The Kirksville Mercantile College and Writing Institute
200 Block E Washington
Kirksville, MO

Thirteenth Annual Catalogue of the Kirksville Mercantile College and Writing Institute, 1892-93. Kirksville: Journal Printing Co, 1893.


Student Roster, 1892-93
**1892-93 Graduates

Students can enter at any time, as our system of individual instruction is adopted in all branches. Each pupil is independent of the other.  Time required to complete the course depends much on the natural ability and previous training of the student but ordinarily the Business Course can be completed with good and satisfactory results to all concerned in from six to eight months.

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  Name Home Address Courses in Which Enrolled
  Agee, Letah Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Alexander, John Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Ammerman, W J Kirksville, MO Business
  Andrews, Luther Lancaster, MO Penmanship
  Ashlock, Hugh Thomas Kirksville, MO Business
  Atteberry, Elmer Kirksville, MO Business
  Ayers, W E Atlanta, MO Penmanship
  Bachtel, Emma Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Bachtel, Maggie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Bailey, Claud Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Barbee, Ione Kirksville, MO Business
** Barnes, C F Mexico, MO Business
  Barrett, G M Memphis, MO Penmanship
  Barrows, O P Wilson, MO Penmanship
  Baum, Nathan Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Beeman, W A Kirksville, MO Business
  Begole, W A Gibbs, MO Business
** Bernard, Alta Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Berry, Grant W Sperry, MO Business; Penmanship
  Berry, Lee Fairport, MO Penmanship
  Bounds, Celeste Nashville, TN Penmanship
  Bounds, Ed H Kirksville, MO Business
** Bowman, J C Brashear, MO Business; Penmanship
  Bradley, C S Goldsberry, MO Penmanship
  Breckinridge, J C Palmyra, MO Business
  Brigham, E T Kirksville, MO Shorthand & Typing
  Brown, Winnie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Bruner, John Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Buchanan, C C Kirksville, MO Business
  Buford, Lewis Monticello, MO Penmanship
  Campbell, E M Pure Air, MO Business; Telegraphy; Penmanship
  Cannon, George C Edina, MO Telegraphy
  Carothers, M Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Carter, John M Wilmathville, MO Telegraphy; Penmanship
  Cason, Rosa Kirksville, MO Business
  Chappell, Florence Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Chappell, George Kirksville, MO Penmanship
** Chappell, R W La Belle, MO Business
  Church, John L Brashear, MO Business
  Clark, Bessie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Clark, J P Whitesville, MO Penmanship
** Cleeton, Z A Sticklerville, MO Business
  Cole, Myrtle Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Cole, Willie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Coleman, C O Edina, MO Business
  Coleman, H S Colony, MO Business
  Cook, Ernest Taylor, MO Business
  Cook, Isaac Mound City, MO Business
  Cornelieus, C W Kirksville, MO Business
  Craig, Leona Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Crawford, J W Gibbs, MO Business
  Cripps, D A Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Cripps, D O Queen City, MO Business
  Cripps, Pearl Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Curtis, Etta Billmore, MO Penmanship
  Curtis, G C Billmore, MO Penmanship
  Curtis, H A Billmore, MO Shorthand & Typing
** Curtis, Lillian E Manhattan, MT Shorthand & Typing; Penmanship
  Daniels, J F Queen City, MO Telegraphy
  Dearing, A C Greentop, MO Business
  Deaton, Rosa [not recorded] Business
  Demit, Mollie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Dickerson, J G La Plata, MO Business
  Dodson, Norma Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Eckert, Ed Kirksville, MO Business
  Anna Edmonson Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Elsea, Lucy Kirksville, MO Business
  Evans, E A Ethel, MO Penmanship
  Ewing, Minnie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Flack, W O Lewiston, MO Telegraphy; Penmanship
  Foncannon, Nannie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Ford, A P Kirksville, MO Business
  French, Evins B Kirksville, MO Business
  Gash, John Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Gilbreath, N C Love Lake, Mo Penmanship
  Gillum, O N Shibley's Point, MO Business
** Glenn, Marguerite Kirksville, MO Shorthand & Typing; Penmanship
  Glenn, Sattie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
** Graham, C H Queen City, MO Business
  Grant, W M Millard, MO Business
  Green, Emery Edina, MO Penmanship
  Green, Everett Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Green, Nannie Lathrop, MO Penmanship
** Gridley, A H Kirksville, MO Businss
  Griffith, Anna New Cambria, MO Penmanship
  Hale, Laura Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Hall, W W Kirksville, MO Business
  Haller, C W Kirksville, MO Business
  Haller, Julia Portland, OR Penmanship
  Hamilton, Ella Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Hannah, Hubert Kirksville, MO Business
  Harlan, Hallie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
** Hassank, Ara Kirksville, MO Business
  Hendricks, J M Kirksville, MO Business
  Henry, Clifford E Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Herndon, Lizzie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Hodge, Ida La Plata, MO Business
  Hogan, Gertie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Holman, Martha Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Howard, Earnest Kirksville, MO Business
  Ilgenfritz, Melvin Kirksville, MO Business
