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Masters Theses, 1980-1989

Thesis Number Author Title Year
640 Conboy, Jeri A. Eva Peron 1980
641 Boyd, Russell S. Effects of Exogenous Cyclic 3', 5' -Guanosime Monophosphate on the Uptake of 1-14C Glutamic Acid and 1-14C Aspartic Acid in Brain Regions of Rats 1980
642 Cavallero, Joseph Jr. Reflections on a Little  War: The Vietnam Conflict as Portrayed in Selected Examples of Art, Literature, Film, and Popular Music 1980
643 McKenna, Scott M. The Effects of Exogenous Cyclic 3', 5' Guanosine Monophosphate on the Uptake of 1-14C Glutamic Acid and 1-14C Aspartic Acid in the Gastro-Chemius Muscle of Rats 1980
644 Mason, Richard Ray Estrogenic Effects of O,P1 - DDT on Progesterone Receptors in Rat Uteri 1980
645 Shackett, Phyllis Jean Brass Button Belle: or  The Life of Cynthia J. Carpon, Frontier Military Wife 1980
646 Ballenger, William Lee Earth Tones (Musical Score) (oversized: both copies in map case) 1980
647 Beiter, Fred William Prediction of Football Playing Ability 1980
648 Eastman, Bruce C. Hearing a Word 1980
649 Fisher, Sue Gray Incidence of Secondary Amenorrhea in Athletes and Non-Athletes 1980
650 Jackson, Jeanne M. The Relationship Between Physical Fitness Levels and Self Concept in College Males and Females 1980
651 Lee, Brian Richard The Effects of Sentence Combining Practice on the Growth of Syntactic Maturity Among College Freshmen 1980
652 Leptak, Jeffrey The Contemporary Theatre of Mixed Means: A Return to Our Artistic Origins 1980
653 Mueller, Cynthia Louise Learned Helplessness and Locus of Control: An Experimental Synthesis Utilizing a Set of Converging Operations 1980
655 Schultz, Robert George Postal Service in Territorial Missouri 1804-1821 1980
656 Sittman, Lucinda Eileen Physical Fitness Norms for Northeast Missouri State University Students 1980
657 Smith, Randall Evan A Study to Determine the Attitudes of Parents and Students in the Macon R-1 School Toward Education in Relation to the Nationwide Gallup Polls 1980
658 Tate, S.S.J., Sister Mary M. An Affective Approach to the Teaching of the Medieval Life and Arts to Selected Junior High School Students 1980
659 Williams, Thomas J. A Comparison of Progressive Sensory Awareness, and Self Relaxation Procedures in the Reduction of Somatic vs. Cognitive Indices of Tension/Anxiety 1980
660 Wilson, Doris Jean Mary Cassatt and Charles Griffes: American Impressionists in an Era of Change 1980
661 Wyatt, Robert Gene An Analysis of Human Nature as Developed by Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain 1980
662 Mangun, Rick R. A Study of the Effects of Thinking Skill Development in Junior High Students 1980
663 Miao, Sha The Effect of Lipid by Quality and Quantity in Artificial Diets on the Growth of Tilapia Mossambica in Aquarium Culture 1980
664 Sano, Morio Biblical Allusions and the Structure of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 1980
665 White, Donald R. The Effect of pH on the Uptake of a Dinitroaniline Herbicide by Dromant Seeds of Polygonum Pensylvanicum and Selected Setaria Species 1981
666 Ayer, Ronald F. Learning Voluntary Decrease Control of Blood Pressure Through Biofeedback of Transit Time 1981
667 Hall, Nancy Jane The Effect of Speech Improvement on Reducing Articulation Errors 1981
668 Harrington, Kathleen Ann The Harrington Articulation Test: a Study of the Effectiveness of Object Stimuli on Pre-School, Learning Disabled and Educable Mentally Handicapped Children 1981
669 Hathaway, Thomas A. EMG Assessment of Chronic Low Back Syndrome 1981
670 Kallansrud, Gary Duane Thorns of the Honey Locust (Gleditsia Triacanthos Triacanthos) as a Deterrent to Browsing by Mammalian Herbivores 1981
671 Blumhagen, Anne The Contribution of Distinctive Features to Short-Term Memory of Adult Aphasics 1981
