Standard Atlas of Adair County Missouri. Chicago: Geo. A. Ogle & Co., 1898.

“Portrait Department”

These are the portraits of subscribers that were submitted for publication in the 1898 atlas.  Please Note: Only the photographs with each subject's address, occupation and year of arrival in the county appear in the Atlas. The biographical sketches have been compiled from other secondary sources (see below).  They may not be complete or totally accurate and are therefore subject to update or correction.

Residents of Kirksville

William Thomas Baird
Conrad Bornemann
John Calvin Carothers
Michael G Clem
Solomon Conder
Josiah W Davis
James Montgomery DeFrance
George W Denniston
Andrew Ellison
George E Englehart
William Fred Englehart
William Henry Foncanon
John W & Sarah Gill
Peyton Foster Greenwood
Charles A Hamilton
Warren Burton Hamilton
Arthur G Hildreth
Samuel M Link
John M McCall
John H Morris
William S Murphy
Arthur Patterson
John L Porter
Philip Joseph Rieger
Richard Major Ringo
Clarence A Robinson
Andrew Taylor Still
Harry Mix Still
Thomas E Sublette
Jesse Coleman Thatcher
Brashear Gibbs
James Hanks, MD
Robert L Milstead
OC Sands
Lou E & Junetta Schoene
Morris B Sherwood
CH Conner, MD
Frank W Gibbs
Lindersville Millard
Michael Weber Rufus J Richey
Mulberry Nind
August & Carrie Bell Culler  
William & Emaline Culler
George W & Mary J Novinger
Valentine Williams, MD
Shibley's Point Stahl
Peter Darr
John W Shibley
Lemuel P Shibley
James A Branaman
Benjamin R Virden
Wilson  Wilmathsville
Warner & Angelina Hanks  Samuel F Shoop

Elsewhere in the County

Luke W & Clara Balch  
David Barnhill
Benjamin F Bragg
Edward W & Eliza J Buck  
John W & Elizabeth Burns  
Henry & Charlotte Capps
Emma Chapman
Thomas Christian
James J Clark
William W & Martha E Clark
Daniel J & Alice Elizabeth Clarkson
Joseph E & Mary Frances Clem
James Cole
Benjamin M Dawdy
John F Eitel
Alec C & Margaret Farr
Thomas W Fickel
Aseph Wells Gates
Francis M & Eva M Gilliland
Samuel J & Nancy A Hagans
Benjamin F & Elizabeth Hall
Edward P Homes
George W & Louisa Keller
Albert H Latham
William P & Nancy Jane Linder
Oran E  & Mattie A Long

Lafayette & Anna Lorton
John & Armilda Lowe
William & Elizabeth McPhetridge 
James T Mikel
Peter H & Susana More 
William H Morelock
Joseph & Carrie E Motter 
George & Frances Nicholas
Hiram & Sarah Novinger
John F & Hester A Novinger
Samuel A Novinger
John H Nupnau
John Henry Osborn
Ephraim & Marietta Parsons
John Patterson
Peter O Paulson
George T & Margaret Platz
Robert Propst
John Sadler
Albert L Smith
Hiram Snyder
Frank Spitzer

Joseph N & Minta E Stuckey
Eli & Mary Swisher
Daniel W Tuttle
David J & Josephine A Wharton Robert J Wilson
Chester & Margaret Woods



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