TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Masters Theses, 1990-1999

Thesis Number Author Title Year
835 Haag, Suzanne K. A Study of the Effectiveness of a Bibliotherapy Program for Changing Self-concept at a Fourth-Grade Level 1990
836 Hester, Paula Doris Lessing's Use of Spatial  Perimeters: Friend or Foe? 1990
837 Miller, Ruth Ellen Solving the Chinese Puzzle: Reconstructing English as a Second Language Writing Programs in Response to Asian Students Needs 1990
840 Babb, Patricia L. Sister St. John Ven Horst and the Ottumwa Heights String Program, 1935-1987 1990
841 Bagby, Laura A. The Study of Popular Culture to Promote Critical Thinking in Writing 1990
842 Cook, David L. Res Boy 1990
843 Costas, Keith A. The Anschluss Movement in Austria, 1918-1938 1990
844 Gleason, Linda S. A Comparison of Codependents and Alcoholics Using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory 1990
845 Lewis, Constance Eileen Chaffin From Concession to Nationalization: Saudi Arabia and the Arabian American Oil Company 1933-1988 1990
846 Marshall, Joanna Barszewska Approach to Paradise: the Shadowed Path from Shame to Sympathy in Adam Bede 1990
847 Peitz, Julie A. Anglo-Saxon Women 1990
848 Schwend, Michael Thomas Ethnocentrism as a Function of Fraternal/Sororital Affiliation 1990
849 Shuch, Eva Bethel Analysis of Jungian Personality Type as it Affects Spousal Adjustment 1990
850 Vande, Pamela Lynn An Analysis of Personality Characteristics of Adolescents Labeled as Codependent Using the High School Personality Questionnaire 1990
851 Fohey, Carol A. Overcoming Egocentrism: the Hope in Three Novels by Katherine Paterson 1990
852 Norton, William A Study of the Effects of Counselor Gender on the Self-disclosure and Recovery of Chemically Dependent Women 1990
853 Ott-Rose, Michelle A Comparison of Videodisc and Traditional Therapy Stimulus Materials to Teach Action Verbs 1990
854 Stringer, Mark G. Stress Inoculation Training for Hospitalized Addicts and Their Social Support Networks: Effects on Patient Perceptions of Social Support and Self-efficacy 1990
855 Aubrey, Luella Ann When the Moon is High 1991
856 Baker, Lynn Annette Development and Evaluation of a Resource Guide for Talking Word Processors 1991
857 Beasley, Laura Renee Sharon A Comparison of Answers to Survey Questions About Hearing Impairment and Amplification Given by Speech-Language Pathologists, Classroom Teachers, Special Educators, and Audiologists 1991
858 Blohm-Pultz, Janet C. Costumes in Medieval Drama: A Review of the Literature 1991
859 Foreman, Marilyn Jane A Poor But Wise Child 1991
860 Fox, James Michael Robert A. Heinlein and Cold War America 1991
861 Hart, Christine Deneen Personality Changes of Adolescents as a Result of Short-term Inpatient Treatment Using the High School Personality Questionnaire 1991
862 Ingle, Charles Glenn Locus of Control in Children of Divorce 1991
863 Judd, Teresa Mary Development and Evaluation of a Computer-based Language Activity Booklet 1991
864 Krauth, Stephanie A. Emma Goldman: A Woman's Perspective 1991
865 Lyle, Merry Lynn My Hideous Progeny: A Reading of Mary Shelley's Art 1991
866 Martin, James Ivan Three Movements for Brass and Percussion 1991
867 Munday, Dixon Wayne The Wright Trail: a Ministry in Print, a Study of Harold Bell Wright 1991
868 Passe, Melissa Suzanne Establishing the Interscorer Reliability of a Scale for Predicting the Language Elicitation Value of Pictures 1991
869 Ward, Sandra Simmons The Scop in Anglo-Saxon Society 1991
870 Wright, David C. The Spirituality of Place: Wendell Berry's Poetry and the Ground of Being 1991
871 Bergey, M. Anne Ultrastructure of the Male Reproductive System of the Chaetognath Ferosagitta hispida 1991
872 Small, James R. Using Radiotelemetry to Determine the Effect of Live Food on the Post-Release Survivorship of Immature Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianus virginianus) 1991
873 Crist, Melanee Ann A Study to Identify and Evaluate the Differences in Expressed Career, Personal, and Academic Needs of International and American Students 1991
