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Masters Theses, 2010-Current

Thesis Number Author Title Year
1326 Baskin, Jason PA QUA: a composition for percussion quintet based on the "I Ching" 2010
1327 Czahor, Alexandra Native and Nonnative speakers' perception of syllable initial voiced stop consonants in three contexts: non-manipulated, edited to remove vot and edited to remove formant transitions 2010
1328 Kempf, Rachel Scary New Year 2010
1329 Lecaque, Thomas "Everything made by hand perishes": the cycle of entropy in Wace's Roman De Brut 2010
1330 Linneman, Talia Understanding patchwriting and unintentional plagiarism by English language learners 2010
1331 Miller, Lisa C. Under the table 2010
1332 Murdock, Emily Jo Food, Catholics, and Prostitute Walks: stories of my family 2010
1333 Siegel, Eugenia Ann Stereotypical or atypical? The portrayal of the governess in Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the Screw 2010
1334 Sivia, Crystal Death and a wedding planner 2010
1335 Toti, Nick Poor white trash: contextualizing an American movie monster 2010
1336 Cardwell, Justin Effects of methamphetamine addiction and withdrawal on serotonin receptor activity 2010
1337 Dallas, Tad An examination of variation in dermacentor variabilis burdens within and between host species 2010
1338 King, Chelle Establishing C. elegans as a model for neural tube defects 2010
1339 Snider, Cynthia Elaine Women and war: negotiating the interstitial spaces between gender and nation in Tahmima Anam's A Golden Age 2010
1340 Cline, Franklin K.R. Nothing Useful 2011
1341 Felzke, Matt Gay Manhood: coming to in my own coming-out narrative 2011
1342 Freese, John Richard III Raijin: Thunder Runner a composition for orchestra 2011
1343 Hurt, Tracey Out of the habit, into the field: a reflection on a conscious existence 2011
1344 Martinson, Benjamin calumet, michigan: 1913 an original composition for flute, bassoon, piano, violin & cello 2011
1345 Moore, Ted Subduing Silence 2011
1346 Silvey, Patrick "I'm Just Jewish...": defining Judaism in Bernard Malamud's The Magic Barrel and Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus and Five Short Stories 2011
1347 Wallace, Vincent Algert Steel City Sketches: an original composition for percussion orchestra 2011
1348 Kling, Grant Moments Gained 2011
1349 Folkerts, Megan L. Glucose-induced resistance and gene expression in irradiated Escherichia Coli 2011
1350 Mehmert, Rebecca J. Cramer Adaptation to college life as it relates to hometown population 2010
1351 Hilliard, Margaret Assessing the effectiveness of a counseling training program in a communication sciences and disorders practicum experience 2012
1352 Howard, Stephanie Better to be dead than poor 2012
1353 Johns, Matt All roads lead to the end: an analysis of apocalyptic agency 2011
1354 Jones, Karianne Between texts: towards post-modern feminist publics 2012
1355 Meyer, Anthony J. "It is the belief and not the god that counts": addiction, embodiment and infinite jest 2012
1356 Mueller, Georgia Underwater submergence survival of the tick Dermacentor Variabilis, Amblyomma Americanum, and Rhipicephalus Sanguineus 2012
1357 Perkins, Kasey The Universe in Bed 2012
1358 Rader, Roberta R. A survey of the Katydid (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) species of the Maya Mountain region of Belize 2012
1359 Taylor, Julianna "Thinking Otherwise": transactional literary theory and dialogic composition theory in combined pedagogy for life preparartion 2012
1360 Worzalla, Curtis J. Excursion to Ferrara, 1595: themes on the music and life of Carlo Gesualdo 2012
1361 Kuchler, Kirstin The Effect of a voice program on teachers' awareness of potential occupational vocal hazards 2012
1362 Lecaque, Ann M. "People are not everything": an ecocritical study of E.M. Forster's novels 2012
1363 Wright, Melissa Jane Morphological clinal variation and assessment of subspecific taxonomy in boa constrictor 2012
1364 Willis, Jennifer Benner The Handmaid's Tale and Its Satirical Projection of the 1980s: Surveillance and Complicity 2013
1365 Spencer, Valerie Ray Dual Citizenship: Russian and American Cultural Contexts in the Dream Life of Sukhanov 2013
1366 Riggenbach, Dane Adam John of God 2013

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