Teacher in Mo. schools, 1893-1909. Since 1907, agricultural and ministerial work.  Since 1919, pastor M.E. Churches, Kirksville Circuit.  Address: Brashear, Mo.
George W. Pauly: BSD 1899; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1901.  Practicing physician, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Leona Pauly (Mrs.): BSD 1899; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1901.  Married G.W. Pauly.  Practicing physician, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Mary Swain Paxton: BS 1924.
Walter A. Payne: BSD 1887; MSD 1893; PhD, Univ. of Chicago, 1895.  Married Jessie Milne 1902.  High school teacher, Lathrop, Mo., 1887-88.  Principal and supt., Dayton, Wash., 1888-93.  Student, Univ. of Chicago, 1893-96.  Sec., Lecture-Study Dept., Univ. Extension Dept, 1911, Dean of Univ. College, 1908-13; Univ. Examiner since 1911; Univ. Recorder since 1913, Univ. of Chicago.  Vice President, Am. Assn Collegiate Registratars, 1921-22.  Address: University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Anna E. Pearson: PdB 1912.  Home address: Keytesville, Mo.
Linnie E. Pearson: 1914.
Mancil Earl Peltz: BS 1923.  Married Verdie Clifton 1916.  High school principal, Malad City, Idaho, 1916-19.  Manual training teacher, Sunrise, Wyo, 1920-21.  High school principal, Prescott, Wash., 1921-22.  High school teacher, Shawnee Mission Rural High School, since 1922.  Address: Merriam, Kan.
J.N. Pemberton: BAPD 1883.  Osteopath.
Walker S. Pemberton: BSD 1900; BS 1906; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1909.  Married Ada Felt 1902.  Since 1922, Supt., Henrietta, Mo.  Address: Mendon, Mo.
Guy Pence: PdB 1909; MPd 1911; AB 1912; BS 1921; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1922.  Married Carrie Ray Hosey 1911. Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1910-12; Cincinnati, Iowa, 1912-18; Slater, Mo., 1918-21; College Springs, Iowa, since 1921.
George Washington Pendergraft: BSD 1897; MSD 1901.
C.P. Perham: BAPD 1879.  Died 1918.
Elinor Inez Perley: BS 1918.  High school teacher, Green City, Mo., 1917-18; Butler, Mo., 1918-19; Kirksville, Mo., 1919-21.  At present, student in Univ. of Chicago. Address: 6148 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Mary Deane Perley: BS 1917; MS., Univ. of Chicago, 1922.  High school teacher, Shelbyville, Mo., 1917-18; Moberly, Mo., 1918-22, 1923-24
Margaret Perry: 1916.
Nellie Pauline Peters: BS 1924.
Lena Frances Peterson: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Fayette, Mo., 1921-24.  Address: Junior High School, Kirksville, Mo.
John Ernest Petree: BSD 1891.  Married Clara M. Plumb 1892.  Instructor in teachers institute, Stanberry, Mo., 1891.  Principal, King City, Mo., 1891-92; Willow Springs, Mo., 1892-93; Sene, Mo., 1895; Newtonia, Mo., 1896.  Principal, Washington School, Kirksville, Mo., 1897-98.  Letter carrier, Kirksville, 1898-1903.  Judge of County Court, Caldwell Co., Mo., 1919-23.  Farmer since 1903.  Kidder, Mo.
Leo Marley Petree: BS 1917.  Married Vera Thomas 1917.  Rural teacher, Greencastle, Mo., 1912.  Principal, Luray, Mo., 1913-14.  Supt., Browning, Mo., 1914-15.  Principal, Maxwell School, St. Joseph, Mo., 1915-16.  Teacher, Delta, Ohio, 1919-20; West Woodward H.S., Toledo, Ohio, since 1920.  Lieut., 49th Infantry, 1917-19.  Address: 3716 Hazelhurst, Toledo, Ohio.
Lettie Petree: BSD 1901.  Married Delos Bragg.  Address: 1227 College Ave., Topeka, Kan.