874 Hainsworth, Joyce Elaine The Effects of Divergent and Convergent Clinical Contexts and Cueing Strategies on the Amount of Verbal Responses Made by an Aphasic Adult 1991
875 Kenney, Jullie Ann The Adolescent Experience: Coming of Age with Judy Blume 1991
876 Lees, Diana Lynn Carter William Faulkner's Loom Metaphor in Absalom, Absalom!: Tangles, Dangling Strings, and a Woven Rug 1991
877 Lindahl, Angela Christine Development and Evaluation of a Language Activity Booklet for Use with an Educational Software Program 1991
878 Nelson, Annette Marie The Effects of Specific Question Types on the Expressive Behavior of Language-Delayed Children 1991
879 Ollhoff, Scott Alan Minimalism in the Music of Steven Riech 1991
880 Rich, Mary Kay The Effects of a Speech Improvement Program on Articulation Errors in a Kindergarten Population 1991
881 Smith, Mary Jane Marlow as a Relativized Narrator in Conrad's Chance 1991
882 Boardman, Jennifer Lee Bailey Nest Site Selection by Southern Flying Squirrels (Glaucomys Volans) in Northeastern Missouri 1991
883 Lock, Lisa Finlayson A Study to Determine Nitrate Concentrations for Drinking Water Samples in Rockford Township 1991
884 Gao, Lily Guolian Academic Advising Preference of International Students 1991
885 Cogan, Tasha Eugenia The Relationship Between Self-Esteem, Body Image and Dieting Cognitions 1992
886 Covey, Diane Kay Comparing Action Videodisc Segments to Traditional Still Pictures as a Language Sampling Context for Speech and Language Delayed Children 1991
887 Covey, James Franklin Partial Complementation of RADC Mutants of Dictyostelium Discoideum With the DENV Gene 1992
888 Franklin, Jill A. Getting in Tune 1992
889 Klocke, Barbara Jean Aggregation and Lowering of Body Temperature as Overwintering Strategies in the Southern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys Volans 1992
890 Murphy, Sharon Elizabeth The Martyrs 1992
891 Payne, Craig The Redemption of Cain: Mythic Order and the Question of Religious Truth in John Gardneer's Grendel 1992
892 Ratliff, Bernadine Women Artists in the Federal Art Programs 1934-1939 1992
893 Swinderman, Carol Ann Jonson's Cunning Purchase of His Audience: an Apology for Epicoene 1992
894 Wormsley, John An Annotated Bibliography of the Criticism of C.S. Lewis' Fiction from 1981-1991 1992
895 Arnold, E.J. The History of the Grafton Telephone Company 1991
896 Blunck, Lisa Lynn Children's Identification of Emotional States in Response to Video Stimuli 1992
897 Cox, Cheryl Lynne Margaret Fuller: the Voice of Woman in the Nineteenth Century 1992
898 Decker, Albert Andrew Six Incus Knopkerries 1992
899 Dial, Denise Lorraine Railroad Promotion in Davis and Appanoose Counties Iowa: 1865-1880 1992
900 Duncan, Mary Frances A Study to Determine the Impact of a Guidance Course on the Self-Esteem of Participating Students 1992
901 Harms, Robert C. Investigations into the Life History of an Endangered Winter Annual, Lesquerella Filiformis 1992
902 Lesseig, Corey Todd In the Eye of the Storm: Free Labor Experiments in the Wartime Mississippi River Valley, 1862-1864 1992
903 Noble, Elizabeth Brooke Differences in Empathy Levels as a Function of Volunteerism and Motivation to Volunteer 1992
904 Sharp, David Gordon Instillation of Trypsin, Histamine, and Urine Intofeline Bladders Causes an Inflammatory Response Resembling Interstitial Cystitis, a Human Urinary Bladder Disease 1992
905 Siering, Gregory John Musing on the Muse:Journal Writing Across the Curriculum of Northeast Missouri State University 1992
906 Vohlidka, John-Michael The First General Muster of 1559: a Means of Evaluating the Militia System at the Beginning of the Reign of Elizabeth I of England 1992
907 Wohlers, Debra K. Isaac McCaslin and the Monomyth: the Essence of the Hero 1992
908 Young, Gail Friesner Validating a Scale for Predicting the Language Elicitation Value of Pictures for Speech/Language Delayed Children 1992
