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Masters Theses, 1961-1969

Thesis Number Author Title Year
234 Clime, Max Edward Relationship of a Standard Achievement Score to Achievement in Industrial Arts 1961
235 Bowling, Donald Gene A Survey of the Existing Practices and Procedures in the Teaching of the Allied Arts 1961
236 Harrison, Janet E. The Poetry of James Kirkup: With Especial Reference to His Use of Imagery 1961
237 Jadon, Samira Y. Saladin and the Crusaders in Palestine 1961
238 Koprivica, Paul Schuerman Effectiveness of Industrial Arts at John Burroughs Private School 1961
239 Losey, Marvin Lee A Study of Physical Conditions and Major Equipment in the Industrial Arts Shops of Northeast Missouri 1961
240 Rabago-Martinez, Alberto Don Juan en el Teatro Espanol 1961
241 Schif, Alvin G. A Study of the Professional Growth of Athletic Coaches in the Class "L" High Schools in the State of Missouri 1961
242 Joseph, Vasanth Devadath A Study of the Relationship of Levels of Language to Action and Symbol in Herman Melville's Moby-Dick 1961
243 Banning, Ermil C. A Field Survey of the Social Studies Teachers in Iowa High Schools of 200 to 399 Relative to the Academic Preparation, the Subject Areas Taught, and the Extra-class Activities Sponsored (School Year, 1960-61) 1961
244 Brandon, Max Edgar The Views and Principles of J.W. Lusby in the Founding of Kentucky Christian College, Grayson, Kentucky, 1901-1937 1961
245 Breen, John Lawrence A Comparative Study of Industrial Arts in the State of Missouri for 1944-45 and 1958-59 1961
246 Douglas, Robert William A Compilation of Games and Activities in the Elementary Schools of Clinton, Iowa 1961
247 Hafner, Sherman Reed A Study of Boys' Physical Education Tests in the High Schools of the Mississippi Valley Division of the Illinois Education Association 1961
248 Huff, Arthur S. A Study of the Electrical Wiring Systems Used in Current School Shop Construction 1961
249 Kirkpatrick, Elvis J. Suggested Units of Instruction for the Power and Transportation Area of the General Shop 1961
250 Mozingo, Don Allen "The Seasons" April-June-September, by Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky: an Arrangement for High School Band 1961
251 Martin, Wayne Leon The History, Operation and Recreational Potential of Swan Lake, Missouri, National Wildlife Refuge 1961
252 Miller, Dwight Merrick An Historical Study of the Changing Attitude of England Toward Germany from 1933 to 1939 1961
253 Squires, Elmer Gene The Development and Evaluation of a Suggested Device for Centering Round Stock 1961
254 Srnka, Alfred H. A Study of Selected Tests as Indices for the Development of a System of Speech Improvement for Kindergarten Children of the Kirksville Public School 1961
255 Tipton, William Eli Principles, Services, and Adjustments of Automatic Headlight Controls 1961
256 Christensen, Lawrence Oland The Brannan Plan in Congress 1961
257 Durden, Virginia A Follow-up Survey of the Forty-Three High Ability Secondary Students Who Attended the 1961 Cooperative College-School Science Program at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1962
258 Hall, Beverly Shepherd Grand Chorus, Op. 84, Alexandre Guilmant: an Arrangement for Symphonic Wind Ensemble 1962
259 Hickey, Jerald E. A Study of Fifty-One Cases of Juvenile Delinquency in Des Moines, Iowa, for the year 1960 1962
260 Hoffmann, Klaus-Dieter Problems in the Teaching of Structural Grammar 1962
261 Horn, Wally Eugene A Study of the Industrial-Arts Teacher and the Industrial Arts Teacher-Athletic Coach Combination in the State of Iowa 1962
262 Koscielski, John David An Analysis of Growth and Development of Quincy Junior High School Boys 1962
263 Perrin, Jack M. Adapting the Wing-T Offense to High School Instruction 1962
264 Peterson, Ruth Darlene An Investigation of Academic Music Courses in the Public Secondary Schools of Missouri 1962
265 Pitney, Ben E. Some Factors Affecting the Hiring and Dismissal of High School Basketball Coaches in Illinois 1962
266 Potter, John Arthur A Study of the Vocational Rehabilitation at the Iowa State Penitentiary, Fort Madison, Iowa 1962
267 Sadler, Joe V. An Experimental Study to Determine the Value of Assignment Sheets as a Supplement to the Textbook in Teaching High School Mechanical Drawing 1962
