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Masters Theses, 2000-2009

Thesis Number Author Title Year
1128 Brennan, Elesha A Multi-Dimensional Therapy Approach for Apraxia of Speech 2000
1129 Brown, Kristin A Paternal Bonds and Partner Attachments of Undergraduate Women 2000
1130 Davis, Brandon Effects of Age, Occupation, Education, and Years of Experience on Hospital Employees' Attitudes Toward the Mentally Ill 2000
1131 Farris, Jennifer Gender Roles in Elizabeth Cary's The Tragedy of Mariam 2000
1132 Frankenberg, Jennifer Dawn Determinants of Friendship Selection in Junior High School Students 2000
1133 Jennings, Brian Clifton Open Wide: Identity and the Abject in Selected Works of Julio Cortazar 2000
1134 Kuehnle, Karen Anne Negotiating Representations of Difference: A Cultural Studies Approach to the First-year Composition Classroom 2000
1135 McElwee, David Robert The End 2000
1136 Mialkowski, Janette Elaine Effect of Family Expressiveness and Humor on Adolescent Aggression 2000
1137 Miller, Sarah Shannon The Effect of Greek Membership on Self-Esteem 2000
1138 Moriarty, Kerry L Parental Perceptions of Services Provided through Head Start in Five Rural Northeast Missouri Counties 2000
1139 Moss, Melissa Christine Women's Corporeality and Discourse:  Challenging Phallocentric Ideology with Sporting Bodies 2000
1140 Oehring, Rebekah Sue The Impact of Community Service Involvement on Adjustment to College in College Freshmen 2000
1141 Rumsey, Michael Dean The Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Acceptance of Others:  Toward an Understanding of Prejudice 2000
1142 Scherrer, Tim Allen The Citizen's Band Radio and American Culture 2000
1143 Tucker, Kelly Profile of the Speech and Language Skills of Hispanic Five- to Eight-Year Olds Living in Rural, Northeast Missouri 2000
1144 Windham, Tiffany D Preschoolers' Exploration of Word Processing With and Without Speech Output 2000
1145 Woods, Sarah A Designing Single-Subject Articulation Treatment Studies Using Computer-Based Biofeedback 2000
1146 Dwyer, Molly Colleen An Exploration of Resiliency amongst College Students: Investigating the Relationships amongst a Measure of Resilience, Life Stressors, Social Resources, and Overall Adjustment to College During the First Year 2000
1147 Cui, Feng Molecular Identification and Fine Localization of Drosophila Ran and its Possible Role in Segregation Distortion 2000
1148 Hoehne, Daniel Paul Myosin Heavy Chain Expression in the Rat Diaphragm: Effects of Diabetes 2000
1149 Hoskins, Wendy Perceptions of the Roles and Functions of School Counselors 2000
1150 Jorn, Philip Moses The Relationship of Self-Efficacy, Locus of Control, and Temporal Attitude on Career and Major Indecision 2000
1151 Kopitske, Karl J Seeking the Value of Transgression: William S. Burroughs and Kristevan Abjection 2000
1152 Laspe, Mark L The Correlation Between the Perceived Racism of Blacks and the Actual Level of Racism from Whites on a Predominantly White Campus 2000
1154 Bryan,  Rebecca Anne The Power of Language: Linguistics in a Liberatory Composition Classroom 2001
1156 Donovan, Kimberly Ann Interpersonal Dependency and Eating-Disordered Behavior Among Sorority Women 2001
1157 Hatala, Jennifer Creer Dust in its Infinite Lightness 2001
1158 Jones, Dan Aesthetic Theory and Practice 2001
1159 Kasper, Warren Thomas Hutchins and the Federal Frontier 2001
1160 Klug, Joseph H The Use of Popular Film in the Secondary Journalism Class 2001
1161 McNerney, Francine Discourse Adjustments in the Conversation of Elderly Women 2001
1162 Nickelson, Laura Elizabeth A Comparative Study of Student and Parent Role Perceptions and Expected Functions of the Elementary and High School Counselor 2001
1163 Rahmig, Troy Lynn The Breeding Biology and Nest Site Description of the Western Strip-Headed Tanager (Spindalis Zena) in the Bahamas 2001
1164 Smith, Lisa D Barriers to the Utilization of Counseling Services in a Rural Population 2001
1165 Smith, Melissa H Food and Faith: Examining Eating Attitudes, Religious Affiliation, and Religious Orientation 2001
1166 Sokolov, Rachel Anne Confession, Power and Gender in the French Lieutenant's Woman and Alias Grace 2001