909 Harris, Laura Nanette The Effects of Lifestyle on the Mental Health of Medical Students 1992
910 Isemann, James Louis Through the Eyes of an Eagle: a Military Biography of Colonel E.R. Powell, USA (Ret.) 1992
911 Stammeyer, Jacquelyn A History of Athens, Missouri 1992
912 Strought, Brian S. Assessment of a Group Counseling Intervention with At-risk Students: Effects on Self-concept and Attitude Toward School 1992
913 Weber, Heather D. The Effect of Missouri Public High School Size on College Students' Retention of Merit-based Academic Scholarships 1992
914 Annuar, Mohammed Detection of a Sequence Homologous to the DENV Gene in Wild-type and Partially-complemented RADC Mutants of Dictyostelium Discoideum 1992
915 Bauermeister, Katherine Louise A Study to Determine the Presence of Gender, Age, Race and Disability Bias Among Selected Diagnostic and Therapy Materials Used by Speech-Language Pathologists 1993
916 Canfield, Thomas F. The Ascent and Decline of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: the Metamorphosis of Sublime Ideals and Western Literary Canonization 1993
917 Robertson, Shirley Ruth Carr Admission Selectors and a Faculty Evaluation of the Personal Characteristics of Counseling Preparation Students 1993
918 Cogan, Tasha Eugenia Voices: from Morning to Midnight 1993
919 Gamm, Carol Amy The Effects of Varying Language Descriptors on Attitudes Toward Professors with Disabilities 1993
920 Haas, Kurtis Boyd Of Swords, Saints, and Kings: A Comparison of Arthur's and Galahad's Uses of Blades 1993
921 Knight, Michael Eugene The Relationship of Selected Physiological Variables to Wrestling Success of Collegiate Wrestlers 1993
922 Lacivita, Christopher, J. Using Video Narration as a Language Sampling Context: a Comparison of Two Methods 1993
923 Mozingo, Nathan James Influencing Factors of a Child's Motivation to Achieve in School: Television Viewing, Gender, and Number of Parental Figures 1993
924 Noack-Raisch, Mary Jane` Edna Pontellier and Lily Bart: A Study of Character and Early Criticism in Kate Chopin's The Awakening and Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth 1993
925 Peavey, Kim From Self to Self 1993
926 Sens-Conant, Susan The Cognition of Self-Evaluation: A Descriptive Model of the Writing Process 1993
927 Siemsen, Rebecca L. The Effects of Word Processing with Speech Output on the Literacy Skills of Language-Disabled Adolescents 1993
928 Swinnerton, Steven A. The Jeffersonian Civil Revolution of 1886: Henry George's First New York City Mayoral Campaign 1993
929 Vogt, Linda Kay Amelia 1993
930 Zhang, Rulin Polyamine Measurement and Effects of Polyamine Depletion of PC12 Cell Growth and Secretion 1993
931 Abrahams, Susan H. Gender, Stereotypical Sex-Role Orientation and Hope 1993
932 Connelly, Patrick A Poetry of Being: A Reading of Gary Snyder's Poetry 1993
933 Andrus, Rita Lynn In Quest of Identity: Female Characters in Two Works by Paule Marshall 1993
934 Sheer, Karen Kay The Effect of Body Size Pictures on Body Satisfaction: An Examination of the Contrast Effect 1993
935 Hamilton, Joe Donald Concerns of University Students Seeking and Not Seeking Counseling Services 1993
936 Hooker, Beverly Wade Characteristics of Head Start Volunteers as Related to Parent Involvement 1993
937 Mathis, Bonnie Gale The Relationship Between Gender, Self-Perceived Attractiveness, Self-Esteem, and Locus of Control 1993
938 Peak, Clayton A. Edward W. Klammer and the Concordia Publishing House Music Department 1993
939 Poisson, Ann L. Okenfuss Using Response Elaboration Training with Videodisc Stimuli to Facilitate Language in Aphasic Adults 1993
940 Harpst, Mary A. Job Satisfaction: The Effects of Career Placement Use 1993
941 Schenewerk, Sharon K. Personality Characteristics of Academically Gifted College Students 1993
942 Mathews, Mary Claravon Molecular Characterization of the Y1 Gene of Zea Mays 1993
943 Mathews, Patrick L. Life History, Feeding, and Mating Behavior of a Parajulid Millipede, Aniulus Bollmani 1993
