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Masters Theses, 1948-1960

Thesis Number Author Title Year
1 Phillips, Paul Norton  History of the Chillicothe Business College, Chillicothe, Missouri 1948
2 Medlin, Carmaleta Harrison Socialization of Medicine in England Since 1900 1949
3 Wheatcroft, George Richard Reinhold Niebuhr's Philosophy of History 1949
4 Brantner, Alpha  Typewriting Ability Acquired and Used by Students of the 1948 Summer Session of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1949
5 Farmer, Ruby Webber  Teacher's Handbook of Gregg Shorthand 1949
6 Mittler, Charlotte W. Field Survey of the Social Science Teachers in Northeast Missouri Relative to Academic Preparation, Subject Areas Taught and Extra-Class Activities Sponsored 1949
7 Tedlock, Randall Welden  Compilation of Occupations Requiring Typewriting Skill 1949
8 Leach, George W. Frequency of use of Mimeograph Operations by Business 1950
9 Kopfer, Esther Missourians in the Oregon Settlement 1950
10 Pfaff, Robert Marvin Original Experiences of Missourians in the Gold Rush During the Years of 1849 and 1850 1950
11 Light, Melvin History of Attempts to Equalize Negro Higher Education in the State of Missouri Since 1935 1950
12 Waggoner, David Elliot Growth of Presbyterian Churches, Kirksville Presbytery, Missouri Synod, 1820-1950 1950
13 Mangiaracina, John  Investigation of the Physical Mechanisms of the Remington, Royal, Underwood and Smith-Corona Standard Typewriters 1950
14 Goranson, Venna C.  Comparative Study of the Stroke Count in Context Material as Written in the Simplified Gregg and in Thomas Shorthand 1950
15 Morlan, Melvin R. Development of the Missouri State Prescribed Social Science Curriculum for the Secondary Schools 1950
16 Collett, H. Gordon Historical Panorama of Dramatic Music in the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1951
17 Sticht, Ernst Ludwig General Von Steuben's Part in the American Revolution 1951
18 Blowers, Gladys Millsap  Exceptions and Inconsistencies in Gregg Shorthand Simplified 1951
19 Volmert, George H.  Consideration of Some Tests Available to Industrial Personnel Directors 1951
20 Mabee, Charles Ray Short Study of Some of the Work of William Jennings Bryan to Promote World Peace While Serving as Secretary of State to President Woodrow Wilson 1951
21 O'Dell, Opal Margaret Development in the Middle West of a Small Town: Lamoni, Iowa, 1847-1851 1951
22 Gorby, Rubijohn  Why Business Teachers and Clerical Workers Differ in their Typewriter Preferences 1951
23 Moyer, Rex L.  "Erutrevo": an Overture for Band 1952
24 Conyers, Arleen Saucke A History of the Growth and Development of the Kirksville Osteopathic Hospital 1952
25 Probasco, Milton Arden Concerto Grosso for Four Trombones and Band 1952
26 Bogue, William Warren Status of the Negro in Missouri as Determined by Law, 1719-1875 1952
27 Croarkin, Eugene J. Study of the Jewel Tea Company, Inc. 1952
28 Erickson, Lewis Olie Approach to Music Reading 1952
29 Froman, Gilbert E. Outline of the Chronological Developments of Christian Hymnody 1952
30 Henderson, Robert Lee  Survey of Business Education in the Public Secondary Schools of Northeast Missouri, 1951-52 1952
31 Little, Norman M. History of the Building of the Chicago and Alton Railroad in Missouri from 1837 to 1879 1952
32 McFarling, Bertha M.  Characteristics of Outstanding Colleges in the Preparation of Business Teachers 1952
33 Rockwell, Benjamin Bissell  Bank Charges on Checks and Deposits in the State of Missouri 1952
34 Smith, Marjorie  History of Business Education at the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1952
35 Snyder, Cleme Catalog of Adding, Calculating, and Bookkeeping Machines 1952
36 Waddill, George W. Local Color Elements in the Poetry of Nine Representative Midwestern Writers 1952