Louis Edward Petree: BSD 1892.  Lawyer, Garden City Bank Bldg., San Jose, Cal.
Martha Petree: BSD 1897.  Osteopath, Paris, Ky.
McDonald Petree: BSD 1897.  Deceased.
Noel Harper Petree: 1916.
Nora Elma Petree: BSD 1901; AB, Stanford Univ., 1905.  Married Traughber.  Address: 1359 La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Oran Adrian Petree: BSD 1897; AB, Stanford Univ., 1905.  Married Daisy M. Nelson 1907.  At present, electric motorman for Columbia Steel Corp.  Address: 218 Oliver Ave., Modesto, Cal.
Harrison Summer Pfeiffer: PdB 1913; PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1915.  Supt., Fernald, Iowa, 1915-16; South English, Iowa, 1917-18.  U.S. Navy 1918-19.  Supt., Agency, Iowa, 1919-23.
Helen Pfeiffer: 1915.
Lowa Phelps: BAPD 1876; MAPT 1880.  Married Dr. Murdy 1879.  Died 1918.
Tulsye Phelps: 1916.
Gertrude Phillips: BSD 1895.
Nora Belle Phillips: BSD 1897; MPd 1904.  H.S. teacher, Grant City, Mo. 1903-06.  Teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah since 1906.  Address: 924 E. Second South St., Salt Lake City, Utah.
L.M. Phipps: BSD 1886.  Deceased.
Paul E. Phipps: PdB 1908; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1916.  Married Susan Case (died 1922) 1911.  Principal, Ethel, Mo., 1909-11; Elmer, Mo., 1911-12.  Supt., Harris, Mo., 1912-15; Princeton Mo., 1916-18.  High school principal, McAllen, Texas, 1918-20.  Supt., Harlingen, Texas since 1920.  Director Harlingen Chamber of Commerce; President South Tex. Ed. Assn., 1922-23; President Lower Rio Grande Valley Fair, 1921-22.  Address: Harlingen, Texas.
Grace Elizabeth Pickell: BS 1924.
J.G. Pierce: PdB 1913. Married May E. Cheatham 1915.  Principal, Mt. Hope, Mo., 1915-16; River Side Schools, Mt. Vernon, Wash., 1919-21; Ridgeway Schools, Mt. Vernon, Wash., 1921-22; McMurray, Wash., 1922 to date.  Member Exec. Bd. Skagit County Teachers Assn.  Address: McMurray, Wash.
Mary Inez Pierce: BS 1924.
Clara Frances Pierson: PdB 1913.  High school teacher, Bethany, Mo., since 1919.
Andrew Demar Pierson: PdB 1905; BS in Ed, Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Married Calta H. Johnson 1912.  Supt., Union Star, Mo., 1905-08.  Teacher, Philippine Islands, 1908-15.  Asst. in Math, , 1916-17.  Teacher, Northeast High School, Kansas City, Mo., 1917-22; Junior College since 1922.  Address: 437 S. Denver, Kansas City, Mo.
Anna Margaret Pile: BSD 1898.  High school teacher, Northeast H.S., Kansas City since 1912.  Address: 3528 Windsor, Kansas City, Mo.
Harva Pitts: 1916.
Myron Benjamin Platz: BS 1920.  Married Irene Baskett 1912.  Supt., Callao, Mo., 1913-15; Downing, Mo., 1916-19; Wyaconda, Mo., 1919-20; Perry, Mo., 1920-22.  Graduate student, Univ. of Mo., 1922-23.  Member Exec. Committee, N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn., 1922.  High school principal, Louisiana, Mo., 1923-24.
Belle Plumb: BSD 1887; BS, Kidder (Mo.) Institute, 1886.  Rural teacher, 1888-89.  High school principal, Princeton, Mo., 1890.  Married H.R. Fuller 1891.  Address: 917 S. Davis St., Kirksville, Mo.
Emma Poe: BSD 1890. Died 1910.
C.M. Polley: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1881.  Deceased.