944 Wallukait, Michele Lyn Oxygen Use and Related Enzyme Studies of Selected Tissues of Lumbricus Terrestris 1993
945 Bailey, Paul Vincent Spirituals, Signifyin', and Monkeys: Langston Hughes and the African-American Oral/Vernacular Tradition 1993
946 Gregory, Shelly Annette Rewaking the Semiotic in Finnegans Wake: A Kristevan Interpretation 1993
947 Wister, Isabel Rocking the Darkness 1993
948 Bailey, Justin The Public Image of Counseling in Relation to Expectations About Counseling 1994
949 Ball, Kevin Eric From "That Sympathetic Germ" to "Vast Elemental Sympathy" in Leaves of Grass 1994
950 Camhi, Joseph Mark Things'll Change 1994
951 Chen, Pai-Hsiang Evaluation of Replica Plating Technique for Use in Isolating an Inositol Auxotroph in Rat Pheochromocytoma (PC12) 1994
952 Cobb, Jill Lynette Relationship Between Religiosity and Coping Ability in Adolescents 1994
953 Fisher, Lori L. Bailey Shredding the Painted Gauze: Necessary Realizations and Disillusionment in Edith Wharton's Marriage Stories 1994
954 Lovstuen, Brenda Catherine Interracial Marriage Attitudes of American and International Students 1994
955 Prichard, Carolin Lynn Leopold Bloom: Outcast and Prophet in Joyce's Ulysses 1994
956 Reeves, Kelley Diane Comparing the Descriptive Language of Normal Senescent Females in Response to Video Versus Picture Stimuli 1994
957 Rohman, Todd Eric Concrete Visions 1994
958 Schneider, Jeffery D. Effects of Picture Content on the Expressive Language of Healthy Sensecent Adults 1994
959 Schroeder, Shannin Give and Take: A Collection of Short Fiction 1994
960 Spencer, Deanna Lynn Moonlight Effects of Microhabitat Choice of White-Footed Mice (Peromyscus Leucopus) in Northeastern MO 1994
961 Stockton, Mary Beth Influence of Same-Sex Role Modeling on the Math Anxiety, Math Self-Efficacy, and Math Performance of Female College Algebra Students 1994
962 Trullinger, Terry Methodism in Linn County, 1841-1900 1994
963 Christiansen, Cynthia The Relationship Between Ego Identity Status and the Importance of Five Major Life Roles 1994
964 Graham, Marcy Genetic Population Structure of a Glade Endemic, the Missouri Bladderpod (Lesquerella Filiformis; Brassicaceae) 1994
965 Groose, Stacie Lynn Cobalamin and Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate Effect on Mitochondrial Oxygen Uptake 1994
966 Lubbe, Craig J. Locus of Control Differences Between Declared and Undeclared Freshmen and Juniors 1994
967 Mattingley, Marta Lynn Leaf Structure and Photosynthetic Rate of Pea Leaves as Affected by Genotype and Nutrient Deficiencies 1994
968 McGuire, Lynnette Louise Effects of Photoperiod Upon Cyclomorphosis and Life History Traits in Daphnia Galeata Mendotae 1994
969 Olsen, Nanette Anne Calibration, Parameterization and Analysis of a Neighborhood Population Dynamic Model for Smooth Pigweed (Amaranthus Hybridus) to Guide Herbicide Resistance Management 1994
970 Reeves, Sharon L. Viability of Maize Male and Female Gametophytes That Possess Deficiencies for the Region of Chromosome Six That Contains the Y1 Gene 1994
971 Sells, Mark A. Effect of Water Stress on Proline Accumulation in Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) Leaves 1994
972 Winfrey, Mindy Lee The Effects of Sound Track Features on Oral Descriptions of Videodisc Segments 1994
973 Conant, Keith Ian The Marriage Views of Hans Denck, Dirk Philips, and Menno Simons 1994
974 Hendler, James C. A Suitable Host 1994
975 Tucker, Rebecca A. Effects of Quantity and Quality of Contact with the Elderly on Attitudes Toward Aging 1994
976 Burns, William B. Fair vs. Equal Role Relations in Traditional, Dual-Earner, and Dual-Career Couples 1995
977 Carson, Jennifer Anne Clinician-Child Interaction During Computer- and Non-Computer-Based Language Activities 1995
978 Cruse, Laura A. American Republicanism as Shown Through Mormon-Federal Conflict, 1846-1890 1994
979 Ginther, Kimberly Ann Sorority Members' Perceived Differences Between In-Groups and Out-Groups 1995
