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Counseling Theses 1995-2006

1297    Lumsden, Beth Ann.  The relationship between fourth and fifth grade students involved in extracurricular activities and their level of self-esteem and academic achievement.  2006.

1280    Thomas, Pamela S.  An examination of program redesign in Missouri's early intervention program, First Steps.  2006.

1278    Slaten, Christopher D. The effect of parenting style and family structure on academic achievement in adolescents that live in a rural setting.  2006.

1277    Scalise, Dominick A.  Analyzing premature termination: differences among factors at a university counseling center.  2006.

1276    Pringle, Jennifer.  Rural elementary children and self-perception as a bully or victim in relationship to demographic and self-perceived variables.  2006.

1275    Pletcher, Diane E.  Psychological birth order, academic achievement and affiliation tendencies in college undergraduates.  2006.

1274    Niemeyer, Brenda L.  Moral development and self-esteem.  2006.

1273    Muedeking, Shannon.  First-year student perceptions of academic advising at Truman State University.  2006.

1272    McBride, Jason E.  OCD and GPA: the relationship between subclinical obsessive compulsive traits and grade point average in a college sample.  2006.

1271    Lemmer, Joshua.  How the Catholic Church influences views of homosexuality among its members: a study.  2006.

1270    Lekich, Nicole.  The relationship between academic motivation, self-esteem, and academic procrastination in college students.  2006

1263    Koch, Beth K.  Homosexual discrimination in the schools: Recognizing the need for better trained professionals in education.  2005.

1256    Bell, Maureen.  The effect of client physical attractiveness on counselor perception of mental health. 2005.

1255    Carey, Kristine M.  Effects of childhood family environment on marital attitudes.  2005.

1250    Randoll, Jill M.  Ethnic minority and majority populations' number of sessions, dropout rates, and presenting problems at a university counseling center.  2005.

1249    McKenzie, Deborah D.  The effects of administrative support and leadership style on school counselors' job satisfaction.  2005.

1248    Lemp, Mariana.  Perceptions of the elderly among counselors-in-training.   2005.

1246    Hoppis, Elizabeth Ellen. The impact of advisor involvement on student organization success.  2004.

1243    Crowe, Melody.  The impact of divorce on children: An issue of family structure or dynamic.  2005.

1238    Fowler, Megan.  The relationship of apathy and known characteristics as predictors of high school droputs.  2005.

1236    Schlueter, Susan Bartels.  Efficacy of an attendance policy for a career education center.  2004.

1235   Owens, Andrea L.  The relationship between administrators' perceptions of expanding school counselor roles and school counselor incentives.  2004.

1231    Barhorst, Thomas W.  Integrating delayed gratification into elementary classroom guidance.  2004.

1228    Silva, Michael.  The effects of humor on the perception of tragedy.  2004.

1227    Preiss, Kathryn Louise.   The effects of exercise on college students' experience of anxiety.  2004.

1226    Phadke, Leena D.  The relationship between achievement goal orientation and level of participation in extracurricular activities among high school students.  2004.

1225    Metcalf, Kelly G.  How family functioning perpetuates adolescent peer selection and subsequent deviant behavior.  2004.

1222    Yan Li.  A comparison of self-esteem and adjustment among new arriving international students and international students who have been in U.S.A. more than one year.  2004.

1219    Salvatierra, David.  Academic self-concept and academic achievement in rural Hispanic students.  2003.

1209    Thwing, Nathaniel.  Predicting students' satisfaction with peer helpers: an examination of three factors.  2003.

1208    Sonderman, John.  Athletic retirement after high school and its effects on self-concept.  2003.

1203    Orchard, Peggy.  "How do I find my place?": children's development of explanatory style and perceptions of personal control.  2003.

1199    McGill, Mallori.  Effects of childhood sexual abuse on parenting style.  2003.

1197    Hutcherson, Kelli.  White college students' racial identity development at a public liberal arts university.  2003.