Egbert M. Polley: PdB 1910.  Married Dorothea M. Force, San Leandro, Calif, 1922.  Vice-principal and principal, grammar schools, San Bernardino, Calif., 1910-12.  Supv. of playgrounds and physical ed., Glendale, Calif., 1912-16.  Teacher, Junior High School, Oakland, Calif., 1916-17, 1919-21.  1st Sgt., Ambulance Co 38, 6th Sanitary Train, A.E.F., 1918-19.  Student, Univ. of California, 1922-23.  Address: 422 E. 14th St., Oakland, Calif.
Herman B. Polson: 1916.  Marysville, Calif.
Reba Polson: PdB 1910; MPd 1911; BS 1911, 1917.  Teacher.  Address: Cedar St., Berkeley, Calif.
W.O. Poll: PdB 1906; DO, Am School of Osteopathy, 1902.  Practiced osteopathy 20 yrs.  President District Osteopathic Assn., Fairfield, Iowa, 1908-09.  Member Okla. Osteopathic Board of Examiners 1921 (resigned).  Student, Bible Institute, Los Angeles, Calif., 1921-22.  Married Mattie Rouse 1904.  Address: Box 643, Wynnewood, Okla.
Mary Elma Poole: BS 1922.  Registrar, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1918 to date.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Corbin Lee Poore: BS 1922.  With 24th M.G. Battalion, World War.  Teacher, Downing H.S., Downing, Mo. 1922.  High school principal, 1922-23, & supt., 1923-24, Uniontown, Kan.
Earl Yates Poore: BS 1923.  Married Bess Caraway (died 1924) 1922.  Principal, Jonesburg, Mo., 1912-13.  High school principal. Weston, Mo., 1913-14; Corning, Mo., 1914-15; Rock Port, Mo., 1915-17; Wolf Point, Mont., 1919-21.  Supt., Froid, Mont., 1921-23.  U.S. Army, 19 months, 1917-19.  Director of Phys. Ed., Lewistown, Mont., 1923-24.  High school teacher, Sedalia, Mo., 1924-25.
Lelah Popplewell: PdB 1903.
Julia Louise Porter: BSD 1899.  Married F.M. Garth 1900.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Porter: BSD 1901.  Died 1906.
Stacy G. Porter: BSD 1886.  Married Frank Miller 1895.  Address: 402 N. Elson St., Kirksville, Mo.
W.T. Porter: BSD 1886.  Address: 2019 Sacramento St., San Francisco, Cal.
Elsie Mae Post: BS 1921.  Teacher, elementary school, Kirksville, Mo., 1911-14; Kirkwood, Mo., 1914-20.  Supv., Ophelia Parrish School, Kirksville, 1921 to date.  Married T.P. Long 1922.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Frances E. Post: PdB 1907.
Alice Margaret Potter: BS 1920.  High school teacher, Iowa Falls, Iowa, 1920-21; Valley City, N.D., 1921-23.  At present, student Univ. of Chicago.  Address: 6025 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Frances Kathryn Potter: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Lamoni, Iowa, 1921-22; Savannah, Mo., 1922-24.
Frank Henry Potter: BSD 1897.
Myrtle V. Potter: BSD 1912.  High school teacher, Memphis, Mo., 1911-12.  High school principal, Shelbyville, Mo., 1912-15.  High school teacher, Slater, Mo., 1915-16.  Married G.F. Shulze 1916.  Address: Berwyn, Ill.
A. Tilden Powell: PdB 1903; BS 1907; AB 1908; AM, Univ. of Mo., 1910.  Married Lulu May Gentry 1902.  Principal, Humphreys, Mo., 1911-12.  Supt., Bevier, Mo., 1902-03; Huntington, Ark., 1905-07; Bowling Green, Mo., 1918-23.  Lecturer, S.S. Assn. and Chautauqua, 1912-18.  Editor and publisher, Mid-West School Journal, 1924-25.  Address: Bowling Green, Mo.
