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Index to Student Rosters
First District Normal School

Compiled by
Jennifer Finley, Andrea Waldrop, Amanda Salas, Megan Lockhart

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This index was compiled from student records created and maintained by the President's and Registrar's offices of the First District Normal School. It begins when Joseph Baldwin's private normal became a state institution, Spring Quarter 1871, and continues through the 1899-1900 academic year. Students who attended Baldwin's North Missouri Normal School, 1867-70, are on a separate roster.

Extant student records include both attendance and grade ledgers, but neither type covers the entire period.  Attendance records only are available for some years and grade ledgers for others, so the type of information provided is not the same for each student.  The home county is shown here to help identify students with same or similar names. It is quite possible, though, that individuals may be listed more than once if there is a variation in information from one year to the next. For example, those who moved and show more than one place of residence, women who married and enrolled under both maiden and married surnames, and students who enrolled using initials one year and full given name or nickname another.  


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Class of 1872
The First Graduating Class

  Top (LtoR): Wm F Drake, Wm N Doyle, JC Stevens; Bottom: IN Matlick, JT Smith, OP Davis.  Sheldon Sturgis (left) & Vincent Stine (right) were not on campus the day the class picture was taken.  

Student Assistants in the Archives have done yeoman's work transcribing hundreds of names from handwritten ledgers that are always difficult, sometimes virtually impossible, to read.  Care has been taken to see that this Index is as correct as possible, but errors do occur.  We will make corrections as they come to our attention. 


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