672 Elnashar, Adel Mahamed A Study of Aahper Youth Fitness Test Results for Egyptian Males and Females 1981
673 Grulke, Darlyn Kay The Effect of Teacher Opinion on the Assessment of Articulation Disordered Children's Reading Ability 1981
674 Hoog, Deborah Sue A Survey of Office Machines and Job Tasks Performed on Office Machines 1981
675 Hummel, Diana M. A Survey of the Allied Arts and Humanities Courses in Missouri Public Secondary Schools, 1980-1981 1981
676 Kirchner, Jon W. The Relationship of State-Trait Anxiety Levels and Basketball Free-Throw Shooting Proficiency Among Selected High School Male Basketball Players 1981
677 Krug, Karen Schuller The Contribution of Distinctive Features to the Intelligibility of Children's Speech 1981
678 McWilliams, Mary Clare Doubletalk in Doubletime: a Critical Study of Shakespeare's MacBeth 1981
679 Miller, Merrie Isabelle Self Perception Mediation of the Foot-in-the-Door Effect of Helping Behavior 1981
680 Schwamb, Nancy Jean Electromyographic Comparison of an Isokinetic Leg Extension Performed at Four Predetermined Velocities 1981
681 Tucker, Cheryl J. Relationship of the Self-Concept and Selected Physical Fitness Variables of Adolescent Females 1981
682 Wallace, Kathey The Relationship of Personality and Motivation Factors to Free Throw Performance 1981
683 Wiseman, Steven Contemporary American Piano Music for the Beginning Student: a Study of Selected Composers and Materials 1981
684 Young, Juanita L. Dees The Pastor's Music Manual for the Small Church 1981
685 Miles, Robert R. The Effect of Dietary Lipids on Rat Adipose Tissue Lipids and the Activities of Lipoprotein Lipase and Hormone Sensitive Lipase 1981
686 Jafar, Sajida Sadik The Effect of Water-Stress on Oxidation of Proline by Mitochondria Isolated from Etiolated Soybean Hypocotyls 1981
687 Ramirez, Maria Elena Mainstreaming of the Educable Mentally Retarded in the United States with Implications for Special Education in Costa Rica 1982
688 Bakir, Hussain M. Observation on Summer Feeding of Juvenile Gizzard Shad Dorosoma Cepedianum in Thomas Hill Reservoir 1982
689 Dwyer, Cynthia Lee A Study of Normal and Learning Disabled Children's Bidirectional Sequencing Ability 1982
690 Miller, David Forrest A Hotline as it is Perceived by the Community it Serves 1982
691 Beckenholdt, Sherry Ellen The Relationship Among Selected Tests of Anaerobic Power in College Male Athletes 1982
692 Calvetti, Battista Massucco The Relationship of Anthropometric and Motor Performance Variables to Game Performance in High School Female Volleyball Players 1982
693 Ellerbusch, Riley D. Three Plays 1982
694 Greiner, Julie Kay The Influence of Clinical Management on the Occurrence of Disfluencies in Language-Delayed Preschool Populations 1982
695 Hamilton, Donald W. A Survey of Musical Theater in Northeast Missouri High Schools 1982
696 Haskins, Mary Frances The Effects of Habitat Manipulation on Ground Inhabiting Spiders (Araneae) in an Old Field Ecosystem 1982
697 Hunt, Larry Lando A Missouri Newspaper Views Progressivism: the Unterrified Democrat and Missouri Reform 1904-1908 1982
698 Liou, Hwong Chang "To Suffer With Him": a Study of Imagery in Shakespeare's Othello 1982
699 McQuaid, Sally Wyndham Macadoo The End Crowns the Work: the Ideal King's Appearance in Shakespeare's History Plays 1982
700 Nakamura, Minoru Irony in Fielding's Novels 1982
701 Permthamsin, Jitrakorn The Effects of O,P1-DDT on the Development, Growth, and Estrogen-Dependent Progesterone Receptor of DMBA-Induced Rat Mammary Tumors 1982
702 Templeton, Mary Ann Leaving the Wardrobe Open A Study of the Dialectical C.S. Lewis 1982
703 Toien, Per The Effects of Dehydration and/or Fatigue on the Free Throw Shooting Accuracy of Varsity College Basketball Players 1982
