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Elijah H. Salisbury: PdB 1912; BS 1918; BS in Ag., Univ. of Mo., 1918.  Principal High School, Ripley, Okla. 1916-17.  Farm Manager in Boone Co., 1919, Clay Co., 1920-21.  Married Miss Meyers 1918.  Address: Columbia, Mo.   [ed. note: listed as E.H. on Registrar’s records; Ernest H. on 1917 Alumni Roster, and Elijah H. on 1924 Alumni Roster]
R.F. Sallee: BAPD 1881.  Lawyer.  Address: Haas Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.
Susie Salling: PdB 1903.  Married S.P. Meadors.
Eldorado Samuel: BS 1923.  Rural teacher, 1916-17, 1918-20.  Grade teacher, Pollock, Mo., 1920-21; Milan, Mo., 1923-24.
Annie Leila Sanders: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Perryville, Mo., 1919-20.  Instructor, Parsons Colelge, 1920-21.  Elementary teacher, Chicago, 1921-24.  Address: 5217 Ellis Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Ruth E. Sanders: PdB 1913.  Married Philip J. Fowler.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Bertha E. Sandry: PdB 1912.  Address: 2727 Ellendale Pl., Los Angeles, Cal.
Clara Sanford: PdB 1912; AB 1913; BS 1923.  Director of Music, St. Joseph, Mo., 1913-21.  Asst. State Supv of Music, Harrisburg, Pa.
O.G. Sanford: PdB 1909; AB 1913; BS 1920.  Married N. Della McEntire 1900.  Supt., Armstrong, Mo., 1909-12; Palmyra, Mo., 1912-19; Trenton, Mo., 1919 to date.  Member Marion Co. Draft Board, 1917-18.  Address: Trenton, Mo.
Paul Sanford: BSD 1886; MD, Louisville, Ky., 1891.  Married Mazie Phelps 1894.  Health Officer, San Jose Ca., 1914-15.  Emergency Surgeon. San Jose.  At present, physician and surgeon, San Jose, Cal.
Perry O. Sansberry: BSD 1900.  Married Della E. Sloop 1900.  Supt., Queen City, Mo., 1899-1904.  Circuit Court Clerk and Recorder, Schuyler Co., Mo., 1907-15.  Cashier, 1916-20, & Vice-Pres., since 1920, Peoples Bank of Wyaconda.
C.A. Savage: BSD 1891.
Eudora Helen Savage: BS 1914.  Elementary school principal, Beliot., Wis., 1894-96.  Teacher and acting Principal, Oak Park, Ill., 1896-1907.  Supv. of grammar grades, Normal School, Superior, Wis., 1907-09.  Supv. and co-director, Demonstration School, K.S.T.C., 1910-19.  Dean of Women, Mich. Ag. College, 1919-22.  Address: 316½ N. Sycamore St., Lansing, Mich.
Francis Savage: PdB 1911.
D.D. Sayer: BAPD 1881.  Lawyer in California.
V.A. Schiefelbusch: PdB 1911.  Married 1918.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1910-11.  Supt., Craig, Mo., 1911-13.  Teacher, Haskell State School of Agriclture, Okla., 1913-15.  High school Principal, Sand Springs, Okla., 1915-17.  With Redpath-Horner Chautauqua, 1913-17.  Postmaster, Sand Springs, Okla., 1917-22.  Graduated in law and admitted to Okla. Bar, 1922.  Present occupation: lawyer, Sand Springs, Okla.
Eunice Lorraine Schofield: PdB 1908.  Teacher, Tulsa, Okla., 1909-10; Lake Forrest, Ill, 1910-11; Lincoln School, Evanston, Ill., 1912-13.  Supv., Western Ill. State Normal School, 1914-16.  Bank teller, Tulsa, Okla. 1916-18.  Red Cross Nurse 1918.  Married Edwin Terrence Kelly 1921.  Address: 429 Greenway Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.
Ross Allen Scoggins: BS 1917.  Married Myrtie Bushong 1916.  Principal, Galt, Mo., 1916-18. Supt., Center, Mo., 1920-22.  Address: La Belle, Mo.
E. Lillian Scott: PdB 1906.
Elea B. Scott: BSD 1900.
Robert A. Scott: BSD 1901.
Daisy Seaber: PdB 1904.  Since 1909, High school teacher, Jefferson City, Mo.
Laura Seals: BSD 1887.
Mayme Sears: PdB 1909.  Asst. Librarian, K.S.T.S., Kirksville, Mo., 1909-11.  Married W.J. Sandry 1911.  Address: Green City, Mo.
Sylvester Eugene Seaton: BSD 1896; AB 1915.  Chicago, Ill.
Georgia Sebring: PdB 1913.  Married James Walsh.  (St. Catharine, Mo.)
Otis Andrew See: BS 1917; MA, Columbia Univ., 1922.  Married Martha Koenemann 1917.  Supt., Frankford, Mo., 1917-18. US Navy, 1918. High school principal, Cincinnati, Ia., 1919. Supt., Lenox, Iowa, 1919-21; Thornwood, N.Y., since 1922.
S.C. See: PdB 1905; AB, BS, Univ. of Mo., 1910.  Married Ruth Middlebrook 1913.  Teacher, Westport High School, Kansas City, Mo., since 1910.  Address: 6430 Penn St., Kansas City, Mo.
Thelma See: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Macon, Mo., 1921-22.  Married W.W. Custis 1922.  Since 1922, teacher, Willard School, Kirksville, Mo.
W.J. See: PdB 1904.  Principal, Garfield School, St. Louis.  Address: 3815 Humphrey St., St. Louis, Mo.
Walter G. See: PdB 1907.  Teacher, Central Junior H.S., Kansas City.  Address: 1127 Prospect, Kansas City, Mo.
Ida Ellen Seidel: BS 1922.
Enoch Beery Seitz: BSD 1901.  High school teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1901-03.  Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1903-05; Milan, Mo., 1905-13.  Married Hazeldean Bott 1907.  Teacher, K.S.T.C., Summer 1912.  Member Board of Educ., Alton, Ill, 4 yrs; Chairman Survey Comm for Bd.  At present, Executive Sec’y, American Washing Machine Mfg. Assn., 818 Otis Bldg., Chicago, Ill.
Raymond E. Seitz: BSD 1898.  Married Grace McClanahan 1921.  High school principal, Unionville, Mo., 1900-04.  Supt., Jackson, Mo., 1904-09; Caruthersville, Mo., 1909-11; New Madrid, Mo., 1912-13.  Capt, 140 Inf., US Army, 1917-19.  At present, Special Agent, Frisco R.R., Chaffee, Mo.
Eunice Leota Selby: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Marshalltown, Iowa, 1921-22.  Married G.W. Chambers 1922.  Address: Iron Mountain, Mich.
June Selby: PdB 1913; BS 1917.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1913-17; Linneus, Mo., 1917-18; Brookfield, Mo., 1918-19; Sheldon, Iowa, 1919-21; Burlingon, Iowa, 1921-23; Powell, Wyo., 1923 to date.
Paul Owen Selby: PdB 1911; BS 1918.  Married Louise A. Willard of Kirksville, Mo.  High school teacher, Bartlesville, Okla., 1910-11; Carthage, Mo., 1911-12.  Registrar, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1912-18.  Infantry Sgt., 89th Div., U.S. Army, 1918-19.  Professor of Commerce, K.S.T.C., 1916 to date.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Catherine Westhoff Selves: BS 1918.  La Grange, Mo.
Martin Caskey Settle: BS 1921.  Since 1921, student, Am. School of Phys. Ed., Chicago, Ill.
Mildred Louise Settle: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Long View, Ill.
R.V. Seward: BSPD 1887.  Taught 2 yrs. at Weaverville, Cal.  Farmer and grain dealer, Hardin, Mo.
Ura Ova Sever: BS 1923.  Home: South Gifford, Mo.
Hilda Helena Seyb: BS 1920.  High school teacher, Cincinnati, Iowa, 1920-21; Valley City, N.D., 1921-22.  Address: Ashton, Mo.
Hopkins B. Shain: BSD 1884.  Married Kate L. Hockensmith 1887.  Newport, Ore. Schools 1885-86; Cameron, Mo. High School, 1886-87.  Judge, 30th Circuit Court of Mo., 1911 to date.  Address: Sedalia, Mo.
Nellie Shanks: PdB 1912.
Rose A. Shantz: BSD 1900.  Married Mr. Watkins.
Lloyd P. Sharp: BS 1922.
Lulu B. Sharp: BAPD 1881; MAPT 1883.  Married Mr. Corley.  Died 1917.