37 Edralin, Maria S. Spelling Problems Peculiar to Philippine Students 1953
38 Hackamack, Pauline Stewart American-British Relations, 1939-1941 1953
39 Johnson, Alphe Carlton Inquiry into the Movement to Establish Self-Government in the British Caribbean Area, 1973-1948 1953
40 Abernethy, Richard B.  Uses Made by High School Graduates of Typewriting Ability Acquired in Fremont High School, Fremont, Iowa 1953
41 Bailey, Eutopia O. The Small Town in 20th Century Missouri Fiction, 1900-1950 1953
42 Cleveland, Harold W.  Germelshausen: a Symphonic Poem for Band 1953
43 Dizon, Erlinda Silao Problems in the Teaching of English to Tagalog Students 1953
44 Donaldson, Robert A.  La Belle Helene--Offenbach; A Bandstration for Symphonic Band 1953
45 Gingrich, Lucille  Follow-up Study of Former Students of Buchanan High School, Troy, Missouri, with Respect to Typewriting, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, and General Business 1953
46 Gleason, Kenneth  Elementary Trumpet Method 1953
47 Hayes, Ben E.  Study of Plans for Preparation of Business Teachers in Missouri Colleges 1953
48 Itakura, Betty Michiko Study of Students from Hawaii in Forty-three Mainland Colleges and Universities 1953
49 Kennedy, Lola Straw  Comparison of Typewriting Practices Recommended in Typewriting Textbooks, Printers' Style Manuals and Office Reference Manuals 1953
50 Pableo, Donato B. Economics Curriculum for Philippine Institutions of Higher Learning Based Upon Recent Surveys of Socio-Economic Conditions 1953
51 Scott, Loyal E.  Uses Made by High School Graduates of Knowledge Gained in Typewriting Classes in Shipman, Brighton, and Medora Community High Schools in Illinois 1953
52 Shatto, Dorothy C.  Uses Made by High School Graduates of the Knowledge Gained in Typewriting Classes in the Galt, Missouri High School 1953
53 Shockley, Kenneth S.  Status of Business Education in the Negro Secondary Schools of Missouri 1953
54 Spears, Charles  Project Method Applied to Teaching Secretarial Practice at Savannah, Missouri High School 1953
55 Waldeck, Ruth Patterson  Aids, Devices, and Enrichment Materials for Teaching Gregg Shorthand and Transcription 1953
56 Webber, Addison E.  "Opus in Moods": an Original Composition for Symphonic Band 1953
57 Bowers, Orville E. Survey of the Use of Biographical Material in Teaching the Social Studies and English in the High Schools of Northeast Missouri, 1951-1952 1954
58 Hendrex, James Milwaukee Road Through Missouri 1954
59 Seibold, Ralph M. Developments in the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College in the Areas of Student Distributions, Faculty Preparation, and the Graduate Program, 1937-1952 1954
60 Babbitt, Geneva A Search of Writings and Opinions on Left-handedness to Discover Possible Implications and Aid for Left-handed Students of Shorthand and Other Office Skills 1954
61 Cole, W.V. Development of Osteopathic Research and Education 1954
62 Dobbins, Joseph N.  A Survey of Business Education in the Public Secondary Schools of Northwest Missouri, 1953-54 1954
63 Eoff, Charles L. Pecos Valley and Northeastern Railway During the Territorial Period in New Mexico 1889-1912 1954
64 Evans, George Richard History of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and its Accomplishments, 1931-1953 1954
65 Goodin, Katherine Kleiss The Early Life of General John Joseph Pershing, 1860-1881 1954
66 Lintner, Eva R.  Mr. Santa's Toy Shop; an Operetta for Lower Grades 1954
67 Peterson, William A. A Suggested Intramural Sports Program for the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1954
68 Richerson, William W. A Recreation Survey of Kirksville, Missouri 1954
69 Spainhower, John A. An Exact Reproduction of Journalistic Reports of Football Activity of Interscholastic Football Programs of Kirksville High School for the Years 1913 through 1953 1954
