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the Honorable FRED SCHWENGEL 1906-1993

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Schwengel Lincoln Collection


 Lincoln Foundation & Collection

In addition to supporting an annual Lincoln Contest, the Schwengel Lincoln Fund and Collection includes an outstanding array of artwork, books, and memorabilia devoted to the sixteenth President.  Numbering in the thousands, the collection celebrates the life and ideals of Abraham Lincoln.

The Schwengel Lincoln Collection has continued to grow since the first donations in 1976. It contains books, pamphlets, periodicals, recordings, paintings, drawings, prints, busts, postage stamps, and many other types of items, all related to Abraham Lincoln.  Several especially interesting items are seven large charcoal drawings of scenes from Lincoln's life in Illinois by Helen Hinrichsen, once a student of Grant Wood; a life mask by Leonard Wells Volk; and a large study by Allyn Cox for a U.S. Capitol mural depicting Lincoln with the Capitol architects. 

Portrait of Fred Schwengel

by William Unger

"New Dome Symbolizes Union-1863"

Cartoon by Allyn Cox

Working sketch for mural in the Hall of Capitols

"Lincoln-Douglas Debates", #7 in series

Charcoal by Helen Hinrichsen

Life Mask of Abraham Lincoln

by Leonard Wells Volk

"Seated Lincoln"

by Gutzon Borglum

Courtesy Borglum Historical Center

"We The People:The Story of the United States Capitol"

US Capitol Historical Society

Fred Schwengel and Scott Cosby (grandson) viewing the Hinrichsen murals


President Charles McClain & Fred Schwengel

ca 1978

Fred Schwengel announcing gift of Lincoln Collection to the Board of Regents

January 23, 1976

Ribbon Cutting at Schwengel Lincoln Collection Dedication

April 1978

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