Mamie Sharp: PdB 1908; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1916.  High school teacher, Grant City, Mo., 1909-11; Shelbyville, Mo., 1911-12; Louisiana, Mo., 1913-14; La Belle, Mo., 1914-19; Reedley, Cal., 1919-22.  Address: La Belle, Mo.
Minnie Sharp: BSD 1884.
Ethel Shaw: PdB 1908.  Teacher, 1908-12, & principal, 1918-20, Pinedale, Ariz.  Principal, Showlow, Ariz., 1920-21.  Teacher, Linden, Ariz., 1921-23.  Married Frank Owens 1910.  Address: Linden, Ariz.
Florence Shaw: BS 1923.  High school teacher, 1917-19, Troy, Mo., 1920-23; Memphis, Mo. Teacher, Shepherd State Normal School, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, since 1923.
John David Shaver: BS 1924.
Mary Emma Shearer: 1916.
Mabel Maxine Shepherd: BS 1919.  Teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1913-17.  High school teacher, New Sharon, Iowa, 1919-20; Sigourney, Iowa, 1920-22.  Married P.O. Weller 1921.  Address: Sigourney, Iowa.
Beula Barbara Sherwood: BS 1922.  Married Fred J. Schmidt 1923.  Address: Boxholm, Iowa.
Arleigh P. Shibley: PdB 1907.  Married Effie Pearl Enyeart 1911.  Rural and village teacher in Mo., 1902-04.  Supt., Atlanta, Mo., 1906-08.  Principal, Amador City, Cal., 1909-10.  Supt., Imperial, Cal., 1910-14; Imperial County, 1915-20; El Centro, Cal., since 1920.  Member Council of Cal. Teachers Assns.  Address: El Centro, Cal.
William Elsworth Shirley: BSD 1898.  Married Jessie Nicholas.  Attorney, Q.O.& K.C. Rail Road.  Home: Kirksville, Mo.
Floyd Shoemaker: PdB 1906; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1911.  Married Caroline Tull 1911.  High school teacher, Gallatin, Mo., 1909.  Asst. in political science and public law, Univ. of Mo., 1909-11.  Asst. librarian, 1910-15, & secretary & librarian, 1915 to date, State Historical Society of Mo.  Author: Missouri’s Struggle for Statehood, Missouri’s Hall of Fame, History of Missouri and Missourians.  Editor, Missouri Historical Review since 1915.  Address: Columbia, Mo.
Raymond Shoop: PdB 1904; MPd 1907.  Married Lillian M. Creel 1913.  Supt., Green City, Mo., 1904-07.  High school teacher, Joplin, Mo., 1911-13.  High school principal, Richmond, Mo., 1913-14.  Supt., Ironton, Mo., 1914-18.  High school inspector, 1919-21.  Chief clerk, Office of State Supt. of Schools, 1921-22; Bureau of Voc. Edu., since 1922.  Address: Jefferson City, Mo.
William W. Shoop: PdB 1913.  Postmaster, Green City, Mo.
Mary Frances Shouse: BS 1919.  Graduate, Chicago Musical College.  Professor of music, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1915-17.  Musical supv., Shelbina, MO., 1918-20; Brawley, Cal., 1920-23.  High school teacher, Long Beach, Cal., 1923-24.
Virginia Lee Shouse: BS 1924.
Lida Athleen Shultz: BSD 1892.  Married Risdon.
George Frank Shulze: PdB 1910; EE, Univ. of Mo., 1915.  Married Myrtle Potter 1916.  Teacher, village school, Mendota, Texas, 1910-11.  High school principal, Memphis, Mo., 1911-12.  Telephone Central office engineer, Western Electric Co., Cicero, Ill., since 1916.  Address: Berwyn, Ill.
Mary Elsie Shuman: BS 1924.
J.M. Simpson: BSD 1886.  Attorney.  Address: Rookery Bldg., Spokane, Wash.
Grover W. Sims: PdB 1913.  Music dealer, Oakland City, Ind.
Charley Earl Singley: BS 1921.  High school principal, Shelbina, Mo., 1921-23.  Graduate study, Univ. of Chicago, 1923-24.
E.M. Sipple: PdB 1907; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1914.  Married Mamie Fiefield 1906.  Rural teacher, Mo., 1897-1900.  Principal, Bucklin, Mo., 1900-01.  Supt., Laclede, Mo., 1903-08; Monroe City, Mo., 1908-13; Moberly, Mo., 1914-19; Burlington, Iowa, since 1919.  Pres. Social Service League; Boy Scout Commissioner, S.S. Supt., Chairman City Planning Group of Greater Burlington.  Address: 1915 S. 3rd St.; office: 309 Iowa State Bank Bldg., Burlington, Iowa.
Leslie B. Sipple: PdB 1911; AB 1914.  Married Jessie G. Maxwell 1904.  Principal, Willard and Benton schools, Kirksville, Mo., 1902-07.  Supt., Adair County, Mo., 1907-14.  Professor of Rural Educ. and Field Representative, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1914-16.  Head, Dept. of Rural Ed., State Teachers College, Kearney, Neb., 1916-19.  Head, Dept. of Ed., and Dean of Pre-Normal School, Northern Normal and Industrial School, Aberdeen, S.D., since 1919.  State Lecturer, Mo. Grange, 1916.  Editor, Rural Education.  Pres., Dept. of Rural and Elementary Ed., S.D. Educational Assn.  Pres., Rural Teachers Training Section, Rural Dept., N.E.A.  Member Comm. on Rural Schools, Am. Country Life Assn.  Address: Aberdeen, SD.
Beulah Jewel Sires: 1914.
Billie Pearl Six: BSD 1901; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1905.  Married Hannah G. Lion 1917.  Supt., Festus, Mo., Shelbyville, Mo., 1905-06.  Teacher, Philippine Islands, 1906-09.  Clerk, Dept. of the Interior, 1910-22.  Address: Toppinish, Wash.
Estill Grissom Skinner: BS 1922.  Married Anna Vermillion 1920.  Rural teacher, Browning, Mo., 1916-17; Unionville, Mo., 1917-18.  Supt., Craig, Mo., 1919-20; Novelty, Mo., 1920-21; Ewing, Mo., 1922-23.
Leon Earl Slavens: BS 1918.  (Mo. Valley Teachers Agency, Denver, Colo.)
A. Earl Sloan: PdB 1907.  Married Leta D. Rudasill 1915.  Principal, Lee’s Collegiate Inst., Jackson, Ky., 1907-08.  Asst. Cashier, Farmers & Merchants Bank, Tryon, Okla., 1908-11.  Cashier, Citizens State Bank, Marshall, Okla., 1911-15.  Since 1915, Pres., Farmers National Bank, Yale, Okla.
Georgia May Sloan: PdB 1907.  Teacher, Webster Groves, Mo., 1907-08.  Supt., Clark, Mo., 1909-11.  State President, P.E.O. of Okla., 1917-18.  Member Carnegie Library Board, 1919-20.  Married Wm. G. Twyman 1911.  Address: Caney, Kan.
Fred L. Sloop: PdB 1912; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Married Cornelia Brown 1911.  High school principal, Queen City, Mo., 1912-16.  Supt., Consolidated School, Audrain Co., Mo., 1917-18; Canyon, Tex., 1918-19.  High school teacher, Leadville, Colo., 1919-23; Bryan, Tex., 1923-24.  Address: 3410 E. 26th St., Bryan, Tex.
Ruth E. Sloop: BS 1915.  High school teacher, Galt, Mo., 1915-16.  Grade principal, Queen City, Mo., 1919-20.  High school teacher, Palmyra, Mo., 1920-22.  Junior high school teacher, La Junta, Colo., 1922-23; Queen City, Mo., 1923-24.
Clara Lucille Smelser: BS 1918; MA, Univ. of Iowa, 1921.  Teacher, Tulsa, Okla., 1916-20; Kearney S.T.C., Kearney, Neb, 1920.  Supervisor, First Grade, Greeley S.T.C., Greeley, Colo., 1921-22.  Married William M. Laux 1922.  Address: 2145 Cass St., La Crosse, Wis.
Joseph Nelson Smelser: BS 1924.
Alfred Hannah Smith: BSD 1897; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1902.  Married Mary Wight of Moberly, MO., 1905.  Supt. at Lancaster, Mo., Deepwater, Mo. and Jackson, Mo.  Asst. cashier, Baird National Bank, Kirksville, Mo., 1903-05; foreign exchange dept., Mercantile Trust Co., St. Louis, 1906-10.  Auditor, The Parker Washington Co., Kansas City, Chicago, St. Louis & San Antonio, 1911-18; Service Trust Co. Kansas City, 1918-20; Hamilton Construction Co., Bartlesville, Okla., 1920-present.
