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Communication Disorders: Theses 1995+

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1161     McNerney, Francine.  Discourse adjustments in the conversation of elderly women.  2001.

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1107     Rogers, Angela J.  The efficacy of utilizing prosthetic memory aids to facilitate communication in patience afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.  1999.

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1079     Steingraber, Jennifer Head.  Perception of sexual orientation of males based on the presence of absence of an /s/ lisp or assibilation.  1998.

1078     Roberts, Michelle Elaine.  The effect of teacher training on speech disorder identification.  1998.

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1001     Elkan, Elizabeth Deschere.  The effects of upper respiratory dysfunction on the laryngeal condition.  1995.

992       Arnold, Melissa Marie.  Evaluating the speed and accuracy of input using the HeadMaster with college-aged students. 1995.

977       Carson, Jennifer Anne.  Clinician-child interaction during computer- and non-computer- based language activities.  1995.

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