980 Goad, Angela L. Zen Truth in J.D. Salinger: "It's Very Hard to Meditate and Live a Spiritual Life in America." 1995
981 Holcomb, Jack The Oobie Box 1995
982 Lewis, Daniel Paul The Relationship of Locus of Control and Grade Point Average 1994
983 Lewis, Michael Sean AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes on a Highly Selective Midwest University Campus 1995
984 Pettit, Michael Dean Effects of an Oak Savannah Restoration on Population Density, Population Structure, and Nesting Behavior of White-Footed Mice (Peromyscus Leucopus) in Northeastern Missouri 1995
985 Plank, Shaelene Renee Assessment of Attachment to Children and Adolescents and Burnout in Child Care Staff at Residential Treatment Facilities 1995
986 Rap, Lynnelle K. Journeys Within the New Russia 1995
987 Reeves, Brian Randal Roland H. Bainton: The Historian as Social Activist 1995
988 Reitmeyer, Todd M. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Religiousness and Manifest Anxiety 1995
989 Rolands, Tim Keeping Records 1995
990 Sartor, Stacey E. Self-Efficacy and Self-Esteem as Predictors of Condom Use in Adolescents 1995
991 Williams, Nathaniel Afflicted by Wishes: A Collection of Short Fiction 1995
992 Arnold, Melissa Marie Evaluating the Speed and Accuracy of Input Using the Headmaster with College-Aged Students 1995
993 Che, Ping The Effect of Polyamine Depletion on Norepinephrine Metabolism 1995
994 Davisson, Katrina A. My Grandma Died Six Times 1995
995 O'Connor, Mark Edward Rising From the Ashes 1995
997 Taylor, Timothy N. Reflections of Sports in Updike's Rabbit Tetralogy 1995
998 Todd, Sherry Galloway Hope Full Choices 1995
999 Wilson, Kristin Bailey Chigger Hill 1995
1000 Bender, Jennifer Marie Gender and Marriage Role Expectations as Predictors of Career Self-Efficacy and Efficacy to Combine Career and Family 1995
1001 Elkan, Elizabeth D. Effects of Upper Respiratory Dysfunction on the Laryngeal Condition 1995
1002 Justice, Marjorie Ann Orality, Literacy, and the Electronic Age in Louise Erdrich's Fiction 1995
1003 Lee, Kun-Jung Effect of Water Stress and Osmotic Stress on Oxidation of Proline and Succinate in Mitochondria from Corn Shoots 1995
1004 Rowe, Roylynn Standley An Analysis of Public School Professionals' Appraisal of Preschool Assessment with Regard to Low Achievement and Learning Difficulties 1995
1005 Rudd, Elsie I. Out of the Abyss: Adam's Soliloquy and Choices in Paradise Lost 1995
1006 Snyder, Jennifer Elizabeth Self-Esteem in Chapter One Reading Programs 1995
1007 White, Jill Gentry Of the Same Opinion: The Continuity of Southern Elite Ideology, 1850-1880 1995
1008 Armstrong, Bryant Dale Vietnam Literature and the Literary Canon: The Canonicity of Tim O'Brien's Going After Cacciato 1996
1009 Boone, Angella S. Counselor Self-Efficacy in Relation to Various School Climate Factors 1996
1010 Brucker, Penny S. An Extended Validation Study on the Item Selection for the BEM Sex Role Inventory 1996
1011 Brueggemann, Stephen Andrew Characterization and Regulation of Fatty-Acid Modifying Enzyme (FAME) as Producted by Staphylococcus Epidermis 1996
1012 Bryson, Denise M. Spaces Between the Ties 1996
1013 Bryson, Michael Reclaiming the Self: Transcending the Fragmentation of the Individual Subject in Literature from the Bhagavad Gita to Wise Blood 1996
1014 Gustafson, Alison Body Image Ideals of African American and Caucasian College Students 1996
1015 Johnson, Aaron Edward Movement for Orchestra 1996
1016 Kain, Donna J. H.D.: The Waking Dream Between Us 1996
1017 Kerns, Yvette Marie Observer Perceptions of Engagement During Computer vs. Traditional Speech-Language Therapy Activities 1996
1018 Knudson, Candace Faith Latvala Living Language: Vitalinguatextum Resonances Between Beowulf and the Kalevala 1996
1019 O'Dell, Richard Brian Resource Allocation to Seeds in Viola Pedata (Birdfoot Violet) Under Burning and Clearing Treatments 1996
1020 Panke, Heather Jean Regulation of Cystatin in B16 F10 Melanoma 1996
1021 Smith, Scott Thompson Lying in a Bed of Adjection: A Critical Reading of Thomas' Tristan 1996