1196    Hullinger, Angela.  Openness to Internet dating.  2003.

1194    Hanewinkel, Melissa.  The impact of religiosity on the attitudes, behaviors, and emotional outcomes of premarital sex among college students.  2003.

1193    Flowers, Brian.  Why students stay: a study of persistence factors.  2003.

1189    Canessa, Cyria Lucia.  A comparison of body size identification,  gender and attitudes toward the obese.  2002.

1181    Westermeier, Shannon.  The effects of age at time of parental divorce on young adult attachment style.  2002.

1179    Smith, Unity.  The effect of adolescence on self-esteem.  2002.

1178    Padberg, Paul Frederick.  Does athletic identity affect the early stages of marriage?  2002.

1176    Miller, Kristopher.  Factors contributing to the development of dyadic trust: a closer look.  2002.

1171    Kammerer, Tricia.  The effects of daycare experience and gender on college students' perceptions of the parent-child relationship.  2002.

1170   Anderson, Alexandra Kay.  Factors that influence clergy members' decisions to report or not report suspected child abuse.  2001.

1167    Waldschmidt, Erika.  A comparison of rape awareness among rural and urban populations.  2001.

1164    Smith, Lisa D.  Barriers to the utilization of counseling services in a rural population.  2001.

1162    Nickelson, Laura Elizabeth.  A comparative study of student and parent role perceptions and expected functions of the elementary and high school counselor.  2001.

1156    Donovan, Kimberly Ann.  Interpersonal dependency and eating-disordered behavior among sorority women.  2001.

1152    Laspe, Mark L.  The correlation between the perceived racism of Blacks and the actual level of racism from Whites on a predominantly White campus.  2000.

1150    Jorn, Philip Moses.  The relationship of self-efficacy, locus of control, and temporal attitude on career and major indecision.  2000.

1149    Hoskins, Wendy.  Perceptions of the roles and functions of school counselors.  2000.

1146    Dwyer, Molley Colleen.  An exploration of resiliency amongst college students: investigating the relationships amongst a measure of resilience, life stressors, social resources, and overall adjustment to college during the first year.  2000.

1141    Rumsey, Michael Dean.  The relationship between self-esteem and acceptance of others: toward an understanding of prejudice.  2000.

1140    Oehring, Rebekah Sue.  The impact of community service involvement on adjustment to college in college freshmen.  2000.

1136    Mialkowski, Janette Elaine.  Effect of family expressiveness and humor on adolescent aggression.  2000.

1132    Frankenberg, Jennifer Dawn.  Determinants of friendship selection in junior high school students.  2000.

1130    Davis, Brandon.  Effects of age, occupation, education, and years of experience on hospital employees' attitudes toward the mentally ill.  2000.

1129    Brown, Kristin A.  Paternal bonds and partner attachments of undergraduate women. 2000.

1123    Yunick, Christopher D.  The effect of parental divorce on college students: close encounters of the intimate kind?  1999.

1121     Parisi, Chad.  The effect of internet use on college student grade point average: a causal comparative study.  1999.

1119    Morgan, Shelly.  Effects of structured discussion groups on self-esteem and academic achievement of at-risk students.  1999.

1116    Lamba, Garima.  Effect of gender-role and self-efficacy on academic procrastination in college students.  1999.

1115    Kuehl, Gregg Allan.  The effect of self-esteem and learned resourcefulness on the experience and expression of anger among college students.  1999.

1114    Grissom, Christy.  Perceived paternal acceptance and rejection and the college student's self-esteem.  1999.

1105    Rischar, Heather S.  Examining the spiritual dimension of wellness as a component of life satisfaction. 1999.

1092    Troyer, Jason Michael.  Religious quest and attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help.  1998.

1089    Primm, Carolyn Louise.  Effects of character education on character-related behaviors of elementary students.  1998.

1087    Ingwell-Ziegemeier, Kara K.  Teaching experience and the school counselor: a comparative study of counselors and supervisors in secondary schools.  1998.