1167 Waldschmidt, Erika A Comparison of Rape Awareness Among Rural and Urban Populations 2001
1168 Liu, Yutao Regulation of Cathepsin B and Cystatin C Expression in B16F10 Mouse Melanoma Cells in Vitro 2001
1169 Schippers, Julie Kathleen The Evolution of African American Consciousness in 1917: The Black Press's Response to the East St. Louis Riot 2001
1170 Anderson, Alexandra Kay Factors that Influence Clergy Members' Decisions to Report Or Not Report Suspected Child Abuse 2001
1171 Kammerer, Tricia Suzanne The Effects of Daycare Experience and Gender on College Students' Perceptions of the Parent-Child Relationship 2002
1172 Kusiak, Frank J, III Virtual Historiography: How History is Presented in Entertainment Based Computer Games 2002
1173 Ludwig, Al Lions in Glass Houses 2002
1174 Maag, Andrea Elaine Transitional Orality Among Children: Theory and Field Observation 2002
1175 Marcus, Jennifer Lee Border Crossing and Other Poems 2002
1176 Miller, Kristopher William Factors Contributing to the Development of Dyadic Trust: A Closer Look 2002
1177 Neil, Ryan Brock Molecular and Morphological Analysis to Identify Myxobacterial Isolates in a Field Study of Microbial Biodiversity 2002
1178 Padberg,  Paul Frederick Does Athletic Identity Affect the Early Stages of Marriage? 2002
1179 Smith, Unity C The Effect of Adolescence on Self-Esteem 2002
1180 Standley, Gracie Jeanette Life Dialogues 2002
1181 Westermeier, Shannon M The Effect of Age at the Time of Parental Divorce on Young Adult Attachment Style 2002
1182 Brown, Christopher Robert The Effects of a Competitive High School Wrestling Season on Five Physiological Components: Prediction of Success 2002
1183 Heitmann, Andrew G "This Little Span of Life": The Reader's Sentimental Journey 2002
1184 Jackson, Jason Andrew Leadership Style Preferences of High School Baseball Players in North-Central Missouri 2002
1185 LeMaster, Christy Ann Standing Up for Shakespeare: Moving Toward a Pedagogy of Embodiment 2002
1186 Tucker-Potter, Stacy On Both Sides of the Big Desk: Duality in the Graduate Teaching Experience 2002
1187 Zhang, Bin The Effects of Nicotine on a 5-HT2A Receptor-Mediated Behavioral Model of Tourette's Syndrome 2002
1188 Akers, Stephanie Lynn A follow-Up Study of Phonologically Delayed Preschool Children 2002
1189 Canessa, Cyria Lucia A Comparison of Body Size Identification, Gender and Attitudes Toward the Obese 2002
1190 Naparalla, Teresa Parent Training of Print Referencing Behaviors During Shared Book Reading and Emergent Literacy Skills of Preschool Children 2002
1191 Yang, Zhen Antisense RNA Inhibition of Cathepsin L Expression Influences Metastatic Ability of B16F10 Melanoma Cells 2002
1192 Bowden, Allison Marie Mixing Cultures and Creative Techniques: Social Commentary in Okot P'Bitek's Song of Lawino 2003
1193 Flowers, Brian Why Students Stay: a Study of Persistence Factors 2003
1194 Hanewinkel, Melissa Jean The Impact of Religiosity on the Attitudes, Behaviors, and Emotional Outcomes of Premarital Sex Among College Students 2003
1195 Higgins, Paulette Michelle Small Mammal Community Responses to Oak Savanna Restoration 2003
1196 Hullinger, Angela D Openness to Internet Dating 2002
1197 Hutcherson, Kelli R White College Students' Racial Identity Development at a Public Liberal Arts University 2003
1198 Lineberry, Kenneth Wesley Cadence Calls: Military Folklore in Motion 2003
1199 McGill, Mallori L Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Parenting Style 2003
1200 Mraz, Heather A Survey of Public School Speech Language Pathologists: Knowledge of Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders 2003
1201 Murphy, Wynona Winters Chilocco: Health Conditions at a Native American Boarding School, 1884-1930 2003
1202 Nelson, Susan Elizabeth Chaos Theory and the Navigation of Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children 2003
1203 Orchard, Peggy "How Do I Find My Place?" Children's Development of Explanatory Style and Perceptions of Personal Control 2003
1204 Pionke, Katharine Michael Field: Got God? 2003
1205 Reside, Douglas L A Literary Approach to Musical Theater 2003