Bessie Gertrude Powell: PdB 1908.  Teacher, Wellston, Mo., 1909-10; Kirksville, Mo., 1910-11.  Married Silas W. Winn 1916.   Address: 315 E. Washington St., Kirksville, Mo.
E.J. Powell: PdB 1904.
Lida Powell: PdB 1900.
Lulu Gentry Powell (Mrs.): PdB 1904; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1909.  Teacher, Humphreys, Mo., 1902-03; Mansfield, Ark., 1905-06; Huntington, Ark., 1906-07; Rolla, Mo., 1910-11; Bowling Green, Mo. 1918-23.  Married A.T. Powell 1903.  Address: Bowling Green, Mo.
Richard W. Powell: BS 1918.  Married Gail F. Fox 1913.  Rural teacher, Ark. and Linn Co., Mo.  Grade teacher, Huntington, Ark., 1906.  Supt., Hurdland, Mo., 1910-17; Linneus, Mo., 1917-19; Bethany, Mo., 1919-20.  Since 1920, Director of Rural Ed., State Teachers College, Kearney, Neb.  Speaker on N.E.A. program 1920.  Address: Kearney, Neb.
A.L. Pratt: BSD 1886.  Linneus, Mo.
Albert Benton Pratt: BSD 1898.  Married Nellie C. Turner 1906.  Teacher, Jamesport, Mo., 1898-99.  Supt., Unionville, Mo., 1899-1906.  Since 1906, Loans and abstracts business, Unionville, Mo.
J.F. Pratt: BSD 1886.
Mary Trimble Prewitt: BAPD 1883; MSD 1892.
I.A. Price: BSD 1886.  Deceased.
Frank P. Primm: BAPD 1875; MAPT 1880.  Died 1918.
James William Primrose: BS 1923.  Since 1922, Principal Quincy Junior High School, Quincy, Ill.
Julia Proctor: PdB 1904. Married Charles Gould.  Address: 18 Cedar St., Schenectady, N.Y.
Alonzo Lee Prosser: PdB 1913; BS 1918.  Died 1923.
Ola Pryor: PdB 1909.  (Elem. school teacher, Moberly, Mo.)
J.A. Pulliam: BSD 1886.  Attorney.  Lieut. Gov. of Colo., 1916-20.  Address: Durango, Colo.
Marguerite Pumphrey: BSD 1887; MSD 1893.  Married Smith.
Chester Arthur Purdy: BS 1917.  Married Nellie B. Childers 1917.  Vice-pres. Electric Bakeries Co., Chicago, 1919-20.  Since 1922, development engr., Western Electric Co.  President Englewood Com’l. & Civic Assn., 1919-20.  Address: 5825 Wayne Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Nellie Childers Purdy (Mrs.): BS 1919.  High school teacher, Cincinnati, Iowa, 1916-17; Gallatin, Mo., 1917-18.  Married Chester A. Purdy 1917.  Address: 5825 Wayne Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Rexie Pyle: BS 1923.


Grace Quigley: PdB 1907.
Elizabeth Carmelita Quinn: PdB 1913; BS 1920.  Teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1913-14; Kirksville, Mo., 1914-17.  Art teacher, Tulsa, Okla., 1917-22.  Married Albert L. Beckly 1922.  Address: 221 W. 14th St., Tulsa, Okla.
Matthew Hayes Quinn: BS 1919.  U.S. Navy, 1918-19. Student, Chicago Acad. of Fine Arts, 1919. Illustrator for U.S. War Dept., Education and Recreation Branch, 1920.  Commercial illustrator 1921.  Educational Dept., American Crayon Co., 1922 to date.  Address: The American Crayon Co., Sandusky, Ohio.


Leo Rachford: 1915.
George Arthur Radford: BSD 1892.
Wilhma Virginia Raffensperger: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Queen City, Mo., 1923-24.
Saida Vivian Ragsdale: BSD 1897.  Taught two terms in rural schools and one year in Paris, Mo.  Married C.R. Noel 1900.  Address: Paris, Mo.