268 Sorg, Jesse Charles Survey of Physical Fitness 1962
269 Woods, Charles Andrew A Suggested Fire Prevention and Control Program for Industrial Arts Shops 1962
270 Dixon, Jack David Opinions Concerning the Organization of an Industrial Education Awards Program for the State of Missouri 1962
271 Epperson, James Phillip Reproduction Processes and Media Used in Industry and Their Effects on Drafting Practices 1962
272 Exline, Dan An Analysis of the Employment of Weight Resistance Exercises in the Development of the Distance Runner 1962
273 Farnsworth, Joseph Earl Subversive Activities of the German-American Bund, 1937-1941 1963
274 Forbes, Joseph Donaldson Utilization of Aluminum in Industrial Arts Metal Courses 1963
275 Grannis, Gary E. Graphic Arts Facilities and Curricula of Selected Teacher Training Institutions 1963
276 Gunnell, Denzel Dale "The Seasons":July-October-February, by Peter Ilyitch Tschaikowsky; an Arrangement for High School Band 1963
277 Kephart, Eva Holley Paradox of Mark Twain: A Study of the Conflicting Ideas in Twain's Late Years 1963
278 Landis, Thomas Donald A History of Monroe County, Iowa, As a Coal Mining Center 1963
279 Lutz, Rollin Joseph Suggested Instructional Materials for Collegiate Baseball Phases 1963
280 Morrison, Walter Raleigh Survey of Social Science Teacher Preparation in the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1963
281 Onerheim, Bernard Orius Trombone Instructional Materials for Beginning Students in Elementary School 1963
282 Roberts, Dee LaVern The British Peace Movement During the 1930's 1963
283 Rosauer, Harold T. An Experimental Investigation of the Classification Devices Used for Grouping Students in Physical Education Classes 1963
284 Schnelle, William A. Pollution in Forest Lake as Indicated by Coliform and Enterococcus Populations 1963
285 Shoemake, Donald R. Duties and Responsibilities of Missouri Class "L" High School Athletic Directors 1963
286 Songster, Thomas Bernard Physical Fitness Test Norms for College Men 1963
287 Uralman, Engin M. United States Senatorial Reactions to Mexican-American Relations, 1911-1917 1963
288 Walton, Henry F. The History and Development of the North Central Missouri Conference 1963
289 White, Robert George Distribution and Ecology of Select Stream Fishes of Harrison County 1963
290 Wilson, Morris Duke A Study of School-Related Expenditures by Students of Six Selected Midwestern Senior High Schools 1963
291 Arscott, Kenneth Alan The Origins and Implementation of the Truman Doctrine of 1947-48 1963
292 Fong, Helen Pui-king The Historical Development of Chinese Education, 1945-1963 1964
293 Ku, Joseph King-hap An Historical Sketch of the Agricultural Communization of Red China, 1949-63 1964
294 Matthews, Thomas Jack Life and Professional Contributions of Donald Burrows Faurot to Intercollegiate Football and Athletics 1964
295 Sykes, Madelene McEuen Mark Twain's Portrayal of Women 1964
296 Thomas, Ronnie Lee Sonata in D Major for Cello and Piano, by George Philipp Telemann; an Arrangement for Trombone and Band 1964
297 MacBain, Judith Anne At Last to Be Identified: A Study of the Self as Expressed in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson 1964
298 Spain, Donald Francis Fossiliferous Plants of the Pennsylvanian Period from a Selected Area in Macon County, Missouri 1964
299 Brenizer, Larry Carl Need for and Interest in an Area Vocational-Technical School for Five Counties in Northeast Missouri: companion study 1964
300 Brown, Merle Dean Analysis and Comparison of Selected Electronic Training Aids 1964
301 Butler, Harry LaVern Criteria Concerning Design and Function of Toolholders for General Metal Hand Tools with Suggested Application of the Findings 1964
302 Crawford, Hollis Dean A Survey of the Amphibia and Reptilia of Grundy County, Missouri 1964
303 Crouthers, Joseph B. Survey of Physical Education Programs in Secondary Schools of Greater Kansas City, Mo. 1964
304 Evans, James Hays Fill Correlations of Limestone Caverns, Meramec State Park, Sullivan, Franklin County, Missouri 1964
305 Grohe, Gary Effectiveness of Vocational-Industrial Training at Fort Madison High School with Implications for Future Program Development 1964
306 Lee, Beverly Gymnastics for Girls 1964