704 Yocum, Russell Stewart Characterization of the Accumulation of L-Alanine and L-Lysine by Gut Segments of the Pacific Hagfish, Eptatretus Stoutii 1982
705 Brown, Linda Klott The Jewish Quarter: Warsaw During the Nazi Occupation 1982
706 Ricker, Brian Keith Roosevelt and the Development of the American Plan for Postwar Germany 1982
707 Skjeveland, Jorgen E. Reproduction of Landlocked Bluebacked Herring, Alosa Aestivalis (Mitchell) in Jocassee Reservoir, South Carolina 1982
708 Marx, Robert Joseph Friend Murine Leukemia Virus-Lymphocyte Interactions 1983
709 Bante, Julia Anne The Effects of Training on Learning Disabled Children's Performance on Verbal Analogy Problems 1983
710 Harvey, Jo Beth The Availability of Emergency Medical Care During Athletic Participation 1983
711 Hollon, Cora Van Wyk The Relationship of Non-Performance Criterion to Championship Teams 1983
712 Keller, J. Allene Gordon In-Service Teacher Training in Related Arts: A Design for Rural Elementary Schools of Alaska 1983
713 Kizer, Neil Lavern Characterization of Transmural Potential Difference and Short Circuit Current in Isolated Gut of Pacific Hagfish, Eptatretus Stoutii 1983
714 Mrotek, Mark Stephen The Teaching of the Humanities as an Integral Part of Moral Education 1983
715 Mullins, James H. The Influences of Three Groups on John Wesley 1983
716 Polson, Janet F. The Oder-Neisse Line Question of Poland's Western Frontier After World War II 1983
717 Potchen, Mary Helen The Arts of the Golden Age of Ireland: Problems of Creating a Teaching Unit for High School Students 1983
718 Rankin, Bradley Allen (unbound) The Relationship Between Isokinetic Leg Power and Sprint Speed in Male Power Athletes 1983
719 Redeker, Katherine Ceremony of Innocence 1983
720 White, Jeffrey Prediction of Body Composition in College Football Players 1983
721 Smits, Pamela Lee A Rationale for the Use of Humanities Courses in the Public Schools 1983
722 Welton, Thomas David The Effect of Kaempferol on Respiration of Mitochondria Isolated from Maize Shoots 1984
723 Cox, Melody Ann The Effect of Different Types of Music on Physical Performance 1984
724 Stewart, Edward O. A Comparison of Two Media of Communication and Their Effect on Students' Attitudes Toward Modern Art 1983
725 Arabas. Charles The Relationship of Heart Rate Relative to Performance as a Criterion Measure of Lactic Acid and the Anaerobic Threshold in College Female Swimmers 1984
726 Brown, Michael E. The Effect of Plyometric Training on the Vertical Jump of High School Boys' Basketball Players 1984
727 Hegarty, Paula Sue Effect of Biofeedback Training Upon Functional Ankle Movement in a Prone Flutter Kick 1984
728 McCarty, William Wayne A Comparison of Two Forms of Isotonic Weight Training Protocols on the Girth and Strength of the Chest, Upper Arms, and Legs 1984
729 McKinney, Richard J. The Singer in the Prison for Mixed Chorus, Children's Choir, and Soprano Solo, with Piano Accompaniment 1984
730 Mikel, Randy A. The Relationship of Specific Variables to Successful Baseball Batting in Selected Varsity College Baseball Players 1984
731 Nims, Jack The Wind as Messenger 1984
732 Powell, Peggy A. Relationship of Anthropometric Dimensions of the Leg and Muscular Strength at the Knee 1984
733 Ramsey, Shari A Crazy Quilt 1984
734 Shake, Caron Lee Louise The Relationship of Selected Variables to Psychomotor and Cognitive Performance of Certified Scuba Divers 1983
735 Shultz, John Edward A Survey of the Metals Curriculum of the Public Schools of Missouri 1984
736 Wheeler, Christine Elaine Fett Isokinetic Leg Strength Characteristics Among Male Athletes and Non-Athletes 1984
737 Whitmore, Leland G. Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Teaching Methods for Tumbling Skill Acquisition and Attitude Change at the Elementary School Age 1984
