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Thesis Number Name Title Year
1 Crim, Larry D. Effectiveness of the Scotland County R-1 High School in Meeting Selected Curriculum Objectives 1976
2 Lowenberg, Steven Study to Determine the Effectiveness of the Project to Individualize Education 1975
3 Thurness, Robert L. A Study to Determine Whether Leader Style Can Be Improved During a Twelve-Week Period 1977
4 Whitlatch, Perry Allen A Study of Teacher, Negotiator, and Superintendent Satisfaction with Contract Negotiations in Iowa, 1976-77 1977
5 Looney, Edward W. A Study to Determine Perceptual Differences in Criteria of Good Teaching Between Administrators and Teachers 1978
6 Jackson, Stanley No written thesis--Title of field study "Community Assessment of the SenIor High Instructor's Program." 1977
7 Patterson, Don H. Study to Identify Teacher Attitudes Contributing to Greater Student Achievement 1978
8 Piper, Fontaine C. Selection Process and Training of Lifeguards Utilized by Colleges and Universities in Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois 1978
9 Smith, Dale Study of Selected Characteristics of Transportation Systems of Public Schools in Supervisory Region "H" of Missouri 1978
10 Pendergrass, Leon O. Multivariate Study of Factors Related to Student Absenteeism 1978
11 McMullin, Ronald R. Benefits of Study Halls to the LaPlata, Missouri High School Curriculum 1978
12 Henry, Gary Lynn Effects of Collective Bargaining on Leadership Styles of Elementary Principals in Selected Schools 1978
13 Lawrence, John Richard Study of Leader Behavior as Perceived by Secondary Principals and Secondary Teachers 1978
14 Wallace, Ivan George Compilation of Specifications to Facilitate Cooperative Purchasing of School Buses in Northeast Missouri 1978
15 Perry, Julianne Relationship of Vocational Preference and Vocational Interest to Academic Persistence 1978
16 Perry, James C. Effectiveness of the Education in the Public Schools as Perceived by the People Registered to Vote in the Washington Public School District 1978
17 Petre, Pamela S. Analysis of Job Satisfaction and Behavior Patterns of School Administrators and Counselors 1978
18 Jackson, Donald E. Study of Selected Missouri School Districts to Determine the Type of Investments Used for Funds Not Immediately Needed for the Payment of Current Expenditures 1978
19 Hartzler, Robert D. Analysis of Attitudes Among Teachers and Administrators Concerning Opening Day In-Service Education Programs 1979
20 Church, Gary Ray Role of Public School Superintendents in Missouri as Perceived by Professors of Educational Administration, Practicing Superintendents, and Boards of Education 1979
21 McCoy, Harold L. Comparison of the Leader Styles of Superintendents and Secondary Principals 1979
22 Morrow, Sue Ann Comparison of Teacher Personality Characteristics and the Number of Special Education Referrals 1979
23 Rhoades, Joann Burch An Analysis of the Perceived Effectiveness of the Brunswick, Missouri Schools in Meeting Goals 1979
24 Warfield, James E., Sr. Study of Parental Attitudes Toward School District 189 1979
25 Young, Thomas Kirby Student Evaluation of Progress Made Toward Self-set Teacher Job Targets 1979
26 Dollinger, Lester D. Leadership Styles of Male and Female Elementary Principals in the States of Iowa and Missouri 1980
27 Graham, Ronald W. Comparison of the Leader Styles of Private Elementary School Principals and Public Elementary School Principals 1979
28 Leonard, Carolyn Letitia Concurrent Validity of the Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire and the Organizational Climate Survey 1980
29 Pilcher, Robert L Leader Styles of Secondary Principals from Northeast Missouri State University and Secondary Principals from Other Institutions 1980
30 Haag, Gary J Effect of Delayed Kindergarten Entrance on First Grade Achievement 1980