307 McNabb, Virginia Rae Keethler Biological Succession of Net Plankton in the McNabb Pond in Schuyler County, Missouri 1964
308 Merrell, Jerry Lee Some Issues of Industrial Education in the United States, 1917 to 1935 1964
309 Prescott, Roger L. The Evolution of Basketball from 1891 to 1964 1964
310 Richardson, Ross C. Occupational Hazards of Industrial Welding and Their Implications to School Shop Welding Facilities and Practices. 1964
311 Seaman, Richard Lee Blood Imagery in Shakespearean Tragedy 1964
312 Stuhlman, Herbert Lynn Investigation into the Background and Possible Causes of Knee Injuries in Athletics 1964
313 Ulin, Howard Lloyd A Great Books Seminar: a Proposal for the Gifted Student 1964
314 Unkrich, D. Richard Need for and Interest in an Area Vocational School to Serve the Northeast Missouri Counties of Adair and Macon: companion study 1964
315 Whitacre, William K. Effect of Mental Practice on the Acquisition of a Certain Motor Skill 1964
316 Mock, Orin Observations on the Life History of the House Shrew (Suncus Murinus Linaeus) 1965
317 Nelson, James P. An Experimental Investigation of a Program of Isometric Exercises for Developing Upper Body Muscular Strength 1965
318 Peckham, Barbara Ann "A Lantern Light from Deeper in the Barn..." A Study of the Ideas, Deeds, and Style of Robert Frost 1965
319 Baskett, Donald Leroy Protest in the Middle-Border Short Stories of Hamlin Garland 1965
320 McCarl, Robert E. Relation of Units Taken and Marks Earned in High School Drafting Courses to Achievement in Beginning Drafting Courses at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1965
321 Owen, Roy Lee Physical Education Backgrounds of Male Freshmen at Five Midwestern Colleges 1965
322 Schroeder, Walter Junior Recommended Drafting Practices for Drawings to be Microfilmed 1965
323 Seaman, Venna Fae The Dramatic Effect of the Short Speeches in Three Shakespearean Tragedies: Julius Caesar, Hamlet, and Othello 1965
324 Smay, Stanley Lyle Teaching Industrial Arts to Seventh Grade Slow Learners in the Quincy Junior High School, Quincy, Illinois 1965
325 Whorton, Mary T. Mark Twain and the Naturalism of Stephen Crane 1965
326 Sultzman, Carolyn Louise Opposition to Franklin D. Roosevelt in Missouri, 1935-1936 1965
327 Moore, Marjorie W. The Evolution of Language Textbooks in the United States, 1840-1960 1965
328 Streeter, John J. The Evolution of Boxing Through the Heavyweight Division, 1719-1965 1965
329 Bailey, Edwin Wayne Gymnastics Apparatus: An Effective Method of Improving Upper Body Fitness 1965
330 Bare, Donald R. The Distribution of Certain Available Trace Elements Within Four Areas of Differing Pheasant Population Densities in Central Illinois 1965
331 Boleach, Larry Wayne Physical Fitness Test Norms for North Shelby High School 1965
332 Collins, Larry E. A Study of Free and Inexpensive Aid Materials for Metalworking Classes 1965
333 Garmer, Robert Lee Industrial Arts for the Educable Mentally Handicapped 1965
334 Griffith, Phillip E. Practices of School Shops and Industries with Regards to Suggested Color Standards and Recommendations 1965
335 Howell, Stacey F., Jr. An Investigation of a Possible Overpopulation of Bluegill Sunfish in a Farm Pond, Adair County, Missouri 1965
336 Kendall, Billy Lee Elementary Industrial Arts Programs: Teaching Methods, Tools, and Materials 1965
337 Kreisman, Donald Mayer Pelecypod Distribution in Selected Rivers and Streams of Jefferson County, Missouri 1965
338 Malone, Guy Leo Organization, Administration, and Supervision of High School Physical Education Demonstrations in Raytown, Missouri 1965
339 Marquardt, Jimmy Lee Shop Accidents and Safety Programs in Selected Schools of Missouri, 1964-65 1965
340 Packham, Glenn A. Solo Song Performance and Interpretation 1965
341 Richardson, Wayne Irva A Guide to Public Relations for Industrial Education in the Secondary School 1965
342 Robison, Robert A. A Comparative Study to Determine Content for a Vocational Auto-Mechanics Course 1965
343 Stark, Ronald Mills Survey of Fall Football Practice Injuries for the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1965
344 Wells, Russell Douglas Solutions for the Elimination of Discipline Problems in the Industrial Arts Classroom and Laboratory 1965
345 Wilson, William Everett Predictive Value of Selected Guidance Tests to Success in Junior High Industrial Arts Courses 1965
