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Masters Theses, 1970-1979

Thesis Number Author Title Year
451 Adkins, Dave M. An Investigation of the Effect of Isometric Training, Weight Training, and General Exercise on Dipping, Chinning, Dipping Strength, and Chinning Strength 1970
452 Calvin, Wilmer K. Preparation for Teaching Composition: A Study of Current Methods Books 1970
453 Fowler, Terry John Romulo S. Naon, ABC Mediation and the Growth of Pan-Americanism 1970
454 Gardner, Jeanne Elizabeth  The Search for Goodness in the Fiction of John Updike 1970
455 Grandia, Robert C. An Analysis of the Course Content for the Drafting Programs of the Minnesota Area Vocational-Technical Schools 1970
456 Hodson, Nancy Lou The Relationship Between Dynamic Balance and Motor Ability 1970
457 Holman, Wendell E. The Construction and Validation of an Advanced Placement Examination of General Drafting 1970
458 Jones, John Haskell The Cardiorespiratory Response to Exercise Comparing a Pre-Selected and Matched Group of Sedentary Smokers and Non-smokers 1970
459 Lundgren, Richard W. The Middle East Crisis: An Original Simulation 1970
460 Miller, Joseph R. An Analysis and Evaluation of Instructional Units for Driver and Safety Instruction on the Secondary School Level 1970
461 Molendorp, Wilbur D. A Field Survey of the Teaching of Economics in the State of Iowa (School Year 1969-70) 1970
462 Moyer, John Irving An Experimental Comparison of Laboratory Manual Versus Study Guide Instruction of a Ninth Grade Electricity Course 1970
463 Murray, Harry E. Medi-Cath: New Design of Urethral Catheter for the Treatment of Urethritis in the Male Patient 1970
464 Pao, Jean Yih-shu Yuan Shih-K'ai's Rise to Power--1885-1916 1970
465 Ten Eyck, Paul R. A Study Concerning the Storing, Maintaining, Issuing and Inventorying of Hand Tools in the State of Illinois 1970
466 Tipton, Earl Dean Foundry Facilities, Equipment, and Safety Programs of Selected High Schools in Missouri, 1969-1970 1970
467 Weber, Jack E. A Study of Selected Performance and Pedagogical Problems Involved in Teaching the Oboe on the Secondary Level 1970
468 Wood, Kenneth A. Myxamoebic Competition and Cellular Slime Mold Populations 1970
469 Armstrong, George Peter A Survey of Recreation Facilities Reflecting Cardio-Vascular-Pulmonary Management and Prophylaxis Program Potential for Kirksville, Mo. 1970
470 Bullock, Roger Glee A History and Description of Community Colleges in the State of Iowa with an Evaluation of Music Offerings During the 1970-71 Academic Year 1970
471 Dorrell, Larry D. John Knox and Religious Toleration 1970
472 Goben, Anita B. Existentialism and Tragic Theory 1970
473 Gross, John W. The Epistolary Motivations of Herzog 1971
474 Gunier, Wilbur J. Ecological Behavior and Homing Ability of the Gray Bat (Myotis Grisescens) with a Review of Banding Techniques 1971
475 Hollenberg, Gary N. Thomas Becon's Writings on Marriage and Baptism as an Example of Anti-Papal Sentiment in the English Reformation 1971
476 Kivett, V. Keith Dermal Gland Influence on the Reproductive Behavior in the Least Shrew (Cryptotis Parva) 1971
477 Ligon, Richard A. A Study of Selected Areas Generally Considered to be Essential for the Improvement of Intonation and Tuning Within the Framework of the Secondary Band 1971
478 Mettes, Mark Adrian James Baldwin, the Man, as Reflected in his Novels 1971
479 Muskovin, Jack E. The Ethical Philosophy and the Morality in the Collected Poems of Weldon Kees 1971
480 Newland, John Edward A Study of German Policy Toward Non-Intervention During the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 1971
481 Ornes, W. Harold The Efficiency of the Kirksville Sewage Treatment Plants for the Period 1965 Through March, 1971 1971