Jess W. Rainwater: PdB 1905.  Died 1908.
Calvin Henry Ramsay: PdB 1913; AB 1913.  Married Myrtle Bowlby 1918.  High school Principal, La Plata, Mo., 1913-14.  High school teacher, Kirkwood, Mo., 1914-16.  High school principal, Bellflower, Mo., 1916-18.  Pvt., 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Furnston, Kan., 1918.  Supt., Bellflower, 1919-22, 1923.  Member, Audrain Co., Textbook Commission, 1918-21.  Farmer and breeder of pure blood live stock, Bellflower, Mo.  
Grover Cleveland Ramsey: BS 1916.  6407 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Jeanne Willett Ramsey (Mrs.): BS 1921.  Married Grover C. Ramsey.  Address: 6407 Kenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Carrie Randall: BSD 1884.  Married Thwing.
Macie Randall: PdB 1907.  Married J.G. Lutz.  (1100 Monroe, Kansas City, Mo.)
N.H. Randall: BSD 1902.
Nellie Randall: PdB 1907.  Teacher, Ponca City, Okla., 1909-10; Selma and Ventura, Calif., 1914-18; Upland, Calif., since 1918.  Address: 504 N. Euclid Ave., Upland, Calif.
Maude Agnes Rank: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Princeton, Mo.
Minnie Rank: BS 1922.  Since 1920, High school principal, Princeton, Mo.  Since 1920, Chairman Community Teachers Assn.  Address: 1005 Park Ave., Princeton, Mo.
Ida F. Ray: BSD 1902.  Teacher, Primghar, Iowa, 1902-03; Frederick, Okla., 1903-05, 1917-18; Frederick Consolidated No. 3, 1916-17.  Ward school principal, Frederick, 1919-22.  Married W.E. Muller 1905.  Address: 124 N. 13th St., Frederick, Okla.
Bessie Lee Ray: BS 1924.
Jessie Ray: BSD 1899.
George W. Reavis: PdB 1912.  Married Mary D. Coughlan 1899.  County Supt., Holt Co., Mo., 1909-11.  State rural school inspector, 1920-22.  Asst. director of vocational educ. since 1922.  Address: Jefferson City, Mo.
Louis Reckard: PdB 1912.  Married Harry Allen (died) 1918.  Teacher, Memphis, Mo.
Lucy Reddish: 1916.
Esther Elizabeth Redmon: BS 1921.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Novelty, Mo., 1920-21.  Married George R. Loughead 1921.  Address: Bonne Terre, Mo.
Flossie Lenora Redmon: BS 1921.  High school principal, Greentop, Mo., 1921-22.  Married Forest Johnson 1922.  Address: Hannibal, Mo.
Alma C. Reed: BS 1921.  Teacher, Rockford, Iowa, 1921-22; La Jara, Colo., since 1922.  Address: Auxvasse, Mo.
Arthur Guy Reed: BS 1917.  Professor of Public Health, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1920-23.  Address: Tulsa, Okla.
Minnie Reed: BSD 1888.  Married E.L. Cooley 1895.  Died 1920.
Minnie Reed: BSD 1901.
Mollie Reed: BSD 1888.
Erma Reedal: BSD 1901.
Dorothy Louise Reedy: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Shelbina, Mo.
Madge J. Reese: PdB 1909; BS, Univ of MO, 1914. High school teacher, Hannibal, Mo. 1909-12.  Home Demonstration Agent, State of Alabama, 1914-16.  Field Agent, Agricultural and Home Ec. Extension, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, for 15 southern states, 1917-21, for 11 western states, 1922 to date. Address: 1324 Euclid N.W., Apt. 23, Washington, D.C.
Virginia Sparling Reeves (Mrs.): BS 1924.
William Thomas Reeves: BS 1922.  Married Virginia Sparling 1916.  Student, A.T. Still College of Osteo. & Surg., 1922-24.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Blanche Reid: BS 1920.  Since 1919, high school teacher, Kirksville, Mo.