738 Pieper, Suzanne L. CAI and the College Writer: The Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on the Grammatical Competency of Freshman Students 1984
739 Grossman, Steven L. Comparison of Electromyographic Activity in Three Separate Frontales Placements During Various Conditions of a Stress Profile 1985
740 Harness, Connie J. The Ottumwa Public Library: Its History From 1872 to 1984 1984
741 Marey, Sohail The Relationship of Selected Personal, Anthropometric, and Motor Performance Variables to Game Performance in College Female Volleyball Players 1985
742 Megna, Bridget E. Situational Variables in Helping Behavior 1985
743 Kerr, Teresa Wood Robert Browning's Love Poems: Success in Love Shown Through its Failure 1985
744 Kaler, Ellen Redding Guinevere: A Monodrama 1985
745 Dinsmore, Cassandra E. The Effects of Length and Complexity of Utterances on the Auditory-Verbal Comprehension of Adult Aphasic Patients 1985
746 Hauck, Ethan C. Strength, Body Composition, and Performance on Selected High School Wrestlers 1985
747 Steinmann, J.F. The Vice Presidency 1985
748 Thomas, Lynn M. The Effects of Wild, Vestigial, Apterous Genotype Drosophila Melanogaster on Reproductive Capacity, Generation Time, and Survivorship 1985
749 Utterback, William W. A Study of Five Religious Christmas Carols from The Oxford Book of Carols [With Cassette] 1985
750 Weigand, Thomas R. A Study to Investigate the Fluctuation of Proline in Soybeans Under Field Conditions 1985
751 Williams, Cheryl Ann Speech Discrimination in Fetal Infants (38-40 Weeks Gestation) 1985
752 Keahey, Jesse Truman The Simultaneous Presence of Optimism and Pessimism in the Twentieth Century, Their Cause and Challenge (2 Volumes) 1985
753 Stoner, Catharine Clark The Industrial Revolution and Its Influence on Selected English Writers and Artists, 1770-1870 1985
754 Frank, Samuel The Boundary Conflict Between Ecuador and Peru, 1830-1942 1985
755 Riseley, James Emory Von Clausewitz and Communist Military Thought 1986
756 Atwater, Allison Space in John Updike's Rabbit Trilogy: A Search for Balance 1986
757 Bierwas, Frances E. Effect of the Angle of Measurement on Isokinetic Imbalance Rations at the Knee 1986
758 Brooks, Mark A. The Relationship of Selected Variables to Successful Basketball Performance in High School Boys Varsity Basketball Players 1986
759 Fox, Barbara Jean Cinematographic Analysis of the Point of Release in the Basketball Jump Shot 1986
760 Johnson, Janette Shells of Promise 1986
761 Knapp, Vicki The Relationship of Attentional Style and Anxiety Levels to Team Success in Selected Female High School Varsity Basketball Teams 1986
762 Lancaster, Teri M. The Performance of Students Transferring From Indian Hills Community College to NMSU 1986
763 Mitchell, Deena Carol Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennet 1986
764 Netolicky, Janice F. Leaves That Are Green 1986
765 Numbenchaphon, Saipin Yeats and Nirvana: A Study of Selected Yeats Poems 1986
766 Nunn, Karen D. Muscle Strength Imbalances at the Knee From Three Measurement Techniques 1986
767 Olson, Diane Louise Seeds of Becoming: Growing Into Manhood on the Kansas Plains 1986
768 Schulte, Ray China Poems 1986
769 Schwegler, Timothy Mark Accuracy of Selected Anthropometric Prediction Equations to Estimate Body Composition in Male high School Cross-Country Runners 1986
770 Thurmon, Gregory Lynn Guide to Marine Fishes of the Northern Gulf of Mexico and Adjacent Waters 1986
771 White, Robert Scott The Role of Zinc in Liver Regeneration in Rats 1986
772 Chou, Tungshan A Study of Students' Background Characteristics and Their Related Perceptions of Higher Education 1986
773 DePaula, Paulo Theatre in Exile: The Cuban Theatre in Miami 1987