482 Owen, Helen Ruskin College, 1900-1903 1971
483 Peavler, Dorothy K. An Evaluation of the Educational Aspects of the School Lunch Program in Selected Northeast Missouri Schools 1971
484 Roach, Ruth Marcella The Iowa Poetry Day Association and its Work in the Schools of Iowa 1971
485 Russo, Raymond J. A Study on the Effect of Varying Flour Particle Size on the Rate of Egg Cannibalism in Tribolium Castaneum 1971
486 Shrout, Mildred Ray A History of Culver-Stockton College, 1937-1956 1971
487 Siglin, David L. The Evaluation of Organic Pollution at Spring Lake, Missouri, During Fall and Winter 1971
488 Sitthinuntana, Payau The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Anuran Metamorphosis 1971
489 Smith, Charles Edward The Underground Railroad in Iowa 1971
490 Watt, Finis Leon Electrophoretic Serum Protein Patterns of the Genus Peromyscuc from Selected Areas of the Swan Lake Zone 1971
491 Andrews, William R. Communist Activities in the South Vietnamese Village, 1960-64 1971
492 Cottey, Patricia Ann "A Path that Wanted Walkin": A Study of the Walking Motif in the Poetry of Robert Frost 1972
493 Cox, Theodore L. Levels of Mercury in Fish from Adair County 1972
494 Domian, Donna Vignovich Elizabeth I on Progress: The 1575 Kenilworth Entertainment 1972
495 Drish, Ruth Representative Views of the Nature, Place, and Function of the Woman in Tudor England 1972
496 Hockett, Vernon J. The Role of the Clarinet Choir as a Performance Ensemble with Emphasis on its Literature and History 1972
497 Huddleston, Joe Davis Colonial Riflemen in the American Revolution 1972
498 Lewis, Serece Thermographic Detection of Breast Cancer 1972
499 Lu, Gabriel Po-Jen Effects of Gonadectomy on Pituitary Histology and Histochemistry in the Least Shrew (Cryptotis Parva) 1972
500 Luker, Robert M. The Summer Birds of Scovee-Elsea Marsh Area 1972
501 McKiddy, Gary Edward English Intervention in the Scottish Civil War, 1559-1560: An Intervention Paradigm 1972
502 Morton, Zelda Goodson Hemingway's Images of Woman: A Personal and Universal View 1972
503 Porter, Ruth Ann Individualized Reading: Stimulus for Reluctant Readers 1972
504 Thomas, Robert L. A Study of the John Birch Society 1972
505 Vitacco, Alfred George A Study of the Lifetime Sports Taught in the Colleges and Public Schools of Missouri 1972
506 Anderson, Mary Jean A Study of Some Philosophical Beliefs in the Area of Physical Education Held by the Elementary School Teachers of the Moberly Public School System of Moberly, Missouri 1973
507 Bounds, Gary Lee The Radical Republican Constitution of Missouri 1973
508 Chornock, Thomas Orestes The Origins and Early Development of the Chinese Communist Party, 1918-1924 1973
509 Cottingham, Gerald Eugene Survey of Northeast Missouri State University Baccalaureate Graduates in Music Education, 1960-1972 1973
510 Earle, James A. An Investigation of the Effect of Motor Skills on Reading Levels of First Through Third Grade Students 1973
511 Edwards, Douglas N. Estrogenic Effects of O, P1-DDT on the Reproductive Tract of the Female Prairie Vole, Microtus Ochrogaster 1973
512 Finley, John D. A Comparison of the Concepts of Jean Calvin and Henry Ainsworth of the Church 1973
513 Hafner, James T. A History of the Mason City, Iowa, Public High School Concert Band (1931-1971) 1973
514 Hartz, Raymond Weston Oxygen Consumption of the Least Shrew, Cryptosis Parva, in Captivity 1973
515 Hopp, Susan Lynn A Study of Geography Courses and Teaching Methods Utilized in Selected Secondary Schools of Iowa 1973
516 Hunt, Charles C. Purchasing Government Surplus Equipment for Industrial Education 1973
517 Mitchell, Jean B. The Morphological Characters and Electrophoretic Blood Serum Protein Patterns of Peromyscus in Adair County, Missouri 1973
