Pickler Memorial Library



Index to Student Rosters

Kirksville, Missouri
Sept 1867 – 1900

Compiled by Jennifer Finley, Andrea Waldrop, Amanda Salas, Megan Lockhart
Algebra Class

Algebra Class 1867-68
Standing (LtoR): AJ Hynds, Beatty, Langley, Pierce, Heiney, Casper; Seated: MW Smith, DeWitt, Swallow, A Bowen, Stine, SM Pickler

Original student enrollment and/or grade registers no longer exist for the years before Joseph Baldwin’s North Missouri Normal School and Commercial College was given to the State of Missouri to become the First District Normal School. The only record we have of the students who attended the first two years (1867-68 and 1868-69) are the Normal Department rosters reported in the catalogues for the 1868-69 and 1869-70 academic years. Those taking the Commercial Course were not included. A full catalogue was not published for the year ending June 1871, so we do not have a complete roster for the third year. The few shown here as having attended 1869-70 are the graduates listed on the 1870 Commencement Program.

It is quite possible that individuals may be listed more than once if there is a variation in information from one year to the next. For example, those who moved and show more than one county of residence, women who married and enrolled under both maiden and married surnames, and students who enrolled using initials one year and full given name another.

Extant student records include both attendance and grade ledgers, but neither type covers the entire period. Attendance records only are available for some years and grade ledgers for others, so the type of information provided is not the same for each student. The home county is shown here to help identify students with same or similar names. It is quite possible, though, that individuals may be listed more than once if there is a variation in information from one year to the next. For example, those who moved and show more than one place of residence, women who married and enrolled under both maiden and married surnames, and students who enrolled using initials one year and full given name or nickname another.

Name Hometown Years Attended
Adams, Nannie SUnknown1886-87
Aiyley, SalaUnknown1871-72
Alexander, J. DUnknown1875-76
Banner, J. TUnknown1872-73
Baum, ElyUnknown1872-73
Baureste, EllieUnknown1871-72
Blach, J. VUnknown1871-72
Bransam, AgnesUnknown1871-72
Brochers, B FUnknown1872-73
Brown, W. DUnknown1877-78
Burton, FUnknown1871-72
Cartwright, JUnknown1873-74
Chapman, AUnknown1871-72
Comier, P. WUnknown1873-74
Crafford, AUnknown1871-72
Craig, IvaUnknown1884-85
Cunningham, RosieUnknown1873-74
Davis, AnnaUnknown1873-74
Downing, AllieUnknown1885-86
Eaglehart, CUnknown1878-79
Elliot, DUnknown1872-73
Erwin, J. CUnknown1871-72
Erwin, SUnknown1877-78
Evans W. FUnknown1886-87
Evans, LUnknown1878-79
Evans, SUnknown1878-79
Graves, LucyUnknown1889-90
Guffey, Mary SUnknown1886-87
Hall, James WUnknown1889-90
Harmen, JamesUnknown1890-91
Havey, ThomasUnknown1886-87
Hawkins, DUnknown1872-73
Hayden, N. JUnknown1890-91
Hecton, G. WUnknown1871-72
Houston, E. OUnknown1871-72
Hughes, W. JUnknown1875-76
Hurst, E. GUnknown1886-87
Hynes, P. MUnknown1873-74
Imes, J. JUnknown1872-73
Jackson, E. EUnknown1872-73
Johnson, FannieUnknown1877-78
Johnson, SuseyUnknown1871-72
Johnson, Wesley MUnknown1873-74
Jones, J. JUnknown1877-78
Kibler, MinnieUnknown1896-97
Kimball, SamuelUnknown1890-91
Kimbrough, T. WUnknown1886-87
Laird, J. TUnknown1872-73
Lukens, R. PUnknown1872-73
Lurk, W. TUnknown1877-78
Lyon, J. WUnknown1886-87
Mahaffay, A. DUnknown1885-86
Mairs, HUnknown1875-76
Malay, MellissaUnknown1871-72
Martin, OllieUnknown1888-89
Martin, SUnknown1876-77
McConkey, AllenUnknown1891-92
McGrew, NettieUnknown1885-86
McGuire, H. AUnknown1872-73
McKinney, B TUnknown1871-72
McNeff, W. TUnknown1872-73
Miller, J. HUnknown1871-72
Monroe, Jareld JUnknown1871-72
Moody, J. MUnknown1872-73
Moore, O. JUnknown1871-72
Odell, R. LUnknown1890-91
Patterson, MUnknown1872-73
Porter, CullenUnknown1884-85
Ramsey, J. FUnknown1886-87
Robinson, AUnknown1872-73
Ryan, MariaUnknown1889-90
Smith, FelixUnknown1871-72
Smith, S. MUnknown1876-77
Spencer, A. ZUnknown1873-74
Sprigg, W. MUnknown1871-72
Statey, B SUnknown1890-91
Stephens, IUnknown1878-79
Wiley, G. WUnknown1872-73
Wilkes, Minerva [Nerva]Unknown1872-73
Wilkinson, CUnknown1877-78
Wilkinson, HarryUnknown1877-78
Williams, LilahUnknown1873-74
Williamson, MaryUnknown1876-77
Winchester, F. CUnknown1896-97
Wonderly, J. SUnknown1872-73
Young, L. DUnknown1878-79
Cartwright, A.[not listed]1867-68
Dodson, ____[not listed]1867-68
Barr, RichardAbbingdon, MO1874-75
Baldwin, BelleAda, ID1879-80
Baldwin, MaryAda, ID1879-80
Clark, AnnieAda, ID1898-99
Clark, JennieAda, ID1898-99
Reel, Margarite GraceAda, ID1896-97; 1897-98
Abbott, FloraAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Abbott, N. RAdair1884-85
Abercombie, LeonaAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87
Abercrombie, LillieAdair1886-87
Abercrombie, T. GAdair1888-89
Adams, PerryAdair1899-1900
Adkins, W. HAdair1876-77
Agee, Lelah [Leta] BelleAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Agee, LidaAdair1870-71
Agee, Pearle MyrtisloAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Ainsley, Louis HAdair1884-85
Ainslie, LorettaAdair1892-93
Ainslie, Louis MAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Albertson, IdaAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Albertson, LillianAdair1890-91
Albertson, Mary Danette EstellaAdair1892-93
Alcott, Augusta [Gussie]Adair1887-88; 1888-89
Alcott, SusieAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Alexander, John WilhelmAdair1895-96
Alexander, MaudAdair1899-1900
Alexander, WAdair1899-1900
Alger, E. MAdair1882-83
Alger, MelissaAdair1881-82
Allen, DanieAdair1884-85
Allen, WilletAdair1894-95
Allison, E. CAdair1882-83
Allred, D. BAdair1873-74
Ammerman, ClayAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Ammerman, EmmaAdair1883-84; 1885-86; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Ammerman, OtisAdair1871-72
Anderson, KateAdair1888-89, 1889-90
Anderson, LenaAdair1899-1900
Anderson, LuellaAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Anderson, Mabell ElizabethAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Anderson, MaudeAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Anderson, MinnieAdair1899-1900
Anderson, NettieAdair1888-89
Anderson, S. NAdair1870-71
Anderson, Susan LuellaAdair1896-97
Andrews, B FAdair1878-79
Andrews, BessieAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Andrews, J. WAdair1871-72
Archer, Mary EAdair1874-75
Ashlock, CarrieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Ashlock, Jessie CordeliaAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ashlock, ThomasAdair1891-92
Ashlock, TomAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Ashlock, Virginia KateAdair1896-97
Atchison, ClarenceAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Atterberry, Maude MauriceAdair1895-96
Atterberry, ZellaAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Atwell, Ella MAdair1880-81; 1882-83
Atwell, LizzieAdair1883-84
Bachman, ClydeAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Baer, Leona CAdair1899-1900
Bagg, CharlesAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1892-93
Bagg, NellieAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Bailey, DoraAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Bailey, ElvidaAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Bailey, ElvindaAdair1892-93
Bailey, HomerAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Bailey, J. WAdair1871-72
Bailey, LauraAdair1892-93
Bailey, Loa EvelynAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Baird, Alta MaloneAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Baird, DellaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Baird, Frank HAdair1871-72; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Baird, H. FAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Baird, JohnAdair1888-89
Baker, Clara JAdair1874-75
Baker, EllaAdair1874-75
Baker, ElnoraAdair1879-80
Baker, FrankAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Baker, J. BAdair1899-1900
Baker, John WinfieldAdair1898-99
Baker, KateAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Baker, Kate LAdair1882-83
Baker, RayAdair1899-1900
Baldridge, BessieAdair1899-1900
Baldridge, M. HAdair1870-71
Baldridge, SarahAdair1870-71
Baldwin, AllieAdair1877-78
Baldwin, AnnaAdair1870-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Baldwin, BerthaAdair1891-92; 1894-95
Baldwin, Cora BAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-79; 1877-78; 1878-79
Baldwin, Olivia [Ollie] AAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Baldwin, Rolla JAdair1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-79; 1880-81
Baldwin, WillieAdair1896-97
Ballenger, CoraAdair1896-97
Ballenger, Zula AnnAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Ballinger, LulaAdair1899-1900
Banning, Wiley JacobAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Barbee, Ione HazelAdair1896-97
Barkley, J. WAdair1881-82
Barnard, Harv ChristopherAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Barnard, W. LAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89, 1889-90
Barnes, C. LAdair1884-85
Barnes, Charles WAdair1897-98
Barnes, F. MAdair1875-76; 1879-80
Barnes, G. TAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Barnes, JAdair1870-71
Barnes, J. WAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Barnes, P. JAdair1899-1900
Barnes, Rosie EAdair1875-76; 1877-78
Barnes, W. RAdair1875-76; 1878-79
Barnett, SallieAdair1870-71
Barnhart, E. BAdair1877-78
Barnhart, MinnieAdair1894-95
Barnhart, Perry SAdair1872-73; 1874-75
Barnhart, SallieAdair1870-71
Barnhart, SusieAdair1870-72; 1873-4
Barnhart, ZadaAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Barrow, Robert WAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Barrows, Arthur EugeneAdair1894-95
Barrows, BerthaAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Barrows, OrvilleAdair1889-90
Baylor, PaulAdair1892-93
Beach, EmmaAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Beall, Cordie NAdair1898-99
Beall, Isaac NewtonAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Beardsley, GraceAdair1895-96
Beardsley, Lori CharlesAdair1894-95
Beardsley, Sylvester CharlesAdair1891-92
Beardsley, Walter VolourousAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Beardsley, William BAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Beazell, E. HAdair1882-83
Beazell, EdwardAdair1882-83
Bechtol, C. EAdair1882-83
Becktol, Charles EAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1882-83
Becktol, MaryAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Beecher, AllieAdair1887-88
Beecher, Carrie AnneAdair1892-93; 1894-95; 1899-1900
Beecher, Columbia QueenAdair1890-91
Beecher, FannieAdair1884-85
Beecher, JessieAdair1890-91
Beeman, A. PAdair1873-74
Beeman, EverettAdair1890-91
Beeman, Everette EdwardAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Beeman, Lulu LeotoAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Beeman, MollieAdair1870-71
Beets, Merritt JAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Beets, RutherfordAdair1893-94; 1896-97
Beets, William EAdair1887-88
Bell, AdalineAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87
Bell, C. CAdair1885-86
Bell, ClydeAdair1884-85
Bell, J. AAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Bell, Jessie HAdair1881-82
Bell, John AmbroseAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Bell, JosephieAdair1882-83; 1884-85
Bell, JosieAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Bell, JosieAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Bell, Lizzie JAdair1889-90
Belshe, Ella DeeAdair1897-98
Bennett, JennieAdair1870-71
Benson, MaudeAdair1882-83
Benson, Maude AAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Bentley, Edward WAdair1881-82
Beriman, John WarlingAdair1893-94
Beriman, Titus EllsworthAdair1893-94
Bernard, AltaAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Bernard, D. BAdair1871-72
Bernard, MollieAdair1884-85
Bernard, W. BAdair1884-85
Bibb, BessieAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Bibb, Bessie BlancheAdair1890-91
Bibb, DellaAdair1890-91
Bibb, Della CenaAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Bibb, FlorenceAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Bibb, Robert PaulAdair1893-94
Bibee, Bunnie GertrudeAdair1898-99
Bibee, Sylvester ClarenceAdair1898-99
Bielby, BessieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Bielby, EmmaAdair1892-93
Bielby, MamieAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Bielby, TolieAdair1894-95
Biggs, Hattie DellaAdair1898-99
Bigsby, Frank LesterAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Bill, AdalineAdair1880-81
Billeiter, CAdair1871-72; 1874-75
Billeiter, EmmaAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Billington, E. AAdair1876-77
Billington, EvaAdair1899-1900
Billington, MaryAdair1883-84
Bishop, D. WAdair1881-82
Bixby, H. HAdair1872-73
Blackman, FitchAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Blackman, SusieAdair1872-73
Blair, DavidAdair1891-92
Blair, HubbardAdair1891-92; 1893-94
Blair, MarionAdair1891-92
Blair, MorrisAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Blakely, Sarah EAdair1874-75
Blanton, David AndersonAdair1890-91
Blanton, Mattie BAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Bledsoe, HenryAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Bodle, AvisAdair1891-92
Bodle, Joseph HoraceAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Bond, LizzieAdair1874-75
Bookout, GAdair1879-80
Bookout, IdaAdair1889-90
Bookout, JennieAdair1882-83
Boone, Lillie MayAdair1895-96
Borden, AllenAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Borden, EarnestAdair1896-97
Borneman, KateAdair1882-83
Bounds, EdAdair1887-88; 1889-90
Boutelle, LillieAdair1895-96
Bowen, Mollie MAdair1871-72
Bowen, Pansy PearlAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Bowen, RubieAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Bowman, Edwin LAdair1884-85
Bowman, J. CAdair1894-95
Bowman, John ChurchAdair1893-94
Bowman, John ClarkAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Bowman, PearleAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Bowman, TillaAdair1896-97
Bowman, Zella MAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Boyd, Helen BAdair1878-79; 1879-80
Boyd, MaggieAdair1871-72
Boyd, N. MAdair1878-79; 1881-82; 1884-85
Boyd, W. MAdair1878-79; 1879-80
Boyle, B BAdair1879-80
Boyles, Albert EdwardAdair1898-99
Braden, Alfred ErnestAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Braden, John HAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1889-90
Bradley, AileenAdair1897-98
Bradley, Lola KathrynAdair1898-99
Bradley, Mary Ethel?Adair1895-96; 1896-97
Bradley, Nettie GailAdair1896-97
Bradshaw, BettieAdair1882-83; 1885-86
Bradshaw, W. TAdair1886-87
Bragg, Carl TAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Bragg, Delos AustinAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Bragg, Everett EugeneAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Bragg, LenaAdair1895-96
Bramblette, G. DAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Brantner, WildaAdair1877-78
Brantner, WildaAdair1877-78
Brashear, CynthiaAdair1870-71
Brashear, Everett EdwardAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Brashear, IdaAdair1891-92; 1893-94; 1895-96
Brashear, MinnieAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Brashear, PearlAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Brawner, Elsie MyrtleAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Brenington, G. MAdair1872-73
Brenneman, Emma JAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Brenz, LewisAdair1892-93
Brewer, BasilAdair1899-1900
Brewer, JessieAdair1899-1900
Brewington, G. MAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Brewington, LauraAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Brewington, RobertAdair1887-88
Briggs, BessieAdair1891-92
Brigham, Herbert DwightAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Brigham, StellaAdair1884-85; 1887-88; 1888-89
Brigham, TerryAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Brigham, VernonAdair1898-99
Bristow, H. TAdair1873-74
Britton, BlancheAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Britton, ElmaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Bronson, NannieAdair1887-88
Brooks, MaryAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Brother, ClaudeAdair1897-98
Brothers, BlancheAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Brothers, IdaAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Browder, John HAdair1889-90
Brown, AnnaAdair1870-71
Brown, C. CAdair1871-72
Brown, Edna BlancheAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Brown, ElvaAdair1885-86
Brown, Emma JAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Brown, FannieAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Brown, Fleta CoyAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Brown, Heta CAdair1899-1900
Brown, Leona KAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1897-98; 1898-99
Brown, Mary WinnieAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Brown, MattieAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Browning, D. EAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Broyles, Galen NewtonAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Brummitt, J. JAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Brundage, ClarenceAdair1874-75
Brundage, ClarenceAdair1882-83
Bruner, CharlesAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Brunner, C. JAdair1886-87
Bryant, NaomaAdair1885-86
Bubach, J. MAdair1872-73
Buchanan, Charles O'ConnerAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Buchanan, Cora ClydeAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Buchanan, JosephineAdair1898-99
Buchanan, Lura JohnsonAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Buchanan, Sarah FinessAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Buchanon, CoraAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Buck, Flora AleathaAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Buckalew, EmmaAdair1889-90
Buckallew, Pearl LeeAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Buckmaster, Ora LamontAdair1891-92; 1893-94
Buckmaster, Richard PearleAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Bugg, NellieAdair1881-82
Buhl, EdithAdair1882-83
Bulkley, J. FAdair1880-81
Bulkley, LydiaAdair1880-81
Bullock, GraceAdair1894-95
Bundy, A. SAdair1882-83
Bundy, Alfred SAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1886-87
Bundy, Daisy CallieAdair1897-98; 1899-1900
Bundy, J. WAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73
Bundy, James AlfredAdair1897-98
Bundy, MinnieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Burch, Clara EAdair1881-82
Burckhart, PerryAdair1874-75
Burgess, MaryAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Burns, EmertAdair1882-83
Burns, Emmertt W?Adair1882-83
Burns, Hallie RAdair1899-1900
Burns, HortenseAdair1874-75
Burrus, JAdair1872-73
Burrus, LouisaAdair1870-71
Burrus, WilliamAdair1874-75
Burton, CliffordAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Burton, JackAdair1872-73
Burton, JennieAdair1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75
Burton, JessieAdair1884-85; 1886-87
Burton, John CAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Burton, JuliaAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Burton, NannieAdair1870-71
Burton, ZAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1878
Burton, Z. JAdair1871-72
Burton, Zachariah LAdair1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1876-78; 1878-79
Cail, H. WAdair1871-72
Cain, Alva LeeAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Caldwell, DolaAdair1892-93
Caldwell, MayAdair1892-93
Cale, Cora MAdair1883-84
Callison, A. EAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Callison, A. EAdair1886-87
Callison, Alma EdithAdair1898-99
Callison, E. CAdair1882-83; 1884-85
Calvert, Cora FlorenceAdair1898-99
Campbell, AltaAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Campbell, CoraAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Campbell, EttaAdair1891-92
Campbell, FlorenceAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Campbell, GraceAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Campbell, Linnie CynthiaAdair1893-94
Campbell, NettieAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Campell, BessieAdair1889-90, 1890-91
Canady, LauraAdair1890-91
Capps, DavidAdair1870-72
Capps, HattieAdair1870-72
Capps, J. NAdair1886-87
Capps, MatildaAdair1871-72
Capps, Thomas JAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1887-88
Carlson, GAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1879-80
Carlyon, James ThomasAdair1898-99
Carman, EdgarAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1895-96
Carman, FerryAdair1892-93
Carman, Henry FerrellAdair1893-94; 1896-97; 1897-98
Carner, Maggie EAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Carney, HattieAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Carney, M. JAdair1870-71
Carney, MinnieAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Carothers, AbbieAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Carothers, E. DAdair1899-1900
Carothers, Emma AAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Carothers, IdaAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Carothers, ManvilleAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Carothers, Ralph ElmerAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Carpenter, Lucy GAdair1896-97
Carpenter, W. SAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Carr, Joseph SamuelAdair1892-93
Carter, Ethelyne ClareAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Carter, Lula VAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Casebolt, Effie BelleAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Caskey, Ada BlancheAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Caskey, AgnesAdair1886-87; 1888-89
Caskey, NellieAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Caskey, T. JAdair1874-75
Cason, BooneAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Castlio, T. JAdair1874-75
Cater, J. SAdair1879-80
Cater, WAdair1879-80
Cavett, AnnaAdair1882-83; 1884-85
Cavett, DoraAdair1873-74
Cavett, EffieAdair1890-91; 1892-93; 1893-94
Cavett, S. SAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1890-91
Cavett, WilliamAdair1899-1900
Chadwell, J. WAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Chadwell, MattieAdair1880-81
Chadwell, MollieAdair1882-83
Chadwell, Susan CAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Chadwick, WAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Chambliss, MollieAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Chandler, Allie MAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Chandler, Eugene [Eugenie]Adair1874-75; 1875-76
Chaney, CarrieAdair1887-88
Chappell, Elmore CarlyleAdair1892-93
Chappell, FlorenceAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Chappell, George GAdair1887-88; 1892-93
Chappell, HettieAdair1888-89; 1891-92
Chappell, Hettie LAdair1889-90
Chappell, MinervaAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1894-95
Chappell, Nellie LeonaAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Chase, Daisy EulaliaAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Chase, HarveyAdair1881-82
Cheffy, AnnaAdair1888-89
Cheney, Minnie MayAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1898-99
Chisman, LenoraAdair1880-81
Clark, Birdsey AlbertAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Clark, Buford AlbertAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Clark, CynthiaAdair1875-76
Clark, IreneAdair1875-76
Clark, Jessie WallerAdair1894-95; 1896-97
Clark, John??Adair1891-92
Clark, Kate [Katie]Adair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Clark, MabelAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Clark, NellieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Clark, Nellie EvelineAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Clark, R. MAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Clark, ViolaAdair1875-76
Claypool, W. JAdair1883-84
Clem, EttieAdair1883-84
Clem, J. FAdair1878-79
Clifton, AlmaAdair1893-94
Cody, Charles LeonardAdair1898-99
Cole, ElizaAdair18991900
Cole, JennieAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Cole, MinnieAdair1899-1900
Cole, MyrtleAdair1897-98
Cole, R. SAdair1899-1900
Collet, Kate LAdair1885-86
Collett, MinnieAdair1883-84; 1886-87; 1890-91
Collette, Ira RAdair1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81
Collins, Fred WAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Collins, IraAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Collins, J. HAdair1882-83
Collins, JamesAdair1883-84
Collins, LinaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75
Collins, ThomasAdair1898-99
Conner, AllenAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1889-90
Conner, ArthurAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Conner, CeliaAdair1874-75
Conner, EllorAdair1899-1900
Conner, EmmaAdair1890-91
Conner, EthelAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Conner, FrankAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1895-96
Conner, LauraAdair1875-76; 1877-78
Conner, LeonidasAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Conner, Mattie EAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Conner, P. WAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Conner, Sallie McLonaAdair1897-98
Conner, W. JAdair1884-85; 1886-87
Conner, WilliaAdair1899-1900
Conner, William LeeAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Cook, E. BAdair1884-85
Cook, Joshua LeroyAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Cook, M. EAdair1899-1900
Cooke, IdaAdair1883-84; 1888-89
Cookson, PearleAdair1891-92
Coonfield, George WAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Coop, GideonAdair1870-71
Coop, JosieAdair1873-74; 1875-76
Coop, MaryAdair1870-71
Cooper, Eddie LeeAdair1897-98
Corbin, AltaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Corbin, Charles EAdair1892-93; 1894-95
Corbin, Charles EarlyAdair1890-91
Corbin, CindaAdair1881-82
Corbin, EmmaAdair1874-75; 1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81
Corbin, Emma AAdair1883-84
Corbin, EolahAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Corbin, Ernest LeeAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Corbin, EvaAdair1891-92
Corbin, Mattie BAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Corbin, PhoebeAdair1887-88
Cornelius, C. W?Adair1889-90; 1890-91
Cornelius, Clarence WesleyAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Cornell, Lillie SAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Crabtree, DollyeAdair1899-1900
Craig, J. FAdair1888-89
Crane, CoraAdair1877-78
Crawford, A. CAdair1899-1900
Crawford, BaxterAdair1899-1900
Crawford, Cornelius BonaparteAdair1895-96
Crawford, John StanfordAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Crawford, W. DAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Crawford, W. DAdair1884-85
Crawley, LillieAdair1870-71
Crebs, BlancheAdair1890-91
Crebs, F. RAdair1889-90
Crebs, H. HolmesAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Crenshaw, Effie W. [M]Adair1882-83; 1883-84
Crenshaw, W. RAdair1878-79; 1881-82
Crigler, EmmaAdair1870-71
Crist, VeoraAdair1896-97
Crow, ElizaAdair1887-88; 1889-90
Crow, MartinAdair1899-1900
Cullison, LottieAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Cummins, BerthaAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Cummins, Richie RAdair1892-93
Cupp, Effie JeanAdair1895-96
Cupp, James LAdair1893-94
Currence, Bony CorneliusAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Curry, GraceAdair1897-98
Curry, Guy LAdair1890-91
Curry, Guy LucasAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Daly, Teresa HonoraAdair1898-99
Darron, CAdair1875-76
Darron, RAdair1875-76
Darrow, AlmaAdair1879-80
Darrow, Charles EAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Darrow, E. LAdair1891-92
Darrow, EllaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1875-76
Darrow, MaryAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1874-75
Darrow, MollieAdair1872-73; 1873-74
Darrow, R. LAdair1876-77
Darrow, Robert LAdair1875-76; 1876-77
David, MollieAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Davis, AliceAdair1883-84
Davis, AliceAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Davis, BertAdair1899-1900
Davis, Clara AAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1889-90
Davis, Clara AnnaAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96
Davis, Ida EstherAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Davis, JennieAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Davis, KateAdair1882-83
Davis, Kate MAdair1883-84
Davis, KatieAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85
Davis, LenaAdair1890-91
Davis, Lena MerleAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Davis, MamieAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Davis, MarthaAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Davis, Martha EllenAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Davis, Mattie JennieAdair1887-88
Davis, MaymeAdair1896-97
Davis, Miriam NAdair1883-84
Davis, MollieAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Davis, O. PAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Davis, PaulAdair1883-84
Davis, Sallie FrancisAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Davis, Sarah FrancesAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Davison, Callie JaneAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Dawdy, OriaAdair1877-78
Dawson, MinnieAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Dawson, Minnie EAdair1894-95
Day, IraAdair1898-99
Day, MillardAdair1899-1900
Dean, EffieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Dean, Mathew OAdair1890-91
Dean, Matthew OakAdair1891-92
Dean, Z. OAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Deer, SamuelAdair1871-72; 1875-76
DeFrance, W. HAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
DeFrance, Wesley HAdair1875-76
DeReamer, AdaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
DeReamer, EarleAdair1891-92; 1892-93
DeReamer, G. CAdair1873-74
DeReamer, G. WAdair1871-72
DeReamer, Millard FAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1881-82
Derfler, Maurice [Morris] EdwinAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Deskin, Sarah JAdair1870-71
DeTibbets, CoraAdair1880-81
DeWitt, EllaAdair1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83
DeWitt, FlorenceAdair1882-83; 1883-84
DeWitt, MaeAdair1891-92; 1892-93
DeWitt, MarthaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
DeWitt, MaryAdair1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83
DeWitt, OscarAdair1882-83; 1883-84
DeWitt, W. HAdair1882-83; 1883-84
DeWitt, WilliamAdair1881-82
Diehl, CassieAdair1898-99
Diehl, JacobAdair1898-99
Diehl, Maggie AnnaAdair1898-99
Diehl, Rosa BAdair1890-91
Dill, BlancheAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Dimmitt, J. FAdair1872-73
Dimmitt, MaggieAdair1870-71; 1873-74
Dimmitt, SallieAdair1872-73
Dinsmoor, GordonAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Dinsmoor, Mattie MAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Dinsmore, MattieAdair1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87
Dinsmore, SilasAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Dobson, Anna PaulineAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dobson, Walter NortonAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dockery, ArdellaAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Dockery, Ethel AndellaAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Dockery, Leota LillianAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Dodson, AliceAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Dodson, Allie FranklinAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dodson, B SAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Dodson, CastonAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96
Dodson, Charles LeonardAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dodson, DonAdair1874-75
Dodson, E. BAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Dodson, E. LAdair1881-82
Dodson, EffieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Dodson, EllaAdair1883-84; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Dodson, EmmaAdair1881-82
Dodson, FannieAdair1870-1872; 1872-73; 1873-74
Dodson, Fannie Claire JAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Dodson, FloraAdair1887-88
Dodson, HannahAdair1873-74
Dodson, J. BAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Dodson, J. CAdair1873-74
Dodson, J. MAdair1879-80
Dodson, J. WAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73
Dodson, JamesAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Dodson, James BAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Dodson, James RaymondAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Dodson, JennieAdair1882-83
Dodson, Jennie FAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Dodson, John WAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Dodson, John WilliamAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Dodson, KathleenAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Dodson, M. IAdair1888-89
Dodson, MaryAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Dodson, MaryAdair1879-80
Dodson, MattieAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Dodson, MinervaAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Dodson, MollieAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1877-78
Dodson, NormaAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Dodson, PearlAdair1898-99
Dodson, PetAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Dodson, R. EAdair1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Dodson, S. JAdair1876-77; 1878-79
Dodson, SallieAdair1870-71
Dodson, Sarah JAdair1874-75; 1878-79
Dodson, StacieAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Dodson, Thenia [Thena]Adair1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Dodson, Thomas AbrahAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Dodson, W. AAdair1877-78
Dodson, W. JAdair1871-72
Dodson, W. SAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87; 1888-89
Dodson, Winnie JaneyAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Dolan, CalthaAdair1895-96
Dolan, CyrthaAdair1893-94
Dolan, GeorgeAdair1890-91
Dolan, MalindaAdair1890-91
Dolan, RobertAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Doneghy, Robert PrewittAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Donovan, GeorgeAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Douglas, MayAdair1892-93
Douglas, PearlAdair1898-99
Douglass, Eva MayAdair1898-99
Dover, S. NAdair1881-82
Downing, Clyde VirgilAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Drake, MinnieAdair1872-73
Drennan, T. LAdair1885-86
Drinkard, Daisy DeanAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98
Drinkard, Enoch MarionAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Drinkard, Ethel LenaAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Drummond, E. EAdair1899-1900
Duffie, DaisyAdair1893-94
Dufur, DennaAdair1895-96
Dufur, Edward DennaAdair1894-95
Dufur, James IvanAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Dunham, Bertha GraceAdair1897-98
Dunham, MattieAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Dunham, NiraAdair1882-83
Dutcher, Roscoe HowardAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Eads, Emma JAdair1873-74
Eads, Kate?Adair1873-74; 1874-75
Eailey, M. WAdair1888-89
Earhart, Anna MargaretAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Earhart, Bertha EthelAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Earhart, WillieAdair1899-1900
Eckert, AnnieAdair1888-89
Eckert, EdAdair1891-92; 1894-95
Eckert, FrankAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Eckhart, W. JAdair1873-74
Eddy, D. M?Adair1870-71; 1872-73; 1875-76
Eddy, MinnieAdair1899-1900
Edelen, MillieAdair1885-86
Edelon, LenaAdair1892-93
Edmiston, W. AAdair1881-82
Edmonds, Edward RobertAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Edmondson, DruzillaAdair1889-90
Edris, DAdair1880-81
Edwards, G. EAdair1872-73; 1873-74
Edwards, J. EAdair1879-80
Edwards, JessieAdair1899-1900
Edwards, LauraAdair1873-74
Edwards, T. HAdair1873-74
Eitel, George WAdair1883-84; 1890-91
Eitel, John WAdair1883-84
Eitel, LenaAdair1897-98; 1899-1900
Eitel, Nellie EthelymeAdair1895-96
Eller, Willer SAdair1892-93
Elliott, EzraAdair1885-86
Ellis, Allie AnnetteAdair1893-94
Ellis, H. PAdair1877-78; 1880-81
Ellison, IsabellAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Ellison, J. LAdair1881-82
Ellison, James MackenzieAdair1892-93
Ellison, James McMachenAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Ellison, Julia BAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Ellison, KatieAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Ellison, Samuel HAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Ellison, Samuel HatchAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Elmore, Anna MAdair1882-83
Elmore, M. CAdair1882-83
Elmore, T. MAdair1870-71
Elsea, David JohnsonAdair1891-92; 1896-97
Elsea, HomerAdair1896-97
Elsea, KatieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1896-97
Elsea, Lena Kate [Katie]Adair1890-91; 1894-95
Elsea, LottieAdair1895-96
Ely, AnnieAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Ely, Annie MAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Ely, BenjaminAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Ely, D. A?Adair1870-71; 1871-72; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Ely, D. SAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Ely, Isaac HAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1879-80
Ely, J. KAdair1882-83
Ely, J. M. JAdair1881-82
Ely, LouAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Ely, Marie DeboraAdair1896-97
Ely, Martin JAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Ely, SenoraAdair1879-80
Emert, IdaAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Emert, SadieAdair1883-84
Engelhart, ClaraAdair1878-79
Englehart, ClaraAdair1879-80; 1881-82
Englehart, Clara AAdair1884-85
Englehart, F. AAdair1899-1900
Englehart, G. EAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Englehart, Thomas EAdair1892-93
Englehart, W. FAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88
Envin, J. SAdair1882-83
Ernest, C. WAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Erwin, AmandaAdair1874-75
Erwin, AndrewAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Erwin, J. SAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Erwin, James PAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Erwin, JosephAdair1876-78; 1878-79
Erwin, Mary WAdair1870-71;? 1871-72; 1874-75
Erwin, W. DAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74
Eubank, Stella DeeAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Evans, A. LAdair1884-85
Evans, A. LAdair1892-93
Evans, AllieAdair1899-1900
Evans, BerthaAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Evans, JennieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1891-92
Evans, M. MaryAdair1896-97
Evans, MaeAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98
Evans, MollieAdair1874-75
Evans, NellieAdair1884-85; 1886-87; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1898-99
Evans, Thomas MasonAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Eversull, EvaAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Eversull, Ida MAdair1883-84
Ewing, Maude VernonAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Fairchild, S. VAdair1873-74; 1875-76
Falkenstein, J??Adair1871-72
Falkenstein, MattieAdair1871-72
Falkenstein, S. TAdair1871-72
Falkenstein, W. GAdair1871-72; 1873-74
Farmer, LizzieAdair1891-92
Farr, Harry AldenAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96; 1896-97
Farr, OllieAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Farrell, DalomaAdair1894-95
Farrell, Olive BelleAdair1895-96
Farrington, Adelaide PotterAdair1896-97
Farrington, E. CAdair1884-85
Fate, AlbertaAdair1893-94
Ferrill, W. CAdair1875-76
Fickel, Charles ElmerAdair1896-97
Finch, AnnieAdair1889-90
Finch, Jennie BelleAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Finley, CecilAdair1895-96
Fish, A. VAdair1899-1900
Fish, Walter EAdair1899-1900
Fisher, AmeliaAdair1876-77; 1877-78
Fitch, DaisyAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Flanagan, LulaAdair1899-1900
Fleming, W. BAdair1871-72
Fletcher, S. DAdair1877-78
Floyd, GraceAdair1898-99
Floyd, HelenAdair1876-77; 1877-78
Floyd, Luther EdwardAdair1893-94; 1895-96; 1896-97
Floyd, Maurice HenryAdair1897-98
Floyd, Minnie BelleAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Floyd, Nora AnnAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Fluhart, C. E?Adair1870-71
Fluhart, EulaliaAdair1871-72
Fluhart, Lydia EAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Fluhart, S. EAdair1877-78
Foley, DeliaAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Foley, LibbieAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Foley, MinnieAdair1898-99
Foncannon, Dorthea CarolineAdair1890-91
Foncannon, J. FAdair1873-74
Foncannon, PhigeniaAdair1890-91
Foncanon, AliceAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Foncanon, Charles BoydAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91, 1891-92
Foncanon, DollieAdair1891-92 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Foncanon, MaymeAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Foncanon, PhygeniaAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Ford, LuellaAdair1884-85; 1887-88; 1888-89
Forquer, VestaAdair1899-1900
Forsythe, Daisy JoeAdair1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Foselman, VictoriaAdair1873-74
Foss, ClaraAdair1870-71;?
Foster, Alice [Allie]Adair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Foster, CarrieAdair1876-77
Foster, Docia AAdair1870-71; 1872-73; 1874-75
Foster, Mattie RAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73 ; 1876-77; 1878-79
Foster, TheodosiaAdair1876-77
Fout, George EugeneAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96
Fout, MaudeAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1896-97
Fowler, CharlesAdair1878-79
Fowler, ClaraAdair1870-71; 1871-72 ; 1873-74
Fowler, IdaAdair1884-85
Fowler, Ida MAdair1881-82
Fowler, J. IAdair1880-81
Fowler, LizzieAdair1883-84
Fowler, Lizzie JAdair1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1879-80
Fowler, MinnieAdair1881-82
Fowler, Rosa SAdair1874-75; 1876-77
Fowler, TheodoreAdair1870-71;?
Fox, Mary EAdair1877-78
Fox, W. TAdair1877-78
Frakes, Harry ClydeAdair1895-96
Francis, W. GAdair1881-82
Frankland, Ida A?Adair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Frederick, LAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Frederick, P. AAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Freeman, ReldaAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
French, William ThomasAdair1891-92
Frink [Fruik] , Katie FAdair1880-81
Fronabarger, LizzieAdair1889-90; 1891-92; 1894-95; 1895-96
Fruits, James MartinAdair1893-94
Fry, LeahAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Funk, Carrie EdnaAdair1898-99
Funk, EdnaAdair1899-1900
Funk, EllaAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1886-87
Funk, GeorgeAdair1882-83
Funk, George MAdair1883-84
Funk, GeorgiaAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1886-87
Funk, Kate FAdair1879-80; 1881-82
Funk, LissieAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Funk, MarindaAdair1877-78
Funk, Sarah MAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Furrow, NettieAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Fusselman, OllieAdair1891-92
Gardner, AlfredAdair1882-83
Gardner, Alfred NAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Gardner, Ella [Ellen]Adair1870-71; 1871-72
Gardner, LauraAdair1871-72
Garlock, J. GAdair1896-97
Garret, Joahamah AdathAdair1895-96; 1897-98
Garrett, DeliaAdair1881-82
Garrett, DeliaAdair1887-88
Garrett, FannieAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Garrett, MayAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Gates, HarryAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Gates, JohnAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Gates, LeliaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Gates, W. FAdair1875-77
Gates, William FAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Gehrke, CarlAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Gehrke, Emma LucyAdair1895-96
Gemmings, MeadeAdair1892-93
Gentry, Benton FullerAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Gentry, FannieAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Gentry, LulaAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Geoghegan, ZadieAdair1881-82
George, Charles ClydeAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
George, Emma LouiseAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
George, F. FAdair1889-90; 1890-91
George, FrankAdair1886-87
George, Frank FitchAdair1891-92
George, MaryAdair1885-86; 1889-90; 1890-91
George, MayAdair1889-90
Gherke, Emma LucindaAdair1896-97
Gibbons, Alfred SAdair1888-89; 1890-91
Gibbons, AnnaAdair1892-93
Gibbons, EllenAdair1891-92
Gibbons, Ellen RAdair1890-91
Gibbons, HowardAdair1888-89; 1891-92
Gibbons, Mabel JuliaAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Gibbons, PatrickAdair1881-82
Gibbons, Sarah BAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Gibbs, F. WAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Gibbs, L. PAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Gibson, AllieAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Gideon, WilliamAdair1873-74
Gildersleave, Jessie EllenAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Gildersleeve, FredAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Gill, AltaAdair1899-1900
Gill, LinaAdair1870-71
Gill, MaudeAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1888-89
Giller, Charles EdwardAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Giller, Emma LydiaAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Gillespie, HannahAdair1881-82
Gillispie, James VincentAdair1897-98; 1899-1900
Gillmore, G. HAdair1875-76; 1876-77?
Gillmore, Mary FAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Gillum, G. LAdair1888-89; 1890-91
Gillum, John WAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Gilmore, J. RAdair1873-74; 1878-79
Ginnings, MeadeAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Glascock, Oscar WilliamAdair1895-96
Glasgow, Alva MortonAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Glasgow, CharlesAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Glasgow, Charles WashingtonAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Gleason, LeroyAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Glenn, IdaAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Glenn, SattieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Gluck, Carrie MAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Gooch, Ella DAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Gooch, J. OAdair1870-71; 1877-78
Goode, ZettieAdair1897-98
Gooden, CoraAdair1899-1900
Gooden, JosiahAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Gooden, NaomiAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Gooden, WilliamAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Gooding, C. JAdair1899-1900
Goodwin, Daisy ArmintaAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Goodwin, James AlbertAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Gordon, LouAdair1891-92
Gordon, LucyAdair1890-91
Grant, MalvinAdair1891-92
Grassler, Florence LillianAdair1895-96
Graves, BessieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Graves, Lottie CAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Graves, RachelAdair1870-71
Green, Aubrey SweneyAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Green, BessieAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Green, Carl MAdair1889-90
Green, MarthaAdair1893-94
Green, MinnieAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Greene, M. AAdair1875-76
Greenleaf, SueAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1888-89; 1889-90
Greenslate, JennieAdair1887-88
Greenslate, LizzieAdair1897-98
Greenslate, Mollie AAdair1887-88
Greenslate, Silas VictorAdair1898-99
Greenstreet, MinervaAdair1870-71
Greenwood, Adda MAdair1871-72; 1873-74
Greenwood, GraceAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Greenwood, Grace MAdair1891-92
Greenwood, HelenAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Greenwood, Jeanette BlancheAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Greenwood, Mary CAdair1899-1900
Greenwood, MollieAdair1873-74
Greenwood, NettieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Greenwood, V. HAdair1871-72; 1873-74
Gregg, EmmaAdair1899-1900
Greiner, Ottie MinervaAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Gridley, Alfred HenryAdair1892-93
Griffin, ArdellAdair1897-98
Griffin, Callie LouiseAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Griffin, EmmaAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Griffin, Finis TAdair1899-1900
Griffin, Nellie MayAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Griffin, PearlAdair1897-98
Griggs, IdaAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Grim, Edward AlansonAdair1893-94
Grim, Ezra ClarenceAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Grim, LibbieAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Grimm, AnnaAdair1881-82
Grimm, E. AAdair1887-88
Grimm, EmmaAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1886-87
Griner, Ottie MinervaAdair1897-98
Gross, Mary CurellAdair1894-95
Grove, JennieAdair1877-78
Grove, Jennie MAdair1878-79; 1879-80
Grove, Mamie EAdair1872-73; 1877-78; 1878-79
Grove, MammieAdair1877-79; 1879-80
Grove, NinaAdair1872-73; 1878-79
Grove, VirgieAdair1878-79
Grubb, Anna BlancheAdair1893-94
Grubbs, Florence MAdair1891-92
Grubbs, LauraAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Gruff, S. AAdair1899-1900
Guipe, Emma LAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Guipe, FrancieAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Guipe, Francie LAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Guipe, FrancisAdair1872-73
Haberlin, GeorgeAdair1882-83
Hale, AnnaAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Hale, LauraAdair1891-92; 1894-95
Hales, W. TAdair1879-80
Hall, Blanche EleanorAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Hall, Harold MauriceAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Haller, Emmor JamesAdair1898-99
Haller, JuliaAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Halles, EAdair1899-1900
Halliburton, A. DAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1883-84
Halliburton, J. TAdair1876-77
Halliburton, James TAdair1873-74; 1876-77
Halliday, BerthaAdair1894-95
Halloway, P. DAdair1872-73; 1873-74
Hamill, AliceAdair1873-74
Hamilton, A. EAdair1871-72
Hamilton, A. GAdair1892-93
Hamilton, Arthur WesleyAdair1895-96
Hamilton, Benjamin FranklinAdair1893-94
Hamilton, EllaAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Hamilton, ElsieAdair1899-1900
Hamilton, EmmaAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Hamilton, EmmetAdair1899-1900
Hamilton, LuluAdair1891-92
Hamilton, NannieAdair1873-74
Hamilton, Nellie MyrtleAdair1896-97
Hamilton, R. SAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1875-76
Hamilton, Robert EmmettAdair1895-96; 1897-98
Hamilton, WarrenAdair1886-87; 1888-89
Hamilton, William LAdair1890-91
Hammond, Carl HarryAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Hammond, SumnerAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Hane, Dora BelleAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1898-99
Hane, EttaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Hanks, AnnaAdair1891-92
Hannah, Ella BairdAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Hannah, Frank WAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Hannah, HubertAdair1891-92
Hannah, MattieAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Hardin, IdaAdair1884-85; 1887-88
Harlan, AdaAdair1890-91
Harlan, Ada LeeAdair1891-92; 1895-96; 1896-97
Harlan, AnnaAdair1884-85
Harlan, BessieAdair1872-73; 1878-79
Harlan, Bessie MAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Harlan, EarnestAdair1872-73
Harlan, ErnestAdair1880-81; 1882-83
Harlan, FinleyAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Harlan, FredAdair1882-83
Harlan, FreddieAdair1872-73
Harlan, GraceAdair1880-81; 1882-83
Harlan, HallieAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Harlan, LulaAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87
Harlan, M. MAdair1872-73
Harlan, MabelAdair1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Harlan, MyrtleAdair1890-91
Harlan, Myrtle DellaAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96; 1896-97
Harrington, CharlesAdair1889-90
Harrington, KatieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Harrington, Mamie Franc [Mayme]Adair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Harrington, Martha Althea GarnettAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Harris, Daniel DAdair1897-98
Harris, FannieAdair1871-72
Harris, George WAdair1888-89; 1889-90 1890-91
Harris, Hattie NAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1880-81
Harris, John WAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Harris, KatieAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Harris, LouiseAdair1873-74; 1876-77; 1878-79
Harris, MinnieAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Harris, Minnie BAdair1888-89
Harris, Minnie MAdair1889-90
Harris, TheronAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1892-93; 1893-94
Hart, A. RAdair1870-71
Hart, HenryAdair1870-71; 1872-73
Hart, LawrenceAdair1882-83
Hart, Lawrence MAdair1882-83
Hart, LouAdair1883-84
Hart, Sarah [Sadie] MAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82
Harte, RosaAdair1877-78
Hartford, WilliamAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Harvey, Dora FAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Harvey, LizzieAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1888-89; 1889-90
Harvey, R. LAdair1882-83
Harvey, R. SAdair1882-83
Harvey, Robert LeeAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Hassank, AraAdair1899-1900
Hatfield, AustinAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Hatfield, H. AAdair1871-72
Hauser, J. TAdair1899-1900
Hawkins, UrcieAdair1883-84
Hawks, AnnaAdair1891-92
Hawley, DellaAdair1899-1900
Haxby, BrevisAdair1874-75; 1876-77
Haxby, CharlieAdair1876-77
Haxby, LillieAdair1885-86
Haxby, William HAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Hayde, John CAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1873-74
Hayde, ThomasAdair1871-72
Hayes, LottieAdair1892-93
Hayes, Olympia AgnesAdair1892-93
Hayes, TeresaAdair1889-90; 1891-92
Hayes, Thomas AAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Hays, J. AAdair1887-88
Hayward, John DawsonAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Hayward, Josephiah NewtonAdair1883-84
Hazard, Charles CliftonAdair1891-92; 1895-96; 1896-97
Hazard, Mary AliceAdair1894-95
Hecker, AliceAdair1875-76
Hecker, WillieAdair1883-84
Heiny, Agnes MarieAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Heiny, BlancheAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Heiny, DaleAdair1899-1900
Heiny, Frank RAdair1891-92; 1891-93; 1895-96
Heiny, Frank RaymondAdair1896-97
Heiny, Frank RoyAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Heiny, John DaleAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Heiny, Lenora LouiseAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96
Heinzman, GeorgiaAdair1884-85; 1887-88
Heinzman, Lizzie RAdair1872-73; 1873-74
Heinzman, Sallie CAdair1880-81
Hemphill, NinaAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Hennon, A. EAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Hennon, Albert EllisonAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Hennon, Clyde LeeAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Hennon, James CAdair1890-91
Hennon, Lulu AAdair1892-93
Hennon, Vena AngelinaAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Henry, BerditAdair1874-75
Henry, CliffordAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Henry, Howard WAdair1873-74
Henry, JennieAdair1870-71; 1873-74; 1874-75
Henry, SophiaAdair1870-71
Herriford, ThomasAdair1874-75
Herron, IdaAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Herron, Ida MAdair1882-83
Herron, J. CAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Hewitt, EddieAdair1874-75; 1877-77
Heyd, CarrieAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Heyd, FrankAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Heyd, Jacob WilhelmAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Heyd, Virginia MayAdair1898-99
Hibbard, SusieAdair1879-80
Hibbs, A. PAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Hibbs, E. MAdair1880-81
Hickman, AnnieAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Hickman, C. HAdair1899-1900
Hickman, Charles ForestAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Hickman, Cora BAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Hickman, Lillie MayAdair1897-98; 1899-1900
Hicks, JamesAdair1870-71
Hicks, Jennie EAdair1873-74
Hicks, M. MAdair1873-74
Hicks, Mollie AAdair1870-71; 1873-74; 1874-75
Hicks, R. EAdair1873-74
Hicks, W. SAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Hicks, William MAdair1870-71; 1872-73
Hildreth, A. GAdair1881-82
Hinkley, A. JAdair1870-71
Hoerrman, AdamAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Hogan, GertieAdair1894-95
Hogan, MabelAdair1899-1900
Holaday, Myra L, MrsAdair1880-81
Hollcroft, Samuel TildenAdair1895-96
Hollenbeck, Auda EmmettAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Hollenbeck, Dee WillardAdair1894-95
Hollis, AnnaAdair1876-77
Hollis, HattieAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Hollis, Mary AAdair1874-75
Hollis, MattieAdair1881-82
Hollis, NellieAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Holloway, AlfredAdair1893-94
Holloway, J. RAdair1877-78
Holloway, JesseAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Holloway, JuliaAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Holloway, W. HAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Holloway, W. RAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Holloway, WalterAdair1893-94; 1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Holman, EllaAdair1897-98
Holman, MarthaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1892-93
Holman, MaryAdair1888-89
Holman, MinnieAdair1899-1900
Holman, NancyAdair1892-93
Holman, NettieAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Holman, PriscillaAdair1892-93
Holmes, EssieAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Holton, Emma LAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Hooper, AliceAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Hooper, CallieAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Hope, AlphaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Hope, EverettAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Hope, LeeAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Hope, MinnieAdair1887-88
Hope, Robert LeeAdair1877-78
Hopewell, ClaudAdair1899-1900
Hopewell, Lula [Lulu]Adair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Hopewell, Maria LouiseAdair1896-97
Hopkins, Rosa DAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Hopkins, Rose DellAdair1896-97
Hopkins, StellaAdair1885-86
Horton, Flora ElizabethAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Horton, Minor BAdair1870-71; 1872-73; 1878-79
Horton, Silas ArthurAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Hovis, JAdair1875-76
Hovis, JamesAdair1875-76
Hovis, L. AAdair1875-76; 1878-79
Hovis, Laban AAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1878-79
Howard, George EAdair1891-92
Howley, DellaAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Hoy, MAdair1899-1900
Hoye, AdaAdair1874-75
Hoye, EmmaAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Hoye, Harriet [Hattie]Adair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80
Hoye, JennieAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Hubbard, CassieAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Hubbard, SusieAdair1880-81
Hubbard, T. JAdair1870-71
Hudson, HannahAdair1875-76
Huffman, Hubert HarveyAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Huffman, Mamie AngelineAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Hughs, C. MAdair1899-1900
Hull, L. CAdair1899-1900
Hunsaker, Winnie AAdair1894-95
Hunter, MarthaAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Hutchison, J. RAdair1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Hutchison, Oscar MonroeAdair1894-95
Huyett, MargaretAdair1892-93
Hynds, AddieAdair1891-92
Hynds, MadgeAdair1886-87
Hynds, Mary TAdair1873-74
Hynds, S. HAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87
Hynds, Thomas DAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Hynds, ViolaAdair1896-97
Iles, Alma SAdair1871-72; 1876-77; 1877-78
Iles, GraceAdair1871-72
Iles, GrantAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Iles, JennieAdair1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Iles, LizzieAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80
Iles, MaryAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Iles, Robert SAdair1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75
Iles, SAdair1875-76
Iles, U. GAdair1880-81
Iles, U. GAdair1885-86
Iles, W. EAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Ilgenfritz, GertieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Ilgenfritz, HoraceAdair1870-71
Ilgenfritz, RettaAdair1870-71; 1872-73
Imbler, EverettAdair1890-91
Imbler, George EverettAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Imbler, GeorgiannaAdair1895-96
Imbler, Henry DanielAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Imbler, Ida GeorgiaAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Imbler, Lewis JamesAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Imbler, Samuel BoydAdair1897-98
Imbler, Thomas MarionAdair1897-98
Imbler, Thomas WarrenAdair1894-95; 1896-97; 1899-1900
Ingraham, J. NAdair1881-82
Ingraham, Lizzie DAdair1874-75; 1877-78
Ivie, Emma LouiseAdair1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Ivie, H?Adair1871-72
Ivie, J. MAdair1870-71
Ivie, Julia BAdair1870-71
Ivie, W. HAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Ivie, William HoraceAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Jackson, EAdair1879-80
Jackson, LizzieAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Jacobs, Anna PearleAdair1890-91
Jacobs, Blanche HallieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Jacobs, C. GAdair1890-91
Jacobs, Ida AAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Jacobs, PearleAdair1891-92; 1892-93
James, AdaAdair1893-94; 1894-95
James, Charles AlbertAdair1893-94; 1894-95
James, HarryAdair1890-91; 1891-92
James, I. EAdair1886-87
James, Laura AdahAdair1896-97
James, Thomas ArthurAdair1897-98
Jamison, BlancheAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89
Jamison, E. GAdair1882-83
Jamison, GraceAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Jamison, JosephieAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88
John, J. HAdair1873-74; 1877-78; 1878-79
Johnson, AliceAdair1884-85
Johnson, Anna EAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Johnson, Earnest FAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Johnson, Elmer AbnerAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Johnson, Eva SAdair1870-71; 1872-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1879-80; 1880-81
Johnson, J. WAdair1883-84
Johnson, J. WAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Johnson, Julia AAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Johnson, LouisaAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Johnson, NettieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96
Johnson, Pearl TAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Johnson, Thomas JeffersonAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Johnson, W. HAdair1875-76; 1876-78
Johnston, E. FAdair1883-84
Johnston, E. FAdair1875-76
Johnston, Earnest FAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Johnston, EttaAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Johnston, Etta LAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Johnston, LouisaAdair1888-89
Johnston, Mary LouisaAdair1890-91
Johnston, Nelsie, MrsAdair1887-88
Johnston, Olin HAdair1883-84
Johnstown, Nita BAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Jones, Bertha?Adair1892-93
Jones, EugeneAdair1881-82
Jones, MaryAdair1877-78; 1879-80; 1881-82
Jones, PearleAdair1888-89
Keith, FannieAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Keith, JessieAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Keith, MabelAdair1896-97
Keller, AdaAdair1885-86; 1887-88
Keller, Mattie EAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Kelley, Benjamin FranklinAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96
Kellogg, Aidie [Ardie]Adair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Kellogg, AzorAdair1871-72
Kellogg, Densy HAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1881-82; 1882-83
Kellogg, E. HAdair1873-74
Kellogg, HowardAdair1890-91
Kellogg, Howard GAdair1891-92
Kellogg, J. HollisAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Kellogg, James AzorAdair1898-99
Kellogg, LeonaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Kellogg, Ray WarrenAdair1891-92; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Kellogg, SeayAdair1896-97
Kellogg, Willis EdwardAdair1894-95
Kelso, Etna AlbertaAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Kennedy, A. EAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1885-86
Kennedy, BelleAdair1882-83; 1885-86; 1887-88
Kennedy, D. NAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Kennedy, J. FAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Kennedy, Mary [Mollie]Adair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Kennedy, SarahAdair1883-84; 1886-87
Kennedy, Sarah JAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Kerr, ClarenceAdair1891-92
Kerr, FlossieAdair1896-97
Ketcham, Ora BelleAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Keyte, Ivy AllenAdair1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Keyte, J. AAdair1899-1900
Keyte, Lena MayAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Kibber, James MAdair1891-92
Kibbler, JosAdair1882-83
Kibler, AnnaAdair1892-93
Kibler, Anna LAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Kibler, JAdair1891-92
Kibler, Jackson WashingtonAdair1893-94
Kibler, James MAdair1886-87
Kibler, Joseph WashingtonAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1889-90
Kibler, OllieAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Kiggins, D. FAdair1874-75
Kilgore, Joe MarkAdair1896-97; 1898-99
King, LucindaAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Kinsel, Orton LeeAdair1896-97
Kirk, J. HAdair1876-77
Kirk, Lucy CAdair1876-77
Kirk, PerryAdair1870-71
Kirkpatrick, E. EAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Kirkpatrick, E. WAdair1890-91
Kirkpatrick, MabelAdair1892-93; 1897-98
Kirkpatrick, SusanAdair1877-78
Klingman, C. RAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1887-88
Klingman, NoraAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Klingman, Nora BelleAdair1890-91
Knapp, AdaAdair1887-88
Knapp, EmmaAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1887-88
Knapp, Emma BAdair1882-83
Knapp, George WAdair1899-1900
Knapp, RoseAdair1899-1900
Knight, EmmaAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Knighton, LymanAdair1891-92
Lackey, Alice CAdair1886-87
Lacy, John TAdair1889-90
Lamaster, CallieAdair1877-78
Lamb, J. WAdair1874-75
Lamkin, AltaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1891-92
Landers, W. SAdair1886-87
Landes, Agnes VAdair1881-82
Lane, LottieAdair1891-92
Lankard, FrankieAdair1884-85
Lankard, J. RAdair1871-72
Lankard, LizzieAdair1871-72
Lantz, MinnieAdair1885-86
Larkin, E. BAdair1881-82
Larkings, J. DAdair1881-82
Larkins, Elnora [Nora]Adair1882-83; 1883-84
Larkins, T. BAdair1882-83
Latham, AddieAdair1877-78
Laudram, C. EAdair1885-86
Laudram, S. CAdair1885-86
Laughlin, BessieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Laughlin, George MarcusAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Laughlin, Harry HamiltonAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Lawson, SylvesterAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Lay, William DouglasAdair1897-98
Leatherwood, W. HAdair1899-1900
Leavitt, AbbieAdair1891-92
Leavitt, Abbie HAdair1888-89
Lee, Carrie MAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Leech, Mamie EttieAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Leech, Ora JamesAdair1895-96
Leech, Wesley TAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Leighton, Lulie [LuLu]Adair1874-75; 1875-76
Lester, Frank SAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Lewis, FloraAdair1885-86
Lewis, John LeslieAdair1894-95
Lichty, Katie LAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Lilly, J. CAdair1891-92
Lind, JAdair1875-76
Lind, JosephAdair1875-76
Linder, B MAdair1877-78
Linder, Byrd MonroeAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Linder, C. WAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1887-88
Linder, DolphAdair1884-85
Linder, E. AAdair1891-92
Linder, Edna MyrtleAdair1894-95
Linder, EmmettAdair1889-90
Linder, MaudeAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Lindsey, CoraAdair1873-74
Lindsey, EmmaAdair1873-74
Link, AllieAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Link, Allie MAdair1878-79; 1881-82; 1882-83
Link, BelleAdair1870-71
Link, Bessie HannahAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Link, Charles FrancesAdair1896-97
Link, E. SAdair1870-71; 1873-74; 1875-76
Link, EugeneAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87
Link, EuniceAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Link, GeneAdair1884-85
Link, H. AAdair1877-78
Link, LewisAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Link, Luella DowningAdair1898-99
Link, Willie FAdair1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81?