Alma Smith: BSD 1888.  Married J.B. Dodson.
Bessie Smith: PdB 1912.  Rural teacher, Oregon, Mo., 1912-15.  High school teacher, Wyaconda, Mo., 1915-17; Milan, Mo., 1917-18.  Civil service work, Washington, D.C., 1918-20.  Bank work, Thermopolis, Wyo., since 1920.
Bessye May Smith: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Triplette, Mo.
Caddie Smith: BSD 1892.  Deceased.
Clarence Arthur Smith: PdB 1913; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Married Mabel Henson of Moulton, Iowa, 1913.  Supt., Moundville, Mo., 1913-17; Maitland, Mo., 1917-18; Burlington Jct, Mo., 1918-19; Ruthoen, Iowa, 1919-20.  High school principal, Walters, Okla., 1920-21.  Instructor of manual training, Tulsa, Okla., 1921-22; Central High School, St. Louis, Mo., 1922 to date.  Address: 4205 Botanical Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
E. Claude Smith: BSD 1899; DO, Am School of Osteopathy, 1902.  Married Lola L. Trapp 1905.  Taught, Platte Co., Mo., 1899-1900.  At present, osteopathic physician, Topeka, Kan., and lecturer, Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery.  Secretary, Kan. State Bd. of Osteopathatic Registration and Examination, 3 yrs.  Address: 724 Mills Bldg., Topeka, Kan.
Frank Barton Smith: PdB 1908; BS, U of Mo., 1911.  Married Stella M. Gregory 1908.  Rural teacher, 1902-07.  High school teacher, Savannah, Mo., 1908-10; Tuolumne, Calif., 1911-12.  Principal, Rio Vista, Calif., 1912-19; Colusa, Calif., since 1919.  Director Y.M.C.A. School, Camp Fremont, Calif., 1918.  Address: 206 Jay St., Colusa, Calif.
George Asbury Smith: BAPD 1879; MAPT 1881.  Married Mary E. Norton (died 1920) 1882.  Supt., Kirksville, Mo., 1879-81; Trenton, Mo., 1881-83.  Engaged in newspaper business.  Built and operated Humphreys College and Business Institute, 7 yrs. and at same time, Supt., Humphreys, Mo., 5 yrs. and Sullivan Co. School Commissioner, 4 yrs.  First instructor, Chillicothe Normal School, 10 yrs.  Supt., Chillicothe, Mo., 3 yrs.  Teacher, Maupins Business College, Chillicothe, 1 yr.  Returned to Humphreys and organized and improved high school, 2 yrs.  Between each of last four positions, engaged in orcharding near Chillicothe.  Held many Masonic appointments.  Address: Chillicothe, Mo.
J.T. Smith: BPd 1872.  Died 1923.
Letha Margaret Smith: BS 1924.  High school teacher, Downing, Mo.
Libbie Smith: BSD 1902.
Lundy Bryon Smith: BSD 1892.
Lutie Turner Smith: BS 1924.
Margaret Easton Smith: PdB 1906; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1912.  High school teacher, Brookfield, Mo., 1906-09, 1912-14; Richmond, Mo., 1909-11.  Married C.B. Burus 1914.  Address: 1003 Courtland Ave., Brookfield, Mo.
Martha W. Smith: 1915.
Minnie Smith: BSD 1886.  Married J.I. Fowler.  Kirksville, Mo.
Neva Sue Smith: PdB 1913.  Married Henry V. Roberts.  Address: 110 W. Lime St., Inglewood, Calif.
Ralph Benjamin Smith: PdB 1910; BS in Ag., Univ. of Mo., 1912.  Married Myrtle Shumaker 1913. Teacher, State Agricultural School, Jonesboro, Ark., 1913; high school, Maple Lake, Minn., 1914-16; Shakopee, Minn., 1916-17; Wynne, Ark., 1918-19.  Since 1920, State Itinerant Teacher Trainer for Voc. Ag.  Address: State Board of Education, State Capitol, Little Rock, Ark.
Rosa May Smith: BSD 1900.  (from Monroe City)
Saloma Smith: PdB 1911.  High school principal, Ridgeway, Mo., 1911-13.  High school teacher, Centralia, Mo., 1914-15.  Married John C. Stewart 1915.  Address: Basin, Wyo.
Grace Iris Smoot: BS 1920.
Isadore Smoot: BSD 1902.  Married John Grossenbacher.
Minnie Smoot: BAPD 1876.  Died 1876.
Zorada Snelling: BSD 1896.  Rural teacher, Knox and Scotland counties, Mo. till 1915; since 1915, grade teacher, Edina, Mo.  Address: Rutledge, Mo.
Sam M. Snodgrass: BSD 1888.  Married Mollie Trail, Harwood, Mo., 1890.  Principal, Walker, Mo., 1891-94.  Pharmacy business, El Dorado Springs, Mo., 1895.  Member Mo. State Legislature, Cedar County, 1913-15 (Chairman Comm on Ed. and Public Schools).  Mayor, El Dorado Springs, 1916-18.  Member, State Senate for 16th Dist., 1923-24.  Address: El Dorado Springs, Mo.
W. Howard Snyder: PdB 1912.  Manual arts supv., Madison Wis.
Wyla M. Snyder: BS 1923.  With Daily Express, Kirksville, Mo.
S.H. Soper: BAPD 1880; MAPT 1882.  Deceased.
Rolla Southern: PdB 1911; PhD, Univ. of Chicago, 1921.  Teacher, Pine Bluff, Ark., 1911-12; Fort Smith, Ark., 1912-20.  Since 1920, teacher, Milton Moore School, Kansas City.  Address: 3002 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo.
Julia Sparks: 1915.
M.W. Sparks: PdB 1910.  (5117 Walnut, Kansas City, Mo.)
Minta Sparks: PdB 1908.  (Shelbina, Mo.)
Enoch Albert Sparling: BS 1916.  Supt., Mound City, Mo.
Eugene McKinley Sparling:  BS 1921.  Married Floy Joslyn 1923.  Student, American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo.
Martha E. Sparling: BSD 1902.  Teacher, Moulton, Iowa, 1902-03; Kirksville, Mo., 1904-05.  Moved to California 1918.  Pres., San Luis Obispo County Fed. Of Women’s Clubs, 4 yrs.  Vice-Pres., Los Angeles Dist., Calif. Fed. Of Women’s Clubs.  Married Andrew Hanses 1905.  Address: N. Highway, Atascadero, Cal.
Lottie T. Spencer: BAPD 1888.  Married Patrick O’Neil. Kansas City, Mo.
May Spivey: PdB 1904.  Married R.B. Williamson.  (1124 N. Denver, Tulsa, Okla.)
Sara Loree Sprecher: PdB 1908.
Ida Stafford: BSD 1891.  Married Geo. F. Burton.
Bert Allen Stagner: PdB 1906.
Hortense Standley: AB 1915.
David Stanley: BSD 1902.
Leona Stanley: PdB 1907.  Teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1907; Oklahoma, 1908-12; Houston, Tex., 1913-20.  Now operting public stenographic business in connection with office service bureau, 324 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.
Lena M. Starrett: PdB 1909.
Eda B Stautermann: PdB 1911; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1922.  Supt., Renick, Mo., 1919-20; Mercer, Mo., 1920-21; Renick, Mo., 1921 to date.
Georgia Grace Stautermann: BS 1923.  Rural teacher, 1911-20.  High school principal, Novelty, Mo., 1920-21.  High school teacher, Queen City, Mo., 1921-23.  Address: Moberly, Mo.
Ernest Estle St. Clair: 1915.
Lawrence L. St. Clair: 1914.  BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1919.  Married Avis Woodward 1912.  High school principal, Caruthersville, Mo., 1914-16.  High school teacher, Springfield, Mo., 1917-20.  High school principal, Webb City, Mo., 1920-22; Maryville, Mo., 1922-24.  Address: 1011 N. Buchanan St., Maryville, Mo.
Robert St. Clair: PdB 1909; MPd 1911; AB 1912; PhD, Univ. of Chicago, 1916; MA, Teachers College Columbia Univ., 1923.  Married Cornelia Boley 1911.  Rural teacher, Clark Co., Mo., 1903-05; Gibbs, Mo., 1906.  High school principal, Hamburg, Ark., 1907-08; Wellsville, Mo., 1909.  Elementary school principal, Webster Groves, Mo., 1909-10.  Principal, Harney Heights School, St. Louis, 1910-23 (name changed to Mark Twain School 1914).  Address: 509 W. 121 St., New York City.
J.J. Steele: BSD 1885.  Married Jennie Wren, Visalia, Cal., 1887.  Teacher in Mo. schools, 1878-86.  Principal, Tarkio, Mo., 1885-86; Fresno, Cal., 1887-90; Kitsap Co., Wash., 1893-95; in Mo. schools, 1892-97.