346 Anderson, Orville Wesley, Jr. (2 copies) A History of the Rock Island Centennial Bridge and Toll Scandal 1965
347 Lynch, Claude Marshall Identification and Distribution of the Stream Fish of Bollinger County, Missouri 1965
348 Shinn, Sheila Story of a World's Fair: St. Louis, 1904 1965
348.5 Horace, Thomas Vincent The History of the Union Electric Taum Sauk pumped-storage hydro-electric power development up to October 9, 1963 1965
349 Bishop, Tom A Study of the Language Arts Program Guides Developed by Selected Missouri High Schools 1965
350 Hingst, Richard George Burlington, Iowa, and its Railroad 1966
351 Howing, Frederick C. France, Algeria, and the Army, 1954-1962: A Study in Civil-Military Relations 1966
352 Marquardt, Donald Glen An Experimental Study Concerning the Performance of Wood Adhesives When Used by High School Industrial Arts Students 1966
353 Meyer, David Frederick Distribution of Anisoptera (Dragonfly) Nymphs in Adair County, Missouri 1965 1966
354 Stoops, Nancy Lee Study of Adaptive Physical Education Programs in Certain Iowa Public Schools 1966
355 Aeschliman, Warren Woodson A History of the Mineral Water Bowl Game 1966
356 Augspurger, Roger Lee The Contribution of Certain Band Activities to Five Aims of Music Education 1966
357 Baxter, James E. Suggested Units of Instruction for Industrial Arts Electricity-Electronics 1966
358 Brightwell, Robert Meriwether Abolitionist Sentiment in Northeast Missouri 1966
359 Clawson, Barry Lee Relation of Units Taken and Marks Earned in High School and Beginning College Drafting Courses to Achievement in Advanced College Drafting Courses at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College 1966
360 Darrah, Robert L. The History of the Lemosa League: an Interscholastic Athletic Conference in Southeastern Iowa 1966
361 Daw, Harry A. A Survey of the Academic Preparation and Teaching Duties of Male Physical Educators and Varsity Athletic Coaches in Selected High Schools of Missouri 1966
362 Dillinger, Robert G. Double Concerto Grosso for Band with Two Solo Quartets 1966
363 Grayes, James H. A Survey of the Social Science Curricula of Seventeen Junior Colleges of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1966
364 Howard, Dean L. An Analysis and Comparison of Electricity as Taught in High School Science Courses With That Taught in High School Industrial Arts Courses 1966
365 Jacobs, David Hugh An Investigative Study of Physical Education Programs on the Primary and Secondary School Levels in England 1966
366 Karel, David G. A Study of Certain Aspects of the General ED Course The Arts and Man, 1964-65 1966
367 Karl, John Anthony A History of the Saint Louis Turn-Verein Societies, 1848 to 1948 1966
368 Kauzlarich, Jerold John Employment Information Concerning Draftsmen, Including Some Technical and Related Drafting Skills Data as Rated by Industry in Southeastern Iowa 1966
369 Klein, Garry Elwood The Aztec Pueblo: an Anasazi Society in Northwestern New Mexico 1966
370 Lemon, Philip Frank An Analysis of Teaching Techniques Used in Developing a Safe Environment in the Industrial Arts Classroom 1966
371 Likes, Raymond Everett A Study of Attitudes and Behavior with Suggested Applications of the Findings for Industrial Arts Classes 1966
372 Littrell, Ross E. A Study to Determine the Equipment and Facilities Necessary for Power Mechanics Instruction 1966
373 Lucas, John C. History of Osage River Power Project 1966
374 Mallette, Eugene D. A Study of the Unified Arts Program as it Exists in the Public Schools 1966
375 Mason, Ronald Eugene The Algae Populations in Selected Contaminated Areas of the Little Blue River in Jackson County, Missouri 1966
376 Miles, Michael David The "Allied Arts" Course in Missouri Public Secondary School 1966
377 Myers, Ronald Eugene The Earlham Academy: a Quaker-founded Institution in Iowa 1966
378 Willis, Richard Neil A Follow-up Study of Former Cooperative Occupational Education Students of the Excelsior Springs, Missouri High School 1966
379 Wilson, Karen S. The Effects of Ability Grouping Upon Learning Volleyball Skills 1966
380 Craig, Carol Ann The Effects of Gymnastic Apparatus Upon the Physical Fitness of Fifth and Sixth Grade Girls 1967
