Pickler Memorial Library



Students of the
North Missouri Normal School and Commercial College

Kirksville, Missouri
Sept 1867 – Dec 1870

Algebra Class

Algebra Class 1867-68
Standing (LtoR): AJ Hynds, Beatty, Langley, Pierce, Heiney, Casper; Seated: MW Smith, DeWitt, Swallow, A Bowen, Stine, SM Pickler

Original student enrollment and/or grade registers no longer exist for the years before Joseph Baldwin’s North Missouri Normal School and Commercial College was given to the State of Missouri to become the First District Normal School. The only record we have of the students who attended the first two years (1867-68 & 1868-69) are the Normal Department rosters reported in the catalogues for the 1868-69 and 1869-70 academic years. Those taking the Commercial Course were not included. A. full catalogue was not published for the year ending June 1871, so we do not have A. complete roster for the third year. The few shown here as having attended 1869-70 are the graduates listed on the 1870 Commencement Program.

It is quite possible that individuals may be listed more than once if there is A. variation in information from one year to the next. For example, those who moved and show more than one county of residence, women who married and enrolled under both maiden and married surnames, and students who enrolled using initials one year and full given name another.

Name Hometown Years Attended Photo on File
Abbott, H. New Boston, MO 1868-69
Armstrong, W. G. Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Atteberry, Annie  La Plata, MO 1868-69
Atteberry, B. F. La Plata, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Atteberry, M. V. La Plata, MO 1868-69
Atteberry, Nannie Goodland, MO 1868-69
Bailey, J. W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Ballenger, L. N. Laclede, MO 1867-68
Barnett, George W. Greensburg, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Barnett, S. A. Greensburg, MO 1867-68
Beach, J. V. Colony, MO 1868-69
Beal, Dot M. Sandhill, MO 1868-69
Beatty, Hugh W. Milan, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Beeman, M. J. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Beeman, M. L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Belknap, J. Economy, MO 1868-69
Bently, M. E. North Salem, MO 1868-69
Berry, J. J. Prairie Bird, MO 1867-68
Bigger, C. W. Laclede, MO 1868-69
Bixby, A. W. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Booker, G. Novelty, MO 1867-68
Botts, A. Bottsville, MO 1867-68
Bowen, Abe Greentop, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Bowen, E. C. Willmathsville, MO 1867-68
Bowen, Ella Willmathsville, MO 1868-69
Bowen, M. M. Willmathsville, MO 1867-68
Boyd, S. B. Butler, PA 1867-68, 69-69
Bragg, J. R. La Plata, MO 1867-68
Bragg, Mary La Plata, MO 1868-69
Briston, Mollie Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Bristow, William W. La Plata / Atlanta, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Brown, A. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Brown, Annie Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Brown, C. F. Martinstown, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Brown, N Owasco, MO 1867-68
Bruce, Mrs Greensburg, MO 1868-69
Bunker, Enoch Omaha, MO 1868-69
Burbage, E. L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Burton, Jennie Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Burton, Nannie Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Butler, J. A. Millersburg, IA 1868-69
Campbell, F. C Star City, MO 1868-69
Campbell, M. Novelty, MO 1868-69
Campbell, T. A. Novelty, MO 1868-69
Canada, M. Greencastle, MO 1867-68
Carney, Ella Newberg, MO 1868-69
Cartwright, A. [not listed] 1867-68
Casper, Joseph T. Lancaster, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Cassady, Mary Hartford, MO 1868-69
Clark, J. G. Edina, MO 1868-69
Claybrook, J. C. Sticklerville, MO 1867-68
Clemison, Sam Edina, MO 1868-69
Cochrane, Mrs Jeddo, MO 1868-69
Collins, Della Adair County, MO 1868-69
Conner, J. L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Conner, J. T. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Coop, Gideon Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Coop, Mary Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Cooper, O. G. Memphis, MO 1867-68
Crawford, M. B. Greensburg, MO 1867-68
Crawford, M. M. Greensburg, MO 1867-68
Crawford, Mary Greensburg, MO 1868-69
Crawford, W. H. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Crawley, S. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Criswell, A. E. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Cullison, George W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Custer, J. C. Greencastle, MO 1868-69
Davis, Drury La Plata, MO 1868-69
Davis, O. P. Kirksville / La Plata, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Debree, Nannie Willmathsville, MO 1868-69
Deskin, E. B. Newberg, MO 1868-69
DeWitt, T. B. Milan, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Dimitt, M. Ringo's Point, MO 1867-68
Dockery, C. Ringo's Point, MO 1867-68
Dockery, T. Ringo's Point, MO 1867-68
Dodson, ____ [not listed] 1867-68