774 Patton, Sharon The Effects of Communicator Affiliation, Gender, and Clothing on Perceived Communicator Credibility 1987
775 Severns, Patricia The History of the Princess Theatre 1987
776 Bidgood, Faith E. Humor as a Facilitator in Aphasia Therapy 1987
777 Blaine, Myrna B. The Relationship of Selected Physical Fitness Parameters to Tendencies Toward Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia 1987
778 Crooks, John Richard Respiratory Studies of Brain and Liver Mitochondria Isolated From Rats and Shrews 1987
779 Fallstrom, Constance A. Reliability and Validity of the Biodex 1987
780 Furney, Lynda Alice Comparison of Physical Fitness Scores for Northeast Missouri State University Students During the Years 1976-1985 1987
781 Hanks, Joseph David The Ability of Catch-up Growth to Predict Later Cognitive and Language Performance in High Risk Infants 1987
782 Huskey, Teresa Effect of Approach Velocity Ascent Method on Anaerobic Power Output in the Margaria-Kalamen Test and a Modified Margaria-Kalamen Test 1987
783 Klopp, John Introduction and Allegro 1987
784 McCormick, Thomas Paul A Comparison of Isotonic and Hydraulic Resistance Training on Strength, Speed, and Power 1987
785 Page, Naomi Jean The History of the Milan United Methodist Church 1987
786 Searce, Michael A Walk Abroad 1987
787 Thissen-Milder, Mary Margaret Selection and Classification of High School Volleyball Players from Performance Tests 1987
788 Veatch, Sharon Characterization of the Accumulation of L-Methionine By Gut Segments of the Pacific Hagfish, Eptatretus Stoutii 1987
789 Weber, Mark Duane The Effects of Temperature Increase on the Metabolism of L-Proline and Other Substrates of Mitochondria Isolated From Etiolated Maize 1987
790 Wueschner, Silvano Alfons The Movement for Workmen's Compensation Legislation in Iowa, 1911-1913 1987
791 Zond, Alan Gray Effect of Nicotinic and Pantothenic Acids on Cyclic 3'-5' -Guanosine Monophosphate Levels in Rat Aortae 1987
792 Anderson, Paula I. Classifying Outpatient Male and Female Alcoholics According to Conley's Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Scheme 1988
793 Batman, Peggy S. Alcohol, Exercise, and Stress: The Relationship Between Exercise, Alcohol Consumption, and Stress Reduction 1987
794 Cogswell, Violet Language and Cognitive Abilities of Low-Birthweight Children at Ages Four to Six 1987
795 Gordon, Ann R. With Good Counsel 1988
796 Liljequist, Barbara Lynn The Effects of the Presence of a Conventional Microflora on Target-Cell Binding, Cytotoxicity, and Frequency of Active Natural Killer Cells in NU/NU and NU/+BALB/C Mouse Splenocytes 1988
797 Liu, Ping Mutagenic and Toxic Effects of UV Light, Caffeine, Theophylline, and Theobromine on the Cellular Slime Mold, Dictyostelium Discoideum 1987
798 Machens, Jean M. Architectural Influence of German Immigrants if St. Charles County, MO, 1830-1900 1988
799 Westhoff, Rebecca Jane Feline Bladder Smooth Muscle Response After Gonadectomy 1988
800 Arnold, Michael D. Predicting Basketball Success From Selected Specific and Non-Specific Variables 1988
801 Bak, Rhonda Renee The Effects of Matching Visual and Auditory Modalities With Teaching Method in Primary School Children 1988
802 Cameron, Kristin L. "Duty as Mistaken": a psychoanalytic Evaluation of Tragedy in Shakespeare's Coriolanus 1988
803 Ghena, David Richard Isokinetic Torque Characteristics of the Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscles During Concentric and Eccentric Loading 1988
804 Jay, Jeffrey Austin Folic Acid and Oxytocin Effect on Rat Myometrial Contraction 1988
805 May, Carrol Leann Folic Acid and Cobalamin Effect on Rat Intestine Smooth Muscle 1988
806 Potchen, JoEllen A Comparison Between Engaged Reading Times of Students in Classrooms of Selected Traditional and Whole Language Teachers 1988