1022 Spear, Tim The Effect of Bibliotherapy on the Self-Esteem of the Gifted Child 1996
1023 Stahl, Edward B. St. Louis Socialists in the Missouri Election of 1902 1996
1024 Terry, Michael The Narrative Journey: Reading as a Sacred and Therapeutic Activity 1996
1025 Vega, Tamara Jacinda Factors Associated with Freshmen Occupational Identity and Career Information Needs Using My Vocational Situation and Northeast Missouri State University's Student Career Needs Assessment 1996
1026 Wickizer, Jay T. An Investigation of Stigma Associated with the Utilization of Counseling 1996
1027 Song, Yahui Molecular and Cellular Analyses of the Escherichia Coli Rada Gene in DNA Repair 1996
1028 Zhao, Wei Characterization of Drug-Induced Behaviors in Cryptotis Parva (the Least Shrew) 1996
1029 Daubert, Douglas Alan Snapshots and Stories: The Farringtons of Northeast Missouri 1996
1030 Durham, William F. Effects of Ingesting Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue Seed on Food Intake, Growth Rate and Reproduction in the Prairie Vole (Microtus Ochrogaster) 1996
1031 Hiscocks, Rita Ann The Factors Influencing College Choice and Persistence 1996
1032 Hohertz, Melissa A. Reassessing Jane Austen's Agenda: Understanding the Anger in Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Persuasion 1996
1033 Krutsinger, Caren L. A Study of the Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Achievement 1996
1034 Ludtke, Scott C. Exploring a Technological Dialectic: Effects of Computer Use on Essay Writing in Scored Essays from the Sophomore Writing Experience 1996
1035 Shafer, Marta L. Mattingley A Measure of Anger Scores by Levels of Aggression of 64 Male Batterers 1996
1036 Ballanger, Jay Davison A Survey of Public School Speech-Language Pathologists' Purchase and Use of Commercial Therapy Materials 1996
1037 Dede, Traci Renee Graduate Students' Psychosocial Perceptions of Cleft Palate Speech 1997
1038 Ems, Rebecca S. Fear of Success Among First-Generation College Students 1997
1039 Hakala, Christian The Greatest Nation's Greatest Playground: Building a Community Through Sports In Eveleth, Minnesota, 1919-1929 1997
1040 Hudson, Emily O. The Use of Gender-Specific Toys and Materials In Speech-Language Therapy 1997
1041 Martin, Maria Carmen A Behavioral Validation Study For the Brannon Masculinity Scale and the Gender Role Conflict Scale 1997
1042 Morris, Robert-John Gerard Breaking the Chains: Portrayals of History and Politics in Selected Works of James Joyce 1997
1043 Murphy, John Charles Effects of Natural and Artificial Herbivory on Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue, Festuca Arundinacea, and Response By the Aphid, Rhopalosiphum Padi 1997
1044 Price, Kathryn A. Imago: Male Fantasists and the Myth of Womanhood From George MacDonald to Charles de Lint 1997
1045 Sahaida, Peggy E. Forging New Paths: Willa Cather's Female Pioneering Artist 1997
1046 Shupe, Kristina Mae Laterality Skill Differences In Left- and Right-Handed Speech Disordered and Non-Disordered Eight- to Ten-Year-Old Children 1997
1047 Smith, Laura Gayle Examination of Personal and Job Factors Related to Student Advisor Burnout 1997
1048 Steingraber, Jason Alan The Incidence of Birth Defects in Missouri 1997
1049 Tripp, Holly A. Mumford I Alone Remain: Song Cycle for Tenor, Flute, Cello, & Piano 1997
1050 Weckerley, Jon Cameron Fear Part 1: A Musical Composition for Tenor, Oboe, Bassoon, Piano 1997
1051 Wormsley, Heather Lynae Reentry of the Stroke Survivor Medically, Economically, Socially, Emotionally, and in the Family 1997
1052 Adamson, Peter Charles Background Factors Related to Alcohol Use Among College Freshmen 1997
1053 Dickson, Ginger L. Effects of Personal Counseling on the Alliance Ratings of Counselor-Trainees 1997
1054 Enders, Michael J. Influence of the Resident Assistant on Student Satisfaction: Availability and Rapport as Factors in Perceived Resident Assistant Effectiveness 1997