Dodson, B. C. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Dodson, G. W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Dodson, J. H. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Dodson, J. W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Dodson, John Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Dodson, L. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Dodson, S. L. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Dodson, T. A. Mill Springs, KY 1868-69
Douglas, S. A. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Dowdy, W. T. La Plata, MO 1867-68
Dowling, B. P. Callao, MO 1868-69
Doyle, Cynthia Novelty, MO 1868-69
Doyle, Maria Novelty, MO 1868-69
Doyle, William N Novelty, MO 1868-69, 1869-70
Dunnington, R. H. Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Eitle, J. F. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Elder, B. Cherry Grove, MO 1868-69
Elless, C. P. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Ellison, Charles Unionville / Kirksville, MO 1868-69, 69-70
Ellison, Mary Unionville, MO 1868-69
Ely, W. W. Greentop, MO 1867-68
England, Julia Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Filkins, C. H. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Fletcher, Barton Bloomfield, IA 1868-69
Fluhart, E. C. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Fluhart, Francis M. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Fluhart, H. T. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Fluhart, Nellie T. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Fogle, Christopher Cherry Grove, MO 1868-69
Foncanon, M. T. La Plata, MO 1867-68
Frederic, P. H. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Frederic, S. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Frederick, P. A. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Fulton, F. Edina, MO 1868-69
Gardner, A. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Gardner, W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Gates, H. E. Greentop, MO 1867-68
Gates, J. G. Callao, MO 1868-69
Gates, W. H. Callao, MO 1868-69
Gatlin, J. W. Greentop, MO 1867-68
Gibbs, Loring Wilson, MO 1868-69
Gibson, E. W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Gilbert, T. La Plata, MO 1867-68
Gilmore, W. P. Shibley's Point, MO 1867-68
Glenn, Maggie Edina, MO 1868-69
Goodding, W. A. Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Goodson, J. N Monticello, MO 1867-68
Graves, Rachael Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Greenstreet, Minerva Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Greenwood, Polly Paulville, MO 1868-69
Greenwood, Sarah Paulville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Hall, E. Willmathsville, MO 1867-68
Halley, J. Hartford, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Haliburton, T. St. Louis, MO 1868-69
Harris, Fannie Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Harvey, F. Bottsville, MO 1867-68
Harvey, G. Bottsville, MO 1867-68
Harvey, George Bottsville, MO 1867-68
Hayward, D. L. Novelty, MO 1868-69
Heimer, James Novelty, MO 1868-69
Heiney, B. F. Idaville, IN 1867-68, 68-69
Hendron, J. W. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Henson, John H. Monterey, IA 1868-69, 69-70
Hicks, Mary Novelty, MO 1868-69
Hicks, James Novelty, MO 1868-69
Hooper, Fannie Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Houpt, A. P. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Houpt, Adam Ringo Point, MO 1868-69
Howertown, Isabelle Edina, MO 1868-69
Hoye, M. M. Edina, MO 1867-68
Hoye, Mary Edina, MO 1868-69
Hoyle, C. Cherry Grove, MO 1868-69
Hudson, J. T. Edina, MO 1867-68
Hutchison, J. W. Greentop, MO 1867-68
Hynds, Andrew J. La Plata, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Hynds, J. La Plata, MO 1867-68
Iles, Robert Greentop, MO 1868-69
Jaques, H. C. Judson, MO 1867-68
King, J. Newark, MO 1867-68
Lambert, G. M. Northcott, MO 1867-68
Langley, H. C. Idaville, IN 1867-68, 68-69
Lawson, L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Lawson, M. V. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Lemmon, W. Prairie Bird, MO 1867-68
Lemons, William Prairie Bird, MO 1868-69
Lester, Julia La Plata, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Lewis, N. B. Cherry Grove, MO 1868-69
Linhart, J. North Salem, MO 1868-69
Link, J. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Loe, J. H. Omaha, MO 1868-69
Logan, S. L. Cincinnati, IA 1868-69
Luke, W. Memphis, MO 1868-69
Lyda, G. C. Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Lyda, I. D. Atlanta, MO 1868-69
McAdams, W. Lima, IL 1868-69
McCormick, C. Linneus, MO 1868-69
McCullough, C. Jacksonville, IL 1868-69
McDaniel, E. J. Carrollton, MO 1867-68
McDavitt, R. C. La Plata, MO 1867-68
McQuary, J. Atlanta, MO 1868-69
Maloney, J. L. Edina, MO 1867-68
Mason, C. H. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Mason, D. H. Edina, MO 1868-69
May, J. M. Cincinnati, IA 1868-69
May, M. A. Cincinnati, IA 1868-69
May, S. E. Cincinnati, IA 1868-69
Mayfield, Fannie Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Mayfield, L. Ninevah, MO 1867-68
Mayfield, Luke Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Mayfield, T. Ninevah, MO 1867-68
Meals, G. Greencastle, MO 1867-68
Mears, E. Callao, MO 1868-69