Linkey, HannahAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Linville, Clarence EdwardAdair1896-97
Linville, Dora DeAdair1890-91
Linville, JohnAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88
Linville, LauraAdair1887-88
Linville, LucilleAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Linville, Robert WAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Little, EAdair1877-78
Little, EstherAdair1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Liuk, AllieAdair1879-80
Loftis, AdaAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Lomax, Bessie CAdair1893-94
Lomax, Vivian DorrisAdair1893-94
Long, Daniel WellerAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Long, EmmaAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Long, IdaAdair1892-93
Long, KateAdair1891-92
Long, Lizzie DeeAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Long, W. HAdair1878-79
Longfellow, DAdair1876-77
Longfellow, EAdair1876-77
Loomis, MayAdair1887-88; 1890-91
Lord, Edwin, HAdair1887-88
Lord, IdaAdair1876-77
Lorenz, Alta MonaAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Lorenz, Bessie EdaAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Lorenz, Charles BAdair1894-95
Lorenz, JennieAdair1891-92
Lorenz, Mamie OpalAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Lorton, Eva MAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1888-89
Lorton, HettieAdair1881-82; 1883-84; 1887-88
Lorton, MinnieAdair1891-92
Low, HarryAdair1876-77
Lowe, HenryAdair1877-78
Lowry, Jasper OmerAdair1897-98
Ludden, MinnieAdair1890-91
Ludden, Minnie CAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Ludden, RalphAdair1894-95
Ludden, RaymondAdair1897-98
Ludden, Timothy FrankAdair1898-99
Luddon, TAdair1888-89
Luesing, Amelia MaryAdair1898-99
Lyda, FannieAdair1875-76
Lyda, MyrtleAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Lyda, S. WAdair1871-72; 1872-73
Lyon, BelleAdair1898-99
Lyon, Hattie AgnesAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Lyon, Minnie LeeAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Lyon, MoraAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Lyon, Winnetta BelleAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Mack, Fannie [Fanny] LaRueAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Mackoy, FannieAdair1882-83
Mackoy, Fannie KAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Maddill, UrsulaAdair1880-81
Magorian, T. SAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Mahaffey, Andrew DewittAdair1891-92
Mahaffey, C. WAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Mahaffey, Charles WinslowAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Mahaffey, Iva FranklinAdair1897-98
Mahaffey, John HyndsAdair1893-94
Mahaffey, Madge?Adair1893-94
Mahaffy, M. Belle?Adair1888-89
Mahurim, SAdair1872-73
Malone, Ella S. KAdair1882-83
Malone, F. EAdair1882-83
Malone, Jessie MabelAdair1892-93
Malone, T. EAdair1882-83
Maltby, J. LAdair1883-84
Maltey, HAdair1871-72
Manning, W. MAdair1870-71
Marine, EthelAdair1895-96; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Marine, FlorenceAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Marine, HallieAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Marine, RosaAdair1874-75
Markey, AnnieAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Markey, C. EAdair1874-75
Markey, D. JAdair1874-75
Markey, EdwardAdair1898-99
Markey, HattieAdair1899-1900
Markey, John MAdair1893-94
Markey, Minnie AildeenAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Marnie, FlorenceAdair1877-78
Marquess, Joseph WAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Martin, Clarence LuAdair1893-94
Martin, Everett DanzellAdair1898-99
Martin, Wilford WayneAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Martz, MaggieAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Mason, F. CAdair1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76
Mason, MaryAdair1882-83
Mason, MinnieAdair1870-71
Mason, NellieAdair1891-92
Mason, Nellie MAdair1890-91
Mason, W. BAdair1874-75
Mason, W. FAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Mathew, C. HAdair1875-76
Mathews, A?Adair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74
Mathews, C. HAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Mathews, EdwinAdair1881-82
Mathews, GeorgeAdair1876-77
Mathews, S. CAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Mathews, Schuyler CAdair1882-83
Matley, H?Adair1873-74; 1875-76
Matlick, BerthaAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Matthews, E. GAdair1880-81
Matthews, LillianAdair1891-92
Mattingly, PhilAdair1888-89
Mauzy, W. CAdair1875-76
May, Helen ElouiseAdair1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
McCall, Charles BooneAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
McCall, Connie VeraAdair1897-98; 1898-99
McCall, M. HAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
McCall, Metta MayAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
McCan, CoraAdair1883-84
McCanne, HAdair1882-83
McCartney, NettieAdair1884-85
McClanahan, Catha CarlyleAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
McClanahan, MinnieAdair1889-90; 1892-93
McClannahan, JAdair1871-72
McClellan, William AAdair1882-83; 1884-85
McClelland, A. GAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1880-81
McClelland, BirdieAdair1875-76
McClelland, C. JAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
McClelland, Charles AlexAdair1895-96
McClelland, D. MAdair1873-74; 1875-76
McClelland, GeorgeAdair1885-86; 1886-87
McClelland, W. AAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
McClelland, Z. IsabelleAdair1873-74
McClung, BertAdair1897-98
McClure, T. GAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
McCoy, C. KAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
McCoy, CarrieAdair1899-1900
McCoy, GraceAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
McCoy, MorganAdair1891-92
McDermit, Ella FAdair1890-91
McDermit, J. CAdair1884-85
McDermitt, EllaAdair1894-95
McDermott, J. CAdair1877-78
McDonald, AllanAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
McDonald, CarrieAdair1871-72; 1873-74
McDonald, Cornelia GraceAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
McDonald, Elsie GertrudeAdair1893-94; 1894-95
McDonald, M. JAdair1871-72
McDonald, MollieAdair1881-82
McDonald, Orpha JeanneAdair1894-95; 1895-96
McDowell, C. DAdair1887-88
McDowell, H. MAdair1887-88; 1888-89
McDowell, Zoa LeeAdair1895-96; 1895-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
McElvain, AltaAdair1872-73
McElvain, M. LAdair1872-73; 1873-74
McElvain, RosaAdair1870-71; 1873-74
McElvain, T. MAdair1871-72; 1875-76
McElvain, W. SAdair1870-71
McFeron, LizzieAdair1877-78
McFeron, M. EAdair1873-74
McGill, CharlesAdair1881-82; 1882-83
McGonigle, J. IAdair1886-87
McGovern, MattieAdair1871-72
McGraw, CoraAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1897-98
McGraw, Cora FrancisAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
McGuire, Ivie AAdair1895-96
McHendry, MabelAdair1899-1900
McIntire, IdaAdair1893-94
McIntyre, Darius FrancisAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
McIntyre, IdaAdair1899-1900
McIntyre, James RobertAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
McKeehan, Ethel VivianAdair1895-96
McKeehan, Grace BAdair1892-93; 1893-94
McKenney, Eliza AAdair1880-81
McKinney, E. AAdair1881-82
McKinney, J. EAdair1892-93
McKinney, John EdgarAdair1891-92; 1893-94
McKinney, JuliaAdair1889-90
McKinney, RoseAdair1893-94
McKoy, GraceAdair1884-85
McLaughlin, LouisieAdair1890-91
McLaughlin, MinnieAdair1889-90; 1890-91
McLaughlin, Minnie LorenaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
McLaughlin, P. HAdair1887-88; 1890-91
McLaughlin, S. SAdair1870-71; 1871-72
McLelland, Charles AlexanderAdair1893-94
McMains, MinnieAdair1890-91
McMichael, J. DAdair1899-1900
McMichael, LulaAdair1899-1900
McMillan, Alexander FranklinAdair1896-97
McMurry, Katherine [Kittie]Adair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
McPhetridge, EvaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
McPhetridge, RosaAdair1892-93
McQuary, H. LAdair1874-75
McQuary, LizzieAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
McQuary, LottieAdair1874-75
McVicker, LouAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Mears, DellaAdair1873-74
Meeks, JohnAdair1870-71
Meeks, Mabel FAdair1892-93; 1894-95
Meeks, W. MAdair1870-71
Megrew, Charles BertAdair1895-96
Megrew, John LewisAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Megrew, MinnieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Megrew, R. WAdair1892-93
Melone, BertieAdair1877-78
Menge, AnnaAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Mercer, C. LAdair1873-74
Mercer, John SAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Mercer, LucindaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1878-79
Merfin, MinorAdair1884-85
Merrill, LouAdair1882-83
Meryhew, Jessie MabelAdair1897-98
Meteer, LydiaAdair1875-76
Mikel, FrankAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Milay, J. HAdair1892-93
Miles, J. AAdair1884-85; 1888-89
Miles, MaggieAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Miles, R. CAdair1881-82
Miles, S. PAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Millan, Carrie FarrAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Millay, ElizaAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Millay, EmmaAdair1871-72; 1874-75
Millay, LissieAdair1874-75
Millay, MaryAdair1877-78
Millay, NannieAdair1874-75; 1878-79
Millay, SusanAdair1874-75; 1878-79
Miller, BirdieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Miller, ClaraAdair1880-81
Miller, Cora AnnAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Miller, D. JAdair1872-73; 1874-75
Miller, DottieAdair1896-97
Miller, Emma MAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85
Miller, EvaAdair1889-90
Miller, IdaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Miller, J. AAdair1887-88
Miller, J. AAdair1899-1900
Miller, LibbieAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Miller, Libbie PAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Miller, LidaAdair1885-86
Miller, LowaAdair1899-1900
Miller, MollieAdair1873-74; 1876-77
Miller, PetAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Miller, Raphael MAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Milliken, Amy DAdair1883-84
Milliken, J. EAdair1877-78
Mills, CarrieAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Mills, ErnestAdair1890-91
Mills, Myra GertrudeAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Mills, P. CAdair1875-76
Mills, SamuelAdair1884-85
Mills, W. SAdair1885-86
Millstead, JonathonAdair1874-75
Minear, J. FAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Minear, N. OAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Mirfin, J. CAdair1885-86; 1887-88
Mirfin, J. WAdair1885-86
Mirfin, W. MAdair1885-86
Mitchell, D. AAdair1875-76
Mitchell, E. AAdair1876-77; 1877-78
Mitchell, Ida LeeAdair1895-96
Mitchell, Jessie BAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Mitchell, Leonidas SAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Mitchell, O. MAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Mitchell, OrlandoAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Mitchell, SonnieAdair1878-79
Mitchell, W. BAdair1875-76
Mitchell, William ArthurAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Mitten, WilliamAdair1896-97
Mixon, F. LAdair1899-1900
Mixon, Fred CAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Monroe, MAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Monroe, Zorelda JAdair1871-72
Montgomery, Lela JAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Montgomery, Phoebe AAdair1874-75; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Moore, A. CAdair1883-84
Moore, AudreyAdair1884-85
Moore, CAdair1882-83
Moore, CharlesAdair1882-83
Moore, E. LAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Moore, Ellen JAdair1871-72; 1873-74
Moore, EugineAdair1883-84
Moore, HarveyAdair1892-93
Moore, M. EAdair1871-72
Moore, Maud EAdair1881-82
Moore, Olivia LAdair1884-85
Moore, W. AAdair1877-78
Moore, Wade HamptonAdair1897-98
Moots, Elmer EarlAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Morelock, B FAdair1883-84
Morelock, C. EAdair1883-84
Morelock, Daisy EthylAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Morelock, EarlAdair1898-99
Morelock, Edward Willis RaymondAdair1898-99
Morelock, FAdair1882-83
Morelock, FrankAdair1882-83
Morelock, IsabelleAdair1899-1900
Morelock, JosephineAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Morelock, RayAdair1899-1900
Morey, TheoAdair1882-83
Morgan, Alice MAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96
Morgan, BerthaAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Morgan, MattieAdair1875-76; 1878-79; 1882-83; 1888-89
Morgan, SusanAdair1896-97
Morrey, CordieAdair1880-81; 1881-82
Morrey, Sarah CAdair1879-80
Morrey, T. AAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Morris, Lida WAdair1873-74
Morris, W. HAdair1873-74
Morris, ZenaAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Morrow, Alvan DeeAdair1896-97
Morrow, Elmer ElsworthAdair1894-95
Morrow, Leona VAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Morrow, Mary FrancesAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Morrow, Nellie EthelAdair1897-98
Morton, AliceAdair1875-76
Morton, J. MAdair1875-76
Motter, Clyde ClarenceAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Motter, FrancesAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Motter, Francis MarionAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Motter, George WAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Motter, George WashingtonAdair1894-95
Motter, JessieAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Motter, JosephAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Motter, N. PAdair1899-1900
Moyer, GraceAdair1897-98
Muldoon, KatieAdair1894-95
Muldoon, TeresaAdair1899-1900
Mumma, L. RAdair1892-93
Mumma, Max EverettAdair1897-98
Mumma, MaxwellAdair1895-96
Mumma, RayAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Mumma, Winnie IzolaAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Murfin, John CAdair1884-85
Murphy, Clarence WashingtonAdair1895-96; 1896-97
Murphy, S. A. DAdair1881-82
Murphy, W. GAdair1882-83
Murphy, W. MAdair1873-74; 1879-80
Murphy, Will DAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Murray, J. WAdair1882-83; 1885-86
Murray, JamesAdair1876-77
Murray, MaryAdair1875-76; 1878-79
Musick, Gressella [Ella]Adair1876-77; 1877-78
Musick, Hazel CamilleAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Musick, Levi PAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Musick, LizzieAdair1876-77; 1879-80; 1881-82
Musick, Ora MayAdair1893-94
Musson, ClaraAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Musson, Mary LauraAdair1897-98
Musson, Sadie AnnaAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Nagley, EmmaAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Nagley, Jennie EAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Nagley, SallieAdair1871-72
Nagley, Versalius HAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Nair, Maude MinervaAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Nason, George FAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Nason, George F. H. RAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Nason, J. CAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-78
Nason, W. BAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Nason, WillieAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Neilson, WilliamAdair1883-84
Nelson, C. WAdair1876-77
Nelson, CamilleAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Newcomb, ClaraAdair1891-92
Newcomb, Don OAdair1891-92
Newcomb, FannieAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Newcomb, Guy FitzAdair1896-97
Newcomb, Harry WaringAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Newcomb, Marion KatherineAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Nicholas, JamesAdair1899-1900
Nicholas, SusanAdair1899-1900
Nichols, Cassie LillianAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Nickell, J. IAdair1871-72
Nickell, Susan AAdair1875-76
Nighswander, EvangelineAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Nisbet, Pollie EthelAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Nisbet, Robert EverettAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Noel, HAdair1882-83
Noel, HenryAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Noel, JamesAdair1894-95
Nolan, GenieAdair1888-89
Nooninger, BAdair1899-1900
Norfolk, AllieAdair1892-93
Northrup, FloraAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1879-80
Northrup, Robert BAdair1889-90
Norton, AllieAdair1870-71; 1873-74; 1875-76
Norton, MollieAdair1872-73
Norton, SamuelAdair1873-74; 1875-76
Novinger, BlancheAdair1898-99
Novinger, Emanuel LeroyAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Novinger, G. BAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Novinger, George ByronAdair1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96
Novinger, J. BAdair1871-72
Novinger, Martin LutherAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Novinger, Maude EllenAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Novinger, Samuel Jefferson TildenAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Novinger, SolomonAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Novinger, T. JAdair1871-72
Nupnaw, RosaAdair1891-92
Obermeyer, Emma RachelAdair1891-92; 1893-94; 1894-95
O'Brien, E. OAdair1882-83
Oldham, AddaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Oldham, BirdieAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Oldham, CharlieAdair1871-72
Oldham, Ralph EAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Oldham, Willis DAdair1870-71; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Omer, GraceAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Omer, LottieAdair1899-1900
Omer, PussAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Orr, Alfred RAdair1870-72; 1873-74; 1874-75
Orr, EttaAdair1870-71; 1872-73
Osborne, Locke ByronAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Osenbaugh, AllenAdair1880-81
Osenbaugh, CharlesAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Osenbaugh, NettieAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Otto, Alice MAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Otto, Charles EdmondAdair1891-92
Otto, Lillian MaudeAdair1896-97
Otto, Pearle EAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Owen, AnnaAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Owen, EvaAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Owenby, IdaAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88
Owenby, LucindaAdair1874-75
Ownbey, EmmaAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Ownbey, William CanadaAdair1896-97
Oxley, JennieAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88; 1891-92
Painter, EdnaAdair1893-94
Painter, ElmaAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Painter, LeolaAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Panabaker, LillieAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Parcells, AnnieAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Parcells, Effie RAdair1890-91
Parcells, EmmaAdair1876-77; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Parcells, FrankAdair1885-86
Parcells, J. TAdair1886-87
Parcells, Laura? AAdair1875-76; 1878-79
Parcells, SophiaAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Parcels, EllaAdair1874-75
Parcels, EmmaAdair1876-77
Parcels, Florence [Flora]Adair1870-71
Parcels, HAdair1870-71
Parcels, HelenAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Parcels, J. A?Adair1870-71
Parcels, J. FAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74
Parcels, J. MAdair1871-72
Parcels, Laura? AAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1878-77; 1878-79
Parcels, LizzieAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Parcels, MaryAdair1870-71
Parcels, Sophia MAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Parker, E. JAdair1871-72; 1872-73
Parker, Jennie EAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Parker, MattieAdair1871-72
Parker, MayAdair1871-72; 1873-74
Parker, S. CAdair1874-75
Parrish, Earl VictorAdair1895-96
Passwater, ClayAdair1899-1900
Passwater, LenaAdair1899-1900
Passwaters, Henry ClayAdair1898-99
Patterson, ArthurAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Patterson, Emanuel AAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Patterson, Geneva IAdair1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80
Patterson, Geneva IsabelAdair1876-77; 1878-79
Patterson, H. EAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Patterson, Lucy EAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Patterson, O. WAdair1877-78
Patterson, OscarAdair1872-73; 1874-75
Patterson, RosaAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Patterson, W. OAdair1875-76; 1878-79
Patton, B PAdair1876-77
Patton, Barna PAdair1876-77
Patton, KatieAdair1876-77
Patton, KatieAdair1876-77
Paul, Calvin HAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Paul, Calvin HenryAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Pauly, Clara MayAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Pauly, Ida ViolaAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Pauly, Walter FrankAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Pearce, O. WAdair1884-85
Pemberton, Stanley DeanAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Petree, Charles BalisAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Petree, Lettie ElviraAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Petree, McDonaldAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Petree, Nora EAdair1899-1900
Phelps, Julia SAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Phelps, LottieAdair1879-80
Phelps, Lowa BAdair1873-74; 1874-75, 1875-76
Phillips, EddieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Phillips, NoraAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Phillips, Nora BelleAdair1892-93; 1895-96; 1896-97
Phillips, SusieAdair188-89
Pickler, EddieAdair1872-73; 1879-80
Pickler, Ethel ClaraAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Pickler, LauraAdair1870-71; 1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Pickler, MettaAdair1872-73
Pickler, RenaAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Pickler, W. JAdair1870-71
Pierce, AlbertAdair1873-74
Pierce, E. AAdair1872-73
Pierce, OrvilleAdair1895-96
Pierce, OscarAdair1883-84
Pitts, EvaAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Poland, Zora MargaretAdair1894-95
Polley, Annie AAdair1887-88
Polley, Charles MAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1877-78
Polley, MabelAdair1892-93
Polley, W. SAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1879-80
Pool, William OscarAdair1894-95; 1896-97
Pope, RuhamaAdair1899-1900
Porter, Julia LouiseAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Porter, Laura WillisAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Porter, Mary ElizabethAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Porter, StacieAdair1881-82; 1882-83; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Porter, W. FAdair1876-77
Porter, W. TAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Porter, William TAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Powell, Arthur VAdair1898-99
Powell, ErnestAdair1898-99
Powell, OllieAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Presson, Etta RAdair1886-87
Price, E. EAdair1888-89
Price, Ellsworth EdwinAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Price, Emma BerthaAdair1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Price, George RobertAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98
Price, Mattie OlaAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Probst, GenevieveAdair1899-1900
Propst, FAdair1871-72
Puette, GraceAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Putnam, J. EAdair1871-72
Quinn, E. SAdair1884-85
Rahe, AnnaAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Randall, CarrieAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82; 1883-84
Randall, FloraAdair1870-71; 1871-72
Randall, InezAdair1873-74
Rankin, G. HAdair1878-79
Rankin, Mary AAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1877-78; 1878-79
Rankin, W. BAdair1878-79
Ratliff, Forest HendersonAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Ratliff, John ThomasAdair1896-97
Rattan, FrankAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Rattan, LizzieAdair1875-76
Rawson, AddaAdair1882-83
Ray, Charles DAdair1890-91
Ray, Charles DennisAdair1891-92
Ray, NannieAdair1885-86
Ray, Thomas LockhartAdair1891-92; 1893-94
Ray, W. EllaAdair1883-84
Rebman, J. HAdair1889-90
Redmen, James HAdair1890-91
Redmond, Benjamin FranklinAdair1892-93
Reed, CharleyAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Reed, Cora OliveAdair1896-97
Reed, MinnieAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Reed, MollieAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1886-87; 1887-88
Reed, NinaAdair1875-76
Reed, S. JAdair1875-76
Reed, WilliamAdair1891-92
Reed, William MAdair1890-91
Reedal, Erma GAdair1899-1900
Reedal, George GAdair1899-1900
Reesman, Abbie BAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Reesman, Alta LeeAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Reesman, Berthel [Burthel] FranklinAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Reesman, Elmer SamuelAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Reesman, Emma LAdair1887-88
Reesman, EvaAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Reesman, Mamie EAdair1890-91
Reesman, MinaAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Reesman, Myra AAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Reesman, Opal LucileAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Reiger, J. EAdair1888-89
Reiger, James EdwardAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Reiger, P. JAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Reiger, SalomeAdair1893-94
Reyner, AnnaAdair1876-77
Reyner, Ida LAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Reynolds, AlvinAdair1892-93
Reynolds, CarrieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Reynolds, Dora AAdair1896-97
Reynolds, Ella EvelynAdair1897-98
Reynolds, Ernest RoyAdair1897-98
Reynolds, H. CAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Reynolds, J. TAdair1870-71; 1873-74
Reynolds, John FranklinAdair1896-97
Reynolds, MaryAdair1870-71
Reynolds, MollieAdair1871-72
Reynolds, W. WAdair1882-83
Reynolds, William WAdair1882-83
Rhodes, LauraAdair1884-85
Rice, A. CAdair1873-74
Rice, AugustaAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Rice, E. AAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Rice, EdithAdair1894-95
Rice, J. AAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Rice, James RobertAdair1896-97
Rice, Joseph RobertAdair1895-96
Rice, MaryAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Rice, N. AAdair1881-82
Rice, Stella DeMoinesAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Rice, ThomasAdair1888-89
Rich, A. CAdair1873-74
Rich, W. SAdair1872-73; 1873-74
Rich, WilliamAdair1881-82
Richey, HilaAdair1888-89; 1890-91; 1891-92
Richey, JennieAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Richey, LizzieAdair1873-74
Richey, MollieAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Richter, AliceAdair1879-80
Richter, Golden JuneAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Richter, MinnieAdair1876-77
Ridge, JosieAdair1873-74
Rieger, GeorgeAdair1895-96
Rieger, SalomeAdair1894-95
Riggen, S. A. DAdair1873-74; 1875-76
Riggs, MabelAdair1896-97
Riley, William ErnestAdair1898-99
Ringer, Ethel SarahAdair1895-96
Ringer, EugeniaAdair1897-98
Ringo, AltheaAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Ringo, Ethel SarahAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Ringo, Eugenia HAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Rippey, Ida MAdair1882-83
Risdon, Audrey DelosAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Risdon, E. AAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Risdon, PrudieAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Risdon, W. DAdair1882-83
Roberts, ArthurAdair1898-99
Roberts, Verna BelleAdair1895-96; 1897-98
Robertson, WilliamAdair1874-75
Rombauer, Emma EtelkaAdair1898-99
Rombauer, Matilda BAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Romjue, Alvin PriceAdair1898-99
Romjue, Earl FranklinAdair1897-98
Rose, Pansy PearlAdair1897-98
Ross, AllieAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Ross, Charles EAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Ross, Emma AliceAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Ross, Eva MAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Ross, Patty BlairAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Rouse, AliceAdair1870-71
Rowan, NellieAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Rowe, Mary VAdair1881-82
Rowland, Hollis EAdair1889-90
Rowlison, AAdair1879-80; 1880-81
Rowson, Adda MAdair1883-84
Rozelle, Ethel KatherineAdair1896-97
Ruggles, GraceAdair1888-89; 1889-90
Rupe, Homer HectorAdair1898-99
Rupe, Myrtle EthelAdair1892-93; 1895-96
Russell, Chloe SAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Russell, Clara PAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Russell, Etta AAdair1878-79
Russell, Mary EAdair1877-78
Russler, J. KAdair1873-74; 1875-76
Rust, OttoAdair1899-1900
Rutherford, AltaAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Rutherford, CarlAdair1899-1900
Rutherford, Earl NicholasAdair1898-99
Ryan, GertieAdair1899-1900
Ryan, Margaret LorettaAdair1898-99
Rynolds, Dora AAdair1890-91
Ryon, Frances MinsAdair1892-93
Ryon, Gertrude DelonaAdair1898-99
Ryon, N. EAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Ryon, OcarAdair1895-96
Ryon, Oscar HenryAdair1896-97
Ryon, WilliamAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Sampson, M. LAdair1875-76
Samuels, Harley WarrenAdair1894-95
Samuels, HughAdair1896-97
Sanborn, Roy WAdair1899-1900
Sandry, BerthaAdair1899-1900
Sandry, EttaAdair1890-91
Sandry, Eva MatildaAdair1896-97
Sandry, Honor HAdair1888-89; 1890-91; 1891-92
Sandry, MattieAdair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Sandry, Sarah EttieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Sandry, William JohnAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Sands, Austin JacobAdair1893-94
Sands, BennieAdair1882-83
Sands, ByronAdair1888-89
Sands, Charles SAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Sands, CharlieAdair1882-83
Sands, Effie LouisaAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Sands, Grace RosalieAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Sanford, LizzieAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Sanford, WilliamAdair1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Saunders, GeorgeAdair1876-77
Saunders, J. PAdair1875-76
Schaffer, MontAdair1884-85
Schmidt, Carl StobernackAdair1898-99
Schmidt, J. PAdair1872-73
Schofield, CharlesAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Schofield, Edward HenryAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1896-97; 1897-98
Schofield, OakAdair1892-93
Scobee, Bertie NormanAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Scobee, Isaac ElyAdair1893-94
Scott, A. PAdair1878-79
Scott, AnnieAdair1878-79
Scott, Levie LeotoAdair1895-96
Scott, WilliamAdair1896-97
Seaber, Arthur PercyAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Seaber, Clara BelleAdair1894-95
Seaber, Harry GarfieldAdair1896-97
Seals, LauraAdair1880-81
Seals, Laura SeldonAdair1883-84; 1886-87
Seaman, J. VAdair1871-72
Sears, Clara ElizabethAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Sears, MaymeAdair1899-1900
Seaver, Harry GarfieldAdair1895-96
Sees, MaryAdair1876-77
Sees, RettaAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Seitz, Enoch BerryAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Seitz, Ray EAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Selby, LillaAdair1885-86
Selby, Lizzie AAdair1879-80
Selby, Lola PearleAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Selby, W. JAdair1888-89; 1890-91
Selway, Lucy, MrsAdair1888-89
Setters, LizzieAdair1892-93
Seward, FloraAdair1872-73
Shade, Amos OttoAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Shade, Minnie HAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Shaffer, FeliciaAdair1873-74
Shaffer, JohnAdair1875-76
Shaffer, JosephAdair1875-76
Shain, EdAdair1899-1900
Shain, William EdwardAdair1896-97; 1898-99
Sharp, GraceAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Sharp, LuLa BAdair1876-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Sharp, Lulia [Lulu]Adair1874-75; 1876-79; 1877-78; 1878-79
Sharp, MamieAdair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Sharp, VirginiaAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Sharp, Virginia LAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Shaughnessy, Edward PatrickAdair1893-94; 1895-96
Shaver, DellaAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1893-94
Sheeks, WilliamAdair1870-71
Shelton, F. CAdair1889-90; 1890-91
Shelton, J. PAdair1884-85
Shepherd, AnnaAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Shepherd, Charles MAdair1870-71; 1872-73
Shepherd, GlenAdair1888-89; 1890-91
Shibley, J. HAdair1874-75; 1876-77
Shibley, J. WAdair1876-77
Shiel, KatieAdair1885-86
Shilley, L. PAdair1888-89
Sholly, Gertrude HattieAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Shoop, Bertha EllaAdair1892-93; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Shoop, EdwardAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Shoop, LibbieAdair1888-89
Shoop, Nettie MayAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Shoop, RaymondAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Shooster, J. PAdair1870-71
Shoot, CinderellaAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Shoot, J. MAdair1880-81
Shott, Jacob BenjaminAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Shoush, Mary JewelAdair1898-99
Shull, LauraAdair1881-82; 1884-85
Shull, RozettaAdair1884-85
Shultz, Lida AAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Shumaker, OraAdair1899-1900
Shuman, Margaret BruggerAdair1896-97; 1897-98
Sigler, AnnaAdair1892-93
Sigler, Roy HoustonAdair1896-97
Simes, L. EAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1882-83
Simmons, BessieAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Simmons, SadieAdair1874-75
Six, B PAdair1899-1900
Six, PearlAdair1898-99
Six, Willis CalvinAdair1893-94
Sloan, J. W. GAdair1873-74
Sloan, KatieAdair1883-84
Smart, J. HAdair1870-71
Smith, A. HAdair1890-91
Smith, AlfieAdair1899-1900
Smith, Alford MAdair1877-78; 1878-79
Smith, Alfred HannahAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Smith, Alice MAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Smith, AlmaAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Smith, ArthurAdair1897-98
Smith, Bertha RAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Smith, CaddieAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1891-92
Smith, CallieAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Smith, Caryll TaylorAdair1891-92; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Smith, Clarence RAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Smith, Dee LAdair1890-91
Smith, DollieAdair1870-71; 1873-74; 1874-75
Smith, FannieAdair1886-87
Smith, Georgia MaeAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Smith, J. TAdair1870-72
Smith, JennieAdair1890-91
Smith, K. BAdair1876-77; 1878-79
Smith, KatieAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Smith, Lindy ByronAdair1891-92
Smith, MarthenaAdair1870-71
Smith, MinnieAdair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Smith, Rollie HomerAdair1897-98
Smith, RoyAdair1891-92
Smith, S. FAdair1886-87
Smith, T. HAdair1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Smith, TildonAdair1874-75
Smoot, I. LAdair1892-93
Smoot, Isadore WillieAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Smoyer, AnnieAdair1880-81; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1886-87
Smoyer, GraceAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Smoyer, GussieAdair1883-84; 1886-87
Smoyer, H. JAdair1879-80
Smtih, Samuel FAdair1885-86
Snedeker, CharlesAdair1899-1900
Snow, NellieAdair1892-93
Snyder, O. WAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Snyder, OwenAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Sohn, Julia EAdair1884-85
Sohn, Mary EAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85
Soles, EthalAdair1890-91
Soles, Ethel FrancesAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Southerland, EttaAdair1876-77
Spangler, CAdair1879-80
Spangler, HomerAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Sparks, MalissaAdair1887-88; 1890-91
Sparks, OliverAdair1884-85; 1888-89
Sparling, Martha [Mattie] ElizabethAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Spencer, BenjaminAdair1888-89
Spencer, Benjamin WheelerAdair1891-92; 1893-94; 1895-96
Spencer, ClaraAdair1882-83
Spencer, Clara BAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Spencer, Edward ArthurAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1898-99
Spencer, Hattie MayAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Spencer, Henry WAdair1870-72; 1873-74
Spencer, LottieAdair1874-75; 1876-78; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Spencer, Lottie GAdair1882-83
Spencer, Mary EAdair1870-72
Spencer, RenaAdair1888-89; 1891-92; 1892-93
Sprigg, AliceAdair1872-73
Srines, L. EAdair1882-83
Stamper, OllieAdair1880-81; 1881-82
Starr, Lee NAdair1899-1900
Steen, CarrieAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Stephens, AbbieAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Stephens, AbraAdair1880-81
Stephens, Addie BAdair1871-72; 1877-78; 1878-79
Stephens, H. CAdair1870-71
Stephens, M. LAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Stephens, Newton MAdair1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74
Stephenson, David IrvinAdair1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Stevens, Ada [Addie]Adair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Stewart, DellaAdair1899-1900
Stewart, MollieAdair1889-90
Still, BlancheAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Still, FredAdair1887-88; 1890-91; 1891-92
Stillwell, ClaraAdair1880-81
Stoddard, Carrie SAdair1872-73; 1873-74
Stoddard, F. LAdair1873-74
Storm, Frank JosephAdair1893-94; 1894-95
Storm, Julia FannyAdair1891-92; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Storm, Lena LucieAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Storm, Leva LucilleAdair1894-95
Strock, AiryAdair1899-1900
Strunk, GeorgianaAdair1873-74
Stuck, Frank ChandlerAdair1896-97
Stuck, Frank CharlesAdair1895-96
Stuckey, ShermanAdair1886-87
Stukey, ElizabethAdair1871-72; 1872-73
Stukey, JosephAdair1870-71
Stukey, RosaAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73
Stukey, SusanAdair1871-72; 1872-73
Sturges, SeldonAdair1871-72
Sublette, D. WAdair1880-81; 1881-82
Sublette, G. WAdair1876-77; 1877-78
Sublette, John E?Adair1871-72
Sublette, Marian RAdair1873-74; 1877-78
Sublette, Mary EAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Sublette, MiriamAdair1871-72
Sublette, R. HAdair1876-77; 1877-78
Sublette, Thomas EAdair1871-72; 1873-74; 1877-78
Sublette, W. DAdair1877-78
Sublette, Warren FAdair1885-86; 1887-88
Sublette, Webster HAdair1873-74; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1880-81
Sublette, Willard JAdair1885-86
Summer, LucyAdair1871-72
Summerfruicht, JAdair1879-80
Summers, Seth EzraAdair1898-99
Sweet, E. BartonAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Swett, Albert [Bert]Adair1892-93; 1893-94
Swett, EverettAdair1899-1900
Swigert, AnnieAdair1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Swigert, KatieAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Swigert, MaryAdair1871-72
Swigert, RebeccaAdair1870-71
Swigert, RosieAdair1885-86; 1888-89
Swigert, S. NAdair1871-72
Swigert, SusieAdair1875-76
Switzer, EstellaAdair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Tade, WilliamAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Taylor, James OAdair1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Taylor, Mattie LAdair1883-84
Taylor, OAdair1875-76
Taylor, Rosa LucilleAdair1898-99
Taylor, RossAdair1897-98
Terrill, Allen DAdair1870-71; 1872-73
Thatcher, Emma IsabelleAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Thatcher, Sallie TAdair1871-72; 1873-74; 1875-76
Thomas, Edna Alice [Ellis]Adair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Thompson, E. EAdair1899-1900
Thompson, Edgar ElijahAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Thompson, Emir SAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Thompson, MaggieAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1875-76
Thompson, MargueriteAdair1891-92
Thompson, MattieAdair1888-89
Thompson, MinaAdair1874-75; 1878-79
Thompson, Stanley AAdair1870-71; 1877-78; 1878-79
Thrailkill, EvaAdair1886-87; 1887-88
Thrasher, DoraAdair1896-97
Thrasher, Lucy EAdair1883-84
Thrasher, OllieAdair1884-85; 1885-86
Thrasher, Pirena RAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Thrasher, T. MAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Tibbet, Cora DAdair1879-80
Tinsman, AdaAdair1887-88
Tinsman, FlossieAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Tinsman, Fred WilberAdair1893-94
Tinsman, IdaAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Tobin, Lucia HelenAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Tobin, Sadie AllenAdair1897-98
Toler, E. FAdair1883-84; 1884-85
Towles, AnnieAdair1883-84
Towles, DruscillaAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Towles, J. PAdair1875-76
Towles, TAdair1879-80
Townsend, EdgarAdair1886-87
Townsend, JennieAdair1899-1900
Townsend, Lewis MAdair1890-91
Townsend, T. HAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Travis, Mary CAdair1875-76
Travis, P. MAdair1875-76
Trimble, MariaAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Trotter, Bascom DAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Trotter, Daniel WAdair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Trotter, MollieAdair1873-74; 1874-75
Trowbridge, Seth MainardAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Truitt, Jesse O. [Jessie]Adair1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Truitt, LottieAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Tufts, T. WAdair1873-74
Tull, G. WAdair1877-78
Tull, LauraAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1882-83
Tull, W. NAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Tull, W. WAdair1877-78
Tummond, ElceeAdair1897-98
Tummond, EmmaAdair1875-76
Tummond, LelaAdair1899-1900
Tummonds, John LAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Turner, Frank MAdair1882-83
Turner, Henry CAdair1889-90
Turner, Henry PAdair1890-91
Turner, Henry ParkerAdair1891-92
Turner, LuluAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Turner, OraAdair1897-98
Turner, William BAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Tyler,. MaudeAdair1898-99
Uben, IdaAdair1887-88
Updyke, BessieAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Updyke, C. WAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Updyke, OlvaAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Van Horn, T. JAdair1871-72; 1874-75; 1875-76
Vandiver, LAdair1891-92
Vannice, CoraAdair1897-98
Vannice, Joseph WAdair1890-91
Vannice, Joseph WesleyAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Vaughn, Armon PrestonAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Vaughn, Clarence ElmerAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Vaughn, E. PAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Vaughn, S. AAdair1870-71
Vestal, Effie JeanAdair1897-98; 1898-99
Vittletoe, J. BAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Voorhies, MaudeAdair1891-92
Voorhis, BelleAdair1871-72; 1875-76
Voorhis, FAdair1872-73
Voorhis, MaryAdair1874-75
Voorhis, MollieAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Voorhis, WAdair1875-76
Voss, MaggieAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Waddill, J. EAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Waddill, Orilla VAdair1883-84
Wager, LAdair1880-81; 1881-82
Wait, Ora DAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Wait, TatlowAdair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Wait, W. LAdair1885-86
Walker, IdaAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Walker, J. DAdair1885-86
Walkup, MollieAdair1874-75
Walters, A. JAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Walters, EmilyAdair1884-85
Walters, Emily CAdair1880-81
Walters, EmmaAdair1882-83; 1882-83
Walters, Henry LeeAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Walters, W. WAdair1879-80; 1881-82; 1883-84; 1887-88; 1888-89
Wardner, ClaraAdair1896-97
Warner, A. MAdair1877-78
Warner, AnnieAdair1879-80
Warner, Ida BelleAdair1897-98
Warner, JohnAdair1887-88
Watson, ---Adair1876-77
Watson, FannieAdair1877-78
Watson, PettieAdair1877-78
Watts, AliceAdair1892-93
Watts, CraigAdair1887-88
Watts, MaryAdair1892-93
Weaver, HattieAdair1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89
Weaver, Ollie DAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Webb, GraceAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Weir, S. RoyAdair1874-75
Wellborn, James AAdair1883-84; 1885-86
Wells, H. CAdair1875-76
Wells, W. JAdair1870-71
Wesscher, MinnieAdair1882-83
Wesscher, TillieAdair1870-72; 1873-74; 1874-75
West, Alice MaudeAdair1895-96
Wheat, AnnaAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Wheatcraft, W. NAdair1884-85
Wheeler, AddieAdair1892-93
Whitacre, Edward StacyAdair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
White, LibbieAdair1879-80
White, MabelAdair1884-85
White, MariaAdair1875-76; 1879-80
White, MinnieAdair1892-93
White, ThomasAdair1889-90
White, VirginiaAdair1899-1900
Wilcox, C. AAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Wilcox, C. MAdair1885-86; 1889-90
Wilcox, CassiusAdair1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Wilcox, LulaAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Wilcox, Lulu CarrieAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Wilcox, PhoebeAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Wilcox, ViolaAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Wiles, Albert MarionAdair1897-98
Wilhite, Andrew Jackson, JrAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Wilhite, Nora EllenAdair1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Wilkes, C. MAdair1871-72
Wilkes, EuniceAdair1899-1900
Wilkes, Hattie LenaAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Wilkes, IdaAdair1882-83
Wilkes, J. HAdair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Wilkes, MollieAdair1875-77
Wilkes, Mollie CAdair1875-77
Wilkes, Mollie MAdair1885-86; 1886-87
Wilkins, EmmaAdair1898-99
Willard, ArthurAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Willard, AsaAdair1892-93; 1893-94
Willard, Earl Scanlon [Scandland]Adair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Willard, MamieAdair1899-1900
Willard, WilburAdair1887-88
Williams, A. PAdair1890-91; 1891-92
Williams, AddieAdair1875-76
Williams, Alma YAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Williams, AnnieAdair1883-84
Williams, Annie SAdair1881-82
Williams, DelbertAdair1881-82
Williams, EmmaAdair1875-76; 1876-77
Williams, H. RAdair1875-76
Williams, J. TAdair1871-72; 1874-75
Williams, J. WAdair1889-90
Williams, KatieAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Williams, KatieAdair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Williams, L. DAdair1875-76
Williams, L. EAdair1875-76
Williams, LizzieAdair1881-82
Williams, Lizzie TAdair1883-84
Williams, LucyAdair1878-79
Williams, Lucy EAdair1878-79
Williams, MaryAdair1886-87
Williams, Nelson OscarAdair1898-99; 1899-1900
Williams, NoraAdair1890-91
Williams, SarahAdair1883-84
Williams, Sarah NAdair1881-82
Williams, W. JAdair1883-84
Williard, NettieAdair1882-83; 1883-84
Willingham, G. DAdair1876-77
Willis, A. CAdair1884-85
Willis, Ada MayAdair1894-95; 1895-96
Willis, Alfred CAdair1875-76; 1876-78; 1879-80; 1881-82
Willis, AllaAdair1871-72
Willis, EllaAdair1875-76
Willis, EllenAdair1871-72
Willis, MaryAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Willis, Mary EAdair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Willis, S. CAdair1881-82
Willoughby, EffieAdair1899-1900
Willows, Minnie HarrisAdair1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Wilson, A. EAdair1883-84
Wilson, AnnaAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Wilson, D. LAdair1871-72
Wilson, Don EAdair1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Wilson, EdgarAdair1882-83
Wilson, EdithAdair1892-93
Wilson, H. OAdair1875-76
Wilson, H. TAdair1875-76
Wilson, HuldahAdair1887-88; 1888-89
Wilson, J. LAdair1870-71; 1871-72; 1874-75; 1875-76
Wilson, KateAdair1887-88
Wilson, MarionAdair1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Wilson, MinnieAdair1881-82; 1882-83
Wilson, NannieAdair1872-73; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Wilson, NettieAdair1888-89
Wilson, Ora LabauAdair1897-98
Wilson, TilmanAdair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Wise, J. EAdair1891-92
Wiseman, AllieAdair1888-89
Wittmer, Bessie SuzannaAdair1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Wittmer, Edward ClarenceAdair1892-93
Wolam, LizzieAdair1875-76
Wolf, C. AAdair1899-1900
Wolf, CarolineAdair1899-1900
Wolf, F. WAdair1890-91
Wolf, Frederick WilliamAdair1891-92; 1892-93
Wolf, Fredrick WAdair1889-90
Wolf, JohnAdair1874-75
Wolgamott, GraceAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Wolgamott, JennieAdair1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Wood, CliftonAdair1872-73; 1875-76
Wood, EAdair1876-77
Wood, EdwardAdair1874-75; 1875-76
Wood, Eva AAdair1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87
Wood, LauraAdair1876-77
Woodcock, EmmaAdair1876-77
Woodlan, LuluAdair1891-92
Woods, EllaAdair1881-82
Woods, IdaAdair1881-82
Workman, NannieAdair1889-90
Wren, RillieAdair1888-89
Wright, MinnieAdair1890-91
Wyatt, Rowena LucilleAdair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Young, C. GAdair1889-90
Young, Clara MayAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Young, David GAdair1886-87
Young, Eva Lana [Lena]Adair1893-94; 1896-97
Young, JeanneAdair1879-80
Young, John RankinAdair1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Young, Saida PearlAdair1897-98
Young, W. LAdair1886-87
Yowell, BerthaAdair1894-95
Yowell, Mary ElizabethAdair1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Yowell, Otho YeagerAdair1896-97
Zeigler, James AlbertAdair1898-99
Bixby, A. W.Adair County, MO1868-69
Collins, DellaAdair County, MO1868-69
Frederic, P. H.Adair County, MO1868-69
Frederic, S.Adair County, MO1868-69
Hendron, J. W.Adair County, MO1868-69
Noble, C. C.Adair County, MO1868-69
Noble, F. M.Adair County, MO1868-69
Northrup, C.Adair County, MO1868-69
Stevens, HenryAdair County, MO1868-69
Willis, JohnAdair County, MO1868-69
Weaver, D. CAdair?1875-76
Bright, Anna [Amy]Adair, IA1877-78
Englehart, EugeneAdair, IA1893-94
Bliven, Charlotte BelleAdair; Adams, IL1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Bliven, Nettie MabelAdair; Adams, IL1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Brothers, Claude ShayAdair; Audrain1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Cottingham, Monta CurtisAdair; Audrain1896-97; 1897-98
Eller, MaryAdair; Audrain1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Sweet, Robert JeffersonAdair; Audrain1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Espy, BlancheAdair; Bedford, TN1889-90; 1890-91
Greene, Adda MayAdair; Buchanan1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Greene, Frank MAdair; Buchanan1877-78; 1878-79
Seaber, ClaraAdair; Buchanan1888-89; 1889-90
Beaven, Leslie Mose [Moss]Adair; Callaway1896-97; 1897-98
Kelso, Sophronia BelfieldAdair; Callaway1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Windren, RAdair; Carroll1871-72; 1876-77; 1877-78
Bonds, IzettaAdair; Chariton1889-90; 1890-91
Barker, Huldah MaryAdair; Clark1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Stine, P. MAdair; Clay, TX1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76
Anderson, S. WAdair; Clinton1871-72; 1874-75
Oldham, Laura BAdair; Cole1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Seitz, William Kerlin [Willie]Adair; Darke, OH1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Collins, A. HAdair; Davis, IA1872-73; 1873-74; 1877-78
Newton, R. DAdair; Gentry1877-78; 1879-80
Meeks, MaggieAdair; Greene1870-71; 1872-73
McBurney, EthelAdair; Grundy1895-96; 1897-98
Eads, GeorgeAdair; Hancock, IL1871-72; 1874-75
Parvin, Ray SamuelAdair; Harvey, KS1892-93; 1898-99
Long, HeberAdair; Johnson1895-96
Bryant, John ArchieAdair; Knox1893-94; 1896-97
Funk, Alice A?Adair; Knox1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Funk, Alice VAdair; Knox1878-79; 1879-80
McKay, Charles FrancisAdair; Knox1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
McKay, Elmer AlexanderAdair; Knox1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Murphy, R. HAdair; Knox1872-73; 1874-75
Northcutt, Lillie LeeAdair; Knox1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Smith, L. BAdair; Knox1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Cleveland, Artie KellerAdair; Lewis1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Noel, BerthaAdair; Lewis1890-91; 1894-95; 1897-98
Sears, Edward NelsonAdair; Lewis1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ingraham, J. EAdair; Lincoln1874-75; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Orr, Alice [Allie] MAdair; Lincoln1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1879-80
Loftus, Dessie RosettaAdair; Livingston1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Allen, VennieAdair; Macon1890-91
Caldwell, LissieAdair; Macon1870-71
Ketcham, Clarence NasonAdair; Macon1894-95; 1895-96
Linville, Robert NeelyAdair; Macon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Sprinkle, S. TAdair; Macon1872-73; 1874-75
Dodson, Lottie EllenAdair; Macoupin, IL1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Collins, W. WAdair; Marion, KS1878-79; 1881-82
Reyner, Mary EAdair; Moniteau1876-77
Laudram, J. EAdair; Randolph1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Bookout, MollieAdair; Schuyler1876-77; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Byrn, T. CAdair; Schuyler1875-76; 1882-83
Carter, Charles FrancesAdair; Schuyler1889-90; 1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96
Lind, Orrin HenryAdair; Schuyler1892-93; 1893-94; 1896-97; 1897-98
Harbert, Elma LeoneAdair; Scotland1897-98; 1898-99
Thompson, Mary CathernAdair; Vermillion, IL1896-97; 1897-98
Patterson, CarrieAdair;? Clay, KS1886-87; 1887-88
Alexander, Charles SAdams, IL1876-77; 1878-79
Anderson, JuliaAdams, IL1874-75
Barton, G. EdwardAdams, IL1873-74
Brothers, G. AAdams, IL1871-72
Chinn, FAdams, IL1878-79
Collins, E. HAdams, IL1873-74
Cory, H. EAdams, IL1882-83