518 Moore, William Alva An Evaluation of the Pollutants Found in the Streams Leading to the St. John's River of Seminole County, Florida 1973
519 Pulis, Delores Jean Methods of Teaching Spelling in Junior High School 1973
520 Reed, Thomas Schrock Six-Six Musical Theory, an Investigation of the Theoretical Suitability of the Double Whole-Tone Scale Series as a Basis for Pitch Calculation 1973
521 Riewerts, Sally Jo A Study of the Operetta as a Teaching Device in the Junior High School Music Program, with Special Attention to the Adaptation of The Mikado, by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan 1973
522 Andrews, Susan Gayle Sadler on the North Border 1973
523 Appeltauer, Gustavo S.  Protein Electrophoretic Patterns of the Rabbit Soleus and Gastrocnemius Muscles and Their Changes After Denervation 1974
524 Bolton, Judith Crawford Peter Martyr Vermigli's Sacramental Doctrine and Its Influence Upon Thomas Cranmer 1974
525 Bruns, Kathleen O. An Investigation of the Thinking Behavior of Selected Humanities Teachers and Their Students 1974
526 Capps, Freedom Kline The Immigrants and the Novinger Community, 1900-1920 1974
527 Cornick, Craig Marvin A Study of the Effectiveness of Programmed Language Therapy on the Articulation Errors of Grade School Children 1974
528 Courtney, David Wayne The Self-Examination: A Learning Methodology 1974
529 Davis, Nadinia A.   Dissemination and Utilization of Knowledge: Its Application to Elementary Music Classroom 1974
530 Green, Lawrence A.  "Tantara": an Original Composition for Concert Band 1974
531 Harris, Debra Ann A Study of the Clinical Supervisory Conference in Speech Pathology and Audiology Through the Use of Two Analysis Systems 1974
532 Hayes, Lisa Kay The Use of the Referendum to Defeat the Legislative Program of Governor Arthur M. Hyde, 1921-22 1974
533 Hayton, Richard Lee History of the Treatment of Alcoholism in Missouri 1974
534 Hill, James Walter The Use of Microorganisms in the Secondary School Biology Classroom 1974
535 King, Robert Douglas  Guatemala Guerrilla Warfare: 1954 to 1974 1974
536 Larson, Wendy Lee Barrows  A Survey of the Humanities Courses in Selected Colorado Public High Schools- 1974 1974
537 Lindeen, Herman Floyd The Influence of Robert Barnes on the English Reformation on the Issue of Clerical Marriage 1974
538 Lu, Cheng-Hong  The Art and Unity of Winesburg, Ohio 1974
539 Maurer, Harry E. The Life and Preaching of Frederick W. Robertson of Brighton 1974
540 Pollard, Catherine Kim A Comparative Study of Personages Mentioned in World History Textbooks 1974
541 Price, Camille A. Composition Evaluation Practices in Selected Iowa High Schools 1974
542 Selser, Robert L.  A Survey of Practitioners' Attitudes and and opinions Regarding Specific Behavioral Objectives and General Instructional Goals for Elementary Music Education in the State of Missouri During the Academic Year 1973-74 1974
543 Warren, John Rodger Alkaline Phosphatase Activity Levels in the Aging Drosophila Melanogaster Adult 1974
544 Windels, Theodore Roger A Cursory History of Swearing 1974
545 Bontz, Laura Denise Some Solutions to the Problem of Teaching Middle School General Music, Including a Synthesis of Modern Teaching Methods 1975
546 Demorest, Mary Lou A Chemotaxonomic Survey of Some Common Molds Using Thin-Layer Chromatography 1975
547 Hensley, Marcia M. A Comparative Study of the Stated Goals and Grading Procedures of Selected Junior High Art Instructors: the Perception of Those Goals and Procedures by the Students of Those Teachers and the Implications of Each in Relation to Current Art Education Theories 1975
548 Horton, Theodora Ann Evaluating English Electives in Selected Missouri High Schools 1975
