TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Education:  Theses 1995+

MAE case studies are kept in the Education Division Office.  The following titles are theses available in the library or online.

1350   Mehmert, Rebecca J. Cramer. Adaptation to college life as it relates to hometown population. 2010

1297    Lumsden, Beth Ann.  The relationship between fourth and fifth grade students involved
in extracurricular activities and their level of self-esteem and academic achievement. 2006.     

1292    Houlahan, Michael Joseph.  The relationship between college student alcohol use and student involvement behaviors.  2006.

1258    Gilbert O'Brien, Katherine.  Exploring the self through multigenre writing.  2005.

1184    Jackson, Jason A.  Leadership style preferences of high school baseball players in north-central Missouri.  2002.

1182    Brown, Christopher R.  The effects of a competitive high school wrestling season on five physiological components:  prediction of success. 2002

1160    Klug, Joseph H.  The use of popular film in the secondary journalism class.  2001.

1072    Hopkins, Elizabeth.  Sportsmanship attitude differences between defensive and offensive soccer players. 1998.

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