  Ivie, Horace Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Jackson, Emma Kirksville, MO Business
  Jackson, Omer Queen City, MO Business
  Johnson, Etta Kirksville, MO Business
  Johnson, Pearl Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Johnson, R W Nelson, MO Penmanship
  Judy, A W Mexico, MO Telegraphy
  Keller, William La Plata, MO Business
  Kelley, Troy Bozeman, MT Business; Penmanship
  Kellogg, Howard Kirksville, MO Business
  Kerns, Alex Kirksville, MO Business
  Kerr, T H Green City, MO Penmanship
  Kerr, T H Queen City, MO Business
** Ketcham, W H Love Lake, MO Business
  Kibbler, Alfred Kirksville, MO Business
** Knott, Katie Kirksville, MO Business
  Knox, E M Kirksville, MO Business
  Kriner, Jesse Pure Air, MO Telegraphy
  Lacey, J T Adair, MO Telegraphy; Penmanship
  Lamkin, Frank Kirksville, MO Business
  Landes, H E Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Lay, Sarah Bozeman, MT Business
** Lillard, Mary G Durgans Creek, MO Business; Penmanship
  Long, B R Sturgeon, MO Business
  Ludden, Minnie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Lyons, Hattie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  McArthur, D E Billingsville, MO Penmanship
  McClaren, Etta Princeton, MO Penmanship
  McEwen, Daisy Kirksville, MO Business
  McKeehan, J S Kirksville, MO Business
  McNeil, Agnes Novelty, MO Business; Penmanship
  McNeil, Zora Novelty, MO Business; Penmanship
  McVay, Hope Novelty, MO Business; Penmanship
  McVay, P L Novelty, MO Business; Penmanship
** Mahaffey, John H Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Masterson, J R Edgerton, MO Business
  Meeks, Pearl Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Mercer, Laverna Kirksville, MO Business
  Miller, Minnie Greentop, MO Penmanship
  Molick, Pauline Greentop, MO Penmanship
  Morgan, G W Millard, MO Business
  Morrow, J M Canton, MO Penmanship
** Mull, J B Bowling Green, MO Business
  Murrel, Charles Lancaster, MO Penmanship
  Nelson, Emmett Monticello, MO Penmanship
  Newcomb, Clara Nind, MO Penmanship
** Newmyer, E J Atlanta, MO Business
  Nicholas, Jessie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Nicholas, Robert Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Nicholas, Susie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Nighswander, Eva Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Norfolk, L E Kirksville, MO Business
  Novinger, Sarah Novinger, MO Business
  Ogden, Albert Kirksville, MO Business
  Oldham, C E Durgans Creek, MO Penmanship
  Omer, Roy Kirksville, MO Business
  Otto, C E Sloan, MO Penmanship
  Otto, David Sperry, MO Business
  Owen, V Laura Princeton, MO Penmanship
  Paul, W H Brashear, MO Business
  Pickenpaugh, --- Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Pierce, E A Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Poff, Laura Bozeman, MT Business; Penmanship
  Poland, Leslie Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
** Poor, T I Novelty, MO Business
  Rader, D P Smithville, MO Business
  Reed, F H Kirksille, MO Business
  Reger, W A Reger, MO Business
  Reynolds, Lillie Greentop, MO Penmanship
** Rice, John Kirksville, MO Shorthand & Typing; Penmanship
** Riley, H L Bigelow, MO Business
  Rinehart, Roy Kirksville, MO Business
  Ringo, Ethel Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Roberts, B C Middlegrove, MO Business; Penmanship
  Roberts, B C, Mrs Middlegrove, MO Penmanship
  Roberts, B F [not recorded[ Shorthand & Typing
  Roberts, Henry Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Rockwood, J E Glenwood, MO Business
  Ross, J D Kirksville, MO Telegraphy
** Sanborn, Ernest A Manhattan, MT Business; Penmanship
  Sayers, Edna Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Scott, W B Granger, MO Penmanship
  Shaver, Lettie Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Sherwood, Foster Kirksville, MO Business
** Shuman, J S Gibbs, MO Penmanship
** Shuman, Lizzie Gibbs, MO Business
** Shumate, S F Shibley's Point, MO Business
** Six, W C Kirksville, MO Business
** Smiley, Mattie Novelty, MO Business
  Smiley, Mattie Browning, MO Penmanship
** Smith, C E Unity, MO Business
  Smith, C G LaCrosse, KS Business; Telegraphy
  Smith, D L Kirksivlle, MO Business
  Smith, H C Downing, MO Shorthand & Typing
  Smith, Lizzie Downing, MO Shorthand & Typing
  Smith, Orie Kirksville, MO Business
  Smoot, Lee Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Snider, A W Kirksville, MO Business
  Sohn, G F Kirksville, MO Business
  Sparling, Alfred Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Sparking, Nicholas Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Sweet, R A Curryville, MO Penmanship
  Sweetman, Edgar Kirksville, MO Business
  Taylor, Etta Kirksville, MO Business
  Thomas, Ella Kirksville, MO Business
  Tooley, J A Ethel, MO Penmanship
  Turner, T E Kirksivlle, MO Penmanship
  Updyke, Bessie Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Updyke, Olva Kirksville, MO Penmanship
** Vannice, C M Kirksivlle, MO Business
  Waddill, Cora Kirksville, MO Business; Penmanship
  Waddill, Doc Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Waddill, Elba Kirksville, MO Business
  Wheeler, Otho Millard, MO Business
** White, Walter Manhattan, MT Business; Penmanship
  Wilgus, S R La Plata, MO Business; Penmanship
  Williams, A P Kirksville, MO Business
  Williams, Charles Kirksville, MO Penmanship
  Williams, G W Wayland, MO Business
  Wilson, H T Wilson, MO Telegraphy
** Wilson, Wallace Greentop, MO Business; Penmanship
  Woods, C F Wilson, MO Business
** Wright, Etta Kirksville, MO Business
  Wright, George La Plata, MO Business
  York, Charles Glenwood, MO Penmanship
** Young, C G Greentop, MO Business


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