Kenneth E. Steele: BS, Nov 1922.  Married Ruth Miller 1918.  Rural teacher, 1914-16.  Principal, Lucerne, Mo., 1916-17.  Supt., Eagleville, Mo., 1917-18.  U.S. Naval Reserve Force, 1918-19.  Supt., Wayland, Mo., 1919-20; Argyle, Iowa, 1920-22.  Graduate student, Univ. of Iowa. Address: 219 L.A. Bldg., Iowa City, Iowa.
R.R. Steele: BAPD 1882; MSD 1884.  Married Anna H. Tomson 1880.  Supt., Kirksville, Mo., 1882-85; Mound City, Mo., 1885-88.  Agent, H.O. Palen, Kansas City, Mo., 1888-90.  Teacher, Grammer School, High School and Spalding College, Kansas City, 1890-95; Homes Business College, Portland, Ore., 1895-96; High School, Portland, 1896-1906.  Principal, grammar school, Portland, since 1906.  Address: 760 E. Taylor St., Portland, Ore.
William L. Steiner: PdB 1906.  Married Gertrude M. Weisser 1909.  Teacher, Miller, Mo., 1900-02; New Haven, Mo., 1903-05.  Principal, Berger, Mo., 1906-07.  High school principal, Jamestown, Mo., 1907-09; Southwest City, Mo., 1909-11.  Rural teacher, 1911-12.  Principal, Hermann, Mo., 1912-13.  Supt., Owensville, Mo., 1913-17.  County Judge, 1919-23 (2 terms).  Member Mo. House of Representatives, 1923-24.  Address: New Haven, Mo.
J.M. Stelle: BSD 1902.  (Oil business, Kansas City, Mo.)
Claude E. Stephens: PdB 1912; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Married Mary H. Davis (deceased) 1918.  Rural teacher, Randolph Co., Mo.  Principal, Holliday, Mo., 1907-10.  Supt., Madison, Mo., 1910-13.  High school principal, Nevada, Mo., 1917-18.  Principal, Emerson, Mo., 1910-13; high school, St. Louis, at present.  Address: 5881 Enright Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
J.C. Stevens: BPd 1872; MAPD 1875.  Deceased.
Mary Alice Stewart: BS 1923.  High school teacher, Macon, Mo., since 1920.
Ralph O. Stickler: BS 1920.  Student, Medical College, Washington Univ., St. Louis.
John B. Stigall: BSD 1899; AB, Des Moines Univ.  Married Berd Asbury.  Since 1906, representative, Silver, Burdett & Co.  Address: 3842 Normandy Ave., Dallas, Texas.
Oliver Stigall: BSD 1892.  Married E. Gertrude Johnston 1904.  Supt., Edina, Mo., 1892-94; Memphis, Mo., 1895-97; Chillicothe, Mo., 1898-1902.  Mo. representative, Silver, Burdett & Co. since 1901.  Secy., Mo State Teachers Assn., 1900; mbr executive comm, 1901-03.  Address: 3608 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Lela Dawson Stokes: 1924.
Bennie Stone: 1914.
Clarence R. Stone: PdB 1906; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1909; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1910; AM, Univ. of Chicago, 1920.  Married Anne Lotter 1912.  Elementary school principal, St. Louis, Mo., 1910-23.  Author of the Stone Narrative-Reading tests; author Silent and Oral Reading (Riverside Tests in Education).  Address: Phoenix, Ariz.
Nell Stone: BSD 1896. 
Pauline C.R. Stone: BSD 1888.  Married Rozelle.  Deceased.
Ruth Stone: 1916.
Stella Stone: BSD 1900.  Married Sweet.
Julia Storm: PdB 1906; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1914.  Address: 721 S. Westlake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Lena Lucile Storm: BSD 1895. Married Dr. W.E. Green. Address: 51 Commerce Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.
Barrett Stout: 1915.  Kirksville, Mo.
Mae Wells Stout (Mrs.): 1916.  Kirksville, Mo.
George J. Stringer: BSD 1902.
Lee Chapman Stuart: PdB 1913; BS 1917.
Eva Hester Stuck: PdB 1913.  Teacher, Hannibal, Mo., 1912-16; Oakland, Cal., 1916-25.  Chairman, Oakland Primary Council of Ed.  Address: 1450 Alice St., Oakland, Cal.
Grover Cleveland Stuckey: PdB 1908; BS 1916, 1920; DO, A.T. Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery, 1923.  Teacher, A.T.S.C.O.S., Kirksville, since 1922.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Henry Stukey: BS 1919; DO, A.T. Still College of Osteopathy and Surgery, 1923 (first graduate).  Married Letha Van Court 1917.  Osteopathic practitioner, Galveston, Tex.
L.L. Sturgeon: PdB 1907.  Married Hulda E. Filson 1906.  Principal, Ava, Mo., 1908-09.  Supt., Seminole, Okla., 1909-13.  County Supt., Seminole Co. Okla., 1913-16.  Abstract business, Wewoka, Okla.
Selden Sturges: BPd 1872; MSD.  Teacher for 52 years.  Professor of Mathematics, Hesperian College, Woodland, Cal., 1872-75.  Teacher, San Francisco, Cal., since 1875.  Principal Everett School, San Francisco.  Address: 389 61st St., Oakland Cal.
Florence Maude Sublette: BS 1919.  High school teacher, Cant, Mo., 1919-21; Fort Madison, Iowa, 1921-22; Sapulpa, Okla., 1921-24.  Address: 426 S. Park St., Sapulpa, Okla.
George W. Sublette: BSPD 1878.  Married Anna Baldwin 1879.  Asst. Engr., S.L.K.C.& N. Rail Road, 1878-80; C.& N.W. Rail Road, 1880-83; S.P.M.& M. Rail Road, 1883-85; City of Minneapolis, 1885-93.  Private practice, 1893-99, 1904 to date.  City engr., Minneapolis, 1899-1904.  Member American Soc. of Civil Engrs.  Address: 1929 Third Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn.  [handwritten by compiler on original copy: Died at Minneapolis, December __, 1925. Nov. 6.]
Thomas E. Sublette: BAPD 1878; MAPT 1880.  Married Kate E. Funk 1893.  Editor and publisher, Weekly Graphic, Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Sullivan: BSD 1898.  From Mexico, Mo.
Frank K. Surbeck: BSD 1899.  (Live stock commission firm, Chicago, Ill.)
Tress Surbeck: PdB 1904.  Deceased.
F.A. Swanger: BSD 1884; MSD 1892; MA, Willamette Univ.  Teacher, Carrollton, Mo., 1884-85.  Student, Univ. of Mo., 1885-86.  Principal, Lancaster, Mo., 1886-87.  Teacher, K.S.T.C., 1887-94.  President, Idaho Normal School, 1894-97. Supt., Park City, Utah, 1897-99.  High school principal, Woodland, Cal., 1899-1904.  Address: Elko, Nev.
Arthur Malcolm Swanson: PdB 1905; BS 1919: Ms in Ed, Univ. of Kan., 1922.  Teacher, Manual Training H.S., Kansas City, 1906-10.  Chief Examiner, Civil Service Commission, Philadelphia, Pa., and Chicago, Ill., 1911-16.  Married Allie Catherine Hulse 1911.  Captain, Ordnance Dept., U.S. Army, 1917-19. Vice-president, Junior College, Kansas City, 1919 to date.  Pres., Schoolmasters Club 1922.  Address: Junior College, Kansas City, Mo.
Harvey Guy Swanson: PdB 1912; AB 1915; AM, Peabody College.  Director of Education, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, since 1920. 
Mary Elizabeth Swanson: BS 1924.  Teacher, Kansas City, Mo.
Wallace Dwight Swanson: BS 1922.  Principal, Half Moon Bay, Cal., 1922-23.  Student of Osteopathy, 1923 to date.  Kirksville, Mo.
Anna Fowler Swartz (Mrs.): BS 1919.  Married George F. Swartz (died 1909) 1904.  High school principal, Edina, Mo., 1909-16.  High school teacher, Nevada, Mo., 1918-19.  Supt., Knox Co., Mo., since 1919.  Address: Edina, Mo.
Mary Sweeney: PdB 1910.  Married A.J. Newman 1910.  Principal, Lanham School, Hyattsville, Md.
Arthur T. Sweet: BSD 1896; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1904.  Teacher in Mo., 1896-1902.  With US Dept. of Agri., Bureau of Soils, 1903, to date.  Army YMCA, 1918.  Married Jessie B. Cannon, 1907.  Address: Bureau of Soils, Washington, DC.  Home: 212 E. Hickory St. Neosho, Mo.