Craig, C. HAdams, IL1874-75
Curry, Ella GraceAdams, IL1896-97
Curry, Harvey TylerAdams, IL1896-97
Dean, W. FAdams, IL1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Earhart, EffieAdams, IL1882-83
Eshorn, WAdams, IL1876-77; 1877-78
Hutcheson, Verna LeotaAdams, IL1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
James, WalterAdams, IL1877-78; 1880-81
Judy, W. WAdams, IL1873-74; 1874-75
McAdams, EmmaAdams, IL1871-72
McAdams, F. MAdams, IL1871-72; 1874-75
McAdams, J. FAdams, IL1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
McAdams, J. WAdams, IL1870-71; 1871-72
McAdams, T. JAdams, IL1872-73
McAdams, W. CAdams, IL1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1875-76
McKay, D. FAdams, IL1877-78; 1878-79
McNay, C. RAdams, IL1877-78; 1878-79
McPhaill, J. SAdams, IL1870-72; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Miller, J. WAdams, IL1875-76
Phelps, LottaAdams, IL1887-88; 1888-89
Pierce, FredAdams, IL1887-88
Pierce, JohnAdams, IL1881-82; 1882-83
Pierson, J. WAdams, IL1875-76
Polling, BarzillaAdams, IL1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Prendergast, Mary AAdams, IL1880-81
Riley, J. AAdams, IL1879-80; 1882-83; 1884-85; 1885-86
Riley, J. FAdams, IL1879-80; 1880-81; 1883-84
Rowe, L. GAdams, IL1874-75
Rowland, JulianAdams, IL1874-75; 1875-76
Rust, Lafaun CharlesAdams, IL1898-99; 1899-1900
Sauble, WilliamAdams, IL1882-83
Shank, V. HAdams, IL1876-77
Shank, W. HAdams, IL1874-75; 1876-77
Smith, GeorgeAdams, IL1882-83
Thomas, L. EAdams, IL1879-80
Van Dyke, B AAdams, IL1872-73; 1873-74
Witt, Delia AAdams, IL1883-84; 1886-87
Worley, WAdams, IL1880-81
Thomas, W. TAdams, IL; Adair1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Barton, JohnAdams, IL; Boone1873-74; 1875-76
Weeks, GracieAdams, IL; Hancock, IL1874-75; 1876-79; 77-78; 1878-79
Musgrove, MaryAetna, MO1868-69
Woods, E. S.Aetna, MO1868-69
Woods, MollieAetna, MO1868-69
Woods, SenieAetna, MO1868-69
Ressegnie, Adelaide BAlameda, CA1896-97
Porter, Hallie LAlbany, WY; Lake, CO1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1878-79; 1879-80
Kellogg, ChloeAllamakee, IA1876-77
Mathews, David BoggsAllegheny, PA1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
LeFevre, J. PAllen, IN1875-76
Pring, J. RAllen, IN1876-77
Adkins, ElizaAndrew1872-73; 1875-76
Adkins, H. HAndrew1875-76
Adkins, MargaryAndrew1872-73; 1875-76
Armstrong, AngieAndrew1870-71
Bailey, Oscar BAndrew1896-97
Beattie, John ClayborneAndrew1894-95
Bowman, AnnieAndrew1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Bradfield, Charles GervaseAndrew1897-98; 1898-99
Clark, I. MAndrew1873-74
Clark, J. AAndrew1873-74
Clark, J. HAndrew1889-90
Clark, James PorterAndrew1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Clark, John HeadAndrew1891-92; 1896-97
Clark, L. AAndrew1873-74
Clark, S. MAndrew1873-74
Coffman, Silas AndrewAndrew1894-95
Edwards, S. FAndrew1881-82
Edwards, W. MAndrew1881-82
Eppler, DrusillaAndrew1873-74
Forsee, C. GuyAndrew1894-95
Fox, Thomas WesleyAndrew1897-98; 1898-99
Gamble, R. HAndrew1887-88
Gardner, H. SAndrew1872-73; 1873-74
Gregory, R. KAndrew1875-76
Hatcher, James WalterAndrew1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1898-99
Howard, Vessie EAndrew1895-96
Howell, AAndrew1873-74
Huffman, Edwin EarlAndrew1894-95; 1895-96
Hunter, WAndrew1871-72; 1872-73
Jackson, MartinAndrew1881-82
Knappenberger, G. LAndrew1889-90
Larrabee, FilmoreAndrew1876-77
Larrabee, J. AAndrew1877-78
Lewellen, A. MAndrew1876-77
Lewellen, Andrew MAndrew1876-77
Mackie, T. WAndrew1877-78
Moran, SAndrew1873-74
Pendleton, J. RAndrew1873-74
Petree, L. EAndrew1884-85; 1887-88; 1890-91
Petree, LizzieAndrew1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Petree, Louis EdwardAndrew1891-92
Petree, MarthaAndrew1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96; 1896/97
Petree, McDonaldAndrew1889-90; 1890-91
Petree, Oran AdrianAndrew1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96; 1896-97
Pettyjohn, RAndrew1873-74
Piper, EmmaAndrew1895-96
Popplewell, LelahAndrew1896-97
Reece, J. DAndrew1879-80; 1880-81
Saunders, EllaAndrew1874-75
Smith, A. JAndrew1873-74
Smith, F. MAndrew1874-75
Smith, G. WAndrew1873-74; 1874-75
Smith, John SAndrew1881-82
Smith, John WAndrew1881-82
Spicer, C. WAndrew1875-76
Spicer, D. CAndrew1899-1900
Steeby, A. LAndrew1885-86
Townsend, H. SAndrew1875-76
Townsend, Lilah OAndrew1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
White, JAndrew1875-76; 1876-77
White, J. RAndrew1873-74; 1875-76
Boyd, Walter ScottAndrew; Audrain1891-92; 1896-97
Smith, E. FAndrew; Lafayette1872-73; 1874
Field, JennieAntelope, NE1883-84
Aldridge, John TAppanoose & Davis, IA1882-83; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1889-90
Baker, B FAppanoose, IA1871-72
Baker, WilliamAppanoose, IA1873-74
Baughman, LibbieAppanoose, IA1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Baughman, Libbie AAppanoose, IA1871-72; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Baughman, Louisa AAppanoose, IA1871-72
Baughman, MattieAppanoose, IA1872-73
Baughman, S. AAppanoose, IA1871-72
Brayman, Flora EAppanoose, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Brown, EmmaAppanoose, IA1872-73
Carson, BiddleAppanoose, IA1874-75
Carson, I. BAppanoose, IA1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Carson, LizzieAppanoose, IA1879-80; 1880-81
Carson, MallieAppanoose, IA1878-79
Carson, RuthAppanoose, IA1874-75
Carson, RuthAppanoose, IA1881-82
Cochrane, U. LAppanoose, IA1899-1900
Corson, MattieAppanoose, IA1872-73
Croft, James FranklinAppanoose, IA1896-97; 1898-99
Cullison, J. BAppanoose, IA1881-82
Faucett, FloraAppanoose, IA1888-89; 1890-91
Gale, Bessie EdnaAppanoose, IA1897-98
Gibson, EmilyAppanoose, IA1877-78
Harvey, Mary MAppanoose, IA1873-74
Henderson, GeorgiaAppanoose, IA1884-85
Holbrook, IdaAppanoose, IA1873-74
Holbrook, Perry SAppanoose, IA1873-74; 1875-76
Jackson, OllieAppanoose, IA1877-78; 1880-81
Laird, J. W. WAppanoose, IA1881-82; 1882-83
Leseney, EmmaAppanoose, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Lewis, Emma LouiseAppanoose, IA1896-97
Lewis, LouiseAppanoose, IA1899-1900
Logan, S. LAppanoose, IA1871-72; 1872-73
Martin, C. LAppanoose, IA1899-1900
May, HattieAppanoose, IA1871-72; 1872-73
McAdams, LouellaAppanoose, IA1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
McAdams, Nettie RAppanoose, IA1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Murdy, NewtAppanoose, IA1899-1900
Neighswanger,? Z. BAppanoose, IA1881-82
Parks, Debbie MAppanoose, IA1872-73
Philips, Mary AAppanoose, IA1885-86
Richardson, RosieAppanoose, IA1872-73; 1874-75
Rogers, Doc FAppanoose, IA1895-96
Smith, J. EAppanoose, IA1881-82
Stephens, J. EAppanoose, IA1874-75
Vaughn, SadieAppanoose, IA1871-72
Willard, NettieAppanoose, IA1874-75; 1876-77; 1977-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Williams, C. HAppanoose, IA1873-74
Williams, Janie [Jennie]Appanoose, IA1874-75
Wilson, PAppanoose, IA1876-1877
Withers, FannyAppanoose, IA1870-71
Baughman, R. EAppanoose, IA; Davis, IA1878-79; 1880-81
Bates, Mary EmmaAppanoose, IA; Grundy1894-95; 1897-98
Brassfield, MollieAppanoose, IA; Putnam1872-73; 1875-76
Stephens, Josephine [Josie]? IAppanoose, IA; Schuyler1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Earheart, W. PArmstrong, PA1876-77
Jamison, Gertude EArmstrong, PA1890-91
Barnes, Suzanne [Susie]Atchinson1898-99; 1899-1900
Boettner, WilliamAtchison1883-84
Holliway, C. LAtchison1874-75
Jones, Mary LAtchison1882-83
Lewis, GrantAtchison1881-82
Marlatt, DellaAtchison1892-93
McCollister,? W. WAtchison1879-80; 1880-81
Ray, JessieAtchison1898-99
Rider, EttaAtchison1879-80
Sly, Henry OAtchison1881-82
Small, W. LAtchison1899-1900
Stafford, IdaAtchison1885-86; 1889-90; 1890-91
Stafford, JohnAtchison1889-90
Stafford, MaryAtchison1885-86
Steele, J. JAtchison1882-83; 1884-85
Steele, John JAtchison1881-82; 1882-83
Steele, RobertAtchison1878-79
Steele, Robert RAtchison1878-79; 1880-81; 1881-82
Sutton, Mary BAtchison1883-84
Thomas, TillieAtchison1884-85
Thompson, EdaAtchison1891-92
Thompson, W. AAtchison1881-82
McGinnis, Martha TillieAtchison; Page, IA1893-94; 1895-96; 1896-97
Armstrong, W. G.Atlanta, MO1868-69
Briston, MollieAtlanta, MO1868-69
Dunnington, R. H.Atlanta, MO1868-69
England, JuliaAtlanta, MO1868-69
Goodding, W. A.Atlanta, MO1868-69
Lyda, G. C.Atlanta, MO1868-69
Lyda, I. D.Atlanta, MO1868-69
McQuary, J.Atlanta, MO1868-69
Alford, NannieAudrain1875-76; 1876-77
Barneby, Edgar AustinAudrain1890-91
Barnes, James MAudrain1883-84
Barnes, LAudrain1878-79
Barr, J. WAudrain1880-81
Beal, JohnAudrain1876-77; 1879-80
Berrey, Forest CecilAudrain1898-99
Betts, Annie LourieAudrain1895-96
Bishop, Annie MAudrain1873-74
Bowman, EAudrain1874-75
Bowman, M. RAudrain1874-75; 1875-76
Bowman, WAudrain1874-75
Bowne, AliceAudrain1884-85; 1886-87; 1888-89
Boyd LouellaAudrain1895-96
Boyd, H. CAudrain1885-86
Boyd, James ThomasAudrain1898-99
Boyd, JohnAudrain1888-89; 1889-90
Boyd, WalterAudrain1885-86; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Bradford, KateAudrain1891-92
Brashear, J. GAudrain1876-77; 1877-78
Brashear, J. JAudrain1876-77; 1877-78
Brashear, John CAudrain1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Brown, Jennie MAudrain1883-84
Brown, MyrtleAudrain1887-88; 1889-90
Brown, NettieAudrain1893-94
Browning, Hugh BlaydesAudrain1898-99; 1899-1900
Burch, R. LAudrain1890-91
Burch, Robert LAudrain1889-90
Burgdorf, EmmaAudrain1886-87
Burkey, Charles AndrewAudrain1894-95
Cannada, A. WAudrain1884-85
Carroll, ClaraAudrain1887-88; 1888-89
Carter, T. PAudrain1871-72
Cauthorn, Benjamin FranklinAudrain1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Cauthorn, WilliamAudrain1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Chinn, R. DAudrain1878-79
Clark, JohnAudrain1887-88
Clark, William HenryAudrain1893-94; 1896-97
Coakley, Nora MayAudrain1896-97; 1897-98
Coffer, JeanAudrain1889-90
Coons, WilliamAudrain1874-75
Coss, William TaylorAudrain1893-94
Creamer, EllaAudrain1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Culdwell, J. JAudrain1887-88
Culwell, J. HermanAudrain1889-90
Cunningham, J. HAudrain1874-75
Dalby, ArvillaAudrain1897-98
Darlington, Mary EthelynAudrain1895-96
Davis, S. MAudrain1876-77
DeTienne, Frederick BenjaminAudrain1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
DeTienne, Harvey [Harry] GregoryAudrain1896-97; 1897-98
DeTienne, John AntoyneAudrain1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
DeTienne, Lottie MayAudrain1896-97; 1897-98
DeTienne, LouiseAudrain1894-95
DeTienne, Mary LouiseAudrain1897-98
Dingle, C. EAudrain1871-72; 1872
Douglas, J. WAudrain1873-74
Douglass, H. RAudrain1886-87
Douglass, JennieAudrain1889-90
Douglass, LouAudrain1889-90
Downing, Mary SAudrain1886-87; 1887-88
Downing, S. WAudrain1887-88; 1888-89
Duncan, Cynthia AAudrain1880-81
Duncan, GeorgeAudrain1880-81
Duncan, NannieAudrain1883-84; 1884-85
Duncan, NannieAudrain1888-89
Edmondson, AddieAudrain1890-91
Edwards, C. WicliffAudrain1883-84
Eller, LillieAudrain1888-89; 1889-90
Eller, VannieAudrain1888-89; 1889-90
Eller, W. SAudrain1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Ellis, S. DAudrain1874-75; 1875-78
Ely, CallieAudrain1878-79
Ely, Callie PAudrain1878-79; 1879-80
Evans, AdaAudrain1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Everett, M. LAudrain1877-78; 1878-79
Farrington, Frank BertieAudrain1893-94
Fentem, BelleAudrain1888-89
Ferris, JennieAudrain1888-89
Fountain, Lorena MaudeAudrain1898-99; 1899-1900
Fox, Martha BelleAudrain1898-99
Fuller, Ella MarieAudrain1896-97
Fuller, Ezra TivisAudrain1896-97; 1897-98
Gass, John PAudrain1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Gebhart, Oliver CrockettAudrain1896-97
Gentry, TandyAudrain1889-90; 1890-91
Gentry, Tandy EAudrain1891-92
Gibbs, MayAudrain1883-84
Given, Nettie MaudeAudrain1890-91
Givens, FannieAudrain1891-92; 1892-93
Givens, SallieAudrain1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Gooch, E. SAudrain1890-91
Gray, Nellie ElizabethAudrain1894-95
Grigsby, DollieAudrain1895-96
Grigsby, Edna EarleAudrain1889-90
Grigsby, SallieAudrain1894-95
Harris, Frank GainsAudrain1891-92
Harrison, HellenAudrain1883-84
Harrison, LoutieAudrain1874-75
Harrison, MaryAudrain1872-73
Harrison, Mollie VAudrain1872-73; 1874-75
Hendrix, AliceAudrain1880-81; 1885-86
Hill, J. WAudrain1871-72; 1873-74
Holloway, Russell EdwardAudrain1898-99; 1899-1900
Hook, James ArthurAudrain1891-92; 1894-95; 1895-96
Jenkins, W. HAudrain1880-81; 1881-82
Johnson, J. TAudrain1871-72; 1872-73
Johnson, MinnieAudrain1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Johnson, T. JAudrain1871-72
Keith, S. FAudrain1895-96
Kennen, MaudAudrain1899-1900
Kernan, Lida HAudrain1888-89
Kimball, EllaAudrain1887-88; 1889-90
Kimball, LizzieAudrain1887-88
Kimball, MinnieAudrain1888-89; 1889-90
King, W. NAudrain1899-1900
Kirk, LesterAudrain1899-1900
Kirkpatrick, AnnaAudrain1891-92
Kirkpatrick, FlorenceAudrain1891-92; 1892-93
Kirkpatrick, Florence LAudrain1888-89; 1890-91
Kirkpatrick, MollieAudrain1888-89
Kriffendorf, Maria EAudrain1879-80
Laird, G. MAudrain1876-77
Lake, Allie BAudrain1887-88
Lake, O. WAudrain1891-92
Lake, Otis WAudrain1889-90
Layne, AnnaAudrain1891-92
Leachman, MattieAudrain1875-76
Lee, ArthurAudrain1895-96
Leechman, MattieAudrain1875-76
Littrell, LillianAudrain1898-99
Littrell, MollieAudrain1885-86; 1886-87
Logan, HeughAudrain1873-74
Logan, W. HAudrain1874-75
Long, MariaAudrain1884-85
Long, May FannieAudrain1896-97
Maddox, NannieAudrain1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Madison, G. KAudrain1874-75; 1879-80; 1880-81
Maxwell, Jessie GertrudeAudrain1896-97; 1897-98
McAllister C. CAudrain1886-87
McAllister, Clara BelleAudrain1886-87
McAllister, SAudrain1886-87
McDonald, S. EAudrain1882-83; 1883-84
McGee, Bert CyrusAudrain1896-97; 1897-98
McGee, Frank LeeAudrain1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
McGee, Mary EAudrain1887-88; 1888-89
McIntyre, H. FAudrain1891-92; 1892-93
McIntyre, Harvey FAudrain1890-91
McIntyre, Harvey FranklinAudrain1894-95
McNama, W. DAudrain1880-81
Miller, Jenny GerardAudrain1893-94
Montgomery, FloraAudrain1888-89
Moore, Blanche BeatriceAudrain1897-98
Moore, GeorgeAudrain1874-75
Moss, Alice MayAudrain1895-96
Moss, R. KAudrain1873-74
Naylor, George PAudrain1883-84
Naylor, JoellaAudrain1885-86
Naylor, MollieAudrain1883-84; 1887-88
Norman, ThomasAudrain1885-86
Overbaugh, IdaAudrain1884-85
Patterson, Edwin SAudrain1889-90
Patton, Foyd DAudrain1884-85
Petty, Lena MabelleAudrain1892-93; 1896-97; 1898-99
Petty, MattieAudrain1896-97
Pinnell, Z. WAudrain1871-72; 1873-74
Pool, J. KAudrain1879-80
Poole, Mattie VAudrain1890-91
Potts, R. AAudrain1878-79
Powell, LidaAudrain1889-90
Powell, LydaAudrain1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Pulis, William DavidAudrain1898-99
Rebman, L. RAudrain1889-90; 1890-91
Rebman, L. RossAudrain1891-92
Reed, Ella JAudrain1885-86; 1886-87
Rice, Ruth AAudrain1875-76
Rickman, NannieAudrain1888-89
Roberts, Ada BurgieAudrain1895-96;? 1986-97
Roberts, BertAudrain1886-87; 1887-88
Roberts, Cyrena AudreyAudrain1896-97
Roberts, IAudrain1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Roberts, IsomAudrain1883-84; 1884-85
Roberts, Lucy EAudrain1885-86; 1888-89
Rogers, C. DAudrain1874-75; 1878-79
Rose, M. AliceAudrain1889-90; 1890-91
Sansberry, Claude WilliamAudrain1898-99; 1899-1900
Sansberry, Perry OliverAudrain1898-99; 1899-1900
See, S. CAudrain1899-1900
Settle, MattieAudrain1876-77
Shea, Alice GAudrain1887-88
Shell, F. MAudrain1879-80
Sickels, BellAudrain1899-1900
Sickels, BelleAudrain1889-90
Sims, Minnie BellAudrain1898-99; 1899-1900
Slaughter, W. FAudrain1872-73
Stolle, MinnieAudrain1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Sullinger, LindaAudrain1886-87
Sullivan, MaryAudrain1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Sutherland, R. EAudrain1880-81
Tapley, John WAudrain1896-97
Thompson, O. MAudrain1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Tinder, C. RAudrain1884-85
Torreyson, MargaretAudrain1888-89
Tuggle, William HAudrain1876-77
Turner, G. CAudrain1882-83
Turner, LicaAudrain1884-85
Turner, MaryAudrain1886-87
Turner, S. MAudrain1888-89
Ward, DAudrain1872-73
Whaley, Althea LenaAudrain1896-97
Wheat, AnnaAudrain1884-85
Wheeler, Mattie CAudrain1886-87
White, EvaAudrain1884-85; 1886-87; 1887-88
White, LizzieAudrain1887-88
Wilhite, Robert SAudrain1898-99
Woodland, LenaAudrain1888-89
Wright, StellaAudrain1886-87; 1888-89
Eller, James BurtAudrain; Adair1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Morris, NannieAudrain; Adair1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76
Petree, J. EAudrain; Andrew1886-87; 1889-90; 1890-91
Show, Marshall MAudrain; Boone1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Sprague, HattieAudrain; Boone1877-78; 1878-79
Bane, F. PAudrain; Callaway1874-75; 1878-79
Sturgeon, H. HAudrain; Montgomery1887-88; 1888-89
Bramel, E. MBarton1878-79
Dudgeon, NevaBarton1891-92
Jackson, Maggie JBarton1893-94
Jones, JohnBarton1877-78
McLaughlin, R. PBarton1879-80
Jones, J. PBarton, Putnam1878-79; 1882-83
Jones, J. PBarton; Franklin1877-78; 1878-79
Jones, John PBarton; Franklin1877-78
Shelton, Z. BBarton; Franklin1877-78
Chambers, EttaBates1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Chambers, JamesBates1890-91
McClement, KateBates1893-94
Nichols, HattieBates1892-93
Wauchope, George EBeaver, OK1892-93
Houser, BelleBeaver, OK Terr1892-93
Reed, Robert ScottBeaver, PA1896-97
Edwards, Charles RichardBenton1897-98
Edwards, Dora MayBenton1897-98
Harrington, E. ABenton; Macon1877-78
Fletcher, BartonBloomfield, IA1868-69
Nelson, Harriette AugustaBlue Earth, MN1898-99
Dunn, W. LBollinger1874-75; 1875-76
Stephens, EmmaBollinger1884-85
Turner, MattieBollinger1884-85
Angell, W. HBoone1874-75; 1875-76
Arnold, W. ABoone1876-77; 1877-78
Asbury, PearleBoone1888-89
Asbury, R. PBoone1888-89; 1889-90
Baker, JamesBoone1883-84
Barnes, William WayneBoone1894-95; 1897-98
Barton, LeviBoone1875-76
Bell, G. WBoone1875-76; 1876-77
Berry, IdaBoone1874-75
Berry, LucyBoone1888-89
Berry, MillardBoone1874-75
Boyd, H. CBoone1886-87
Boyd, Walter MBoone1886-87; 1887-88
Bradley, J. HBoone1891-92
Bratton, N. VBoone1890-91
Bright, EdBoone1890-91
Bright, Edgar BBoone1891-92
Brown, ArchieBoone1890-91
Brown, EmmaBoone1874-75; 1877-78
Bryan, R. PBoone1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Carpenter, Kate HurtBoone1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Carr, Willard ThomasBoone1895-96; 1896-97; 1896-97
Carter, Clay LBoone1899-1900
Carter, Ewell MartinBoone1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Cleeton, HollisBoone1895-96
Conner, ObieBoone1889-90
Cravens, J. LBoone1874-75
Crews, Fannie LeeBoone1881-82
Crews, Joseph HBoone1884-85
Dimmitt, G. WBoone1875-76
Dyer, GeorgiaBoone1889-90
Edwards, MaryBoone1870-71
Eubank, MaudeBoone1887-88
Fisher, LouBoone1880-81
Forrest, J. TBoone1874-75
Fountain, BeulahBoone1898-99
Fountain, JosephBoone1874-75
Fray, MaryBoone1898-99
Gentry, FannyBoone1870-71
Gooch, Laura MayBoone1892-93
Green, H. LBoone1890-91
Green, Harry LincolnBoone1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96
Green, LuluBoone1892-93
Green, Mary LuluBoone1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Greene, MillieBoone1898-99
Haden, LauraBoone1882-83
Haden, SusieBoone1882-83
Hall, L. JBoone1873-74
Hall, Maggie WBoone1873-74
Ham, JennieBoone1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Hamilton, Edward RBoone1890-91
Harris, David DBoone1896-97
Hazel, S. RBoone1876-77
Head, Irby JamesBoone1892-93
Hendrix, Aubrey PlydeBoone1896-97
Hersman, AnnieBoone1879-80; 1880-81
Hocker, MaryBoone1891-92; 1892-93
Hocker, Mary EBoone1890-91
Holmes, MaggieBoone1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Hombs, W. TBoone1884-85
Hulen, A. CBoone1873-74
Hulen, F. PBoone1877-78; 1878-794
Hulen, G. LBoone1877-78
Hulen, Ida M, MrsBoone1877-78; 1878-79
Hulen, W. DBoone1873-74
Ivie, JamesBoone1888-89; 1889-90
Jones, Claude MatthewBoone1897-98; 1898-99
Jones, Espry ColemanBoone1897-98; 1898-99
Jones, Martha Curtis LeeBoone1898-99
Jones, Mary EvelynBoone1897-98
Jones, Nannie CBoone1887-88; 1889-90
Jones, Nannie?Boone1892-93
Jones, T. HBoone1887-88
Kelley, John GBoone1882-83; 1883-84
Kelley, Nettie RBoone1881-82
King, EmmaBoone1890-91
King, James WilliamBoone1893-94
Long, C. FBoone1884-85
Long, Sallie MaudeBoone1893-94
Lynes, Rella PBoone1874-75; 1876-77
Marquette, FannieBoone1879-80
Mayes, Orpheus FBoone1891-92
McClanahan, B H?Boone1884-85
McIntire, Eliza CBoone1880-81
Miller, Andrew JBoone1883-84
Miller, GeorgeBoone1876-77
Miller, MaryBoone1876-77
Milliken, James EBoone1889-90
Murray, NettieBoone1889-90
Neilson, AnnaBoone1880-81
Neilson, Thomas PBoone1880-81; 1881-82
Pehle, SedinaBoone1880-81; 1882-83
Petty, B FBoone1873-74
Pigg, W. RBoone1888-89
Pollard, RosaBoone1884-85
Proctor, James WoodsonBoone1891-92
Quisenberry, CBoone1875-76
Quisenberry, RifeBoone1874-75
Reed, G. MBoone1882-83
Reid, G. MBoone1882-83
Reid, Laura EBoone1881-82
Reid, R. LBoone1889-90
Rice, J. RBoone1874-75; 1875-76
Riggs, BarbaraBoone1886-87
Roberts, BurgieBoone1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89
Roberts, C. ABoone1887-88
Roberts, D. LBoone1878-79; 1879-80; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Roberts, J. BBoone1874-75; 1878-79
Robinson, GeorgiaBoone1896-97
Robinson, M. TBoone1888-89
Robinson, Robert RoyBoone1896-97; 1897-98
Robinson, William LeslieBoone1896-97
Rowland, Shewd BrentBoone1897-98
Sames, J. RBoone1875-76
Sames, KatieBoone1875-76; 1876-77
Searcy, EdnaBoone1891-92
Searey, Stella PBoone1888-89
Seymour, ChloeBoone1898-99
Seymour, Olia EthelynBoone1898-99
Shelmutt, AnnaBoone1886-87
Smith, Kirtley MillerBoone1894-95
Sneed, Rosa LBoone1876-77
Stebbius, EvaBoone1883-84
Stephens, J. LBoone1882-83
Strode, Roy ClaudBoone1896-97/3,4
Sturgeon, T. HBoone1882-83
Toalson, Cynthia GentryBoone1898-99; 1899-1900
Tucker, Bennie RiggsBoone1898-99
Turner, Carrie NorthcuttBoone1894-95; 1897-98
Turner, FannieBoone1881-82; 1882-83
Turner, GBoone1882-83
Turner, Lucy LBoone1881-82; 1882-83
Turner, Lucy?Boone1882-83; 1885-86
Vallandingham, L. MBoone1879-80
Warner, W. ABoone1873-74; 1874-75
White, EmmaBoone1886-87; 1887-88
White, J. CBoone1886-87
White, J. WBoone1887-88
White, Jannette RichardsonBoone1897-98; 1898-99
White, MillieBoone1888-89
White, Virginia LouiseBoone1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Wilhite, AlmaBoone1899-1900
Willis, BeccaBoone1878-79
Woods, Patrick SeymourBoone1894-95; 1895-96
Woods, W. WBoone1895-96
Wright, Emma SBoone1884-85
Younger, D. ABoone1890-91
Pool, G. EBoone; Audrain1877-78; 1878-79
Maddox, EllaBoone; Cooper1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Sturges, SeldonBottsville / Meadville, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Botts, A.Bottsville, MO1867-68
Harvey, F.Bottsville, MO1867-68
Harvey, G.Bottsville, MO1867-68
Harvey, GeorgeBottsville, MO1867-68
Hawkins, C. DBourbon, KS1875-76
Trotter, Willie EBourbon, KS1873-74
Edwards, W. BBoyle, KY1886-87
Warwick, JBrookfield, IA1875-76
Jacques, R. HBrown, IL1877-78; 1878-79
McPherson, AnnaBrown, IL1882-83
McPherson, Anna MBrown, IL1880-81; 1882-83
McPherson, SueBrown, IL1882-83
Cornelison, J. FBrown, KS1876-77
Cornelison, R. WBrown, KS1876-77
Iles, W. GBrown, KS1884-85
Maupin, C. MBrownsville1874-75
Taliaferro, J. HBrownsville1874-75
Alexander, LourenaBuchanan1891-92
Benight, Mabel ClareBuchanan1896-97
Brown, AmyBuchanan1897-98
Browne, AmyBuchanan1891-92; 1893-94; 1896-97
Chambers, Robert HBuchanan1886-87
Devors, EffieBuchanan1883-84
Dysart, AnnaBuchanan1875-77; 1878-79
Dysart, JuliaBuchanan1892-93
Dysart, LudieBuchanan1874-75
Dysart, MaudeBuchanan1883-84
Gray, Nellie MBuchanan1895-96
Greene, F. MBuchanan1878-79
Kerns, JeffersonBuchanan1887-88
Lower, J. WBuchanan1877-78
Martin, MollieBuchanan1885-86
Maxwell, AnnaBuchanan1873-74
Mitchell, Eva FBuchanan1881-82
Myers, E. SBuchanan1875-76; 1876-77
Myers, H. KBuchanan1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1880-81
Ramme, MinnieBuchanan1889-90; 1890-91
Shull, RenaBuchanan1880-81
Shull, Rena MBuchanan1884-85
Stanton, JessieBuchanan1895-96
Thomas, RalphBuchanan1888-89
Wade, Lou MBuchanan1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Wagenseller, T. HBuchanan1872-73
Waller, J. HBuchanan1881-82
Watkins, W. HBuchanan1875-76
Rogers, WarrenBuchanan; DeKalb1897-98; 1899-1900
Nickerson, J. T.Bucklin, MO1867-68, 68-69
Long, Henry CButler, NE1881-82; 1883-84
Boyd, S. B.Butler, PA1867-68, 69-69
Alden, G. WCaldwell1879-80; 1880-81
Barlow, D. WCaldwell1878-79
Brown, EmmaCaldwell1885-86
Carr, B FCaldwell1875-76
Cash, R. SCaldwell1871-72
Crockett, Ellen JCaldwell1897-98; 1898-99
Crockett, G. RCaldwell1899-1900
Edwards, Nancy PriscillaCaldwell1897-98
Evans, EllaCaldwell1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Fields, CaddieCaldwell1884-85; 1887-88; 1888-89
Fields, MyrtleCaldwell1887-88
Gilmore, Nellie SCaldwell1880-81
Gordon, Eva Lee RoyCaldwell1897-98
Graer, FannieCaldwell1882-83; 1884-85; 1885-86
Grear, LillieCaldwell1884-85
Harper, Myrtle MayCaldwell1893-94; 1894-95
Keely, MaryCaldwell1885-86; 1888-89
Knoch, SusieCaldwell1875-76
Lamson, NettieCaldwell1897-98
McDaniel, GeorgiaCaldwell1883-84
McDaniel, MollieCaldwell1883-84
McVeigh, M. ECaldwell1885-86; 1886-87
Morgan, AnnaCaldwell1883-84
Murphy, Lizzie BeatriceCaldwell1883-84; 1884-85
Orem, A. JCaldwell1874-75
Pawsey, MattieCaldwell1884-85
Pease, AdaCaldwell1875-76
Plumb, Belle MCaldwell1886-87
Plumb, Rose MCaldwell1898-99
Price, Minnie LuluCaldwell1898-99
Stokes, AnnaCaldwell1877-78; 1878-79; 1884-85
Stokes, Cassie ACaldwell1879-80
Voorhis, WilliamCaldwell1871-72
Walker, Charles EdwardCaldwell1893-94
Walker, DanaCaldwell1874-75; 1875-76
Walker, HamiltonCaldwell1875-76
Walker, PearlCaldwell1893-94
Walling, IdaCaldwell1881-82
Ward, NettieCaldwell1890-91
Welsh, GraceCaldwell1897-98
Wright, EllenCaldwell1886-87
Downing, W. ACaldwell; Sullivan1877-78
Rundell, Alice MCalhoun1879-80
Dowling, B. P.Callao, MO1868-69
Gates, J. G.Callao, MO1868-69
Gates, W. H.Callao, MO1868-69
Mears, E.Callao, MO1868-69
Sears, W. S.Callao, MO1868-69
Adair, J. WCallaway1888-89
Adair, MattieCallaway1879-80
Allen, KatieCallaway1879-80
Allen, M. BCallaway1882-83
Allen, MollieCallaway1879-80; 1882-83
Atkinson, LillyCallaway1888-89
Austin, J. HCallaway1882-83; 1884-85
Austin, MaryCallaway1884-85; 1885-86
Austin, Z. HCallaway1881-82; 1882-83
Baken, CoraCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Baker, Katie HCallaway1883-84
Bane, H. SCallaway1879-80
Bantley, Hattie GCallaway1887-88
Barker, MaryCallaway1897-98
Bartley, Mattie ImogeneCallaway1895-96; 1896-97
Bartley, RuthCallaway1894-95
Beaven, Elmo HoltCallaway1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Beckley, Rubena EmilyCallaway1891-92; 1897-98
Bedsworth, LamarCallaway1896-97
Bedsworth, LizzieCallaway1891-92; 1893-94; 1896-97
Bedsworth, MattieCallaway1883-84
Bedsworth, SallieCallaway1891-92; 1896-97
Bedsworth, TCallaway1880-81
Bell, MorgieCallaway1880-81
Berry, John WalterCallaway1891-92; 1892-93
Black, MaryCallaway1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Blackburn, Cordie AlderaCallaway1893-94
Blackburn, T. BCallaway1878-79
Blackwell, E. ECallaway1879-80
Blackwell, Z. TCallaway1878-79
Boles, J. WCallaway1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Booth, W. LCallaway1882-83
Booth, Willie LCallaway1882-83
Boulware, J. WCallaway1888-89
Boyes, Elry MonroeCallaway1896-97
Boyes, Laura LCallaway1899-1900
Boyes, Marion AllisonCallaway1893-94; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Boyes, William BellfieldCallaway1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Bradley, EnaCallaway1890-91
Bradley, James RCallaway1871-72; 1873-74; 1874-75
Bradley, LulaCallaway1890-91
Bradley, S. PCallaway1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85; 1885-86
Bradley, Sarah FCallaway1874-75
Bradley, TulahCallaway1892-93
Brooks, E. FCallaway1876-77
Brooks, Ed FCallaway1876-77
Brooks, MattieCallaway1898-99
Brooks, Thomas JCallaway1888-89
Brother, ClaudeCallaway1888-89; 1889-90
Brothers, Claudius ShawCallaway1890-91
Brown, B DCallaway1877-78
Brown, Sarah FCallaway1874-75
Buckner, Grace ParkerCallaway1894-95
Buckner, LizzieCallaway1888-89
Burdette, Gabriel FrankCallaway1891-92; 1895-96; 1897-98
Burt, M. ECallaway1876-77
Burt, N. RCallaway1889-90
Bush, E. FCallaway1886-87; 1889-90
Calbreath, C. DCallaway1877-78
Caldwell, AnnieCallaway1888-89
Caldwell, MaryCallaway1877-78
Callaway, WilliamCallaway1885-86
Callaway, William LeeCallaway1890-91, 1891-92; 1892-93
Carrington, Emma FCallaway1878-79
Carrington, W. TCallaway1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Cave, John ClevelandCallaway1895-96
Colvin, Emmett NewtonCallaway1897-98
Comer, R. LeeCallaway1886-87
Conley, J. BCallaway1874-75
Conley, XantippieCallaway1874-75
Corne, NevilleCallaway1889-90
Corne, Neville, Mrs.Callaway1888-89; 1890-91
Craghead, ClarenceCallaway1898-99
Craghead, CordeliaCallaway1894-95; 1895-96
Craig, C. HCallaway1879-80; 1880-81
Craig, SallieCallaway1874-75
Craighead, Lonzo KeenCallaway1897-98
Craighead, Luther ECallaway1885-86
Craighead, T. ACallaway1890-91
Craighead, Thomas AustinCallaway1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Crane, B RCallaway1876-77; 1877-78
Crane, MinnieCallaway1889-90
Curry, J. JCallaway1890-91
Curry, William BrandonCallaway1890-91; 1894-95; 1895-96
Davis, CattialeneCallaway1897-98
Davis, James VadaCallaway1893-94; 1896-97
Davis, MarkCallaway1885-86
Davis, OwenCallaway1886-87
Dicus, Irene MCallaway1884-85
Douglass, J. CCallaway1899-1900
Duley, W. HCallaway1874-75; 1875-76
Dunham, H. NCallaway1884-85
Dunlap, J. WCallaway1891-92
Dunlap, John WileyCallaway1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Dutton, LizzieCallaway1879-80
Edgar, L. MCallaway1880-81
Eller, Frank ECallaway1891-92; 1893-94
Elly, T. WCallaway1874-75
Ewens, C. MCallaway1877-78
Ewens, M. DoraCallaway1873-74
Ewens, Maggie ACallaway1873-74
Fait, Harvey FrancisCallaway1898-99
Faulkner, A. SCallaway1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Faulkner, Andrew SamuelCallaway1896-97; 1897-98
Fenley, SusieCallaway1871-72
Ferguson [Fergison], AnnaCallaway1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Finley, SusieCallaway1871-72
Fisher, Bertie BCallaway1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Fisher, LouCallaway1882-83
Fisher, LulaCallaway1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83
Fisher, Lula TCallaway1884-85
Fox, Alfred MorrisCallaway1895-96; 1896-97
Garrett, Wesley PearlCallaway1892-93; 1893-94
Gibbs, MaryCallaway1880-81
Gilman, EllaCallaway1889-90
Gilman, Thomas WilliamCallaway1894-95
Gooldy, Maude AlbieCallaway1897-98
Gosnell, ClancyCallaway1885-86
Green, I. MCallaway1874-75
Gregg, AdaCallaway1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Griffin, LizzieCallaway1882-83
Griffin, WCallaway1880-81
Griffith, LizzieCallaway1882-83
Guthrie, C. PCallaway1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
Guthrie, F. WCallaway1876-77; 1879-80; 1881-82
Guthrie, JessieCallaway1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Guthrie, John WhartonCallaway1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Guthrie, S. BCallaway1882-83; 1884-85; 1885-86
Hall, AbbieCallaway1890-91
Hall, C. HCallaway1877-78; 1878-79
Hall, C. MCallaway1878-79; 1879-80
Hall, Ella FCallaway1879-80; 1880-81
Hall, Monterey LesterCallaway1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Halley, GeorgieCallaway1885-86
Halley, Thomas H. JrCallaway1888-89
Halman, FannieCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Ham, D. MCallaway1880-81
Hamilton, GeorgeCallaway1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Hensley, Narcissa SusanCallaway1898-99
Herring, DolorCallaway1893-94
Herring, JosephCallaway1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Herring, Nannie JaneCallaway1897-98
Higgins, S. ACallaway1872-73
Hodges, BettieCallaway1889-90
Holland, W. KCallaway1899-1900
Holman, Fannie ECallaway1889-90
Holman, Mary PCallaway1890-91
Holt, A. PCallaway1890-91
Holt, Claud TCallaway1899-1900
Holt, FannieCallaway1890-91
Hord, L. RCallaway1889-90; 1890-91
Hord, William Richard [Willie]Callaway1889-90; 1890-91
Humphreys, Egbert RCallaway1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Humphreys, James CCallaway1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Humphreys, Lulu CraigCallaway1898-99
Humphreys, W. ECallaway1887-88
Hutton, Minerva ECallaway1879-80
Hyden, MollieCallaway1890-91
Jamison, Albert HCallaway1872-73; 1874-75
Jamison, Erving BCallaway1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Jamison, George ECallaway1873-74; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1886-87
Jamison, S. NCallaway1877-78
Jamison, W. FCallaway1877-78; 1878-79
Johnson, Josie ACallaway1877-78; 1878-79
Jones, North EastCallaway1878-79
Jones, South WestCallaway1877-78
Kelsoe, I. RCallaway1888-89
Kemp, W. PCallaway1886-87; 1887-88
Kemper, J. ACallaway1889-90; 1892-93
Kennett, William DCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Kimbell, Lemuel ParkerCallaway1897-98
King, MamieCallaway1880-81
Knight, J. WCallaway1873-74
Ladman, Charles JosephCallaway1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Laws, Althea BCallaway1887-88
Lea, Frank HeathCallaway1894-95
Longley, CharlesCallaway1889-90; 1890-91
Lovelace, D. BCallaway1877-78
Lynes, William LCallaway1890-91
Lynes, William LesterCallaway1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Maloney, MargaretCallaway1892-93; 1894-95
Martin, AllieCallaway1888-89
Martin, LellaCallaway1897-98
Martin, MalzendCallaway1871-72
McAfee, AnnaCallaway1893-94
McCall, AliceCallaway1886-87
McCall, James MCallaway1890-91
McCall, LillieCallaway1880-81
McCall, NannieCallaway1881-82; 1886-87
McCue, DCallaway1879-80
Meng, MaryCallaway1875-76; 1876-77
Moore, ArthieCallaway1873-74
Moore, LucyCallaway1886-87
Moore, Nannie ACallaway1886-87
Moore, P. ECallaway1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Moore, William SCallaway1884-85; 1885-86
Moseley [Mosely], J. WCallaway1882-83
Mosely, Mary JuanitaCallaway1896-97; 1897-98
Mosley, AlliceCallaway1885-86
Murray, NettieCallaway1878-79
Nevins, C. DCallaway1888-89
Nevins, Cordie EllingtonCallaway1893-94; 1895-96
Nichols, AllieCallaway1896-97
Nichols, Herschel JCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Nichols, ICallaway1876-77
Nichols, M. LCallaway1878-79
Nichols, OletaCallaway1899-1900
Nichols, R. PCallaway1876-77; 1877-78
Nichols, W. HCallaway1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Nichols, W. RCallaway1885-86
Noland, Cora CCallaway1890-91
Ogan, Josephine FCallaway1897-98
Oliver, EllaCallaway1874-75; 1875-76
Oliver, J. WCallaway1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
Oliver, John Wilfey?Callaway1891-92; 1893-94
Olivers, J. RCallaway1879-80
Osgood, O. FCallaway1891-92
Padgett, J. ACallaway1889-90
Padgett, James TressieCallaway1894-95
Padgett, Joseph AustinCallaway1891-92
Pasley, A. SCallaway1877-78; 1878-79
Pasley, AliceCallaway1885-86
Pasley, BelleCallaway1888-89; 1889-90
Pasley, Ida KCallaway1878-79
Payne, J. BCallaway1882-83
Peery, DellaCallaway1893-94
Pemberton, J. NCallaway1882-83
Pemberton, James NCallaway1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1882-83
Perry, Della MCallaway1887-88
Peters, N. BCallaway1876-77
Powell, CCallaway1878-79; 1879-80
Powell, SallieCallaway1885-86
Pugh, John MorganCallaway1891-92; 1893-94
Pulliam, IdaCallaway1889-90
Ramsey, EmmaCallaway1876-77
Ratekin, P. ECallaway1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Renoe, C. BCallaway1879-80
Robinett, ThomasCallaway1895-96
Rodman, MCallaway1879-80
Rogers, James MCallaway1882-83
Rogers, John HenryCallaway1897-98
Roots, SallieCallaway1874-75; 1875-76
Ross, J. HCallaway1876-77
Sallee, M. MCallaway1875-76; 1876-77
Sallee, R. FCallaway1879-80; 1880-81
Sanders, Elijah WedenCallaway1892-93; 1893-94
Sanders, WedenCallaway1891-92
Sarton [Sartor], LenaCallaway1882-83
Scott, Osmond DudleyCallaway1895-96
Selby, J. WCallaway1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Shiffler, Charles FranklinCallaway1896-97
Smith, Ella DoraCallaway1893-94
Smith, Mamie BertieCallaway1893-94
Smith, Mary BCallaway1884-85; 1891-92
Smith, May BCallaway1886-87
Spanherst, J. FCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Stephens, F. MCallaway1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Stephens, PaytonCallaway1889-90
Stokes, EmmaCallaway1899-1900
Stokes, MoslyCallaway1888-89; 1890-91
Suggett, S. PCallaway1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Swon, NellieCallaway1880-81
Tarr, RobbieCallaway1890-91
Taylor, Britton PayneCallaway1889-90; 1980-91; 1892-93; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Taylor, EulahCallaway1892-93
Thompson, BettieCallaway1890-91
Thompson, Bettie RolandCallaway1893-94
Townsend, FannieCallaway1876-77; 1877-78
Truitt, Robert SCallaway1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Truitt, W. JCallaway1879-80; 1881-82
Truitt, W. TCallaway1880-81; 1881-82
Underwood, E. HCallaway1899-1900
Vaughter, JennieCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Vaughter, R. HCallaway1887-88; 1888-89
Vaughters, E. SCallaway1879-80; 1880-81
Vickroy, NannieCallaway1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Viers, Anna BCallaway1875-76
Walker, Allison ACallaway1875-76
West, G. WCallaway1879-80
Wible, William AlexanderCallaway1893-94; 1894-95
Wilkenson, O. MCallaway1888-89
Wilkerson, L. DCallaway1879-80
Wilkerson, Otho MCallaway1886-87; 1887-88
Williamson, W. JCallaway1887-88
Wilson, VeCallaway1893-94; 1895-96
Womack, JamesCallaway1882-83
Womack, James WCallaway1882-83
Wood, Blanche ACallaway1884-85
Wood, E. SCallaway1877-78
Wood, F. PCallaway1882-83
Woodson, A. RCallaway1887-88
Wright, Nathaniel CelsusCallaway1891-92
Yates, Mattie VirginiaCallaway1894-95
Yates, Orville FordCallaway1896-97
Thurmond, NannieCallaway County, MO1868-69
Maloney, LizzieCallaway?1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Arnold, M. DCalloway1881-82
Goff, MaggieCalloway1887-88; 1888-89
Johnson, Kate MayCalwell1892-93
Carter, E. MCamden1888-89
Carter, ZellaCamden1870-71
Hensley, F. LCamden1871-72
Lay, MaggieCamden1870-71; 1871-72
Lay, MariaCamden1870-71; 1871-72
Burford, CarrieCape Girardeau1873-74
Burford, D. LCape Girardeau1873-74
Burford, J. SCape Girardeau1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Henry, Nelson BCape Girardeau1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76
Henry, V. B?Cape Girardeau1877-78
Johnson, T. RCape Girardeau1873-74
Miller, EmmaCape Girardeau1874-75
Miller, G. WCape Girardeau1874-75
Miller, W. JCape Girardeau1873-74
Russell, J. ECape Girardeau1876-77
Stevenson, H. WCape Girardeau1879-80
Thompson, L. MCape Girardeau1874-75; 1875-76; 1875-76
Thompson, MinnieCape Girardeau1874-75
Holt, NannieCape Girardeau; Randolph1877-78; 1878-79
Miller, SidneyCarrol1882-83
Adams, Lou TCarroll1889-90
Alt, Charles FranklinCarroll1897-98
Batchelor, William TCarroll1892-93; 1893-94
Bedell, Charles EdgarCarroll1890-91
Benson, BobCarroll1898-99
Billingsley, BelleCarroll1885-86
Brandom, C. FCarroll1871-72
Brown, LoulaCarroll1883-84
Campe, WilburCarroll1874-75
Carey, Joel RobbCarroll1894-95
Carle, AmeliaCarroll1879-80
Cason, Mattie ECarroll1889-90
Chun, Ota CampbellCarroll1891-92; 1892-93
Clemm, Gene ClintonCarroll1898-99
Cole, S. CCarroll1876-77
Cramer, Cornelius OctaviusCarroll1895-96; 1896-97
Creel, John SCarroll1883-84
Creel, W. RCarroll1871-72
Cresswell, R. WCarroll1874-75
Cross, AddieCarroll1885-86
Daugherty, Daniel EdwardCarroll1890-91
Dearmin, EllaCarroll1896-97
Demint, Mary WillieCarroll1890-91
Demint, MollieCarroll1888-89; 1891-92; 1892-93
Demint, PriceCarroll1888-89; 1889-90
Dulaney, B CCarroll1883-84
Dulaney, O. RCarroll1881-82
Dulaney, SCarroll1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Dulaney, W. PCarroll1880-81; 1881-82
Duvall, W. SCarroll1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Earp, James JCarroll1887-88; 1888-89
Gorman, Claude DCarroll1891-92; 1892-93
Graves, J. JCarroll1871-72
Gregory, Turner GreenCarroll1898-99
Hamilton, HoraceCarroll1889-90
Harper, B FCarroll1885-86
Haughey, F. ECarroll1881-82
Heryford, Charles AlbertCarroll1898-99; 1899-1900
Holderman, Virginia SueCarroll1895-96; 1896-97
Hood, Mary TennesseeCarroll1891-92
Johnson, May?Carroll1892-93
Jones, S. JCarroll1883-84
Judd, R. TCarroll1882-83; 1883-84
Kenton, CCarroll1873-74
Kenton, FCarroll1876-77
Kenton, FranklinCarroll1876-77
Kile, G. WCarroll1880-81
Kinnaird, W. LCarroll1870-71
Lewis, J. MCarroll1880-81
Lozier, CCarroll1877-78; 1878-79
Magee, A. MCarroll1880-81
Magee, MCarroll1879-80
Marple, G. ACarroll1888-89
Mayfield, D. VCarroll1881-82
Mayfield, LottieCarroll1880-81; 1881-82
Mayfield, WCarroll1880-81
McDaniel, S. O?Carroll1871-72
Minton, L. JCarroll1882-83
Ogle, C. ECarroll1899-1900
Pflager, ClaraCarroll1899-1900
Pitts, S. DCarroll1886-87
Pitts, W. OCarroll1886-87
Quillin, LinaCarroll1892-93
Quisenberry, LCarroll1870-71
Robbins, EffieCarroll1886-87
Roberts, MidaCarroll1885-86
Roberts, SunieCarroll1899-1900
Rose, William PollerCarroll1898-99
Sharp, LauraCarroll1882-83
Sharp, Lura ECarroll1882-83
Smart, MCarroll1880-81
Smart, N. MCarroll1883-84
Smart, RCarroll1880-81
Smart, S. DCarroll1878-79; 1879-80
Soyier, Clay ECarroll1878-79
Sprouse, NathanCarroll1899-1900
Steadly, AnnieCarroll1878-79
Steele, Ida FCarroll1876-77; 1879-80
Steele, L. MCarroll1880-81; 1881-82
Swank, J. WCarroll1880-81; 1881-82
Taylor, WCarroll1882-83
Timmons, JosiahCarroll1877-78
Traughber, WilliamCarroll1893-94; 1895-96
Trotter, J. WCarroll1870-71; 1871-72
Trotter, Mary ACarroll1871-72
Welch, O. TCarroll1879-80
Wheeler, Claude MCarroll1889-90; 1890-91
Winfree, MollieCarroll1871-72
Woods, C. ACarroll1883-84
Scott, AtheliaCarroll, IA1895-96
Beaty, Sallie AileenCarroll, IL1881-82
Baird, ConnerCarroll, KY1876-77; 1877-78
McDaniel, G. ECarroll; Andrew1871-72; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Batchelor, W. TCarroll; Harrison1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
McDaniel, E. J.Carrollton, MO1867-68
Throckmorton, T. CCarter, KY1873-74
Briscoe, JennieCass1892-93
Briscoe, PhilCass1892-93
Britt, E. WCass1874-75
Davidson, F. PCass1874-75; 1875-76
Duffield, Bessie ACass1875-77; 1878-79; 1879-80
Halley, MaggieCass1873-74; 1874-75
Holloway, MCass1880-81; 1881-82
Ingrum, Mary ElizabethCass1898-99; 1899-1900
Murdock, JCass1872-73
Kinion, William ParmerCass; Harrison1898-99; 1899-1900
Howell, W. JCattaraugus, NY1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Richardson, EmmaCedar1888-89
Hartupee, W. NCedar, IA1880-81
Shannon, L. B.Central City, MO1867-68
Weaver, MinnieChaffee, CO1881-82
McCorkle, CharlesChampaign, OH1870-71
McCorkle, Ella GChampaign, OH1871-72
Adams, B DChariton1879-80
Adams, J. PChariton1870-71
Adams, R. NChariton1876-77
Agee, W. GChariton1879-80
Andrews, J. OChariton1880-81; 1881-82
Ballew, Joseph ShippChariton1893-94
Bell, Cora NaomiChariton1894-95; 1896-97
Bell, MattieChariton1895-96
Blakely, J. DChariton1889-90
Bogard, FlossieChariton1886-87
Borum, Alice BChariton1881-82
Borum, Ella CChariton1883-84
Bowman, C. HChariton1872-73
Brewer, C. WChariton1880-81
Brown, MurielChariton1898-99
Bruce, H. SChariton1882-83; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Bruce, J. AChariton1884-85
Bruce, W. SChariton1881-82
Burrus, J. CChariton1877-78
Clarkson, Clara BelleChariton1897-98
Colley, A. MChariton1891-92
Colley, A. MarshallChariton1890-91
Colley, J. TChariton1881-82
Colvin, George HenryChariton1897-98
Conrad, William MiltonChariton1895-96; 1896-97
Cord, W. JChariton1880-81
Couch, AnnaChariton1892-93
Couch, I. FChariton1899-1900
Cram, L. MChariton1870-71
Cram, MaudeChariton1895-96
Cravens, C. SChariton1880-81
Crockett, W. EChariton1880-81
Dameron, LauraChariton1876-77
Dameron, MaryChariton1883-84; 1884-85; 1888-89
Dameron, OrlandsChariton1881-82
Daugherty, J. CChariton1889-90
Dawson, C. SChariton1875-76
Dervey, C. FChariton1880-81
Dexter, Alta MChariton1895-96
Drace, W. SChariton1898-99
Dunn, J. EChariton1877-78; 1879-80
Dunn, J. MChariton1883-84; 1884-85
Eiring, CharlesChariton1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Eiring, WilliamChariton1884-85; 1886-85; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Elam, L. AChariton1875-76; 1876-77
Elam, Lidia [Lida]Chariton1876-77
Ellenberger, George WChariton1881-82
Elliot, JesseChariton1873-74
Elliot, S. BChariton1881-82; 1882-83
Elliott, Samuel BChariton1882-83; 1883-84
Emens, MaryChariton1892-93
Eppenly, ReddingChariton1887-88
Fleet, BessieChariton1889-90
Fray, CelestaChariton1890-91
Fray, MarindaChariton1886-87; 1888-89
Gaines, W. PChariton1873-74
Garhart, Clara MChariton1890-91
Gipson, E. HChariton1899-1900
Gordon, CChariton1880-81
Gray, HenryChariton1885-86; 1886-87
Green, William MChariton1890-91
Green, William MartinChariton1891-92
Grubbs, Belle ZChariton1879-80
Grubbs, S. PChariton1879-80
Grubbs, W. SChariton1873-74
Gunn, KateChariton1884-85; 1885-86
Hampton, J. PChariton1873-74
Hardy, George CampbellChariton1896-97
Harper, Eben BrownChariton1893-94; 1894-95
Harper, Sallie LucilleChariton1895-96; 1896-97
Harrisse, OrienneChariton1889-90
Hayes, John BChariton1885-86
Henthorn, MencieChariton1876-77; 1877-78
Hershey, James MChariton1877-78
Hocker, Owen AChariton1889-90
Holman, WilliamChariton1876-77
Houston, LeonaChariton1890-91; 1891-92
Howard, Ida MayChariton1890-91
Howerton, Mary EChariton1873-74
Hurst, CaltinChariton1881-82
Hurt, A. EChariton1886-87
Hutchison, J. RChariton1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Johnson, G. TChariton1871-72; 1872-73
Jones, J. FChariton1898-99
Kahler, John BChariton1873-74
Kelley, Henry JChariton1879-80
Kendall, ClaraChariton1893-94
Keyes, NellieChariton1882-83
Keyes, S. AChariton1882-83
Kincaid, Oral BelleChariton1896-97
Kirkpatrick, James MiltonChariton1897-98
Knight, A. BChariton1873-74; 1874-75
Knight, EChariton1880-81
Knott, S. LChariton1875-76
Lisetor, George ElsworthChariton1896-97; 1897-98
Logan, LauraChariton1876-77
Logan, S. MChariton1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Martin, BelleChariton1873-74; 1876-77
Martin, OccieChariton1876-77
Mathis, LukeChariton1897-98; 1899-1900
Mathis, Mary ElizabethChariton1894-95; 1895-96
Matthews, LaverdaChariton1895-96
Mayhugh, Clyde WarrenChariton1894-95
Mayhugh, Ira TrentChariton1894-95
Mayhugh, Linda FrancisChariton1898-99
Mayhugh, Lloyd ThomasChariton1896-97; 1897-98
Mayhugh, MarthaChariton1899-1900
McDaniel, W. LChariton1873-74
McKenzie, Clara MelvinChariton1898-99
Naylor, J. CChariton1880-81; 1881-82
Parks, P. BChariton1885-86
Plummer, MaryChariton1880-81
Poland, HChariton1871-72
Price, ElinoreChariton1874-75
Richardson, GeorgeChariton1886-87
Riley, Charles WilliamChariton1897-98
Ringer, DoraChariton1886-87
Ringer, J. SChariton1877-78
Roach, J. HChariton1879-80
Robinson, EmmaChariton1872-73
Shands, T. JChariton1874-75; 1875-76
Skinner, J. MChariton1878-79; 1880-81; 1881-82
Skinner, James MChariton1878-79
Smith, B HChariton1870-71
Smith, J. AChariton1881-82
Smith, James FChariton1880-81; 1881-82
Smith, Jennie BChariton1870-71
Snoddy, J. EChariton1889-90
Stanley, J. DChariton1873-74
Stanley, LuLuChariton1878-79
Stanley, M. CChariton1877-78; 1878-79
Stanley, Sabra JChariton1878-79
Stanley, W. CChariton1878-79
Stewart, Luther JohnsonChariton1897-98
Stone, I. NChariton1876-77
Stowers, Frank JosephChariton1895-96
Stutsman, W. GChariton1873-74
Sweeny, W. RChariton1879-80
Taylor, A. EChariton1873-74
Thomas, Charles WChariton1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Tucker, JennieChariton1873-74
Tufts, A. DChariton1873-74
Twyman, WillieChariton1892-93
Van Dyke, B FChariton1871-72
Vance, T. LChariton1873-74
Vandiver, T. WChariton1871-72
Vesh, J. AChariton1886-87; 1887-88
Weatherby, James EdwardChariton1892-93
Weatherly, J. EChariton1889-90; 1890-91
Wetherly, EdwardChariton1887-88
Wiley, AlonzoChariton1896-97
Williamson, JennieChariton1872-73; 1874-75
Williamson, John [Joe] DavisChariton1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Willingham, G. DChariton1870-71; 1876-77
Wilson, J. FChariton1880-81; 1881-82
Withers, AChariton1875-76
Wright, D. HChariton1874-75; 1875-76
Wright, GeorgeChariton1891-92
Wright, J. WChariton1884-85; 1889-90
Wright, MinnieChariton1895-96
Wright, Ruth AChariton1883-84; 1888-89
Wright, WillieChariton1883-84
Yocum, A. CChariton1877-78; 1878-79
Cupp, J. HChariton; Adair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1880-81
McDonald, Maude LChariton; Adair1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
McNay, D. FChariton; Adams, IL1871-72; 1873-74
McNay, M. MChariton; Adams, IL1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Richards, C. CChariton; Carroll; Montgomery1877-78; 1880-81; 1881-82
Drake, W. F?Chariton; Holt1870-71; 1873-74
Schooler, T. PChariton; Ray1888-89; 1889-90
Elder, B.Cherry Grove, MO1868-69
Fogle, ChristopherCherry Grove, MO1868-69
Hoyle, C.Cherry Grove, MO1868-69
Lewis, N. B.Cherry Grove, MO1868-69
Smith, Thomas J.Cherry Grove, MO1868-69
Yount, ACherry Grove, MO1872-73
Crawford, J. SCherry Grove, MO(?)1871-72
Brashear, EmmaChristian1875-76
Holmes, GibsonChristian1873-74
Stelle, James MChristian, IL1899-1900
Logan, S. L.Cincinnati, IA1868-69
May, J. M.Cincinnati, IA1868-69
May, M. A.Cincinnati, IA1868-69
May, S. E.Cincinnati, IA1868-69
Rowland, FredClarence, MO1868-69
Alexander, A. JClark1875-76
Alton, ThomasClark1874-75
Annold, ReubenClark1888-89
Atherton, GeorgeClark1888-89
Baird, A. BClark1887-88
Baird, AndrewClark1882-83
Baird, NettieClark1891-92
Bane, Martin FredrickClark1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Barker, NannieClark1891-92
Barker, S. GClark1891-92
Beaird, MattieClark1889-90
Beucler, GraceClark1899-1900
Beucler, JohnathanClark1899-1900
Blakely, B LClark1891-92
Blakely, NellieClark1889-90
Calvert, Anville Kirby SmithClark1898-99; 1899-1900
Calvert, Oma NewtonClark1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Calvert, Sidney EverettClark1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Carothers, BrittaClark1883-84
Carter, RowenaClark1894-95
Chappell, RannieClark1886-87
Christy, FannieClark1889-90
Clarke, Anna LosieClark1896-97
Crawford, MargaretClark1892-93
Dale, J. WClark1873-74
Davis, Robert HollieClark1895-96
Dickson, DamarisClark1889-90
Donnelly, Anna [Annie] ElizaClark1898-99
Donnelly, DellaClark1898-99
Dorsey, Elbert MiltonClark1898-99
Druse, Cora AgnesClark1894-95; 1897-98
Druse, Ory MayClark1895-97
Dunham, Harvey JClark1889-90
Duty, EloiseClark1899-1900
Duty, MabelClark1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Duty, Mamie EloiseClark1897-98; 1898-99
Dyer, James HarveyClark1897-98
Earley, E. AClark1874-76; 1875-76
Earley, P. TClark1874-75; 1875-76
Edelon, George WalkerClark1892-93; 1893-94
Edmonson, RowenaClark1886-87; 1887-88
Ehrhart, A. GClark1889-90
Ehrhart, J. GClark1883-84; 1884-85
Elder, Walter DClark1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Ellison, Mattie AnnClark1898-99
Erickson, AndrewClark1885-86; 1886-87
Erikson, AndrewClark1880-81; 1881-82
Evers, SusieClark1899-1900
Fahringer, S. J, MrsClark1899-1900
Fairbrother, Rolla LouClark1894-95; 1895-96
Falk, Albert WilliamClark1898-99
Fleshman, Cora AnneClark1894-95; 1895-96
Gilhousen, MabelClark1899-1900
Gordon, Florence [Laurence] LoranahClark1894-95
Grate, WilliamClark1877-78
Green, A. LClark1891-92
Greenleaf, BradClark1898-99
Handlon, L. IClark1899-1900
Harr, Forest DewittClark1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Harr, JennieClark1899-1900
Hause, N. AClark1883-84
Haywood, LenolaClark1898-99
Herdman, Inez EthelClark1893-94
Herdman, Orian DellaClark1893-94
Hesse, R. RClark1888-89
Hight, CharlesClark1882-83; 1883-84
Horn, J. MClark1899-1900
Howell, LClark1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1881-82
Howell, MaryClark1882-83; 1884-85
Howell, Mary JClark1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1882-83
Ingold, ByronClark1896-97; 1897-98
Ingold, LouisClark1894-95
Ingold, OscarClark1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ingold, WarrenClark1894-95; 1897-98; 1898-99
Kapfer, AmeliaClark1891-92
Keester, I. NClark1889-90
Keester, MollieClark1890-91
Keester, R. LClark1883-84
Kiefer, GodlipClark1891-92; 1892-93
King, H. JClark1899-1900
Koffer, AmeliaClark1892-93
LaFranz, William HenryClark1897-98; 1898-99
Lakin, Edgar PierceClark1898-99
Langford, John LewisClark1898-99; 1899-1900
Langford, Lenna LeeClark1898-99; 1899-1900
Lapsley, Marshall ThorpClark1897-98
Loveless, MaudeClark1889-90
Martin, Clara EClark1898-99
Martin, EllaClark1899-1900
Masters, Alvin AsberyClark1893-94
Masters, J. WClark1887-88; 1888-89
Mathews, BerthaClark1899-1900
Mathews, EvettClark1899-1900
Matlick, WalterClark1888-89
McArton, EugeneClark1882-83
McArtor, EugineClark1882-83
McCabe, FlorenceClark1899-1900
McClintock, AlexClark1896-97
McClintock, John YoungClark1896-97
McDaniel, Clarence BurchClark1892-93
McDaniel, NettieClark1883-84
McDonald, HughClark1874-75
Mileham, FlorenceClark1890-91
Mileham, Florence FreelonClark1891-92; 1892-93; 1896-97
Mileham, George EbenClark1894-95; 1895-96
Mileham, William HarveyClark1891-92; 1894-95
Miller, FrancesClark1894-95
Mills, Charles DanielClark1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Mills, HenryClark1893-94
Morey, ElizaClark1872-73
Morris, Mary EClark1891-92
Neff, M. BClark1891-92
Owens, William LymanClark1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Painter, Harry OClark1898-99
Panly, Henry JClark1890-91
Peckham, MinnieClark1889-90
Perry, W. OClark1882-83
Popplewell, T. HClark1874-75
Pribble, Ira MyrtleClark1896-97
Pritchett, G. LClark1883-84
Pugh, Della FlorenceClark1895-96
Raine, GuyClark1892-93
Rathbun, Maude StellaClark1896-97; 1897-98
Reed, SusieClark1882-83; 1883-84
Rex, Louise BartlettClark1895-96
Riley, John WinfieldClark1895-96; 1896-97
Roberts, Charles AClark1899-1900
Roberts, Lewis DillionClark1897-98; 1899-1900
Sappington, Maggie MClark1897-98
Scifers, Richard MomenClark1895-96
Speer, EdmundClark1890-91
Stawley, Soutie HClark1874-75
Stephen, J. SClark1891-92
Stephen, Margaret JClark1899-1900
Stephens, MaggieClark1889-90
Stephens, Marguerite JayneClark1894-95
Stephens, P. RClark1870-71
Stevens, J. CClark1871-72
Stout, James DClark1883-84
Tall, Anna [Annie] EClark1883-84; 1887-88
Tall, J. SClark1889-90
Tall, JosephClark1887-88
Tall, MarieClark1883-84
Thompson, JohnClark1870-71
Toalson, Stella BentonClark1892-93; 1893-94;? 1894-95
Wade, John WesleyClark1894-95
Wade, LewisClark1899-1900
Wade, OpheliaClark1899-1900
Watson, I. NClark1880-81
Whaley, DClark1875-76
Whaley, DavidClark1875-76
Williford, MaudeClark1895-96
Winston, MaryClark1890-91
Winston, MattieClark1890-91
Winston, SadieClark1890-91
Woodruff, Caleb HoratioClark1892-93
Zinn, Ella AviceClark1884-85
Strah, C. EClark, IA1899-1900
Strah, John EClark, IA1898-99; 1899-1900
Gordon, DonahClark; Adair1890-91; 1891-92
Nickell, W. MClark; Adair1870-71; 1871-72
Stevens, H. JClark; Adair1870-71
Calhoun, J. AClark; Shelby1870-71; 1873-74
Verbeck, CharlesClark; Van Buren, IA1893-94; 1894-95
Arnold, W. BClarke1870-71
Aker, James AlbertClay1892-93; 1894-95
Allen, Juliett RClay1887-88
Bagby, R. CClay1871-72
Berry, MinnieClay1897-98
Boettner, J. JClay1875-76
Brown, John DClay1880-81; 1882-83; 1883-84
Chamberlain, E. MClay1875-76
