TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Music: Theses 1995+

1347    Wallace, Vincent Algert. Steel city sketches : an original composition for percussion orchestra. 2011

1345    Moore, Ted. Subduing silence. 2011

1344    Martinson, Benjamin. calumet, michigan, 1913 : an original composition for flute, bassoon, piano, violin & cello. 2011.

1342    Freese, John Richard, III.  Raijin, thunder runner : a composition for orchestra. 2011

1333    Siegel, Eugenia Ann.   Stereotypical or atypical? : the portrayal of the governess in Benjamin Britten's 'The Turn of the Screw'. 2010

1326    Baskin, Jason.   Pa qua : a composition for percussion quintet based on the 'I ching'. 2010

1315    Rebers, Timothy James. Worth the wait : a comic opera in one scene. 2009

1282    Van Bebber, Michael.  The Celestial sphere.  2006.

1220    Fowler, Bradley Morgan.  Dream meditations for orchestra.  2004.

1125    McKamie, Shirley Krug.  Three Cubist potraits: an examination of the related aspects of time manipulation and amorality within Gertrude Stein's word portrait "Picasso" (1909), Pablo Picasso's Portrait of Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler (1910), and Igor Stravinsky's Portrait of a Peasant Bride in the first tableau of Les Noces (1917).  1999.

1108    Turner, Joseph Edward.  Chorales and fanfares for wind ensemble.  1999.

1050    Weckerley, Jon Cameron.  Fear: Part1 a musical composition for tenor, oboe, basson, piano.  1997.

1015    Johnson, Aaron Edward.  Movement for orchestra.  1996.

1049    Tripp, Holly A.Mumford.  "I alone remain:" song cycle for flute, tenor.  1997.

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