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The First School Song


In 1996, it was decided that not only was “Old Missou” outdated and gender-biased, it was also confusing since “Mizzou” is the University of Missouri’s nickname. And then there was the fact that the song had not been played at Commencement and other ceremonies and programs for several years or at sports events for at least five. So, at the urging of Student Senate, President Jack Magruder asked the Traditions Committee to review the situation.

Three years later, in 1999, the new alma mater, music by Claude T. Smith, arrangement & lyrics by Thomas J. Trimborn, Associate Professor of Music, was finally selected and presented to the University.

Keep The Dreams Alive

In the heartland of America,
In the place we are all as of one.
Namesake of our Alma Mater fair
‘Tis Missouri’s pride and favorite son.

Spirit his o’er our University,
Let our song ever decree.

Gaining knowledge, wisdom, truth today.
Courage for life, set forth, decide.
Keep the Truman dreams alive!

For the future we shall pass the torch,
Strive to always follow paths of right.
With ideals to stand the test of time,
Soar on eagle’s wing our dreams take flight.

Spirit his o’er our University,
Truman’s song of harmony.

With a pledge of our allegiance firm,
Ne’er the road of life divide.
Keep the Truman dreams alive!