807 Riggle, Priscilla A. Meeting on the Open Road 1988
808 Salm, Andrew J. The Effects of Detraining on College Swimmer: Swim Velocity, Stroke Rate, Distance Per Stroke, Work Output, Lactate Concentration, Exercise Heart Rate, Maximum Strength, and Anthropometric Evaluation 1988
809 Salm, Pamela C. Comparison of Blood Lactate and Heart Rate Responses to Maximal and Submaximal Arm and Leg Ergometry 1988
810 Starner, Jodeen Marie Jensen Tightrope Walking 1988
811 Wu, Ruoyi Checking for Meaning Under My Boot-Soles: A Study of Whitman and Reader-Response Criticism 1988
812 Flanders, Todd Rittenhouse A Civil Rights Crucible: Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Enigmatic Albany, Georgia, Campaign 1988
813 Lyu, Jeong-Yeon George Eliot and Feminism in Middlemarch 1988
814 Powell, Kim S. The Relationship of Body Cathexis to Tendencies Toward Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia in College Males and Females 1988
815 Sujanani, Vishnu H. Factors Affecting Attitude Change of Pre-Service Classroom Teachers Toward Stuttering 1988
816 Terry, Michael The Road as a Literary Motif in William Faulkner's Light in August 1988
817 Ford, Sheri B. Effects of Fire Frequency on Growth of Solidago Canadensis 1989
818 Greer, Kimberly S. Ecological and Morphological Comparison of Two Syntopic Species of Soricids, Sorex Cinereus and Sorex Longirostris, in North Central Missouri 1989
819 McCarter, David H. Parish Treatment of London Foundlings, 1580-1610 1989
820 Mitchell, Jeanne Mayer Induction of Acute-Phase Responses in Congenitally Athymic Mice and in Germfree Mice 1989
821 Presley, Paula Lumpkin Lollard Influences in the Life and Writings of William Caxton, England's First Printer, as Seen in Selected Writings of Caxton 1989
822 Tischkau, Shelley Ann Characterization of Transepithelial Molecular Transport of L-Arginine and L-Leucine by Gut Segments of the Pacific Hagfis, Eptatretus Stoutii 1989
823 Gaston, Roger The United States Enlisted Soldier, 1865-1880 1989
824 Gose, Judith Ann Moritz The Influence of Heinrich Bullinger on the Marriage Writings of Thomas Becon 1989
825 Keturakis, Eddie Spencer The Effects of Varietal Differences and Cocklebur (Xanthium Pensylvanicum Wallr.) Presence on the Leaf Elongation Rate of Soybean [Glycine Max (L) Merr.] During Post-Flowering and the Association Between Leaf Elongation Rate and Yield of Soybean 1989
826 MacLeod, Louise Klopp Georgia O'Keefe and Alfred Stieglitz: A Retrospective 1989
827 Moore, Brenda Gaye Detection of Estrus in Ovine Using an Electronic Breeding and Diagnostic Instrument 1989
828 Phillips-Peckosh, Claire Ellen Gender and Determinancy in the Space-Time Continuum: A Study of Lawrence Durrell's The Alexandria Quartet 1989
829 Proffitt, Wendy S. The Universality of Their Women: Morrison, Walker, and Naylor 1989
830 Ratliff, Julie Marie Gawain, Perceval and Galahad: A Study of the Grail Heroes 1989
831 Sutherland, Rebecca Jean Dancing With the Devil: The Vampire Motif in Selected 19th Century Literature 1989
832 Linneman, Crystal The Effects of Delayed Auditory Feedback and Self-Initiated Pauses on the Rate and the Intelligibility of a Dysarthric Speaker 1989
833 Pasley, Constance S. A Study to Compare the Perceptions of Past and Present Relationship Patterns of College Students Raised in Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Homes 1989
834 Prudhomme-Lizotte, Janice The Effect of Iron Supplementation and Dietary Counseling on Iron Status, Performance, and Dietary Intake in College-Aged Female Cross Country Runners 1989
838 Ritchie, Donald E. Vietnam: One Man's Vision, One Nation's Errors, One Generation's Legacy 1989
839 Yu, Jaipei (Patricia) A Study of Giardia Infection in Dogs in Adair County, Missouri 1989

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