70 Tompkins, LoVina Taylor Legal History of the Procedures for the Care and Correction of Juvenile Delinquents in Missouri 1954
71 West, Roy N. Audio-Visual Materials in Music Education 1954
72 Workman, George A History of Intercollegiate Athletics at the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Kirksville, Missouri 1954
73 Young, Jerry G. History of the Athletics in the Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association, 1924-1954 1954
74 Gardner, C. Hugh  The Impact of a Local Radio Station on the Advertising Practices in Kirksville, Missouri 1955
75 Cox, Edward Franklin  "Atoms and Molecules"; a Three-Movement Composition for a High School Band 1955
76 Al-Hakkak, Hassan J.  A Comparative Study of Accounting and Business Practices in the United States and Iraq 1955
77 Swetnam, Hazel Mae Malone A History of the Building of the Quincy-Kansas City Branch of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad in Missouri, 1869-1900 1955
78 Tomoyose, Eiichiro The Development of the Educational System of Okinawa, 1879 to 1954 1955
79 Hulse, Laura Ruth An Annotated Compilation of Motivating Devices in the Teaching of Typewriting 1955
80 Sims, Willard A History of Boys' Interscholastic Basketball at the Kirksville Senior High School, 1916-1955 1955
81 Crow, Robert F.  Mozart Clarinet Concerto, K-622, Arranged for Symphonic Winds 1955
82 Dant, Francis Early History of Professional Football in the United States 1955
83 Gares, Vera Mae  Business-Education Day in Hammond, Indiana 1955
84 Hobbs, John Marion The Development of Singing Schools 1955
85 Houser, Violet  A Teaching Unit on the Industrial Development, History, and Commercial Aspects of North Kansas City, Missouri 1955
86 Lie, Kwan Hi The Development of Money and Banking in Korea 1955
87 Mook, Mary Ann A Suggested Program for Majors in Women's Physical Education at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1955
88 Pak, Chan Hyun Comparative Study of the Congress of the United States and the Korean National Assembly 1955
89 Neilson, James W. (Warren) Missouri Congressional Opinion and the War with Spain 1955
90 Richardson, James W.  "Suite in Minor Mode" for Band 1955
91 Tietsort, Eldon W. A Comparative Study of Time and Money Spent on Physical Education and Academic Subjects in High Schools of Northeast Missouri 1955
92 Webb, Robert K. Methods and Procedures of Successful High School Bands 1955
93 Burrows, Earl A.  An Annotated Compilation of Writings on Motivating Devices in the Teaching of Bookkeeping 1956
94 Cafer, Glenn Ezra A Study of the Basic Tactical, Educative, and Motor Skill Methods in the Teaching of Adolescent Basketball 1956
95 Cunningham, Eleanor Ruth Study of Some Factors Influencing Parents and Students in Their Selection of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College for the Formal Higher Education of the Student 1956
96 Dabney, LaVerne E. A Survey of the Recreational Activities of the Penal Institutions of the Middle West with a Suggested Program for the Missouri State Penitentiary, Jefferson City, Missouri 1956
97 Dant, Robert A Survey of Recreational Facilities in Granite City, Illinois 1956
98 Estes, Mary Margaret A Club Program to Meet the Recreational Needs and Interests of the Kirksville Junior High School Students 1956
99 Greenley, Grace Hortense  Typing a Thesis 1956
100 Henner, Dale Eugene Survey of the Professional Experiences and Undergraduate Curriculum Proposals of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Alumni of Physical Education, 1935-1955 1956
101 Holmes, William J. A Survey of the Extracurricular Duties of Male Physical Education Teachers in Selected High Schools of the State of Missouri 1956
102 Mitchell, Frank Sylvester The Development of Facilities for the Education of Negroes in Kansas, 1860-1950 1956
