TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

English:  Theses 1995+

1346    Silvey, Patrick. "I'm just Jewish..." : defining Judaism in Bernard Malamud's The Magic Barrel and Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus and five short stories. 2011

1343    Hurt, Tracey. Out of the habit, into the field : a reflection on a conscious existence. 2011

1341    Felzke, Matt. Gay manhood : coming to in my own coming-out narrative. 2011

1340    Cline, Franklin K.R.    Nothing useful. 2011  

1339    Snider, Cynthia Elaine. Women and war : negotiating the interstitial spaces between gender and nation in Tahmima Anam's A Golden Age. 2010.

1335    Toti, Nick.  Poor white trash : contextualizing an American movie monster. 2010.

1334    Sivia, Crystal.  Death and a wedding planner. 2010.

1332    Murdock, Emily Jo.  Food, Catholics, and prostitute walks : stories of my family. 2010.

1331    Miller, Lisa C.  Under the table. 2010.

1330    Linneman, Talia.  Understanding patchwriting and unintentional plagiarism by English language learners. 2010.

1329    Lecaque, Thomas.  "Everything made by hand perishes" : the cycle of entropy in Wace's Roman de Brut. 2010

1328    Kempf, Rachel.  Scary New Year. 2010.

1325    Schweizer, Amy. An analytical and personal vision of art and life in Willa Cather's fiction. 2009.

1319    Bauer, Elizabeth. Rejecting journalistic slant and artistic misrepresentations : aesthetics of violence in Pat Barker's Double vision. 2009.

1318    Sileo Paul.  The gates. 2009.

1316    Rooks, Aaron. Cult fiction : a sociological reading of The origin of the Brunists. 2009.

1314    Collins Alex. Alandor of Zerlye : after the betrayal / by Alex Collins. 2007.

1313    Carvajal, Heather. It's still a sin to kill a mockingbird: a critical assessment of To kill a mockingbird. 2009.

1312    Althoff, Harry. Playing house: gothicism, postmodernism, and the Internet in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves. 2009

1310    Warner, Andrew M.  P.S. dead baby jokes aren't funny: the grotesque in sick humor. 2009.

1309    Lawinger, Jonathon. Confessions of a subclinical crazy: glimpses into a reasonably
             irrational mind. 2008

1308    Kuhns, Todd. Eating with the phamily. 2008

1306    Buffaloe, Crystal Leigh. Examining the taboo in young adult literature: teens and teachers
             look at the 2000-2007. Printz awards. 2008  

1305    Moore, Levi C. Just fiction. 2008

1304    Phillips, Cassandra P.  Roots of a nomad: a collection of prose and poetry. 2008

1303    Onoda, Minori  My wish: discovering oneself through acquiring and teaching a second
             language using an "outside" view. 2008

1301    Mallory, Karie Marie  Monsters and magic. 2008

1300    King, Eric  Sick puppies: the ecotage works of Edward Abbey and Carl Hiaasen. 2008

1299    Heist, Meredith  A ghost bride: Bertha Mason's story. 2008

1298    Cooper, Sean  Category and mind: the catalogue genre in Robinson Crusoe. 2008

1295    Arant, Jessica E.  A heaven in hell's despair, a hell in heaven's despite: the effect of
             manic-depression on William Blake's poetic philosophy.  2007.

1294    Mayhan, Maggie Erin.  Isabella Bird: liminal performances.  2007.

1293    Hughes, Kiley.  Tales of the young and portable.  2007.

1291    Chapman, Tabitha.  Expecting normal: finding a family's special needs.  2007.

1290    Stokes, Pam.  The winter is past.  2006.

1289    Bauer, Stephanie.  A poet's notebook: possibilities and explorations in writing poetry. 

1284    Coate, Daniel.  Lexical borrowing in Swahili from Arabic.  2006.

1283    Vines, Johnny.  "The kings of cool" and other causes for concern.  2006.

1281    Useted, Thomas A.  Stop me if you think you've heard this one before.  2006.

1279    Smith, David.  Monstrous love in John Gardener's Grendel.  2006.

1269    Kremer, Nicholas T.   The Liberator.  2006.

1266    Wheat, David L., Jr.  Decoding contemporary theories of militarism through science fiction. 

1265    Ruecker, Todd.  Understanding and improving the success of peer review involving native and non-native speakers of English.  2005.