549 Johns, Richard Byrne A Study to Determine the Number, Academic Preparation, and Career Aspiration of Coaches and Non-Coaches who Teach Social Studies in Northeast Missouri 1975
550 Mathes, Richard Perry English Puritan Attitudes Toward Child-Rearing, 1560-1634 1975
551 Murray, Michael James The Evolution of a City Boss: Ed Butler of St. Louis 1975
552 Ryan, James T.  An Analysis of Aesthetic Education and Humanities Programs in Illinois Secondary School 1975
553 Shulse, Michael D. The History and Development of the Clarence Cannon Dam and Reservoir, 1957-1968 1975
554 Steele, McCord A Historical Study of Henry Ford's Contribution to Brazil and Tropical Latin America in the Development of Cultivated Rubber 1975
555 Thompson, Jane Novinger Factor Contributing to Communication Problems of Junior High Students 1975
556 Watkins, Jane Aileen A Study of the Effects of a Selected Teaching Unit in the Humanities on Students' Self-Esteem 1975 1975
557 Wiley, Ronald Hugh Some Effects of Photoperiod and Temperature on the Cyclomorphic Response of Daphnia Pulex Leydig 1975
558 Crawford, Randall W. Ecological Relationships and Diversity of Fishes in a Small Natural Oxbow 1976
559 Lin, Sen-Ming  Effects of DDT on Selected Enzymes of the Digestive Tract of the Prairie Vole, Microtus Ochrogaster 1976
560 Rector, David Richard The Development of Funding Formulas for Missouri Higher Education: A Public Policy Analysis 1976
561 Worley, LaVon Leo Selected Poems 1976
562 Burk, Mary Faurot  The Effects of 3'-5' Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate and 3'-5' Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate on Enzyme Activities of Selected Tissues of the Rat 1976
563 Canon, Sister Gracia  A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Types of In-Service Training in Music Education for the General Classroom Teacher 1976
564 Koumas, Peter C. Effects of Exogenous Cyclic 3'-5' Adenosine Phosphate on Total Body Weight, Organ Weight Change and Uptake of 1-14C Glycine by Selected Rat Tissues 1976
565 Lilley, Stephen Ray The Early Career of Clarence Cannon, 1879-1924 1976
566 Maxa, Edward L. Effect of Exogenous Cyclic 3'-5' Guanosine Monophosphate on Body and Organ Weight, and 1-14C Glycine Uptake on the Rat 1976
567 Mooney, Joseph Wrigley United States Intervention in Guatemala, 1954 1976
568 Morita, Hideyuki Preliminary Planning in the State Department Relative to American-Japanese Relations Once World War II Ended, 1939-1943 1976
569 Reynolds, Leslie Kay Court Dress at the Time of Elizabeth I 1976
570 Reynolds, Sister M. Charles Allen A Systematic Change Strategy for Initiating Aesthetic Education Programs in Elementary Schools 1976
571 Shumaker, Thomas Jerome The Comparison of Cranial and External Measurements of Sorex Longirostris to Sorex Vagrans and Sorex Cinereus 1976
572 Silver, James O. Analysis of the Change in Basic Proteins of Dormant and Non-Dormant Seeds of Polygonum Pennsylvanicum by Gel Electrophoresis 1976
573 Sipes, Dennis Alan Synaesthetic Education 1976
574 Stichling, Nancy R. The Current Status of Girls' Interscholastic Athletic Programs in Large Missouri High Schools 1976
575 Stover, Vernon  Come 'Round Right: the Philosophy, Arts, and Crafts in the Shaker Tradition 1976
576 Stuchel, Victoria S. The Child in Nineteenth Century Literature as Seen by Four Representative Authors: William Wordsworth, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and Henry James 1976
577 Tabb, Claire Richard A Research Project to Determine the Commonly Used Teaching Strategies of High School Social Studies Teachers in Northeast Missouri 1976
578 Amos, John Christopher Comparative Study of Inheritance and Post-Natal Development of Albino and Wild-Type Prairie Voles (Microtus Ochrogaster) in the Laboratory 1976
579 Heneghan, Donald A.  A Concordance to the Poems and Fragments of Wilfred Owen (in two volumes) 1976