1206 Schroeder, Beth Irene Freedom Through Renegotiation: The Marriage Contracts of Margery Kempe 2003
1207 Skinner, Jeffrey Robert Influence of Burning on Changes in the Size, Shape and Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Profile Composition of Vaccinium Stamineum L. Patches 2002
1208 Sonderman, John T Athletic Retirement After High School and its Effects on Self-Concept 2003
1209 Thwing, Nathaniel Carl Predicting Students' Satisfaction with Peer Helpers: An Examination of Three Factors 2003
1210 Davis, Matthew Evan Five Stories: a Sequence 2003
1211 Highland, Karen R Collaborative Talk-Write: a Composition Pedagogy 2003
1212 Kahler, Andrea Joan Assessing the Binding Specificity of Aflatoxin B1 and Deoxynivalenol by Lactic Acid Bacteria 2003
1213 Neal, Todd Andrew From Boys to Angels: a Performative Three-Stage Social Understanding of Sexual Identity in Post-Stonewall Gay Men's Dramatic Literature 2003
1214 Seo, Jin Mapping the Functional Domains of the RadA Protein from Escherichia coli by Alanine-Scanning Mutagenesis 2003
1215 Thiemann, Tara C Water Balance in the Cat Flea, Ctenocephalides Felis (Siphonaptera; Pulicidae) 2003
1216 Davison, Jane Ellen Mortal and Divine Trajectories: Wayfinding the Incarnate 2003
1217 Eulinger, Kevin G The Effects of Habitat Disturbance on Small Mammal Community Structure at Swan Lake national Wildlife Refuge 2003
1218 Miller, Belynda Fay Adkins Collaborative Learning: a Discussion of its Uses and Methods of Incorporation into the College Composition Classroom 2003
1219 Salvatierra, David J Academic Self-Concept and Academic Achievement in Rural Hispanic Students 2003
1220 Fowler, Bradley Morgan Dream Meditations for Orchestra 2004
1221 Kuehnle, E. Eilene Diary in a White Room: Anne Frank Rewriting Herself and the Reality of Identity Construction when Private Writing Goes Public 2004
1222 Yan, Li A Comparison of Self-Esteem and Adjustment among New Arriving International Students and International Students who have been in U. S. A. more than One Year 2004
1223 Luensmann, Peggy S Ectoparasites of a North Central Missouri Bat Community 2004
1224 Martin, Christine "And For Ever Round the Marble Shoulders:" Intimations of Transcendence in Jacob's Room 2004
1225 Metcalf, Kelly Genie How Family Functioning Perpetuates Adolescent Peer Selection and Subsequent Deviant Behavior 2004
1226 Phadke, Leena D The Relationship between Achievement Goal Orientation and Level of Participation in Extracurricular Activities among High School Students 2004
1227 Preiss, Kathryn Louise The Effects of Exercise on College Students' Experience of Anxiety 2004
1228 Silva, Michael The Effects of Humor on the Perception of Tragedy 2004
1229 Sonderman, Theresa L The Influence of First Language Phonology on Second Language Spelling 2003
1230 Tumminia, Eric Rivers, Hills, and Punk Rock 2004
1231 Barhorst, Thomas William Integrating Delayed Gratification into Elementary Classroom Guidance 2003
1232 Buss, Jessica Challenging Authority through Narration: A Study of the works of Jane Austen and Kate Chopin 2004
1233 Dunham, Cheri Lynette Optimization of a Mixed Culture System for Microglia and Neurons using Immortalized Cell Lines 2004
1234 O'Brien, Sean Survivor: Creating Identity Through Self-Destruction 2004
1235 Owens, Andrea L The Relationship Between Administrators' Perceptions of Expanding School Counselor Roles and School Counselor Incentives 2004
1236 Schlueter, Susan Bartels Efficacy of an Attendance Policy for a Career Education Center 2004
1237 Bertel, Stephanie Nicole Hand-Over-Hand Manipulation Versus Modeling: A Comparison of Two Methods of Training American Sign Language to Hearing Infants 2004
1238 Fowler, Megan M The Relationship of Apathy and Known Characteristics as predictors of High School Dropouts 2004
1239 Gates, Amy L Two Nations in Thy Womb: Jacob and Esau in William Blake's America: A Prophecy 2004
1240 Li, Haihong Selected Translations from Island of Briar by An Ni Bao Bei 2004
1241 Suddarth, Rachael Gender and Narration: Are Differences Discernable? 2004
1242 Bailey, Sarah M Parent Participation in Early Childhood Assessment 2005
1243 Crowe, Melody The Impact of Divorce on Children: An Issue of Family Structure or Dynamic 2005