31 Jitmoud, Sombat Assessment of Applicants' Demographic Variables and Determination of Significant Differences Concerning Graduates and Drop-Outs from the Educational Specialist Program at Northeast Missouri State University 1980
32 Kimble, Bert B. Comparison of Teachers' Assessment with Actual Student Achievement of District Goals for the Kirksville R-III Senior High School 1980
33 McClinton, Thomas J. Correlation Between Principal Leader Styles and Student Performance 1980
34 McGuire, Thomas F. Attitudes of Selected Patrons of the Salisbury, Missouri R-IV School District Toward Vocational Education 1980
35 Muir, Larry L. To Determine Whether Leader Style is a Product of Psychographic Differences Among Subordinates 1980
36 Phillips, Robert W. Study to Identify Significant Characteristics of Dropouts at Brookfield High School 1980
37 Rogers, David R. Oskaloosa Community Schools Needs Assessment Study 1980
38 Seifert, Patricia Ann A Comparison of First Grade Achievement Between Students With and Without Kindergarten 1980
39 Clem, Ed Comparison of the Leader Styles of Elementary and Secondary School Principals 1981
40 Cornell, Gretchen R. Comparison of Leader Styles of Baccalaureate Nurses 1981
41 Hughes, Robert Michael Student Retention Program at Northeast Missouri State University 1981
42 Williams, Louis Barnes Study of Parental Attitudes of the Year-Round School Plan in the Francis Howell School District in Saint Charles, Missouri 1976 1980
43 Botts, James S. Comparison of Certification Requirements for Chief School Administrators in the Fifty States 1981
44 Gallacher, John Effects of School Closing and Boundary Line Changes on Academic Achievement 1981
45 Gorski, David D. Analysis of Perceptions of Educational Objectives by Selected Groups Within the Atlanta C-3 School District 1981
46 Harrington, Roger Analysis of Real and Ideal Measures of the Organizational Climate Survey 1981
47 Holland, Patrick J. Comparison of the Leader Styles of Superintendents, Secondary School Principals, Public Elementary School Principals, and Private Elementary School Principals 1981
48 Spalding, Sarah Predictive Validity of the Organizational Climate Survey-50 in Measuring Leadership Style of Public Elementary Principals 1981
49 Cary, John C. Psychographic Differences Among Subordinates of Elementary Principals 1982
50 Drummond, Gary L. Study to Determine the Extent of the Agreement Between a Student's Grade and Performance of Achievement/Ability Tests 1982
51 Ensz, Darrell Predictive Validity of Admissions Criteria and Classroom Performance in Student Success on the State Board Test Pool Examination 1982
52 McCain, Don Effectiveness of Title I Instruction in the Palmyra Schools 1982
53 Parker, Ronald Dean Study of the Relationship of Teacher Salaries with the Cost of Living Index and Missouri Foundation Funds 1982
54 Robbins, Julia Marlene Levels of Self-Esteem Among Individuals of Different Ordinal Family Ranks 1982
55 Vaia, Michael C. Comparison of Achievement Tests Scores When a Competency Standard Was in Effect and When the Competency Standard was Removed 1982
56 Barton, Richard G. Modification of the Organizational Climate Survey to Study Student Perceptions of Leader Style of Teachers 1982
57 Bethel, David E. Comparison of Survey Scoring Procedures 1982
58 Boston, Richard Allen Use of Symbolic-Logic Matrices for Improving Construct Validity in Instrument Creation 1982
59  Chutichoodate, Sarawut Correlation Between Leadership Dimensions and Appearance Factors Among Selected Educational Administrators 1982
60 Gaber, Ronald R. Effect of Leader Style and Selected School District Variables of Student Achievement 1982
61 Gaddis, Dee Influence of Subordinate Perceptions on Administrative Performance 1982
62 Carter, William R. Current Practice and Attitudes Toward Transportation Systems of Selected School Districts 1982