Coates, I. LClay1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Coates, L. BClay1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Coates, W. HClay1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Collins, Charles AClay1886-87
Collins, John TClay1886-87
Crafton, AliceClay1879-80
Craig, LeonaClay1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1897-98
Cravens, S. FClay1884-85
Duncan, J. FClay1877-78
Eberts, CrethClay1885-86; 1886-87
Fritzlen, ThomasClay1876-77; 1877-78
Fry, LeonardClay1899-1900
Griffith, MinnieClay1887-88
Halcomb, H. AClay1883-84; 1884-85
Holmes, EvelineClay1872-73
Holton, James VClay1877-78
Irminger, DrusillaClay1886-87
King, H. HClay1877-78; 1878-79; 1881-82
Marsh, LizzieClay1890-91
Marshall, Alex WClay1880-81; 1881-82
Masterson, S. GClay1891-92
Mathews, B FClay1871-72
McClure, G. WClay1888-89
Morris, BettieClay1875-76
Morton, CrawfordClay1890-91; 1891-92
Morton, JohnClay1883-84; 1884-85; 1887-88
Nance, T. JClay1870-71; 1872-73
Oliver, IsaClay1876-77
Patton, M. GClay1880-81
Petty, FlorenceClay1878-79
Potter, H. EClay1889-90; 1890-91
Rollins, Connie RushClay1891-92
Rollins, Conway BushClay1892-93; 1893-94
Rollins, MaudeClay1891-92
Rollins, William HenryClay1892-93; 1893-94
Sexton, Edna LeeClay1894-95; 1895-96
Sexton, Joseph WilliamClay1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Soper, S. HClay1873-74; 1878-79; 1879-80
Story, Lutie WClay1881-82
Thatcher, DanielClay1890-91
Wade, G. WClay1877-78
Walker, John CorneliusClay1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Wilkerson, AlbertClay1891-92
Wilkerson, BessieClay1897-98
Wilkerson, J. HClay1874-75
Williams, JohnClay1884-85
Williams, S. JClay1885-86
Wilkerson, J. WClay; Adair1871-72; 1876-77
Moreland, S. WClay; Callaway1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78
Gee, D. BClay; Clinton1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Pope, J. RClay; Clinton1874-75; 1876-77
Haught, James ElsworthClayton, IA1897-98
Petit, E. TClearfield, PA1870-72
Smith, H. GClearfield, PA1884-85
Althouse, A. JClinton1877-78
Althouse, H. AClinton1877-78
Auten, A. CClinton1876-77
Auten, W. EClinton1879-80
Ballew, Effie DeanClinton1897-98
Bell, LenaClinton1891-92
Blocher, C. AClinton1891-92 1892-93
Clark, G. AClinton1876-77
Clark, G. JClinton1877-78
Clark, George JClinton1877-78
Cline, D. AClinton1873-74
Cook, SClinton1879-80
Dale, HattieClinton1892-93; 1893-94
Eames, Jean CampbellClinton1897-98; 1898-99
Eberts, J. EClinton1874-75; 1876-77
Eberts, John FClinton1890-91
Eberts, John FranklinClinton1891-92
Eberts, Joseph DClinton1890-91
Eberts, Joseph DillardClinton1891-92
Eberts, R. LClinton1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Estep, E. LClinton1881-82
Estep, WilliamClinton1881-82
Gartin, SarahClinton1876-77
Green, BonnieClinton1891-92
Green, NannieClinton1892-93
Green, Talitha JennieClinton1890-91
Hawkins, EmmaClinton1897-98
Henshaw, J. WClinton1874-75; 1875-76
Henshaw, WClinton1875-76
Holland, John WClinton1882-83
Hopkins, AllenClinton1891-92
Hoyt, Estelle [Stella]Clinton1877-78; 1878-79
Hyden, LauraClinton1877-78; 1878-79
Jamison, J. TClinton1876-77; 1878-79
Keller, AdaClinton1890-91
Marr, John DavisClinton1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Marr, L. DClinton1887-88; 1889-90
McDaniel, A. CClinton1889-90
McKissick, AnnaClinton1898-99
McKissick, MinnieClinton1898-99
Moran, M. MClinton1882-83
Moran, MaryClinton1882-83
Mouser, LizzieClinton1874-75
Peckover, BelleClinton1889-90; 1890-91; 1894-95
Pickett, EvaClinton1876-77
Pickett, J. WClinton1874-75; 1875-76
Pickett, Lela NitaClinton1896-97
Poe, EmmaClinton1889-90
Poe, H. CClinton1873-74
Poe, NellieClinton1889-90
Pope, MadieClinton1876-77
Ray, A. MClinton1876-77; 1877-78
Ray, J. CClinton1880-81
Reed, B AClinton1889-90
Reed, J. AClinton1889-90
Roberts, G. WClinton1876-1877
Seaton, Minnie EClinton1889-90
Seaton, NellieClinton1898-99
Seaton, S. EugeneClinton1890-91
Seaton, S. IClinton1890-91
Seaton, Sylvester EugeneClinton1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96
Shaver, FeliciaClinton1875-76
Shaver, G. WClinton1875-76
Shewey, G. DClinton1889-90
Stonum, Ida MayClinton1893-94
Thompson, Ada EllenClinton1897-98
Thorp, V. PClinton1877-78
Thorp, WilliamClinton1876-77; 1877-78
Tipston, SusieClinton1878-79
Trice, C. WClinton1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Vaughn, George EClinton1892-93
Vaughn, Gertie BClinton1892-93
Waful, LizzieClinton1895-96
Waful, PetClinton1893-94; 1895-96
Wamsley, MattieClinton1880-81
Ward, AlleeClinton1885-86
Warthen, A. CClinton1873-74; 1874-75
Watkins, J. FClinton1873-74; 1874-75
Watson, Charles EmmettClinton1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Winn, J. WClinton1875-76
Word, Albert SClinton1885-86
Zimmerman, AmandaClinton1891-92
Hazard, I. HClinton, OH1871-72
Thomas, Nannie MaideeClinton; Davis, IA1891-92; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Lawrence, MaryClinton; DeKalb1893-94; 1894-95
Covey, Florence AliceCloud, KS1897-98; 1898-99
David, OscarCoffey, KS1889-90
Brown, Nettie HCole1889-90
Conley, J. LCole1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Frederick, F. JCole1876-77
Martin, AvieCole1876-77
Riley, Mary LCole1874-75
Scobern, NellieCole1892-93
Alexander, Charles S. PColes, IL1876-77; 1878-79
Bridges, Mary CColes, IL1873-74
Beach, J. V.Colony, MO1868-69
Spillman, O.Colony, MO1868-69
DeZeng, JosephineCook, IL1897-98
Porter, SallieCook, IL1883-84
Trick, Vera NCook, IL1899-1900
Anderson, T. BCooper1882-83
Boone, LizzieCooper1895-96
Chancellor, MollieCooper1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Davis, D. LCooper1871-72
French, J. SCooper1876-77; 1877-78
Harris, EulaCooper1895-96
Logan, M. SCooper1887-88
Potter, DoraCooper1881-82
Steele, Charles ECooper1890-91
Sands, FenoraCoryell, TX1887-88; 1888-89
Combs, VillaCowley, KS1880-81
Hiller, EmmaCrawford1887-88
Knight, C. ACrawford1889-90
Knight, Charles ArthurCrawford1892-93
Bates, Leona MCrawford, KS1897-98
Buchanan, MattieCrawford, KS1874-75
Davis, F. MCumberland, Nova Scotia1882-83
Davis, T. MCumberland, Nova Scotia1882-83
Blanton, Julia HCumberland, VA1882-83
Cox, MaryDade1880-81; 1881-82
Cox, T. SDade1879-80; 1880-81
Crichet, G. ADade1875-76
Shawver, LauraDallas, TX1882-83
Kerlin, BelleDarke, OH1879-80
Kerlin, EmmaDarke, OH1894-95
Rhotehamel, Roland HarveyDarke, OH1897-98; 1898-99
Schmidt, J. H. WDarke, OH1882-83
Coyner, J. WDavidson, TN1873-74
Mitchell, F. RDavidson, TN1871-72
Hyden, W. BDavies1879-80
Arnold, Charles LowDaviess1896-97
Ashbrook, EdwardDaviess1888-89
Ashbrook, Elmer TerrellDaviess1896-97
Bastoph, W. BDaviess1886-87
Braden, Jesse HomerDaviess1897-98; 1899-1900
Brown, B FDaviess1877-78; 1878-79
Brown, CarrinneDaviess1888-89
Brown, Edgar RDaviess1881-82
Brown, MiriamDaviess1878-79; 1881-82
Bugh, W. TDaviess1881-82
Carter, EzraDaviess1885-86; 1886-87
Cauthorn, E. BDaviess1881-82
Chenoweth, BelleDaviess1878-79; 1882-83
Chenoweth, LizzieDaviess1881-82
Chenoweth, Senora BelleDaviess1878-79
Chenoweth, Walta WinifredDaviess1896-97
Chubbuck, CharlesDaviess1885-86; 1887-88
Doty, Augustus HDaviess1886-87; 1888-89; 1890-91
Doty, Clara BDaviess1890-91
Dowell, WilliamDaviess1887-88
Eastman, F. WDaviess1899-1900
Etter, MabelleDaviess1891-92; 1893-94
Francis, J. WDaviess1879-80
Genung, NettieDaviess1883-84
Gerlack, Andrew MartinDaviess1894-95
Gillilan, Annie FranklinDaviess1897-98
Griffith, MillieDaviess1892-93
Harper, A. EDaviess1884-85; 1885-86
Henry, AlbertDaviess1888-89
Henry, FannieDaviess1888-89
Hensley, C. BDaviess1880-81
Johnson, PatrickDaviess1888-89
Lumpkin, MabelDaviess1899-1900
Maffitt, Allen RDaviess1895-96
Mallory, MinerDaviess1887-88
Malloy, J. MDaviess1886-87
Maris, J. NDaviess1875-76
Markey, LizzieDaviess1874-75
Markey, Rosanna [Rosa]Daviess1875-76
McBrayer, H. NDaviess1874-75
McClure, PinkeDaviess1896-97; 1897-98
McClure, RosaDaviess1897-98
McClure, William ThomasDaviess1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
McLure, RosaDaviess1894-95
Meadows, J. CDaviess1881-82
Merritt, W. LDaviess1877-78
Miller, James ADaviess1885-86; 1886-87
Nance, F. BDaviess1899-1900
Neighswanger, ThomasDaviess1881-82
Pritchard, J. PDaviess1881-82
Pugh, George EDaviess1881-82
Royston, ADaviess1887-88
Royston, AlbertDaviess1881-82
Savage, BelleDaviess1888-89
Savage, C. ADaviess1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Savage, Charles ADaviess1881-82
Savage, FrankDaviess1881-82
Savage, G. NDaviess1890-91
Searcy, E. WDaviess1888-89
Searcy, WesleyDaviess1887-88
Smoote, ErminiaDaviess1873-74
Smoote, LizzieDaviess1874-75
Smoote, MinnieDaviess1874-75; 1875-76
Snodgrass, JohnDaviess1882-83
Snow, Lewis ADaviess1885-86; 1886-87
Snow, Lewis AntwineDaviess1897-98; 1898-99
Stout, ArcusDaviess1896-97
Warford, William AugustusDaviess1896-97
Welker, J. ADaviess1878-79; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1885-86
Wetzel, CordiaDaviess1898-99
Wynne, MollieDaviess1892-93
Phelps, William JDaviess; Caldwell1887-88; 1890-91
Darnielle, E. BDavis1894-95
Drake, H. TDavis1890-91
Leopard, J. CDavis1880-81
Allen, EstherDavis, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Banta, J. EDavis, IA1876-77
Baughman, J. EDavis, IA1879-80; 1880-81
Baughman, J. JDavis, IA1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Baughman, J. SDavis, IA1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Beauchamp, E. DDavis, IA1878-79; 1879-80
Beauchamp, J. HDavis, IA1878-79; 1879-80
Beauchamp, W. EDavis, IA1878-79
Bell, C. HDavis, IA1870-71
Brewster, J. WDavis, IA1875-76
Brewster, S. MDavis, IA1875-76; 1877-78/
Brown, Thomas WDavis, IA1877-79
Bryant, J. CDavis, IA1878-79
Butler, EllaDavis, IA1879-80
Carroll, A. BDavis, IA1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Carroll, B FDavis, IA1878-79; 1882-83
Clark, E. LDavis, IA1870-71, 1874-75
Clark, S. E?Davis, IA1870-71
Clark, V. WDavis, IA1870-71
Collins, IraDavis, IA1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Collins, LinaDavis, IA1880-81; 1881-82
Dabney, T. HDavis, IA1875-76
Davis, EmmaDavis, IA1874-75
De Harte, W. PDavis, IA1871-72
Dooley, ODavis, IA1874-75; 1875-76; 1881-82
Fletcher, B ADavis, IA1873-74
Foster, MaudeDavis, IA1894-95
Guttery, AliceDavis, IA1874-75
Guttery, J. ADavis, IA1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Guttery, W. DDavis, IA1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Hartzler, D. WDavis, IA1877-78
Hastings, D. WDavis, IA1874-75; 1876-77
Henry, J. MDavis, IA1877-78
Hockersmith, James ThomasDavis, IA1894-95
Hutton, J. WDavis, IA1877-78
Jackson, OscarDavis, IA1877-78
King, HerbertDavis, IA1897-98; 1898-99
Lester, J. HDavis, IA1870-71
Lester, W. BDavis, IA1870-71
Lilly, Ethel SnowDavis, IA1897-98
Murphy, C. HDavis, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Peden, James MDavis, IA1874-75
Peden, Mary ADavis, IA1874
Perry, H. HDavis, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Powers, H. CDavis, IA1871-72; 1872-73
Ramage, D. WDavis, IA1870-71
Sawyer, J. LDavis, IA1881-82
Shelton, Alva HDavis, IA1882-83
Shelton, ClayDavis, IA1888-89
Snodgrass, G. WDavis, IA1880-81
Snodgrass, JohnDavis, IA1882-83
Stoffle, J. GDavis, IA1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Stoner, Jeff PeterDavis, IA1895-96
Stoner, Salena ElizabethDavis, IA1896-97
Sutherland, EttaDavis, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Swain, Mitchell BanksDavis, IA1895-96
Tharp, J. HDavis, IA1875-76
Walker, Osa ElizaDavis, IA1898-99
Warnock, Mary HDavis, IA1873-74
Wray, AlmaDavis, IA1892-93
Wray, LolaDavis, IA1894-95
Russell, IraDavis, IA; Adair1886-87; 1887-88
Owen, George WDavis, IA; Macon1876-77; 1877-78
Owen, W. WDavis, IA; Macon1876-77
King, G. W. [W G]Davis, IA; Stoddard1873-74; 1874-75
Russell, J. LDavis, IA;? Adair1886-87; 1887-88
Craig, OlaDecatur, IA1880-81
Foxworthy, O. WDecatur, IA1880-81
Foxworthy, O. W, MrsDecatur, IA1880-81
McGrew, ElizaDecatur, IA1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
McGrew, I. ADecatur, IA1881-82
Miller, ThomasDecatur, IA1883-84; 1884-85
Rathburn, Helen MDecatur, IA1886-87
Springer, Margaret ElizabethDecatur, IA1898-99; 1899-1900
Willis, SarahDecatur, IA1880-81
Davis, LizzieDeer Lodge, MT1883-84; 1884-85
Reed, EdnaDeer Lodge, MT1896-97
Simpson, J. MDeer Lodge, MT1882-83; 1883-84
Atterberry, I. FDeKalb1877-79; 1878-79
Beach, S. S?DeKalb1879-80
Berry, LeeDeKalb1892-93
Browning, James ThomasDeKalb1897-98
Bruce, Richard IrvingDeKalb1892-93
Burline, MinnieDeKalb1894-95
Carpenter, A. MDeKalb1899-1900
Carpenter, George WashingtonDeKalb1897-98; 1898-99
Cook, A. BDeKalb1882-83
Davis, Ella MaeDeKalb1894-95
Davis, LillianDeKalb1894-95
Dawson, DanielDeKalb1887-88; 1888-89
Dawson, O. PDeKalb1880-81
Dawson, W. MDeKalb1875-76
DeHart, William JDeKalb1884-85
Deyerle, Netta GeorgiaDeKalb1897-98; 1898-99
Ellis, LycurgusDeKalb1897-98; 1898-99
Grimm, Jesse RufusDeKalb1897-98
Hale, Joseph MDeKalb1882-83
Hale, Joseph WDeKalb1882-83
Hausam, WilliamDeKalb1899-1900
Heckman, Anna EDeKalb1873-74
Henery, MatthewDeKalb1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Howell, NannieDeKalb1899-1900
Hughes, RolandDeKalb1882-83
Lake, Eugene AmosDeKalb1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Lawrence, W. BDeKalb1889-90
Lyon, John ClarkDeKalb1897-98
Lytte, AnnaDeKalb1884-85
Majors, C. SDeKalb1873-74
Majors, CoraDeKalb1873-74
Mann, John LesterDeKalb1897-98
McCrea, Charles DDeKalb1885-86
McGlauflin, AgnesDeKalb1897-98
McWilliams, John PondDeKalb1896-97
McWilliams, John PowellDeKalb1897-98
Means, Bessie SophiaDeKalb1897-98; 1898-99
Means, Maude MyrtleDeKalb1897-98
Means, Roderick ODeKalb1898-99; 1899-1900
Means, W. FDeKalb1878-79; 1879-80
Meek, BellDeKalb1899-1900
Meeks, B FDeKalb1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Moorman, Julius ClayDeKalb1894-95; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Morton, LulaDeKalb1892-93
Newman, George JDeKalb1890-91
Oberg, CharlesDeKalb1898-99
Oberg, GrantDeKalb1899-1900
Parmell, SallieDeKalb1893-94
Pickett, DoraDeKalb1896-97
Pilcher, U. GDeKalb1887-88
Roush, NellieDeKalb1899-1900
Shumate, A. JDeKalb1874-75
Shumate, MaudeDeKalb1899-1900
Stanford, Velmay VerneDeKalb1895-96
Stanford, William ByronDeKalb1895-96
Stigall, Ernest EugeneDeKalb1898-99
Thompson, LeonardDeKalb1899-1900
Thorton, JepthaDeKalb1887-88
Todd, Ira EDeKalb1887-88; 1890-91
Urban, Fred WagnerDeKalb1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Urban, William ChrisDeKalb1898-99; 1899-1900
Varner, Calla EvelynDeKalb1894-95
White, Mabel ClareDeKalb1897-98
Wyatt, JennieDeKalb1884-85; 1887-88
Norris, BelleDeKalb?1897-98
Urban, Edward GeorgeDeKalb?1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98
Pickett, Edward EllisonDeKalb; Clinton1893-94; 1894-95
Pickett, VenaDeKalb; Clinton1893-94; 1894-95
Morgan, Fred BucknerDeKalb; Monroe1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ludley, ArthurDelaware, IA1896-97
Carrington, BDelaware, NY1879-80
Underwood, Horton FDelaware, NY1891-92
Perham, C. PDelaware, PA1878-79
Savage, Laura MayDelta, CO1897-98
Baker, ThomasDent1876-77
Dougan, MaudeDent1888-89
Lyon, EmmaDent1872-73; 1874-75
Pettigrew, BelleDent1884-85
Withaup, AlmaDent1885-86; 1886-87
Veatch, JoshuaDouglas, KS; Grundy1870-71; 1876-77
Hooper, GeorgeDubuque, IA1879-80
Palmer, J. KDupage, IL; Kane, IL1871-72
Belknap, J.Economy, MO1868-69
Ward, GeorgeEconomy, MO1868-69
Wyatt, ElizabethEconomy, MO1868-69
Rhodes, Russell LouthanEdgar, IL1895-96; 1896-97
Clark, J. G.Edina, MO1868-69
Clemison, SamEdina, MO1868-69
Fulton, F.Edina, MO1868-69
Glenn, MaggieEdina, MO1868-69
Howertown, IsabelleEdina, MO1868-69
Hoye, M. M.Edina, MO1867-68
Hoye, MaryEdina, MO1868-69
Hudson, J. T.Edina, MO1867-68
Maloney, J. L.Edina, MO1867-68
Mason, D. H.Edina, MO1868-69
Seever, A. H.Edina, MO1867-68
Wilson, V.Edina, MO1868-69
Wilson, W.Edina, MO1868-69
Harpham, E. LEffingham, IL1875-76
Harpham, FloraEffingham, IL1875-76
Huffman, William LandonEl Paso, CO1898-99
Adams, AliceElk, KS1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Adams, Mattie BelleElk, KS1898-99; 1899-1900
Adams, Perry HarrisonElk, KS1898-99
Liggett, LottieElk, KS1884-85
Hawkes, S. MErie, NY1875-76
Daman, A. OEugene, IA1876-77; 1877-79
Stevens, J. H.Fairmount, MO1868-69
Stevens, John C.Fairmount, MO1868-69, 69-70
Thompson, J.Fairmount, MO1868-69
Pickler, Madge EmilyFaulk, SD1895-96
Achenback, FredFranklin1881-82
Booth, H. AFranklin1878-79; 1879-80
Booth, R. TFranklin1872-73; 1873-74
Bramel, J. EFranklin1878-79
Bricker, Minerva AFranklin1870-71
Brinker, FannieFranklin1884-85
Brown, A. CFranklin1889-90
Brown, Rebie, MrsFranklin1889-90
Buscher, BenjaminFranklin1882-83
Busher, BenjaminFranklin1882-83
Cheatham, J. WFranklin1876-77; 1877-78
Cheatham, Martha [Mattie] FFranklin1878-79; 1880-81
Cheatham, S. VFranklin1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77
Cheatham, T. CFranklin1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76
Cheatham, W. HFranklin1878-79; 1879-80
Cleve, Katie AFranklin1883-84
Connaly, Monroe TFranklin1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Crowder, EvaFranklin1876-77
Erbschloe, RFranklin1872-73; 1874-75; 1876-77
Helley, Olivia MignonetteFranklin1898-99; 1899-1900
Hurst, J. N. [I U]Franklin1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Johnson, L. AFranklin1872-73
Kiehl, H. GFranklin1885-86
Pehle, SadinaFranklin1882-83
Perrin, A. FFranklin1870-71
Ronald, J. TFranklin1873-74; 1874-75
Specking, B JFranklin1874-75; 1877-78
Specking, H. WFranklin1878-79
Steiner, William LouisFranklin1898-99; 1899-1900
Wallace, MaryFranklin1880-81
Wilkerson, J. TFranklin1877-78; 1878-79
Wilkinson, J. IFranklin1877-78
Wilkinson, J. LFranklin1877-79
Young, Sarah HFranklin1874-75
Denny, Robert BrewerFranklin??1891-92
Cowgill, JosieFranklin, KS1891-92
Cowgill, MaggieFranklin, KS1891-92
Bartlett, KateFremont, CO1878-79; 1879-80
McKeehan, Cora LFremont, CO1893-94
Chappell, O. HFremont, IA1899-1900
Knapp, MargaretFremont, IA1899-1900
Leeke, Clarence OliverFremont, IA1895-96
Walker, Millard GassFremont, ID1893-94
Reasou, Sallie AFremont, WY Terr.1886-87
Edwards, CFugue, MO1875-76
Shumaker, G. AFulton, IL1876-77; 1877-78
Strode, Jesse JFulton, IL1876-77; 1877-78
Strode, HiriamFulton, IL; Carroll, IL1876-78
Cockrill, IrvineGallatin, MT1891-92
Grass, AGasconade1879-80
Neese, Henry EzraGasconade1895-96; 1896-97
Schaumburg, LewisGasconade1877-78
Blacklock, David EltonGentry1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Carter, Mary Kate Cherry AnneGentry1894-95
Combest, Andrew JacksonGentry1894-95
Cranor, C. AGentry1874-75
Grantham, J. DGentry1874-75
Guest, Mary OliveGentry1894-95
Halford, CorneliaGentry1876-77; 1877-78
Hall, ManloveGentry1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78
Hall, SallieGentry1874-75
Hill, RaymondGentry1895-96
Hindman, AliceGentry1874-75; 1875-76
Lowe, J. LGentry1879-80
McConkey, BettieGentry1877-78; 1878-79
McConkey, GeorgeGentry1877-78
McConkey, JennieGentry1881-82
McConkey, SGentry1879-80
McConkey, W. FGentry1881-82; 1882-83
McDermott, J. CGentry1877-78
McKonkey, W. FGentry1883-84
Missemer, I. AGentry1873-74
Morris, GeorgeGentry1875-76
Morris, LizzieGentry1874-75; 1875-76
Power, J. WGentry1877-78
Pryor, Fannie AnnGentry1898-99
Reyner, AnnaGentry1874-75; 1876-77
Reyner, ClaraGentry1873-74; 1874-75
Rice, LauraGentry1886-87
Stephenson, J. HGentry1881-82
Torbert, W. NGentry1876-77
Wilson, H. OGentry1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Winchester, FrankGentry1890-91
Winchester, Frank FGentry1891-92; 1893-94; 1895-96
Reyner, Mary EGentry; Moniteau1873-74; 1876-77
Atteberry, NannieGoodland, MO1868-69
Deeken, JamesGrayson, KY1887-88
Wheeler, Charles WGrayson, KY1873-74
Brown, BelleGrayson, TX1874-75; 1876-77
Rhudy, Leonidas BeecherGrayson, VA1897-98
Lewis, CharlesGreen, IN1889-90
Schmitz, JohnGreen, WI; Sac, IA1877-78
Canada, M.Greencastle, MO1867-68
Custer, J. C.Greencastle, MO1868-69
Meals, G.Greencastle, MO1867-68
Bragg, LGreene1873-74
Bryant, J. CGreene1878-79
Russell LottieGreene1872-73
Turner, E. TGreene1878-79
Amsden, Minnie MGreene, IA1875-76; 1877-78
Amsden, Myra EGreene, IA1875-76; 1877-78
Giller, ThomasGreene, IL1889-90
Giller, W. GGreene, IL1875-76
Giller, W. MGreene, IL1876-77; 1878-79
Giller, William GGreene, IL1875-76
Alexander, Fred WilliamGreene, TN1894-95
Smith, J. CGreene; Sangamon, IL1872-73; 1873-74
Barnett, George W.Greensburg, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Barnett, S. A.Greensburg, MO1867-68
Bruce, MrsGreensburg, MO1868-69
Crawford, M. B.Greensburg, MO1867-68
Crawford, M. M.Greensburg, MO1867-68
Crawford, MaryGreensburg, MO1868-69
Bowen, AbeGreentop, MO1867-68, 68-69
Ely, W. W.Greentop, MO1867-68
Gates, H. E.Greentop, MO1867-68
Gatlin, J. W.Greentop, MO1867-68
Hutchison, J. W.Greentop, MO1867-68
Iles, RobertGreentop, MO1868-69
Sublett, G. W.Greentop, MO1867-68
Sublett, T. E.Greentop, MO1867-68
Alexander, Clara ElizabethGrundy1896-97;1897-98
Alnutt, MattieGrundy1887-88
Anderson, E. RGrundy1882-83
Anderson, J. HGrundy1872-73
Anderson, W. CGrundy1872-73
Arnold, R. BGrundy1879-80; 1881-82; 1884-85
Arnold, W. MGrundy1879-80; 1881-82
Ashbrook, W. RGrundy1887-88
Asher, A. EGrundy1882-83; 1884-84
Asher, B FGrundy1882-83, 1883-84
Asher, Orville OGrundy1895-96
Asher, S. SGrundy1886-87
Atkinson, LenaGrundy1892-93
Atkinson, Sybil AgnesGrundy1854-96
Bailey, Charles EdwardGrundy1896-97
Banta, ClaraGrundy1886-87; 1888-89; 1895-96; 1896-97
Barr, J. CGrundy1882-83; 1884-85
Beck, HughGrundy1897-98
Belshe, Amelia MargaretGrundy1898-99
Belshe, Bert DaleGrundy1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Belshe, ClaudeGrundy1899-1900
Belshe, J. OGrundy1891-92
Belshe, LenaGrundy1892-93
Bevan, MattieGrundy1889-90; 1890-91; 1892-93; 1894-95
Bosley, Anna Rose EllaGrundy1894-95
Boyce, DoraGrundy1894-95; 1896-97
Boyce, LauraGrundy1879-80
Brainerd, LizzieGrundy1886-87; 1888-89; 1889-90
Brainerd, SallieGrundy1887-88
Brown, O. KGrundy1883-84
Brown, Thomas Amerfield [Armfield]Grundy1896-97; 1897-98
Bunnell, J. EGrundy1883-84
Bunnell, James EGrundy1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Burks, Mary PorterGrundy1893-94
Burks, Mollie PGrundy1878-79
Burtch, Hattie MGrundy1886-87
Cabell, HuntieGrundy1883-84
Campsey, J. DGrundy1878-79; 1881-82
Carpenter, Doc FranklinGrundy1896-97
Carpenter, Edward MarionGrundy1892-93
Carpenter, EllaGrundy1896-97; 1897-98
Carpenter, Ora MayGrundy1893-94; 1894-95
Carpenter, S. JGrundy1886-87
Carpenter, William BGrundy1888-89
Cawfsey, J. DgrundyGrundy1878-79
Collins, BashGrundy1898-99; 1899-1900
Collins, JuliaGrundy1899-1900
Colville, Louise EttaGrundy1897-98
Cooksey, ShermanGrundy1888-89; 1889-90
Cooper, A. GGrundy1876-77
Cornwell, A. SGrundy1879-80
Cornwell, A. TGrundy1880-81
Craig, SamuelGrundy1896-97
Crawford, Ella MayGrundy1896-97
Crawford, J. DGrundy1871-72
Dandy, HelenGrundy1892-93
Davidson, Hattie EvaGrundy1891-92
DeLano, BerthaGrundy1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Dillman, Samuel RodgersGrundy1894-95
Dobbins, TGrundy1881-82
Downing, DariusGrundy1890-91
Dudley, Lena MayGrundy1894-95; 1896-97
Dunlap, AliceGrundy1888-89
Dunlap, J. EGrundy1881-82
Dunlap, JessieGrundy1888-89; 1889-90
Eastwood, EmmaGrundy1892-93
Elliott, EGrundy1887-88
Evans, AGrundy1880-81
Evans, C. BGrundy1879-80; 1880-81
Evans, C. CGrundy1885-86
Evans, C. CGrundy1899-1900
Evans, Charles SGrundy1893-94
Evans, InaGrundy1886-87
Evans, MaryGrundy1886-87
Evans, MintaGrundy1894-95; 1896-97
Evans, R. LGrundy1887-88; 1888-89
Fair, FredGrundy1896-97
Fisher, A. EGrundy1880-81; 1881-82
Fisher, DoraGrundy1889-90
Fisher, G. WGrundy1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Fisher, George WGrundy1882-83; 1885-86; 1886-87
Fisher, J. RGrundy1885-86; 1887-88
Ford, EllaGrundy1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Ford, Thomas BGrundy1885-86; 1887-88
Foster, Silas CareyGrundy1893-94
Furtney, Ruth MaggieGrundy1894-95; 1895-96
Garvin, WoodieGrundy1883-84
Gass, E. RGrundy1888-89; 1889-90
Gass, LauraGrundy1893-94
Gass, Preston YoungGrundy1893-94; 1894-95
Gass, SadieGrundy1893-94
Gose, Edee LouisaGrundy1893-94
Gose, Fannie RebeccaGrundy1891-92; 1893-94
Gose, FannyGrundy1890-91
Gose, Samuel DavidGrundy1893-94; 1893-94
Gumm, IsaGrundy1897-98
Hall, WanneeGrundy1899-1900
Harman, AugustGrundy1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Harris, Louis HayesGrundy1895-96
Harris, May EvaGrundy1894-95; 1896-97
Helwig, Kate ErnestineGrundy1894-95
Hendrickson, G. AGrundy1886-87; 1887-88
Herbert, JohnGrundy1881-82
Herbert, T. BGrundy1886-87
Higdon, MamieGrundy1894-95
Hubbell, C. GGrundy1875-76
Hubbell, O. PGrundy1888-89
Huffstutter, C. OGrundy1889-90
Huffstutter, J. LGrundy1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Humphreys, J. CGrundy1899-1900
Humphreys, PaulineGrundy1899-1900
Humphreys, U. GGrundy1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Humphreys, W. GGrundy1881-82
Hunter, EdnaGrundy1889-90
Ingraham, EllsworthGrundy1881-82; 1883-84
Jackson, E. SGrundy1878-79; 1879-80
Jackson, G. TGrundy1885-86
Jones, J. AGrundy1876-78; 1878-79
Jones, J. FGrundy1879-80
Jones, J. TGrundy1883-84
Jones, John AGrundy1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Jones, John AlexanderGrundy1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Jones, MarshaldGrundy1888-89
Keith, Mattie MGrundy1880-81
Kilburn, James TGrundy1883-84
Kincaid, U. GGrundy1886-87; 1887-88
Lane, RalphGrundy1874-75; 1875-76
Leeper, J. EGrundy1872-73; 1874-75
LeHew, Leona GraceGrundy1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
LeHew, NiraGrundy1893-94
Longworth, C. PGrundy1880-81
Longworth, J. DGrundy1880-81
Madden, J. HGrundy1881-82
Matheny, EdwardGrundy1896-97; 1897-98
Mathis, MaryGrundy1899-1900
McDermond, Jennie WheelerGrundy1897-98
McInturff, A. CGrundy1873-74
McKay, G. WGrundy1882-83
McVay, I. JGrundy1883-84
Moberly, Abbie MGrundy1876-77
Mock, MinnieGrundy1889-90
Montgomery, AnnaGrundy1885-86
Moris, WilliamGrundy1882-83
Morris, William MGrundy1881-82; 1882-83
Murphy, Luther FGrundy1897-98
Oberg, CarrieGrundy1888-89
Orth, CelestiaGrundy1878-79; 1879-80
Osborn, Lacke BGrundy1882-83; 1890-91
Osborne, L. BGrundy1882-83
Palmer, Mattie GayGrundy1895-96
Patton, EllaGrundy1893-94
Peery, FlorenceGrundy1878-79
Peery, L. TGrundy1878-79
Peery, MaryGrundy1883-84
Pennell, George EdwardGrundy1893-94
Pollock, AnnaGrundy1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Pollock, G. WGrundy1871-72
Pratt, Carrie ElsieGrundy1897-98
Pratt, W. WGrundy1899-1900
Rench, W. SGrundy1882-83
Rensch, NGrundy1882-83
Robbins, AddieGrundy1876-77
Robbins, AliceGrundy1881-82; 1882-83
Root, LinnaGrundy1879-80
Ross, CharlesGrundy1890-91
Rusk, Anna BelleGrundy1894-95; 1895-96
Rusk, EricGrundy1895-96
Russell, Kittie Ella DeeGrundy1895-96;? 1896-97; 1897-98
Scott, M. PGrundy1880-81
Shelton, Pearly WilbertGrundy1895-96
Skinner, LauraGrundy1891-92; 1893-94
Smith, C. EGrundy1878-79; 1879-80
Smith, EllaGrundy1875-76
Steckman, MaryGrundy1884-85
Stephenson, BettieGrundy1896-97; 1897-98
Stephenson, SchuylerGrundy1889-90; 1890-91
Swank, Weltha BelleGrundy1896-97
Thomas, WalterGrundy1897-98
Torey, CarrieGrundy1883-84
Tracy, Charles FisherGrundy1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Tracy, Tessora VivianGrundy1896-97
Van Horn, JamesGrundy1888-89; 1889-90
Van Horn, NellieGrundy1882-83; 1883-84; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Van Horne, NellieGrundy1891-92
Van Natta, NelsonGrundy1886-87; 1887-88
Vencill, DavidGrundy1895-96; 1896-97
Vencill, FrankGrundy1893-94; 1894-95
Vincill, G. EGrundy1889-90
Walker, Willard GassGrundy1894-95
Warren, BerylGrundy1898-99
Warren, Joseph HarveyGrundy1890-91; 1891-92
Warren, Joseph HenryGrundy1893-94
Webster, CharlesGrundy1889-90; 1890-91
Whan, James HGrundy1882-83
Whan, James WGrundy1880-81; 1882-83
Wiggins, Bertha ElizaGrundy1894-95
Wild, MildaGrundy1893-94
Willis, AliceGrundy1889-90
Wilson, J. WGrundy1882-83
Winters, CharlesGrundy1889-90
Winters, Dessie MGrundy1886-87; 1889-90
Wise, A. CGrundy1886-87; 1887-88
Witten, TompieGrundy1889-90
Wolz, MariaGrundy1886-87; 1887-88
Written, EmmaGrundy1888-89
Wynne, JennieGrundy1883-84
Wynne, MaggieGrundy1894-94
Herbert, W. VGrundy; Adair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Mulford, J. BGrundy; Livingston1872-73; 1873-74
Warner, A. BGrundy; Mercer1873-74; 1878-79
Pratt, Albert BentonGrundy; Sullivan1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Pratt, Elmer ErnestGrundy; Sullivan1896-97; 1897-98
Lang, Clyde DavidGunnison, CO1893-94
Lupton, Jeanette McKeeHamilton, OH1896-97
Bean, H. FHancock1875-76
Hill, J. PHancock1877-78
Bartlett, EverettHancock, IL1891-92
Bowker, William MHancock, IL1884-85
Bray, FloraHancock, IL1882-83; 1884-85
Bray, W. LHancock, IL1882-83; 1884-85
Bray, WilliamHancock, IL1882-83
Clayton, S. HHancock, IL1871-72
Crawford, J. FHancock, IL1873-74
Davis, LHancock, IL1874-75
Edwards, J. SHancock, IL1874-75
Edwards, LauraHancock, IL1886-87
McPheeters, AmandaHancock, IL1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Mills, M. CHancock, IL1871-72; 1872-73
Myers, MaryHancock, IL1875-76
Myers, MollieHancock, IL1879-80; 1880-81
Nutt, IsaacHancock, IL1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Stevenson, AliceHancock, IL1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Stiles, WilliamHancock, IL1883-84
Walker, C. PHancock, IL1875-76
Wiley, M. GHancock, IL1887-88
Winslow, CharlesHancock, IL1883-84
Yoe, LanoraHancock, IL1884-85
Duffie, Lillie AHardin, KY1892-93; 1893-94
Duffie, Warren MHardin, KY1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89; 1889-90
Duffie, Warren MitchellHardin, KY1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Baldwin, CharlesHarrison1897-98
Bondurant, OlneyHarrison1899-1900
Carter, ElmerHarrison1899-1900
Conner, Nancy E, MrsHarrison1879-80
Daily, JohnHarrison1879-80
Davisson, S. PHarrison1880-81; 1882-83
Davisson, SusieHarrison1881-82
Edson, Isaac MHarrison1882-83
Edson, JamesHarrison1881-82
Fair, Clarence EugeneHarrison1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Funk, MarthaHarrison1893-94
Gallatin, James LewisHarrison1896-97
Gatley, VillaHarrison1898-99
Golding, William MerrittHarrison1891-92; 1892-93
Good, JubalHarrison1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Haroff, Nellie GrantHarrison1897-98
Harrison, Coleman BHarrison1896-97; 1897-98
Hoffman, HellenHarrison1883-84
Holmes, Stella?Harrison1891-92
Hook, MyraHarrison1897-98; 1898-99
Kerlin, J. DHarrison1881-82
Kidwell, J. FHarrison1881-82
Kirk, James HHarrison1876-77; 1877-78
Leasonby, CharlesHarrison1881-82
Lewis, AliceHarrison1876-77
Lewis, Alice BHarrison1875-76; 1876-77
Lockwood, S. BHarrison1883-84
Magee, AlbertHarrison1881-82
Magee, J. THarrison1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Magee, James ThomasHarrison1894-95
Magraw, J. AHarrison1880-81
Maple, I. WHarrison1892-93
McGraw, J. AHarrison1881-82
McNamee, M. PHarrison1880-81
Morgan, E. CHarrison1890-91
Morris, Carrie JaneHarrison1896-97
Murphy, StellaHarrison1896-97
Newman, SarahHarrison1876-77
Pearson, FredHarrison1899-1900
Ray, AliceHarrison1889-90
Ray, J. CHarrison1883-84
Rhay, RenaHarrison1882-83
Rolofson, EllaHarrison1882-83; 1885-86; 1886-87
Rolofson, EmmaHarrison1879-80; 1880-81
Ross, A. FHarrison1877-78
Ross, E. CHarrison1877-78
Severe, Eva FrancisHarrison1898-99; 1899-1900
Smith, John WilliamHarrison1898-99
Springer, F. SHarrison1883-84
Tucker, T. OHarrison1881-82
Young, R. RHarrison1880-81; 1881-82
Atchison, THarrison, WV1870-71
Kirk, John RHarrison; Adair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78
Hodge, George EdgarHarrison; Macon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96?
Hawkins, NeppieHarrison; Schuyler1877-78; 1878-79
Cassady, MaryHartford, MO1868-69
Halley, J.Hartford, MO1867-68, 68-69
Pickring, J.Hartford, MO1868-69
Robberts, L. P.Hartford, MO1868-69
Stanley, J. W.Hartford, MO1867-68
Sloan, A. JHarvey, KS1880-81
Sloan, DellaHarvey, KS1880-81
Lewis, JosephHaskill, CO1893-94
Campbell, J. AHenderson, IL1878-79; 1879-80
Churchill, Florence [Flossie] SteeleHenry1893-94; 1894-95
Decker, J. HHenry1881-82
Edmondson, BettieHenry1884-85
Edmondson, DupieHenry1885-86
Garth, Frank MelvilleHenry1897-98
Gathright, Mary EHenry1877-78; 1879-80
Jones, HettieHenry1872-73
Kistler, Hubert DHenry1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
McBeth, JuliaHenry1896-97; 1897-98
Muir, William[son] AllenHenry1890-91
Owen, Frederick BenjaminHenry1893-94
Owen, LauraHenry1882-83
Owen, Lura LeeHenry1882-83
Owen, MaudHenry1893-94; 1894-95
Watson, W. SHenry1881-82
Wiley, Ida LHenry1891-92
Mayor, Sidney MHenry??1890-91
Owen, George HHenry??1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Pomeroy, MaryHenry??1890-91
Wade, BenyHenry??1890-91
Berger, LillianHenry, IA1877-1878; 1878-1879
Watson, J. JHenry, IA1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Collins, HHickory1872-73
Walters, George WHickory, IA1876-77; 1877-78
Alkire, D. SHolt1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Alkire, H. THolt1874-75
Alkire, RachelHolt1879-80
Alkire, S. GHolt1875-76; 1879-80; 1881-82
Clark, E. SHolt1873-74
Coffer, J. CHolt1880-81
Cooper, BelleHolt1881-82
Cooper, FannieHolt1871-72
Cotton, CHolt1879-80
Fields, John AHolt1883-84; 1884-85
Gordon, ClaraHolt1882-83
Gordon, Clara JHolt1882-83
Gordon, G. WHolt1877-78
Gordon, JosephineHolt1880-81
Goslin, Stella MHolt1871-72; 1873-74
Haigler, JennieHolt1881-82
Haigler, MollieHolt1881-82
Hershberger, HHolt1872-73; 1873-74
Hibbard, JamesHolt1872-73
Johnson, EmilyHolt1880-81
Lacy, W. HHolt1881-82
Lott, G. WHolt1879-80
Lunsford, I. HHolt1880-81
Meyer, A. AHolt1878-79
Meyer, G. WHolt1878-79
Miller, S. AHolt1879-80; 1880-81
Minton, Alice JHolt1879-80
Minton, David HamptonHolt1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Minton, J. RHolt1880-81; 1881-82
Minton, Martha JHolt1879-80; 1880-81
Minton, RobertHolt1899-1900
Minton, William HenryHolt1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Minton, ZoeHolt1897-98; 1898-99
Morris, Mattie SHolt1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85
Potter, LydiaHolt1872-73
Riley, Harry LeeHolt1895-96
Rostock, B FHolt1889-90
Rozelle, F. RHolt1884-85
Schaeffer, JosephHolt1885-86; 1886-87
Shephard, SarahHolt1881-82
Shepherd, SarahHolt1882-83
Springer, W. RHolt1872-73; 1873-74
Wilson, J. HHolt1880-81
Wright, W. DHolt1873-74
Davis, E. DHolt; Sullivan1877-78; 1878-79
Burch, T. JHooper, KS1887-88; 1888-89
Alverson, E. MHoward1873-74
Alverson, M. DHoward1873-74
Anderson, W. AHoward1876-77
Andrews, J. FHoward1877-78
Atkins, J. DHoward1878-79
Avery, C. LHoward1889-90
Avery, Calvin LutherHoward1894-95; 1899-1900
Avery, T. WHoward1889-90
Barnett, EttaHoward1871-72
Blakely, CorrineHoward1888-89
Briggs, D. JHoward1876-77
Buoy, FrankHoward1891-92
Cloyd, D. EHoward1884-85
Collier, G. WHoward1874-75
Crawford, EHoward1876-78
Crawford, W. EHoward1879-80
Cresson, S. WHoward1874-75; 1875-76
Daugherty, B FHoward1877-78
Dougherty, B FHoward1878-79; 1879-1880
Ellis, J. THoward1876-77
Finnell, J. WHoward1889-90
Forbes, OliverHoward1884-85
Fray, C. CHoward1874-75; 1875-76
Fray, GHoward1875-76
George, J. CHoward1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Hackley, Alma SophiaHoward1897-98
Hammond, KateHoward1888-89; 1889-90
Hammond, Mary KateHoward1890-91
Harris, OllieHoward1899-1900
Harris, T. PHoward1877-78
Harvey, EHoward1875-76
Harvey, EstillHoward1884-85
Harvey, H. CHoward1883-84; 1885-86; 1887-88
Jackson, StellaHoward1889-90
Kingsbury, E. FHoward1875-76
Kingsbury, J. AHoward1876-77
Kingsbury, Katie LHoward1875-76
Kingsbury, N. JHoward1885-86
Landram, Clara VHoward1898-99
Maddox, MollieHoward1886-87
Markland, Rollie VernonHoward1898-99; 1899-1900
McCall, J. EHoward1875-76
Mirick, NellieHoward1880-81; 1881-82
Morris, J?Howard1871-72; 1876-77
Morrison, SudieHoward1886-87
Pemberton, JamesHoward188-89
Pemberton, Walker ScottHoward1894-95; 1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Potter, G. WHoward1889-90
Potter, OrangeHoward1889-90
Prewitt, MariaHoward1885-86
Prewitt, Mary THoward1882-83
Ratliff, G. NHoward1871-72
Robertson, WilliamHoward1892-93; 1893-94
Rook, OnaHoward1882-83
Root, OrraHoward1882-83
Smith, EvaHoward1888-89; 1889-90
Snyder, H. FHoward1899-1900
Spotts, E. LHoward1879-80
Talbot, MaryHoward1899-1900
Thomson, JohnHoward1884-85
Tindall, NoraHoward1884-85
Walton, Bettie LHoward1886-87
Wayland, WHoward1878-79
Wayland, WilliamHoward1878-79
White, Louis Albert JrHoward1898-99
Wilson, J. DHoward1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Wood, J. WHoward1889-90; 1890-91
Harvey, Eustatia [Statia]Howard; Linn1875-76; 1876-77
Maxwell, KathrynHunt, TX1896-97; 1897-98
Colgate, O. WHuntingdon, PA; Adams, IL1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Heiney, B. F.Idaville, IN1867-68, 68-69
Langley, H. C.Idaville, IN1867-68, 68-69
Herrell, AnnaIL1870-71
Grisson, RoscoeIndian Territory1897-98
Curtis, Florence VIron1880-81
McNail, J. FIron1875-76
Smith, W. JIron1880-81
Tandy, W. HIron1871-72
Boue, Vera JIroquois, IL1899-1900
Adams, FannieJackson1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Beasley, L. EJackson1873-74
Beasley, P. HJackson1873-74
Brackman, IdaJackson1884-85
Briskey, Anna LauraJackson1893-94; 1894-95
Carlat, IdaJackson1877-78
Cox, J. MJackson1880-81; 1881-82
Crowder, S. MJackson1872-73
Crowder, W. DJackson1873-74
DeWitt, J. AJackson1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Dowden, M. S. JrJackson1882-83; 1883-84
Freemyer, EttaJackson1885-86
Gibbs, WJackson1880-81
Greenwood, AdaJackson1880-81
Greenwood, V. HJackson1881-82
King, CoraJackson1880-81
Murphy, J. PJackson1873-74
Odonnell, Miss WillieJackson1890-91
Pearce, Anna BrownJackson1892-93; 1894-95
Peters, MasonJackson1892-93
Pierce, AnnieJackson1893-94
Shepherd, FJackson1893-94
Simes, MyrtleJackson1889-90; 1890-91
Simms, MyrtleJackson1891-92
Sprigg, LizzieJackson1876-77
Treadway, MattieJackson1877-78; 1878-79
Wardner, Julia AlbertsJackson1894-95
Wilkinson, J. LJackson1877-78; 1878-79
Wylie, MinnieJackson1886-87
Bennett, FrankJackson, MI1899-1900
Welch, Henry MadisonJackson; Grundy1892-93; 1894-95
Bowen, J. WJackson; Pike, IL1873-74
McCullough, C.Jacksonville, IL1868-69
Burns, Flora MJasper1873-74
Burns, LuellaJasper1873-74
Butler, NannieJasper1872-73
Paulding, Edwin NewcombJasper1893-94
Smith, G. AJasper1877-79
Smith, R. TJasper1878-79
Wardlow, J. GJasper1881-82
Hurst, M. DJasper, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Hurst, Susie LJasper, IA1873-74
Miller, R. MJasper, IA1872-73
Taylor, AnnieJasper, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Cochrane, MrsJeddo, MO1868-69
Bohne, John CarlyleJefferson1891-92; 1895-96; 1896-97
Boyer, MaryJefferson1899-1900
Buren, LutieJefferson1883-84; 1884-85
Buren, W. PJefferson1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Cape, L. WJefferson1880-81
Dewey, E. GJefferson1873-74
Eaves, Henry TaylorJefferson1895-96
Hearst, DaiseyJefferson1883-84; 1884-85
Kemer, G. EJefferson1890-91
Kenner, George EJefferson1889-90
Luckey, Edwin DJefferson1880-81; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87
Luckey, NellieJefferson1885-86; 1886-87
Luckey, NelsonJefferson1884-85
McMullin, FlorenceJefferson1895-96
Morse, Bessie EJefferson1886-87
Plass, Daniel JJefferson1892-93
Pogue, Martha FredricaJefferson1897-98
Puterbaugh, D. MJefferson1873-74
Rollins, Charles RobertJefferson1896-97
Ruffer, MinnieJefferson1894-95
Williams, Josephie AJefferson1886-87
Gerber, RosaJefferson?1893-94
Hawkins, EdnaJefferson?1899-1900
Hawkins, George LorimerJefferson?1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Hensley, Oliver EarnestJefferson?1895-96
Johnson, Olive LJefferson?1897-98
Bohne, John CJefferson??1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
Hemington, J. LJefferson??1885-86
Herrington, James SJefferson??1887-88
Kenner, W. SJefferson??1887-88
Luckey, E. D, MrsJefferson??1886-87
Anderson, B MJefferson, IA1874-75
Anderson, F. TJefferson, IA1878-79
Baird, JamesJefferson, IA1876-77
Camblin, C. CJefferson, IA1881-82; 1882-83
Droz, Peter JJefferson, IA1886-87
Fleenor, J. GJefferson, IA1874-75
Gillet, E. MJefferson, IA1881-82
Hubbell, Rebecca EJefferson, IA1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Hull, T. EJefferson, IA1876-77
Louden, R. BJefferson, IA1876-77; 1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81
Louden, ThomasJefferson, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Mahon, JennieJefferson, IA1877-78
McCullock, C. TJefferson, IA1880-81
Roth, E. AJefferson, IA1881-82; 1882-83
Sheridan, A. JJefferson, IA1874-75
Slimmer, D. WJefferson, IA1877-78; 1878-79
Stewart, J. MJefferson, IA1877-78
Riggs, WalterJefferson, IN1876-77
Myers, MayJefferson, KY1893-94
Cramb, Mamie EmmaJefferson, NE1898-99
Crebs, Findley RJefferson, PA1892-93
Butterfield, T. JJohnson1874-75
Dunnington, GeorgiaJohnson1884-85
Steele, Mabel MaryJohnson1894-95
Mathews, T. WJohnson; Adair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Jaques, H. C.Judson, MO1867-68
Kaser, L. MKent1881-82
Short, Vinnie CrumKing, WA1898-99
Pendergraft, George WashingtonKiowa, KS1896-97
Davis, O. P.Kirksville / La Plata, MO1867-68, 68-69
Bailey, J. W.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Beeman, M. J.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Beeman, M. L.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Brown, A.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Brown, AnnieKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Burbage, E. L.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Burton, JennieKirksville, MO1868-69
Burton, NannieKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Conner, J. L.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Conner, J. T.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Coop, GideonKirksville, MO1868-69
Coop, MaryKirksville, MO1868-69
Crawford, W. H.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Crawley, S.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Criswell, A. E.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Cullison, George W.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Dodson, B. C.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Dodson, G. W.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Dodson, J. H.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Dodson, J. W.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Dodson, JohnKirksville, MO1868-69
Dodson, L.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Dodson, S. L.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Douglas, S. A.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Eitle, J. F.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Elless, C. P.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Filkins, C. H.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Fluhart, E. C.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Fluhart, Francis M.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Fluhart, H. T.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Fluhart, Nellie T.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Frederick, P. A.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Gardner, A.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Gardner, W.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Gibson, E. W.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Graves, RachaelKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Greenstreet, MinervaKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Harris, FannieKirksville, MO1868-69
Hooper, FannieKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Houpt, A. P.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Lawson, L.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Lawson, M. V.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Link, J.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Mason, C. H.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Mayfield, FannieKirksville, MO1868-69
Mayfield, LukeKirksville, MO1868-69
Mercer, C.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Mercer, JohnKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Mercer, L.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Morris, J.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Nickerson, DellaKirksville, MO1868-69
Nickerson, N. A.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Palmateer, F. N. B.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Parcels, H.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Parcels, J. M.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Parcels, L.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Parcels, M.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Parcels, MaryKirksville, MO1868-69
Parcels, W. E.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Pickler, AmandaKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Pickler, S. A.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Pickler, Samuel M.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Pierce, C.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Polley, C. M.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Rich, E. A.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Rich, EmmaKirksville, MO1868-69
Richey, WarrenKirksville, MO1868-69
Richter, EllaKirksville, MO1868-69
Smith, J. T.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Smith, M.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Smith, M. W.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Snell, S. S.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Sohn, H. C.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Stine, VincentKirksville, MO1867-68, 69-70
Terrell, A. D.Kirksville, MO1868-69
Thatcher, Sue R.Kirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Tucker, C.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Tucker, L.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Wesscher, TillieKirksville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Willis, J. B.Kirksville, MO1867-68
Ackerman, Ella WinonaKnox1896-97
Adams, AKnox1870-71
Adams, Ira DKnox1885-86
Adams, MinaKnox1877-78
Allensworth, J. HKnox1873-74
Anderson, G. WKnox1878-79; 1879-80
Anderson, T. RKnox1887-88
Anderson, W. BKnox1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 180-81
Angus, R. CKnox1874-75
Applegate, Miranda RKnox1872-73; 1873-74
Armstrong, M. LKnox1877-78
Ashby, ElizabethKnox1899-1900
Ashby, N. JKnox1874-75; 1875-76
Atkinson, Charles ArchibaldKnox1897-98; 1899-1900
Atterberry, Anna?Knox1870-71
Bailey, SallieKnox1874-75
Baker, J. TKnox1872-73; 1874-75
Baker, JamesKnox1872-73; 1873-74
Baker, Mary LKnox1875-76; 1876-77
Baker, William HKnox1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Baldwin, CharlesKnox1870-71
Baldwin, Charles MKnox1892-93
Baldwin, FrankKnox1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Baldwin, MaggieKnox1886-87
Baldwin, MollieKnox1886-87
Baldwin, MollieKnox1891-92; 1892-93
Barnes, Edgar ThomasKnox1898-99
Beach, J. VKnox1870-71
Beck, JennieKnox1880-81; 1881-82
Benner, JosephineKnox1894-95; 1895-96
Bigley, JohnKnox1895-96
Bishop, Hettie MayKnox1894-95
Black, ClaraKnox1887-88
Black, HomerKnox1895-96
Black, MayKnox1895-96; 1896-97; 1899-1900
Boling, CKnox1874-75
Boltz, J. TKnox1871-72; 1874-75
Boring, CarrieKnox1899-1900
Boring, MollieKnox1893-94; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Bostwick, Elsie LouisKnox1896-97
Bostwick, RillaKnox1895-96; 1896-97
Botts, ErmineKnox1872-73; 1874-75
Botts, H. TKnox1873-74; 1874-75
Botts, Thomas WilliamKnox1890-91
Bowen, C. WKnox1888-89; 1889-90
Boyd, Alice EKnox1875-76
Boyd, AllieKnox1875-76
Brand, M. FKnox1879-80
Brown, FKnox1873-74
Brown, John GriertKnox1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Brown, NettieKnox1888-89; 1890-91
Brown, Nichell FKnox1896-97
Brown, William IsaacKnox1898-99; 1899-1900
Bryant, JuliaKnox1874-75
Bryant, Russell AugustusKnox1892-93; 1893-94
Bryson, FredKnox1881-82
Bryson, MaudeKnox1887-88
Bryson, Nellie LenoreKnox1894-95; 1895-96
Bryson, SusannahKnox1875-76
Bryson, SusieKnox1875-76
Cain, BerthaKnox1898-99
Calif, J. AKnox1875-76
Callaway, Mardie JosephineKnox1893-94
Callaway, Mary CatherineKnox1894-95
Campbell, Alta LenaKnox1894-95; 1895-96; 1898-99
Campbell, CarrieKnox1893-94
Campbell, M. RKnox1870-71
Campbell, MedaKnox1882-83
Campbell, R. MartinKnox1872-73; 1873-74
Carter, George WalkerKnox1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Childress, NonieKnox1890-91
Clanson, GeorgiaKnox1896-97
Clark, F. XKnox1871-72
Clark, HattieKnox1870-71
Clauson, GeorgiaKnox1897-98
Cockrum, EllaKnox1888-89
Coe, BettieKnox1873-74
Coe, E. MKnox1872-73
Coe, Gerald CorneliusKnox1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Coe, Rhoda MKnox1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Coleman, EmmaKnox1873-74; 1874-75
Coleman, Herbert SKnox1888-89
Coleman, MattieKnox1896-97
Coleman, MinnieKnox1892-93
Coleman, Minnie BKnox1889-90; 1890-91
Conder, John PerryKnox1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Cook, J. WKnox1874-75; 1875-76
Coons, Bessie MabelKnox1896-97
Coppers, Addie ElmerKnox1897-98; 1898-99
Coppers, Alpha FosterKnox1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Coppers, John WalterKnox1895-96; 1896-97
Coppers, May MaggieKnox1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Corkran, F. SKnox1875-76
Cornelius, BessieKnox1884-85
Cornelius, CharlesKnox1880-81; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Cornelius, James LKnox1883-84; 1885-86
Cottey, Anna EKnox1873-74
Cottey, I. DKnox1874-75; 1875-76
Cottey, Ira DKnox1875-76
Cottey, Mary MKnox1873-74
Crawford, M. BKnox1870-71
Crawford, M. FKnox1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76
Daley, Mollie FrancisKnox1894-95; 1895-96
Day, James AKnox1875-76; 1876-77
Deer, JaneKnox1874-75
Delaney, GussKnox1899-1900
DeMoss, Alice JKnox1878-79
Denniston, J. SKnox1882-83
Deveny, AnnaKnox1899-1900
Deverny, Anna AgnesKnox1898-99
Devolld, Amanda LeeKnox1894-95
Dixon, Mary LuellaKnox1873-74; 1877-78; 1878-79
Dorian, Charles HenryKnox1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dorian, James ClementKnox1894-95
Dorian, Mary CeliaKnox1893-94; 1897-98
Dorian, P. GKnox1899-1900
Douglas, ErnestKnox1898-99
Douglas, F. MKnox1875-76; 1876-77
Douglas, WilliamKnox1874-75
Dowden, E. WKnox1877-79
Dowden, M. SKnox1876-78; 1878-79; 1882-83
Downing, Susan CarolineKnox1898-99
Doyle, J. DKnox1871-72; 1872-73
Doyle, S. JKnox1877-78; 1878-79
Doyle, Scynthia JKnox1873-74; 1877-78; 1878-79
Doyle, W. NKnox1871-72
Drury, SarahKnox1874-75
Ebertz, J. WKnox1874-75
Eggleston, LouieKnox1881-82
Ellison, J. HKnox1899-1900
Ellison, LibbieKnox1873-74
Ennis, CharlesKnox1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73
Ennis, J. WKnox1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76
Evans, W. HKnox1875-76
Ewing, J. CKnox1871-72; 1872-73
Farr, John OrvilleKnox1893-94
Farr, NettieKnox1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Fellers, J. EKnox1882-83
Fink, H. AKnox1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Fisher, FlorenceKnox1898-99
Fisher, JohnKnox1899-1900
Fisher, MattieKnox1892-93
Ford, JennieKnox1891-92
Ford, Roberta EKnox1891-92
Fowler, AnnaKnox1895-96
Fowler, CyrusKnox1873-74
Fowler, Ella AKnox1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
Fowler, EmmaKnox1874-75; 1875-76
Fowler, Jack IKnox1877-78
Fowler, S. KendalKnox1887-88; 1888-89
Fowler, T. OKnox1871-72
Fox, J. LKnox1875-76
Fox, Martha?[Mattie] JKnox1871-72; 1874-75; 1877-78
Fox, Mattie JKnox1877-78
Frazer, WinnieKnox1894-95
Fresh, J. WKnox1873-74
Frogge, TamsonKnox1891-92
Froggee, TamsonKnox1890-91
Funk, BerillaKnox1877-78
Funk, Daniel PatrickKnox1897-98
Funk, Emma LKnox1896-97
Funk, Eugene EKnox1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Funk, FloraKnox1875-76; 1877-78
Funk, Flora HKnox1875-76; 1877-78
Funk, FlorenceKnox1892-93
Funk, G. RKnox1884-85; 1887-88
Funk, James EugeneKnox1897-98
Funk, Kate MKnox1885-86
Funk, Sadie NanciaKnox1897-98
Gibbon, F. G?Knox1884-85
Gill, Katherine FrancisKnox1895-96; 1896-97
Glasscock, AnnieKnox1887-88
Golden, OleKnox1899-1900
Golden, PhoebeKnox1877-78; 1879-80
Grant, Bessie MayKnox1895-96; 1896-97
Grant, Emmett EdgarKnox1893-94; 1895-96; 1897-98
Grant, J. WKnox1873-74; 1874-75
Grant, LaFayetteKnox1874-75
Green, William EmeryKnox1891-92; 1892-93
Greenley, AnnaKnox1899-1900
Greenley, MaudeKnox1899-1900
Griggs, Ruben EKnox1898-99; 1899-1900
Grove, J. HKnox1882-83
Grove, James HKnox1882-83; 1883-84
Grove, OllieKnox1882-83
Grove, W. DKnox1882-83
Grove, William DouglassKnox1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Hainline, JamesKnox1885-86
Haley, Ella FlorenceKnox1893-94
Haley, John SKnox1891-92
Hall, A. JKnox1870-71
Hall, FrankKnox1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Halladay, Albert EdwardKnox1895-96
Halladay, JuliaKnox1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76
Hamilton, Priscilla OKnox1873-74; 1877-78
Hannah, JennieKnox1877-78
Hardy, MaeKnox1899-1900
Hardy, OliveKnox1891-92
Harris, EmmaKnox1893-94
Harrison, EllaKnox1884-85
Hawkins, J. HKnox1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Hayden, RobertKnox1874-75
Henizman, MaudeKnox1884-85
Henry, NoraKnox1891-92
Herriford, MarthaKnox1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Hickey, KatieKnox1899-1900
Hill, Anna DKnox1894-95
Hill, AnnieKnox1888-89
Hill, Fred MiltonKnox1898-99
Holliday, MatthewKnox1872-73
Holliday, ZKnox1872-73
Holliway, JennieKnox1872-73; 1873-74
Holloway, N. LKnox1886-87
Holt, Bert GKnox1887-88; 1888-89
Holt, BerthaKnox1884-85
Holt, BertramKnox1884-85
Holt, Grace EKnox1893-94; 1894-95
Hone, DeeKnox1898-99
Hone, LizzieKnox1892-93
Howerton, Tage AugustusKnox1891-92
Howerton, W. HKnox1899-1900
Hudson, JosephKnox1888-89
Hudson, LucyKnox1895-96
Hull, E. EKnox1884-85
Humphrey, D. WKnox1899-1900
Hunsaker, JesseKnox1873-74
Hunter, Leonidas MaysKnox1895-96
Hutcheson, Laura [Lella]Knox1893-94
Hymer, JesseKnox1870-71
Jackson, EmmaKnox1888-89
Jackson, J. AKnox1870-71
Jackson, MollieKnox1892-93
Johnson, AdaKnox1894-95
Johnson, EllaKnox1894-95
Johnson, Iva GertrudeKnox1897-98
Johnson, RKnox1875-76
Johnson, R. EKnox1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Johnston, R. EKnox1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1882-83; 1883-84
Jones, Agnes PaulineKnox1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Jones, Bertha JosephineKnox1895-96
Kaylor, W. FKnox1874-75
Keester, R. LKnox1882-83
Kelley, G. LKnox1879-80
Kiggins, B FKnox1872-73
Kiggins, BettieKnox1874-75
Kiggins, C. MKnox1881-82; 1883-84; 1885-86
Kiggins, J. FKnox1872-73; 1873-74
Kiggins, L. FKnox1884-85; 1887-88
Kiggins, OllieKnox1873-74
Kiggins, S. CKnox1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Lackey, AliceKnox1888-89
Lane, J. LKnox1875-76; 1877-78
Lang, George AKnox1875-76; 1877-78
Lang, George HKnox1875-76; 1877-78
Lang, J. LKnox1872-73; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Latham, James FranklinKnox1893-94
Latham, MamieKnox1893-94; 1894-95
Lee, MaudeKnox1884-85
Lewis, C. DKnox1882-83; 1884-85; 1888-89
Lockett, J. TKnox1872-73
Long, MaryKnox1892-93 1894-95
Long, MaudKnox1880-81
Lyon, A. RKnox1877-78
Lyon, Holmes KinmanKnox1898-99
Lyon, Missouri AKnox1879-80; 1881-82
Magruder, Dora RuthKnox1896-97
Mallory, BenKnox1891-92
Maloney, Lillie JKnox1895-96
Maloney, Mary EKnox1893-94; 1895-96
Marble, Ephraim EdmondKnox1895-96
Mason, D. HKnox1870-71
Mason, J. AKnox1883-84
Mason, MaryKnox1876-77; 1877-78
McAtee, Ada MayKnox1893-94
McCall, MorgieKnox1883-84
McGhee, J. CKnox1874-75?
