Pickler Memorial Library



Building Names

Building Names and Origins

Adair House
Adair County, Missouri
Baldwin Hall
Joseph Baldwin, Founder & 1st President (1867-81)
Barnett Hall
Otho Barnett, Alumnus and Head of Practical Arts Division (1939-68)
Blanton Hall
Joseph Blanton, 3rd President (1882-91)
Brewer Hall
Basil Brewer, Alumnus and author of "Old Missou", the first official school song
Campbell Apartments
E. B. Campbell, Kirksville banker and businessman from whose estate the property was purchased
Centennial Hall
Built during the University’s 100th year and named for that anniversary
Dobson Hall
William D. Dobson, 4th President (1891-99)
Fair Apartments
Eugene Fair, 6th President (1925-37)
Grim Hall
Dr. Ezra C. Grim, Alumnus, Member of Board of Regents (1909-15) & Nursing Program Administrator (1923-31); founder of Grim-Smith Hospital for which this building was originally the nurses’ home
Gardner Track
Kenneth L. Gardner, Assistant Professor of Physical Education & Track Coach (1951-88); Athletic Director (1974-88)
Kirk Building & Kirk Memorial
John R. Kirk, 5th President (1899-1925)
Magruder Hall
Willis Jackson Magruder, 13th President (1994-2003)
McClain Hall
Charles J. McClain, 10th President (1970-89)
McKinney Center
Robert L. McKinney, Alumnus, Assistant to the President (1938-40, 1946-51), & Head of Public Relations (1965-73), and Virginia F. "Fran" McKinney, Director, International Student Office (1965-94)
Missouri Hall
State of Missouri
Nason Hall
William P. Nason, 2nd President (1881-82)
Ophelia Parrish
Ophelia Ann Parrish, Director of the Model School (1899-1903) and 1st Head Librarian (1903-15)
Pershing Building & Arena
General John J. Pershing, Alumnus and Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces, World War I
Pickler Memorial Library
Samuel M. Pickler, Instructor (1868-73) and Kirksville businessman (gave $25,000 to build the new library after Library Hall burned in 1924)
Ryle Hall
Walter H. Ryle, 7th President (1937-67)
Stokes Stadium
James S. Stokes, Professor of Physics (1905-25) and Supervisor of Grounds (1925-50); designed & built the football field & stadium
Student Recreation Center & Student Union Building
The Rec Center & the SUB, built as a result of student initiatives, were named for the students
Ruth W. Towne Museum & Visitors' Center
Ruth Warner Towne, Alumna, Professor of History (1952-1988) & Dean of Graduate Studies (1983-1988)
Violette Hall
Eugene M. Violette, Professor of History and Head of History Department (1900-23)
West Campus Suites
The western-most building on campus; named for its location