1086    Harlin, Kasey Marie.  A study of the attitudes and beliefs of college-aged homosexuals toward self and sexual identity.  1998.

1084    Carter, Lynn.  Relationships between residential college environment, faculty contact, and adjustment to college.  1998.

1083    Bronson, Judith Conoyer.  Changing our rape supportive culture: challenging rape myth acceptance.  1998.

1081    Van Vleck, Thomas E.  The effect of experience in counseling on client preference for counselor gender.  1998.

1075    McNamara, Heather Lynn.  Effects of treatment protocol for clients diagnosed with dual disorders in substance abuse treatment centers.  1998.

1074    Mathers, Jason Forrest.  A study of the relationship between counselor self-efficacy and occupational stressors, personal problems and personal coping strategies. 1998.

1070    Dill, Kyle Ray.  The impact of a self-esteem module on middle school students' self-esteem.  1998.

1067    Carnley, Jennifer.  Sexual desire during pregnancy.  1998.

1060    Malaska, Amy K.  Ambiguity tolerance differences among college students.  1997.

1059    Lai, Chien-Hung (Tony).  A comparison of university counselors' perceptions of gifted Asian and gifted white college students.  1997.

1055    Evanoski, Brian Scott.  The effect of gender and age on problem drinking among college students.  1997.

1054    Enders, Michael J.  The influence of the resident assistant on student satisfaction: availability and rapport as factors in perceived resident assistant effectiveness.  1997.

1053    Dickson, Ginger L.  The effects of personal counseling on the alliance ratings of counselor-trainees.  1996.

1052    Adamson, Peter Charles.  Background factors related to alcohol use among college freshmen.  1997.

1047    Smith, Laura Gayle.  An examination of personal and job factors related to student advisor burnout.  1997.

1041    Martin, Maria Carmen.  A behavioral validation study for the Brannon Masculinity Scale and the Gender Role Conflict Scale.  1997.

1038    Ems, Rebecca S.  Fear of success among first-generation college students.  1997.

1035    Shafer, Marta Lynn Mattingley.  A measure of anger scores by levels of aggression of 64 male batterers.  1996.

1033     Krutsinger, Caren L.  A study of the relationship between self-esteem and achievement.  1996.

1031    Hiscocks, Rita Ann.  The factors influencing college choice and persistence.  1996.

1026    Wickizer, Jay T.  An investigation of stigma associated with the utilization of counseling.  1996.

1025    Vega, Tamara Jacinda.  Factors associated with freshmen occupational identity and career information needs using my vocational situation and Northeast Missouri State University's student career needs assessment.  1996.

1022    Spear, Tim.  The effect of bibliotherapy on the self-esteem of the gifted child.  1996.

1014     Gustafson, Alison.  Body image ideals of African American and Caucasian college students.  1996.

1010    Brucker, Penny S.  An extended validation study on the item selection for the BEM sex role inventory.  1996.

1009    Boone, Angella S.  Counselor self-efficacy in relation to various school climate factors.  1996.

1006    Snyder, Jennifer Elizabeth.  Self-esteem in chapter one reading programs.  1995.

1004    Rowe, Roylynn Standley.  An analysis of public school professionals' appraisal of preschool assessment with regard to low achievement and learning difficulties.  1995.

1000    Bender, Jennifer Marie.  Gender and marriage role expectations as predictors of career self-efficacy and efficacy to combine career and family.  1995.

990    Sartor, Stacey Elizabeth.  Self-esteem as predictors of condom use in adolescents.  1995.

988    Reitmeyer, Todd Michael.  Intrinsic and extrinsic religiousness and manifest anxiety.  1995.

985    Plank, Shaelene Renee.  Assessment of attachment to children and adolescents and burnout in child care staff at residential treatment facilities.  1995.

979    Ginther, Kimberley Ann.  Sorority members' perceived differences between in-groups and out-groups.  1995.

976    Burns, William B.  Fair vs. equal role relations in traditional, dual-earner, and dual-career couples.  1995.

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