McGinnis, DelphiaKnox1894-95
McKay, G. NKnox1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
McKay, JohnKnox1890-91
McKay, John CalvinKnox1896-97
McKay, John VictorKnox1891-92
McKay, Lyda MKnox1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
McKay, Perry MKnox1883-84; 1884-85
McKay, Rosa BKnox1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96
McKenzie, W. EKnox1884-85
McKim, JoeKnox1898-99
McMurry, George EdwinKnox1894-95
McMurry, J. RKnox1890-91
McMurry, James RobertKnox1894-95
McMurry, Milton IraKnox1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
McPike, Ora LeeKnox1894-95
McQuoid, J. RKnox1870-71; 1874-75
McReynolds, BessieKnox1897-98; 1898-99
McVey, Preston LeeKnox1893-94
Meredith, AuraKnox1898-99; 1899-1900
Metz, J. JKnox1887-88
Miller, EKnox1873-74
Miller, F. MKnox1872-73
Miller, F. SKnox1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76
Miller, G. MKnox1873-74; 1874-75
Miller, JennieKnox1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Miller, T. EKnox1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
Millsap, Hosea ElmerKnox1896-97; 1897-98
Moran, JKnox1871-72
Morton, CeliaKnox1872-73
Mote, M. LKnox1889-90
Murphy, Callie MarieKnox1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96
Murphy, EmmaKnox1880-81
Murphy, MaggieKnox1893-94
Myers, LizzieKnox1890-91
Myers, MinnieKnox1890-91
Myers, S. CKnox1889-90
Noel, Richard BKnox1893-94; 1895-96
Norris, JennieKnox1889-90
Norris, Lee HickmanKnox1897-98; 1898-99
Norris, MacyKnox1895-96
Norris, TinyKnox1896-97
Northcut, MamieKnox1883-84; 1884-85
Northcut, Mary LKnox1885-86
Northcutt, A. DKnox1870-71
Northcutt, J. CKnox1878-79
Northcutt, J. RKnox1874-75; 1875-76
Northcutt, Jennie RayKnox1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Northcutt, Mary [May] AnnaKnox1894-95; 1895-96
Northcutt, May EmogeneKnox1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Norton, S. AKnox1888-89
O'Brien, Charles LeeKnox1892-93
O'Conner, Katie AKnox1892-93
O'Rourke, HarryKnox1886-87
Padgett, Ethel MaudeKnox1895-96; 1896-97
Parker, DianaKnox1874-75
Parsons, FredKnox1883-84
Parsons, LizzieKnox1898-99
Parsons, OthoKnox1883-84; 1884-85
Patterson, A. MKnox1899-1900
Payne, AddieKnox1887-88
Payne, EdnaKnox1891-92
Payne, EllaKnox1884-85
Payne, Harold HeberKnox1896-97
Payne, LenoraKnox1896-97
Payne, LorenaKnox1891-92; 1892-93
Payne, MabelKnox1884-85
Payne, NarcissaKnox1887-88
Payne, O. BKnox1883-84
Payne, W. AKnox1886-87
Pendery, CarrieKnox1878-79
Pettit, MaggieKnox1886-87; 1889-90
Phillips, BellKnox1883-84
Phillips, DanielKnox1887-88; 1888-89
Pierce, I. TKnox1877-78; 1878-79
Pitts, FredKnox1899-1900
Porter, DottieKnox1894-95; 1897-98
Porter, Oscar EKnox1892-93; 1894-95
Porter, PearlKnox1899-1900
Porter, R. WKnox188-89
Porter, SallieKnox1884-85; 1886-87
Porter, WaltonKnox1886-87
Powell, EverettKnox1887-88
Pratt, Bertie AddisonKnox1896-97
Pratt, Fannie MayneenKnox1896-97
Primm, F. PKnox1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Primm, MollieKnox1874-75; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1882-83
Primm, T. EKnox1884-85; 1885-86
Primm, ThomasKnox1882-83
Purdin, MayKnox1898-99
Purdin, MinnieKnox1899-1900
Ralls, LewisKnox1874-75
Reaugh, LillianKnox1888-89
Reid, N. RKnox1873-74; 1874-75
Richards, Albert GuyKnox1894-95
Rinehart, FannieKnox1886-87
Rinehart, MaryKnox1891-92
Ringer, Charles RufusKnox1898-99
Ringer, W. RKnox1874-75
Roberts, WallaceKnox1890-91
Robertson, AnnaKnox1899-1900
Rop, A. EKnox1875-76
Rop, C. EKnox1875-76
Ross, A. EKnox1874-75; 1875-76
Ross, Anna LeeKnox1894-95
Ross, Bessie FrancesKnox1896-97
Ross, J. TKnox1882-83; 1883-84
Ross, John FKnox1882-83
Ross, Julia AKnox1890-91; 1892-93
Ross, LucyKnox1881-82
Ross, Mary EKnox1889-90
Ross, Mary ElizabethKnox1893-94
Rouner, Lizzie FKnox1897-98
Sadoris, SadieKnox1872-73
Sallee, William IraKnox1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Sanford, Orin GroverKnox1898-99
Sanford, Susan MarthaKnox1898-99
Sense, John ManfordKnox1897-98; 1898-99
Sever, Amelia HKnox1871-72
Sever, F. PKnox1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Sever, H. EKnox1881-82; 1883-84; 1887-88
Sharp, AudreyKnox1896-97
Sharp, MillieKnox1874-75
Shaver, J. MKnox1878-79
Shaw, CharlesKnox1894-95; 1895-96
Simmonds, J. CKnox1892-93
Simpson, James MKnox1885-86
Slocum, Francis MKnox1892-93
Smallwood, ChloeKnox1895-96; 1896-97
Smallwood, ClaudeKnox1888-89; 1890-91
Smith, AllieKnox1896-97
Smith, DeliaKnox1873-74
Smith, EllaKnox1875-76
Smith, H. TKnox1870-71; 1878-79
Smith, Harvey ThortonKnox1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Smith, JannieKnox1888-89
Smith, JessieKnox1888-89; 1890-91; 1891-92
Smith, Leslie DKnox1897-98
Smith, Minnie J, MrsKnox1877-78; 1878-79
Smith, Mollie??Knox1888-89
Smith, WellsKnox1890-91; 1896-97
Snelling, EllaKnox1887-88; 1888-89; 1894-95
Snelling, JoeKnox1894-95
Snelling, ZoeKnox1887-88; 1888-89
Snelling, ZoraldaKnox1893-94; 1895-96
Snow, Frank EdgarKnox1894-95; 1895-96
Stigall, OliverKnox1891-92
Strake, J. AKnox1884-85
Strake, James AKnox1885-86
Strode, V. KKnox1870-71; 1872-73
Swartz, G. WKnox1876-77
Swartz, George BKnox1876-77
Sykes, LottieKnox1899-1900
Taylor, AnnaKnox1899-1900
Taylor, Joseph AKnox1899-1900
Thomas, ClarkKnox1877-78
Thomas, OKnox1876-77
Thomas, Sallie EKnox1876-77; 1877-78
Thompson, Roy WayneKnox1894-95
Thorp, R. JKnox1874-75
Throckmorton, William PriceKnox1891-92; 1892-93
Towles, J. PKnox1873-74; 1874-75/
Van Dyke, V. CKnox1871-72
Van Horn, JeffersonKnox1870-71; 1871-72
Van Horn, L. CKnox1876-77
Van Horn, SarahKnox1873-74
Van Horne, LawrenceKnox1896-97
Vance, Eva MKnox1876-78; 1877-78; 1878-79
Vannardsdale, AlexKnox1893-94; 1894-95
Wait, W. LKnox1883-84
Walker, E. HKnox1873-74; 1876-77
Wash, S. JKnox1888-89
Wells, Bessie FrancesKnox1896-97; 1899-1900
Wells, LizzieKnox1891-92
Wells, Lulu BelleKnox1896-97
White, AnnaKnox1897-98
White, J. KKnox1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76
White, MayKnox1897-98
Whitlow, P. WKnox1872-73; 1873-74
Wilder, C. AKnox1870-71; 1874-75
Williams, MariaKnox1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Wilson, J. EKnox1878-79
Wilson, William LKnox1896-97
Wingerter, BerthaKnox1894-95
Wingerter, CoraKnox1899-1900
Wingerter, MinervaKnox1899-1900
Wisdom, George WKnox1870-71
Witherow, James ThomasKnox1897-98
Withers, F. VKnox1879-80
Withrow, RebeccaKnox1895-96
Wolverton, M. EKnox1871-72
Workman, O. PKnox1874-75
Wright, BenKnox1896-97
Wright, JessieKnox1882-83
Wright, R. AKnox1876-77
Yancey, ZellaKnox1884-85
Murphy, Ozro PattersonKnox, IL1897-98
Koontz, James AlvaKnox, KS1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Chadwick, LarkinKnox; Adair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Chadwick, Laskin H. P. GKnox; Adair1875-76
Fox, John EKnox; Adair1874-75; 1877-78
Halladay, [Hallady]? AdelaideKnox; Adair1871-72; 1872-73; 1875-76; 1876-77
Halladay, R. SKnox; Adair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Kiggins, Mollie EKnox; Adair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Miller, LizzieKnox; Adair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Rinehart, EdithKnox; Adair1889-90; 1890-91
Smith, J. MKnox; Adair1875-76
Wait, EdwardKnox; Adair1883-84; 1884-85
Wright, Edmonia DKnox; Chariton1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1879-80
Baker, G. WKnox; Linn1873-74; 1877-1878; 1879-80; 1882-83
Coleman, Thomas AKnox; Montgomery, TX1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73
Glascock, Mary ElizabethKnox; Ralls1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Wolf, John FrederickKnox; Schuyler1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Freeman, BerthaKnox; Scotland1894-95; 1897-98
Frogge, George BartonKnox; Scotland1893-94; 1895-96
Hall, F. PKnox; Scotland1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Long, MartinKnox; Scotland1893-94; 1897-98
Bristow, William W.La Plata / Atlanta, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Atteberry, Annie?La Plata, MO1868-69
Atteberry, B. F.La Plata, MO1867-68, 68-69
Atteberry, M. V.La Plata, MO1868-69
Bragg, J. R.La Plata, MO1867-68
Bragg, MaryLa Plata, MO1868-69
Davis, DruryLa Plata, MO1868-69
Dowdy, W. T.La Plata, MO1867-68
Foncanon, M. T.La Plata, MO1867-68
Gilbert, T.La Plata, MO1867-68
Hynds, Andrew J.La Plata, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Hynds, J.La Plata, MO1867-68
Lester, JuliaLa Plata, MO1867-68, 68-69
McDavitt, R. C.La Plata, MO1867-68
Meeks, T. J.La Plata, MO1867-68, 68-69
Ballenger, L. N.Laclede, MO1867-68
Bigger, C. W.Laclede, MO1868-69
Atteberry, George WashingtonLafayette1893-94
Callaway, PortieLafayette1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Callaway, Sallie CLafayette1875-76
Callaway, Sallie MLafayette1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Dickey, MaggieLafayette1888-89
Evans, G. CLafayette1871-72
Evans, GeorgeLafayette1870-71
Garrett, G. WLafayette1882-83
Hill, D. HLaFayette1873-74
Johnson, G. WLafayette1875-76; 1876-77
Johnston, G. WLafayette1875-76
Landree, NannieLafayette1876-77
Letchworth, G. W, MrsLafayette1873-74
McReynolds, A. JLafayette1870-71
McReynolds, NannieLafayette1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
McReynolds, SamuelLafayette1870-71; 1871-72
McReynolds, T. CLafayette1872-73
Parker, EdithLafayette1883-84
Rhodes, ALafayette1873-74
Schnable, S. WLafayette1877-78
Schooling, S. ALafayette1875-76
Weaver, W. FLafayette1871-72
Webb, A. LLafayette1870-71; 1873-74
Webb, Robert LLafayette1877-78
Wilson, Kate SLafayette1887-88
Garret, George WLafayette?1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Keith, E. FLake, CO1877-78; 1878-79
Kelley, J. ELake, IL1874-75
Casper, Joseph T.Lancaster, MO1867-68, 68-69
Baker, James WalterLawrence1898-99
Thompson, J. DLawrence1875-76
Thompson, Susan JLawrence1873-74
White, DouglasLawrence1876-77
Griggsby, W. CLawrence, PA1880-81; 1881-82
Young, S. MLee1899-1900
Flinchpaugh, MaryLee City, MO1875-76
Chuze, A. LLee, IA1880-81
Crowell, Alice ELee, IA1874-76; 1875-76
Cruikshank, C. PLee, IA1874-75
Cruze, A. LLee, IA1878-79
Johnson, A. BLee, IA1873-74
Johnson, W. MLee, IA1873-74
Kennedy, B FLee, IA1871-72; 1872-73
Kennedy, MattieLee, IA1870-71; 1871-72
Kennedy, RobertLee, IA1874-75
Kennedy, TLee, IA1871-72
Miller, BLee, IA1883-84
Nelson, AvenLee, IA1878-79; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Nelson, Bertha CLee, IA1878-79; 1882-83
Nelson, JacobLee, IA1882-83
Newberry, Olin GramLee, IA1898-99
Rowe, Lizzie ALee, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Young, B ALee, IA1874-75
Geeseka, H. ALee, IA; Henry, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Geeseka, O. ALee, IA; Henry, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Stone, Callie CLee, IA; Scotland1874-75; 1875-76; 1878-79
Post, Fannie ELee, IL1897-98
Adams, Robert Edward LeeLewis1893-94
Allen, Joseph GilbertLewis1897-98
Allen, LillianLewis1893-94
Allen, OthoLewis1877-78; 1878-79
Ammerman, C. RLewis1874-75; 1875-76
Bailey, DellaLewis1897-98
Ballard, C. CLewis1882-83
Baltzell, JLewis1879-80
Baltzell, James ElsworthLewis1898-99; 1899-1900
Beacock, J. SLewis1873-74; 1874-75; 1877-78
Blair, PresleyLewis1881-82
Bondurant, Elsie MayLewis1895-96; 1896-97
Bowman, IvyLewis1892-93
Bozarth, J. RLewis1887-88; 1888-89
Briggs, Clark WLewis1883-84
Brightwell, W. NLewis1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Brightwell, Wadie FannieLewis1897-98
Briscoe, AnnaLewis1888-89; 1889-90
Briscoe, BertieLewis1891-92; 1892-93
Briscoe, Bertie MissLewis1888-89; 1889-90
Brosious, Charles HaroldLewis1891-92
Brown, D. ALewis1884-85
Brown, W. TLewis1880-81
Burford, LewisLewis1891-92
Burgess, DoraLewis1881-82
Burgess, E. BLewis1877-78; 1878-79
Burgess, J. RLewis1879-80
Burgess, W. HLewis1877-78
Carman, AmyLewis1885-86; 1886-87
Carman, AmyLewis1892-93
Carman, HattieLewis1882-83
Carmin, AmyLewis1891-92
Carnegy, MamieLewis1879-80
Chappell, AliceLewis1881-82
Chappell, E. MLewis1884-85
Chappell, W. FLewis1879-80; 1881-82
Chappell, W. LLewis1879-80; 1881-82
Childrens, CLewis1882-83
Childress, CLewis1878-79
Childress, C. CLewis1884-85
Childress, ClarenceLewis1892-93
Childress, ClayLewis1878-79; 1882-83
Childress, CoraLewis1894-95; 1895-96
Clark, TLewis1871-72
Cleaveland, ArtieLewis1899-1900
Cole, P. FLewis1896-97
Cox, Floyd WelbyLewis1891-92
Cox, G. LLewis1888-89
Crouch, SallieLewis1887-88
Dance, George NelsonLewis1898-99; 1899-1900
Dearing, J. DLewis1885-86
Dearing, MaryLewis1880-81
Dearing, MaryLewis1885-86; 1887-88
Dearing, QuintillaLewis1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Dewup, OLewis1872-73
Diffendoffer, BertLewis1896-97
Dowell, EmertLewis1881-82
Dralle, W. FLewis1899-1900
Elgin, SLewis1875-76
Elgin, SamuelLewis1875-76
Ellis, James WalterLewis1894-95
Ellison, MarillaLewis1895-96
Eversol, JosieLewis1882-83
Eversol, W. HLewis1881-82
Ewalt, Coleman MortimerLewis1896-97
Ewart, Claud HerbertLewis1898-99
Ewart, EssieLewis1889-90; 1890-91
Ewart, FlorenceLewis1888-89
Ewing, James ALewis1884-85
Ewing, RobertLewis1881-82
Falk, AlbertLewis1892-93; 1897-98
Falk, LenaLewis1892-93
Falkenstein, J. JenkinsLewis1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74
Fee, Cora FLewis1890-91
Fee, Emmeline ALewis1881-82; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Fee, H. ELewis1888-89; 1889-90
Fee, J. RLewis1877-78; 1879-80
Fee, MatildaLewis1881-82; 1883-84
Ferguson, Georgette SueLewis1895-96
Ford, A. ULewis1879-80
Freeman, MinnieLewis1881-82
Gill, E. GLewis1871-72
Glenner, LLewis1875-76
Goodson, LillieLewis1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78
Gottren, Frank BauerLewis1897-98
Gregory, AllieLewis1888-89
Gregory, J. RLewis1879-80
Gregory, NoraLewis1888-89; 1889-90
Gregory, S. WLewis1889-90
Gregory, Sandy WLewis1893-94
Haldeman, Almarine MarshallLewis1892-93; 1897-98
Hamilton, LydiaLewis1872-73
Hamilton, W. HLewis1879-80
Hanly, LizzieLewis1883-84; 1886-87
Harper, G. WLewis1875-76; 1876-77
Hatch, Edwin HLewis1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Hinkson, Harvey ThomasLewis1895-96
Hinson, M. BLewis1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Hinson, N. BLewis1877-78; 1878-79
Hinson, W. PLewis1877-80
Hinson, William PLewis1877-78; 1878-79
Hope, W. FLewis1872-73; 1873-74
Hotchkiss, W. ELewis1876-77
House, George ThomasLewis1895-96
Huse, RosaLewis1896-97
Irwin, E. SLewis1899-1900
Jackson, Francis MarionLewis1892-93
Jenkins, G. WLewis1873-74; 1876-77
Johnson, IdaLewis1885-86
Johnson, Robert LLewis1891-92
Johnson, Ruby BelleLewis1897-98
Jordan, W. HLewis1876-77
Kaster, R. WLewis1880-81
Keith, B FLewis1877-78; 1878-79
Kelly, J. ELewis1885-86
Kendrick, JoeLewis1899-1900
Kendrick, WilliamLewis1899-1900
Kennedy, J. RLewis1879-80; 1880-81
Knowles, MayLewis1882-83
Kurtz, AllieLewis1879-80; 1880-81
Law, RoseLewis1898-99
Lawbaugh, E. SLewis1872-73
Legg, Hettie MaryLewis1894-95
Leslie, George WilliamLewis1894-95; 1895-96
Leslie, John GodfreyLewis1896-97; 1897-98
Leslie, O. ALewis1899-1900
Levengood, EvaLewis1899-1900
Levengood, KateLewis1895-96
Lillard, James SLewis1872-73
Maddox, IdaLewis1888-89
Magee, A. JLewis1873-74
Magee, R. SLewis1875-76; 1876-77
Matlick, FannieLewis1873-74
Matlick, I. NLewis1870-71; 1871-72
Matlick, S. ELewis1877-78
McClain, Ella MaudeLewis1896-97; 1898-99
McClain, JLewis1879-80
McClain, William MLewis1891-92; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1899-1900
McCoy, JohnLewis1881-82
McGuire, P. JLewis1875-76; 1877-78
McKenney, J. ALewis1899-1900
McKenzie, A. LLewis1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85; 1886-87; 1887-88
McKim, HettieLewis1873-74; 1874-75
McMurry, Annie BLewis1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
McMurry, Norman FranklinLewis1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1899-1900
McNally, MilesLewis1899-1900
McWilliams, AnnaLewis1898-99
Meehan, Desiderius WilliamLewis1898-99; 1899-1900
Mitchell, J. ALewis1875-76
Mize, ALewis1875-76
Mize, AlbertLewis1875-76
Morris, B KLewis1874-75
Morris, J. WLewis1888-89
Morrow, JohnLewis1892-93
Muma, J. WLewis1871-72; 1872-73
Myers, Mabel MLewis1895-96
Nelson, EmmettLewis1892-93
Nelson, William EmmettLewis1893-94
Newlon, Edwin LewellynLewis1897-98
Newlon, Ida MLewis1890-91
Newlon, N. BLewis1884-85
Newlon, NathanLewis1881-82
Northcraft, Elizabeth VLewis1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Northcraft, Rebecca JLewis1873-74; 1874-75
Nunn, G. GLewis1882-83
O'Ferrall, A. LLewis1883-84
Oldham, C. ELewis1892-93
Osgood, C. FLewis1890-91
Payton, D. NLewis1884-85
Pepper, MayLewis1896-97
Pierce, J. ALewis1899-1900
Porter, Inez AnnieLewis1897-98
Porter, LidaLewis1897-98; 1898-99
Pritchard, D. WLewis1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Pugh, RebeccaLewis1882-83
Pugh, SueLewis1887-88; 1890-91
Pulliam, Eunice Lena VirginiaLewis1897-98; 1898-99
Pulliam, Maria ElizaLewis1897-98; 1898-99
Raines, Cora LLewis1887-88; 1888-89
Raines, S. ELewis1887-88
Raines, W. ALewis1882-83
Reid, MattieLewis1889-90
Reynolds, MattieLewis1892-93
Rinehart, George LLewis1889-90
Roberts, Annie ELewis1873-74
Roberts, WLewis1873-74
Rodefer, Emmett WillingtonLewis1895-96
Rollins, NewtonLewis1875-76; 1876-77
Sayers, D. DLewis1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Sayers, V. NLewis1872-73; 1873-74
Schofield, BenLewis1889-90
Schofield, LizzieLewis1880-81
Schofield, M. BLewis1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Schofield, Martin BenjaminLewis1894-95
Schofield, SallieLewis1880-81
Scoggin, Dora EllaLewis1893-94
Scott, Elea BelleLewis1897-98; 1899-1900
Scott, Ida MayLewis1895-96; 1896-97
Scott, LillianLewis1899-1900
Sears, MamieLewis1898-99
Selway, W. WLewis1884-85; 1888-89
Shackleford, Edd HaycroftLewis1895-96
Shackleford, LucyLewis1888-89; 1890-91
Shackleford, Nat HallLewis1895-96
Shallenberger, AliceLewis1879-80
Sharp, George RLewis1877-78; 1878-79
Smith, Elbert ClaudeLewis1897-98; 1898-99
Spickmall, Charles EdwardLewis1895-96
Stith, CLewis1883-84
Thompson, Anna GertrudeLewis1897-98
Thompson, IdaLewis1880-81; 1882-83
Thompson, Ida MayLewis1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87
Thompson, J. ELewis1876-78
Thompson, O. MLewis1875-76
Thompson, Roswell EvrittLewis1896-97
Thomson, May ELewis1886-87; 1888-89
Thonkinson, B HLewis1885-86
Throckmorton, LillieLewis1899-1900
Throckmorton, Nettie ELewis1891-92
Tompkinson, CharlesLewis1878-79
Tonkinson, B HLewis1886-87
Tonkinson, C. NLewis1878-79; 1880-81
Tonkinson, FLewis1880-81
Tonkinson, H. ALewis1879-80
Tonkinson, JohnLewis1889-90
Trotter, Jennie LLewis1884-85
Trotter, Maggie GLewis1882-83
Turner, FannieLewis1898-99
Turpin, BelleLewis1886-87
Turpin, KatieLewis1886-87; 1888-89
Turpin, PeachieLewis1888-89
Van Meter, LenaLewis1888-89; 1889-90
Veach, Andrew DudleyLewis1891-92; 1894-95
Veatch, A. DLewis1888-89; 1890-91
Vernon, LizzieLewis1890-91
Vernon, Lizzie JayneLewis1897-98
Walker, Mary ALewis1872-73
Wash, Alice [Allie]Lewis1889-90; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1895-96
Wash, BettieLewis1888-89
Wash, J. SLewis1882-83; 1884-85
Wash, JosephLewis1889-90
Wash, Phil ThomasLewis1895-96
Whitaker, Nathan LLewis1881-82
Williams, Anna BelleLewis1893-94; 1897-98
Wilson, D. HLewis1892-93
Wilson, JamesLewis1877-78
Wilson, John RayLewis1898-99
Wright, Charles FLewis1881-82; 1882-83
Wright, T. JLewis1875-76; 1876-77
McEldowney, RuthLewis, KY1875-76
Law, Arthur KinkLewis, WV1896-97
Ewing, MinnieLewis; Adair1888-89, 1889-90
Falkenstein, LewisLewis; Adair1870-71; 1871-72
Thompson, NannieLewis; Adair1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-77; 1878-79
Matlick, W. ELewis; Clark1889-90; 1890-91
Harp, M. KLewis; Dallas1876-77
Carson, NellieLewiston, IA1871-72
McAdams, W.Lima, IL1868-69
Bailey, Juanita EdnaLincoln1892-93; 1893-94
Bailey, MyrtleLincoln1899-1900
Basket, J. OLincoln1870-71
Beck, Isaac W. WLincoln1890-91
Black, MabelLincoln1888-89
Brown, SallieLincoln1889-90
Brown, Susie AnnettaLincoln1893-94
Campbell, E. ELincoln1890-91
Campbell, InezLincoln1895-96
Campbell, Pauline GriffithLincoln1895-96
Cattle, LizzieLincoln1883-84
Cobb, GerdaLincoln1894-95
Coleman, William ELincoln1870-72
Cover, VioletLincoln1899-1900
Cox, Merritt ALincoln1894-95
Dodson, BelleLincoln1890-91
Dodson, IbbieLincoln1883-84
Downing, J. DLincoln1885-86; 1888-89
Downing, MaryLincoln1877-78
Downing, RosaLincoln1882-83
Downing, RosettaLincoln1881-82; 1882-83
Downing, VirginiaLincoln1887-88; 1888-89
Downing, W. WLincoln1878-79
Duncan, MollieLincoln1887-88
Ellis, EttaLincoln1890-91
Ellis, LoreneLincoln1887-88
Groshong, AchsahLincoln1888-89; 1889-90
Groshong, Louella MayLincoln1893-94
Groshong, LuellaLincoln1888-89; 1889-90
Guttery, ALincoln1875-76
Haines, HattieLincoln1897-98
Heskett, MabelLincoln1882-83
Howard, Charles DLincoln1895-96
Hunter, LenaLincoln1888-89
Knox, John DLincoln1890-91
Knox, Mollie E?Lincoln1890-91
Knox, NellieLincoln1894-95
Lindsey, MinnieLincoln1888-89
Martin, Elsie MaeLincoln1899-1900
Martin, James SidneyLincoln1891-92
Mayes, LelaLincoln1893-94
McClellan, Walker KLincoln1894-95
Miller, Charles FLincoln1889-90
Nelson, JamesLincoln1884-85
Oden, J. RLincoln1883-84; 1884-85
Pollard, J. MLincoln1871-72; 1875-76
Schultz, MaggieLincoln1878-79
Sheer, Herman HLincoln1895-96
Sherry, AnnieLincoln1888-89
Shultz, MaggieLincoln1888-89
Sitton, M. WLincoln1889-90; 1890-91
Smith, Burton LeeLincoln1893-94
Sparks, Anna RLincoln1877-78
Tayler, LizzieLincoln1882-83
Taylor, LizzieLincoln1882-83
Thomas, F. SLincoln1890-91
Thomas, J. LLincoln1882-83
Tomas, George FLincoln1884-85
Walters, Couchie ElizabethLincoln1893-94
Walton, Stonewall JLincoln1894-95
Wells, SarahLincoln1894-95
Whiteside, EvaLincoln1899-1900
Wilson, Charles MadisonLincoln1894-95
Wilson, JessieLincoln1897-98
Tanner, Benton FrankLincoln, SD1897-98; 1899-1900
Anson, FLincoln; Pike1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Jamison, DelphineLincoln; Pike1894-95; 1896-97
Millay, EmmaLinderville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Stanley [Standley], D. T.Lindley, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Abbott, A. ALinn1871-72
Abbott, J. LLinn1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Abbott, T. BLinn1875-76
Adams, F. GLinn1879-80
Alexander, EffieLinn1884-85
Alexander, G. WLinn1874-75
Alexander, W. GLinn1875-76
Allard, Earnest ReasonLinn1897-98; 1898-99
Allen, A. HLinn1874-75
Allen, SallieLinn1886-87
Allen, Sallie MarthaLinn1896-97; 1898-99
Anderson, George WashingtonLinn1896-97; 1897-98
Anderson, HarveyLinn1897-98; 1898-99
Arnold, N. BLinn1871-72
Bailey, H. ELinn1873-74; 1874-75
Baker, I. FLinn1870-71; 1872-73; 1874-75
Baker, J. BLinn1874-75; 1877-78
Baker, W. BLinn1877-78; 1878-79
Baker, W. GLinn1877-78
Baugher, A. OLinn1871-72
Bennett, J. CLinn1871-72
Black, F. ELinn1879-80
Black, J. MLinn1878-79; 1882-83
Bolling, James PayneLinn1895-96; 1896-97
Botts, J. RLinn1880-81; 1881-82
Boyles, J. MLinn1875-76; 1876-77
Bradley, J. CLinn1874-75
Brinkley, C. WLinn1877-78
Brinkley, E. WLinn1877-78
Brinkley, T. MLinn1876-77
Brown, ALinn1880-81
Brown, J. WLinn1872-73
Brown, James LeeLinn1897-98
Brownlee, Walter HLinn1876-78
Bruce, ArchLinn1893-94
Burch, J. JLinn1873-74; 1874-75
Burch, JennieLinn1875-76
Burch, S. HLinn1876-77
Burch, Samuel SLinn1875-76
Burford, Lutie ELinn1892-93
Burtch, EmmaLinn1887-88
Calloud, LewisLinn1874-75
Casewell, DLinn1876-77
Cash, WalterLinn1874-75
Cater, Roy MesserLinn1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Caton, IdaLinn1883-84
Chadwell, Jennie GroveLinn1894-95
Christy, I. BLinn1878-79
Cooker, AddieLinn1883-84
Cooper, JennieLinn1877-78
Cooper, W. SLinn1880-81
Cordray, AliceLinn1883-84; 1884-85
Cordray, EllaLinn1883-84; 1884-85
Cotter, D. DLinn1873-74
Crookshanks, H. TLinn1882-83
Crookshanks, S. ALinn1882-83; 1883-84
Cruikshank, H. FLinn1882-83
Cruikshank, S. ALinn1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83
Curry, J. RLinn1878-79
Darling, W. JLinn1886-87
Darr, S. PLinn1899-1900
Davis, C. ALinn1882-83
Davis, Theta CatherineLinn1897-98
Davis, W. ELinn1881-82; 1882-83
Detwiler, F. TLinn1878-79
Donovan, GeorgeLinn1882-83
Draper, L. CLinn1879-80
Droz, AnnaLinn1873-74
Droz, E. HLinn1874-75
Duffield, Ray GLinn1898-99
Edmondson, Edwrd JamesLinn1896-97
Falkner, M. GLinn1884-85
Finson, HLinn1879-80
Flemming, SallieLinn1873-74; 1874-75
Foster, Guyle PackardLinn1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Gable, J. ELinn1873-74
Gibson, J. ELinn1885-86
Gibson, J. HLinn1874-75; 1875-76
Gibson, W. PLinn1873-74; 1874-75
Gibson, W. TLinn1874-75
Gilworth, Lewis HLinn1887-88
Goins, H. JLinn1879-80; 1881-82
Gooch, J. RLinn1877-78; 1878-79
Griswold, A. JLinn1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Hamilton, Nettie JaneLinn1895-96; 1896-97
Hampton, EllaLinn1883-84; 1884-85
Haney, EmmaLinn1884-85; 1888-89
Harden, ELinn1882-83
Harden, EphraimLinn1882-83
Harden, J. LLinn1882-83
Hardin, J. LLinn1882-83
Hardy, AlmaLinn1874-75
Harrey, EmmaLinn1887-88
Harrington, W. BLinn1877-78; 1878-79
Harris, G. WLinn1875-76; 1876-77
Harryman, CharlesLinn1870-71
Harryman, Thomas JLinn1870-71; 1872-73
Harryman, W. BLinn1874-75; 1877-78
Harvey, Flora BLinn1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77
Harvey, Grace LLinn1873-74
Harvey, J. WLinn1875-76; 1876-77; 1879-80; 1880-81
Harvey, RLinn1875-76
Harvey, WLinn1875-76
Harvey, WinthropLinn1875-76
Hatler, HattieLinn1893-94; 1896-97; 1897-98
Hatler, John BurlLinn1896-97
Henry, J. MLinn1877-78; 1878-79
Hiskett, Harry EdwardLinn1896-97
Hopson, G. TLinn1879-80; 1880-81
Huffaker, J. WLinn1871-72
Ingram, J. ALinn1879-80; 1880-81
Jenkins, Roy SeamanLinn1896-97
Jessee, Elmer VictorLinn1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Jessee, Leroy AlvaLinn1897-98
Johnson, A. SLinn1878-79; 1879-80
Johnson, Albert SLinn1878-79
Johnson, Charles MLinn1882-83; 1884-85
Johnson, Ella MLinn1879-80; 1880-81
Johnson, HenryLinn1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Johnson, J. LLinn1874-75
Johnson, Josiah ArthurLinn1894-95
Johnson, O. MLinn1882-83
Johnson, W. P?Linn1874-75; 1875-76
Jones, J. MLinn1874-75
Jones, R. WLinn1884-85
Joyce, AnnieLinn1880-81
Joyce, GeorgeLinn1879-80; 1880-81
Keithley, Ella MLinn1897-98
Kemp, G. WLinn1877-78; 1878-79
King, HughLinn1897-98
Kirk, T. JLinn1870-71; 1871-72
Knifong, Edward CLinn1893-94
Knifong, Ora LewisLinn1892-93; 1893-94; 1896-97; 1897-98
Larkins, Carrie KLinn1883-84
Larkins, E. FLinn1883-84
Larkins, T. BLinn1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Lawson, NellieLinn1889-90
Lenard, RalphLinn1890-91
Leonard, C. FLinn1883-84
Leonard, G. MLinn1881-82
Letteer, MinaLinn1882-83
Letteer, W. HLinn1882-83
Letteer, William HLinn1882-83
Linehart, AlphaLinn1897-98
Linehart, CurtisLinn1897-98
Lyon, ELinn1882-83; 1883-84
Lyons, EllsworthLinn1882-83
Mairs, Clara [Cora] AmylLinn1894-95; 1896-97
Mairs, Emma SLinn1871-72; 1873-74
Mairs, JohnLinn1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73
Marley, T. JLinn1877-78; 1878-79
Massey, J. MLinn1882-83
Matthews, William TLinn1890-91
McBride, SLinn1875-76
McCollum, D. HLinn1873-74
McCollum, Emma FrancisLinn1894-95
McCollum, Herman EmanuelLinn1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
McCollum, I. JLinn1873-74; 1876-77
McCollum, R. JLinn1884-85; 1885-86
McCollum, RachelLinn1881-82
McCollum, WLinn1899-1900
McCollum,? Rachel [Rachael] DLinn1883-84; 1885-86
McCullim, RachelLinn1882-83
McKenzie, JeannetteLinn1871-72
McLaughlin, NellLinn1898-99
McMichael, Thomas LorenzoLinn1896-97
Meloy, JLinn1880-81
Minor, F. CLinn1880-81
Minor, FredricaLinn1883-84; 1884-85
Mitchell, HLinn1873-74
Moore, EffieLinn1882-83
Moreland, W. WLinn1878-79
Morning, C. ALinn1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85
Morning, W. MLinn1882-83; 1883-84
Morrey, ElizabethLinn1899-1900
Mullins, Jennie Virginia ALinn1896-97; 1898-99
Newkirk, Mary ELinn1876-77
Newkirk, Sarah ALinn1876-77
Nickell, ELinn1875-76
Nickell, EliLinn1875-76
Nickell, W. ALinn1871-72; 1873-74; 1875-76
Nickerson, J. T. [T J]Linn1870-71; 1871-72
Nickerson, Mary ELinn1874-75
Nickerson, R. MLinn1872-73
Nickerson, W. ALinn1873-74; 1874-75
O'Neal, J. ELinn1873-74
Overstreet, ElizabethLinn1876-77; 1877-78
Overstreet, JamesLinn1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Perkins, CharlesLinn1882-83; 1883-84
Pershing, BessieLinn1881-82
Pershing, J. FLinn1879-80
Pershing, J. JLinn1878-79; 1881-82
Powell, Bertie LeeLinn1896-97
Powell, BodieLinn1899-1900
Powell, ErnestLinn1899-1900
Powell, TildenLinn1899-1900
Powers, BelleLinn1872-73
Prather, Ross ELinn1896-97
Pratt, Arthur LLinn1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Pratt, J. ALinn1872-73; 1873-74
Pratt, J. FLinn1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Pratt, John FLinn1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Pratt, W. HLinn1879-80; 1880-81
Purdin, John AlbertLinn1897-98
Rand, C. ELinn1874-75
Reynolds, S. LLinn1870-71
Roberts, J. MLinn1871-72; 1872-73
Ross, FloydLinn1895-96
Rowell, H. CLinn1879-80
Sallee, J. ELinn1875-76; 1876-77
Sayers, J. CLinn1879-80; 1880-81
Schrock, S. DLinn1885-86
Scott, William BLinn1883-84; 1884-85
Sidebottom, ---Linn1872-73
Sipple, E. MLinn1899-1900
Smiley, Frank LLinn1886-87
Smiley, R. BLinn1880-81; 1881-82
Sparrow, J. F. SLinn1878-79
Speece, W. ALinn1871-72; 1873-74
Spurgeon, C. RLinn1879-80
Stanclift, F. ELinn1878-79
Stauber, NannieLinn1888-89
Stone, J. MLinn1873-74
Street, J. ALinn1875-76; 1876-77
Street, Joseph ALinn1875-76; 1876-77
Sturges, S. CLinn1879-80
Summers, LulaLinn1883-84
Switzer, ElderLinn1899-1900
Thompson, N. WLinn1882-83; 1883-84
Townsend, LolaLinn1890-91
Turner, D. PLinn1878-79
Tussy, R. ALinn1870-71
Van Horn, JohnLinn1872-73
Waik, OrphaLinn1882-83
Waits, Orpha JLinn1882-83
Warderman, OllieLinn1881-82
Watterson, Mary ALinn1875-76
Watts, OrphaLinn1882-83
Waydelich, J. SLinn1883-84; 1885-86
Webb, N. JLinn1870-71
Wilkerson, HLinn1875-76
Wilkes, William FreemontLinn1896-97
Willett, Nora LeeLinn1895-96
Wilson, KittyLinn1896-1897; 1897-98
Withrow, J. ELinn1877-78; 1878-79
Woolf, Fred ElmerLinn1895-96
Cornett, J. JLinn?1880-81
Everett, Damaris ViolaLinn?1894-95
Atterberry, Maude CharlotteLinn, IA1894-95
Dennis, LuellaLinn, IA1892-93
Sands, J. BLinn, KS1877-78
Shumaker, L. LLinn; Phelps1872-73; 1873-74
Bigger, Charles WLinn; Schuyler1870-72
Mairs, Roy JohnLinn; Sullivan1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Plunkett, ScottLinneus / Carrollton, MO1868-69, 69-70
McCormick, C.Linneus, MO1868-69
Adams, GraceLivingston1888-89
Allbritain, WilliamLivingston1873-74; 1875-76; 1877-78
Armstrong, C. CLivingston1873-74; 1875-76
Beal, W. MLivingston1880-81
Bennett, G. FLivingston1899-1900
Black, CeliaLivingston1883-84
Boucher, Bertie ElizabethLivingston1892-93
Boucher, InezLivingston1897-98
Broylee, OtisLivingston1882-83
Broyles, OLivingston1882-83
Brunk, George ThomasLivingston1896-97
Carpenter, NettieLivingston1888-89
Chapman, G. ALivingston1871-72
Chapman, O. JLivingston1871-72
Condron, Samuel McVeyLivingston1893-94
Cosgrove, CashLivingston1873-74
Costin, W. BLivingston1873-74; 1874-75
Cramer, SallieLivingston1896-97
Cranmer, LucyLivingston1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Cranmer, SallieLivingston1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Cravens, T. RLivingston1884-85; 1885-86
Davis, HannahLivingston1877-78; 1878-79; 1881-82
Davis, William MLivingston1879-80; 1880-81
Downing, Alice ElziraLivingston1892-93; 1893-94
Duncan, FannieLivingston1884-85
Edgerton, J. HLivingston1875-76
Edsall, MabelLivingston1886-87
Ford, EstherLivingston1875-76
Gibbs, D. NLivingston1873-74
Gifford, Elmina LLivingston1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Gifford, Sylvia CLivingston1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Gordon, Lucy MLivingston1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Gould, E. ELivingston1883-84
Gross, Mary CarrollLivingston1886-87; 1887-88
Hall, MamieLivingston1895-96
Haywood, MellisaLivingston1871-72
Heywood, LizzieLivingston1870-71
Hooker, Z. FLivingston1877-78
Jones, R. WLivingston1889-90
Lowe, J. HLivingston1883-84
Marlow, J. RLivingston1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Martin, C. PLivingston1879-80
May, ElviraLivingston1889-90
May, J. JLivingston1877-78; 1880-81
McGee, FannieLivingston1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91; 1891-92
McGee, J. WLivingston1881-82
McGee, NettieLivingston1891-92
McInturff, C. R. JLivingston1873-74
Mellon, OLivingston1880-81
Miller, Nellie AmandaLivingston1895-96; 1899-1900
Monroe, LuluLivingston1879-80
Moss, FlorenceLivingston1879-80
Oliver, AliceLivingston1881-82; 1882-83
Peck, M. JLivingston1879-80; 1880-81
Ransom, AgnesLivingston1871-72; 1873-74
Rawlins, J. ILivingston1877-78
Scraggins, T. DLivingston1884-85
Shannon, T. ELivingston1873-74; 1875-76
Sharling, E. ALivingston1882-83
Shields, F. HLivingston1879-80
Shott, J. CLivingston1874-75
Sparling, E. ALivingston1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Sparling, F. HLivingston1877-78; 1879-80
Sparling, G. ALivingston1875-76; 1877-78
Stove, LucyLivingston1885-86
Thomas, RichardLivingston1895-96
Walfkill, JosephLivingston1895-96
Wallace, C. BLivingston1879-80
Wallace, R. LLivingston1882-83
Wallace, R. SLivingston1882-83
Welch, J. FLivingston1876-77
Westrope, SadieLivingston1899-1900
Wilson, HettieLivingston1899-1900
Windsor, T. ALivingston1880-81; 1881-82
Witten, Emma JeanieLivingston1891-92
Williams, A. RLivingston; Appanoose, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Harper, SueLivington1880-81
Drake, Daniel JordanLivinston1897-98
Weaver, M. J.Logansport, IN1868-69
Comings, W. RLorain, OH1873-74
Boyes, Edward HuntingtonLos Angeles, CA; Callaway1893-94; 1895-96; 1896-97
Williams, ReesLower Salem, OH1868-69
Copeland, LauraLucas, IA1876-77
Custar, CarrieLucas, IA1873-74
Dameron, C. SLucas, IA1875-76; 1876-77
Houston, C. OLucas, IA1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Houston, W. GLucas, IA; Chariton1875-76; 1876-77
Burnett, M. AddieLucas, OH1875-76
Borgan, Anna HelenLyon, KS1898-99
Adams, J. QMacon1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Adams, James QuinceyMacon1891-92
Allen, VernaMacon1892-93
Ames, Gertie CMacon1879-80; 1880-81
Anderson, MaryMacon1884-85
Arbuckle, EttieMacon1893-94
Ashlock, James CondrayMacon1897-98
Atterberry, B FMacon1870-71; 1871-72
Atterberry, Cora EMacon1889-90
Atterberry, FannieMacon1892-93; 1894-95
Atterberry, GeorgeMacon1880-81
Atterberry, Josephine [Josie]Macon1870-71; 1874-75; 1875-76
Atterberry, SallieMacon1870-71; 1871-72
Ayers, FloraMacon1892-92
Ayers, Harry ErnestMacon1898-99
Ayers, W. EMacon1892-93
Ayres, FloraMacon1885-86
Bacon, J. FMacon1886-87
Banning, AdaMacon1897-98
Banning, J. WMacon1890-91
Banning, John WilliamMacon1891-92
Banta, AlfredMacon1876-77; 1879-80
Barrow, R. WMacon1882-83; 1883-84
Barton, O. CMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Bealmear, George AMacon1886-87; 1887-88
Bealmear, Myrtle VioletMacon1892-93; 1893-94
Belknap, AureliaMacon1870-71
Belknap, ZelmaMacon1870-71
Bell, Maude EllaMacon1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Bell, OmaMacon1894-95; 1895-96
Bernard, Addie LeeMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Berry, E. HMacon1882-83
Billings, T. JMacon1883-84
Bissell, JuliaMacon1873-74
Black, DoraMacon1874-75
Black, T. TMacon1874-75
Blackwell, FannieMacon1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Blackwell, MaryMacon1885-86
Blanchard, EMacon1880-81
Boltz, J. HMacon1871-72
Boone, O. GMacon1875-76
Boyd, C. LMacon1899-1900
Bradford, SusanMacon1874-75
Bradley, Beverly DennisMacon1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1898-99
Bradley, C. SMacon1890-91
Bradley, Cyrus SolomanMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Bradley, Jase HansonMacon1897-98
Bradley, John LeroyMacon1891-92
Bradley, N. WMacon1890-91
Bradley, Sarah EdithMacon1897-98
Bragg, B FMacon1871-72
Bragg, J. MMacon1892-93
Bragg, JamesMacon1870-71
Bragg, JohnMacon1870-71
Bragg, Leonard Osen [Oren]Macon1895-96; 1896-97
Bragg, MinnieMacon1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Bragg, NoraMacon1895-96; 1896-97
Bragg, SusieMacon1870-71; 1871-72
Brigg, J. MMacon1892-93
Brockman, MaggieMacon1886-87
Brooks, H. HMacon1888-89
Brown, BerthaMacon1892-93
Brunner, BeulahMacon1886-87; 1887-88
Buck, Charles LMacon1899-1900
Buck, F. FMacon1888-89
Buck, Francis ForestMacon1894-95
Buck, Frank ElbaMacon1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Bulkley, C. HMacon1899-1900
Bulkley, StellaMacon1899-1900
Bumpus, John FranklinMacon1894-95; 1895-96
Bunce, J. SMacon1874-75
Bunch, J. SMacon1873-74
Bunch, RoseMacon1892-93
Bundren, LizzieMacon1874-75
Burch, TMacon1871-72
Burge, G. HMacon1883-84
Butler, H. WMacon1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Butler, WMacon1873-74
Campbell, Anna BMacon1874-75
Campbell, Charles OwenMacon1891-92
Campbell, EllaMacon1872-73
Campbell, John HMacon1874-75
Carnahan, Ada AMacon1888-89; 1890-91
Carnahan, Adra AnnaMacon1892-93; 1893-94; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Carnahan, DavidMacon1876-77
Carroll, LollaMacon1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Chadwick, AliceMacon1870-71; 1871-72
Chadwick, IdaMacon1870-71; 1871-72
Chapman, FloraMacon1880-81
Chatfield, Christopher OthoMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Christal, LouMacon1889-90
Christie, Frank BMacon1885-86; 1886-87
Clardy, FinisMacon1899-1900
Clark, Harry OMacon1890-91
Clark, LottieMacon1882-83; 1883-84
Clark, Lottie GMacon1882-83
Clem, HMacon1871-72
Clements, J. CMacon1899-1900
Cole, Mary EMacon1888-89; 1889-90
Coleman, W. TMacon1884-85
Collett, George AustinMacon1890-91
Condict, RissieMacon1870-71
Coon, Lulu CarolMacon1897-98
Cooper, MallieMacon1883-84
Cooper, SusieMacon1883-84
Cox, Charity CambeilinaMacon1891-92
Cox, EdwardMacon1874-75
Cox, Ernest VirgilMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Cox, Ida CarolineMacon1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Cox, L. MMacon1889-90; 1890-91
Cox, Lucien MerrillMacon1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Cox, OllieMacon1896-97; 1899-1900
Cox, RomaMacon1892-93
Crawford, AdaMacon1890-91
Crawford, DellaMacon1889-90
Croarkin, F. EMacon1876-77; 1880-81
Croarkin, IMacon1876-77
Croarkin, JohnMacon1877-78
Croghan, DorrMacon1887-88
Cunningham, AnnaMacon1883-84
Curtis, EmmaMacon1884-85
Curtis, John FranklinMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Curtis, John SamuelMacon1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Dale, LeoMacon1891-92
Dale, LouieMacon1890-91
Dale, LouisMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Daniel, JamesMacon1881-82
Daniels, John LMacon1885-86
Daugherty, J. TMacon1874-75
Daugherty, PermeliaMacon1875-76
Davies, AnnaMacon1887-88
Davis, G. AMacon1871-72
Davis, GeorgeMacon1870-71
Davis, Minnie JMacon1886-87; 1887-88
Davisson, SarahMacon1880-81
Day, I. SMacon1880-81
Dennison, J. MMacon1878-79
Derr, MayMacon1873-74
Deskin, J. TMacon1870-71
Dodson, SueMacon1884-85
Drain, J. WMacon1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Drinkard, E. MMacon1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Drinkard, MinervaMacon1878-79
Dunham, Charles OakleyMacon1894-95; 1895-96
Dunham, S. SMacon1888-89
Durharm, DoraMacon1886-87
Dye, DottMacon1899-1900
Dye, W. SMacon1889-90
Dye, WalterMacon1888-89
Dysart, EffieMacon1877-78
Early, MaudeMacon1895-96
Easley, Foster RayMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Easley, G. BMacon1874-75; 1876-77
Easley, Hattie MMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Eitel, David WilliamMacon1897-98
Elliot, Arthur BorrenMacon1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
Elliot, Mary FlorenceMacon1892-93; 1895-96; 1896-97
Elliott, Arthur BMacon1890-91
Ellis, A. RMacon1873-74
Ellis, NannieMacon1873-74
Elmore, Richard RoyMacon1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
England, J. MMacon1890-91
England, LouellaMacon1877-78
Epperson, C. WMacon1872-73
Evans, AnnMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Evans, E. AMacon1890-91
Evans, EdwardMacon1885-86
Evans, Edward LMacon1886-87; 1888-89; 1889-90
Evans, Edward LincolnMacon1891-92
Evans, Evan AlbertMacon1892-93; 1893-94
Evans, J. EMacon1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Evans, John ThomasMacon1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Evans, LizzieMacon1877-78; 1878-79
Evans, MargaretMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Evans, T. AMacon1880-81; 1881-82
Everheart, BelleMacon1873-74; 1874-75
Everheart, SueMacon1874-75
Fansler, Addie VivianMacon1895-96
Farmer, BudMacon1886-87
Farmer, EdgarMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Farmer, FrancesMacon1886-87
Farmer, J. WMacon1885-86; 1886-87
Fisher, L. EMacon1883-84; 1884-85
Ford, Nora EMacon1890-91
Foster, Everett EugeneMacon1894-95
Foster, J. PMacon1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89
Foster, NettieMacon1885-86; 1887-88
Fox, B FMacon1871-72
Fox, FrankMacon1870-71;?