580 Walker, Dean L.  Limnology of Abandoned Strip Mined Areas in Southeast Kansas 1976
581 Wood, William S. Che Guevara's Bolivian Guerrilla Movement: Failure of an Exported Revolution 1976
Finke, Barbara J. Television Advertising of Vitamin Supplements Viewed by Children, Ages One Through Eight, 1964-1974 1977
582 Campbell, Dennis The People's National Party: Its Rise to Power in Independent Jamaica 1977
583 Forquer, Nancy E. The Teaching and Reinforcement of Various Fundamental Techniques and Concepts Within the Framework of the Elementary Music Classroom 1977
584 Frost, Lawrence P.  Effects of Weight Training, Flexibility Training, and Combined Weight Training-Flexibility Training on Strength, Speed, and Agility 1977
585 James, Steven W. The Status of Vocational-Industrial Drafting Programs in the State of Missouri During the 1975-76 School Year 1977
586 Onik, Jan F. The Effect of Increasing Conditioned Stimulus Intensity on Classical Conditioning of the Cat Nictating Membrane 1977
587 Behan, Jane Sharon The Influence of Home-School Cooperation on the Aesthetic Development of Pre-School Children, Ages Three to Five 1977
588 Branscom, Dixie Lee Energy Cost and Oxygen Requirement of Running in Trained and Untrained Males and Females 1977
589 Chasteen, Barbara  Ella K. Ewing, Missouri Giantess: 1872-1913 1977
590 Clark, Ann C.  Related Arts Degree Programs: Academic Preparation for Generalist Occupations in the Arts 1977
591 Cleaver, Kathy H.  Vernacular Instrumental Music as a Vehicle for Informal Music Education in the United States (1800-1865) 1977
592 Crain, Michael L. The Relationship of Brachial Pulse Wave Components and Predicted VO2 Max to Running Performance 1977
593 Etheridge, Gil Lynn The Prediction of Maximal Oxygen Intake of Healthy Untrained College Females 1977
594 Glass, Charles William The Influence of an Outdoor Recreation Course on Attitudes Toward Outdoor-Related Activities 1977
595 Harris, Dana Douglas The Organizational and Unit History of the 399th Army Band 1977
596 Hazlewood, Mark Philip A Survey of Northeast Missouri State University Master of Arts Graduates in Music Education, 1965-1976 1977
597 Holman, Fred B.  Thomas Cromwell and Anne of Cleves 1977
598 Holmes, Jane Ann The Relationship of Somatotype and Body Composition to Swimming Strokes and Distances 1977
599 Polak, Mary Jo A Multi-Media Presentation Designed to Increase Students' Cognitive and Affective Learning of Christian Symbols 1977
600 Schneider, Robert Edward The Political Culture of Kirksville, Missouri: A Case Study 1977
601 Yamoah, Mills A. Music Education in the Elementary Schools of Ghana 1977
602 Avorgbedor, Dan Kodzo The Musical Values of the Indigenous Ghanaian Sound Instruments in Worship Within the Framework of Contemporary Ghanaian Society 1978
603 Castro, Eivi Maria Short Stories of Fabian Dobles: A Translation 1978
604 Darrah, Richard E. The Relationship of Biorhythms to Grip Strength 1978
605 Gruennert, Verla Driggers The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born: a Critical Study 1978
606 Hummel, Paul J. The Summer Feeding Habits of Notropis Lutrensis in the Salt River, Adair County, Missouri 1978
607 Newhouse, Donna Marie The Jesuits in Elizabethan England: Politics Over Religion 1978
608 DeClue, Gary L. Teaching Musicianship Within the Framework of the Secondary School Chorus 1978
609 Turnball, David M. Comparison of Religiosity of Athletes and Non-Athletes 1978
610 Griffith, Tresia L. Effect of Two Forms of Isokinetic Leg Strength Training on Vertical Jump in College Women 1978
611 Poff, Douglas W. Effects of Exogenous Cyclic 3', 5', Guanosine Monophosphate on the Uptake of 1-14C Alanine and 1-14C Valine in the Gastrocnemus Muscle of Rats 1978