Nettie Swift: PdB 1910.  (Grant City, Mo.)


Mary A. Talbot: BSD 1900.  Primary teacher, New Madrid, Mo., 1900-01; Fayette, Mo., 1901-04; Broken Arrow, Okla., 1904-06.  Married Oscar H. Hoavis [Hoxvis] 1915.  Address: 1176 N. Denver Ave., Tulsa, Okla.
Christine Tall: PdB 1903.
Georgia Lee Tatum: BS 1918, 1919.  Supervisor, Ophelia Parrish School, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, since 1919.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Britton Payne Taylor: BSD 1899; DD.  Pastor of First Methodist Church South, Charleston, W.Va.
J.A. Taylor: BSD 1901.
C.E. Temple: PdB 1905; AB 1906; AM, Univ. of Neb., 1909.  Married Martha Gladstone of Grant City, Mo., 1907.  Rural school teacher, Gentry Co., Mo., 1901-04.  High school principal, Stanberry, Mo., 1904-05.  High school teacher, Beatrice, Neb., 1906-07; Lincoln, Neb., 1907-09.  Instructor in Botany, Univ. of Mich., 1909-11.  Professor of Botany, Univ. of Idaho, and Idaho State Botanist, 1911-14.  Prof. of Plant Pathology, Univ. of Md., since 1914, and Md. State Plant Pathologist, since 1915.  Collaborator, U.S. Dept. of Agr., 1912-14, 1916 to date.  Address: College Park, Md.
Earl Stanley Terpening: BSD 1897.  (Farmer, Ewing, Mo.)
Claire Terrill: PdB 1911; BS 1919.  High school teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1910-12; Centralia, Mo., 1913-16; Moberly, Mo., 1916-20; Little Rock, Ark., 1920-22.  Married Sgt. Teddie W.W. White 1921. Address: Camp Pike, Ark.
Jennie Terrill: BS 1920.  Intermediate teacher, Armstrong, Mo., 1904-09.  Rural teacher, Glasgow, Mo., 1909-12.  High school teacher, Armstrong, Mo., 1912-14.  Teacher, Model Rural School, Goshen, In., 1916-19.  Supt., Lemons, Mo., 1919-21.  High school teacher, Grant City, Mo., 1921.  Married G.W. Vermilion 1921.  Address: Lemons, Mo.
Elsa Louise Teuscher:  BS 1919.
Gertrude Cecelia Thale: BS 1918.  High school principal, Lewistown, Mo., 1912-16; Keytesville, Mo., 1918-20.  High school teacher, Little Rock, Ark.  1920-24.  Address: 623 Rock, Little Rock, Ark.
Sally Thatcher: BAPD 1874.  Married McKinney.
Charles W. Thomas: BAPD 1875.  Married Serelda Gilstrap 187?  Principal, White Cloud, Kan., 1873-74; Shelbina, Mo., 1875-77.  Admitted to Bar, St. Joseph, Mo., 1878.  Clerk of Mo. Senate Judiciary Comm., 1879.  Member of Third House.  Editorial writer, 2 yrs.  Occasional newspaper and magazine writer.  Lawyer since 1878.  Helped prepare 25 for bar exam through his office.  Address: Woodland, Cal.
Dorothea Thomas: PdB 1907.  Music supervisor, Woodland, Cal., 1914-23.  Since 1923, special music teacher, Los Angeles, Cal.  Address: 2925 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Herschell Stephens Thomas: BS 1921.  Since 1921, high school teacher, Chillicothe, Mo.
Nannie Thomas: BSD 1899.
Sarah E. Thomas: PdB 1903.  Teacher, Ferguson, Mo., 1903-11.  Married A.S. Hamilton (died 1922) 1911.  Address: Ferguson, Mo.
Vera Thomas: AB 1916.  Teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1916-17.  Married Leo H. Petree 1917.  Address: 3716 Hazelhurst, Toledo, Ohio.
Emmir Thompson: BSPD 1874.  Married C.E. Hannah.  Died 1876.
Ermine Thompson: BD 1918.  Music professor, Univ. of Wyo.  With De Koven Opera Co., in Robin Hood.  Since 1923, Supvervisor of Music, Ophelia Parrish School, K.S.T.C., Kirksville.
Floyd Allen Thompson: BS 1916, 1920.  Married Stella Gale 1917.  Supt., De Witt, Mo., 1914-15.  High school principal, Brookfield, Mo., 1916-18.  Chemist, DuPont Powder Co., Nashville, Tenn., 1918-19.  High school principal, Trenton, Mo., 1919-20.  Supt., La Plata, Mo., 1920-23.  Rural school inspector for N.W. Mo. since 1923.  Address: Maryville, Mo.
Ida Thompson: BSD 1887.  Married Price.  Deceased.
Leonard M. Thompson: BSD 1901.  Married Mary E. Grist of Lancaster, Mo., 1903.  Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1901-03; King City, Mo., 1903; Osborn, Mo., 1905-07.  Since 1909, with International Harvester Co.  Address: 2416 Patee St., St. Joseph, Mo.
Lucretia Maggie Thompson: BSPD 1876; MAPT 1879.  Married Nelson B. Henry 1876.  Died 1924.
Martha Burdette Thompson: BSPD 1876.  Married Baxter.  Chicago, Ill.
O.M. Thompson: BAPD 1876.  Married Nannie McKennolds.  Teacher, Fresno and Tulare counties, Cal.  Contractor and road builder several years.  Address: 2543 Madison St., Fresno, Cal.
William Charles Thompson: BSD 1894; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1913; MA, Columbia Univ., 1914.  Married Matilda F. Allen.  Supt., Lancaster, Mo., 1894-98; Milan, Mo., 1898-1900.  High school principal, Shoshone, Idaho, 1900-04, 1906-09.  Supt., Hailey, Idaho, 1904-06; Buhl, Idaho, 1909-11.  Attended college 1911-15.  Since 1915, high school teacher, Alhambra, Cal.  Address: 28 N. Vega St., Alhambra Cal.
William Benton Thornburgh: BSD 1898; AB, Univ. of Iowa, 1918; MA, Teachers College, Columbia Univ., 1917.  Married Mariam Harter, Sedalia, Mo., 1902.  Supt., Seymour, Iowa, 1902-05; Perry, Iowa, 1908-11; Owatonna, Minn., 1911-18.  Educational director, A.E.F., France, 1918-19.  Supt., Dover, Del., 1919 to date.  President, Del. State Teachers Assn, 3 yrs.  Address: Dover, Del.
Archie L. Threlkeld: PdB 1911; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1919.  Teacher and coach, Kirksville High School, Kirksville, Mo., 1909-11.  Supt., Bunceton, Mo., 1911-12; Unionville, Mo., 1912-17; Chillicothe, Mo., 1917-21.  Asst. supt., Denver, Colo., since 1921.  Married Anna R. Miller (died 1923) 1913.  Pres., Mo. State Teachers Assn., 1921.  Address:  Office of Asst. Supt., Denver, Colo.
Curtis H. Threlkeld: BS 1921.  Married Mary Grace Miller of La Plata, Mo., 1917.  High school principal, La Plata, 1914-17.  Supt., Armstrong, Mo., 1917-18.  Sgt.G.H.Q., A.E.F., 1918-19.  High school principal, Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1919-21; Marshalltown, Iowa, 1921-23; North High School, Des Moines, Iowa, since 1923.
Lillie Throckmorton: PdB 1907.  La Belle, Mo.
James Sterling Tippett: PdB 1905; MPd 1907; AB 1911; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1915.  High school teacher, Lancaster, Mo., 1905-07.  Principal and supt., Huntsville, Mo., 1907-14.  Supt., Fayette, Mo., 1914-17.  Principal elementary school, Kansas City, Mo., 1917-18.  Director of Demonstration School, Peabody College, 1918-22.  Since 1922, teacher, Lincoln School of Teachers College, Columbia Univ.  Address: 425 W. 123rd St., New York City, N.Y.
W.E. Tipton: BAPD 1880; MAPT 1882.
Ora Myrtle Todd: BS 1923; MA, Univ. of Mo., 1924.
Allen Dodge Towne: MPd 1911; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1917.  Married Theresa Van Keuren 1906.  Principal, Merton, Wis., 1902-04.  Prof. of Manual Arts, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1906-14.  Osteopathic practice, St. Cloud, Minn, 1917-18; Corinth, Miss., since 1918.
Ruth L. Towne: 1915.
Jennie Townsend: BSD 1902.
Leta Knox Townsend: PdB 1907.  Married Guy Bailey.  (Kansas City, Kan.)