Meeks, T. J. La Plata, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Mercer, C. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Mercer, John Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Mercer, L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Millay, Emma Linderville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Morris, J. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Moxley, S. J. Shelbina, MO 1868-69
Musgrove, Mary Aetna, MO 1868-69
Nickerson, Della Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Nickerson, J. T. Bucklin, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Nickerson, N. A. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Noble, C. C. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Noble, F. M. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Nokes, W. Minnesota 1868-69
Northrup, C. Adair County, MO 1868-69
Novinger, J. Ninevah, MO 1868-69
Novinger, T. J. Ninevah, MO 1868-69
Palmateer, F. N. B. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Parcels, H. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Parcels, J. M. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Parcels, L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Parcels, M. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Parcels, Mary Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Parcels, W. E. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Patterson, Viola Shibley's Point, MO 1868-69
Perkins, C. New Hampshire 1868-69
Pickler, Amanda Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Pickler, S. A. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Pickler, Samuel M. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Pickring, J. Hartford, MO 1868-69
Pierce, C. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Plunkett, Scott Linneus / Carrollton, MO 1868-69, 69-70
Polley, C. M. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Pool, A. Warrensburg, MO 1868-69
Putnam, A. E. St John, MO 1868-69
Putnam, J. North Salem, MO 1868-69
Putnam, J. E. St John, MO 1868-69
Putnam, Nellie St John, MO 1868-69
Putnam, Rosa St John, MO 1868-69
Reynolds, S. L. West Virginia 1868-69
Reynolds, J. T. Willmathsville, MO 1867-68
Rice, M. S. Willmathsville, MO 1867-68
Rich, E. A. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Rich, Emma Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Richey, Warren Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Richter, Ella Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Robberts, L. P. Hartford, MO 1868-69
Ross, A. L. Novelty, MO 1868-69
Rowland, B. Macon, MO 1867-68
Rowland, F. Macon, MO 1867-68
Rowland, Fred Clarence, MO 1868-69
Russell, Olive Memphis, MO 1868-69
Rutherford, Harlan Minnesota 1868-69
Rutherford, J. M. Minnesota 1868-69
Sailor, S. Northcott, MO 1867-68
Sandry, W. P. Shullsburg, WI 1867-68
Sears, W. S. Callao, MO 1868-69
Seever, A. H. Edina, MO 1867-68
Shannon, L. B. Central City, MO 1867-68
Smith, E. Paulville, MO 1867-68
Smith, Hugh F. Newark, MO 1867-68
Smith, J. T. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Smith, M. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Smith, M. W. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Smith, Thomas J. Cherry Grove, MO 1868-69
Snell, S. S. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Sohn, H. C. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Spillman, O. Colony, MO 1868-69
Stanley [Standley], D. T. Lindley, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Stanley, J. W. Hartford, MO 1867-68
Stevens, Henry Adair County, MO 1868-69
Stevens, John C. Fairmount, MO 1868-69, 69-70
Stevens, J. H. Fairmount, MO 1868-69
Stine, Vincent Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 69-70
Sturges, Seldon Bottsville / Meadville, MO 1867-68, 68-69, 69-70
Sublett, G. W. Greentop, MO 1867-68
Sublett, T. E. Greentop, MO 1867-68
Swallow, John M. Owasco, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Terrell, A. D. Kirksville, MO 1868-69
Thatcher, Sue R. Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Thompson, J. Fairmount, MO 1868-69
Thurmond, Nannie Callaway County, MO 1868-69
Traber, John Milan, MO 1868-69
Tucker, C. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Tucker, L. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Tucker, Linda Paulville, MO 1868-69
Tucker, Lottie Paulville, MO 1868-69
Vernon, J. E. Northcott, MO 1867-68
Vernon, W. H. Northcott, MO 1867-68
Vincent, C. P. Newark, MO 1867-68
Walker, A. Macon, MO 1868-69
Ward, George Economy, MO 1868-69
Weaver, M. J. Logansport, IN 1868-69
Weed, Lou Shelbina, MO 1868-69
Wesscher, Tillie Kirksville, MO 1867-68, 68-69
Wharton, J. F. Shelbyville, MO 1868-69
White, J. W. H. Middle Fabias, MO 1868-69
Williams, R. Prairie Bird, MO 1867-68
Williams, Rees Lower Salem, OH 1868-69
Willis, J. B. Kirksville, MO 1867-68
Willis, John Adair County, MO 1868-69
Wilson, V. Edina, MO 1868-69
Wilson, W. Edina, MO 1868-69
Woods, E. S. Aetna, MO 1868-69
Woods, Mollie Aetna, MO 1868-69
Woods, Senie Aetna, MO 1868-69
Wyatt, Elizabeth Economy, MO 1868-69
Yoe, J. Shelbyville, MO 1868-69
York, Clara Shelbyville, MO 1868-69
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