Cora A. Reid: PdB 1912.  High school teacher, Santa Fe, N.M.
Bessie M. Renner: PdB 1909.  Married Asa G. Woodward.  (Los Angeles, Cal.)
Otha Francis Revercomb: BS 1918, 1920.  113 Catherine St., La Grange, Ill.
Louise Bartlett Rex: BSD 1896.
Floyd Reyner: BS 1916.  Married Lorene Caroline Biswell 1924.  Supt., Browning, Mo., 1916-17.  Athletics and science teacher, Aurora, Minn., 1917-18; Akron, Ohio, 1918-20; Janesville, Wis., 1920-22.  Since 1922, Supt., Orangeville, Ill.
Carrie Reynolds: BSD 1897.  Married Dr. Robert Conner.  Address: New Orleans, La.
Dora Lee Reynolds: PdB 1913; BS, 1918.  High school teacher, Macon, Mo., 1918-20; Tucumcari, N.M., 1920-21.  Married Malcolm D. Atkinson, 1921.  Address: Tucumcari, N.M.
Eve L. Reynolds: PdB 1909. Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1907-16; Huron, S.D., 1917-22; Tulare, Cal., 1922 to date.  Address: 109 Sycamore Ave., Tulare, Cal.
Lester Farrar Reynolds: AB 1916; BS 1921; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1923.  Married C. Elsie Whiteley 1922.  High school teacher, Powersville, Mo., 1911-13.  Asst. Supv. of music, Topeka, Kan., 1915-16.  Music Supv., Junior high school, Topeka, 1915-17.  With Armed Guards, U.S. Navy, 1917-19.  Practicing osteopathy, Temple Court Bldg., Denver, Colo.  Home: 1273 Race St., Denver, Colo.
Minnie Moss Richardson (Mrs.): BS 1919.
Adelia Richmond: BSD 1890.  Married J. Reese Vails.
Mildred Maree Rieger: BS 1921.  Married John C. Thalheimer 1922.  Brunswick, Me.
Eva Ruth Riggins: BS 1923.  Supervisor of music, Macon, Mo., since 1922.
Paul Raymond Riggins: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Bethany, Mo., since 1922.
Charles Riggle: BAPD 1882; MSD 1884.
Fannie Riggs: BSD 1885.  Married H.C. Long.  (Boston, Mass.)
N. Reuben Riggs: BSD 1901.  (Farmer, Lawson, Mo.)
W.L. Riggs: BSD 1889; MSD 1896.  Deceased.
W.L. Rinaman: PdB 1911.  Married Geraldine Campbell 1914.  Principal, North State School, Tulsa, Okla., 1911-12.  Sec’y, Gem Oil Co., 1913-14.  Since 1914, manager land and lease dept., Oklahoma Natural Gas Co., Tulsa, Okla.  Address: 1336 N. Cheyenne St., Tulsa, Okla.
Mabel Rinehart: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Creston, Iowa, 1920-21; Marceline, Mo. since 1921.
Alethea Ringo: BSD 1893; MPd 1904.
Ethel Sarah Ringo: BSD 1898.  Married J.E. Weatherly 1904.  Address: Hannibal, Mo.
Eugenia Ringo: PdB 1903; BS 1921.  High school teacher, Chaddock Boys School, Quincy, Ill, 1918-20; Kirksville, Mo., since 1921.  Married L.A. Moorman (died 1913) 1906.
Audry D. Risdon: BSD 1902.  Married Annabelle McGee.  With McManis Table Co., Kirksville, Mo.
Prudie Risdon: BSD 1888.  Married Tillery.
Eva Robbins: BSD 1902.
Olive Robbins: PdB 1909.  Married E.L. Harrington.
C.A. Roberts: PdB 1904.  Since 1905, high school teacher, Webster Groves, Mo.