Lilah Townsend: BSD 1897.  Married S.E. Lee.  Editor and owner, The Reporter, Savannah, Mo.
Opal Frank Townsend: BS 1915.  Married Warren Chadwick (died 1922).  Spokane, Wash.
William Henry Trainum: PdB 1912; AB 1912.
Myrtle Traughber: PdB 1903.  (from Centralia, Mo.)
James Franklin Treasure: PdB 1905; MPd 1905; BA 1907; BA, MA, Park College, 1909; BS in Ag., Univ. of Mo., 1914.  Married Edna M. Hannat, Cedar Falls, Ia., 1900.  Supt., North English and Bloomfield, Iowa; Cameron, Mo; Bartlesville, Okla; and La Junta, Colo., 1900-12.  County agent, Delaware Co., Ind., 1914-23; Tipton Co., Ind., since 1923.  Address: Tipton, Ind.
Foy Trimble: BS 1924.  Student, Osteopathic College, Kirksville, Mo.
Louise M. Trimble: BSD 1890; MSD 1892.
Beryl May Triplett: BS 1924.
Minnie Trippeer: BS 1921.  Supt., Laclede, Mo., since 1918.
Lena Minerva Trowbridge: BSD 1894.  Elementary teacher 2 yrs., high school 2 yrs, Kirksville, Mo.  Married C.H. Payson 1901.  Address: Macon, Mo.
Cyrus G. Truitt: PdB 1905.
Donna Maize Tucker (Mrs.): BS 1924.  Kirksville, Mo.
La Claire Tucker: PdB 1900.  (from Mexico, Mo.)
James Hornbuckle Turner: BSD 1900.  Married Pattie Graves of Weston, Mo., 1921.  Supt., Weston, Mo., 1899-1906.  Postmaster, Weston, Mo., 1907-15.  Address: Weston, Mo.
Everett M. Turner: 1914.  Farming, Kirksville, Mo.
Lear Turner (Mrs.): BS 1924.
Ruth Turner: PdB 1912.  High school teacher, Salisbury, Mo., 1912; Unionville, Mo., 1913-15; La Plata, Mo., 1915-17.  Married Leon E. Tansil 1917.  Address: La Plata, Mo.
Hiram Ulysses Grant Turnmire: BS 1921.  Married Leta Elson 191?  Rural teacher 1906-08; high school teacher 1908-14.  Supt., Putnam County, Mo., 1915-23.  President N.E. Mo. Teachers Assn. 1922.  Since 1923, Supt., Bowling Green, Mo. 
William Emmett Tydings: PdB 1910.  Married Anna Wood 1909.  High school teacher, Hale, Mo., 1908-09.  High school principal, Kirksville, Mo., 1910-13; Moberly, 1913-16.  Since 1916, representative, Bobbs-Merrill Co.  Address: 4360 Wolff St., Denver, Colo.


Elizabeth K. Uhe: PdB 1913; BS, Univ. of Mo., 1918.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1914-16; Maysville, Mo., 1917-18; Trenton, Mo., 1918-19; Edina, Mo., 1919-20.  Married Wayne R. Fuller 1920.  Address: 88 Dakota St., Buffalo, N.Y.
Louis Unfer: BS 1920.  Supt., Lester, Iowa.
R.J. Updyke: BSD 1886.  Deceased.
Fred W. Urban: BSD 1900; AB, Univ. of Mo., 1902.  Married Martha C. Oberg 1898.  Supt., King City, Mo., 1902-03.  High school principal, Maryville, Mo., 1903-06.  Assoc. prof. of math, Central Mo. S.T.C., Warrensburg, Mo., since 1906.  Address: 418 N. Maguire St., Warrensburg, Mo.
William C. Urban: BSD 1900.  Supt., Stewartsville, Mo.
Lizzie Utterback: BS 1917.  Home: Rt. 3, Perry, Mo.


Hugh A. Vail: BS 1922.
Ralph Eustace Valentine: BS 1924.  Prof. of music, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1924-25.
Earl Julius Van Horne: PdB 1911; BS 1919.  High school principal, Sikeston, 1911-18.  Teacher, Junior College, Kansas City, 1919-20.  Commercial instr. and bookkeeper, Mo. Military Acad., 1920-23.  Real estate business, Kansas City, 1923-24.  Teacher, Westport H.S., Kansas City, Mo., 1924-25.
Ellen Eliza Van Horne: BSD 1892.
Lucille Marie Van Pelt: BS 1917.  Married.
Jesse G. Van Sickle: BS 1924.  Junior H.S. teacher, Kirksville, Mo.
Margaret Varney: PdB 1910.  Married J.M. Horton 1910.  Address: 123 N. Logan Ave., Danville, Ill.
Alice Vaughn: PdB 1913; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1917.  Principal, Perry, Mo., 1911-15; Fulton, Mo. H.S., 1916-20; Unionville, Mo. H.S. 1920-21.  Married Floyd E. Fawver 1921.  Address: Seligman, Mo.
Alma Vaughn: PdB 1913; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1917.  High school teacher, Meadville, Mo., 1908-12; Edina, Mo., 1912-15; Paris, Mo., since 1915.
Armon P. Vaughn: BSD 1897; MSD 1901.  Married Sennie Wisner 1899.  Supt., Marceline, Mo., 1899; Browning, Mo., 1900-02.  Principal, Washington School, Kirksville, Mo., 1902-07. Elementary principal, 1907-11, high school principal, 1911-13; supt., 1913-22, Rosedale, Kan.  Since 1922, supervising principal, Kansas City, Kan.  Address: 4161 Cambridge Ave., Kansas City, Kan.
Bloyse Malan Vaughn: BS 1921.  Home: 636 Locust St., Paris, Mo.
Chester A. Vaughn: PdB 1907.  Deceased.
Georgia Blanch Vaughn: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Canton, Mo.
Jessie B. Vaughn: BSD 1900.  Teacher in Monroe Co. and Paris, Mo., 1900-05.  Married G.C. Halley 1905.  Address: Shawnee, Okla.
Mabel Vaughn: 1915.
Maurice Brown Vaughn: PdB 1912; BS 1923.  Supt., Montgomery City, Mo.
Meredith S. Vaughn: BS 1921.  Rural teacher, Monroe Co., Mo., 1911-12.  Principal, Strother, Mo., 1912-14.  Supt., Staffenville, Mo., 1914-15; Dalton, Mo., 1915-17.  U.S. Army, 1917-19.  Since 1921, high school principal, Macon, Mo.
Victor Vaughn: PdB 1908; BS 1923.  Supt., Curryville, Mo., 1922-23; Powersville, Mo., 1923-24.
W.H. Vaughn: BAPD 1877; MAPT 1879.  Deceased.
Dollie Elfleta Vaught: BS 1924.
Ambrose Dudley Veatch: BSD 1895; MAL, Bible College, Kimberlin Heights, Tenn., 1896; AB, Christian Univ., 1900; BD, Drake UNIV., 1901; AM, Drake UNIV., 1904.  Married Tawson S. Frogge 1895. Prof. of Hebrew, 1901-05, Prof. of Semitic Languages and Literature, since 1905, Drake Univ.  Address: 1423 23rd St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Mary Virginia Victor: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Queen City, Mo., 1917-18.  Supv. of music, Kirkwood, Mo., 1918-20.  High school teacher, Springfield, Ill., 1921-22.  Address: 421 S. Fifth St., Moberly, Mo.
Gertrud M. Vogel: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Quincy, Ill., 1913-18; Kirkwood, Mo., 1918-20.  Teacher of commerce, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., since 1920.  Married H.R. Holloway 1922.  Address: E. Jefferson St., Kirksville, Mo.
Viola Vogel: PdB 1913.  High school teacher, Huntsville, Mo., 1913-14.  Teacher, Clinton, Okla., 1914-15.  Married Ralph McNeely 1915.  Address: Pattonsburg, Mo.
H.D. Voss: PdB 1912; BS in Ed., Univ. of Mo., 1916.  Married Eugenie Lewis Rosson 1917.  Principal, Van Rensselaer Academy 1912-13.  Supt., New London, Mo., 1913-14.  Instructor in Science, Davis and Elkins College, W.Va., 1916-18.  Coast Artillery O.T.C., Nov. 1918.  Supt., Wayland, Mo., 1921-22.  Present occupation, farming.  Address: Alexandria, Mo.


June Wack: BSD 1902.  Teacher, Dozier School, St. Louis.  Address: 5534 Cabanne Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Clyde Harman Wady: BS 1914; AB, Yale Univ., 1912.  Married Jo McKinley 1913.  High school teacher, Unionville, Mo., 1914-16; Trenton, Mo., 1916-17; Leonard, Mo., 1917-18; Ponca City, Okla., since 1918.