1261    Frushour, Theodore.  Turtle murmurs.  2005.

1259    Goggin, Deborah.  Jane Austen's villains.  2005

1254    Whitworth, Jim.  Blackbird and wildcat.  2005.

1252    Rosenfield, Lauren.  Towards a river theory.  2005.

1251    Rogers, Edward L.  Explaining Satan: an examination of neo-Christian criticism of John Milton's Paradise lost. 2005.

1247    Kuhnline, Dana. The moon looked like the moon.  2005.

1245    Hahn, Kasye.  Confidence and narrative unreliability in Melville and Twain.  2005.

1244    Easley, Rhonda Suzanne.  A positivistic aesthetic in George Eliot's life and literary work, Middlemarch.  2005.

1240    Li, Haihong.  Selected translations from Island of Briar by An Ni Bao Bei.  2004.

1234    O'Brien, Sean.  Survivor: Creating identity through self-destruction.  2004.

1232    Buss, Jessica.  Challenging authority through narration: a study of the works of Jane Austen and Kate Chopin.  2004.

1230    Tumminia, Eric.  Rivers, hills, and punk rock.  2004.

1224    Martin, Christine.  "And for ever round the marble shoulders:" intimations of transcendence in Jacob's Room.  2004.

1221    Kuehnle, E. Eilene.  Diary in a white room:  Anne Frank rewriting herself and the reality of identity construction when private writing goes public.  2004.

1218    Miller, Belynda.  Collaborative learning: a discussion of its uses and methods of incorporation into the college composition classroom.  2003.

1216    Davison, Jane Ellen.  Mortal and divine trajectories: wayfinding the incarnate.  2003

1213    Neal, Todd.  From boys to angels: a performative three-stage social understanding of sexual identity in post-Stonewall gay men's dramatic literature.  2003

1211    Highland, Karen R.  Collaborative talk-write: a composition pedagogy.  2003.

1210    Davis, Matthew.  Five stories: a sequence.  2003.

1206    Schroeder, Beth.  Freedom through renegotiation: the marriage contracts of Margery Kempe.  2003.

1205    Reside, Douglas.  A literary approach to musical theater.  2003.

1204    Pionke, Katharine.  Michael Field: got God?  2003.

1202    Nelson, Susan.  Chaos theory and the navigation of Salman Rushdie"s Midnight's children.  2003.

1195    Lineberry, Kenneth W.  Cadence calls: military folklore in motion.  2003.

1192    Bowden, Allison Marie.  Mixing cultures and creative techniques: social commentary in Okot P'Bitek's Song of Lawino.  2003.

1186    Tucker-Potter, Stacy.  On both sides of the big desk: duality in the graduate teaching experience.  2002.

1185    LeMaster, Christy Ann.  Standing up for Shakespeare: moving toward a pedagogy of embodiment.  2002.

1183    Heitmann, Andrew G.  "This little span of life": the reader's Sentimental Journey.  2002

1180    Standley, Gracie.  Life dialogues.  2002.

1175    Marcus, Jennifer Lee.  Border crossing and other poems.  2002.

1174    Maag, Andrea.  Transitional orality among children:  theory and field observation.  2002.

1173    Ludwig, Al.  Lions in glass houses.  2002.

1166    Sokolov, Rachel Anne.  Confession, gender and power in The French Lieutenant's Woman.  2001.

1158    Jones, Dan.  Aesthetic theory and practice.  2001.

1157    Hatala, Jennifer Creer.  Dust in its infinite lightness.  2001.

1155    Cross, Regina Alice.  Femininity and Stephen King's Dark Tower series.  2001.

1154.  Bryan, Rebecca Anne.  The power of language: linguistics in a liberatory composition classroom. 2001.

1153    Graff, Leslie Dale.  The incessant zigzag pattern: hypertest, Italo Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium, and association thought.  2000.

1151    Kopitske, Karl J.  Seeking the value of transgression:  William S. Burrough's and kirstevan abjection.  2000.

1139    Moss, Melissa Christine.  Women's corporeality and discourse: challenging phallocentric ideology with sporting bodies.  2000.

1135    McElwee, David Robert.  The end.  2000.

1134    Kuehnle, Karen Anne.  Negotiating representation of difference: A cultural studies approach to the first-year composition classroom.  2000.