63 Green, Kenneth E. Comparison of the Academic Achievement of Participants and Non-participants in High School Sports 1982
64 Lewis, Billy J. Relationship Between the Leader Styles of the Elementary Principal and Student Performance 1982
65 Moore, Edgar E. Economic Benefits of Graduate Degrees of Northeast Missouri State University 1982
66 Peters, George Legal Ramifications of the Missouri Teacher Tenure Act 1982
67 Schwada, Francine G. Special Education Certification in the U.S. 1982
68 Williams, Roger D. Scenario of the Future to Accomodate Curriculum Direction 1982
69 Winn, Harold Dean Enrollment Trends and Building Utilization for the Clark County, Missouri R-1 School District 1982
70 Wallace, Robert D. Comparison of High School Student Attitudes Prior To and After High School Consolidation 1982
71 Bourisaw, Aloysius G. Teacher Organizational Affiliation and the Attitudes of School Management Toward Collective Bargaining in Selected School District in Missouri 1983
72 Cox, Joan Carole Comparison of Full-day Kindergarten and Half-day Kindergarten Achievement Scores 1982
73 Igbani, B. Maduabuchi Anaso Leadership Styles of Medical Technologists-AMT and ASCP Certified 1982
74 Baskett, Harold O. Study of the Relationship Between High School Graduation Requirements and Standardized Achievement Tests Scores 1983
75 Carter, Timothy E. Characteristics and Effects of an In-school Suspension Program 1983
76 Chapman, Dan L. Validity of Basing Receipt of Federal Money for Remedial Programs on Family Financial Status 1983
77 Collopy, Dean C. Comparison of Student Assessment Variables and Class Enrollment Patterns to College Entrance Exam Scores 1983
78 Davis, Thomas E. Analysis of Selected Characteristics of Dropouts and Graduates of Ottumwa High School 1983
79 Gaddis, Donnie Relationship of Administrative Variables on Elementary Student Achievement 1983
80 House, Jess E. Study of OCS Scores and Instructional Leadership Measures of Missouri Elementary Principals 1983
81 Kern, James F. Comparison of Missouri Non-public Schools Which Belong to the Committee on Accredited Schools or the North Central Association 1983
82 Moenster, Gerald A. Parental Attitudes in the Grandview R-2, Missouri School District 1983
83 Suchland, Paul James Jr. Variance Between Preschool Test Scores and Second Grade Achievement Scores 1983
84 David, Darl D. Analysis of Vertical Grade Structure and Facility Utilization 1983
85 Phillips, Richard D. Administrator Attitudes Toward the Value of Selected Program Components 1983
86 Zuspann, Virgil K. Comparison of the Administrative Styles of Elementary Principals from Northeast Missouri State University and Other Institutions 1983
87 Cannon, Eleanor L. Sequential Curriculum Guide for Aesthetic Education in Art, Literature, Music, and Physical Education 1984
88 Courtney, Connie R. Comparison of Achievement of Pupils With and Without Prekindergarten Experience 1984
89 Jiyamapa, Sathasai Academic and Social Difficulties Faced by Foreign Students at Northeast Missouri State University 1984
90 Lamm, Donald Gene Teacher Anxiety Toward Evaluation of Job Expectations 1983
91 Speer, Randy Lee Study of the Relationship of Leader Behavior and School Climate 1984
92 Taylor, Raymond C. Comparison of Two Beginning Band Methods 1984
93 Ambrose, Philip F. Clinton, Iowa Dropout Study 1984
94 Carlisle, Philip E. Teacher Effectiveness in Grouping Students by Ability 1984
95 Davison, John W. Analysis of Attitudes of Parents in the North Mercer R-3 School Toward Selected Factors 1984
96 Dunaway, Tim J. Impact of Preparation Programs on Practicing Administrators 1984
97 Koehler, Marilyn J. Study of Selected Perceptions Between Graduates and Dropouts of the NMSU Education Specialist Program 1984
98 Meyers, Audrey Differential Perceptions of Administrative Style as Viewed by Special Education Teachers and Regular Classroom Teachers 1984
99 Palmer, Mary W. Effect of Selected Variables on Kindergarten Achievement 1984