381 Evans, Larry C. Harry S. Truman's 1940 Senatorial Primary Campaign 1967
382 Hemesath, Greg Philip The Winnebagoes at Fort Atkinson 1967
383 Lynch, James L. Effect of Gibberellic A Acid Upon the Growth of White Mice 1967
384 Sandjari, Keyvan A Study of the Oil Nationalization and the Formation of a Consortium in Iran 1967
385 Schimmelpfennig, Jerry D. A Comparison of Weight Training and Isometric Exercises in an Athletic Power Development Program 1967
386 Shanafelt, Jeffery Lyle The Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact of 1939: a Study of the Diplomacy of the 30's 1967
387 Sireno, Peter J. An Evaluation of the Business Administration Department at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College Based on a Survey of the 1960-66 Business Administration Graduates 1967
388 Thompson, Clayton K. The Performance of Coated Abrasives Under Controlled Working Conditions 1967
389 Watkins, E. Maureen Mark Twain's Religion 1967
390 Willis, Marlene Anne A Phase of United States Constiutional Development: The U.S. Supreme Court Searches for a Definition of Obscenity 1967
391 Abbott, Duane O. A Study of Eye Protection Programs in Selected Iowa Public High Schools 1967
392 Bodishbaugh, John Edward Pollution Investigation of Fox River, Illinois; a Study of Selected Algal Populations as Indicators of Water Pollution 1967
393 Bryant, Kenneth Dean A Testing and Analysis of Synthetic Wood Finishes to Aid in Determining the Types of Finishes Desirable for Use in Today's Woodworking Laboratory 1967
394 Fenno, Cheryl Barnwell Interpretations of Allegory in Book One of the Faerie Queene 1967
395 Freels, Mervyn D. Teaching the Industrial Arts to the Educable Mentally Handicapped 1967
396 Jones, Dal Patrick Some Factors to be Considered when Initiating Mass Production in an Industrial Arts Program 1967
397 Kleffmann, Kirby L. Comparison of Achievement of Students Who Had Taken and Those Had Not Taken High School Drafting When Enrolled in Engineering Drawing at Muscatine Community College 1967
398 Lo, Albert Shiu-kau Chiang Kai-Shek's Ten-Year Struggle for Power: Difficulties and Challenges, 1926-1936 1967
399 Lo, Selina Sau-kuen China and Soviet Russia, 1920-1927: a Study in the Relations Between the Kuomintang and the Comintern 1967
400 Mitch, Bonnie Skinner The County School Unit Battle in Missouri, 1921-22 1967
401 Ratliff, Jonean An Evaluation of Music Offerings in the Public Junior Colleges of Missouri, 1966-67 1967
402 Sadler, Jon Robert The Value of Study Guides as a Supplement to the Textbook in Teaching Drafting 1967
403 Schoonover, Charlotte Rigg An Analysis of the Stark-Pendergast Relationship 1967
404 Shuman, Mary Elsie An Analysis of Various Selected Factors Affecting the Promotion of 925 Elementary School Pupils from Kindergarten Through Sixth Grade in East Chicago, Indiana 1967
405 Sitz, Herbert Emil The Rock Island, Illinois, Arsenal: Its History and Services to the Government of the United States, Especially During World War II 1967
406 Truitt, Dona White Conscience in the Writings of Mark Twain 1967
407 Winecup, Micheal B. The Tacna-Arica Plebescite of 1925-1926: Its Background, the Attempt Itself, and the Settlement of the Tacna-Arica Dispute 1967
408 Wolff, Larry D. An Investigation of the Qualifications and Status of Iowa Industrial Arts Teachers 1967
409 Kennedy, Caroline Factors Limiting the Selection of Subject Matter in Tenth Grade Composition1956-1965 1967
410 Gardner, Norma Louise Partin A Study of Certain Aspects of the Music and Art Curricula in Missouri Public Junior Colleges 1967
411 Schweitzer, Sandra S. The Curriculum and the Textbooks of English Composition in the Secondary Schools of the United States: 1900-1960 1967
412 Alt, Betty Sowers Madame Roland in History 1967
413 Ashburn, Russell Lee Electrical Reduction of Nitrate in Very Dilute Solutions 1968
414 Beckert, John Earl A Field Study of Mammal Distribution in Scotland County, Missouri 1968
415 Langan, Daniel C. Eamon de Valera and the Irish Struggle for Independence 1968
416 Mitchell, Louise G. The Effects of Various Remedial Procedures on the Reading Problems of Selected Freshmen at Parsons College 1968
417 Sheffield, Frederick Charles The Origin and Development of Lincoln Library, Springfield, Illinois 1968