Fritz, AugustMacon1890-91
Gilbert, John BenjaminMacon1897-98
Gilbreath, Hugh AlfredMacon1894-95
Gilbreath, Nathan ColumbusMacon1892-93
Gillbreath, W. IrvinMacon1895-96
Gillespie, Flora AMacon1876-77; 1877-78
Gilliland, J. EMacon1880-81
Gillispie, MattieMacon1884-85
Gilstrap, Damon HamptonMacon1897-98
Gilstrap, SereldaMacon1870-71; 1872-73; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Gluck, Albert RoseMacon1897-98
Gluck, Alice MellisaMacon1898-99
Gooding, LucyMacon1898-99
Gooding, MinnieMacon1884-85; 1885-86
Gooding, SamuelMacon1896-97
Goulden, JamesMacon1887-88
Goulden, OliverMacon1886-87
Goulden, W. OMacon1887-88
Grady, IdaMacon1890-91
Griffin, Gran JMacon1897-98
Griffin, Otho BridgefordMacon1897-98; 1899-1900
Griffith, AnnaMacon1892-93
Griffith, ClaraMacon1891-92
Gross, EugeneMacon1882-83
Gross, G. WMacon1888-89
Gross, LMacon1881-82
Gross, P. MMacon1888-89
Guffey, MaryMacon1880-81
Gunnels, John WilliamMacon1891-92
Gunnels, LizzieMacon1889-90; 1891-92
Gunnels, MamieMacon1894-95
Gunnels, SarahMacon1899-1900
Guyer, Howard MartinMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Guyer, Lillie WMacon1885-86
Hale, DeliaMacon1896-97
Haley, AnnieMacon1893-94
Hall, W. TMacon1880-81
Halliburton, Minnie ElizabethMacon1897-98
Hamilton, BessieMacon1883-84
Hardester, TrumanMacon1897-98
Harlan, Minnie DMacon1884-85
Harnett, JennieMacon1871-72
Harris, Ella GMacon1881-82
Hartman, HattieMacon1898-99
Heaton, J. DMacon1890-91
Heaton, J. DMacon1899-1900
Heaton, James DecaturMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Hedge, George EMacon1890-91
Herbert, T. LMacon1877-78; 1878-79
Herrin, OraMacon1895-96
Hertzler, James LMacon1893-94; 1894-95
Hertzler, Samuel AlbertMacon1893-94; 1894-95
Hertzler, William EdwinMacon1894-95
Hickman, W. EMacon1882-83; 1882-84
Hodge, George EMacon1887-88; 1889-90
Hodge, LuluMacon1887-88
Holbeek, MyrtleMacon1888-89
Holderby, HMacon1875-76
Holland, Anna BelleMacon1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Hopson, VirginiaMacon1874-75
Howes, AddieMacon1890-91
Hubbard, CassanderMacon1891-92
Hubbard, Edgar FMacon1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88; 1888-89
Hubbard, MaudeMacon1889-90; 1890-91
Hubbs, BerthaMacon1884-85
Huffman, SusieMacon1884-85
Hughes, Darcas JMacon1875-76
Hughes, ElmerMacon1876-77; 1877-78
Hughes, MaggieMacon1873-74; 1874-75
Hughes, SadieMacon1881-82
Hughes, SadieMacon1880-81
Hughey, AliceMacon1880-81
Hurt, Martin LMacon1886-87; 1887-88
Hutchinson, Reta VirginiaMacon1896-97
Hyatt, ArthurMacon1891-92
Hyatt, J. AMacon1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Hyatt, J. EMacon1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1891-92
Hyatt, John AlbertMacon1891-92;1893-94
Johnson, E. CMacon1876-77
Jones, AnnieMacon1892-93
Jones, E. RMacon1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1890-91
Jones, Edward SewardMacon1896-97; 1897-98
Jones, Evan RMacon1891-92
Jones, J. H?Macon1883-84
Jones, JennieMacon1877-78
Jones, MinnieMacon1891-92; 1893-94; 1895-96
Jones, William EMacon1896-97; 1898-99
Judy, MabelMacon1895-96
Keel, EulaMacon1896-97
Kellam, L. DMacon1874-75
King, A. JMacon1871-72
Kirtley, UraMacon1884-85
Knapp, C. LMacon1899-1900
Lamb, Martha AMacon1885-86
Landree, NannieMacon1874-75; 1876-77
Lawrence, AliceMacon1881-82
Lawrence, J. GMacon1881-82; 1882-83
Lea, Viola MaryMacon1890-91
Leffter, SallieMacon1888-89
Lester, JennieMacon1877-78; 1878-79
Lester, Julia MMacon1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Lile, CharlesMacon1899-1900
Livingston, J. JMacon1872-73
Lomax, SophiaMacon1893-94
London, Daisy JMacon1898-99
Loomis, Wesley HMacon1898-99
Love, L. J. [J L]Macon1875-76
Lyda, G. WMacon1871-72
Lyda, James LoganMacon1896-97
Lyda, Victor GeorgeMacon1897-98
Mahoney, DennisMacon1881-82; 1882-83
Marmadude, C. VMacon1884-85; 1885-86
Marmaduke, ArthurMacon1888-89; 1889-90
Marmaduke, C. HMacon1871-72; 1873-74
Marmaduke, FredMacon1887-88; 1888-89
Marmaduke, MMacon1875-76
Marmaduke, S. JMacon1870-71; 1873-74
Mason, Lee OthoMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Mathis, MattieMacon1885-86
Mattox, Mary JeanetteMacon1893-94; 1894-95
Maynard, L. GertrudeMacon1876-78
Maynard, Lulu GertrudeMacon1876-77; 1877-78
McCame, Alice CMacon1883-84
McClung, EllaMacon1891-92
McClung, W. EMacon1886-87
McCormick, F. DMacon1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
McCully, T. WMacon1883-84
McDavitt, B WMacon1890-91
McDavitt, Basil WodfordMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
McDavitt, Frederick NathanielMacon1894-95
McDavitt, Leo WinfieldMacon1896-97
McDavitt, MaymeMacon1899-1900
McDavitt, Minta [Mintie] BelleMacon1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98
McDavitt, Samuel LeeMacon1893-94; 1894-95
McDavitt, T. WMacon1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
McDavitt, Thomas AlbertMacon1891-92; 1892-93
McGarry, HMacon1877-78
McGarry, M. AMacon1877-78
McGuire, W. EMacon1879-80
McPherin, LizzieMacon1886-87
McQuary, FrankMacon1883-84
McReynolds, Charles FrankMacon1898-99; 1899-1900
McReynolds, HughMacon1898-99
Meador, Bertha BelleMacon1893-94
Mennie, Mabel BeatriceMacon1894-95; 1895-96
Milam, AncilMacon1873-74
Miles, LillianMacon1896-97
Miller, Carrie ElizaMacon1894-95; 1897-98
Miller, J. AMacon1871-72; 1872-73
Miller, Lily DMacon1895-96
Mitchell, BettieMacon1876-79; 1877-78; 1878-79
Mitchell, E. GMacon1889-90
Mitchell, OrphaMacon1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Mixon, CoralMacon1892-93
Mixon, Vollie ErwinMacon1892-93; 1893-94
Moody, Claude LegrandMacon1891-92
Moody, W. AMacon1875-76
Moody, W. A. HMacon1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Moore, A. TMacon1890-91
Moore, Alfred TheronMacon1891-92
Moore, Benjamin FranklinMacon1897-98
Morris, J. WMacon1875-76
Morris, Susan ElizabethMacon1898-99
Morrow, B JMacon1870-71
Morrow, FinisMacon1890-91
Morrow, J. WMacon1875-76
Morrow, JohnsonMacon1874-75
Mote, Edna AngelinaMacon1896-97
Muir, George GMacon1887-88
Myers, Laura BMacon1884-85
Myers, TillieMacon1884-85
Newcomb, G. FMacon1899-1900
Newton, BertMacon1899-1900
Newton, SMacon1879-80
Nicholas, J. PMacon1875-76
Nichols, C. WMacon1881-82
Nickell, AliceMacon1876-77
Nickell, Alice HMacon1876-77; 1879-80; 1880-81
Nickell, FannieMacon1876-77
Nickell, JennieMacon1876-77
Nickell, Mary JMacon1875-76
Noblitt, Maggie PearlMacon1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Notingham, LauraMacon1886-87
O'Neal, KateMacon1873-74
O'Neal, L. CMacon1873-74
O'Neil, ArtemisiaMacon1873-74
O'Neil, M. AMacon1873-74
Onsdorf, CMacon1881-82
Osborne, FrankMacon1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Overstreet, J. WMacon1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Overstreet, MaryMacon1892-93
Owings, Ola BelleMacon1898-99
Owings, W. JMacon1876-77
Ownings, W. JMacon1876-77
Park, Austin EdgarMacon1892-93; 1895-96
Patton, Eliza [Lida]Macon1876-77
Patton, HattieMacon1874-75
Payne, ParmeliaMacon1873-74
Perry, EffieMacon1884-85
Perry, James BMacon1880-81; 1881-82
Perry, LouisiaMacon1887-88
Perry, W. HMacon1891-92
Peyton, J. AMacon1873-74
Phillips, Arthur JoshuaMacon1892-93
Phipps, John RothwellMacon1894-95
Pierce, TMacon1874-75
Platt, Eugene DMacon1896-97
Poe, Samuel LoureyMacon1894-95; 1899-1900
Poehlman, G. CMacon1899-1900
Potes, Ira WMacon1890-91
Potes, Ira WaiteMacon1894-95; 1895-96
Potes, T. EMacon1890-91
Potes, T. EdwardMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Powell, AmandaMacon1883-84
Powell, LeeMacon1888-89
Powell, LouMacon1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Prentice, James WilliamMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Pritchard, Daisy ElizabethMacon1896-97
Randall, Clinton LMacon1889-90; 1890-91
Ratliff, FredMacon1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Ratliff, H. HMacon1890-91
Ratliff, HermanMacon1899-1900
Ratliff, HuldaMacon1890-91
Ratliff, John JMacon1891-92; 1895-96
Rees, R. EMacon1879-80
Reyner, MayMacon1892-93
Reynolds, EMacon1880-81
Rhodes, Mary LouisaMacon1891-92; 1893-94
Richards, LizzieMacon1876-77
Riley, P. AMacon1882-83
Riley, W. EMacon1899-1900
Roberts, D. AMacon1877-78
Robison, ElmerMacon1898-99
Romjue, DoraMacon1885-86; 1886-87
Romjue, Milton AndrewMacon1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Rowland, Cassie CMacon1870-71; 1871-72; 1873-74
Rowland, William HMacon1870-71
Ryals, George AMacon1882-83
Ryals, L. WMacon1877-78; 1878-79
Ryon, Frank MMacon1895-96
Ryther, FloraMacon1899-1900
Salf, Benjamin FieldMacon1895-96
Saltmarsh, W. HMacon1886-87; 1889-90; 1890-91
Sanders, PeterMacon1876-77
Saunders, J. WMacon1870-71
Saunders, WMacon1871-72
Seanor, W. EMacon1880-81; 1881-82
Sears, EffieMacon1891-92
Self, Benjamin FieldMacon1894-95; 1896-97; 1898-99
Self, Eugene FrancisMacon1898-99; 1899-1900
Shain, H. BMacon1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-1881; 1882-83; 1883-84
Shanks, EdgarMacon1893-94
Shirk, MaryMacon1889-90
Shores, A. JMacon1883-84
Shortridge, W. RMacon1888-89; 1890-91
Shoush, Louie TomsMacon1895-96
Shoush, Willie JaneMacon1895-96
Shumaker, Thomas MarionMacon1891-92
Simmers, J. AMacon1877-78
Simpson, AliceMacon1884-85
Simpson, S. WMacon1870-71
Sinnock, Della MayMacon1898-99
Sipples, F. WMacon1874-75
Sipples, W. HMacon1874-76; 1875-76
Smallwood, T. HMacon1880-81
Smith, A. FMacon1899-1900
Smith, AlbertMacon1898-99
Smith, ArthurMacon1896-97; 1898-99
Smith, Roma Ella, MrsMacon1896-97
Smith, S. SMacon1873-74
Snell, Lillie BMacon1888-89
Spencer, F. MMacon1874-75; 1875-76
Spencer, LinnieMacon1892-93
Spencer, LizzieMacon1897-98; 1898-99
Stamper, FannieMacon1896-97
Stanley, J. EMacon1883-84
Stanley, NettieMacon1883-84; 1884-85
Stephenson, EmmaMacon1891-92; 1893-94; 1894-95
Stephenson, J. TMacon1877-78
Stephenson, Paulina MMacon1890-91
Stephenson, PaulineMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Steward, O. FMacon1891-92
Surbeck, Frank KMacon1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Surbeck, VillaMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1897-98; 1898-99
Tansil, A. FMacon1874-75, 1875-76
Tate, R. S??JrMacon1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Tate, RichardMacon1892-93
Tate, SueMacon1889-90
Thomas, WilliamMacon1895-96; 1896-97
Thompson, AnnaMacon1891-92
Thompson, Frederick LMacon1890-91; 1891-92
Thompson, J. EMacon1882-83
Timer, A. SMacon1883-84
Tompkins, W. EMacon1873-74
Tooley, Andrew JacksonMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Troutt, ForrestMacon1892-93
Trowbridge, Lena MinervaMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1898-99
Truitt, Cyrus GMacon1891-92; 1892-93
Truitt, Cyrus WMacon1890-91
Truskett, T. WMacon1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Tucker, JennieMacon1875-76
Tuggle, W. HMacon1876-77
Turner, J. HMacon1899-1900
Tyen, Inez FMacon1887-88; 1888-89
Tyer, Fannie EstellaMacon1894-95
Van Pelt, GeorgeMacon1899-1900
Vandike, W. TMacon1891-92
Vernon, W. HMacon1873-74
Vestal, Taylor EugeneMacon1896-97; 1897-98
Waddill Carrie SarahMacon1896-97
Walker, Anna LMacon1886-87
Walker, EllaMacon1882-83
Walker, J. AMacon1879-80; 1880-81
Walker, LauraMacon1884-85
Walker, Mary ElvaMacon1895-96
Walker, MaudeMacon1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Walker, MinnieMacon1893-94
Walker, Susie LuellaMacon1897-98
Wallace, EvaMacon1873-74; 1875-76
Waller, JMacon1875-76
Waller, RMacon1870-71; 1875-76; 1876-77
Warfield, William HMacon1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Watkins, Laura EMacon1871-72
Weaver, C. AMacon1874-75; 1875-76
Weaver, D. CMacon1873-74
Weaver, Ida BMacon1873-74
Webber, J. AMacon1890-91
Webber, James AddisonMacon1891-92
Webber, John CMacon1888-89; 1890-91
Webber, John CalvinMacon1892-93
Webber, Oscar HMacon1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Welch, WilliamMacon1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Wells, C. CMacon1887-88
Wells, Stella EMacon1888-89; 1889-90
White, J. MMacon1870-71
Wilgus, WilliamMacon1881-82
Williams, H. WMacon1870-71
Williams, J. WMacon1879-80; 1880-81
Williams, James WilsonMacon1894-95
Williams, JohnMacon1888-89; 1890-91
Williams, L. EMacon1871-72
Williams, Marvin VincilMacon1894-95
Williams, TimothyMacon1891-92
Willis, J. BMacon1871-72
Willoughby, Elvira CMacon1894-95
Willoughby, JessieMacon1889-90
Willoughby, Lou EffieMacon1898-99
Wills, C. CMacon1883-84; 1885-86
Wills, M. JMacon1871-72
Wilson, EverettMacon1897-98
Wilson, James ClarenceMacon1898-99
Wilson, Kate MayMacon1896-97
Wilson, StellaMacon1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Winfree, W. HMacon1872-73
Winn, LolaMacon1892-93
Winn, Silas WalterMacon1894-95
Wood, S. BMacon1874-75
Woodfil, CorreneMacon1883-84
Wright, OscarMacon1892-93
Wyatt, KatieMacon1875-76; 1885-86
Zugg, JudithMacon1875-76
Rambo, W. EMacon?1880-81
Thomas, Ivar DMacon?1894-95; 1895-96
Rowland, B.Macon, MO1867-68
Rowland, F.Macon, MO1867-68
Walker, A.Macon, MO1868-69
Armstrong, W. GMacon; Adair1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76
Drinkard, MollieMacon; Adair1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Drinkard, NannieMacon; Adair1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
Gooding, SallieMacon; Adair1875-76; 1876-77
Martz, EmmaMacon; Adair1887-88; 1889-90
Musick, J. RMacon; Adair1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74
Olds, CarrieMacon; Adair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Saunders, S. WMacon; Adair1871-72; 1873-74
Williams, SadieMacon; Adair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Willoughby, AlvaMacon; Adair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Taylor, William RobertMacon; Callaway1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1898-99
Staples, HortenseMacon; Halifax, VA1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Dunnington, W. LMacon; Pike1870-71; 1874-75
Davis, MollieMacon; Randolph1870-71; 1874-75
Halliburton, Tula [Zula]Macon; Randolph1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Brunner, Beulah EMacon; Shelby1891-92; 1896-97
Walker, StellaMacon; Shelby1892-93; 1897-98
Bunch, H. CMacon; Texas1878-79
Hickman, Homer VMacon;? Adair1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Crawford, E. BMacoupin, IA1871-72
Berryman, H. AMacoupin, IL1882-83
Berryman, J. WMacoupin, IL1886-87
Dunham, DMacoupin, IL1881-82
Killam, LouellaMacoupin, IL1884-85
Rutherford, DrusillaMacoupin, IL1872-73
Cooley, E. LMadison1884-85; 1886-87; 1887-88
Cooley, James AlbertMadison, IA1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Fulton, L. RMadison, IA1877-78
Parker, AliceMadison, IA1871-72
Blanton, W. EdgarMadison, KY1884-85
Yates, PattieMadison, KY1894-95
Dickey,Ora MayMadison, MT1897-98
Fitzgibbon, EMahaska, IA1870-71;?
Hayes, J. BMaries1879-80
Walker, J. EdMaries1884-85
Adams, Lizzie VMarion1874-75; 1875-76
Bailey, Ida MMarion1884-85; 1887-88
Banks, H. LMarion1884-85; 1885-86
Banks, JennieMarion1897-98
Barber, DillaMarion1897-98
Baxter, OliveMarion1899-1900
Bohon, Elmer ClintonMarion1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1896-97
Bonney, M. CMarion1874-75
Bonney, MinnieMarion1874-75
Bowles, AnnaMarion1887-88
Brown, Thomas FMarion1881-82
Campbell, JennieMarion1874-75
Carlisle, CharlesMarion1881-82
Clark, E. CMarion1877-78
Clark, LeotiMarion1884-85; 1887-88
Cook, EarleMarion1891-92
Cook, ErnestMarion1891-92
Daulton, Anna [Annie]Marion1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Delany, EmmaMarion1872-73
Dunn, MaryMarion1888-89
Ewing, JessieMarion1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Ferres, M. LMarion1892-93
Ferres, M. LesterMarion1890-91
Fletcher, DoraMarion1889-90
Floweree, BMarion1873-74
Foreman, Joseph IMarion1877-78
Forsythe, MMarion1873-74
Frederick, Charles RMarion1889-90
Frederick, F. PMarion1876-77
Gallagher, DavidMarion1898-99
Gardner, L. CMarion1877-78
Glascock, Maude WellMarion1895-96
Glasscock, SallieMarion1887-88
Gooden, Cora LeeMarion1893-94
Gooden, EvaMarion1893-94
Green, EmeryMarion1893-94
Griffith, Cora ElizabethMarion1897-98
Gullion, Omar RayMarion1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Hayden, Kate LeeMarion1897-98
Holmes, J. WMarion1871-72
Hotchkiss, Lula [Lulu]? MayMarion1890-91; 1891-92
Howard, CMarion1873-74
Hunt, Thomas RusselMarion1897-98
Jackson, AnnieMarion1889-90
Jackson, MollieMarion1889-90
Jeffries, Dick BMarion1896-97; 1897-98
Johnson, LizzieMarion1875-76
Jones, J. A. LMarion1899-1900
Kemble, P. HMarion1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Kemble, WMarion1875-76
Kemble, WilliamMarion1875-76
King, Arthur MorganMarion1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96
King, Edward CMarion1892-93
King, Ernest CarsonMarion1896-97; 1897-98
King, Homer FrancisMarion1894-95; 1895-96
Leake, AnnaMarion1891-92; 1892-93
Leake, EdnaMarion1897-98
Leake, Francis MarionMarion1898-99
Lindsey, Ivy AlisonMarion1896-97
Longmire, MinnieMarion1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Longmire, V. GMarion1884-85
Luckenbaugh, Charles MarionMarion1897-98
Luckenbaugh, EmmettMarion1891-92
Marksbury, C. EMarion1877-78
Marksbury, GertieMarion1897-98
Marksbury, HMarion1899-1900
Marksbury, Hartley HughesMarion1898-99
Marksbury, LuraMarion1897-98
Marksbury, Mary TeresaMarion1895-96
Marksbury, Thomas BolesMarion1897-98; 1898-99
Marksbury, Thomas RowlesMarion1896-97
Marshall, L. Mae, MrsMarion1899-1900
Martin, MaryMarion1888-89; 1889-90
Martin, Sadie EMarion1890-91
Martin, Stella MayMarion1897-98; 1898-99
McKenney, B FMarion1871-72
McWilliams, Charles HamptonMarion1895-96
McWilliams, James FranklinMarion1895-96
McWilliams, MattieMarion1895-96
Musick, Charles WilliamMarion1891-92; 1892-93
Nelson, Ernest FrankMarion1891-92
Nelson, Eudora MaeMarion1896-97
Nelson, Eugene WilliamMarion1891-92
Nelson, LenaMarion1891-92
Nelson, Marie ClaggettMarion1893-94; 1894-95
Owsley, Hulda [Huldah]Marion1889-90; 1890-91
Phillips, L. CMarion1890-91
Potter, Frank HenryMarion1896-97
Probasco, Mary EMarion1889-90; 1890-91
Proctor, JuliaMarion1895-96
Raines, IraMarion1887-88; 1888-89
Reamy, J. FMarion1878-79
Sanford, L. SMarion1883-84
Sanford, PMarion1877-78
Sanford, PaulMarion1877-78; 1880-81; 1882-83; 1885-86
Sanford, SMarion1877-78; 1879-80
Shannon, NettieMarion1894-95
Smith, Felicia CMarion1874-75
Smoote, HMarion1875-76
Smoote, MattieMarion1875-76
Stivall, EffieMarion1881-82
Stobernack, Bertha AMarion1880-81; 1881-82
Stobernack, EmmaMarion1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Taylor, Grace LetitiaMarion1898-99
Taylor, Mattie GayleMarion1898-99
Terpenning, Earl StanleyMarion1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Vance, John HMarion1891-92
Vandalingham, O. LMarion1891-92
White, E. MMarion1884-85; 1885-86
Williams, Walter MooreMarion1898-99; 1899-1900
Willis, MaggieMarion1895-96
Wine, SueMarion1888-89
Claybaugh, MMarion, IA1877-78
Ely, T. JMarion, IA1873-74
Jaquays, B FMarion, IA1877-78; 1880-81
Conway, S. AMarion, IA; Clinton1877-78; 1878-79; 1881-82
Morgan, A. RMarion, IL1878-79; 1880-81
Noble, MarthaMarion, IN1874-75
Bohon, Albert RoseMarion; Carroll1891-92; 1897-98; 1898-99
Banks, William HartleyMarion; Knox1895-96
Allen, Carrie EMarshall, IA1876-77; 1879-80
Brown, C. F.Martinstown, MO1867-68, 68-69
Foster, Mary JMcDonough, IL1874-75
McKoy, Fannie KMcDonough, IL1881-82
Carlock, John BruceMcLean, IL1897-98; 1898-99
Price, Eugenia SMcLennan, TX1876-77; 1877-78
Cooper, O. G.Memphis, MO1867-68
Luke, W.Memphis, MO1868-69
Russell, OliveMemphis, MO1868-69
Armstrong, S. DMercer1880-81
Arnote, A. JMercer1884-85
Arnote, Allie VictoriaMercer1894-95
Arnote, J. SMercer1882-83; 1884-85; 1888-89
Arnote, MollieMercer1884-85
Bailey, J. PMercer1874-75
Barnes, C. JMercer1880-81; 1881-82
Barnes, O. MMercer1880-81; 1881-82
Bowsher, BonnieMercer1891-92
Bowsher, ClemmieMercer1888-89
Bowsher, ClemmieMercer1891-92
Brown, PerryMercer1892-93
Bryan, BirdMercer1894-95
Calbreath, C. DMercer1880-81
Calbreath, R. JMercer1881-82
Cleary, Herbert JosephhuaMercer1890-91
Cleary, I. MMercer1883-84
Cleary, IsilonaMercer1880-81
Cleary, JennieMercer1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87
Cleary, LenaMercer1886-87; 1889-90
Cleary, LizzieMercer1883-84
Evans, Minnie ElizaMercer1895-96; 1896-97
Ewing, FlorenceMercer1889-90
Foster, Cyrus FletcherMercer1896-97; 1898-99
Gearhart, BlancheMercer1898-99
Gearhart, GussieMercer1898-99
Griswold, EmmaMercer1882-83
Harbert, CarrieMercer1897-98
Harper, MayMercer1894-95
Hawk, LizzieMercer1873-74/3
Hayes, Lenora ErdieMercer1891-92
Higgins, W. RMercer1877-78; 1878-79
Holaday, LMercer1879-80; 1880-81
Kauffman, HMercer1879-80; 1880-81
Kuhn, J. FMercer1876-77
Lewis, Jake EliasMercer1898-99
Lindsay, Margaret ElizabethMercer1894-95; 1897-98
Logan, Charles EdwardMercer1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Logan, EugeneMercer1892-93; 1893-94
Logan, J. LMercer1880-81
Malone, TillieMercer1884-85
Mapel, Olla EveretteMercer1894-95
May, LauraMercer1892-93
McClaren, Etta MayMercer1892-93; 1894-95; 1896-97
Middleton, R. NMercer1880-81
Miller, Fred CMercer1897-98
Moore, M. AMercer1879-80
Norton, HattieMercer1893-94
Owen Herbert NeillMercer1897-98; 1898-99
Owen, J. GMercer1890-91
Owen, Joseph GeorgeMercer1891-92
Owen, LauraMercer1891-92
Owens, J. WMercer1881-82
Owens, Ward ArthurMercer1897-98
Parson, AMercer1877-78
Parsons, G. SMercer1881-82
Patton, M. EMercer1876-77
Perry, John MMercer1894-95
Pierce, D. SMercer1877-78; 1880-81
Powell, John EugeneMercer1896-97; 1897-98
Richard, Edwin?Mercer1898-99
Smith, Clarence ElmerMercer1898-99
Smith, Norris AllenMercer1898-99
Smith, O. PMercer1878-79
Swingle, C. WMercer1880-81
Tuttle, ElizaMercer1874-75
Walters, W. AMercer1880-81
Ward, LizzieMercer1873-74; 1875-76
Warner, Alice G, MrsMercer1878-79
Wild, EmelyMercer1897-98
Wolfe, Edward BallengeeMercer1891-92
Woods, MamieMercer1892-93
Wright, J. RMercer1880-81
Wright, LuLuMercer1875-76; 1876-77
Young, JuliaMercer1878-79
Young, Lucy DMercer1878-79
Boxley, Stoton BlandMercer?1893-94
Payne, Stephen MarvinMercer, PA1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Payne, LillieMercer; Knox1877-78
Quinn, MaryMercer; Macon1880-81; 1882-83
Tyrrell, SylviaMercer; Macoupin, IL1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
Smith, Joseph ElliottMercer; Sullivan1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Jones, SusieMeyer's Point, OH1876-77
White, J. W. H.Middle Fabias, MO1868-69
Beatty, Hugh W.Milan, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
DeWitt, T. B.Milan, MO1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Traber, JohnMilan, MO1868-69
Dodson, T. A.Mill Springs, KY1868-69
Butler, J. A.Millersburg, IA1868-69
Rice, B JMills, IA1883-84
Nokes, W.Minnesota1868-69
Rutherford, HarlanMinnesota1868-69
Rutherford, J. M.Minnesota1868-69
Turner, James HarrisonMO [county not specified]1898-99
Gallagher, M. PMoniteau1876-77; 1877-78
Waits, J. WMoniteau1881-82
Whitehill, Elizabeth WilsonMonongalia, WV1897-98
Abell, Willie PearlMonroe1896-97
Alexander, M. LMonroe1882-83; 1883-84
Alexander, MonaMonroe1899-1900
Alverson, R. CMonroe1899-1900
Anderson, Walter MabelMonroe1897-98
Ash, Ashley AshtonMonroe1897-98; 1898-99
Ash, J. GMonroe1887-88
Ashcraft, MollieMonroe1882-83
Ashcraft, Mollie CMonroe1882-83
Atterberry, Harry BakerMonroe1898-99
Austin, M. BMonroe1886-87
Bailey, E. TMonroe1889-90; 1890-91
Baker, AmberMonroe1890-91; 1891-92; 1893-94; 1898-99
Baker, BertieMonroe1897-98
Baker, Bertie MMonroe1890-91
Baker, Bessie SproulMonroe1893-94
Baker, EdnaMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Baker, FlorenceMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Baker, Gwyn HarveyMonroe1898-99
Barker, J. WMonroe1899-1900
Barnes, M. HMonroe1899-1900
Basset, Roy GiddingsMonroe1897-98
Bastian, M. FMonroe1876-77; 1877-78
Blue, Christopher ColumbusMonroe1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97
Bohrer, Estella GraceMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Bowling, MallieMonroe1877-78; 1878-79
Bradley, Nell GrantMonroe1898-99
Briscoe, Florence BettieMonroe1898-99
Bruton, George FMonroe1889-90
Bryant, MaryMonroe1894-95
Buckner, Frank Fitzhugh, MrsMonroe1895-96
Burnett, TheodoreMonroe1879-80
Burnham, C. MMonroe1891-92
Burnham, CliffordMonroe1890-91
Burton, George FinleyMonroe1890-91
Burton, J. CMonroe1874-75
Burton, RubieMonroe1898-99
Burton, Walter BradyMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Caldwell, EarlMonroe1886-87
Carrice, Charles AloysinsMonroe1896-97
Carroll, M. CordieMonroe1878-79
Carter, John LangdonMonroe1898-99
Catlette, J. WMonroe1876-77; 1877-78
Chilton, RubyMonroe1896-97
Clapper, Fred FMonroe1899-1900
Clark, C. WMonroe1876-77
Combs, Cora McFarlandMonroe1897-98; 1898-99
Cottingham, Fannie EMonroe1887-88; 1888-89
Cottingham, J. MMonroe1890-91
Cottingham, James MMonroe1891-92; 1892-93
Cottingham, James?Monroe1888-89; 1889-90
Cottingham, May AlroeMonroe1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Cottingham, NellieMonroe1889-90; 1890-91
Cottingham, T. AMonroe1875-76; 1876-77
Cox, EllaMonroe1877-78
Cunningham, MaryMonroe1899-1900
Davis, Alice BMonroe1873-74
Davis, Gincie MMonroe1888-89; 1889-90
Delaney, BelleMonroe1886-87; 1887-88
Delaney, Grundy PooleMonroe1898-99
Delaney, Ruby MooreMonroe1897-98; 1898-99
DeYoung, CarrieMonroe1888-89
Dickerson, J. HMonroe1874-75
Dickerson, Maggie JMonroe1873-74; 1874-75
Dickerson, Sue CMonroe1874-75
Donaldson, LewisMonroe1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dowell, Jimmie CraigMonroe1898-99
Dowell, Lena BelleMonroe1895-96; 1896-97
Dulaney, G. TMonroe1879-80; 1880-81
Elsberry, TessaMonroe1890-91
Ely, A. EMonroe1892-93
Ely, Alphon VictorMonroe1897-98
Ely, Anna Hensley [Herley]Monroe1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Ely, Emily PearlMonroe1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ely, J. MMonroe1892-93
Elzea, VickieMonroe1887-88
Evans, J. WMonroe1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83
Evans, M. HMonroe1876-77
Evans, MollieMonroe1880-81; 1882-83
Evens, J. WMonroe1882-83
Fields, Bennie LMonroe1894-95
Fields, DanielMonroe1877-78
Fleming, J. SMonroe1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Forest, R. HMonroe1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Frye, Sallie HenriettaMonroe1894-95
Furnish, Arthur MonroeMonroe1897-98
Furnish, James ArthurMonroe1897-98
Furnish, MollieMonroe1897-98
Gentry, EllaMonroe1887-88
Gentry, J. TMonroe1879-80
Gex, George SMonroe1888-89; 1889-90
Gex, SallieMonroe1887-88
Gillispie, Elsie AgnusMonroe1897-98
Glascock, LuteMonroe1898-99
Gore, LinaMonroe1893-94
Gossett, Anna MayMonroe1887-88
Graves, DovieMonroe1886-87; 1890-91
Greening, AllieMonroe1887-88
Greening, MinnieMonroe1886-87
Gwyn, JosieMonroe1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Gwyn, MinnieMonroe1882-83; 1883-84
Hales, C. SMonroe1876-77
Hall, Harry DMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Hawkins, Katie BelleMonroe1894-95
Hayden, Willie AMonroe1882-83
Hendrix, DavellaMonroe1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Hill, EssieMonroe1899-1900
Holdsworth, KateMonroe1897-98
Hunt, Esther HMonroe1885-86
Hurd, William FentonMonroe1898-99
Huston, DaisyMonroe1888-89
Huston, Joseph LMonroe1888-89
Hutchinson, M. HMonroe1873-74
Hymers, Dora AnnMonroe1896-97
Hymers, Jesse HuseMonroe1896-97
Jackson, J. WMonroe1876-77
Jefferys, MattieMonroe1890-91
Jeffries, AliceMonroe1886-87
Jeffries, IdaMonroe1886-87; 1889-90
Jett, S. VMonroe1883-84
Johnson, Lydia AldenMonroe1896-97
Johnson, MarenthaMonroe1882-83
Johnston, MintaMonroe1887-88
Judy, BettieMonroe1894-95; 1895-96
Key, NannieMonroe1883-84; 1886-87
King, J. WMonroe1891-92; 1892-93
Kirgan, Walter LeeMonroe1895-96
Lasley, L. ZMonroe1887-88; 1888-89
Laughlin, Emma ElizabethMonroe1895-96
Lightner, E. CMonroe1884-85; 1886-87
Lightner, J. HMonroe1881-82; 1882-83
Lipp, A. LMonroe1880-81; 1882-83
Livesay, Bessie MeredithMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Maddox, JesseMonroe1899-1900
Maddox, Joe ShelbyMonroe1891-92; 1893-94; 1894-95
Magee, WesleyMonroe1873-74
Mairs, WMonroe1875-76
Martin, SadieMonroe1889-90; 1892-93; 1893-94
Maxey, C. FMonroe1879-80
Maxey, Maggie EMonroe1880-81
McArthur, J. FMonroe1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
McCreery, AmandaMonroe1886-87
McFarland, WalterMonroe1888-89
McGee, H. CMonroe1876-77; 1877-78
McGee, H. EMonroe1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
McGee, W. KMonroe1878-79; 1879-80
McGee, Wesley KMonroe1872-73; 1873-74; 1878-79
McManahan, GlennMonroe1897-98
McNutt, BelleMonroe1880-81
McNutt, SallieMonroe1881-82
Meals, AubreMonroe1897-98
Meals, OlgaMonroe1898-99
Meals, T. BMonroe1889-90; 1890-91
Miller, James WMonroe1890-91
Miller, John TMonroe1891-92
Miller, Margaret JMonroe1890-91
Miller, MargueriteMonroe1891-92
Millian, ViolaMonroe1899-1900
Moberly, BelleMonroe1882-83
Morgan, Charles BenjaminMonroe1895-96
Morgan, William GrantMonroe1893-94
Nichols, NellieMonroe1895-96; 1896-97
Nickell, Luther OveMonroe1898-99
Nolen, John HenryMonroe1893-94; 1894-95
Nugent, BessieMonroe1895-96
Ormiston, E. BMonroe1876-77
Overfelt, GeorgeMonroe1899-1900
Overfelt, James BerryMonroe1897-98; 1898-99
Overfelt, James WilliamMonroe1896-97
Overfelt, Louis BerryMonroe1896-97
Patrick, E. CMonroe1877-78; 1878-79
Patterson, SallieMonroe1897-98
Payne, D. FMonroe1873-74
Pickett, A. CMonroe1880-1881
Pollard, H. MMonroe1880-81
Ragland, W. TMonroe1882-83; 1883-84
Ragsdale, S. BMonroe1887-88
Ragsdale, Saida VivianMonroe1896-97
Reavis, Essie LeeMonroe1898-99
Rhodes, SallieMonroe1884-85
Rice, Emma LMonroe1883-84
Rice, FannieMonroe1876-77
Richmond, AdeliaMonroe1889-90
Richmond, H. CMonroe1887-88; 1891-92
Richmond, JMonroe1889-90; 1890-91
Richmond, JoshuaMonroe1893-94
Ridings, AbbieMonroe1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Riley, George WashingtonMonroe1897-98; 1899-1900
Roberson, MaudeMonroe1897-98
Royer, J. E. JrMonroe1899-1900
Rudasill, Mary LucyMonroe1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Ruggles, Clara BlancheMonroe1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Scott, John AndrewMonroe1897-98; 1899-1900
Scott, Percy JamesMonroe1894-95
Sebastian, MayMonroe1899-1900
See, Kittie NolaMonroe1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
See, Samuel DickMonroe1897-98
See, Waddy JamesMonroe1896-97
Sevbee, M. BMonroe1882-83
Sevier, S. MMonroe1873-74
Sherman, Lucy MMonroe1878-79; 1879-80
Sidener, Anna LMonroe1899-1900
Smiley, Lewis EMonroe1899-1900
Smith, Rosa MayMonroe1898-99; 1899-1900
Smithey, Nora LMonroe1889-90; 1891-92
Smock, Allen TolbertMonroe1898-99
Snidow, AntoniaMonroe1899-1900
Snidow, CarrieMonroe1885-86
Snidow, James PMonroe1885-86; 1886-87
Sparks, Thomas EMonroe1899-1900
Spencer, John CollinsMonroe1897-98
Sproul, John WilliamMonroe1897-98
Stephens, FearisMonroe1899-1900
Stephens, KMonroe1878-79
Stephens, K. KMonroe1878-79; 1879-80
Stevens, LMonroe1879-80
Stone, NellMonroe1895-96
Stone, StellaMonroe1899-1900
Stover, AgnesMonroe1885-86
Tillett, Mary ElizabethMonroe1895-96
Tisne, CharlesMonroe1897-98; 1898-99
Todd, BaxterMonroe1876-77
Trotter, Frank FosterMonroe1897-98
Tydings, Edward EwingMonroe1895-96; 1897-98
Vantine, Edwin RussellMonroe1898-99
Vaughn, JessieMonroe1899-1900
Vaughn, Mattie MayMonroe1896-97
Vaughn, W. HMonroe1876-77
Wallace, MaggieMonroe1887-88
Waller, James FranklinMonroe1893-94; 1895-96
Waller, MaggieMonroe1886-87
Waller, Minnie LouMonroe1893-94
Walters, George WMonroe1876-77; 1877-78
West, MyrtleMonroe1887-88
Western, AnnaMonroe1889-90; 1890-91
Weston, AnnaMonroe1891-92
White, E. GMonroe1876-77
White, William HenryMonroe1897-98
Whitesides, ViolaMonroe1899-1900
Willer, James FranklinMonroe1894-95
William, Cora PearlMonroe1898-99
Williams, JessieMonroe1895-96; 1896-97
Williams, Lorin AdelbertMonroe1897-98
Wilson, CarrieMonroe1879-80; 1880-81
Wilson, John HaroldMonroe1896-97; 1898-99
Wood, Frank TMonroe1885-86; 1886-87
Wooden, Lutie AnnMonroe1894-95; 1895-96
Woods, AllieMonroe1881-82
Woods, BessieMonroe1883-84
Woods, EllaMonroe1888-89
Woodson, IrvineMonroe1891-92; 1891-92
Woodson, LizzieMonroe1891-92
Woodson, Robert LMonroe1888-89
Woodson, William IrvinMonroe1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Wright, MaryMonroe1895-96
Wright, WalkerMonroe1895-96; 1896-97
Anderson, F. TMonroe, IA1878-79
Dille, Albert EMonroe, IA1877-78
Eddy, J. RMonroe, IA1877-78
Ormiston, D. BMonroe, Linn1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80
Hull, Marguerite Braxton [Braxie]Monroe; Adair1898-99; 1899-1900
Browning, James JohnMonroe; Audrain1894-95; 1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Kidd, Adolphus CMonroe; Pike; Audrain1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Gwyn, FannieMonroe; Ralls1874-75; 1875-76
Priest, H. GMonroe; Ralls1889-90; 1890-91
Schooling, Lacy ParksMonroe; Randolph1897-98; 1899-1900
Frye, Velpoe PettyMonroe; Shelby1893-94; 1895-96;? 1897-98
Henson, John H.Monterey, IA1868-69, 69-70
Adams, J. MMontgomery1874-75
Allen, KittyMontgomery1887-88; 1888-89
Bacon, SusieMontgomery1890-91
Baker, Kate AllenMontgomery1898-99
Baker, MaggieMontgomery1889-90
Barker, NettieMontgomery1889-90, 1890-91
Beck, BurbridgeMontgomery1883-84; 1884-85
Beck, Isaac WMontgomery1891-92
Beck, Roy LebbensMontgomery1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Bellamy, George LMontgomery1883-84; 1885-86; 1886-87
Blades, Kate WiseMontgomery1896-97
Blades, Martha JamesMontgomery1896-97
Bosley, Thomas BermanMontgomery1897-98
Boyd, B FMontgomery1871-72
Brookshier, CoraMontgomery1887-88
Clare, Frank WaldenMontgomery1894-95
Clayton, FannieMontgomery1882-83
Constance, Edward CartwrightMontgomery1895-96; 1896-97
Constance, Willie WalterMontgomery1897-98
Davidson, F. MMontgomery1882-83
Davidson, FrankMontgomery1882-83; 1883-84
Davidson, J. TMontgomery1874-75
Davidson, OMontgomery1875-76
Davis, H. CMontgomery1875-76
Davis, Samuel VickeryMontgomery1894-95
Dixon, IdaMontgomery1886-87; 1887-88
Dunham, W. EMontgomery1882-83
Dyer, Georgia LeeMontgomery1892-93
Ebaugh, Charles LMontgomery1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Edwards, Jennie EMontgomery1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Farmer, EthelMontgomery1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Fields, W. HMontgomery1877-78; 1878-79
Ford, H. RupertMontgomery1898-99
Forquer, Ella CMontgomery1871-72
Gooch, Edward SMontgomery1888-89; 1889-90
Gooch, GeorgiaMontgomery1889-90
Gooch, Lewis TMontgomery1889-90
Goodrich, H. GMontgomery1874-75
Goodrich, Helen MariaMontgomery1893-94
Goodrich, MaryMontgomery1883-84
Gott, SusieMontgomery1889-90
Graves, EllaMontgomery1889-90; 1892-93
Hatchett, BeatriceMontgomery1888-89; 1889-90
Hatchett, LelaMontgomery1889-90
Hayden, J. LMontgomery1881-82
Howard, LizzieMontgomery1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Inglis, Della, MrsMontgomery1889-90
Jeffers, RuthMontgomery1888-89
Jeffers, Ruth PhilevaMontgomery1891-92; 1892-93
Lafferty, Rosa BelleMontgomery1898-99; 1899-1900
Loker, W. HMontgomery1882-83
Lucksinger, AnnieMontgomery1893-94
Mabry, EffieMontgomery1893-94
Maupin, HarrisMontgomery1896-97; 1897-98
Maupin, HughesMontgomery1896-97; 1897-98
McCanne, Allice, MrsMontgomery1889-90
McIntosh, LauraMontgomery1885-86; 1886-87
Meadows, Daniel MMontgomery1884-85
Menefee, G. WMontgomery1878-79
Newlin, FannieMontgomery1889-90
Niedergekie, F. EMontgomery1883-84
Nowlin, FannieMontgomery1891-92
Oliver, Albert RobertMontgomery1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Oliver, Milton MorrisMontgomery1896-97
Owings, Miriam PaulineMontgomery1893-94
Patterson, F. MMontgomery1877-78; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Patterson, I. JMontgomery1882-83
Patterson, Ibbie JMontgomery1873-74
Patterson, Libbie JMontgomery1882-83
Patterson, NettieMontgomery1882-83
Patterson, Nettie VMontgomery1882-83; 1883-84; 1887-88
Patterson, WilliamMontgomery1887-88
Pew, ClaudiaMontgomery1896-97
Pew, Emmett KnightMontgomery1898-99; 1899-1900
Rice, Claude SylventerMontgomery1898-99
Rodgers, MaybelleMontgomery1898-99
Roley, W. FMontgomery1881-82
See, BurtMontgomery1888-89; 1889-90
See, RoseMontgomery1888-89
See, TeressaMontgomery1888-89; 1889-90
Smith, Birdie McCallMontgomery1894-95
Stewart, AliceMontgomery1882-83
Stewart, Alice BMontgomery1882-83; 1884-85
Sturgeon, Maggie JMontgomery1875-76; 1876-77
Swope, MMontgomery1875-76
Swope, MartinMontgomery1875-76
Updyke, Theodore WilliamMontgomery1895-96
Uptegrove, IsaacMontgomery1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82
Vandaveer, StellaMontgomery1897-98
White, Lou EMontgomery1885-86
Williams, JuliaMontgomery1898-99
Wilson, MildredMontgomery1890-91
Wilson, RuthMontgomery1889-90; 1890-91
George, J. WMontgomery, IA1879-80
Crowder, Olivia LMontgomery, IL1872-73; 1873-74
Allen, KittieMontgomery, OH1891-92
Pace, NannieMontgomery; Adair1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
White, Mary EMontgomery; Adair1874-75; 1878-79
Goodson, J. NMonticello, MO1867-68
Zawm, Lulu MayMontrose, CO1896-97
Cooper, John FennimoreMorgan1894-95
Cooper, John WilliamMorgan1893-94
Hatton, M. LMorgan1874-75
Powell, H. JMorgan1876-77
Berryman, L. OMorgan, IL1876-77
Hill, G. MMorgan, IL1886-87
Minor, VictorMunroe1876-77
Hartupee, Alice [Allie]Muscatine, IA1873-74
Yoder, Mary BMuscatine, IA1895-96
Shank, Rose AngelNemaha, NE1898-99
Shantz, Rose ANemaha, NE1899-1900
Abbott, H.New Boston, MO1868-69
Perkins, C.New Hampshire1868-69
Adams, John EugeneNew Madrid1891-92
King, J.Newark, MO1867-68
Smith, Hugh F.Newark, MO1867-68
Vincent, C. P.Newark, MO1867-68
Carney, EllaNewberg, MO1868-69
Deskin, E. B.Newberg, MO1868-69
Baker, H. GNewton1889-90
Beck, BurbridgeNewton1887-88
Goodykoontz, MadgeNewton1879-80
Bramblette, EstillNicholas, KY1898-99
Bramblette, John EstellNicholas, KY1896-97
Mayfield, L.Ninevah, MO1867-68
Mayfield, T.Ninevah, MO1867-68
Novinger, J.Ninevah, MO1868-69
Novinger, T. J.Ninevah, MO1868-69
Airy, D. WNodaway1878-79
Airy, J. WNodaway1873-74
Barrett, Mabel RoseNodaway1895-96
Bond, L. AliceNodaway1886-87
Bond, L. AliceNodaway1891-92
Bovard, GenevieveNodaway1898-99; 1899-1900
Burnett, MaggieNodaway1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Burnett, MarthaNodaway1889-90; 1890-91
Carter, JNodaway1878-79
Carter, JosephNodaway1878-79
Corken, LidaNodaway1897-98; 1898-99
Corken, NellieNodaway1898-99
Cricket, MollieNodaway1877-78
Day, E. ENodaway1878-79; 1879-80
Douglass, F. DNodaway1884-85
Ensor, E. BNodaway1877-78
Ensor, TNodaway1875-76
Ensor, TheodoreNodaway1875-76
Ensor, ThomasNodaway1875-76
Evans, EllaNodaway1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Evans, Maggie ANodaway1873-74
Fraser, Ora OliveNodaway1897-98
Goodson, Lulu BlancheNodaway1897-98
Gordon, LuluNodaway1898-99
Graves, AraNodaway1889-90
Gray, GraceNodaway1899-1900
Hall, Harvey ENodaway1885-86
Hanna, Evans Adrian [Andrew]Nodaway1895-96
Hannah, E. HNodaway1898-99
Hartley, W. MNodaway1888-89
Hartley, William MonroeNodaway1895-96
Lawrence, LNodaway1875-76
Lemon, H. ANodaway1899-1900
Lemon, Nellie JuneNodaway1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Lemon, SadieNodaway1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Mason, EmmaNodaway1888-89
McGlothlan, A. WNodaway1875-76; 1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Meek, Samuel SNodaway1882-83
Morris, Bertha WinnieNodaway1898-99
Nicholas, MyrtleNodaway1898-99; 1899-1900
Perry, J. WNodaway188-89
Phipps, L. MNodaway1883-84; 1885-86
Price, I. ANodaway1882-83
Price, J. ANodaway1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Price, ZoeNodaway1885-86; 1888-89
Renner, G. SNodaway1887-88
Sturgeon, G. WNodaway1878-79; 1879-80
Swallow, Victor MNodaway1885-86
Van Curen, MamieNodaway1880-81
Walker, J. WNodaway1873-74
Walts, John PaulNodaway1897-98
Whiteford, Hugh AlexanderNodaway1891-92; 1893-94
Whiteford, JohnNodaway1885-86; 1886-87; 1888-89; 1889-90
Williams, M. DNodaway1877-79
Williams, M. DNodaway1877-79
Wilson, KateNodaway1892-93
Wilson, KatieNodaway1889-90
Wilson, O. JNodaway1899-1900
Woodworth, John LewisNodaway1891-92; 1893-94
Williams, L. HNodaway; Cuming, NE1878-79
Porter, LNodaway; Taylor, IA1875-76; 1877-78; 1880-81; 1881-82
Orendorff, MollieNorth1883-84
Bently, M. E.North Salem, MO1868-69
Linhart, J.North Salem, MO1868-69
Putnam, J.North Salem, MO1868-69
Lambert, G. M.Northcott, MO1867-68
Sailor, S.Northcott, MO1867-68
Vernon, J. E.Northcott, MO1867-68
Vernon, W. H.Northcott, MO1867-68
Booker, G.Novelty, MO1867-68
Campbell, M.Novelty, MO1868-69
Campbell, T. A.Novelty, MO1868-69
Doyle, CynthiaNovelty, MO1868-69
Doyle, MariaNovelty, MO1868-69
Doyle, William NNovelty, MO1868-69, 1869-70
Hayward, D. L.Novelty, MO1868-69
Heimer, JamesNovelty, MO1868-69
Hicks, JamesNovelty, MO1868-69
Hicks, MaryNovelty, MO1868-69
Ross, A. L.Novelty, MO1868-69
Bunton, JOktibbeha, MS1870-71; 1871-72
McKell, David JOktibbeha, MS1870-71; 1873-74
McKill, D. JOktibbeha, MS1877-78
Low, WalterOlmsted, MN1876-77; 1879-80
Bunker, EnochOmaha, MO1868-69
Loe, J. H.Omaha, MO1868-69
Beardsley, Fannie EOnondaga, NY1873-74; 1874-75
Bryson, AnnaOregon1871-72; 1872-73
Bryson, J. WOregon1872-73
Laughlin, EOsage1887-88
Moore, TherdoreOsage1883-84
Scott, Ora UOsaka, Japan1899-1900
McDowell, Henry MartinOsborne, KS1891-92; 1892-93