103 Moore, Bradley Brooks  "Overture 1955"; an Original Composition for Symphonic Band 1956
104 Richardson, Noah Patrick A Study of the Administrative Practices in Correspondence Work of a Selected Group of State Teachers Colleges and the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1956
105 Ryle, Walter Harrington IV The Political Career of Don Santiago Vidaurri 1956
106 Urberger, Robert Charles An Analysis of Coaching in Relation to Teaching Duties in Some High Schools of Missouri 1956
107 Yeoham, Velma H. The Legal Development of the Mental Hygiene Program in Missouri 1956
108 Hill, Eloise H. Langston Hughes: Versatile Spokesman for His Race 1957
109 Baker, Earl Henry (Not in Archives, 10/84, HPER looking for copy) A Survey of Interscholastic Football: Scouting Methods Used by Selected Missouri High School Coaches 1957
110 Melegrito, Gregorio G. A Survey of the Socio-Economic Offerings of American Secondary Technical Schools with a Critical Analysis of Their Usability in Philippine Secondary Technical Schools 1957
111 Brick, Irwin Some Problems in the Teaching of Selected Percussion Instruments 1957
112 James, Eugene Le Roy The History of Lead Mining in Southeastern Missouri 1957
113 Boyer, Richard E. A Historical and Constitutional Study of the British War Cabinet, 1916-1919 1957
114 McClaskey, Bertha Belle  An Annotated Compilation of Aids, Devices, and Enrichment Materials for the Instruction of Economics in the Secondary School 1957
115 Brown, Charlotte Ann  Suite for B-Flat Cornet, G.P. Telemann: a Bandstration 1957
116 Wall, Richard A.  Selected Debussy Preludes: Arranged for Augmented Woodwind Ensemble 1957
117 Bartlett, Geraldine B.  A Study of Bookkeeping Practices in Selected Independent Retail Establishments of Kirksville 1957
118 Maxey, Donald Hayes A Suggested Program for Majors in Men's Physical Education at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1957
119 Melvin, Frank A. An Evaluation of Audio-Visual Aids for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, with a Study of Their Use in Ninety-six AAA Missouri Secondary Schools 1957
120 Glore, James LeRoy A Survey of Injuries Sustained by the St. Louis McKinley High School Football and Basketball Teams in the 1956-1957 Seasons 1957
121 Yano, Fumiko Coleridge's Criticism of His Contemporaries 1957
122 Sanders, James Wesley A Survey of Opinions of Athletic Trainers Concerning the Anatomy, Etiology, Prognosis, Prevention and Treating of Acrolema (Shin Splints) 1957
123 Fischer, Donna Lamb The Historical Development and Operation of the Rural Extension Clinic Program of the Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery 1957
124 Laird, Pressly Alvin The Origin, Development, and Decline of the Office of Sheriff in the State of Missouri 1957
125 Bradshaw, Olen Gene Annotated Compilation of Motivating Devices to be Used in the Teaching of High School Secretarial Practice 1957
126 Anastasoff, George P. A Comparison of Techniques of Football's Center, Guard, and Tackle as Revealed in Coaching Literature 1957
127 Rogers, Merrill James Guide to Public Relations in Physical Education 1957
128 Murphy, Janys Ann Theme of Death in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson 1958
129 Nishijo, Theodore Michito A Study of the Operation of Martial Law in the Territory of Hawaii, 1941-1945 1958
130 Talay, Seniha Altinkalem Symbols in Hawthorne's Fiction 1958
131 Markidou, Ariadne Nik Lord Byron and the Drama of the Greek Liberation 1958
132 Chaudhari, Haider Ali Modern Banking and Economic Development of Pakistan 1958
133 Bradbury, Danny Dean The Guadalcanal Island Phase of the Solomon Islands Campaign, World War II 1958
134 Raquiza, Praxedes F. A Suggested Program of Philippine Physical Education for Girls in the Secondary Schools 1958
