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These online exhibits have been created from photographs, art and other media holdings of Special Collections, the University Archives and E. M. Violette Museum. Some feature all or parts of a single collection while others bring together items from two or more collections to tell a story.

Thomas Hart Benton Thomas Hart Benton: Murals in the Missouri State Capitol
Although the Benton murals are not part of the departmental holdings, this exhibit, completed by the students in the Art Department at Truman State University, is reflective of the Missouriana Collection.

The Big Fire
Narrated slide show of the 1924 fire that destroyed Baldwin and Library Halls at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College
(University Archives)

Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities
A collection of objects that reflect the diversity of the natural and human world.
(E.M. Violette Museum/Towne Museum)

Chariton Collector The Chariton Collector
A semi-annual journal of northeast Missouri history and folklore published by the Local History Classes of Kirksville High School in the 1980s.  This digitized collection was completed by Katherine Goodwin as part of a folklore minor requirement.
Explore the objects of ancient Mesopotamia.
(Violette Museum)
The Kirksville Cyclone
Centennial photo exhibit of the destruction wrought by Kirksville's Apr 1899 tornado
(Missouriana & Violette Museum)
Lincoln and the Dome
The creation and restoration of Allyn Cox's cartoon for a segment of "The Hall of Capitols" mural in the United States Capitol
(Schwengel Lincoln Collection)
Fred Schwengel Schwengel Lincoln Collection: a tribute to the Honorable Fred Schwengel, 1906-1993
This collection is one of the largest "special collections."  Learn more about donor Fred Schwengel, the Lincoln Foundation and Collection, and the Annual Lincoln Contest.
(Schwengel Lincoln Collection)
Secretary Jackson Secretary Alphonso Jackson Collection
Photographs, awards, and memorabilia acquired by Secretary Jackson during his tenure as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2004-2008.
(Secretary Alphonso Jackson Collection)
Welcome to 1890s Kirksville
A tour of the sites and introduction to the citizens of Kirksville at the end of the 19th Century
(Missouriana, Violette Museum & University Archives)

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