Parker, J. FOswego, NY1870-71
Brummit, J. JOuray, CO1881-82
Brown, NOwasco, MO1867-68
Swallow, John M.Owasco, MO1867-68, 68-69
Baird, AnnaOwen, KY1872-73; 1875-76; 1876-77
Baird, ConnerOwen, KY1876-77; 1877-78
Bishoff, MargaretPage, IA1899-1900
Linebaugh, A. APage, IA1884-85
Greenwood, PollyPaulville, MO1868-69
Greenwood, SarahPaulville, MO1867-68, 68-69
Smith, E.Paulville, MO1867-68
Tucker, LindaPaulville, MO1868-69
Tucker, LottiePaulville, MO1868-69
Tall, MaryPawnee , KS1882-83
Miller, W. HPeoria, IL; Adair1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Barbee, W. APerry1871-72
Elder, J. WPerry1872-73
Elder, John CPerry1872-73; 1873-74
Fogle, C. CPerry1870-71;1871-72; 1872-73
Reed, W. WPerry1871-72; 1872-73
Smith, F. GPerry1871-72
Smith, T. JPerry1871-72
Daughters, C. BPerry; Scotland1870-71; 1872-73
Coffey, A. BPettis1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Downs, J. SPettis1880-81
Downs, M. RPettis1875-76
Fisher, J. HPettis1880-81; 1881-82
Longan, J. CPettis1881-82
Pelton, E. KPettis1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Pelton, H. HPettis1880-81; 1881-82
Turton, BunyanPettis1872-73; 1873-74
Westcott, Alta ZPettis1873-74
Rudy, LauraPettis; Adair1876-77
Galpin, S. DPhelps1872-73; 1873-74
Pennock, Crosby BrownPhiladelphia, PA1898-99; 1899-1900
Allison, CementPike1889-90
Alvis, WilliamPike1877-78
Ayers, Amos EugenePike1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Ayers, FanniePike1893-94
Briggs, J. CookPike1875-76; 1876-77
Britt, C. EPike1877-78
Brown, John BrooksPike1895-96
Buchanan, J. JPike1872-73, 1873-74
Buchanan, W. HPike1874-75
Carroll, E. CPike1871-72
Carroll, EffiePike1876-77; 1879-80
Carroll, Gussie BPike1877-79; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Carroll, SalliePike1881-82; 1882-83
Carroll, Stella MayPike1877-79; 1877-78; 1878-79
Carroll, W. WPike1871-72
Cash, CourtneyPike1899-1900
Caverly, OraPike1886-87; 1887-88
Clayton, B FPike1873-74
Cluster, APike1873-74
Coleman, Carolyn MarthaPike1893-94; 1894-95
Dalton, AnnaPike1881-82
Duvall, James HenryPike1894-95
Ford, James MonroePike1897-98
Forgey, J. WPike1877-78; 1878-79
Foster, AlbertaPike1892-93
Foster, Asa DillardPike1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95 ; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Foster, Bertie SylvernPike1896-97
Foster, Nellie RPike1885-86
Frankum, GeorgePike1882-83; 1883-84
Gibbens, A. SPike1879-80; 1880-81
Gibbs, James EPike1873-74
Gloyd, Harvey LewisPike1895-96; 1896-97
Gordon, CoralPike1899-1900
Gordon, PearlePike1899-1900
Griffith, VernaPike1890-91; 1891-92
Grimes, J. APike1873-74; 1874-75; 1878-79
Grimes, T. CPike1877-78
Grimes, Thomas CPike1874-75; 1877-78
Halliburton, Helen MPike1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Hedges, CynthiaPike1874-75
Holman, Maggie MPike1890-91; 1891-92
Hughes, A. MPike1876-77
Jamison, Carson EphraimPike1891-92; 1894-95
Jamison, Thomas BentonPike1891-92
Lacy, CordeliaPike1876-77
Lewis, B FPike1874-75
Lewis, ScottPike1876-77
Lewis, W. SPike1877-78; 1878-79
Martin, Jemima, MrsPike1889-90
Martinique, AnnaPike1883-84
Matthews, MattiePike1895-96; 1896-97
May, Emma JeanPike1893-94; 1896-97
McCune, J. RPike1873-74
McGee, OraPike1899-1900
Meloan, LizziePike1878-79
O'Reilly, EdwardPike1874-75
Orr, Jodie CPike1873-74
Paxton, J. WPike1875-76; 1876-77
Pitzer, H. WPike1873-74
Price, C. SPike1878-79
Riggs, FanniePike1881-82; 1883-84; 1884-85
Rose, Anna JPike1883-84
Rose, LizziePike1883-84; 1884-85
Rule, MaryPike1874-75
Scanland, VaidiePike1875-76
Seaton, MaryPike1875-76
Shaw, SusiePike1881-82
Smith, BellePike1887-88
Smith, EmmaPike1891-92
Smith, T. MPike1877-78
Sneed, Rosa LPike1876-77
Spurrier, J. WPike1880-81
Stark, EvaPike1876-77; 1878-79
Steele, Fannie JudithPike1893-94
Steele, NelliePike1891-92
Stephens, M. APike1876-77
Stevens, S. BPike1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Sweet, Arthur TPike1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Sweet, IonaPike1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Sweet, Ralph APike1892-93
Sweet, RowenaPike1895-96
Tapley, HannahPike1887-88
Tapley, MattiePike1889-90; 1890-91
Thomas, SalliePike1888-89
Thompson, JeffPike1874-75
Thompson, LottiePike1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Todd, C. CPike1877-78
Tucker, KatePike1876-77
Utterback, Emmett LPike1898-99
Waller, SarahPike1873-74; 1874-75
Wells, JamesPike1876-77
West, R. LPike1877-78; 1878-79
Winn, G. DPike1881-82
Zook, Gertie KPike1876-77
McDanold, AlexPike or Chariton1874-75
Elgin, MattiePike??1887-88; 1888-89
Pritchett, MattiePike??1887-88
Riggs, W. LPike??1887-88; 1888-89
Sterne, L. BPike??1890-91
Sterne, P. JPike??1890-91
Bentley, W. HPike, IL1886-87
Cover, LuellaPike, IL1873-74
Doan, DoraPike, IL1873-74
Fife, BessPike, IL1874-75
Fife, Rebecca DPike, IL1873-74; 1874-75
Gregory, EffiePike, IL1887-88
Gregory, FlorencePike, IL1885-86
Hughes, EmmaPike, IL1876-77
Walston, HattiePike, IL1883-84
Newland, AnnaPike; Audrain1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Browning, SadiePike; Clinton1872-73
Jamison, MaudePike; Lincoln1891-92; 1894-95
Foster, JohnPlatt1885-86
Bowen, J. TPlatte1878-79
Fellows, David CrocketPlatte1891-92; 1892-93
Fleming, CPlatte1889-90
Graves, A. HPlatte1877-78
Handley, VidaPlatte1890-91
Justus, E. WPlatte1877-78
Layton, LutiePlatte1892-93
Leavel, D. CPlatte1874-75
Lott, James EPlatte1886-87
Magers, George DurhamPlatte1896-97
Masterson, James ReedPlatte1896-97
Miller, NanniePlatte1890-91
Newby, Ida GPlatte1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Newby, LulaPlatte1891-92; 1892-93
Overbeck, George HenryPlatte1896-97
Pumphrey, MaggiePlatte1885-86; 1886-87
Reed, Ben ArchibaldPlatte1896-97
Rule, LenaPlatte1899-1900
Siler, Walter OrlandoPlatte1898-99
Thompson, RebeccaPlatte1893-94; 1894-95
Thorp, David JacksonPlatte1893-94
Turner, James HornbucklePlatte1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Haines [Haynes] , EllaPolk1873-74; 1874-75
Haynes, LeoniePolk1872-73; 1873-74
Haynes, N. PPolk1873-74
Alden, C. HPolk, IA1873-74
Still, George AndersonPolk, IA1897-98
Grantham, W. EPolk; Gentry1872-73; 1874-75
Spangler, Harvey LPottawatomie , KS1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Blackburn, James BPoweshiek, IA; Schuyler, IL1878-79
Proctor, Harriet LoisPowshiek, IA1896-97
Berry, J. J.Prairie Bird, MO1867-68
Lemmon, W.Prairie Bird, MO1867-68
Lemons, WilliamPrairie Bird, MO1868-69
Williams, R.Prairie Bird, MO1867-68
Funk, J. WPreston, WV1882-83; 1883-84
Hope, S. RPrimrose, MO1870-71; 1871-72
Hope, W. PPrimrose, MO1870-71; 1873-74
Brown, T. WPulaski1877-79; 1879-80
Weaver, LizziePulaski, KY; Saline1872-73; 1874-75
Alexander, J. FPutnam1895-96
Anderson, JaniePutnam1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Anderson, Phoebe JanePutnam1894-95
Applegate, C. HPutnam1870-71
Archer, MaryPutnam1899-1900
Archer, Stella GracePutnam1897-98
Barkley, James WilliamPutnam1897-98
Boland, MolliePutnam1895-95; 1896-97
Brassfield, H. RPutnam1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Brassfield, MaryPutnam1871-72; 1873-73
Brassfield, Mary EPutnam1888-89
Buchanan, G. FPutnam1880-81
Buck, EthelPutnam1897-98; 1899-1900
Buck, Thomas KemerlyPutnam1897-98
Burton, GPutnam1870-71
Campbell, A. GPutnam1885-86
Campbell, HenryPutnam1874-75
Campbell, J. MPutnam1887-88
Campbell, M. DPutnam1887-88
Campbell, W. HPutnam1876-77; 1879-80; 1880-81
Cassady, Jessie RoyPutnam1894-95
Chivington, James LoganPutnam1893-94
Christy, JenniePutnam1873-74
Clapper, Pearl RiversPutnam1895-96
Clapper, Will LewisPutnam1897-98
Cockefair, Edgar AugustusPutnam1897-98
Collier, Cora MayPutnam1899-1900
Collins, John ThomasPutnam1890-91
Collins, Shelby MPutnam1889-90
Cook, JessiePutnam1889-90
Cook, SarahPutnam1889-90
Cook, W. HPutnam1899-1900
Cooley, Cora EllenPutnam1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Corporon, L. CPutnam1875-76; 1881-82
Cowan, CoraPutnam1887-88
Crawford, Eliza MPutnam1891-92
Crooks, L. EPutnam1875-76
Crooks, LeePutnam1873-74, 1874-75
Davis, J. SPutnam1878-79
Davis, LizziePutnam1879-80; 1880-81
Dickerson, AnniePutnam1888-89
Dickson, Arthur WilliamPutnam1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Dickson, Charles EdwardPutnam1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Dodson, Isom BPutnam1891-92
Dodson, J. FPutnam1885-86
Douglas, Mary CozettePutnam1895-96
Dunbar, NelliePutnam1899-1900
Farmer, ThomasPutnam1899-1900
Fechtting, F. SPutnam1880-81
Finch, J. AdeliaPutnam1874-75
Finch, T. APutnam1873-74; 1874-75
Folwell, R. LPutnam1877-78
Foster, CordeliaPutnam1873-74
Francis, I. NPutnam1883-84
Frost, J. TPutnam1874-75; 1875-76
Fullhart, EttaPutnam1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Geisenhof, LizziePutnam1897-98
Goodrich, Fannie AlicePutnam1898-99
Green, AlliePutnam1884-85
Green, J. APutnam1880-81
Green, LucindaPutnam1884-85
Halley, LauraPutnam1889-90
Halley, Sarah EPutnam1874-75; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Harbert, G. WPutnam1874-75
Harbert, J. JPutnam1874-75
Hard, DoraPutnam1883-84
Harris, E. APutnam1899-1900
Hatfield, JPutnam1875-76
Hatsfield, Joseph WPutnam1891-92
Hawk, AlicePutnam1880-81
Hawk, DoraPutnam1889-90; 1890-91
Hawk, EmmaPutnam1880-81
Hawk, J. DPutnam1889-90
Hawk, J. LPutnam1881-82
Hawk, J. WPutnam1880-81; 1881-82; 1884-85
Hawk, M. APutnam1881-82
Haynes, BellePutnam1884-85
Hayward, Joseph DandridgePutnam1898-99
Hodges, C. WPutnam1899-1900
Holley, SarahPutnam1878-79
Howard, MaggiePutnam1897-98; 1899-1900
Howard, NanniePutnam1899-1900
Husted, CoraPutnam1894-95
Husted, EmmaPutnam1887-88
Husted, W. SPutnam1889-90
James, GeorgePutnam1899-1900
Jewell, Cora MayPutnam1899-1900
Jewell, WilliamPutnam1881-82
Jones, A. JPutnam1877-78
Jones, AbnerPutnam1897-98
Jones, C. TPutnam1884-85
Jones, J. WPutnam1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1879-80; 1881-82
Jones, James LunsfordPutnam1897-98
Jones, John PPutnam1882-83
Jones, LPutnam1879-80
Jones, Martin VanBurenPutnam1893-94; 1894-95
Jones, RobertaPutnam1897-98
Jones, SarahPutnam1875-76; 1876-77
Jordan, D. CPutnam1875-76
Keene, A. FPutnam1884-85
Keene, FrankPutnam1877-78
Keene, WPutnam1872-73
Keller, LettiePutnam1896-97
Keller, MinniePutnam1895-96; 1896-97
Kerr, Nelson, MrsPutnam1899-1900
Klinginsmith, Catharine VirginiaPutnam1898-99
Lemen, FloraPutnam1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Lemen, J. TPutnam1871-72; 1874-75; 1877-78
Lemen, S. PPutnam1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81
Livezey, Alice DessiePutnam1897-98; 1899-1900
Livezey, William EzraPutnam1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Loyd, CarriePutnam1873-74
Magee, C. HPutnam1883-84
Magee, MaryPutnam1894-95
Mannon, Roy EugenePutnam1894-95; 1895-96
Martin, BlanchePutnam1895-96
Martin, NoahPutnam1875-76
Martin, RoxiePutnam1899-1900
McAnnely, Leslie LeonPutnam1894-95
McClellan, IdaPutnam1887-88
McClelland, AnniePutnam1879-80
McClelland, IdaPutnam1888-89
McCormick, J. MPutnam1870-71
McGee, F. FPutnam1899-1900
McKinley, B FPutnam1879-80
McKinley, J. APutnam1879-80; 1881-82
McKinley, J. CPutnam1881-82
McMorrow, MariaPutnam1875-76
Mills, Emma FrancesPutnam1894-95; 1895-96
Mills, Lara EmmaPutnam1895-96
Mullins, Jack MelvinPutnam1893-94; 1895-96
Mullins, William ShermanPutnam1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Mullins, WinfieldPutnam1889-90; 1891-92
Myers, AnniePutnam1889-90; 1890-91
Myers, Mollie AlicePutnam1890-91
Nulton, George EPutnam1889-90; 1890-91
Nulton, Ida MPutnam1889-90; 1890-91
Nulton, L. CPutnam1889-90
Olinger, EllaPutnam1885-86
Olinger, L. APutnam1877-78; 1878-79; 1885-86
Parrish, William SamuelPutnam1898-99
Probasco, J. WPutnam1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Probasco, John WPutnam1875-76; 1877-78; 1879-80; 1881-82
Probasco, S. FPutnam1877-78; 1879-80
Quigley, F. MPutnam1874-75
Quigley, LauraPutnam1873-74; 1874-75
Robinson, Bert LeePutnam1898-99
Rogers, DeliaPutnam1889-90
Roland, AlicePutnam1881-82
Ryals, E. APutnam1891-92
Ryals, Ledrow EsperPutnam1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Schuster, AaronPutnam1875-76
Sherer, EmmaPutnam1899-1900
Sherer, LeePutnam1899-1900
Smith, AnnaPutnam1899-1900
Smith, Bertha EdithPutnam1895-96
Smith, MarcellaPutnam1884-85
Smith, Narussie AnnaPutnam1898-99
Spickerman, EdithPutnam1890-91
Sprigg, LizziePutnam1876-77
Sprigg, MariaPutnam1871-72
Sprigg, UlethaPutnam1871-72
Stewart, Ethlyn KatePutnam1897-98; 1898-99
Stewart, J. EPutnam1899-1900
Stockton, IdaPutnam1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Stout, FrankPutnam1887-88
Swiger, Ardus EdwardPutnam1896-97
Teeter, L. DPutnam1871-72
Thompson, C. M. CPutnam1873-74; 1875-76; 1875-76; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Thornburgh, Frank ColfaxPutnam1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Thornburgh, William BertonPutnam1893-94; 1894-1895; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Tyson [Tysor],? LizziePutnam1894-95; 1895-96
Tyson, D. FPutnam1887-88
Van Buskirk, James DalePutnam1898-99
Walters, Clara WillPutnam1893-94; 1897-98
Wells, RosePutnam1897-98
Wells, SanfordPutnam1890-91; 1894-95
West, Lora [Lola ]GreenPutnam1895-96; 1896-97
Whitecotton, J. HPutnam1875-76
Wickles, EdwardPutnam1888-89; 1889-90
Williams, D. APutnam1879-80; 1880-81
Williams, Lura AlicePutnam1895-96; 1897-98
Wilson, Minnie GertrudePutnam1895-96
Woodruff, H. APutnam1899-1900
Zieber, W. HPutnam1884-85
Riggs, WalterPutnam, IN1876-77
Eastman, EdithPutnam, OH1877-78
Duckworth, Nellie EllenPutnam; Adair1886-87; 1890-91; 1894-95
Sprigg, S. TPutnam; Adair1871-72; 1872-73
Kerr, NelsonPutnam; Platte1887-88; 1888-89; 1895-96; 1895-96; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Brassfield, AnnaPutnam; Polk1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Whitecotton, George WPutnam; Ralls1876-77; 1877-78; 1881-82
Barkley, J. GPutnam; Sullivan1870-71; 1771-72
Teter, S. DPutnam; Van Buren, IA1870-71; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1879-80
Alexander, T. CRalls1877-78
Alford, C. MRalls1878-79
Alford, Ella [Ellie]Ralls1887-88; 1888-89
Alford, J. PRalls1875-76; 1876-77
Alford, NannieRalls1875-76; 1876-77
Allison, J. ORalls1874-75; 1875-76; 1878-79
Allison, J. ORalls1875-76; 1878-79; 1881-82
Allison, J. SRalls1875-76
Allison, T. ERalls1882-83
Banks, W. WRalls1882-83
Barkes, W. WRalls1882-83
Barnard, G. HRalls1875-76
Barnard, IdaRalls1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85
Barnard, James UnderwoodRalls1872-73; 1873-74
Barnard, R. ERalls1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Barnard, R. JRalls1878-79
Bell, J. AdolphusRalls1889-90
Bell, Mary ERalls1889-90
Beshears, B LRalls1876-77
Bowles, J. CRalls1874-75
Boyd, James PerryRalls1894-95
Brashear, B LRalls1876-77
Brashers, C. SRalls1887-88
Caldwell, S. KRalls1876-78
Carter, JennieRalls1887-88
Carter, Walter CRalls1885-86
Clark, Nonie LRalls1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Clark, W. HRalls1889-90; 1890-91
Coil, Benjamin JacobRalls1891-92
Coil, John AndrewRalls1890-91
Cox, M. FRalls1877-78
Cox, SallieRalls1883-84
Cullen, HannahRalls1877-78
Cullen, LizzieRalls1877-78; 1879-80; 1881-82
Cullen, Mary VRalls1884-85; 1885-86
Cullen, WRalls1878-79; 1870-80
Cullen, WilliamRalls1878-79
Cupp, James SRalls1887-88
Curd, W. GRalls1890-91
Dalton, J. DRalls1890-91
Dawson, ElizaRalls1888-89
Dunkin, EstherRalls1892-93
Dunkin, MayRalls1892-93
Dunlap, D. G. [G D]Ralls1878-79
Ely, Pinkie JRalls1892-93
Ely, SamanthaRalls1888-89
Ely, W. HRalls1876-77
Evans, J. MRalls1879-80
Fagan, G. WRalls1874-75; 1875-76
Fagan, MollieRalls1874-75
Farnsworth, William ThomasRalls1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Farres, Effie LillianRalls1896-97
Finegan, George TRalls1879-80; 1880-81; 1882-83
Finnegan, C. HRalls1884-85
Finnegan, Ida MayRalls1897-98; 1898-99
Finnegan, RettaRalls1898-99; 1899-1900
Fisher, Russell HenryRalls1898-99
Frazier, MosesRalls1876-77
Gardner, A. JRalls1870-71
Gough, MyrtaRalls1894-95
Hall, L. DRalls1876-77
Harvey, ThomasRalls1884-85
Haward, S. ARalls1882-83
Hendrix, Frank ConnerRalls1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Howard William ERalls1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Howard, S. ARalls1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Hubbard, LemmaRalls1887-88
Hummel, IvaRalls1894-95
James, ClaraRalls1876-77; 1877-78
Johnson, LucyRalls1871-72
Johnston, John ARalls1877-78; 1878-79
Keach, J. MRalls1876-77
Kendrick, JohnRalls1886-87
Kendrick,Robert KRalls1886-87
Kirtley, Annie SRalls1877-78
Kirtley, F. PRalls1876-77
Krigbaum, W. LRalls1874-75; 1875-76; 1879-80; 1881-82
Ledford, JessieRalls1881-82
Liter, DillieRalls1887-88
Matson, N. CRalls1875-76
Megown, BerrillaRalls1890-91
Mitchell, Anna RRalls1884-85
Mitchell, MinnieRalls1884-85
Moore, T. MRalls1874-75
More, R. ORalls1876-77
Northcut, Julia?Ralls1885-86
Ogle, HughRalls1892-93
Orear, H. C. WRalls1875-76
Payton, BenjaminRalls1890-91
Pierce, J. MRalls1879-80
Redman, E. CRalls1877-78
Rigg, Bettie MayRalls1894-95; 1896-97
Rosser, Benjamin LRalls1887-88
Sanford, Robert MacRalls1896-97
Smith, Mollie LRalls1887-88
Spalding, L. NRalls1873-74; 1875-76
Spalding, Sterling PRalls1881-82
Sparrow, E. MRalls1887-88
Stout, C. ARalls1874-75
Stout, F. BRalls1873-74; 1874-75
Taylor, Charlotte ARalls1874-75
Thompkins, LauraRalls1882-83
Todd, John LRalls1876-77; 1877-78
Tompkins, LauraRalls1882-83
Tutt, SusieRalls1876-77
Wallace, DRalls1875-76
Wallace, DavidRalls1875-76
Wallace, Jennie ARalls1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82
Wallace, Lizzie ERalls1881-82
Wallace, ThomasRalls1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82
Wallace, WilliamRalls1876-77; 1878-79
Watkins, LizzieRalls1879-80
Lindsay, Adelle [Addie]Ralls?1881-82
Spalding, Norton FRalls; Putnam1876-77; 1877-78
Todd, J. LRalls; Sullivan1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78
Adams, Claude ByronRandolph1898-99; 1899-1900
Alberson, Adda [Addie]? ERandolph1882-83; 1883-84
Angell, William OraRandolph1892-93; 1894-95
Badsher, Alver J?Randolph1883-84
Baker, BindaRandolph1874-75
Baker, O. ARandolph1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Baker, Walter FRandolph1891-92
Barnhart, D. ARandolph1886-87
Barnhart, V. RRandolph1871-72; 1872-73
Bennet, ARandolph1876-77
Bennett, Mattie BelleRandolph1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Blackford, F. MRandolph1874-75
Blackford, J. SRandolph1883-84; 1884-85
Blackford, Mattie ARandolph1877-78
Board, MaudlyRandolph1890-91
Boney, MyrtleRandolph1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Borchers, B FRandolph1873-74
Boucher, Ezra OrleyRandolph1896-97; 1898-99
Boucher, HaskellRandolph1894-95; 1896-97
Boucher, Manly DavisRandolph1897-98; 1899-1900
Boucher, SophiaRandolph1889-90
Bradsher, A. JRandolph1884-85; 1885-86
Bradsher, Earl LRandolph1897-98; 1898-99
Bradsher, EulaRandolph1885-86
Bradsher, Ira ClarenceRandolph1894-95
Bradsher, MaudeRandolph1891-92
Bradsher, Vinson DRandolph1891-92
Brandt, LRandolph1875-76
Brockman, MollieRandolph1886-87
Brockman, TalithaRandolph1887-88; 1888-89
Brogan, LucyRandolph1898-99; 1899-1900
Brooks, BessieRandolph1879-80
Brown, CattieRandolph1886-87; 1887-88
Brown, Finis MRandolph1884-85
Burton, OrphaRandolph1890-91
Butler, J. MRandolph1884-85
Campbell, LizzieRandolph1887-88
Carter, Isaac BertramRandolph1897-98; 1898-99
Carter, Minnie PearlRandolph1898-99
Chamier, JennieRandolph1891-92; 1892-93
Chandler, H. ARandolph1872-73; 1873-74
Christal, LouRandolph1885-86; 1886-87
Christian, EvaRandolph1887-88
Coates, N. BRandolph1870-71
Collier, MinnieRandolph1894-95
Coulter, J. FRandolph1878-79
Cox, IdaRandolph1883-84; 1884-85; 1887-88
Cross, Marie LRandolph1892-93
Cross, MollieRandolph1887-88
Cross, OrneliaRandolph1884-85
Cubbage, Ida MayRandolph1891-92
Culp, J. CRandolph1877-78; 1878-79
Cunningham, Leva WierRandolph1896-97; 1897-98
Dameron, CharlesRandolph1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Dameron, EllaRandolph1871-72
Dameron, William BRandolph1887-88
Daniel, Will OliverRandolph1898-99; 1899-1900
Davis, LucieRandolph1888-89
Davis, S. CRandolph1877-78
Day, Dora BelleRandolph1891-92; 1892-93; 1895-96
Day, HortenseRandolph1896-97
Day, Hubert LeslieRandolph1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Day, Rubie VeraRandolph1898-99; 1899-1900
Day, Thomas AllenRandolph1897-98
Day, Winifred EveretteRandolph1894-95; 1895-96
Debra, JennieRandolph1873-74
Dennis, E. HRandolph1891-92
Derijne, LucyRandolph1891-92
Dodson, Jennie BelleRandolph1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Dodson, William FRandolph1884-85
Dougherty, Joseph CaltonRandolph1898-99; 1899-1900
Douglass, HelenRandolph1890-91
Doyle, E. ORandolph1883-84; 1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
Doyle, Luther UlmanRandolph1890-91
Doyle, M. GRandolph1887-88
Doyle, William OtisRandolph1890-91
Duglass, HelenRandolph1889-90
Dulaney, J. CRandolph1884-85
Durham, W. SRandolph1884-85
Dysart, William PRandolph1884-85
Eagan, S. JRandolph1889-90
Elsea, G. WRandolph1875-76
Eubank, E. CRandolph1899-1900
Evans, CharlesRandolph1897-98
Evans, Charles LRandolph1888-89
Evans, EmmaRandolph1883-84
Evans, JoellaRandolph1883-84; 1885-86
Evans, SueRandolph1884-85
Featherstone, LulaRandolph1883-84
Ferrill, W. ERandolph1875-76
Fetty, R. HRandolph1875-76; 1876-77
Forte, J. TRandolph1871-72
Foster, SallieRandolph1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Fray, NannieRandolph1874-75; 1875-76
Frazer, J. WRandolph1879-80; 1880-81
Fuhrman, Anna MRandolph1890-91
Garven, EugeneRandolph1883-84
Given, SusieRandolph1879-80
Gooding, CynthiaRandolph1891-92; 1892-93
Gooding, FannieRandolph1889-90
Griffin, FloraRandolph1887-88
Griffin, FlorenceRandolph1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Griffith, C. GRandolph1875-76; 1876-77
Griffith, T. LRandolph1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Hall, George ORandolph1887-88
Hall, IdaRandolph1887-88
Halliburton, Callie HRandolph1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Hamilton, W. RRandolph1880-81
Hannah, O. ERandolph1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
Hannah, W. ERandolph1876-77; 1877-78
Hardan, Henry DRandolph1882-83
Hardin, A. KRandolph1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Hardin, B FRandolph1873-74; 1874-75
Hardin, J. HRandolph1872-73; 1873-74
Harlan, G. JRandolph1874-75
Harlan, HenryRandolph1882-83
Harlan, J. WRandolph1880-81
Harlan, Mollie SRandolph1874-75
Hastings, Eva MayRandolph1886-87
Hatchett, J. ARandolph1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1878-79
Heabering, ElmaRandolph1882-83
Heberling, ElmaRandolph1882-83
Heifner, George WillardRandolph1896-97
Holtzclaw, ArthurRandolph1899-1900
Hubbard, NaomiRandolph1896-97
Hunker, KateRandolph1887-88
Hunt, JohnRandolph1883-84
Hunt, Mamie MRandolph1876-77
Huntsman, H. MRandolph1875-76; 1876-77
Huston, JuliaRandolph1887-88; 1894-95
Huston, NannieRandolph1887-88; 1888-89
Hutchinson, Atta DRandolph1876-77
Hutchinson, W. ORandolph1880-81; 1881-82
Hutton NellRandolph1899-1900
Jackson, Carrie CRandolph1883-84; 1884-85
Jackson, CourtneyRandolph1899-1900
Jenkins, Eva LRandolph1884-85
Johnson, Minnie LucyRandolph1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98
Johnson, Virgie ORandolph1897-98
Johnston, AnnaRandolph1882-83
Johnston, IdaRandolph1882-83
Johnston, Ida MRandolph1882-83
Keiter, Edward YatesRandolph1893-94
Kerby, George TaylorRandolph1894-95
Kimbrough, EvaRandolph1883-84
King, D. ARandolph1873-74; 1875-76
Knox, RiceRandolph1871-72; 1874-75; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Landram, J. ORandolph1878-79
Landram, Oscar MayRandolph1896-97
Laudram, William ERandolph1885-86
Le Compt, H. MRandolph1870-71
Le Compt, W. BRandolph1870-71; 1871-72
Lensley, Luther EarlRandolph1895-96
Lensley, Marvin EugeneRandolph1894-95; 1895-96
Leslie, JennieRandolph1885-86
Lessley, A. JRandolph1876-77
Lewis, E. BRandolph1874-75; 1875-76
Lichtenthaler, CoraRandolph1894-95
Lichtenthaler, KateRandolph1894-95
Lilly, J. CRandolph1885-86; 1887-88
Lilly, NoraRandolph1895-96
Lipscomb, JennieRandolph1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Littrell, Joe SelbaRandolph1893-94
Lobban, Georgia BRandolph1887-88
Lobban, W. P. JrRandolph1887-88
Manning, Harvey ARandolph1890-91
Manning, James DRandolph1896-97
Martin, W. HRandolph1879-80
Matlock, NicholasRandolph1883-84
Matlock, S. CRandolph1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81
Matlock, S. ERandolph1877-78
Matlock, W. MRandolph1871-72
Mayo, C. PRandolph1899-1900
Mayo, EmmaRandolph1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
McCame, AnnaRandolph1883-84
McCame, HarlanRandolph1883-84
McCanne, Anna [Annie]Randolph1882-83
McCanne, E. BRandolph1888-89; 1889-90
McCanne, HarlanRandolph1882-83
McCanne, Jessie DRandolph1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1894-95
McCanne, Julia MRandolph1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
McCanne, StellaRandolph1895-96
McCrary, VictorRandolph1884-85
McCreary, LauraRandolph1883-84
McCreary, VRandolph1883-84
McCully, J. WRandolph1883-84
McCune, KellyRandolph1899-1900
McCune, SallieRandolph1884-85
McCune, WilbertRandolph1898-99
McDaniel, W. RRandolph1875-76
McKinney, Curtis FranklinRandolph1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
McMune, J. WRandolph1890-91
Meals, Susie DulanyRandolph1898-99; 1899-1900
Meng, J. A. CRandolph1879-80
Miller, Becca ARandolph1883-84
Miller, MaggieRandolph1890-91; 1891-92
Minor, Jacob VinsonRandolph1898-99
Mitchell, Eugene TensleyRandolph1893-94
Mitchell, J. MRandolph1899-1900
Mitchell, LauraRandolph1877-78; 1878-79
Mitchell, Thomas MortimerRandolph1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Moore, C. JRandolph1871-72
Moore, EmmaRandolph1883-84
Murphy, Robert LeeRandolph1894-95
Newton, J. HRandolph1888-89
Newton, Luther ClayRandolph1894-95
Newton, Susie ERandolph1887-88
Nicholas, JRandolph1874-75; 1875-76
Nicholas, JosephRandolph1875-76
Nichols, Fannie, MrsRandolph1890-91
Nichols, MaudeRandolph1889-90
Nichols, WalterRandolph1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Northcutt, Callie ERandolph1892-93
Northcutt, Mary FRandolph1892-93
O'Keefe, MollieRandolph1885-86
Ornburn, John LRandolph1875-76; 1876-77; 1879-80
Osborne, M. LRandolph1888-89
Owens, S. PRandolph1876-77
Patton, A. WRandolph1890-91
Patton, Arthur WilliamRandolph1893-94; 1894-95
Patton, C. JRandolph1890-91
Patton, Carson JamesRandolph1892-93; 1894-95
Patton, Charles OliverRandolph1894-95
Patton, Henry KelsoRandolph1895-96
Patton, MagdaleneRandolph1894-95
Patton, R. SRandolph1882-83
Patton, Stephen CurtisRandolph1893-94; 1894-95; 1898-99
Petty, A. DRandolph1884-85
Petty, V. CRandolph1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Phillips, EllaRandolph1886-87; 1887-88
Phipps, J. ARandolph1889-90; 1890-91
Phipps, James ARandolph1887-88
Phipps, Joseph AllenRandolph1891-92; 1892-93
Phipps, MyrtleRandolph1889-90; 1890-91
Polson, Pricilla JRandolph1885-86
Polson, Thomas FRandolph1882-83
Powell, J. CRandolph1874-75; 1875-76
Powell, MaryRandolph1883-84; 1884-85
Powell, N. DRandolph1884-85
Radford, George ArthurRandolph1886-87; 1890-91; 1891-92
Reed, J. TRandolph1875-76; 1876-77
Reid, A. FRandolph1876-77
Reid, J. CRandolph1874-75; 1878-79
Reid, Sallie JRandolph1874-75; 1876-77
Rice, Anna SueRandolph1895-96
Rice, DockRandolph1892-93; 1893-94
Rice, EdithRandolph1896-97
Rice, ErnestRandolph1895-96
Rice, FloydRandolph1894-95
Rice, J. FRandolph1877-78; 1878-79
Rice, John DockRandolph1895-96
Rice, John JRandolph1883-84
Rice, Mittie GayRandolph1894-95
Rice, SamuelRandolph1892-93
Richmond, A. BRandolph1883-84
Richmond, BeeRandolph1885-86; 1888-89
Richmond, E. MRandolph1883-84
Ridings, George VoorhiesRandolph1894-95
Riley, W. SRandolph1890-91
Riley, Willis SamuelRandolph1891-92; 1892-93
Roberts, LRandolph1871-72
Roberts, ThomasRandolph1875-76; 1876-77
Roberts, Wyatt MRandolph1885-86
Robertson, G. W. SRandolph1872-73
Robertson, JessieRandolph1887-88
Robertson, LinaRandolph1886-87
Robertson, LinnaRandolph1874-75
Robinson, FrancesRandolph1898-99
Rogers, CleliaRandolph1893-94; 1896-97
Rogers, DotRandolph1898-99
Rowland, Sallie RRandolph1885-86; 1888-89
Rutherford, H. CRandolph1871-72; 1875-76
Ryals, Sallie MaudeRandolph1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ryan, MaggieRandolph1886-87
Ryan, MattieRandolph1886-87
Saunderhausen, HRandolph1875-76
Sears, P. FRandolph1880-81; 1882-83
Settle, J. ARandolph1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Settle, J. GRandolph1887-88; 1888-89
Shaw, James LRandolph1898-99
Simes, W. MRandolph1882-83
Simms, HallieRandolph1883-84
Sims, W. MRandolph1882-83
Sims, WilliamRandolph1883-84; 1884-85
Smothers, L. PRandolph1872-73
Sonderhausen, HRandolph1875-76
Stamper, FinisRandolph1882-83
Stamper, H. NRandolph1883-84
Steele, M. JRandolph1879-80
Stephens, R. A?Randolph1870-71
Stigall, ArthurRandolph1888-89
Stigall, John BrutusRandolph1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Stigall, MayRandolph1888-89; 1889-90; 1891-92
Stigall, NoraRandolph1891-92
Stigall, Nora BelleRandolph1889-90
Stigall, OliverRandolph1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Sweeney, David HenryRandolph1898-99
Swetman, G. HRandolph1874-75
Temple, C. HRandolph1888-89; 1890-91
Terrill, W. ERandolph1875-76
Terry, JennieRandolph1884-85
Terry, JosieRandolph1884-85
Thomson, Aria SRandolph1884-85; 1886-87
Tinsley, M. HRandolph1878-79; 1879-80
Todd, Bennett HughRandolph1893-94
Turner, W. SRandolph1882-83
Tyler, James WilliamRandolph1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Walker, J. CRandolph1876-77
Watson, J. SRandolph1874-75
Weed, IdaRandolph1876-77; 1877-78
Willams, C. GRandolph1890-91
Williams, AliceRandolph1876-77; 1877-78; 1881-82
Williams, Bertha EdenRandolph1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Williams, Bettie [Bessie]Randolph1882-83; 1884-85; 1888-89
Williams, Clairborne Gatewood?Randolph1891-92; 1892-93
Williams, FratieRandolph1890-91
Williams, J. CRandolph1885-86
Williams, MattieRandolph1884-85; 1885-86
Williams, W. CRandolph1884-85; 1890-91
Williams, WillieRandolph1883-84
Wilson, IdaRandolph1882-83
Wilson, J. DRandolph1885-86
Wilson, J. WRandolph1883-84; 1884-85
Wilson, SueRandolph1882-83; 1887-88
Wilson, Sue ARandolph1881-82; 1882-83
Wirt, AnnaRandolph1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Wood, AnnaRandolph1892-93; 1893-94
Wood, MaryRandolph1899-1900
Wood, Mary CatherineRandolph1893-94; 1895-96
Wright, ORandolph1875-76
Wright, OscarRandolph1875-76
Wright, WRandolph1879-80
Elsea, David JRandolph; Adair1884-85; 1888-89; 1890-91
Griffith, Mary ERandolph; Adair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Griffith, W. WRandolph; Adair1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Hannah, H. MRandolph; Adair1875-76
Hannah, H. ORandolph; Adair1872-73; 1875-76
Lilly, Major JamesRandolph; Adair1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Watson, W. MRandolph; Adair1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
McGuire, F. ARandolph; Cape Girardeau1872-73; 1873-74
Adkins, M. PRandolph; Clark1872-73
Moody, J. HRandolph; Davis, IA1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Wilson, John DRandolph; Howard1881-82; 1882-83
Chandler, J. FRandolph; Macon1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Green, A. LRandolph;? Boone1886-87; 1887-88; 1889-90; 1890-91
Green, AdaRandolph;? Boone1886-87; 1887-88; 1889-90
Williams, John CampbellRanoldph1891-92
Doyle, LutherRanolph1894-95
Albright, A. GRay1882-83; 1887-88
Albright, Albert GRay1881-82; 1882-83
Albright, B DRay1885-86; 1886-87
Albright, FlorenceRay1884-85
Alder, J. T. SRay1875-76/
Allen, S. MRay1883-84
Black, JamesRay1875-76
Blann, WillisRay1886-87
Bowen, Jennie SRay1884-85
Bowen, S. JRay1883-84
Charlese, OllieRay1883-84
Clark, R. JRay1878-79
Craven, W. ARay1887-88; 1890-91
Craven, Y. DRay1887-88; 1888-89
Dickey, EmmettRay1887-88
Etherton, J. CRay1877-78; 1878-79
Flournoy, MattRay1883-84; 1884-85
Flournoy, T. MRay1876-77; 1877-78; 1879-80
Flouruoy, J. ARay1885-86
Fowler, ARay1882-83; 1884-85
Fowler, A. PRay1882-83
Fowler, TRay1883-84
Garrett, NannieRay1881-82; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1884-85; 1885-86
Glasscock, S. SRay1881-82
Grace, CorneliaRay1887-88
Greenwall, James SRay1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Hay W. WRay1889-90; 1890-91
Henderson, Ida LeeRay1883-84
Hendrix, R. CRay1875-76; 1877-78
Henry, I. ARay1873-74
Jacobs, S. DRay1882-83
James, ArthurRay1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Kavanaugh, C. ARay1876-77; 1877-78
Kavanaugh, L. DRay1879-80
Keith, EllaRay1883-84; 1884-85
McIver, J. RRay1876-77; 1877-78; 1885-86; 1886-87
McIver, SallieRay1886-87; 1887-88
McKee, W. DRay1886-87
Miller, M. MRay1875-76
Moberly, May ElizaRay1898-99
Paxton, NannieRay1890-91
Peterman, C. ARay1883-84
Riggs, N. RRay1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1899-1900
Roach, LizzieRay1883-84
Roney, J. HRay1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Roney, MaggieRay1886-87; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Roney, NellieRay1889-90
Roney, Thomas ARay1885-86; 1886-87
Rowell, C. GRay1881-82
Rowell, HRay1883-84
Rowell, HaynieRay1880-81; 1882-83
Seward, R. VRay1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
Shepherd, WilliamRay1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85; 1887-88; 1888-89
Smith, G. RRay1884-85
Smith, PearleRay1892-93
Snider, AmosRay1873-74
Storm, A. CRay1875-76
Strain, WilliamRay1879-80
Thomson, LauraRay1886-87
Van Trump, AmandaRay1882-83
Van Trump, JennieRay1882-83; 1883-84
Van Trump, LissaRay1883-84
Wall, J. ORay1877-78; 1878-79
Wall, VRay1878-79
Wright, AddieRay1873-74
Young, O. GRay1875-76
Zimmerman, EdwardRay1883-84
Zimmerman, J. ERay1884-85
Hunt, AnnaRay; Platte1888-89; 1889-90
Hunt, LauraRay; Platte1888-89; 1889-90
Horton, BirdieReno, KS1898-99
Horton, NellieReno, KS1898-99
Houser, J. PReno, KS1883-84
McElvain, J. HReno, KS; Adair1873-74; 1877-78; 1878-79
Clark, NettieRepublic, KS1874-75
Bohon, A. RRice , KS1886-87; 1887-88
McKinney, Annie MRichport [MO?]1872-73
Daman, A. ORinggold, IA1876-77; 1877-79
Glenn, John OrlieRinggold, IA1898-99
Miller, Lulu BelleRinggold, IA1897-98
Houpt, AdamRingo Point, MO1868-69
Dimitt, M.Ringo's Point, MO1867-68
Dockery, C.Ringo's Point, MO1867-68
Dockery, T.Ringo's Point, MO1867-68
White, EdithRio Grande, CO1891-92; 1892-93
Davis, A. HRock Island, IL1871-72
Carpenter, George WilliamRockingham, VA; Saline1891-92; 1892-93; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Mallory, LucyRoy1885-86; 1886-87
Adams, FantieSaline1875-76; 1879-80
Allen, P. CSaline1877-78
Atterberry, Claude WashingtonSaline1894-95
Ayers, F. LSaline1879-80
Baldwin, J. LSaline1874-75
Baskin, Edwin TSaline1877-78
Bates, ESaline1875-76
Bates, EdwardSaline1875-76
Bradley, JSaline1874-75
Burress, B MSaline1874-75
Burrus, G. HSaline1876-77
Carpenter, G. WSaline1873-74; 1874-75; 1878-79
Casebolt, J. MSaline1875-76; 1876-77
Clinard, S. FSaline1873-74
Cole, Frank P. JrSaline1884-85
Cooper, FannieSaline1884-85
Crockett, W. LSaline1874-75
Denham, J. FSaline1876-78
Diggs, NoraSaline1887-88
Dinsmoor, LaviniaSaline1874-75; 1877-78; 1878-79
Dinsmoor, SilasSaline1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1878-79
Dysart, H. GSaline1874-75
Dysart, S. TSaline1874-75; 1877-78
Dysart, T. JSaline1872-73; 1873-74
Etter, J. HSaline1877-78
Finnell, LauraSaline1892-93
Francisco, J. SSaline1872-73; 1873-74
Francisco, S. PSaline1875-76
Fuhrman, Anna MariaSaline1891-92
Garnett, F. MSaline1873-74
Gregg, H. LSaline1883-84
Guthrie M. FSaline1873-74
Hancock, J. HSaline1873-74
Harvey, EmmaSaline1898-99
Hawpe, W. WSaline1874-75
Hays, W. CSaline1874-75
Hoff, J. WSaline1885-86
Holloway, J. LSaline1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82
Holloway, Mollie DSaline1875-76; 1876-77
Holloway, R. ESaline1874-75; 1875-76
Horn, G. MSaline1874-75
Horn, T. MSaline1874-75
Hudson, H. TSaline1871-72; 1872-73
Huston, J. LSaline1884-85
Huston, ThomasSaline1882-83; 1883-84
Hutchinson, CoraSaline1877-79
Hutchison, CoraSaline1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Ingram, W. RSaline1884-85
Johnson, BettieSaline1875-76
Johnson, Robert WalterSaline1892-93; 1895-96
Kieffer, DoraSaline1879-80
Lacy, A. HSaline1891-92
Lacy, W. HSaline1873-74; 1874-75
Latimer, Fannie BSaline1876-77
Latimer, R. JSaline1876-77
Levy, R. HSaline1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Long, AlexanderSaline1874-75; 1875-76
Long, J. WSaline1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Long, W. ESaline1872-73; 1873-74
Marshall, J. FSaline1873-74
McRoberts, Lizzie MSaline1880-81
McRoberts, NannieSaline1880-81
Miller, A. LSaline1886-87
Miller, AnnieSaline1886-87; 1887-88
Miller, GussieSaline1885-86; 1886-87
Morris, E. WSaline1884-85; 1885-86
Neff, John TSaline1884-85
Neff, RebeccaSaline1884-85
Ottie, CallieSaline1883-84
Parrish, Ella TaylorSaline1895-96
Perkins, F. PSaline1872-73
Piper, ASaline1870-71
Reeves, E. GSaline1870-71; 1873-74
Renick, G. ASaline1874-75
Robertson, D. HSaline1876-77
Robertson, SeldonSaline1876-77
Shelton, MarySaline1889-90
Simmons, S. RSaline1874-75
Smart, SallieSaline1887-88
Stevenson, S. CSaline1874-76
Stipes, M. FSaline1873-74
Striker, LennieSaline1890-91
Van Sickler, BertaSaline1879-80
Van Winkle, Anna NSaline1875-76
Van Winkle, J. HSaline1875-76
Wadsworth, GenevaSaline1884-85; 1885-86
Watts, LesterSaline1877-78
Watts, O. JSaline1877-78
Whiteside, P. HSaline1874-75
Wills, W. JSaline1872-73; 1874-75
Winning, ASaline1880-81
Wolfskill, W. BSaline1878-79
Wood, C. BSaline1870-71
Wood, G. ESaline1870-71
Wood, Mary LSaline1890-91
Woodfill, LouSaline1873-74
Williams, J. BSaline; Lincoln1876-77; 1879-80; 1880-81
Thompson, W. RSaline; Macon1873-74; 1877-78
Beal, Dot M.Sandhill, MO1868-69
Cloyd, J. CSangamon, IL1873-74
Cloyd, Thomas CSangamon, IL1871-73 1873-74
Foster, W. PSangamon, IL1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Greenwood, G. WSangamon, IL1871-72
Hutton, G. WSangamon, IL1871-72
Hutton, N. MSangamon, IL1871-72
Martin, BirdieSangamon, IL1886-87
Masterson, LizzieSangamon, IL1885-86
Smith, J. SSangamon, IL1873-74
McNulty, B FSchulyer?1876-77
Adams, T. DSchuyler1876-77
Adams, Willard ESchuyler1872-73
Agnew, J. BSchuyler1882-83
Albright, GraceSchuyler1894-95
Aldrich, LSchuyler1876-77; 1877-78
Alexander, A. JSchuyler1880-81
Alexander, E. NSchuyler1881-82
Anderson, MintaSchuyler1894-95
Andrews, LutherSchuyler1892-93
Andrews, William ThurmanSchuyler1893-94; 1895-96; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ashworth, Jessie AdamsSchuyler1898-99
Ashworth, Jessie EdmonSchuyler1897-98
Ashworth, WilliamSchuyler1899-1900
Atwell, George BSchuyler1880-81
Bailey, Minnie LauraSchuyler1898-99
Barbee, H. ASchuyler1876-77
Barnes, Sarah JSchuyler1883-84
Barnett, J. FSchuyler1883-84
Bartlett, G. RSchuyler1879-80
Birney, FannieSchuyler1873-74
Bishop, Emma ASchuyler1878-79
Bishop, LillieSchuyler1878-79
Bledsoe, Willis RobertSchuyler1898-99; 1899-1900
Bogle, LeonaSchuyler1899-1900
Bolton, EllenSchuyler1873-74
Bolton, Emma JSchuyler1872-73; 1873-74
Bolton, JSchuyler1870-71
Bolton, LucySchuyler1883-84
Bolton, MarySchuyler1872-73
Bondurant, PriceSchuyler1898-99
Bourner, FannieSchuyler1876-77
Bowen, BelleSchuyler1884-85
Bridges, JamesSchuyler1876-77
Brightman, F. FSchuyler1889-90; 1890-91
Brightman, Samuel CharlesSchuyler1891-92; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Brooks, Rhoda FSchuyler1872-73
Burns, EmmettSchuyler1886-87
Burns, F. ASchuyler1871-72
Campbell, Edna ESchuyler1871-72; 1874-75
Campbell, Nora MSchuyler1886-87
Campbell, T. CSchuyler1870-71; 1871-72
Carter, Annie BSchuyler1889-90
Carter, SarahSchuyler1893-94; 1894-95
Case, E. DSchuyler1871-72
Casper, W. LSchuyler1875-76; 1876-78
Chambers, IdaSchuyler1899-1900
Clapper, James SSchuyler1886-87; 1889-90
Cleeton, Carl ESchuyler1894-95
Cleeton, T. JSchuyler1884-85; 1885-86
Cleeton, Thomas JSchuyler1882-83
Cleeton, Thomas SSchuyler1882-83
Clifford, OliveSchuyler1884-85
Coffey, J. OSchuyler1880-81; 1881-82
Coffey, M. DSchuyler1880-81; 1881-82
Collins, AllenSchuyler1892-93
Cooper, Sadie CSchuyler1872-73; 1873-74
Cowell, John ChristopherSchuyler1895-96
Crane, EllaSchuyler1873-74
Crane, FannieSchuyler1873-74
Crocker, Agnes ASchuyler1897-98
Crocker, MaySchuyler1895-96; 1896-97
Crump, T. CSchuyler1883-84
Daniels, AnthonySchuyler1887-88; 1888-89
Daniels, David WelbornSchuyler1897-98
Daniels, John FranklinSchuyler1890-91
Davis, G. ESchuyler1882-83
Davis, LibbieSchuyler1880-81
Dawkins, M. LSchuyler1883-84; 1884-85
Dearing, J. TSchuyler1887-88
Dearing, NancySchuyler1876-77
Denning, A. CSchuyler1887-88
Eason, WSchuyler1880-81
Elder, BSchuyler1876-77
Elder, C. LSchuyler1879-80
Elder, G. TSchuyler1876-77
Elliott, J. NSchuyler1887-88; 1888-89
Enyeart, Merta EdnaSchuyler1895-96
Enyeart, Oren FrancisSchuyler1895-96
Ewing, D. HSchuyler1897-98
Farmer, Teresa MaySchuyler1894-95
Figge, CoraSchuyler1892-93
Fisher, Mary ESchuyler1873-74
Ford, Mary OSchuyler1880-81; 1881-82
Foster, LucySchuyler1879-80; 1880-81
Frank, WilliamSchuyler1890-91
Franklin, CSchuyler1870-71;?
Franklin, M. ASchuyler1870-71;?