135 Dawkins, Forest Eugene  An Examination of Twenty-Six Volumes of the Missouri Reports to Discover Cases Illustrative of Business Law as Taught in High Schools 1958
136 Hernando, Priscila M. The Social World in Selected Works of John Steinbeck 1958
137 Moore, Jackie R.  Two Selections from Bach for Symphonic Band: (1) Sheep May Safely Graze; (2) Choral Fantasia 1958
138 Gleason, King W.  Bach Suite for Band; Arranged for Symphonic Band 1958
139 Smith, Martha Browning  Prelude and Fugue in D Minor. Bach for Symphonic Band 1958
140 Ward, Travis Clifford Status and Offerings of Industrial Arts Courses in the Junior High Schools of Missouri 1958
141 Meehan, Michael J. Audio-Visual Aids and Materials Used in Industrial Arts Courses in Selected Public Secondary Schools of Missouri 1958
142 Philpott, Kenneth Gordon Practices of Discussing Labor-Management Relations in High School Industrial Education Classes 1958
143 Siehl, James William A Study of the Possible Relationship Between Scholastic Attainment and Basketball Team Success in a Small Missouri High School 1958
144 Mach, Raymond Frank The History of the Development of the Outdoor Athletic Facilities of Marshall, Missouri, High School 1958
145 Bolin, Jerry The History and Development of the Missouri State High School Activities Association 1958
146 Barnett, Jane L. Status of Girls' Interscholastic Athletics in Iowa 1958
147 Moore, Betty Jean  Some Primary Factors That Should Be Considered in Developing a Method of Teaching Vocal Music in the High School 1958
148 Wade, Maxine T. An Analysis of Health Records of the Kirksville, Missouri, Public Schools and Their Implications for a Kirksville Senior High School Health Program 1958
149 Schromm, Richard Anthony A Survey of Basketball Scouting Procedures in Ninety-Five Selected Large Class Missouri High Schools 1958
150 Vinluan, Alicia Sison  Handbook for Class Piano Instruction 1958
151 Mach, Stanley John The System of Accrediting and Rating of Officials of High School Athletic Contests in Missouri 1958
152 Loncaric, Melvin Louis An Analysis of Athletic Insurance Programs of Some High Schools of the Midwest 1958
153 Knode, Phyllis Byrd A Compilation of Selected Warm-Up Exercises and Lead-Up Games in Team Sports for Girls in Secondary Schools 1958
154 Moore, Jerry R. Agrarian Discontent in Missouri, 1920 to 1933 1958
155 Francis, Richard Merrick  "Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Band"; A Three-movement Composition for Soloist and Band 1958
156 Davis, Billy Dale  Suite for Band and Chorus Based on Two Spirituals 1958
157 Meador, Charles G. A Projected Program in Boys' Physical Education for the New Senior High School of Fort Madison, Iowa 1958
158 Streb, Arthur L. History of the Missouri Recreation Association 1958
159 Mengwasser, Leonard Joseph Motivating Factors in Teaching High School Football Skills 1958
160 Brown, Robert O. A History of the Gem City Business College, Quincy, Illinois 1958
161 Akbiyik, Ozen Ernest Hemingway: The Moral Victory of His Characters 1958
162 Hahn, Earl Christian Jr. The Fauna of Northeast Missouri: A Survey 1958
163 Motley, Robert J.  Current Practices of the Business Department In Publishing the High School Newspaper 1958
164 Simmons, Bill M. A Proposed Supervisory Program in Physical Education for the Elementary Schools of Grundy County, Missouri 1958
165 Hafner, Conrad Taylor  A Compilation of Words and Phrases to be Avoided in Current Business Correspondence 1958
166 Kiss, Katie Gonnerman The Rediscovery of Herman Melville, 1920-1955 1958
167 Sinha, Pradhan Bimlanand Modification of American Philosophy of Physical Education for Secondary Schools in India 1959
168 Miura, Tokuhiro Images and Symbols in W.B. Yeats' Poetry 1959
