TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

History:  Theses 1995-2006

1268    Bausch, Matthew H.  German doctrine of command and control and the myth of blitzkrieg, 1857-1941.  2006.

1264    Newland, David C.  Issues surrounding the addition of minor children to life leases at Isle Royale National Park. 2005.

1201    Murphy, Wynona Winters.  Chilocco: health conditions at a Native American boarding school, 1884-1930.  2003.

1172    Kusiak, Frank J.  Virtual historiography: How history is presented in entertainment based computer games.  2002. 

1169    Schippers, Julie Kathleen.  The evolution of African American consciousness in 1917: The Black press's response to the East St. Louis riot.  2001.

1159    Kasper, Warren Edward.  Thomas Hutchins and the federal frontier.  2001.

1142    Scherrer, Tim Allen.  The citizen's band radio and American culture.  2000.

1127    Stull, Kenneth Lee.  A comparative study of religious violence in frontier America. 1999.

1090    Ruark, Dawn Alicia.  German immigrants in Rock Township, Jefferson County, Missouri, prior to the Civil War.  1998.

1085    DeWitt, Petra.  Fighting the Kaiser at home: anti-German sentiment in Missouri during World War I.  1998.

1065    Mallett, Derek R.  'They were just people like we were': World War II German and Italian prisoners of war in Missouri.  1997.

1056    Fetrow, Aaron L.  Germination of a southern seed: the 1920s Indiana Klan.  1997.

1039    Hakala, Christian.  The greatest nation's greatest playground: building a community through sports in Eveleth, Minnesota, 1919-1929.  1997.

1023    Stahl, Edward B.  St. Louis socialists in the Missouri election of 1992.  1996.

1007    White, Jill Gentry.  Of the same opinion still: the continuity of southern elite ideology, 1850-1880.  1995.

987      Reeves, Brian Randal.  Roland H. Bainton: The historian as social activist.  1995.

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