Leslie J. Wagner: PdB 1907.  Insurance business, Kirksville, Mo.
Cora L. Walker: BSD 1901.
E.H. Walker: BAPD 1877.  Married Effie Bagley (died 1919) 1893.  Went to Cal. soon after graduation.  Supt. Redding, Cal., 4 yrs.  Thereafter had charge of several schools for 3 or 4 yrs.  While principal at Livermore was instrumental in passage of an act to organize union high schools; established first Union H.S. in Cal.  High school principal, Hanford, Cal., 15 yrs.  Present address: 470 E. 57th North, Portland, Ore.
Mary Alice Walker: BS 1923.
Ethel E. Walkup: PdB 1905.
William Wade Walters: BSD 1889.  Supt., Bethany, Mo., 1888-91.  High school principal, Maryville, Mo., 1891-93.  Supt., Salem, Mo., 1893-95.  High school principal, Carthage, Mo., 1896-97. Supt., Jefferson City, Mo., 1897-98.  Principal, Ashland School, St. Louis, Mo., 1899-1923; Mark Twain School, St. Louis, 1923-25.  Married Maud T. Douglas [Dougan] 1889.  Founded Schoolmaster’s Club.  Pres., St. Louis Soc. of Pedagogy.  Originated individual team and class instruction plan for large classes.  Address: 602 Westgate, St. Louis, Mo.
Zachariah Robert Wall: BS 1920.  Married Arribella Lee West 1915.  High school principal, Lenox, Iowa, 1920-21.  Supt., Adair, Iowa, 1921-23.
Naomi Walton: BS 1921.  Teacher, Valley City, N.D., 1921-22; Havre, Mont., since 1922.
Waldo Emerson Waltz: BS 1924.
Frank Ward: PdB 1911, 1912; AB; BS 1913.  Married Mary Belle Nicoson 1913.  Director manual training and athletics, Sigourney, Iowa, 1911-12; Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1912-17.  Capt., Infantry R.C., 32nd Div; 12th Div., Siberian E.F., 1917-19.  Capt., U.S. Army, 32nd Inf., 19th Inf., 20th Inf., since 1920.  Address: Fort Sill, Okla.
Julia Alberta Wardner: BSD 1895.
Arthur B. Warner: BAPD 1879; MAPT 1882.  Married Alice Gertrude Prettyman 1879.  Supt., Princeton, Mo., 1876-77; Linville, Iowa, 1877-78; Lathrop, Mo., 1879-81; Allerton, Iowa, 1881-85; Harlan, Iowa, 1885-96; Missouri Valley, Iowa, 1896-1902; Tacoma, Wash., 1902-06.  Professor of Education, K.S.N.S., Kirksville, 1906-15.  President Iowa State Teachers Assn, 1897.  Member Kirksville City Council, 2 yrs.  Progressive Candidate for Congress, 1912.  On farm since 1914.  Address: Route 1, Kirksville, Mo.
Earl Oliver Watkins: AB 1914.
Emily Watson: BSD 1890.
Gertrude Watson: BSD 1902.
J.J. Watson: BSD 1886.
Sophia Campbell Watson: BSD 1892; MSD 1897.  (from St. Charles, Mo.)
Vonna Helen Watson: BS 1923.  Home: Amarillo, Texas.
Eunice Wattenbarger: PdB 1910; PhB, Univ. of Chicago, 1915; AM, Univ. of Chicago, 1917.  High school teacher, Monroe City, Mo., 1910-13; De Quincy, La., 1915-16.  Teacher, State Normal School, Emporia, Kan. 1918-19.  Married Ernest T. Hiller 1920.  Address: 403 Montgomery St., Pullman, Wash.
Marion Wattenbarger: BS 1920.
Olave Wayman: PdB 1910.  Principal, Mt. Moriah,Mo., 1910-12.  High school teacher, Princeton, Mo., 1912-13.  Since 1920, teacher in Boone Co., Mo., schools and living on a farm.  Married Prof. H.H. Thurston 1913.  Address: Woodlandville, Mo.
Estelle Webb: PdB 1910.
Hugh Webber: PdB 1906.  Died 1916.
Inez Webber: BSD 1900.
Mollie Weber: PdB 1908.
Lillian Louise Weedon: PdB 1903; BS 1923.  Shelbyville, Mo.
May Weldon: PdB 1908.  Teacher in St. Louis since 1909; at present at Lowell School.  Address: 4169 Flad Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Bessie Wells: PdB 1903.  Grade teacher, Hurdland, Mo., 1903-04.  Married Dr. Emmet E. Grant 1904.  Address: 5700 Kirkwood Place, Seattle, Wash.
Nathan E. Wells: 1914.
Nelle Wells: PdB 1913; BS 1920.  Teacher, Yeager School, Kansas City. Address: 1224 Linwood, Kansas City, Mo.
Phradie Alice Wells: BS 1917, 1921.  Teacher of music, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., 1916-18.  Supv. of music, Chillicothe, Mo., 1918-21.  Since 1923, member of Metropolitan Opera Co., New York.  Address: 252 73rd St., New York City, N.Y.
Rosabel Wells: PdB 1905.  Teacher, Savannah, Mo., 1905-06.  Married Chas. W. Snyder 1907.  Address: 511 McPherson St., Kirksville, Mo.
Ruby Grace Wells: BS 1919.  Teacher, Morse School, Kansas City, Mo., 1922-23. Since 1923, high school teacher, Okmulgee, Okla.
Stella McWilliams Wells (Mrs.): BS 1924.  Mrs. Nathan E. Wells.
Helen Clay Welsh: BS 1923.
Alta Wescott: BAPD. 1875.  Teacher, Shelbina, Mo. and Kirksville Normal School.  Married Mr. McLaury (deceased).  Address: Portlandville, N.Y. [handwritten by compiler on original copy: Died 1925]
Anna Stafford Western: BSD 1892.
Sadie Westrope: BSD 1900.  Principal high school, Moulton, Ia., 1900-02.  High school teacher, Chillicothe, Mo., 1902-03.  Supervisor, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, 1903-05.  Married John Rothwell Gibbs 1905.  Address: 435 East Side Blvd., Muskogee, Okla.
Charles M. Weyand: PdB 1906.  Married Grace Guy.  Address: 17 Avenue de Marechal Joffre, Nanterre (Seine), France.
Mary Weyand: PdB 1906.  Married B.F. Martin.
Florence Weyand: PdB 1909.
Lillian G. Whaley: BS 1915.  Married Ray Duncan.
Zachariah Fletcher Wharton: BAPD 1879; MSD 1899; LLB, Univ. of Mich., 1884.  Died 1922.
Hannah Whitacre: BS 1922.  Teacher, Valley School, Maplewood, Mo., 1920.  Supervisor of music, Cottonwood Falls, Kan., 1922-23.  Since 1923, elementary teacher, Kirksville, Mo.
Eva White: BSD 1888.
Evan D. White: PdB 1912.  Died 1915.
Frank E. White: PdB 1908. Died 1915.
J.M. White: BAPD 1874; MAPT 1876.  Died 1914.
Mildred Genevieve White: BS 1922.  High school teacher, Savannah, Mo.
Virginia Conn White (Mrs.): BS 1922.
Virginia Louise White: BSD 1900.  Married Graham.
William Hardin White: BS 1919.  Supt., Keytesville and Pierce City, Mo.  High school teacher, Kansas City, Kan.  Address: 1631 E. 49th St., Kansas City, Mo.
John A. Whiteford: BSD 1890; MSD 1893.  Supt., Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Jewell Whitelock: PdB 1912.  High school teacher, San Diego.  Address: 3320 30th St., San Diego, Cal.
Willie E. Whitson: BS 1921.  Supervisor, Ophelia Parrish School, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, since 1920.  Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Maco Britt Whittall: BS 1923.  Teacher, Girls H.S., Louisville.  Address: 1438 S. 4th St., Louisville, Ky.
Frances Wickless: BS 1924. Married George Novinger 1924.  High school teacher, Greencastle, Mo., 1924-25.
Addie Wilcox: PdB 1908.
Louise Wilcox: PdB 1911.  Supervisor of music, Elgin, Ill., 1914-16.  Director of music, Forest Ave. H.S., Dallas, Texas, since 1916.  Address: 2104 Grand Ave., Dallas, Texas.
Carrie Ellen Wiley: PdB 1913; BS 1916.
Sadie Wiley: PdB 1910.  High school teacher, Armstrong, Mo., 1910-12; Palmyra, Mo., 1912-15.  Married Alonzo White Jr.  Address: Palmyra, Mo.
Eunice Wilkes: BSD 1902.  (Elementary teacher, Tulsa, Okla.)