Fugate, JohnSchuyler1893-94
Fulcher, Cora AnneSchuyler1894-95; 1895-96
Fulcher, JohnSchuyler1888-89
Galloway, FSchuyler1873-74
Galloway, T. JSchuyler1872-73
Gates, HannahSchuyler1872-73
Gates, Mary ASchuyler1871-72; 1872-73
Gerry, G. LSchuyler1877-78
Gregory, EllaSchuyler1892-93
Hamilton, J. LSchuyler1870-71; 1871-72
Hamilton, J. SSchuyler1877-78
Hand, RozellaSchuyler1885-86
Hargis, Joseph FranklinSchuyler1896-97; 1899-1900
Harmon, MinnieSchuyler1878-79
Hartford, I. JSchuyler1885-86; 1888-89
Hartford, J. JSchuyler1886-87
Hartford, N. ISchuyler1886-87
Hartford, WillieSchuyler1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Haye, Charles ArthurSchuyler1893-94
Hays, Frank PSchuyler1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Hays, W. BSchuyler1881-82
Heaton, Edgar DSchuyler1896-97; 1898-99
Heaton, ThomasSchuyler1897-98
Hight, William BoydSchuyler1891-92
Hill, Charles WinfordSchuyler1895-96; 1897-98
Holloway, Leona PearlSchuyler1895-96
Holloway, MabelSchuyler1899-1900
Holmes, MittieSchuyler1880-81
Hook, J. TSchuyler1877-78
Hounson, Niota BelleSchuyler1894-95; 1896-97
Huff, EmmaSchuyler1880-81
Israel, Samuel EdmonsonSchuyler1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95
Jackson, James EdwinSchuyler1895-96
Jameson, EllaSchuyler1890-91
Jameson, MollieSchuyler1890-91
Jones, John TSchuyler1876-77; 1878-79
Jones, Stella FrancisSchuyler1896-97
Kidd, AliceSchuyler1878-79; 1879-80
Klein, Peter LewisSchuyler1894-95; 1895-96
Knox, MattieSchuyler1871-72
Kratzer, C. FSchuyler1881-82
Kratzer, O. FSchuyler1882-83
Leedom, LaurettaSchuyler1883-84; 1884-85
Leedom, T. PSchuyler1875-76; 1876-77
Lind, AnnaSchuyler1885-86; 1886-87
Lind, J. WSchuyler1879-80
Lind, Perley [Perry] MillerSchuyler1891-92; 1893-94
Lucas, SarahSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81
Luke, EmmaSchuyler1889-90
Martin, James OrvilleSchuyler1896-97
Martin, Maggie AnnaSchuyler1894-95
McClelland, Charles?Schuyler1891-92; 1892-93
McClelland, Sarah ASchuyler1877-78; 1878-79
McElhiney, Lewis EveretteSchuyler1894-95
McGoldric, BelleSchuyler1876-77
McNulty, J. TSchuyler1877-78
Meara, JohnSchuyler1899-1900
Meara, Sarah ElizabethSchuyler1892-93; 1894-95
Meara, ThomasSchuyler1894-95; 1899-1900
Mikel, AdelmaSchuyler1898-99
Mikel, Lina OpalSchuyler1891-92; 1893-94; 1894-95
Miller, Casper WilliamSchuyler1898-99
Miller, ClaraSchuyler1898-99; 1899-1900
Miller, Frank PSchuyler1896-97
Miller, George ElmerSchuyler1897-98
Miller, Henry AllenSchuyler1894-95
Miller, LouSchuyler1879-80; 1881-82; 1886-87
Miller, MabelSchuyler1898-99; 1899-1900
Miller, MarySchuyler1893-94
Miller, MinnieSchuyler1887-88
Miller, PhoebeSchuyler1893-94; 1899-1900
Mills, J. CSchuyler1877-78
Mills, J. TSchuyler1884-85
Mills, S. WSchuyler1884-85
Minear, IsaacSchuyler1888-89; 1890-91; 1891-92
Mogle, HarveySchuyler1870-71
Moore, Clarinda ASchuyler1882-83
Moore, IdaSchuyler1873-74
Morey, IdaSchuyler1874-75; 1876-77
Morey, LauraSchuyler1888-89
Morey, MSchuyler1881-82
Morey, MollieSchuyler1874-75
Morey, S. MSchuyler1876-77; 1881-82
Morris, A. DSchuyler1878-79
Morris, EmerySchuyler1885-86; 1886-87
Mosey, DeliaSchuyler1881-82
Mullins, T. SSchuyler1882-83
Munsell, James WallaceSchuyler1894-95
Murrell, CharlesSchuyler1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Murrell, Fred EmmettSchuyler1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Nichols, James RobertSchuyler1896-97
Nicholson, FrankSchuyler1881-82
Orr, L. WSchuyler1873-74; 1875-76
Owens, J. KSchuyler1874-75
Parker, A. NSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Parker, ClaraSchuyler1892-93
Parker, F. ESchuyler1884-85
Patterson, T. MSchuyler1876-77; 1877-78
Payton, J. CSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81
Perin, CarrieSchuyler1880-81
Perin, EvaSchuyler1886-87
Perrin, NellieSchuyler1892-93; 1897-98; 1898-99
Pervine, ElsieSchuyler1891-92
Poole, Clara?Schuyler1898-99
Prough, S. LSchuyler1881-82; 1882-83; 1885-86
Radcliffe, EmmaSchuyler1879-80
Reid, LucySchuyler1874-75
Reynolds, LillieSchuyler1891-92; 1892-93
Reynolds, Maude LillianSchuyler1893-94
Reynolds, ShermanSchuyler1881-82
Reynolds, W. SSchuyler1883-84
Rhodes, B GSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81
Richey, Ora WesleySchuyler1895-96
Riggle, AmandaSchuyler1884-85
Riggle, DSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81
Ring, CharlesSchuyler1880-81
Roberson, ESchuyler1872-73
Roberts, I. ESchuyler1884-85; 1885-86; 1887-88
Roberts, Ida MSchuyler1882-83
Roberts, J. FSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84; 1884-85
Roberts, J. TSchuyler1882-83
Roberts, MarySchuyler1887-88; 1888-89
Rogers, C. CSchuyler1872-73; 1873-74
Rose, V. CSchuyler1879-80; 1880-81
Royer, W. CSchuyler1877-78
Ruggles, Ida MaySchuyler1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Ruggles, M. JSchuyler1878-79
Ryals, Herman EdgarSchuyler1896-97
Satterfield, MarySchuyler1886-87
Scurlock, DellaSchuyler1882-83
Seibert, Asa AdamSchuyler1896-97
Seibert, NelsonSchuyler1886-87; 1887-88
Sells, MahlonSchuyler1876-77
Shanks, J. ASchuyler1879-80
Sharp, LettaSchuyler1896-97
Shelton, F. CSchuyler1891-92; 1892-93
Shelton, John BenjaminSchuyler1892-93; 1893-94
Shirley, Clarence EdgarSchuyler1895-96
Shirley, William EllsworthSchuyler1891-92; 1893-94; 1896-97; 1897-98
Sickles, F. CSchuyler1874-75
Simmons, Anna WSchuyler1883-84; 1886-87
Simmons, JamesSchuyler1896-97; 1898-99
Simmons, N. SSchuyler1890-91
Simmons, ParaSchuyler1883-84
Six, Cora ASchuyler1881-82; 1883-84; 1884-85
Slaven, W. HSchuyler1874-75; 1875-76
Smith, ArthurSchuyler1886-87; 1887-88
Smoot, LeliaSchuyler1892-93; 1899-1900
Smoot, MattieSchuyler1897-98
Sparks, WilliamSchuyler1889-90
Stacy, James EdwardSchuyler1896-97
Stacy, William OmarSchuyler1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1899-1900
Starbuck, D. WSchuyler1879-80
Starbuck, LewisSchuyler1887-88; 1888-89
Starbuck, LutheriaSchuyler1879-80
Starrett, MollieSchuyler1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Stine, J. LSchuyler1883-84; 1884-85; 1886-87; 1887-88
Stine, MaggieSchuyler1884-85
Sumner, GeorgeSchuyler1870-71; 1872-73; 1874-75
Swanson, Arthur MalcolmSchuyler1898-99; 1899-1900
Swanson, Charles OttoSchuyler1898-99; 1899-1900
Tadlock, T. CSchuyler1880-81
Taylor, John RSchuyler1881-82
Thompson, Wallace HenrySchuyler1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Tiller, T. ESchuyler1873-74
Tipton, R. ISchuyler1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87
Tisdale, NellieSchuyler1888-89
Toothaker, B WSchuyler1874-75
Vannatten, Anna MaudeSchuyler1897-98
Veirs, AnnabelSchuyler1874-75
Walker, GSchuyler1874-75
Walker, J. CSchuyler1873-74; 1876-77
Watts, Jessie ConstanceSchuyler1895-96
Way, KatieSchuyler1881-82; 1882-83; 1887-88
Welch, J. GSchuyler1873-74; 1874-75
Wells, H. CSchuyler1871-72
Wells, MarthaSchuyler1871-72
Wells, Mary ESchuyler1871-72; 1874-75; 1875-76
Wells, T. HSchuyler1875-76; 1876-77
Wells, W. FSchuyler1875-76; 1876-77
Wells, W. GSchuyler1872-73; 1875-76
Western, James EverettSchuyler1897-98
Whittom, JamesSchuyler1899-1900
Wickam, AddieSchuyler1880-81
Wickham, GSchuyler1878-79
Wilson, George LSchuyler1882-83
Wilson, J. LSchuyler1882-83
Wilson, MaggieSchuyler1891-92; 1892-93
Wilson, MarthaSchuyler1893-94
Wilson, Pet MaggieSchuyler1894-95
Wilson, SusanSchuyler1897-98; 1898-99
Wilson, WilliamSchuyler1876-77; 1878-79
Wittmer, DeborahSchuyler1884-85; 1886-87
Wood, CharlesSchuyler1890-91
Word, Charles NewtonSchuyler1891-92
Wright, Mary A, MrsSchuyler1878-79
York, ASchuyler1881-82
York, G. ESchuyler1880-81; 1881-82
Young, Charles GranvilleSchuyler1893-94
Young, DavidSchuyler1891-92
Young, Harvey BurtonSchuyler1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Young, John ChristopherSchuyler1893-94
Young, Mary BerthaSchuyler1898-99; 1899-1900
Young, Wiley LeeSchuyler1891-92
Zaerr, Joe JrSchuyler1889-90
Ford, G. WSchuyler; Adair1870-71; 1873-74; 1875-76
Riggle, CharlesSchuyler; Adair1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Thatcher, MattieSchuyler; Adair1871-72; 1874-75
Wells, C. SSchuyler; Adair1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-76
Goldsberry, Homer VirgilSchuyler; Boone; Randolph1895-96; 1896-97
Dooley, J. CSchuyler; Davis, IA1872-73; 1873-74; 1875-78
Saunders, J. RSchuyler; Scotland1879-80, 1880-81
Jones, Samuel JSchuyler; Sullivan1877-78; 1878-79
Klipsch, SadieSchuyler; Sullivan1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1881-82; 1882-83
Lay, RosaSchuyler; Sullivan1877-78; 1879-80; 1880-81
Lay, TishiaSchuyler; Sullivan1877-78; 1879-80
Adams, Newton AlexanderScotland1898-99; 1899-1900
Adams, Robert LScotland1875-76
Adams, W. AScotland1875-76
Again, MaryScotland1889-90
Allen, Effie AliceScotland1894-95; 1895-96; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Allen, Grover? CScotland1898-99
Andrews, C. DScotland1876-77
Andrews, J. MScotland1877-78
Arnold, C. LScotland1873-74; 1874-75
Arnold, Samuel WashingtonScotland1896-97; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Arnold, Stella BelleScotland1894-95
Arnold, W. TScotland1873-74
Baker, FrankScotland1890-91
Barnes, LenaScotland1890-91
Barnett, G. MScotland1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1890-91
Barnett, Harry HopkinsScotland1898-99
Barr, B W. HScotland1884-85
Beach, G. LScotland1879-80
Beale, J. HScotland1870-71; 1871-72
Beale, J. TScotland1871-72; 1872-73
Benson, HilaScotland1887-88
Bish, G. BScotland1878-79
Bishop, D. MScotland1878-79; 1880-81
Bondurant, W. EScotland1875-76
Bondurant, W. E. HScotland1874-75; 1875-76; 1878-79
Bourn, A. EScotland1874-75
Bourn, J. EScotland1882-83
Bourn, John DScotland1890-91
Bradley, Augustus CaesarScotland1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Bradley, Oscar EvansScotland1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Briggs, W. PScotland1874-75
Brown, John DScotland1889-90
Browning, AnnaScotland1899-1900
Browning, M. PScotland1899-1900
Browning, MariettaScotland1892-93
Brumback, MollieScotland1881-82
Bull, C. EScotland1873-74
Bull, EffieScotland1889-90; 1892-93
Bull, W. WScotland1876-77
Calhoun, AliceScotland1880-81
Calhoun, CeliaScotland1884-85
Calhoun, Mata NorisScotland1890-91
Campbell, A. EScotland1879-80
Campbell, J. EScotland1875-76; 1876-77
Campbell, R. WScotland1888-89
Campbell, RebeccaScotland1877-78
Campbell, S. EScotland1879-80
Chambers, WilliamScotland1873-74
Chaney, A. BScotland1873-74
Childress, Minerva DScotland1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Childress, SadieScotland1875-78; 1877-78; 1884-85
Clarkson, W. PScotland1876-77
Combs, Leslie CareScotland1896-97
Conaway, G. WScotland1877-78
Connaway, G. WScotland1877-78
Crawford, JohnScotland1882-83
Cunningham, HScotland1875-76; 1877-78
Daggs, R. EScotland1883-84; 1885-86
Dalrymple, C. PScotland1874-75
Daughters, Alice EScotland1882-83
Daughters, BScotland1872-73
Daughters, I. JScotland1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Daughters, J. CScotland1875-76
Davidson, F. AScotland1878-79; 1879-80
Davidson, J. AScotland1877-78; 1880-81
Davidson, S. FScotland1874-75; 1877-78
Davidson, T. AScotland1880-81
Davis, W. SScotland1873-74
Davisdson, T. AScotland1885-86; 1886-87
Dowell, Alva ErastusScotland1894-95
Dumal, MarthaScotland1894-95
Edelen, B HScotland1879-80
Edelen, LenaScotland1884-85; 1885-86
Edelen, MildredScotland1884-85
Elder, Charlie MiltonScotland1895-96; 1896-97
Evans, MildredScotland1898-99
Faulk, Edgar MScotland1873-74; 1874-75
Flanagan, Charles DowningScotland1897-98
Flanagan, Lulu ClaraScotland1897-98; 1898-99
Flynn, Robert MitchellScotland1894-95
Fogle, Robert LeeScotland1896-97
Forquer, E. CScotland1870-71; 1877-78
Forquer, Naomi TScotland1871-72
Forquer, S. CScotland1887-88
Fowler, E. NannieScotland1871-72
Fowler, E. WScotland1874-75
Frogge, Zora MayScotland1896-97
Fulk, C. NScotland1877-78
Gill, A. MScotland1881-82; 1882-83; 1885-86
Gill, J. AScotland1883-84; 1884-85
Gill, J. WScotland1877-78; 1878-79
Gill, James WScotland1877-78; 1878-79
Gill, MollieScotland1877-78; 1878-79
Gordon, ArthurScotland1884-85; 1885-86
Gordon, LattieScotland1885-86
Gristy, C. FScotland1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82
Gristy, J. WScotland1882-83; 1883-84
Gristy, P. SScotland1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Gunn, A. CScotland1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Gunn, A. JScotland1877-78; 1878-79
Gunn, Annie JScotland1878-79; 1879-80
Guttery, C. AScotland1873-74
Guttery, Mollie FScotland1873-74
Hales, M. FScotland1876-77; 1877-78
Hales, W. LScotland1876-77
Hall, W. SScotland1874-75; 1876-77
Hamrick, ArtemusScotland1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Hamrick, Artemus W. BScotland1876-77; 1878-79
Hanks, EScotland1879-80
Harbert, Lillian EmmaScotland1896-97; 1897-98
Hayden, AnnieScotland1886-87
Hogan, AnnaScotland1889-90
Holt, William HenryScotland1896-97; 1897-98
Houghland, A. CScotland1877-78; 1878-79
Houghland, W. GScotland1875-76
Hughland, W. GScotland1875-76
Huston, C. SScotland1885-86; 1886-87
Ingersoll, Robert ZumerScotland1894-95
Jayne, J. MScotland1875-76; 1876-77
Johnson, SophroniaScotland1892-93
Johnson, W. AScotland1886-87; 1887-88
Johnston, J. RScotland1890-91
Justice, J. DScotland1874-75; 1877-78
Kapfer, Henry JScotland1886-87
Kellar, W. JScotland1879-80
Kelley, Thomas TScotland1899-1900
Keran, M. HScotland1879-80; 1880-81
Kirkpatrick, Charles DScotland1890-91
Kirkpatrick, William EScotland1890-91; 1891-92
Knisley, R. TScotland1879-80
Low, WalterScotland1876-77
Luman, Frank EScotland1898-99; 1899-1900
Maddox, C. T. FScotland1878-79
Maddox, Charles T. FScotland1877-78; 1878-79
Maggard, M. AScotland1877-78
March, VirgilScotland1896-97
McClamrock, J. TScotland1871-72; 1872-73
McClellan, AlzoraScotland1899-1900
McClelland, S. AScotland1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
McDonald, MaryScotland1892-93; 1893-94
McDonald, Mary MarthaScotland1897-98
McQuoid, EssieScotland1898-99; 1899-1900
McRoberts, John CrawfordScotland1897-98
McVeigh, Ella VissinaScotland1897-98
McWilliams, CScotland1880-81; 1881-82
McWilliams, JScotland1880-81; 1881-82
Miller, Alta JennettaScotland1892-93; 1893-94
Miller, Estella MScotland1893-94
Miller, JScotland1875-76
Miller, Jennie MScotland1885-86
Miller, Joseph ArchieScotland1898-99
Miller, Mary JeanettaScotland1898-99; 1899-1900
Moffett, Cornelia, MrsScotland1889-90; 1890-91
Moffett, W. EScotland1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Montiau, MaggieScotland1872-73
Monticue, J. SScotland1884-85
Monticue, James ShermanScotland1891-92
Moon, C. LScotland1875-76
Moore, C. LScotland1875-76
Moore, C. MScotland1874-75; 1875-76
Moore, W. RScotland1870-71; 1871-72
Mudd, J. BScotland1876-77
Mudd, K. CScotland1878-79; 1879-80
Mudd, R. CScotland1878-79
Mudd, W. AScotland1882-83
Muir, B E. LScotland1878-79
Muir, E. LScotland1878-79; 1879-80
Muir, M. FScotland1875-76
Muir, WScotland1872-73
Musgrove, JuliaScotland1872-73
Myers, DoraScotland1891-92
Noble, Luella MabelScotland1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Noble, MaudeScotland1898-99
Owen, LizzieScotland1889-90
Patterson, LuluScotland1887-88
Patterson, MannieScotland1887-88
Pedigo, NettieScotland1892-93
Pettit, DoraScotland1888-89
Petty, DicyScotland1882-83; 1886-87
Petty, Divey DScotland1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Pile, Anna MargaretScotland1897-98
Pile, J. MScotland1879-80
Pile, O. FScotland1879-80
Pitkin, CoraScotland1880-81
Pitkin, DoraScotland1880-81
Pitty, DicyScotland1885-86
Pulliam, ArthurScotland1881-82
Pulliam, J. AScotland1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84; 1885-86
Radosky, EdwinScotland1895-96; 1896-97
Raney, HattieScotland1874-75; 1875-76
Rathbun, A?Scotland1870-71
Rathbun, EmilyScotland1870-71
Rathbun, WScotland1870-71
Rector, Alice BScotland1892-93
Rector, Charles AiScotland1896-97; 1897-98
Reed, RosaScotland1884-85
Reed, TinaScotland1884-85; 1887-88
Richards, C. WScotland1890-91
Richmond, A. CScotland1876-77
Riddington, A. IScotland1884-85
Robinson, AlbertScotland1888-89
Rodosky, EdwinScotland1897-98
Rollins, EvaScotland1881-82
Rollins, FannieScotland1882-83
Rosenberger, G. NScotland1885-86
Russell, GideonScotland1870-71
Russell, OllieScotland1870-71
Salisbury, J. TScotland1883-84; 1884-85
Saunders, RoseScotland1880-81
Scheurer, MarthaScotland1886-87
Scott, C. AScotland1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83
Scott, T. HScotland1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Scott, Walter BeesonScotland1892-93; 1893-94
Sears, Maggie EstellaScotland1897-98; 1898-99
Shacklett, InezScotland1894-95
Shanes, John SScotland1890-91
Shanks, J. AScotland1887-88
Shanks, Marvin ScottScotland1898-99
Shaver, John SScotland1888-89; 1889-90
Sheer, CoraScotland1881-82
Shelley, S. TScotland1876-77
Shire, B WScotland1877-78; 1879-80
Shire, D. WScotland1876-77
Skidmore, J. CScotland1881-82
Slaven, W. H?Scotland1875-76
Smiley, NoraScotland1891-92; 1892-93
Smith, C. EScotland1889-90; 1890-91
Smith, J. MScotland1875-76
Smith, LizzieScotland1874-75
Smith, Rosa LauraScotland1892-93; 1893-94
Smoot, AnnaScotland1894-95; 1895-96; 1899-1900
Smoot, GertrudeScotland1896-97
Smoot, KathleenScotland1895-96
Smoot, MattieScotland1899-1900
Speer, OliveScotland1899-1900
Starbuck, MayScotland1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95
Starbuck, Robert BruceScotland1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Stephenson, G. WScotland1874-75
Stice, A. EScotland1887-88
Stone, HettaScotland1899-1900
Tadlock, J. LScotland1878-79
Talbott, J. NScotland1873-74; 1876-77
Tracy, JScotland1875-76; 1876-77
Updyke, AllieScotland1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Updyke, Nellie MayScotland1896-97
Walker, Cora LeeScotland1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Walker, Fannie EllenScotland1896-97; 1898-99
Webber, Inez AltheaScotland1898-99; 1899-1900
Webber, Myrtle LouisaScotland1898-99
Weiland, W. GScotland1890-91
Westcott, L. RScotland1899-1900
Wineinegar, D. BScotland1881-82
Witt, J. LScotland1884-85; 1885-86
Witt, NettieScotland1884-85
Witt, R. DScotland1885-86; 1887-88; 1889-90
Wolgamott, Ollie OScotland1885-86; 1890-91
Woods, EstellaScotland1880-81; 1881-83
Owen, MarthaScotland; Adair1889-90; 1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Updyke, T. JScotland; Adair1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1884-85; 1885-86
Moore, L. CScotland; Callaway1874-75; 1877-78
Rowell, HScotland; Clay1877-78; 1881-82
Muir, Annie A, MrsScotland; Pike, IL1876-77; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Day, Anna AScott, IL1887-88
Alverson, Adda [Addie] ESee Alberson, Adda EUnknown
Ayres, Amos EugeneSee Ayers, Amos EugeneUnknown
Ayres, FannieSee Ayers, FannieUnknown
Baldwin, AnnabelSee Baldwin, AnnaUnknown
Barton, OrbySee Barton, O. CUnknown
Botts, EmmieSee Botts, ErmineUnknown
Bryant, JaneSee Bryan, JaneUnknown
Camsfey, J. DgrundySee Cawsfey, J. DgrundyUnknown
Clark, Joe PorterSee Clark, James PorterUnknown
Crookshank, H. FSee Cruikshank, H. FUnknown
Crookshank, S. ASee Cruikshank, S. AUnknown
Doane, DoraSee Doan, DoraUnknown
Elgin, DorothySee Elgin, DaughtUnknown
Gooch, Caddie DSee Gooch, Ella DUnknown
Grace, FannieSee Graer, FannieUnknown
Greer, I. MSee Green, I. MUnknown
Hassiford, HSee Harriford, HUnknown
Heeton, G. WSee Hecton, G. WUnknown
Johnston, SophroniaSee Johnson, SophroniaUnknown
Lindsey, EllaSee Lindsey, EmmaUnknown
Lyon, Ella BSee Lyon, EmmaUnknown
McCullom, Rachael Dsee McCollum, Rachel DUnknown
Mitchell, Ida AlbertsonSee Mitchell, Ida LeeUnknown
MiurSee MuirUnknown
QuisenburySee QuisenberryUnknown
Risdon, ErnestSee Risdon, E. AUnknown
Roberts, B CSee Roberts, BertUnknown
Rodgers, C. CSee Rogers, C. CUnknown
Thompson, MimiSee Thompson, MinaUnknown
Waters, Couchie Elizabethsee Walters, Couchie ElizabethUnknown
Holopeter, E. ESeneca, OH1876-77
Owens, LizzieShawnee, KS1879-80; 1880-81
Moxley, S. J.Shelbina, MO1868-69
Weed, LouShelbina, MO1868-69
Alexander, W. HShelby1872-73
Bailey, John SShelby1876-77
Baldwin, MinnieShelby1880-81
Bauer, Lulu IreneShelby1898-99
Blair, C. HShelby1881-82
Bower, Ed GShelby1889-90
Brawner, C. EShelby1890-91
Brawner, Chester EdwardShelby1891-92; 1893-94
Brown, Urbe QuennieShelby1894-95
Bryan, EllaShelby1892-93
Byars, Frank WesleyShelby1897-98
Byars, PeryShelby1883-84
Caldwell, ChurchShelby1892-93
Caldwell, GussieShelby1879-80
Caldwell, W. LShelby1874-75
Carothers, J. JShelby1870-71
Carothers, LShelby1871-72
Carothers, SamuelShelby1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75
Carothers, W. HShelby1870-71
Chewvront, W. SShelby1873-74
Christy, I. BShelby1878-79
Clark, Robert AllenShelby1891-92
Cleek, Jesse ThomasShelby1895-96
Cleek, R. AShelby1891-92
Cochrane, EdithShelby1891-92
Coolie, Charles? DShelby1889-90; 1890-91
Cotton, LauraShelby1887-88
Couch, EdelineShelby1890-91
Couch, Lucy EShelby1885-86
Couch, Sallie EShelby1885-86
Crain, MaudeShelby1887-88
Cross, Elmer FrancesShelby1897-98
Cross, OliviaShelby1896-97
Daniel, Ira MShelby1899-1900
Daniel, Joe AllenShelby1898-99; 1899-1900
Daniel, Rolla EarnestShelby1892-93
Daniel, ThomasShelby1899-1900
Daniel, W. JShelby1889-90
Davis, Alma EssieShelby1896-97
Davis, LillianShelby1884-85
Eaton, Anna MShelby1899-1900
Eaton, Cassius VincentShelby1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Eaton, George WilliamShelby1893-94
Eaton, Maggie WShelby1899-1900
Edwards, NonaShelby1887-88
Elgin, DaughtShelby1896-97; 1897-98
Evans, ElvinaShelby1892-93
Evans, Lizzie MayShelby1891-92; 1892-93
Evans, Minnie OpheniaShelby1891-92; 1892-93
Farr, Thomas FredrickShelby1891-92
Farr, WilliamShelby1891-92
Forman, ReasonShelby1896-97; 1897-98
Forsythe, Susan [Sue] ZShelby1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74
Freeland, Julia EmmaShelby1893-94
Frye, SallieShelby1888-89; 1889-90
Gaskill, BelleShelby1873-74; 1874-75
Gerard, MaryShelby1888-89; 1890-91
Gill, John RShelby1871-72; 1874-75; 1875-76
Glascock, Walter KempShelby1895-96
Green, Minnie EShelby1884-85
Haman, Carl WShelby1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89
Hamrick, MattieShelby1888-89; 1889-90
Hamrick, W. LShelby1883-84; 1888-89; 1890-91; 1892-93
Hannah, Annie WShelby1894-95
Hardesty, GlenShelby1893-94; 1895-96; 1895-96
Hardesty, J. WeldonShelby1892-93
Hardesty, Ruey AShelby1892-93
Harmon, I. JShelby1875-76
Harris, J. TShelby1871-72
Hart, H. WShelby1879-80
Haskins, FreedomShelby1890-91
Haskins, William ForestShelby1890-91
Hatcher, Jessie ByrdShelby1894-95
Hatfield, G. TShelby1870-71
Hewitt, Clarence EShelby1894-95
Hewitt, Daisy BelleShelby1896-97
Higbee, JennieShelby1873-74
Horn, E. PShelby1873-74
Houghland, Flora ElizaShelby1897-98; 1898-99
Houghland, Marion MalcomShelby1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Hougland, James MortonShelby1897-98
Hougland, JosephShelby1898-99
Hougland, SusieShelby1891-92
Howe, Ollie ClaytonShelby1897-98; 1898-99
Jarbor, Robert PShelby1883-84
Jones, BerniceShelby1895-96
Lair, George FredShelby1898-99
Liggett, LidaShelby1883-84
Lightner, IdaShelby1884-85
Magruder, T. NShelby1877-78; 1878-79
Manuel, LulaShelby1891-92
Manuel, MaryShelby1891-92
Martin, W. RShelby1883-84
Matkin, AnnieShelby1877-78; 1878-79
Matteson, Curtis AnsonShelby1891-92; 1892-93
McCarty, Lou SShelby1888-89; 1889-90
McCue, Jessie CarrShelby1898-99
McKillip, Emma WShelby1890-91
McLeod, ClemieShelby1873-74
McLeod, EmmaShelby1873-74
McMahon, John PShelby1894-95
McMaster, Herbert RobesonShelby1891-92
Morris, AngelineShelby1871-72
Muldrow, Benjamin FShelby1890-91
Naylor, E. RShelby1871-72; 1872-73
Neff, A. JShelby1881-82; 1885-86
Nesbit, J. AShelby1879-80
Nesbit, J. NShelby1878-79
Nickell, J. TShelby1872-73
Nickell, WShelby1872-73
Noel, Thomas WilliamShelby1895-96
Parker, Anna [Annie]Shelby1882-83
Phillips, ErnestShelby1894-95
Phillips, GertrudeShelby1894-95
Proffitt, Edward FountShelby1897-98
Purdy, Henry FrankllinShelby1893-94
Ragsdale, NoraShelby1891-92; 1892-93
Ragsdale, Sallie BelleShelby1893-94
Ralls, Edgar HaysShelby1895-96; 1896-97
Rider, Anna FShelby1885-86
Rider, C. LShelby1885-86
Ridge, Joseph EmertShelby1893-94; 1894-95
Rodgers, MamieShelby1880-81
Ryder, AnnaShelby1886-87
Sanford, NannieShelby1891-92
Sanner, Eugene EShelby1894-95
Shackleford, EmmaShelby1886-87; 1887-88
Smith, Claude AnneShelby1896-97
Smith, Gertrude EmmaShelby1895-96; 1896-97
Smith, KatieShelby1883-84; 1888-89
Smoot, Edward MasonShelby1898-99
Spare, Willis CShelby1893-94
Spencer, James RShelby1894-95
Spicer, Leslie AShelby1889-90
Sprinkle, LeonaShelby1891-92
Stalcup, AliceShelby1883-84
Stalcup, Eddie FShelby1890-91
Stalcup, FrankShelby1889-90
Stalcup, MintieShelby1883-84
Stalcup, RobertShelby1883-84
Stauffer, Edward FranklinShelby1896-97
Stohr, G. FShelby1889-90
Stohr, S. FShelby1889-90
Stone, Joe ClarkShelby1898-99
Sturm, George WesleyShelby1892-93; 1894-95
Sturm, Oliver PerryShelby1891-92; 1892-93
Tuggle, Oliver LeeShelby1892-93
Walker, C. SShelby1872-73
Ward, EstellaShelby1893-94
Ward, StellaShelby1890-91
Watkins, J. SShelby1887-88
Watkins, Mary SShelby1885-86
Webdell, Charles WShelby1889-90
Weedon, LillianShelby1891-92; 1892-93
White, Andrew JosephShelby1894-95
Whitelock, Clarence WilliamShelby1898-99
Wood, C. LShelby1892-93
Wood, L. MShelby1889-90; 1890-91
Wood, PearlShelby1890-91
Woods, FlorenceShelby1899-1900
Beck, CallieShelby, IL1883-84
Carothers, Ella A?Shelby; Adair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Allen, LShelby; Monroe1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Wharton, J. F.Shelbyville, MO1868-69
Yoe, J.Shelbyville, MO1868-69
York, ClaraShelbyville, MO1868-69
Painter, George WShenandoah, VA1889-90
Gilmore, W. P.Shibley's Point, MO1867-68
Patterson, ViolaShibley's Point, MO1868-69
Sandry, W. P.Shullsburg, WI1867-68
McLean, Inez EvelynSioux, IA1897-98
Wood, A. MSnow Rock, MO1871-72
Kruckman, LydiaSpink, SD1889-90
Allen, AgnesSt Charles1887-88
Allen, BaileySt Charles1893-94
Allen, Martha JSt Charles1897-98
Amerland, HenrySt Charles1873-74
Putnam, A. E.St John, MO1868-69
Putnam, J. E.St John, MO1868-69
Putnam, NellieSt John, MO1868-69
Putnam, RosaSt John, MO1868-69
Albright, EugeneSt Louis1876-77; 1877-78
Alvis, ESt Louis1876-77
Best, EdgarSt. Charles1888-89
Blackwell, J. WSt. Charles1874-75; 1877-78
Blackwell, James WSt. Charles1874-75; 1877-78
Blackwell, Jennie VSt. Charles1875-76; 1877-78
Brandes, Lulu HenriettaSt. Charles1897-98; 1898-99
Brocker, Anna MarySt. Charles1894-95
Bryan, JaneSt. Charles1873-74; 1874-75
Castlio, Ella MSt. Charles1874-75
Christopher, O. CSt. Charles1880-81
Cottle, Effie GraceSt. Charles1892-93
Edelen, JennieSt. Charles1874-75
Edelen, MedoraSt. Charles1874-75
Edelen, W. HSt. Charles1875-76
Edwards, Sally SSt. Charles1889-90
Elgin, JennieSt. Charles1873-74
Foristell, Naomi WhitfieldSt. Charles1896-97
Fowler, Georgianna ASt. Charles1873-74; 1875-76; 1876-77
Griffith, BunnieSt. Charles1874-75
Guthrie, Lulu BaileySt. Charles1891-92; 1892-93
Hackman, IdaSt. Charles1894-95
Heald, FannieSt. Charles1888-89
Heald, LillianSt. Charles1889-90; 1890-91
Heald, NinaSt. Charles1889-90
Hensell, AnnieSt. Charles1888-89
Hensell, FannieSt. Charles1888-89; 1889-90
Hensell, Fannie MSt. Charles1897-98
Hensell, PaulineSt. Charles1888-89; 1889-90
Jones, C. LSt. Charles1875-76
Kaeferstein, EmmaSt. Charles1889-90
Kaeferstein, EttieSt. Charles1889-90
Keithley, GSt. Charles1875-76
Keithley, GeorgeSt. Charles1875-76
Keithley, JaneSt. Charles1875-76
Keithley, L. DSt. Charles1874-75
Kruger, JamesSt. Charles1891-92
LaHue, PhebeSt. Charles1885-86
Lemon, SinnieSt. Charles1889-90
Lewis, Jennie ChinnSt. Charles1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Lewis, MadgeSt. Charles1893-94; 1895-96
McCoy, N. RSt. Charles1875-76
McNealy, WilliamSt. Charles1875-76
M?hlenkamp, HSt. Charles1873-74; 1877-78; 1880-81
Orr, DavidSt. Charles1875-76; 1876-77
Potter, DoraSt. Charles1874-75
Pringle, LauraSt. Charles1896-97
Pringle, Lucien AdelbertSt. Charles1896-97
Riske, TheodoreSt. Charles1891-92; 1892-93
Roberts, Stella ASt. Charles1874-75
Sherman, J. MSt. Charles1873-74; 1874-75
Stahlschmidt, Lessie AnnieSt. Charles1896-97
Stahlsmith, LessieSt. Charles1893-94
Stone, PaulineSt. Charles1887-88
Taylor, Sallie ESt. Charles1874-75
Vick, W. LSt. Charles1876-77; 1877-78
Watson, Carrie HarrisSt. Charles1895-96
Watson, Emily HSt. Charles1888-89; 1889-90
Watson, SophiaSt. Charles1891-92
Watson, Sophie CSt. Charles1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Wetmore, Thomasine ASt. Charles1876-77; 1877-78
White, J. ESt. Charles1880-81
White, PrestonSt. Charles1881-82; 1882-83
Whittaker, J. HSt. Charles1873
Williams, H. WSt. Charles1875-76
Wilson, AgnesSt. Charles1892-93
Wilson, Elizabeth VenableSt. Charles1896-97
Wilson, HettieSt. Charles1891-92; 1892-93
Woodhull, GeorgiaSt. Charles1890-91
Woods, OliviaSt. Charles1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
Woodson, Nannie LeeSt. Charles1893-94
Young, OglesbySt. Charles1884-85
Williams, Daisy DeanSt. Charles; Adair1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Williams, Delilah SSt. Charles; Appanoose, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Chambers, JamesSt. Clair1891-92
Hutchison, Irene MSt. Clair1885-86
Stevenson, Cora LeeSt. Clair1898-99
Stretch, J. QSt. Clair1870-71
Joseph, SebastianSt. Clair, IL1885-86
Slimmer, D. WSt. Francois1877-78; 1878-79
Jordan, TillieSt. Genevieve1883-84
Kenner, MSt. Genevieve1880-81
Bosley, JuliaSt. Lewis1889-90
Boyer, C. PSt. Lewis1889-90
Dowdell, IdaSt. Lewis1888-89
Wakins, G. B, MrsSt. Lewis1888-89
Bond, Sarah LSt. Louis1875-76
Bosley, Mary TSt. Louis1888-89
Carrico, MaymeSt. Louis1898-99; 1899-1900
Chambers, Ida EllenSt. Louis1897-98
Christine, Lottie HawksSt. Louis1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Clark, Eli SSt. Louis1873-74
Cleve, KateSt. Louis1884-85
Francis, HenrySt. Louis1873-74
Hope, JuliaSt. Louis1887-88
Howlett, LillianSt. Louis1897-98; 1898-99
Huffman, J. HSt. Louis1872-73; 1873-74
Hughes, J. FSt. Louis1879-80; 1880-81
Keenan, W. SSt. Louis1873-74
King, MarySt. Louis1874-75
Laflin, Anna BelleSt. Louis1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92; 1892-93
Lea, Juanita ISt. Louis1887-88; 1888-89
Letcher, Alice ESt. Louis1873-74; 1874-75
Longworth, E. LSt. Louis1887-88
Longworth, J. ESt. Louis1875-76
Longworth, W. MSt. Louis1875-76
Loring, H. YSt. Louis1888-89; 1889-90
Luther, John DanielSt. Louis1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Matthews, Esther WSt. Louis1873-74
McCully, Arthur PSt. Louis1876-77; 1877-78
McCully, J. ESt. Louis1876-77
Meyers, J. HSt. Louis1873-74
Minton, I. MSt. Louis1875-76; 1876-77
Murtfeldt, G. SSt. Louis1873-74
Myers, A. ASt. Louis1876-77; 1878-79
Myers, George WSt. Louis1873-74; 1878-79
Overton, Ida LSt. Louis1880-81
Peters, W. JSt. Louis1876-77
Richardson, LouiseSt. Louis1884-85
Ryan, AliceSt. Louis1889-90
Veal, J. ASt. Louis1877-78
Veale, C. BSt. Louis1879-80
Warfield, JohnSt. Louis1877-78
Weagley, Ralph ASt. Louis1874-75
Haliburton, T.St. Louis, MO1868-69
Clark, E. JSt. Louis; Adair1871-72; 1873-74
Hewitt, C. TSt. Louis; Adair1871-72; 1872-73
Boyd, J. ASt. Louis; Holt1877-78
Minton, J. LSt. Louis; Holt1874-75; 1877-78; 1878-79
Minton, W. ESt. Louis; Holt1877-78
Hoefner, John HenrySt.Charles1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97
Campbell, F. CStar City, MO1868-69
Brewer, MattieSte. Genevieve1873-74
Davis, John BSte. Genevieve1874-75; 1875-76
Detchmendy, J. ASte. Genevieve1873-74
Munsch, J. NSte. Genevieve1873-74
Claybrook, J. C.Sticklerville, MO1867-68
Scott, B FStoddard1875-76
Harriford, HStone1871-72
Barke, JohnStory, IA1877-78
Nelson, BenningStory, IA1877-78
Nelson, J. JStory, IA1877-78
Peterson, O. BStory, IA1877-78
Ely, BenjaminSublette1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Alexander, William PorterSullivan1897-98; 1898-99
Ames, ClaraSullivan1892-93
Ames, Florence HattieSullivan1892-93; 1893-94
Anderson, Frank LeslieSullivan1895-96
Anderson, Hugh ClementSullivan1892-93; 1893-94
Andrews, MiltonSullivan1892-93
Ash, ByronSullivan1871-72
Ash, EdmundSullivan1883-84
Ash, R. ESullivan1887-88
Audrain, M. TSullivan1880-81
Bailey, Charles WillardSullivan1893-94
Baker, IdaSullivan1884-85
Baker, James AlfredSullivan1897-98
Baker, S. JSullivan1871-72; 1874-75
Baker, TillieSullivan1883-84
Baldridge, JSullivan1873-74
Baldridge, John SumnerSullivan1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Barkley, ASullivan1880-81
Barkley, JohnSullivan1871-72
Barkley, MamieSullivan1887-88
Barkley, MarySullivan1884-85
Beatly, Vinnie ESullivan1890-91
Beaty, Vinnie ESullivan1891-92; 1892-93
Beck, Frances RosaSullivan1896-97
Beck, Maud BelleSullivan1894-95
Beck, RosaSullivan1898-99
Becker, NoraSullivan1875-76
Berry, Fred AlfredSullivan1896-97
Berry, LauraSullivan1894-95
Bingham, J. WSullivan1889-90; 1891-92
Bingham, PhiliciaSullivan1891-92
Blackman, FrankSullivan1889-90
Blackman, George HenrySullivan1895-96; 1896-97
Boyd, AlvaSullivan1895-96
Boyd, J. ASullivan1880-81
Boynton, BelleSullivan1881-82
Boynton, C. MSullivan1879-80
Boynton, Charles LSullivan1881-82
Boynton, FrankSullivan1881-82
Boynton, Harry SumnerSullivan1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Braden, J. HSullivan1891-92
Bradshaw, Albert ClarenceSullivan1895-96
Brigham, J. NSullivan1891-92
Bringham, J. WSullivan1890-91
Brown, Clarence HerbertSullivan1894-95
Brown, NannieSullivan1870-71
Brown, Zora EdwardSullivan1895-96
Broyles, Myrta EleanorSullivan1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Burns, G. SSullivan1882-83
Burns, Pius ElmerSullivan1895-96; 1896-97
Caldwell, J. ASullivan1892-93
Caldwell, WilliamSullivan1892-93
Calfee, Dudley FieldSullivan1893-94; 1894-95
Calfee, W. FSullivan1870-71
Campbell, EvaSullivan1899-1900
Carmack, BerthaSullivan1896-97; 1897-98
Carmack, James AbnerSullivan1893-94; 1894-95; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Carmack, Sylvester DanielSullivan1894-95; 1895-96
Clark, JosieSullivan1898-99
Clawson, James HenrySullivan1895-96
Clem, Perry SylvesterSullivan1893-94
Clifton, Ella MaySullivan1895-96
Cochran, WSullivan1878-79
Cochran, WilliamSullivan1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1878-79
Cochrane, Harry HurlbutSullivan1892-93; 1893-94
Cochrane, J. ASullivan1896-97
Cochrane, James HenrySullivan1893-94; 1894-95
Conner, AnnieSullivan1893-94
Conner, MarySullivan1892-93; 1893-94
Conner, SallieSullivan1891-92; 1892-93
Cormack, James ASullivan1892-93
Cornmesser, Alma MaySullivan1898-99
Cornmesser, Bertie LSullivan1898-99; 1899-1900
Cornmesser, John WSullivan1898-99
Crawford, KateSullivan1878-79
Crawford, Mattie BSullivan1870-71
Crouch, ClydeSullivan1891-92
Crump, Daisy MaySullivan1898-99
Crump, Florence AnnSullivan1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Crumpacker, ClaraSullivan1875-76
Crumpacker, Clara MSullivan1875-76
Crumpacker, MaySullivan1874-75
Custer, J. MSullivan1881-82; 1883-84
Davis, BlancheSullivan1894-95
Davis, C. SSullivan1883-84; 1884-85
Davis, Charles SSullivan1891-92; 1895-96
Davis, ElmaSullivan1899-1900
Davis, Guy FSullivan1891-92; 1893-94
Dever, Harvey AlbertSullivan1895-96
DeWitt, ClarenceSullivan1894-95; 1895-96
DeWitt, EuniceSullivan1899-1900
DeWitt, J. WSullivan1885-86
DeWitt, MarySullivan1887-88
DeWitt, MarySullivan1899-1900
DeWitt, W. H. WSullivan1872-73
DeWitt, WallaceSullivan1886-87
Dillinger, J. M. [J W]Sullivan1880-81
Dillinger, RosettaSullivan1880-81
Dodson, W. TSullivan1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Donoho, B JSullivan1887-88
Dormer, J. MSullivan1873-74
Dover, LauraSullivan1880-81; 1881-82; 1882-83; 1883-84
Doze, FloySullivan1899-1900
Draper, Lawrence LewisSullivan1898-99
Earheart, MollieSullivan1885-86
Fields, HermiaSullivan1894-95
Flesher, William JSullivan1899-1900
Ford, EuniceSullivan1883-84; 1884-85; 1885-86
Ford, James EverettSullivan1897-98
Ford, T. BSullivan1870-71; 1871-72
Fox, MinnieSullivan1889-90
Franklin, IraSullivan1893-94
Franklin, James StanleySullivan1892-93; 1894-95
Franklin, Theory WilliamSullivan1894-95
Gillmore, BinaSullivan1870-71; 1871-72
Godfrey, NellieSullivan1884-85
Godrey, W. DSullivan1884-85
Graham, BertieSullivan1891-92
Graham, W. ASullivan1871-72
Guiles, M. ASullivan1870-71
Guthrie, B FSullivan1889-90; 1890-91
Guthrie, Bryan FranklinSullivan1891-92; 1892-93
Hagan, ClarkSullivan1893-94
Hall, Nancy ElizabethSullivan1893-94
Halliburton, James CSullivan1873-74
Hardinger, T. SSullivan1899-1900
Harmon, HSullivan1872-73
Harmon, J. BSullivan1873-74; 1874-75
Harris, Clifford BourdetteSullivan1891-92; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Harris, EdwardSullivan1892-93
Harris, Ella?Sullivan1879-80; 1881-82
Harris, John JuliusSullivan1895-96; 1898-99
Harris, Luther EllsworthSullivan1894-95
Harris, OvertonSullivan1873-74; 1874-75
Harryman, C. CSullivan1891-92
Hartzler, J. ESullivan1877-78
Heaton, O. ESullivan1899-1900
Hennon, JSullivan1880-81
Hennon, J. C?Sullivan1883-84; 1886-87; 1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Henry, J. ASullivan1876-77; 1877-78; 1881-82
Henry, SadieSullivan1883-84
Herriford, HSullivan1877-78
Hibbets, AdalineSullivan1874-75
Higgins, Homer AlexanderSullivan1892-93; 1893-94; 1894-95; 1895-96
Hill, H. BSullivan1899-1900
Hinckley, EvaSullivan1870-71
Hollon, AddieSullivan1889-90
Hook, Charles OtisSullivan1895-96
Hook, MollieSullivan1875-76; 1877-78
Hook, V. ASullivan1881-82
Hubler, Rollo AlonzoSullivan1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Hughes, J. CSullivan1885-86
Hughes, JohnSullivan1881-82; 1882-83
Humphreys, VermaSullivan1896-97
Hurst, G. PSullivan1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1876-77
Irwin, S. HSullivan1899-1900
Jackson, J. B WSullivan1877-78
Jacques, Hester CSullivan1870-71; 1871-72
Jacques, ThomasSullivan1870-71; 1871-72
Jamison, E. LSullivan1879-80
Jaynes, NormanSullivan1899-1900
Jenkins, Elzada VidaSullivan1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1899-1900
Johns, CloeSullivan1898-99
Johnson, Mary Adlisie [Addie]Sullivan1896-97; 1897-98
Johnson, O. ESullivan1890-91
Jones, RoxieSullivan1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Jones, Sallie ESullivan1879-80
Kelly, Lizzie ASullivan1874-75
Kerr, B DSullivan1877-78
Kesterson, Benjamin FranklinSullivan1891-92
Larkins, J. RSullivan1877-78
Law, LenoraSullivan1896-97; 1898-99
Lintner, J. LSullivan1874-75
Long, CoreySullivan1877-78
Long, John HenrySullivan1898-99
Lunsford, J. FSullivan1891-92
Maggart, C. HSullivan1899-1900
Maggart, Homer PeterSullivan1895-96
Mairs, AliceSullivan1872-73
Mairs, Anna [Annie]Sullivan1877-78; 1882-83
Mairs, Edgar JosephSullivan1898-99
Mairs, J. ASullivan1872-73
Mairs, John LewisSullivan1897-98
Mairs, Orlando JSullivan1872-73
Mairs, P. SSullivan1880-81
Mairs, R. SSullivan1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Mattews, Dave USullivan1899-1900
Matthews, David WilliamSullivan1898-99
McAllister, William WalterSullivan1898-99
McCary, JamesSullivan1879-80
McClanahan, Floy AnnSullivan1895-96
McClary, J. ESullivan1885-86
McClary, JamesSullivan1871-72; 1873-74
McClary, RSullivan1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
McClellan, W. HSullivan1881-82
McCoy, C. ASullivan1872-73
McGuire, PetSullivan1883-84
McLaughlin, A. JSullivan1876-77
McLaughlin, ElviraSullivan1872-73
McLaughlin, MinaSullivan1876-77
McLaughlin, W. HSullivan1871-72
McMillan, Will OtisSullivan1898-99; 1899-1900
McNeiley, R. ASullivan1888-89
McWhorter, MollieSullivan1881-82
Millay, AdaSullivan1898-99; 1899-1900
Millay, ElmerSullivan1893-94
Miller, HomerSullivan1894-95; 1895-96
Miller, Nevada OrphaSullivan1892-93
Montgomery, EdwardSullivan1891-92
Montgomery, John SolomonSullivan1894-95; 1896-97
Moore, WilliamSullivan1884-85
Morelock, GertieSullivan1898-99
Morlan, Silas EverettSullivan1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Morris, Charles MansurSullivan1894-95; 1895-96; 1896-97; 1897-98
Morris, Iva PearlSullivan1893-94; 1894-95
Morris, J. ASullivan1899-1900
Morris, John EdwardsSullivan1891-92
Morris, O. BSullivan1899-1900
Morris, Thomas AndrewSullivan1897-98; 1898-99
Morrison, G. W. RSullivan1887-88; 1888-89; 1889-90
Muncy, JennieSullivan1872-73
Myers, D. CSullivan1884-85
Nichols, D. WSullivan1877-78; 1879-80
Nichols, L. PSullivan1877-78; 1879-80
Norman, GraceSullivan1892-93
Overstreet, Alice MelissaSullivan1896-97; 1897-98
Overstreet, Benjamin FranklinSullivan1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Overstreet, W. ESullivan1883-84
Parsons, BettieSullivan1891-92; 1894-95
Parsons, W. MSullivan1883-84
Payne, ClaraSullivan1891-92
Phillips, A. LSullivan1899-1900
Poole, A. ESullivan1892-93
Poole, A. RSullivan1892-93
Posey, NorrisSullivan1899-1900
Propps, DavidSullivan1895-96
Read, B DSullivan1871-72
Reed, DSullivan1871-72
Reed, Nellie MSullivan1873-74
Reed, P. DSullivan1870-71; 1871-72
Reger, ElwinSullivan1891-92
Reger, MaudSullivan1899-1900
Reid, ClaudiaSullivan1891-92
Rhoades, James FrankSullivan1898-99
Rich, LuellaSullivan1883-84
Rich, RoseSullivan1890-91; 1893-94
Robbins, ClydeSullivan1897-98
Rodgers, EthelSullivan1899-1900
Rogers, Ethel MalindaSullivan1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Ross, James HartfordSullivan1896-97
Savauger, F. ASullivan1879-1880
Schooling, GratzSullivan1889-90; 1890-91; 1891-92
Schooling, H. GSullivan1890-91
Schooling, Henry GuySullivan1894-95; 1895-96
Seal, Cahrles ASullivan1896-97
Sears, John EusticeSullivan1890-91;1891-92
Searst, William IraSullivan1895-96
Shelton, C. RSullivan1899-1900
Shepler, J. NSullivan1883-84; 1886-87
Sims, NelleSullivan1899-1900
Singley, R. CSullivan1881-82
Smick, NoraSullivan1875-76
Smith, Charles EmmettSullivan1894-95
Smith, Nellie JSullivan1871-72; 1878-79
Somerville, Ella SaraSullivan1898-99
Somerville, Glen AndrewSullivan1898-99; 1899-1900
Spencer, BelleSullivan1896-97
Spencer, James RobertSullivan1896-97
Stall, Fred Nicholas?Sullivan1894-95
State, FredSullivan1895-96
Stephens, J. LSullivan1883-84
Sterling, JamesSullivan1884-85
Stringer, CarrieSullivan1887-88; 1888-89
Stringer, George JeffersonSullivan1898-99; 1899-1900
Stringer, Martha MabelSullivan1894-95; 1895-96
Sutton, David WilliamSullivan1891-92; 1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Swallow, FrankSullivan1877-78
Swanger, Frank ASullivan1879-80; 1880-81; 1881-82; 1883-84
Swanger, John ESullivan1883-84; 1885-86; 1888-89
Tallman, CharlesSullivan1899-1900
Tallman, George Bruins [Bussis]Sullivan1894-95; 1895-96
Tate, Charles HardinSullivan1898-99
Taylor, T. CSullivan1880-81
Terry, C. MSullivan1875-76
Terry, IreneSullivan1899-1900
Terry, R. ESullivan1899-1900
Thompson, W. CSullivan1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Thompson, Walter BenjaminSullivan1892-93; 1894-95
Thompson, William CharlesSullivan1892-93; 1893-94
Titus, Maude EdnaSullivan1896-97; 1897-98
Todd, S. WSullivan1879-80
Troxell, Nellie MaySullivan1898-99
Vanlaningham, LulaSullivan1899-1900
Wade, S. FSullivan1879-80
Walter, T. MSullivan1881-82
Walters, Anna ASullivan1882-83; 1883-84
Walters, DSullivan1880-81
Walters, G. HSullivan1882-83; 1883-84; 1884-85
Walters, LeotaSullivan1890-91
Walters, Lolla [Lollie]Sullivan1882-83
Walters, MaudSullivan1899-1900
Watson, OpheliaSullivan1883-84
Webb, Amos SSullivan1871-72; 1872-73
Webb, C. OSullivan1871-72; 1874-75
West, Ethel MarieSullivan1897-98
Wiley, Miles GSullivan1884-85
Wilhite, A. J. JrSullivan1888-89; 1889-90; 1890-91
Wilhite, EliasSullivan1875-76; 1876-77
Wilhite, Nora ESullivan1889-90; 1890-91
Wilson, H. TSullivan1871-72; 1873-74; 1875-76
Wilson, Ida AnnSullivan1875-76
Wilson, Ida MaySullivan1875-76; 1878-79; 1879-80
Wood, Armand Viola, MrsSullivan1896-97; 1897-98
Wright, William BushfieldSullivan1898-99; 1899-1900
Yose, LenaSullivan1891-92; 1894-95; 1895-96
Yose, SamuelSullivan1893-94
Reed, P. WSullivan?1871-72; 1872-73
DeWitt, MattieSullivan; Adair1887-88; 1888-89; 1890-91
DeWitt, MaySullivan; Adair1888-89; 1890-91
DeWitt, NannieSullivan; Adair1872-73; 1875-76; 1876-77
Mitchell, G. ASullivan; Adair1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Rich, AnnaSullivan; Adair1870-71
Rich, NellieSullivan; Adair1870-71
Riggins, RachelSullivan; Adair1870-71; 1872-73; 1873-74
Shull, J. CSullivan; Adair1880-81; 1883-84; 1884-85; 1888-89
Watson, R. JSullivan; Adair1870-71; 1876-77; 1877-78
Hook A. ESullivan; Atchison1875-76; 1877-78; 1880-81; 1881-82
Baldridge, Sarah VSullivan; Cass1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Cochrane, Wampler LemuelSullivan; Linn1891-92; 1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96; 1897-98
Harmon, J. ISullivan; Linn1873-74; 1875-76
Larkins, E. OSullivan; Linn1870-71; 1871-72; 1872-73; 1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76
Wagoner, RobertSullivan; Macon1871-72; 1872-73
Tipton, W. ESullivan; Schuyler1873-74; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1879-80
Mitchell, AdahSummit, OH; Fremont, CO1877-78
Nevin, Henry EthanTaylor1897-98
Chappell, StephenTaylor, IA1881-82
Holiday, A. LTaylor, IA1881-82; 1884-85; 1886-87
Holiday, A. OTaylor, IA1881-82
Holiday, CarrieTaylor, IA1886-87
Holiday, F. ETaylor, IA1881-82; 1884-85
Holiday, J. FTaylor, IA1879-80; 1881-82
Holiday, W. CTaylor, IA1877-78; 1879-80
Holliday, G. MTaylor, IA1883-84; 1885-86
Holliday, J. FTaylor, IA1883-84
Holliday, MinnieTaylor, IA1883-84; 1886-87
Holliday, W. CTaylor, IA1883-84
Kidder, FloraTaylor, IA1877-78; 1878-79
Long, A. VTaylor, IA1875-76; 1879-80
Menter, Josie ATaylor, IA1873-74; 1877-78
Pershing, H. CTaylor, IA1879-80
Rogers, S. FTaylor, IA1877-78
Snow, M. CTaylor, IA1875-76; 1877-78
Taylor, AliceTaylor, IA1877-78
Wilson, AddieTaylor, IA1878-79
Wolcott, S. STaylor, IA1876-77
Graves, EllaTaylor, IA; Montgomery1877-78; 1878-79
McGlothlan, MattieTaylor, IA; Nodaway1877-78; 1879-80
Buren, Walter EverettTexas1891-92
Erwin, Alice FlorenceTexas1898-99; 1899-1900
Gross, J. HTexas1876-77; 1877-78
Nichols, J. CTexas1891-92
Nichols, James CTexas1890-91
Bunch, Mattie ATexas; Macon1878-79
Galpin, F. PTioga, NY; Macon1870-71; 1871-72
Goodman, S. P, MrsTipton, TN1891-92
Fisher, A. ETrenton1886-87; 1887-88
Cason, DellaTulare, CA1893-94
Cason, RosaTulare, CA1893-94
Snider, W. FUnion1882-83
Trimble, Louise MUnion Parish, LA1886-87; 1887-88; 1889-90
Snider, W. FUnion, IL1882-83
Ellison, CharlesUnionville / Kirksville, MO1868-69, 69-70
Ellison, MaryUnionville, MO1868-69
Taylor, C. EUnionville, PA1874-75
Fritz, WilliamUpton, IL1874-75
Guy, A. BUpton, IL1877-78
Barnett, E. EVan Buren, IA1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Bell, JohnVan Buren, IA1876-77
Billups, W. EVan Buren, IA1883-84; 1884-85
Brook, H. DVan Buren, IA1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Callahan, H. IVan Buren, IA1874-75
Carroll, B FVan Buren, IA1882-83; 1883-84
Case, FVan Buren, IA1875-76
Case, FranklinVan Buren, IA1875-76
Criz, C. CVan Buren, IA1876-77
Daggs, A. JVan Buren, IA1877-78; 1878-79
Daggs, P. PVan Buren, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Daggs, Sybil AVan Buren, IA1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Davis, H. BVan Buren, IA1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78
Dawson, OVan Buren, IA1875-76
Dawson, OranVan Buren, IA1875-76
Drake, DellaVan Buren, IA1890-91
Eddy, J. RVan Buren, IA1877-78
Farwell, FredVan Buren, IA1882-83
Fowler, L. WVan Buren, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Fowler, S. SVan Buren, IA1877-78; 1878-79
Fry, W. HVan Buren, IA1876-77
Grimsley, GertrudeVan Buren, IA1886-87
Hales, J. RVan Buren, IA1876-77
Hales, John RVan Buren, IA1873-74; 1876-77
Hanan, O. BVan Buren, IA1877-78; 1880-81
Heald, CVan Buren, IA1875-76
Hopkins, J. FVan Buren, IA1875-76
Hopkins, S. NVan Buren, IA1875-76; 1876-77
Jack, JohnVan Buren, IA1875-76
James, WilliamVan Buren, IA1877-78
Kerr, W. HVan Buren, IA1875-76
Lee, A. FVan Buren, IA1875-76
Lyon, H. GreeleyVan Buren, IA1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80; 1880-81
Martin, LVan Buren, IA1876-77; 1877-78
McCance, L. MVan Buren, IA1877-78
McLain, LuluVan Buren, IA1887-88
McPherin, W. SVan Buren, IA1877-78; 1878-79
Miller, JVan Buren, IA1875-76
Norris, RobertVan Buren, IA1876-77
Parish, A. HVan Buren, IA1877-78; 1881-82
Parish, AnnaVan Buren, IA1877-78
Parish, EVan Buren, IA1877-78
Smith, MabelVan Buren, IA1888-89
Smith, OrinVan Buren, IA1893-94
Springer, D. BVan Buren, IA1889-90
Stonebraker, Mary [Mollie]Van Buren, IA1873-74; 1875-76
Stonebraker, SamuelVan Buren, IA1873-74
Tummond, EmmaVan Buren, IA1874-75
Wharton, J. FVan Buren, IA1875-76; 1876-77; 1881-82
Wharton, J. SVan Buren, IA1875-76; 1876-77; 1884-85
Wharton, Z. FVan Buren, IA1876-77; 1878-79
Whitaker, FrankVan Buren, IA1881-82
Wilson, J. CVan Buren, IA1876-78
Wilson, John CVan Buren, IA1876-77; 1877-78
Wilson, T. TVan Buren, IA1876-77
Woodson, LouVan Buren, IA1873-74
Workman, G. WVan Buren, IA1873-74
Carmean, CurtisVan Horn1874-75
Pauly, George WashingtonVanburen, IA1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Pauly, Lona EthelVanburen, IA1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99
Trammel, S. FVanderburgh, IN1872-73
Trimble, GVanderburgh, IN1872-73
Shaver, LVermilion1876-77
May, BertrandVermillion, IL1895-96
Edminston, GeorgeVernon1887-88
Embree, W. TVernon1889-90; 1890-91
Huff, J. EVernon1885-86; 1887-88
Jones, P. WVernon1877-78; 1878-79
Lowe, FannieVernon1887-88
Moore, John DVernon1881-82
Moore, L. WVernon1882-83
Moore, Lyman WVernon1882-83
Rupard, W. MVernon1886-87; 1888-89; 1889-90
Smith, G. AVernon1877-79
Smith, Maggie EVernon1879-80
Smith, R. TVernon1878-79
Smith, W. DVernon1888-89
Snodgrass, S. MVernon1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Snodgrass, T. FVernon1887-88; 1888-89
Smith, Albert Sidney JohnsonVernon; Holt1892-93; 1894-95
Green, Allie MVigo, IN1876-77
Richmond, BeeWalla Walla, WA1895-96
Ashburn, JamesWapello, IA1880-81
Buckner, EdwardWapello, IA1876-77
Buckner, G. WWapello, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78
Buckner, S. AWapello, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1879-80
Cole, Charles MWapello, IA1872-73
Cole, I. WWapello, IA1872-73
Cole, Jennie WWapello, IA1872-73
Davidson, Mary EWapello, IA1871-72
Dearing, A. CWapello, IA1888-89; 1889-90
Dearing, H. JWapello, IA1887-88
Dearing, U. JWapello, IA1888-89
Dibble, LauraWapello, IA1880-81
Dye, LillieWapello, IA1875-76
Dye, LucyWapello, IA1875-76
Gardner, Roy LawrenceWapello, IA1896-97; 1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Harlan, W. SWapello, IA1871-72; 1872-73
Jay, MattieWapello, IA1880-81
Kirkpatrick, ThomasWapello, IA1876-77
Reeves, J. SWapello, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Slaven, G. TWapello, IA1875-76; 1877-78; 1878-79
Slavens, BerthaWapello, IA1884-85
Slavens, EttaWapello, IA1884-85; 1886-87; 1887-88
Sloan, T. JWapello, IA1873-74
Snow, Anson AWapello, IA1877-78; 1879-80
Snow, HermanWapello, IA1876-77; 1877-78
Snow, ZanthaWapello, IA1876-77
Toole, SWapello, IA1874-75
Trussell, W. HWapello, IA1877-78
Williamson, MaryWapello, IA1876-77
Wilson, EWapello, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Haning, W. GWapello, IA; Clay, NE1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81; 1882-83
Majors, RaymondWappelo, IA1899-1900
Boswell, BelvideraWarren1892-93
Bourland, EmmaWarren1888-89
Bourland, LottieWarren1888-89
Carter, RosaWarren1875-76
Carter, RosaWarren1875-76
Dennison, Florence RoseWarren1894-95
Dyer, MinnieWarren1877-78; 1878-79
Eakins, JWarren1875-76
Eakins, JosephWarren1875-76
Edwards, B EWarren1875-76
Edwards, CarrWarren1875-76
Hughes, George WWarren1874-75
Jackman, W. MWarren1873-74
Otterman, W. EWarren1877-78
Edwrds, GraceWarren, IL1888-89
Sands, O. CWarren, IL1870-71; 1871-72
Straube, Matilda HamiltonWarren, IL1897-98
Wallace, Lura MargueriteWarren, IL1894-95; 1894-95
Pool, A.Warrensburg, MO1868-69
Farnsworth, IdaWashington1886-87
Gibson, W. EWashington1886-87
Johnson, U. HWashington1871-72; 1872-73; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79; 1884-85
Prouty, IdaWashington1875-76
Gibson, WWashington?1880-81
Johnson, W. HWashington?1871-72; 1872-73; 1875-76; 1876-77; 1877-78; 1878-79
Johnson, W. SWashington?1876-77; 1877-78
League, FannieWashington?1880-81
Dallen, MaryWashington??1889-90
Smith, S. PWashington??1883-84
Beatty, Margaret [Minnie]Washington, DC1897-98
Robbins, EmmaWashington, IN1881-82; 1882-83
Robins, EmmaWashington, IN1882-83
Ross, W. SWashington, OH1876-77
Flack, William LorneWashington, PA1894-95; 1895-96
Robinson, Samuel Sheldon, MrsWaukesha, WI1896-97
Clayton, A. LWayne1899-1900
Davis, John TWayne1874-75; 1875-76
Dean, Amanda MWayne1872-73
Haddock, T. JWayne1899-1900
McGhee, J. SWayne1871-72; 1872-73; 1874-75
Pirtle, J. MWayne1872-73; 1873-74
Rowland, L. PWayne1874-75
Rubottom, E. CWayne1871-72
Sharp, MaryWayne1875-76
Sharp, MayWayne1875-76
Albertson, IreneWayne, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Bishop, S. SWayne, IA1883-84
Bracewell, W. EWayne, IA1876-77
Clark, T. FWayne, IA1880-81
Combs, Anna MWayne, IA1880-81
Combs, E. LWayne, IA1880-81
Couger, EllanWayne, IA1885-86
Cumberland, Annie JWayne, IA1873-74; 1875-76
Cumberland, IreneWayne, IA1873-74; 1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Cumberland, JennieWayne, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Dotts, R. EWayne, IA1875-76
Foster, C. EWayne, IA1877-78; 1878-79
Gordon, B FWayne, IA1884-85; 1885-86; 1886-87; 1887-88
Gordon, Benjamin FranklinWayne, IA1891-92; 1892-93; 1893-94
Graham, J. AnnaWayne, IA1874-75
Logan, OliveWayne, IA1881-82
Loomis, Bertha EllaWayne, IA1894-95
McClanahan, Ada JaneWayne, IA1895-96; 1896-97
McClanahan, Edith EWayne, IA1892-93; 1893-94
McClanahan, John NewtonWayne, IA1897-98; 1898-99
McClanahan, Phebe EWayne, IA1888-89; 1889-90
McCollamWayne, IA1875-76
McKinney, Clara EllenWayne, IA1898-99
Niday, NoraWayne, IA1889-90
Rankin, LizzieWayne, IA1889-90
Rathburn, George MWayne, IA1894-95
Reck, E. CWayne, IA1875-76
Rowe, J. LWayne, IA1874-75
Watson, W. AWayne, IA1874-75; 1875-76
Weagley, R. AWayne, IA1875-76
Foster, George GWayne, IA; Ralls1877-78; 1878-79; 1880-81
Kenrick, KatieWayne, NE1897-98
Perham, C. PWayne, PA1878-79
Tedrick, Edna MurielWeber, UT1897-98; 1898-99
Reynolds, S. L.West Virginia1868-69
Latimer, H. JWestmoreland, PA1887-88
Bowser, John WillisonWhiteside, IL1898-99
Bounds, CelesteWilkes, GA1897-98
Bounds, CornielleWilkes, GA1897-98
Reid, John MonroeWilliamson, IL1898-99
Bowen, E. C.Willmathsville, MO1867-68
Bowen, EllaWillmathsville, MO1868-69
Bowen, M. M.Willmathsville, MO1867-68
Debree, NannieWillmathsville, MO1868-69
Hall, E.Willmathsville, MO1867-68
Reynolds, J. T.Willmathsville, MO1867-68
Rice, M. S.Willmathsville, MO1867-68
Chadwell, J. WWilson1874-75; 1875-76; 1876-77
Reed, Nannie EWilson1874-75
Reed, S. JWilson1874-75; 1875-76
Craig, Percy AWilson, KS1889-90
Gibbs, LoringWilson, MO1868-69
Crebs, GrantWinchester, WV1873-74
Austin, SallieWise, TX1891-92
Heckerthorn, S. AWorcester, IA1873-74; 1874-75
Abplanalph, Benjamin FranklinWorth1897-98; 1898-99
Abplanalph, Ira SaukeyWorth1897-98; 1898-99; 1899-1900
Abplanalph, LizzieWorth1898-99
Bram, Esther EWorth1899-1900
Costen, Maude ElizabethWorth1898-99
Dewitt, AnnaWorth1883-84
Ewing, JohnWorth1893-94
Faubion, WakeWorth1892-93; 1894-95; 1895-96
Harding, FestusWorth1899-1900
Jonagan, Charles HaineyWorth1898-99
Mendenhall, Jer DWorth1876-77
Mendenhall, Martha JWorth1876-77
Mendonhall, J. DWorth1876-77
Mendonhall, M. JWorth1876-77
Saville, C. JWorth1884-85
Spillman, VictoriaWorth1897-98
Wheat, Nettie RWorth1884-85
Wilhite, F. VWorth1895-96; 1897-98
Wilhite, Frank VannattaWorth1895-96; 1896-97; 1898-99
Worth, James BarkleyWorth1894-95
Bridges, Daniel GideonWorth?1898-99; 1899-1900
Griffin, Alice LouiseWright, IA1898-99; 1899-1900
Griffin, Jay WalworthWright, IA1898-99; 1899-1900
Willcox, BlancheYankton, SD1897-98
Ridgeway, ArthurYuma, CO1892-93
For information concerning this collection contact: speccoll@truman.edu