TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY Pickler Memorial Library Truman State University

Pickler Library Alert!

Do you want to know when the library receives…..
              New books on Egypt?   ...     presidential elections?   ...   bioengineered food?
              New videos on Islam? ...   China?  ... adopted children?                               
              Latest novels by John Grisham?  ...   Tom Clancy?   

You can perform searches in the Library Catalog, and save them to be matched against new items received in the Library’s collection. 

Here’s how to set up your profile.

1.  Click on   My Library Account   on the Library’s Home Page

            Type your first name.  Tab to the next box.
            Type your University ID# (your Banner number with leading zeros).  Add tsu               
                                    Example:  000012345tsu

            Enter your PIN. (You will have to create a PIN if this is the first time logging into your library account)
            Click on SUBMIT.

2.   Click on Search the Catalog
Choose Truman.
            Perform the search you want to save.  See search examples below.

3.  Click on Save searches?    


4.  Click on Patron Record

5.  Click on   Preferred searches                                                

6.  Mark the box Mark for Email

7.  Click on Update List

You can save up to 10 searches.  These can be author, subject, title, or keyword searches.
On Mondays you will be alerted by email of any recently received titles that match your saved searches.


Search examples 

Author Searches:

Click on Author—Type author’s last name first.
            Example:   grisham john

Keyword Searches:

Click on Keyword—Create your search using all possible synonyms.
            Examples:   middle east or iraq or iran or israel or palestin* or kuwait or lebanon
                                 (capital punishment or death penalty) and (laws or legal*)
                                 food and (genetic* or bioengineer* or biotech*)

         Note:  Use the asterisk to find all forms of the word (genetic*=genetic, genetics, genetically)

Only Videos,  Only CD’s, etc.

On the main search page, select the Keyword Guided Search. 
Use the Material Format box to limit to a particular format.  If you want only videos or DVDs, you would limit to VIDEOS/FILMS.
If you want to save a search for  jazz CD’s, you would create a search like the one in the box.  After you save it, you would be notified  whenever the Library receives new jazz CD's.

Keyword Search

Type the WORD(S) you want, select OPTIONS
and click on SEARCH:

Language of Work:                         Search and Sort: 
                                        Material Format:


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