D.L. Roberts: BSD 1888.  Principal, Vandalia, Mo., 1889-93.  High school principal, Nevada, Mo., 1893-95.  Principal, Oregon, Mo., 1895-1900.  Supt., Neosho, Mo., 1900-02.  Married Sallie Gex (died 1902) 1890.  Since 1902, Hardware business, Centralia, Mo.
Isom Roberts: BSD 1885.  Deceased.
L.D. Roberts: PdB 1903; AB, Univ. of Colo., 1915.  Teacher, Eagleville, Mo., 1904-06.  High school principal, Trenton, Mo., 1906-10.  High school teacher, Boulder, Colo., 1910-15; Colo. Springs, Colo., 1915-17.  Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry, Colo. School of Mines, Golden, Colo., since 1917.
Susan Roberts: BSD 1900 (Baptist missionary, Ongole, Guntur District, South India)
Willie Robertson: PdB 1904.  Supt., Huntsville, Mo., 1901-04.  Student, Univ. of Chicago, 1904-05.  High school principal, Moberly, Mo., 1906-08.  Supt., Maplewood, Mo., 1908-15; Webster Groves, Mo., 1915-17; Randolph County, Mo., since 1919.  Address:  Huntsville, Mo.
Elsie Missouri Robinson: AB 1916.
Esther Robinson: PdB 1913; BS 1919.  High school teacher, Pollock, La., 1920.  Primary critic teacher, State Normal School, Tahlequah, Okla., 1920-21; State Normal School, Superior, Wis., since 1922.  Address: 1925 Hohn Ave., Superior, Wis.
Nellie B. Rockhold: PdB 1910.
Ethel Rodgers: PdB 1905.  Grade teacher, Milan, Mo., 1900-11.  Principal, Green City, Mo., 1911-15.  Supt., Newton, Mo., 1915-18; Pollock, Mo., 1918-21; Osgood, Mo., 1921-22.  Address: Milan Mo.
Lizzie Roe: BAPD 1875.  Taught rural school in Cal., 1875-76.  For several years, teacher Pierce Christian College, College City, Cal.  Married A.E. Carpenter (deceased).  Address: 1133 E. 59th St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Emmet Charles Rogers: BS 1913, 1919.
Floyd B. Rogers: PdB 1912.
Francis Forest Rogers: BS 1921.
James Buford Rogers: 1914.
James Burton Rogers: BS 1916, 1922; PdB, Chillicothe Normal School, 1894.  Supt., Madison, Mo., 1907-10, 1913-15, 1920-21; Welch, Okla., 1910-13; Elsberry, Mo., 1915-18; Stoutsville, Mo., 1921-23.  School Commissioner, Monroe County, Mo., 1902-10.  Y.M.C.A. Sec’y, A.E.F., London and Paris, 1918-19.  Married Jessie P. Williams 1902.  Address: Stoutsville, Mo.
Jessie Williams Rogers (Mrs.): BS 1922.  High school principal, Madison, Mo., 1913-15; Elsberry, Mo., 1915-18; Welch, Okla. 1918; Stoutsville, Mo., since 1921.  Married J.B. Rogers 1902.  Address: Stoutsville, Mo.
Ella Rolofson: BSD 1887.
Edna M. Rolston: 1914.
Mathilde B. Rombauer: BSD 1900.  Married Dr. E.H. Henry.  Died 1919.
Pearl Romjue: BS 1919.  Teacher, La Plata, Mo., 1909-12.  High school teacher, Caney, Kan., 1912-17; La Plata, Mo., 1917-18; Lancaster, Mo., 1919.  Married Lawrence Long 1919.  Address: Dewey, Okla.
J.T. Ronald: BSD 1893.  Married Rhoda M. Coe of Edina, Mo. (died 1923) 1877.  Teacher, California, 1875-82.  Principal, Greenville Grammar School, 1880-82.  Admitted to Bar 1882.  Pros. Atty., Seattle, Wash., 1885-89.  Mayor, Seattle, 1892-94.  Regent, Univ. of Wash., 1904-09.  Member Kings Co. Bd. of Ed.  Address: The Superior Court, Seattle, Wash.