1133    Jennings, Brian Clifton.  Open wide: identity and the abject in selected works of Julio Cortazar.  2000.

1131    Farris, Jennifer.  Gender roles in Elizabeth Cary's The Tragedy of Mariam.  2000.

1126    Novac, Natalia.  All that's left of flowers.  1999.

1122    Qualls, Melissa Ann.  A sojourn through madness in The Embroidered Shoes of Can Xue.  1999.

1120    Nelson, Matthew Bruce.  Insense.  1999.

1118    Merrell, Valerie Jane Brown.  The culinary magician.  1999.

1112    Casady, Tamara Clark.  Fostering resiliency in the English classroom.  1999.

1109    Wagner, Gretchen.  Emaciation proclamation.  1999.

1104    Wiebers-Mitchell, Lissa Beth.  Technology and writing centers: implementing change.   1999.

1102    Houser, Richard McCormick.   Autonomy versus determinism in Anglo-Saxon literature.  1999.

1101    Heaton, David P.  Unmasking Los Angeles:  Philip Marlow as Raymond Chandler's agent of truth.

1099    Davey, Jason A.  Narcia.  1999.

1098    Carlson, Evelyn Marie.  Winter blossoms.  1999.

1096    Smith, Mary Jane Walker.  A concatenation of ephemeralities.  1998.

1094    Ball, Marcia Sue Ryan.  Mutton Ridge Indians.  1998.

1091    Slubowski, Henry F., Jr.  Coming out and coming into an identity: a structural analysis of the coming out story.  1998.

1077    Ratcliff, Robyn E.  From shepherds (or: "You might be the 100th monkey"): the role of children in nuclear discourse.  1998.

1068    Chepurnov, Dennis.  Red stars.  1998.

1064    Imgarten, Carla S.  Glimpses into the heartland.  1997.

1062    Courtney, Dena Kay.  The Bible as literature:  A comparative study of the book of Job.  1997.

1058    Farnsworth Kirk, Susan.  A "writer's grammar:" a pathway into academic discourse for basic writers.  1997.

1045    Sahaida, Peggy E.  Forging new paths: Willa Cather's female pioneering artist.  1997

1044    Price, Kathryn A.  Imago: Male fantasists and the myth of womanhood from George MacDonald to Charles De Lint.  1997.

1042    Morris, Robert-John Gerard.  Breaking the chains:  Portrayals of history and politics in selected works of James Joyce.  1997.

1034    Ludtke, Scott C.  Exploring a technological dialectic:  Effects of computer use on essay writing in scored essays from the sophomore writing experience.  1996.

1032    Hohertz, Melissa A.  Reassessing Jane Austen's agenda: Understanding the anger in Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Persuasion.  1996.

1029    Daubert, Douglas Alan.  Snapshots and stories: the Farringtons of northeast Missouri.  1996.

1024    Terry, Michael.  The narrative journey: reading as a sacred and therapeutic activity.  1996.

1021    Smith, Scott Thompson.  Lying in a bed of abjection: a critical reading of Thomas' Tristan.  1996.

1018    Knudson, Candace Faith Latvala.  Living language:  vitalinguatextum resonances between Beowulf and the Kalevala.  1996.

1016    Kain, Donna J.  H.D.: The waking dream beetween us.  1996.

1013    Bryson, Michael.  Reclaiming the self: transcending the fragmentation of the individual subject in literature from the Bhagavad Gita to Wise blood.  1996.

1012    Bryson, Denise M.  Spaces between the ties.  1996.

1008    Armstrong, Bryant Dale.  Vietnam literature and the literary canon: the canonicity of Tim O'Brien's Going after Caccicato.  1996.

1005    Rudd, Elsie I.  Out of the abyss:  Adam's soliloquy and choices in Paradise Lost.  1995.

1002    Justice, Marjorie Ann.  Orality, literacy, and the elctronic age in Louise Erdrich's fiction.  1995.

999      Wilson, Kristin Bailey.  Chigger hill.  1995.

998     Todd, Sherry Galloway.  Hope full choices.  1995.

997     Taylor, Timothy N.  Reflections of sports in Updike's Rabbit tetralogy.  1995.

995     O'Connor, Mark Edward.  Rising from the ashes.  1995.

994     Davisson, Katrina A.  My grandma died six times.  1995.

991     Williams, Nathaniel.  Afflicted by wishes: a collection of short fiction.  1995.

989     Rolands, Tim.  Keeping records.  1995.

986     Rap, Lynelle Kathleen.  Journeys within the new Russia.  1995.

981     Holcomb, Jack.  The oobie box.  1995.

980     Goad, Angela L.  The Zen truth in J.D. Salinger:  "It's very hard to meditate and live a spiritual life in America." 1995.

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