612 Rosenbloom, Joel D. Acetylcholinesterase and Monoamine Osidase Activity in Various Brain Regions of Selected Genetic Variants of the Prairie Vole, Microtus Ochrogaster 1978
613 Montgomery, Zonda Miller An Experiment in Building Self-Concept in Adolescents Through an Affective Approach to the Related Arts in Music Education 1978
614 Nesbitt, Richard A. The Effects of Exogenous Cyclic Guanosine 3', 5', Monophosphate on the Electrophoretic Patterns of Proteins from Selected Rat Tissues 1978
615 Farwell, Richard R. The Influence of Task Specificity on the Relationship Between Predicted Maximal Oxygen Intake and Running Performance 1978
616 Oswalt, Jill Mays The Contribution of Type of Articulation Error to Speech Sound Discrimination Ability 1979
617 Andrews, Gregory Alan The Decisive Role of the United States in Suppressing the De La Huerta Rebellion in Mexico, 1923-1924 1979
618 Simmons, Lowell G. Thomas Cartwright's View of Holy Scripture 1979
619 Sponaugle, Gail A. Kohlenberg The Congressional Career of Joshua W. Alexander 1979
620 Young, Gary M. Sr. The Humanities Factor: The Effect of Courses in the Related Arts/Humanities on the Cultural Attitudes of Law Enforcement Officers in the Metropolitan St. Louis Area 1979
621 Vitalis, Richard Duane Antibody-Mediated Phagocytosis of Enterobacteriaceae 1979
622 Bonnell, Cathy Ann Speech Discrimination in Aphasic Adults: A Distinctive Feature Approach 1979
623 English, Susan Elizabeth Effect of Hatha Yoga Postures on Shoulder, Hip, Trunk, and Ankle Flexibility 1979
624 Gass, Joseph M. The Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Selected Streams in Northeast Missouri, Their Biology, and Relation to Water Quality 1979
625 Haake, Joseph William Density and Growth of Larval Grizzard Shad, Dorosoma Cepadianum, in Thomas Hill Reservoir, Randolph County, MO 1979
626 Halley, Randall Earl A Study to Evaluate the Influence of Experimentally Induced Diabetes Mellitus and Insulin Replacement Therapy on Liver Regeneration in Rats 1979
627 Hampton, Bobbie Kay The Relationship Between Bilateral, Unilateral, and Contrilateral Hand and Foot Reaction and Movement Times of Male and Female Athletes and Non-Athletes 1979
628 Harris, Barbara S. The Effects of Relaxation Training on the Stress Levels of Female Athletes 1979
629 Lin, Shean-Huei A Study of Correlation Between Climatic Factors and Sugar Cane Production for Predicting Sugar Cane Production in Pingtung Area, Taiwan 1979
630 McMurry, Enfys James Abbott McNeill Whistler: His Influence on Western Art 1979
631 Mertz, John Albert Neighbor-Stranger Discrimination in the White-Breasted Nuthatch (Sitta Carolinensis) 1979
632 Peterson, J. Toni The Prediction of Basketball Performance Using Psychomotor, Cognitive, and Anthropometric Measures 1979
633 Swenson, Donna E. An Investigation of the Effect of the Use of Specific Community Resources Upon an Architecture Unit at the High School Level 1979
634 Vallier, William Lee Learner Helplessness vs. Learned Inactivity: Random Duration of Inescapable Shock Pre-Treatment and Escape/Avoidance Learning 1979
635 Van Meter, Joy Beth A Chemotaxonomic Survey of Aspergillus Using High Pressure Liquid Chromatography 1979
636 Ward, T. Jean Indians of Northeast Missouri: An Examination of the History, Religion, and Selected Arts of the Sauk and Fox Tribes 1979
637 Billings, Judy Samuel Clemens' Development into Mark Twain 1979
638 Gwinn, Margaret Merri-Martin Lester Dent: The Man, His Craft, and His Market 1979
639 Chu, Chi-Hsien Sino-Soviet Conflict in Turkistan 1979
654 Passmore, Gregory Gene Design and Application of a Creel Survey to Determine the Harvest of Fish in Thomas Hill Reservoir, Macon and Randolph Counties, MO 1979

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