1055 Evanoski, Brian Scott The Effect of Gender and Age on Problem Drinking Among College Students 1997
1056 Fetrow, Aaron L. Germination of a Southern Seed: The 1920s Indiana Klan 1997
1057 Hagen, Guy Richard Influence of Cocaine on the Regional Distribution of Cardiac Output in Rats 1997
1058 Kirk, Susan Farnsworth "Writer's Grammar:" A Pathway Into Academic Discourse for Basic Writers 1997
1059 Lai, Chien-Hung (Tony) A Comparison of University Counselors' Perceptions of Gifted Asian and Gifted White College Students 1997
1060 Malaska, Amy K. Ambiguity Tolerance Differences Among College Students 1997
1061 Westrich, Jennifer L. Genetic Population Substructure of the Rare Lesquerella Filiformis: Consequences of the Factors Which Affect Gene Flow Within a Site 1997
1062 Courtney, Dena Kay The Bible as Literature: A Comparative Study of the Book of Job 1997
1063 Engle, Deborah Lynn Characterization of Transepithelial Molecular Transport of D-Glucose by Intestinal Segments of the Black Bass, Micropterus Salmoides 1997
1064 Imgarten, Carla S. Glimpses into the Heartland 1997
1065 Mallett, Derek R. 'They Were Just People Like We Were': World War II German and Italian Prisoners of War in Missouri 1997
1066 Wyckoff, Sarah L. A Comparison of Phonology and Reading Disorders in School-Age Children and their Siblings 1997
1067 Carnley, Jennifer Sexual Desire During Pregnancy 1998
1068 Chepurnov, Dennis Red Stars 1998
1069 Cornman, Ari Factors Affecting Nest Site Lability in the Southern Flying Squirrel, Glaucomys Volans 1998
1070 Dill, Kyle Ray The Impact of a Self-Esteem Module on Middle School Students' Self-Esteem 1998
1071 Hill, Kimberly Sue A Correlation Analysis of Variables Affecting Birth Defects in Missouri, 1990 Through 1995 1998
1072 Hopkins, Elizabeth Sportsmanship Attitude Differences Between Defensive and Offensive Soccer Players 1998
1073 Kraft, Amy Lynn Expressive Language Gains Exhibited by a Three-Year-Old Child with Down Syndrome Upon Introduction of Augmentative Communication: A Case Study 1997
1074 Mathers, Jason Forrest A Study of the Relationship Between Counselor Self-Efficacy and Occupational Stressors, Personal Problems and Personal Coping Strategies 1998
1075 McNamara, Heather Lynn Effects of Treatment Protocol for Clients Diagnosed with Dual Disorders in Substance Abuse Treatment Centers 1998
1076 Miller, Amy Colleen A Floristic Inventory of Truman State University's Ecology Plot Area, Kirksville, Missouri 1998
1977 Ratcliff, Robyn E. From Sheep to Shepherds (or: "You Might Be the 100th Monkey"): The Role of Children in Nuclear Discourse 1998
1078 Roberts, Michelle Elaine The Effect of Teacher Training on Speech Disorder Identification 1998
1079 Steingraber, Jennifer Head Perception of Sexual Orientation of Males Based on the Presence or Absence of an / s / Lisp or Assibilation 1998
1080 Torrens, Amanda R. A Comparison of Phoneme Awareness Abilities in Children With and Without Existing or Previous History of a Phonological Disorder 1997
1081 Van Vleck, Thomas E. The Effect of Experience in Counseling on Client Preference for Counselor Gender 1998
1082 Brann, Mindy The Reproductive Success and Breeding System of Agrimonia Parviflora Aiton Under Different Environmental Conditions 1998
1083 Bronson, Judith Conoyer Changing Our Rape Supportive Culture: Challenging Rape Myth Acceptance 1998
1084 Carter, Lynn Relationships Between Residential College Environment, Faculty Contact, and Adjustment to College 1998
1085 DeWitt, Petra Fighting the Kaiser at Home: Anti-German Sentiment in Missouri During World War I 1998
1086 Harlin, Kasey Marie A Study of the Attitudes and Beliefs of College-Aged Homosexuals Toward Self and Sexual Identity 1998
1087 Ingwell-Ziegemeier, Kara K. Teaching Experience and the School Counselor: A Comparative Study of Counselors and Supervisors in Secondary Schools 1998
1088 Kelly, Nichole M. Semirings of Fractions with Nilpotent Elements 1998
1089 Primm, Carolyn Louise Effects of Character Education on Character-Related Behaviors of Elementary Students 1998