100 Schreck, Bernard J. Status of In-service Programs in the Public Schools of Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles and St. Louis Counties, Missouri 1984
101 Jang, Mu Seok Analysis of Selected Factors Related to School District Classification 1984
102 Lanser, Michael A. Validating Administrative Competencies 1985
103 Nack, Donna L. Evaluation of the Selected Aspects of the Elementary Gifted Program in St. Charles 1985
104 Bumgarner, Michael J. Study to Determine the Relationship Between Achievement Test Scores and Grade Point Averages 1985
105 Collins, Neita K. Mathematics Cross-Reference Between Iowa Test of Basic Skills and Handbook for Teaching Basic Skills 1985
106 Ellersieck, Jerry N. Effectiveness of the Dropout Prevention Program at Hazelwood East High School 1985
107 Gordon, William Analysis of Required Course Objectives of the NMSU Program for Secondary School Principals 1985
108 Howe, Bill Personal and Professional Characteristics of Superintendent Candidates as Perceived by Board of Education Members 1985
109 Kirkpatrick, James C. Relationship Between Elementary Principal Administrative Style and Student Achievement 1985
110 Masten, Deborah Sidwell Impact of a Physical Fitness Concepts Course on Longitudinal Fitness Scores of College Males and Females 1985
111 McSorley, Ronald E. Elementary School Principal's Perceptions of Selected Objectives of Graduate Courses 1985
112 Slominsky, Robert William Study to Determine if Selected Variables were Significant Indicators in the School Readiness of Entering Kindergarteners in the Warren County R-2 School District 1985
113 Warner, Mel Effect of Busing on Academic Achievement 1985
114 Willis, Keith L. Public School Staff Attitudes Toward Public Relations and the Effects on a Community 1985
115 Yeargain, Ray L. Effect of a Junior High Honors Program on the Senior High Academic Achievement 1985
116 Henley, Patricia M. Study of Glasgow, Montana Junior High School Program of In-school Suspension 1985
117 Vanhorn, Paul L. Clayton Components of Excellence--an Analysis of a School District 1985
118 Baigi, Marla Jean Incidence of Bulimia Among College Students 1986
119 Berlin, Frank Perceptions of the Roles of the Secondary School Principal 1985
120 Busch, Robert E. Superintendents' of the Value of Forty-three Skills 1986
121 Cagle, Barry Job Placement and Job Success of Selected Vo-Tech Students, Coe Students and High School Dropouts 1986
122 Daniels, John Alan Effects of a Summer School Program on Subsequent Student Performance 1986
123 Durden, Phyllis C. Predictive Validity of Administrative Knowledge and Skills 1986
124 McGahan, Sharon Ann Analysis of Predictors of Successful Completion of the State Board Test Pool Examination for Registered Nurses 1985
125 Moore, Robert L. Educational Plan Based on Building Utilization and Projected Enrollments 1986
126 Wilson, Greg Analysis of Required Course Objectives of the NMSU Preparatory Program for Superintendents 1986
127 Falkiner, Debra J. Characteristics and Effects of the Viking In School Suspension Program 1986
128 Harlan, Ronald E. Survey of Art Educators in the State of Missouri 1986
129 Kelly, Melvin L. Study of School Principal Turnover in North Missouri 1986
130 McGee, Norman G. Jr Comparison Study of the Voluntary Desegregation Students with the Non-desegregation Students at Ritenour High School 1986
131 Newman, Janet Gum Paris Cross-Reference of Reading Skills of Houghton Mifflin Reading Program to Sequenced Language Arts and Math Skills (SLAMS) 1986
132 Nunn, Max T. Cross Referencing the Handbook for Teaching Basic Skills with the Missouri Criterion-Referenced Tests in Grades 2-5 1986
133 Shrout Debra J. Kitts Academic Predictors of Teaching Performance 1986
134 Sybert, Lyle D. Relationship Between the Missouri Performance Based Teacher Evaluation and Student Achievement 1986