169 Gotto, Ralph F. Briefings and Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court Regarding Sherman Antitrust Law Regulation of Professional Football and Baseball 1959
170 Roskos, Nancy Lee B. Symbolism in the Short Novels of Herman Melville 1959
171 Hoskins, Charles E. A Study of the Juvenile Laws in Various Sections of the United States 1959
172 Scriven, M. Jolene  A Study to Determine the Professional Status of the Executive Secretary in Selected Businesses in the Kansas City, Missouri, Area 1959
173 Perry, Thomas Parker A Critical Study of the Use of Coincidence in Thomas Hardy's Novels of His Major Period 1959
174 Swisher, Mettie L. Senatorial Career of John Brooks Henderson 1959
175 Capp, Robert Eugene A Comparison of Drafting Techniques and Practices as Taught in Selected High Schools in Missouri With Those Practices Found in Selected Industrial Concerns 1959
176 Franklin, Estol Paul Accidents and Their Causes in Selected Industrial Arts Shops of Southeast Iowa 1959
177 McClaskey, Martha Jones Concepts of the Divine in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson 1959
178 Mitch, Joseph Leon  A Study of the Planned Business Program in the Secondary School 1959
179 Adams, Alvin Porter Instructional Procedures for Teaching Industrial Arts General Shop 1959
180 Martin, Clifford Dean The Value of Industrial Arts Courses to the Graduates of the Brashear, Missouri, High School 1959
181 Flaspohler, Richard E. Public Reaction to the Selective Service Act of 1940 1959
182 Houtchens, Wade Williams An Examination of "A Great Nail": Sandburg's Prescription for an American Morality 1959
183 Mann, Jack F. A Follow-Up Study of the Graduates of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College with Majors in Industrial Education, 1938 to 1958 inclusive. 1959
184 Bradley, Robert J. An Investigation of the Office Machines Courses in Selected Senior Colleges 1959
185 Bagley, Ronald E. A History of the Industrial Arts Department at the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1959
186 Gibson, Reva Joyce  An Annotated Compilation of Aids, Devices, and Resource Materials for Teaching Business English in the Secondary School 1959
187 Dry, Berenice S. Expressed Opinions of Mark Twain on Government and Politicians 1959
188 McClaskey, Billy Keith Suggested Information Topics and Teaching Methods and Aids for Presenting Related Information in the Industrial Arts General Shop Course 1959
189 Howry, Lillian B.  Supplementary Dictation Material for Gregg Shorthand Simplified, Functional Method, Second Edition 1959
190 Scriven, Donald D.  The Training in Advertising of Selected Businessmen in the Greater Kansas City Area 1959
191 Dwyer, Gerald Joseph A Study of the Problems of Teaching Health in Selected High Schools of Missouri 1959
192 Hurley, Richard Anthony The Origin and Development of Lincoln Bible Institute, Lincoln, Illinois, 1944-1959 1959
193 Blankenship, Karl Richard A Study of the Educational Facilities for the Exceptional Child in the Public School Systems of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College District with Implications for the Field of Social Studies, 1958-1959 1959
194 Sparks, Donald Eugene An Analysis of the Physical Education Programs in Fifteen High Schools of St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri, using the LaPorte Scorecard 1959
195 Perrin, William Ervin An Analysis of the Pole Vault 1959
196 Atkins, Gerald E.  A Study of Junior Achievement, Incorporated 1959
197 Lutz, Larry Lee Current Practices and Procedures of Selected Foundries 1959
198 Churchwell, Thomas Everett The Founding, Growth, and Decline of the German Religious Colony at Bethel, Missouri 1959
199 Burris, James Herschel Monroe Overture 1959
200 Romine, Robert Lee MacDowell Suite 1959
201 Sparks, Wesley Bach Suite for Band: Arranged for Full Band 1959