418 Stratton, Paul M. Effects of Eye Safety Law on Industrial Arts Programs in Utah Public Schools 1968
419 Daniels, Stephen Emery Coal Mining in Northeast Missouri, 1850-1920 1968
420 Davenport, Jimmy W. An Annotated Compilation of Selected Resource Materials for Teaching Sociology in Secondary School 1968
421 Deiling, Aletta Ruth Music for Educable Mentally Retarded Children: Its Materials and Teaching Techniques 1968
422 Ferguson, Betty L. The Development and Operation in Adair County, Missouri, of the Federal Relief Programs Relating to Youth, 1933-1943 1968
423 Hayes, Donald J. A Descriptive Study of the Boys' Physical Education Programs in the Mississippi Valley Conference: 1967-1968 1968
424 James, Clyde H. Related Units of Instruction for College Level Metalworking Courses 1968
425 Kropf, David A. Censorship of Classroom Literature in Missouri Secondary Schools 1968
426 Milder, Charles Joseph Relationship of Job Opportunities to Vocational Education Offered in Area XV School District of Iowa 1968
427 Nichols, William Andrew An Evaluation of the Predictive Validity of the Toledo Chemistry Placement Examination at Northeast Missouri State College 1968
428 Ott, Gerald Preparation for Teaching the English Language: a Study of Eight Method Books 1968
429 Shapiro, Edward S. The Nongraded Concept: Implications for Secondary English 1968
430 Willis, Harold Wayne A Study of the Concepts and Units of Instruction Employed in the Teaching of Power Machanics 1968
431 Winkler, Phillip Blair The Role of the Church Leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Financial Development and Settlement of Nauvoo, Illinois 1968
432 Wishmeyer, Gary Ray An Analysis of Developmental Techniques Concerning the Teaching of the Snare Drum 1968
Stephens, William Mark Gardner-Denver and La Grange, Missouri: La Grange and the Economic Life of La Grange, Missouri, Through Gardner-Denver Enterprises 1905-1969 1969
433 Adams, Lee Merton Perceptions of High School Instruction in Composition Held by Freshmen at Northeast Missouri State College 1969
434 Butler, Jerry Edward A Study Concerning the Purchasing, Storing, and Issuing of Materials for Industrial Education Courses in the Secondary Schools of Illinois 1969
435 Crawford, Richard D. The Distribution and Abundance of the Mammals of Adair County, Missouri 1969
436 Cronin, David L. A Consideration of Selected Factors Involved in Securing a Balanced, Functional Social Studies Program for Central Junior High School, Newton, Iowa 1969
437 Cunningham, Joseph Milton A Study of the Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Worker Apprenticeship Training Program in the State of Missouri 1969
438 Davis, Nelma Louise Preparation for Teaching Literature: A Study of Current Methods Books 1969
439 Hamm, Donald E. An Historical Study of Subversive Organizations in Viet-Nam, 1925-1968 1969
440 Joseph, Timothy Wacht The Effects of Large Populations of Waterfowl on the Ecology of Waters of Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge, as Indicated by the Chemical and Algal Alterations 1969
441 Kushner, Linda Social and Political Criticism in the Writings of B. Belinsky, N. Dobrolyubov and D. Pisarev 1969
442 Lane, Ronald Lavern An Experimental Study Concerning the Feasibility of Using Polyethylene Glycol as a Wood Stabilizer When Using Dried Wood 1969
443 Norton, Charles William A Study of the Legal Aspects of the Mexican Expropriation of Foreign-Held Oil Lands 1917-1943 1969
444 Petre, James E. A History of Manufacturing Industries in Kirksville, Missouri, Prior to 1920 1969
445 Schnucker, Anna Mae Study to Establish an Order of Difficulty Among the Chorale Preludes of the Christmas Portion of J.S. Bach's Orgelbuchlein 1969
446 Severson, William Brazil, 1922-1930: A Study of the Eight-Year Period Prior to the 1930 Revolution 1969
447 Shanholtzer, Dale A. An Analysis of Instructional Content, Methods, Media, and Legislation Pertaining to Model Rocketry 1969
448 Simiele, Robert M. Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano 1969
449 Tuttle, Ronald H. A Comparative Study to Determine Content for a Vocational Building Trades Course 1969
450 Wheeler, Forrest James Contemporary Design Fundamentals and Methods for Project Design in an Industrial Arts Woodworking Course 1969

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