135 Sylvara, Pamela J. Study to Determine the Relationship Between Grades Assigned by Teachers and Iowa Tests of Basic Skills Scores 1986
136 Towers, Donna M. Mathematics Cross Reference Between California Achievement Test and Sequenced Language Arts and Mathematics 1986
137 Wallace, John Relationship of Student Achievement to the Administrative Styles of Principals 1986
138 Collins, Donald L. Study of Paris R-II High School Students Who Have Attended the Area Vocational School 1986
139 Farmer, James M. Correlation Between Administrative Styles and Student Performance 1986
140 Hogan, Robert L. Analysis of the Importance of Selected Activities in a Field Experience 1986
141 Aulwes, M. Ann Test of Differences Between NMSU Graduates and Graduates of Other Institutions 1987
142 Burkhart, Frank E. The Effects of Title IX on Expenditures in Athletics for Women 1987
143 Kins-Gaber, Elsie J. A Study of Discover as a Value Added Counseling Tool 1987
144 Carr, Joseph B. The Feasibility of Four Models of School Organization Based Upon Projected Building Utilization 1987
145 Englert, Douglas L. Anthropology Curriculum Components for Use as Guides to Establish Curricula in Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve 1987
146 Hayes, Mary Jo Differentiation of Selected Characteristics of Graduates and Dropouts of Fort Madison High School 1987
147 McCaulley, Randall J. Selected Factors and Their Effect on the Reading Success of Kindergartners 1987
148 O'Donnell, Daniel E. An Assessment of Attitudes of Parents, Teachers, and Students in the Canton Junior-Senior High School 1987
149 Rice, Michael L. A Comparison of Leader Styles of Northeast Missouri State University Graduates and Graduates of Other Institutions 1987
150 Sigler, Bruce An Analysis of Effort and Ability to Finance Education in Selected School Districts 1987
151 Sloggett, Thomas R. The Importance of Various Tasks Determined by Elementary Principals in Northern Illinois 1987
152 Wells, Robert A. A Comparison of Selected Socioeducational Factors Between Indian Hills Community College GED Candidates and Other GED Candidates 1987
153 Willard, Michael An Analysis of Principal Leadership Styles and Student Achievement 1987
154 Ehrhardt, Virginia Sue Developing an Academically Gifted Program for Moberly Public Schools 1987
155 Huff, Arthur LeRoy High School Building Utilization in Scotland County R-1 School District 1987
156 Spratt, Marion Randel A Study to Determine the Relationship Between Grades Assigned by Teachers and Percentile Rank Achievement Scores of Elementary Students 1987
157 Crawford, Christine M. A Disaggregated Analysis of Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test Scores in the Palmyra R-1 School District 1988
158 Hines, Wayne C. Putnam County School District Building Utilization and Vertical Grade Structure Analysis 1987
159 Mayfield, Jeanne E. Selected Criteria for Rural Missouri Elementary School Principals 1987
160 Petterson, Phyllis S. A Study of the Relationship Between Classroom Grades and Achievement Test Scores 1988
161 Gibson, Marjorie Relationship of Scores on the Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development and the SRA Achievement Series 1988
162 Hartsock, Wanda Lindquist A Study of the Relationship Between the Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills Test and the Metropolitan Readiness Test 1988
163 Herst, Mary S. An Analysis of Time Allotted and Definitions of Language Arts in Elementary School 1988
164 Hodges, O. Ercell Language Arts Cross-Reference Between Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and Sequenced Language Arts and Math Skills 1988
165 Hunt, Cheryl A Comparison of Instructional Management System and Traditional Methods of Mathematics Instruction in Putnam County R-I Elementary Schools 1988
166 Mayes, Cheryl Ann A Comparison of the Effects of Mastery Learning Techniques and Traditional Methods in Reading and Language Arts on the Mastery of Tested Objectives 1988