Cophine Rook: BS 1917.  High school teacher, Radcliffe, Iowa, 1919-20; Gladbrook, Iowa, 1920-21; Manchester, Iowa, 1921-22; Lewis, Iowa, 1922-24.
Ruth Rooker: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo.
Charles C. Roselle: PdB 1911.  Married Martha H. Howard 190?  Principal, Central School, Mexico, Mo., 1911-21.  Jewelry business, Warrensburg, Mo.
Bertha Elsie Roseberry: BS 1918, 1920.  High school teacher, Emmett, Idaho, 1917-18; Marceline Mo., 1918-20; Macon, Mo., 1923.25.
Ethel Mae Roseberry: BS 1917.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
W.E. Rosenstengel (Mrs.): BS 1924.
William E. Rosenstengel: BS 1923.  Supt., Maywood, Mo., since 1920.
Allie Ross: BSD 1891.  Married Suggett.
Bessie Garnett Ross: BS 1918; AB in Ed., Warrensburg; BS, Univ. of Chicago, 1916.  High school teacher, Liberty, Mo., 4 yrs.  Science teacher, State Normal School, Conway, Ark.  Graduate student, Teachers College, Columbia Univ., 1923. Science teacher, State Normal School, Frostburg, Md., 1923-24.
James Edward Rouse: PdB 1910, 1912; BS, 1914; BS in Ag, Kan. State Ag. College, 1916; MS, Univ. of Wis., 1916.  Married Myrtie C. Van Deusen 1917.  With American Breeders Assn., 1910-11.  Asst. in Ag., 1911-12, and Assc. Prof. of Ag., 1912-15, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo.  Asst. in Experimental Breeding, Univ. of Wis., 1916-17.  Assoc. Prof. of Ag., 1917-18, and Prof. of Ag., 1918 to date, Fort Hays State Teachers College.  Address: Hays, Kan.
Grace Rucker: PdB 1903.
Leta D. Rudasill: PdB 1908.  Taught at Long Branch, Mo., 1908-09, 1910-12; Hannibal, Mo., 1909-10.  Married A. Earl Sloan 1915.  Address: Yale, Okla.
Lucy Rudasill: BSD 1901.  Married Nelson Sears.
Minnie Ruffer: PdB 1905.  Since 1901, grade teacher, Crystal City, Mo.  Address: Festus, Mo.
Lena Rule: PdB 1906.  Address: Smithville, Mo.
Lucile Farrar Russell (Mrs.): BS 1923.  Married Lynton B. Russell.  High school principal, Gilliam, Mo., 1923-25.
Lynton Barrett Russell: BS 1924.  Supt., Gilliam, Mo., 1923-25.
Beth G. Rutherford: PdB 1905; MPd 1907.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1906-08; Brookfield, Mo., 1908-11; St. Joseph, Mo., 1911-15.  Sec’y, Mo. Society of Teachers of Math, 1 yr.  Married J. Herbert McKinney 1915.  Address: 8422 Juliet St., Los Angeles, Cal.
H. Clay Rutherford: BAPD 1876.  Deceased.
Ora Rutherford: PdB 1910; MPd 1910; PdB, Univ. of Chicago, 1911.  Library Asst., K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1909-10.  High school teacher, Madison, Mo., 1911-12; Kirksville, Mo., 1912-13; Lingle, Wyo., 1913-15.  Married Earl P. Story.  Address: Lingle, Wyo.
Ledrew Esper Ryals: BSD 1896.
Texie Ellen Ryle: BS 1918.  High school teacher, La Belle, Mo., 1919-20.  Married Rev. W.H. Roberts 1920.  Address: Hillsdale, Mich.
Walter Harrington Ryle: BS 1919.  High school principal, 1916-17, and Supt., 1917-18, Clifton Hill, Mo. U.S. Infantry, 1918.  High school principal, Palmyra, Mo., 1919-21.  Since 1921, Supt., Holden, Mo.



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