Lena Wilkes: BSD 1900.  (Elementary teacher, Tulsa, Okla.)
Samuel Pendery Wilkerson: BS 1924.
Louise A. Willard: PdB 1912.  Teacher, Washington and Greenwood schools, Kirksville, Mo., 1912-19, 1920-21.  Married P.O. Selby 1918.  Address: 611 E. Harrison St., Kirksville, Mo.
Mamie Willard: BSD 1901.  Primary teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1902-06; Missoula, Mont., 1906 to date.  Address: 321 S. Fifth Ave E., Missoula, Mont.
Nettie Willard: BSD 1884.  Married Port Hovey.
Dayton Williams: BS 1923.  Home: Bynumville, Mo.
James Calvinese Williams: BS 1918.  Rural teacher, 1910-12.  Supt., Worthington, Mo., 1915-16; Center, Mo., 1917-18.  Married Vera Finegan 1918.  Central Records Office, A.E.F., Bouges, France, 1918-19.  Supt., Arlington Heights, Ill., 1919-25.
Lulu Williams: BS 1918, 1921.  Married Dr. G.L. Gillum 1918.  High school teacher, Keytesville, Mo., 1918-20; Cameron, Mo., 1920-21; Martinsville, Mo., since 1922.
William Merrill Williams: BS 1921.  Home: Bynumville, Mo.
Edward Spencer Willis: BS 1924.
Anna Laura Wilson: PdB 1908. (Teacher, Moscow, Idaho)
Edith G. Wilson: PdB 1924.
Edna Wilson: PdB 1911.  Married Charles A. Walz.  Address: Boonville, Mo.
Edna Edith Wilson: PdB 1903.  Deceased.
Helen Naomi Wilson: BSD 1920. Home: 2519 Seneca, St. Joseph, Mo.
J.D. Wilson: BSD 1886.  Principal, Pope School, Memphis, Tenn.
Mabel Wilson: PdB 1912.  High school teacher, Tipton, Mo., 1912-13; Doniphan, Mo., 1913-14; Windsor, Mo., 1920-21.  Married Virgil D. Wall 1921.  Address: 5707 McPherson, St. Louis, Mo.
Mabel M. Wilson: PdB 1912; AB 1914; DO, Am. School of Osteopathy, 1921.
Viola Belle Wilson: BS 1922.  Bookkeeper and secretary, Mo. Educational Movement, Kansas City, Mo., 1918.  High school teacher, Webb City, Mo., 1918-23; Clinton, Mo., 1923-25.
Fern Elizabeth Winiette: BS 1922.
Kathryn Barbara Wirth: BS 1917, 1920.  H.S. principal, 1917-19, and Supt., 1919-20, Dawn, Mo.  H.S. teacher, Winterset, Iowa, 1920-21; Carroll, Iowa, 1921-25.  Address: 1115 N. Adams St., Carroll, Iowa.
Claude Merton Wise: PdB 1911; AB 1913; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1919.  Married Shirley H. Gorrell 1913.  Rural teacher, Knox County, Mo., 1907-1908.  Supt., Lexington Jct., Mo.,1909-10; Wyaconda, 1911-12.  Principal, Tuxedo School, Webster Groves, Mo., 1913-14.  Professor of English and Drama, K.S.T.C., Kirksville, Mo., since 1914.  Address: 507 S. Davis St., Kirksville, Mo.
Russell Lawson Wise: BS 1917; MA, Univ. of Chicago, 1919.  Principal, Mo. School for the Blind, 1915-17.  29th M.G. Bn., U.S. Army, Camp Funston, Kan., Aug. 1918-Jan. 1919.  H.S. teacher, Emmett, Idaho, 1919.  H.S. principal, Battineau, N.D., 1919-20.  Field organizer, Univ. Extension, Univ. of Wis., 1920-21.  Director, Bureau of Research, Public Schools of Kansas City, Kan., 1921-25.  Married Ruth Miles 1922.  Address: Public Library Bldg., Kansas City, Kan.
Bessie S. Wittmer: BSD 1901.  Teacher in rural and village schools, 1902-04; Kirksville, Mo., 1905-09; Kalispell, Mont., 1909-11.  Homesteaded on Flathead Reservation, Mont., 1911-12.  Married Albert P. McClain 1913.  Address: Polson, Mont.
Floy Wolfenbarger: BS 1923.  Gov’t. work, Washington, D.C., 1918-19.  Teacher, Junior H.S., Hannibal, Mo., 1922-25.  Home: Perry, Mo.
Anna M. Wood: BSD 1894; MSD 1900.  Teacher, Moberly, Mo., 1898-1910.  Principal, Central School, Moberly, 1910 to date.  Address: 29 Windsor Place, Moberly, Mo.
William Archibald Wood: BS 1922.  Supt., Glenwood, Mo., 1921-23; Novinger, Mo., 1923-24; Philippines since 1924.
Maurine Woodruff: BS 1923.  Teacher, junior high school, Okmulgee, Okla.
Ella Woods: BSD 1889.
Ruth Woods: BS 1921.  High school teacher, Trenton, Mo.  Head of home economics dept., East Ky. S.T.C., Richmond, Ky.  At present, Professor of Domestic Art, San Houston S.T.C., Huntsville, Tex.
S. Birchie Woods: PdB 1905.
Flora Mason Woodson: BS 1924.
William Irvin Woodson: BSD 1897; BS, Peabody College, 1919.  Married Lucy Graves of Montgomery City, Mo., 1899.  Rural teacher, Monroe Co., Mo., 1890-96.  High school teacher, Montgomery City, Mo., 1896-99.  Supt., Troy, Mo., 1900-05; Detroit, Tex., 1906-12.  Since 1912, Professor of Educ., S.W. Tex. S.T.C., Huntsville, Tex.
Avis Woodward: PdB 1911; BS 1921.  High school principal, Cainsville, Mo., 1910-12.  High school teacher, Memphis, Mo., 1912-13; Caruthersville, 1913-15; Webb City, 1920-22.  Married Lawrence L. St. Clair 1912.  Address: 401 E. Third St., Maryville, Mo.
Olive B. Woodward: 1914.
Connie Jeanette Wright: 1914.
Edgar Arthur Wright: BS 1916; AM, Peabody College, 1920; MS, Iowa State College, 1923.  Married Elizabeth Schnelle 1913.  Teacher, rural schools, Lyon Co., Iowa and Knox Co., Mo.  High school principal, Connelsville, Mo.  Supt., Novinger, Mo..  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo.  Lecturer, Mo. State Grange.  Professor of Agriculture, K.S.T.C., Kirksville 1916-20.  Since 1920, Professor of Animal Husbandry, George Peabody College for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn.
Edmonia D. Wright: BAPD 1880; MAPT 1882.  Married Albert Herron.  Deceased.
Flora Ann Wright: BS 1919.  High school teacher, Monroe City, Mo., 1916-18. Supt., Greentop, Mo., 1918-21.  Senior high school principal, Wessington Springs, S.D., 1922-23.  Since 1923, high school teacher, Garden City, Mo.
Jessie M. Wright: BSD 1901.  Married Robert L. Kirk.  Address: Kalama, Wash.
Myra Wright: BS 1919.  Supt., Grandview, Mo., 1919-20.  High school teacher, Lucerne, Mo., 1921-22.  Since 1922, at home with invalid mother.  Address: Goldsberry, Mo.
Thomas L. Wright: BS 1924.
Rolla Hugh Wybrant: BS 1923.  Supt., Hurdland, Mo., 1921-23; Lewistown, Mo., 1923-25.


Clara Etta Yadon: BS 1917.  Since 1920, asst. librarian, K.S.T.C., Kirksville. Address: Kirksville, Mo.
Mary Elizabeth Yates: BS 1923.  Teacher, Valentine, Neb.  Home: Queen City, Mo.
Maye S. Yeager: 1914.
Pauline Faye Yeager: PdB 1909; AB, BS 1914.  High school teacher, Milton, Iowa, 1912-18.  Married O.L. Moffitt 1916.  Address: 945 Holland, Springfield, Mo.
Beula Mae Yenter: BS 1923.  Junior high school teacher, Okmulgee, Okla., 1923-24.  High school teacher, Kirksville, Mo., 1924-25.
Warren W. Yocum: BS 1923.  Supt., McKittrick, Mo.


Dale Zeller: PdB 1910; BS 1917.  High school principal, Bowling Green, Mo., 1912-15; Downs, Kan., 1915-19; Cameron, Mo., 1919-20.  English supervisor, Kansas S.T.C., since 1921.  Address: 1127 Constitution St., Emporia, Kan.   
Catherine Zimmerman: 1904. 

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