167 Osier, Joseph M. An Analysis of the Effects of Family Structure on Student Standardized Achievement Test Scores 1988
168 Sclair, Judith S. A Comparative Study of School Discipline Policy Components 1988
169 Williams, Larkin A., Jr A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of the Interdistrict Permissive Transfer Between the St. Louis Public Schools and the St. Louis County Public Schools 1988
170 Platt, K. Rollie An Analysis of Attitude Toward a Career Compensation Program 1987
171 Brown, Lionel K. The Relationship Between Student Achievement as Measured on the ACT English and Mathematics Subtests and Foreign Language Study, Length of Study, and Languages Studied 1989
172 Head, James C. Teacher Awareness of Academic Achievement Problems of the Single-Parent Child in the Monroe City R-1 School District 1989
173 Lacey, Gary P. A Comparative Study of CSI Scores in the Two Junior High Schools in the Francis Howell School District 1989
174 Maxson, Connie J. A Study to Determine the Relationship Between Grades Assigend by Teachers and Iowa Tests of Basic Skills Scores in the Eddybille, Iowa na Blakesbrug, Iowa School Districts 1989
175 Fenton, James F. A Study Concerning Alternative Education Programs: the Ten Guidelines for Establishing a Secondary Alternative Education Program and School 1989
176 Hauser, Thomas Jay A Study to Determine the Relationship Between Selected Variables of School District Wealth and Effort and Students' Scores on the Missouri Mastery and Achievement Tests 1989
177 Kopp, Judith R. A Study to Determine the Relationship Between Assigned Grades and MMAT Achievement Test Scores 1990
178 Resse, Jay W. A Comparative Study of Student Employment, Extracurricular Activities Participation and Academic Achievement in Marceline, Missouri 1989
179 Davis, Richard K. An Analysis of Reading Achievement Using a Team Teaching Approach 1990
180 Otten, Carl W. A Comparison of Instructional Leadership Practices of the Principals of "AA" Elementary Schools in the State of Missouri 1990
181 Stratton, Barbara E. An Analysis of the Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test as an Instrument in Identifying Students for Inclusion in Gifted Programs 1990
182 Williams, Patrick A Study of Selected Variables as Predictors of Student Dropout in the Kirksville Public School System 1990
183 Baskett, Teri Jan An Analysis of the Relationship Between Preschool Education and Kindergarten Developmental Readiness Skills 1990
184 Steele, Nancy S. A Study of Self-Concept of Secondary Student from Different Family Structures 1990
185 Casady, Jeanie A Study of Achievement Gain by Selected Categories in Northeast Missouri State University Upward Bound Students, 1984-1988 1991
186 Harris, Edward J. Jr A Study of Peer Collaborative Learning Among Honors Students 1990
187 Mauser, William An Assessment of Attitudes of Parents, Teachers, and Students of Arcadia Valley High School 1991
188 Mefford, Naomi R. The Extent to Which the ITBS Assesses the Goals of the Iowa Language Arts Curriculum Guide 1991
189 Nuhn, Gary An Analysis of Academic Achievement Comparing Athletes and Non-athletes in Selected Small, Rural Schools 1991
190 Roggentien, Ronald An Analysis of Interview Questioning Techniques Among Iowa School Administrators 1990
191 Waters, Clinton R. An Analysis of Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test Scores Based on Family Structure of Eighth Grade Students in Lincoln County, Missouri 1991
192 White, Johanna F. Miltner Quincy Project Head Start 1968-1973: a Follow-Up Study 1991
193 Anderson, Gene V. An Analysis of the Relationship Between Elementary Teacher Preparatory Credit in Science and Instruction Time 1991
194 Behrens, Anna K. An Analysis of the Effects of Homogenous and Heterogeneous Grouping on Student Achievement in Ninth-Grade American History 1991