1244 Easley, Rhonda Suzanne A Positivist Aesthetic in George Eliot's Life and Literary Work Middlemarch 2005
1245 Hahn, Kasye Confidence and Narrative Unrealiability in Melville and Twain 2005
1246 Hoppis, Elizabeth Ellen The Impact of Advisor Involvement on Student Organization Success 2005
1247 Kuhnline, Dana The Moon Looked Like the Moon 2005
1248 Lemp, Mariana Perceptions of the Elderly Among Counselors-in-Training 2005
1249 McKenzie, Deborah D The  Effects of Administrative Support and Leadership Style on School Counselors' Job Satisfaction 2005
1250 Randoll, Jill M Ethnic Minority and Majority Populations' Number of Sessions, Dropout Rates, and Presenting Problems at a University Counseling Center 2005
1251 Rogers, Edward L Explaining Satan: An Examination of Neo-Christian Criticism of John Milton's Paradise Lost 2005
1252 Rosenfield, Lauren Towards a River Theory 2005
1253 Sucher, Kathryn Anne The Effects of Syntactic Complexity and Stage of Disease on Language Comprehension in Persons with Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type 2005
1254 Whitworth, Jim Blackbird and Wildcat 2005
1255 Carey, Kristine M Effects of Childhood Family Environment on Marital Attitudes 2005
1256 Bell, Maureen M The Effect of Client Physical Attractiveness on Counselor Perception of Mental Health 2005
1257 Cooper, Shawna A Effects of Forest Management on Hantavirus Seroprevalence in Permyscus Leucopus of Northeast Missouri 2005
1258 O'Brien, Katherine A Gilbert Exploring the Self Through Multigenre Writing 2005
1259 Goggin, Deborah Jane Austen's Villains 2006
1260 Weiss, Jacqueline E Cloning and Tissue Expression Studies of a Kanad14-Like Gene from Zea Mays 2005
1261 Frushour, Theodore Turtle Murmurs 2005
1262 Katz, Rachel How Management Affects Grassland Birds on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Fields in Northeast Missouri 2005
1263 Koch, Beth K Homosexual Discrimination in the Schools: Recognizing the Need for Better Trained Professionals in Education 2005
1264 Newland, David C Issues Surrounding the Addition of Minor Children to Life Leases at Isle Royale National Park 2005
1265 Ruecker, Todd Understanding and Improving the Success of Peer Review Involving Native and Non-native Speakers of English 2005
1266 Wheat, David L Jr Decoding Contemporary Theories of Militarism Through Science Fiction 2005
1267 Bast, Matthew D Prey Selection within a Southeastern Missouri Bat Community 2006
1268 Bausch, Matthew H German Doctrine of Command and Control and the Myth of Blitzkrieg: 1857-1941 2006
1269 Kremer, Nicholas T The Liberator 2006
1270 Lekich, Nicole The Relationship Between Academic Motivation, Self-esteem, and Academic Procrastination in College Students 2006
1271 Lemmer, Joshua How the Catholic Church Influences Views of Homosexuality Among its Members: A Study 2006
1272 McBride, Jason Ezard OCD and GPA: The Relationship Between Subclinical Obsessive Compulsive Traits and Grade Point Average in a College Sample 2006
1273 Muedeking, Shannon First-year Student Perceptions of Academic Advising at Truman State University 2006
1274 Niemeyer, Brenda L Moral Development and Self-esteem 2006
1275 Pletcher, Diane E Psychological Birth Order, Academic Achievement and Affiliation Tendencies in College Undergraduates 2006
1276 Pringle, Jennifer Rural Elementary Children and Self-perception as a Bully or Victim in Relationship to Demographic and Self-perceived Variables 2006
1277 Scalise, Dominick Anthony Analyzing Premature Termination: Differences Among Factors at a University Counseling Center 2006
1278 Slaten, Christopher D The Effect of Parenting Style and Family Structure on Academic Achievement in Adolescents that Live in a Rural Setting 2006
1279 Smith, David Monstrous Love in John Gardner's Grendel 2006
1280 Thomas, Pamela S An Examination of Program Redesign in Missouri's Early Intervention Program, First Steps 2006
1281 Useted, Thomas A Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before 2006
1282 Van Bebber, Michael The Celestial Sphere 2006
1283 Vines, Johnny "The Kings of Cool" and Other Causes for Concern 2006
1284 Coate, Daniel Lexical Borrowing in Swahili from Arabic 2006