1090 Ruark, Dawn Alicia German Immigrants in Rock Township, Jefferson County, Missouri, Prior to the Civil War 1998
1091 Slubowski, Henry F. Coming Out and Coming Into an Identity: A Structural Analysis of the Coming Out Story 1998
1092 Troyer, Jason Michael Religious Quest and Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help 1998
1093 Zhong, Yu-Qing Characterization of a Drug-Induced Metabolic Block in Norepinephrine Biosynthesis 1998
1094 Ball, Marcia Sue Ryan Mutton Ridge Indians 1998
1095 Ebeling, Michelle C. The Correlation Between Measures of Intelligibility for Phonologically Disordered Children 1998
1096 Smith, Mary Jane Walker A Concatenation of Ephemeralities 1998
1097 Yang, Qunying Morphometric Analysis of Coronary Capillary-to-Fiber Geometry in Diabetic Rats: Effects of Metformin Treatment 1998
1098 Carlson, Evelyn Marie Winter Blossoms 1999
1099 Davey, Jason Narcia 1999
1100 Fritsche, Vanessa Cerebral Dominance of Dichotic Listening Skills During the Normal Adult Life Span 1999
1101 Heaton, David P. Unmasking Los Angeles: Philip Marlowe As Raymond Chandler's Agent of Truth 1999
1102 Houser, Richard McCormick Autonomy Versus Determinism in Anglo-Saxon Literature 1999
1103 Ma, Yongqin Effects of Polyamine Inhibitors and Exogenous Spermine on Catecholamines in PC12 Cells 1999
1104 Wiebers-Mitchell, Lissa Beth Technology and Writing Centers: Implementing Change 1999
1105 Rischar, Heather S. Examining the Spiritual Dimension of Wellness as a Component of Life Satisfaction 1999
1106 Ritchey, Christine Margaret Effect of Anthocyanin on Herbivory in Viola Pedata (Birdfoot Violet) 1999
1107 Rogers, Angela J. The Efficacy of Utilizing Prosthetic Memory Aids to Facilitate Communication in Patients Afflicted With Alzheimer's Disease 1999
1108 Turner, Joseph Edward Chorales and Fanfares for Wind Ensemble 1999
1109 Wagner, Gretchen Emaciation Proclamation 1999
1110 Walz, Jennifer L. The Effects of Gender-Specific Toys on Language Sampling 1999
1111 Rich, Karina Michelle The Efficacy of Caregiver Training Utilizing the Alzheimer's disease Communication Guide: The Focused Program for Caregivers 1999
1112 Casady, Tamara Clark Fostering Resiliency in the English Classroom 1999
1113 Ghanta, Srinivas Babu The Lys-40 Acetylation Site on a-Tubulin is Likely Located Inside the Microtubule Lumen 1999
1114 Grissom, Christy Perceived Paternal Acceptance and Rejection and the College Student's Self-Esteem 1999
1115 Kuehl, Gregg Allan The Effect of Self-Esteem and Learned Resourcefulness on the Experience and Expression of Anger among College Students 1999
1116 Lamba, Garima Effect of Gender-Role and Self-Efficacy on Academic Procrastination in College Students 1999
1117 Mahon, Andrew R. An Investigation of the Roles of Toxins in Arrow Worms (Phylum Chaetognatha) 1999
1118 Merrell, Valerie Jane Brown The Culinary Magician 1999
1119 Morgan, Shelly Effects of Structured Discussion Groups on Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement of At-Risk Students 1999
1120 Nelson, Matthew Bruce Insense 1999
1121 Parisi, Chad The Effect of Internet Use on College Student Grade Point Average: A Causal Comparative Study 1999
1122 Qualls, Melissa Ann A Soujourn Through Madness in The Embroidered Shoes of Can Xue 1999
1123 Yunick, Christopher D. The Effect of Parental Divorce on College Students: Close Encounters of the Intimate Kind? 1999
1124 Zhang, Hongmei The Spatial Scan Statistic and Its Application 1999
1125 McKamie, Shirley Krug Three Cubist Portraits: An Examination of the Related Aspects of Time Manipulation and Amorality within Gertrude Stein's Word Portrait "Picasso" (1909), Pablo Picasso's Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (1910), and Igor Stravinsky's Portrait of a Peasant Bride in the First Tableau of Les Noces (1917) 1999
1126 Novac, Natalia All That's Left of Flowers 1999
1127 Stull, Kenneth Lee A Comparative Study of Religious Violence in Frontier America 1999

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