202 Maitland, Berniece Mercer  A Follow-up Study of the Master of Arts in Business Education Graduates of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Kirksville, Missouri 1960
203 Hayashi, Kyoko The Concept of Friendship in the Poems of Emily Dickinson 1960
204 Shveiger, Raya "Tradition and Innovation" A Study of Form in the Sonnets of E.E. Cummings 1960
205 Zbornak, Gary Wayne Anthony A Survey of Recreational Facilities in Ottumwa, Iowa 1960
206 Casper, Vincent F. Original Creativeness, Patents, and the Industrial Arts Teacher of Missouri 1960
207 Cochran, Carl C. Student Teachers' Training Activities in Industrial Arts for Off-Campus Programs of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1960
208 Hageman, Edro Dean A Field Survey of the Changes in the Academic Preparation of Social Science Teachers of Northeast Missouri, 1949-1959 1960
209 Park, Un Sung A Study of United States Aid to the Republic of Korea in the Establishment of Basic Public Utilities, 1945-1958 1960
210 Kivanc, Nes'e The Myths in the Poetry of John Keats 1960
211 Carter, Billy Doyle Cost and Finance of Intercollegiate Athletics in the Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association Conference Colleges, 1958-59 1960
212 Whalen, Paul Secondary School Safety Instruction Through Health and Physical Education 1960
213 Cleaver, Lyda Jeanne  An Analysis and Classification of Recurring Problems in the Teaching of Shorthand in the Secondary Schools of Northeast Missouri 1960
214 Bell, Richard Lavern "Reformation Symphony", Fourth Movement (Chorale), Mendelssohn; Arranged for Symphonic Band 1960
215 McCollum, Howard Warner Correlation of Kirksville, Missouri, High School Track Records with Physical Conditioning 1960
216 Carlson, Marcene Ross The Application of the Principles of Child Growth and Development in the Selection of a Beginning Piano Instruction Book 1960
217 Nevins, James R.  A Survey of Business Education in the Public Secondary Schools of Northeast Missouri, 1959-60 1960
218 Sharp, Harold M. A History of Agency, Iowa--an Indian Outpost on the American Frontier 1960
219 Stanley, Bert Edward Fantasy on Two Folk Songs 1960
220 Croft, Willie Wayne Opinions of Selected Industrial Arts Teachers Concerning Desirable Content for a General Shop Instructional Guide 1960
221 Loughery, Billy Don Influence of Jean Jacques Rousseau on American Physical Education and School Athletics 1960
222 Loughery, Lora Doone  A Survey of Current Grading Practices in First-Year Shorthand in the Secondary School 1960
223 Kimmel, Coy Keith A Compilation of Three-Dimensional Aids Useful in Teaching Applied Electricity 1960
224 Harding, Alfred Dwain Western College, A Chapter in Northeast Missouri's Educational History 1960
225 Doctorian, David American Public Reaction to the Anglo-American Destroyer-Base Exchange of 1940 1960
226 Stevenson, Cecil Berturm Secondary School Athletic Injury Procedures in Selected Missouri Systems 1960
227 Pedego, Lucile A Training Course for Church Choir Director in the High School Adult Education Program 1960
228 Brookhart, Richard Lee  An Annotated Compilation of Aids, Devices, and Resource Materials for Teaching Business Arithmetic in the Secondary School 1960
229 Wilson, Orlan P. A Survey of Business Education in the Public Secondary Schools in Central Missouri, 1959-60 1960
230 Bender, Edward William A Proposed Program of Athletic Public Relations for Secondary Schools 1960
231 Sharp, Robert Lamont An Analysis of Related Information Contained in References Listed in the Industrial Arts General Shop Course Guide for Missouri 1960
232 Moore, Anna L. A Study of the Background of the Reorganized School Districts of Chariton County 1960
233 Barnett, Richard The Characterization of MacBeth: A Study of MacBeth's Personality 1960


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