1285 Edwards, Dawn B Habitat Suitability Models Using Autologistic Regression for the Rare Missouri Bladder-pod (Lesquerella Filiformis) 2006
1286 Frederick, Katherine H Phylogenetic Structure of Katydid (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) Communities in Northeast Missouri Grasslands 2006
1287 Siegel, Ashley Lynn Chronic NF-KB Inhibition Improves the Functional Ability of MDX Mice and the Morphology of the MDX Triangularis Sterni (TS) Muscle 2006
1288 Spencer, Christopher Ryan Isolation and Molecular Characterization of Two Fasciata1 Paralogs in the Genus Zea 2006
1289 Bauer, Stephanie Michelle A Poet's Notebook: Possibilities and Explorations in Writing Poetry 2006
1290 Stokes, Pam The Winter is Past 2006
1291 Chapman, Tabitha Expecting Normal: Finding a Family's Special Needs 2007
1292 Houlahan, Michael Joseph The Relationship Between College Student Alcohol Use and Student Involvement Behaviors 2006
1293 Hughes, Kiley Tales of the Young and Portable 2007
1294 Mayhan, Maggie Isabella Bird: Liminal Performances 2007
1295 Arant, Jessica E A Heaven in Hell's Despair, A Hell in Heaven's Despite: The Effect of Manic-depression on William Blake's Poetic Philosophy 2007
1296 Barbarick, Jamie M The Social and Educational Perceptions of Adults and Children Based on Reading Prosody and Accuracy 2007
1297 Lumsden, Beth Ann The Relationship Between Fourth and Fifth Grade Students Involved in Extracurricular Activities and Their Level of Self-esteem and Academic Achievement 2006
1298 Cooper, Sean Category and Mind: The Catalogue Genre in Robinson Crusoe 2008
1299 Heist, Meredith A Ghost Bride: Bertha Mason's Story 2008
1300 King, Eric Sick Puppies: The Ecotage Works of Edward Abbey and Carl Hiaasen 2008
1301 Mallory, Karie Marie Monsters and Magic 2008
1302 Miles, Matthew Thomas The Effects of Pyrrolidine Dithocarbamate and Ouabain on the Resting Membrane Potential and Intracellular Sodium of Dystrophic (MDX) Muscle Fibers 2008
1303 Onoda, Minori My Wish: Discovering Oneself Through Acquiring and Teaching a Second Language Using an "Outside" View 2008
1304 Phillips, Cassandra P Roots of a Nomad: A Collection of Prose and Poetry 2008
1305 Moore, Levi C Just Fiction 2008
1306 Buffaloe, Crystal Leigh Examining the Taboo in Young Adult Literature: Teens and Teachers Look at the 2000-2007 Printz Awards 2008
1307 Caffey, Lauren The Effect of Book Genre on Complex Language Use During Shared Storybook Interactions 2008
1308 Kuhns, Todd Eating with the Phamily 2008
1309 Lawinger, Jonathan Confessions of a Subclinical Crazy: Glimpses into a Reasonably Irrational Mind 2008
1310 Warner, Andrew M P.S. Dead Baby Jokes Aren't Funny: The Grotesque in Sick Humor 2008
1311 Wright, Jeffrey D Home Range Size and Body Mass Differences of Virginia Opossums (Didelphis Virginiana) Living in Urban and Rural Environments 2008
1312 Althoff, Harry Playing House: Gothicism, Postmodernism, and the Internet in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves 2009
1313 Carvajal, Heather It's Still a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird: A Critical Assessment of To Kill a Mockingbird 2009
1314 Collins, Alex Alandor or Zerlye: After the Betrayal 2007
1315 Rebers, Timothy James Worth the Wait: A Comic Opera in One Scene 2009
1316 Rooks, Aaron Cult Fiction: A Sociological Reading of The Origin of the Brunists 2009
1317 Sack, Tamara Ann 'Over the River' and Other Essays 2009
1318 Sileo, Paul The Gates 2009
1319 Bauer, Elizabeth Rejecting Journalistic Slant and Artistic Misrepresentations: Aesthetics of Violence in Pat Barker's Double Vision 2009
1320 Baumann, Joseph Reversed Polarity: Meditations on Disability 2008
1321 Becker, Kevin Phillip Glaubensbekenntnis: A Choral Work Based on a Fourteenth Century Plainchant 2008
1322 Helbig, Lauren Jane Austen and Female Education: Dismantling the Naturalness of Femininity and Arguments Against Educating Women 2008
1323 Limbaugh, Julie Rounding Corners 2006
1324 Pounds, Deborah L Joanne Musical Excerpts from Rahab 2007
1325 Schweizer, Amy An Analytical and Personal Vision of Art and Life in Willa Cather's Fiction 2009

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