195 Eads, James Raymond Classroom Teacher Mediated Generalization of a Sentence Writing Strategy to the Regular Classroom by Nine Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities 1991
196 Lewton, Michael D. An Analysis of the Perceptions Held by Selected Missouri Educators in Regard to the Missouri Core Competencies and Key Skills and the Missouri Mastery and Achievement Tests 1991
197 Parrish, Margaret A. A Study of Birth Ordinal Position and Achievement in High School 1991
198 Smoot, Larry J. A Study of the Relationship Between High School Academic Achievement and High School Leadership Activities and Subsequent Post Graduate Job Satisfaction and Post Graduate Leadership Activities 1991
199 Troester, Dyana Lynn Locus of Control Beliefs of Management and Non-management Groups: Relationships Between Perceived Stress and Health 1991
200 Neighbors, C. Erwin A Study of Attitudes and Perceptions Relating to School Climate of Superintendents, Teachers' Organization Presidents, and School Board Presidents in Union and Non-union School Districts 1991
201 Pipkin, Michael J. In-Service Training Procedures and In-Service Training Needs of School Districts in the Traditional Northeast Missouri State University Service Area 1991
202 Beeler, Elaine A Study to Determine if Self-Esteem Can Be Affected by a Self-Esteem Program at the Fifth and Sixth Grade Levels 1991
203 DelaRoche, Earl s. The Effectiveness of the Criterion-Referenced Testing Program in Biology I at Hazelwood East High School 1992
204 McCurdy, Susan Replogle A Study to Determine the Relationship Between Selected Variables and Fiscal Health in Iowa Local Education Agencies 1992
205 Nuhn, Stephen L. Comparative Study of the Academic Achievement of Older vs. Younger Students at the Macon R-I Middle School 1991
206 Brooks, Linda Dill An Analysis of the Perceived Value of Thesis Preparation in the Program for the Specialist of Education Degree at Northeast Missouri State University 1992
207 Cory, Kevin A Study to Evaluate the Effects of Teacher Training on the Differences in Classroom Environments, Student Absenteeism, and Student Achievement, of Two Classrooms Serving At-risk Students 1992
208 Delarm, Saundra Whitsell A Comparison of MMAT Reading Scores for Students Whose Traditional Reading Instruction was Supplemented With Computer-Assisted Reading Instruction 1992
209 Reynolds, Diana L. Perceptions of Female Graduates of the Education Specialist Program at Northeast Missouri State University 1992
210 Farley, Janet Coleen A Comparison of Traditional and Computer Assisted Reading Programs in the Field of Adult Literacy 1992
211 Bergman, Sharon L. A Study of the Attitudes and Influences on Vocational Education 1993
212 Karpen, Bruce A. A Study of the Relationship Between Student Iowa Tests of Basic Skills Scores at the Third Grade Level and Student Grade Averages at the Eighth Grade Level 1993
213 Morrow, Terry A Study of Missouri Secondary School Principals' Time Usage 1993
214 Noe, Katherine Gail A Study to Determine if Differences Exist in the Nature of Jobs (Blue Collar or White Collar) and Pay Between Vocational and Non-vocational Program Completers 1993
215 Quinn, Graham F. A Comparison of the Professional Knowledge Base of William Penn College Preservice Secondary Teachers and Other Inservice Teachers with Varying Degrees of Experience 1993
216 Sundstrom, Karen Olive Relationship Between Academic Achievement and Physical Fitness Scores in Fifth Graders 1993
217 Van Ingen, Daniel J. A Study to Determine the Relationship Between Teacher-Assigned Grades and MMAT Achievement Tests Scores 1993
218 Voorhees, Thomas The Effects of Test-taking Strategies on Achievement Scores of Students in Grades 3-8 on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills in Walcott School, Walcott, Iowa 1993
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